Men in Blazers 01/15/19


This is Rebecca Lowe will Rebecca if you listen to sub optimal radio, and you on this thing to men in blazers on the NBC sports network. From the embassy row studios and the crap potus Ohio. It's many bases podcast. It's great to be back yet. And I know you're excited to be back to David. Am I yeah? Thanks to me. I did. And I said I'm excited to be back. Well, not paraphrase what you actually said was the following. You said, you know, what I want? I want to get a little drug with you tonight, not falling down just a little drunk. I wanna to with you and plan with you. Listen and love I basically want to be with you. Then wanna full the sleep with you and wake up tomorrow and read the paper with you and have coffee and pod with you. Let's that was not me. That was not my text. I believe you're talking about a certain sexed yet booksellers from one of many books around the country. Who's been proudly salted men and places encyclopedia Britannica, Mr. Jeff Bezos. Yes. Yeah. After I haven't read these sex you have referred. Yes. The show originally called them sex tapes, and I got quite excited. Although that's kind of weird that I'd be excited about Jeff Bezos, sex tapes. But I just end. End. So I was. Let's go. It's going to go home. Hey sex. But I haven't read any of them. Well, going ressemble going to spoil them for you just seem particularly embarrassing. It's just a it's just very persona. You know, what I want to get a little drunk falling down drug. I take his point. Yeah. No, I don't have sex or someone if you're falling down drunk. I thought they were funny. And then I read the wife and she had their favorite Montek alive. Go live a life. What is that what he calls live goal caps alive? Girl me because she's alive as opposed to the. Sylvia, just implying don't think he's necrophiliac. But it's definitely a weird one news to the rest of the girls. He's gone out with she's alive. The other is not so much. I did by the implication is that is is to be ex wife. Ex-wife Currenex wife was not alive. Terrible. Yeah. Bit. So you k- with the criminal. Baby. A bit heads co excited every says everyone has a favorite bazo sex. I'm going to tell you what yours is Dave. But didn't like it when he sex these new love that he wants to be the Luke shore to her Joshi, marina, keep it. Fresh light up. Sex so crazy, okay? We've got a new episode Rajabhai visit Britain digital travel series, dropping Wednesday talk about the opposite of sexting in which you had to golds Greenwich my hometown, Raj. My home Bara within the London borough, smells, faintly, your aftershave is able to Palmer just wafting in the wind for some pie. Mash jelly deal. How how did it tastes? Well, we talked a lot in London about how much you consuming yet. But I'm not sure I've actually asked you. I asked you the quantity question. I never asked. You the quality question. How did it tell you could see the quantity question in my bulging belt buckle did all the talking for me ale ale? Tastes of so many things. Really, david. It's a funny we'll say object, and you should you the river finally chilling. Someone says an amazing video of Julia say what did he call them the fight Chris Willis, he called the morale? There was a row could into the woods at Christmas midnight row on the streets. Agila him going on outside a nail salon pulley at one o'clock closing times got on and the plea. We should post this on Twitter. It's a home video of a police car to shooting towards the row speed. And then it just does a hamburger too and just as a complete one eighty spent just two people fighting in the street and the police call. Very few videos. I'm talking about this very few videos, very few the essence of Jillian more. What does? Does he'll taste like it? Takes us so many things really tasted tradition. Tastes history. Seeping from the past the present gelatinous mass. But it's a coming by the used to be a working man's food deal in the news to be days when the Thames in the olden times, you're so full of ale you could just put out your hand won't would jump into the Paul everyone kept telling me about beautiful men limits. But most of all if I'm being honest, we'd take the two things. Well, three of the finnick impact that you pour on the that's what it tastes. And it also takes it in my mouth, the Bill West Ham's pursed lorries, Dave London-based, comedian Johnny Vaughan was used to say to me that you know, all of those bottom dwelling fish that reside in the bottom of the Thames. The got the eel you AU, cockles, whatever everything is always sensually any fish cockles mussels ale that Van Dyke is probably the only present the member. Oh, cocoa's Mr. Johnny villains. Premise was the old people in the east end and southeast London. And in the history moving down into Ken over symbol, those fish because they the ancestors ate so many new around that. Weird fish that new Boorda shave is q. EM is. The kills. If you like bubbles, you already alita in DNA, we got a pack show Roach. We're gonna stand up and applaud that the as Pulitzer prize winning. It was honestly ego. Good Roger performance in mandates one victory over Spurs. We talk livable win of Brighton that your can plop classified as mature like a nice chedda of Raj and we duck and cover after a gritty wind from pug nations, West Ham, over crosstown awesome. Let's go to the football. Raid curse third of the day to the pain of defeat. When the Chicago best doing their way the playoffs. I will admit I talked about this on the part last week really broke me it takes to break me a bend. Like, no stone bend. I do Ben like to be candid, and it's been hard for me to exercise the paint. It wasn't until a former bear I'll show Jeffrey drop that post the Han New Orleans victory over the eagles at the healing actually began. But when that happened I felt badly. They really did that was taking pleasure in another teams misfortunes, and I'll say as a have now what you do every week on the multiple times thousand nineteen way of looking at life. Dave really won't raise this. They're partially to my Philadelphia Eagles support and friends of whom are many just the tenacity. The Nick foles story, the joy experienced by entire city. What chin? Hugh, most athletically, gifted citizens, just near those Greece. Telephone poles the glory you experienced collectively making memories for millions of fans. Those memories last a lifetime for most of all thought about Chicago Bears paid the pain felt by any team lose a massive game with true angst Spurs fans this weekend. And a what sport they've sport. Which is thankfully the last. They've played in the world to experience self destruction. And disaster the luge in magical thinking to sports delusion but fan blet when your team wins. It doesn't make you a better or more successful person. When you seem loses. It doesn't make you less successful. All less important person take away my losing David to. Okay, let's kick right off the game of the weekend. Totten one of the games of the season. I'd say Tottenham nil, man. United won at full of in ten talent and attacking mentality after Cuttance Russ. I. Three minutes from both sides. It was United the broke through when pull polka. Wow. Dropped a perfectly weighted pass at the Marcus rash. Furred just to touches one of them the finish coolly into the side net. Second half saw Tottenham breach. United's back for time and time again, I believe that for people in that back line only to be turned away at the gate by Davidge to hair and his multiple legs. The Spanish made eleven second half saves in one of the great individual performances of the season. United held on to win. Make it six in a row under temporary manager only gonna socia- Tottenham. Meanwhile, full nine points off league leaders Liverpool. What a gain scintillating in knowing you minutes, David truly truly a game of two of. But just won't go and one massive result ole that king of turn in their frown upside down, it gave the from the kickoff in felony Shakespearean Davy, the only gonna made it clear that he wants the job at Old Trafford on a permanent basis and secure. Gates, the blue that the United border actually, truly meant to cover potch wheels within Wales Wales Wales and for the off the game. It was just so open so positive a need for speed credit. Both manages they're willing to cede space to the other. It was like a game footballing chicken from the off. It really was suddenly you've got just mandated movement in that first half. Just the the more sort of free role given to pull Papa the menace. Little bit nasty. Marcus rash. I love about him. Just a little bit nasty defenders intercepting balls matych not letting free runners run behind him. Just a very very different sense of responsibility being shown by the Man United on Manchester United. We're a cohesive idea, and I will say that there was very small. I'm very brave in the first half, combating Spurs advantage advantage of us over and over again to overpower them opponents. