Why You Should Never Vote for a Democrat


So. If you're like me, you've noticed a change in the weather. It's a little cooler especially in the morning time that means that it's time for FAW to roll around. Cool weather means change wardrobe. Go to the real Jim Green dot com slash Amazon fall. To pick up your new fall wardrobe you know them Amazon. Top of the food chain go there browse pick up your new. Nice. Warm clothing. The Real Jim Green dot com slash Amazon fall. So am I tire adult life. I have heard this phrase over and over and over again from the media and from political. Candidates. That this is the most important election of our lifetime right of her debt a meeting times. never really quite bought into it. But I gotTA. Tell you this time around I. Believe it's real. If there is a time in political history that we have to a completely different ideologies on the table. It's twenty twenty. So. This is. The top reasons why? You should vote. For the Democratic Party now if you. have had your eyes open. Your Heart Open. You know. The corruption of the Democratic Party runs deep. You know. That these. This media. Does, mainstream media monstrosity is full of corruption as well in is running. Interference for all of this corruption and sickness that we see in the Democratic Party I don't have to tell you that. But when I look at these candidates. When I look at these issues. is becoming more and more clear to me. That nobody should vote for these people. Are there some good Democrats in Democratic Party? Yes, you do. You have some yes. But when you look at the issues that they support. That they, the policies that they push that they fight for. Illegally and legally. You. Have to if you have half a heart. Half, a brain you have to say, I cannot vote for these people. These are a few reasons why you shouldn't vote for them number one. Corrupt ties. To China Russia. And Ukraine. Now you know it's funny because. You guys remember the whole Russia thing the whole Russia Russian collusion. Trump has had help from Russia to get elected. That's how he beat Hillary Clinton. You guys already know the story. Well guess what. When it actually start doing the digging. Guess they came up with. Was Russian collusion. It was the Democrats was colluding with the Russians To Take on trump? Out. Story. Did I'm looking at. From the hill now, I'm gonNA use one thing I'll about being here on the Real Jim Green is I actually get to. US News Clips That are old. They go back in their old seek his face because this thing where they want to make you look irrelevant if you posting oil article. We don't have to worry about that here. One of the wonderful things about having your own podcast but anyway. Up this story from the hill February tenth. Twenty nineteen. Is says. Here. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton work with Russian leaders. Including foreign. Sergei Lavrov. And then president Dmitry. Medvedev. To create us as technology partnerships with Moscow? The version of Silicon Valley, a sprawling high tech campus known as Skolko. Clinton's handprint was everywhere in the twenty. Two thousand nine two thousand project. The tip of the diplomatic speer to reboot US rushing relations after years of hostility prompted by Vladimir Putin's army military action against the former Soviet republic and now US ally Georgia. Johnny gets right to the meat of this article. It says right here it says this week we learned from Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr. Artsy that his committee came to the same conclusion at the house. There is no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and Russia. But now there is growing evidence of democratic connections to Russia. It's enough that former House intelligence committee chairman, Devon Nunez Republican for California believes a probe should be opened. There is obvious collusion. The Democrats had through Glenn Simpson and through fusion GPS. That they were talking directly to Russia. Nunez told. He'll. TV's rising star I'm sorry TV rising. In interview to be aired Monday. Several, articles like this. Where the Russian collusion is actually. Coming from the Democratic Party. Day SPA AID ON A. Private citizen of what's Don Donald Trump was at the time he wasn't political opponent. He was a political opponent, but he was a private citizen. They used Russia to spy on a private citizen not if that doesn't scare you. I don't know what will. If. They're willing to go to these links. Just to win an election. Then We must be scared. No what are we have now? We have China involved. We have leaks to China just like we have links to Russia. Okay We have links to the Ukraine. Links between presidents who candidate former vice president Joe Biden and Ukraine who is currently under investigation. And Run for President United States. That is of. Concern. Number two. Track record. Of attacking religious freedom and specifically Judeo Christian. Now I gotTa Tell You I wanNa tell you like this is I'm giving you. This is not in any particular order until we get to number one. When we get to number one, that's the real reason why? You shouldn't vote. For the Democratic Party. So, let me continue. The track record. Of the Democratic Party. Attacking religious freedom. Not just generally. But very specifically as in against Judeo Christian. Values. Churches. Organizations. This again is a very well documented fact. In fact, a national review article. Confirms this. It says on Monday. On Monday. The Supreme Court ruled six to three that the nineteen sixty four civil. Rights Act Prohibition on sexual. Discrimination. In Employment also prohibits such discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and transgender status. None of take what this is, and this is something that's been ongoing particularly for the last Four years. Since trump got an office it seemed to ratchet up when he got in there. because. Why? Because he's a staunch believer in religious rites of US Americans. So. What this means is. It's a nother attempt to force. A group. On. Christianity. That Christianity plainly and simply teaches as immoral. The act of. TRANSGENDERISM lesbianism homosexualism. Is. An Act that God has condemned in. The book that Christians use the word of God. Now, this is a whole nother debate. But. On I plainly see where the word of God has specifically. said. that. These things are not to be done. But we have the Democratic Party. Fighting. To legislate, morality. While they're telling. US. That we can't legislate morality. Just threw that one in there for free. Attack after attack after attack, you remember a few years back. There was an attack also. You guys are going to turn over your sermon notes to us because we wanna see what you're preaching. No. In his funny because these people want to talk about separation of church and state right. But. When we say. We want you to turn over something you need to turn over something. You're remember a few years back also that they wanted to the financial records of all the churches. Now. I'M GONNA to be honest with you it. It turned out that these prosperity preachers were under fire for that and I'm fine with that. But. The fact that they just suddenly Chuck Grassley suddenly wants. These records in expect us to comply. But they will still WanNa talk about Church and state. Is Super Crecy. In these these attempts. Attempts for them to force us. To hire. The lgbt community to affirm them to say as not saying, these are all attempts attacks on religious freedom we can preach the word of God. As we want to. Without fear of. Government. Interference. But here comes Democratic Party. Trying. To take that away from us. This is why you should vote for them. If you are particularly, here's here's the gist of this. If, you just want. Religious Freedom in general. Of course, you shouldn't but specifically if you are a Christian. You should never vote for them in. This is just one of the reasons why you shouldn't vote for them in regard to how they attack the church number three. While we're here. The promotion. Of the LGBT agenda, which now seeks to normalize pedophilia. Now I want say something because right now there's a, there's a controversial film out. Call, cuties. On netflix. There's there's talk about. This film which features eleven year olds. Dancing provocatively in sexually suggestively. Won The Sundance, award For. Best Film. How did we get here? I'll tell you how we got here. We got here legislatively. We got here on the tails of. The rise of NAMBLA, the North American man Boy Love Association. We got here on details of the. LGBT. Agenda. As is articulated in a document called the game manifesto. That's how we got here. Legislation. From what side? The left, of course. I was a there was a ted talk that went on about two years ago. That was very disturbing to me And I'll pull up the name of the speaker but. She was speaking. On how Pedophilia Is Normal. How we should look at it. Normally. The American psychological society. About four years ago. Changed the status of. Pedophilia. Basically to. Normal Guess WHO's behind this push? Democrat Party. No I will say this I will say that in in regards to. Homosexuality in general. Between adults. Hey, if that's your thing. I'm GonNa Preach The Gospel to you. That's me 'cause you need Jesus. Just like the thief needs Jesus. dislike the adulterer needs Jesus. Unique Jesus. That's Monaco nine but. When you cross the line. To in to involve. Underage Children. Into your homosexual activity. And you try to legislate it I'm sorry I'm calling you eagle. In if the Democrats, believe that this should be okay. We should label them as evil to. Now. The next one. Situation. Day support the sexualization of children. In America. There was a kid came out. This kid was A. because he was thirteen years old caused desmond is amazing. He ended up on ABC's good. Morning America guests for what? They found his kid. His mother. was taking him to gay bars. And allowed him to dance. For Tips. They brought him on to WHO Good Morning America to affirm his gayness and celebrated. If you look in. The U. S. Army just what's going on as far as was happening right now with this cutie state. The sexualizing our children. In now in California S B One forty five just past stating that. Within a ten year range. A man or woman who? Sexually assaults a child. Doesn't have to register as a sex offender. And as long as the child was okay with it. There's nothing nothing to see here. The, California legislature. Should be ashamed of themselves. How can you create a law? That supports. Any interaction. Between a man or or or a woman and a child. I don't understand it. I don't understand how they sleep at night I. Don't get it. There has to be an interrupted moral compass broken moral compass in order for them to be okay with this zero Jim Charlotte Charlotte and a lot of sexual stuff. I'm looking at it in the context of our children. This is what keeps me up at night. Now suppose you have something you Wanna put together you want to do a logo you gotta website you WanNa build you. WanNa, do a blog. He got some video editing anything like that any digital type of projects. How about looking into fiber fiber is a group of fast affordable designers, topnotch creators that will put together what you need them to put together for you and they are very affordable. Go to the Real Jim. Green dot com slash five or that's F. I v. e. r. r. for all of your digital needs. FIBER DOT COM. Now the next reason why you do not want to vote Democrat is the fact that. Are Most dangerous cities are most economically impoverished cities are cities that are overrun with illegal immigrants and homelessness and drug addiction are Democrat run cities are cities that have been in the control of the Democrats in many cases, several decades. We're just now really seeing the fruits of what they have wrought upon these cities. Fact. The ten American. Cities for homelessness are, sanctuary cities. which offer to refuge to illegal immigrants do not cooperate with federal law enforcement. And raise the price of low rent housing for their citizens. In this group are Los Angeles with fifty, five, thousand homeless. Seattle with twelve thousand homeless San Diego with nine thousand homeless San Jose with seven thousand and San. Francisco was six thousand as well as Las Vegas with six thousand. Is a very big problem in America. The problem is. We have democratic mayors. Running them. We have Democrat representatives overseeing those mayors. Playing, the nose on your face one of these people doing seven of the ten. Appear in another study. Of America's top twenty, five most dangerous cities. Here, other cities. Kansas City Little Rock Arkansas. Milwaukee Rockford Illinois Albuquerque Spring Crew Missouri Indianapolis San Bernardino Anchorage Nashville Lansing New Orleans Minneapolis Chicago Houston Hartford Connecticut. Chattanooga. And Beaumont Texas in. We drop in a couple more with Birmingham Atlanta an buffalo. Top twenty five most dangerous cities. Democrat led. Poverty race between eighteen and thirty nine percent when the national average is twelve point three. What'd these people doing? How are they enriching? The lives of the people. What other policies that have wrought this up on the people? Their job is to Enrich the lives of the citizens of whatever city there in I say they're doing a horrible job. Horrible. In the list of the least healthy cities. Based on available healthcare and clean environment and personal fitness. The I includes. Detroit. MEMPHIS. Brownsville. Laredo. Augusta Georgia. Shreveport Louisiana Gulfport. Fort Smith Arkansas. Jackson Missouri at Corpus, Chris Christie Texas all led by Democrat mayors, except for Corpus Christi Christie and Gulfport. Is. This is real. This is real I don't. I, hear listen to me listen to me. The this year. If, you know anything about if you if you if you listen to my podcast With the WHO is Jim Green, you know that I came from a family of Democrats Black Democrats who told me Look you just go in and vote Democrat because there for us? And so I used to vote all the way down. Guess what? You're listening to the best case scenario. For for voting read. This November. You think they're going to change these policies. Of course they're gonNA promise this what they do every four years they show up in promises. That they're going to do something and then what happens. Nothing, of course. Decades of failed policies. Result in failed cities. Now does next one. Should really hit home home with you. Because it was happening in our country right now. Come came out recently. And said that. Derives are not, GONNA stop. Do, not? GonNa stop. As if in even if we do get elected, they're not going to stop. This is the new normal. What does that say? To you. What does that say in the area of protecting the citizens of this country? Do you think they care. For the safety of the citizens of the United, states. If they are willing to tell you outright that these violent riots in there, we're not they're not protesters anymore saw video of. Quote Unquote. Protesters. Rider. Jumps up on top of a cops vehicle. Land the COP is trying to get away and drives off in person ends up on the ground claiming on. There's an example of police brutality hogwash. No They're in the streets. There blocking traffic. There Shooting People Beating people up. They've murder people. And Joe Biden and his running mate Commodore Harris are telling you that they're not to stop. Listen. Ted Wheeler. Portland's mayor. Is Out there protesting wisdom in fact he stood by while they set his own. A residence on fire. Do you is that somebody that you want to quote unquote protect you and keep you safe. They WANNA defunding police. This, this defunding police turns into disarmed. The police were turns into dismantle the police. Then what you what do you think is going to happen then I don't WANNA see. A street. Full Of. Democrats supporters. Who have decided to take to the streets of America to riot? That is all I am saying? The next reason why? You do not want to support. A Democrat now, you may take a different view on this than I do. But the issue of abortion. Is Plain and simple. Over sixty six. MILLION BABIES. Since Roe v way have been murdered. Without due. Process Without any guilt Without having committed anything. Other than just simply being born. The Democrats have proven that they will not only support. They will fund it and they will make taxpayers pay for it. Now. If you are a pro choice person. I don't understand why you would be but if you are pro choice person, then that's a separate issue. But. It's important that we understand. That abortion is murder. Murder of an unborn person. And we simply cannot. Stand by. A candidate. Were represent policies that continue to murder babies. My last and final one. Is the Democrats, support A totalitarian socialist government. Look at what's happening now. Look, what they've allowed to take place in our country. This does not look like. The America that I grew up in debt you many of you grew up in. Seat they can call it democratic socialism all they want socialism socialism. It's supposed to mean the means of production are socially collectively owned and controlled alongside of democratic political system of government sounds really good and smart doesn't it? But it always descends into the government having control. The citizens not having any personal property including not having guns. In always ends up in bloodshed and murder. Just look at the Russian gulags. If you don't think happened, Hey, they're they're sitting back while. American citizens our citizens are being slaughtered in our streets. Don't think for one minute that they won't continue this same type of policy. If they get in office. So now you choose. You choose. Who you will vote for in November. I'm not saying the Republicans are are perfect. Saying. Trump. Is Perfect. But what I am saying is. If you don't vote for trump. The other thing that you're going to be voting for are all these things that I've been talking about. And more. So all I want to say you is. Think. Before you click that button, don't forget to subscribe share rate this podcast. I'll see you next time until then you are in context.

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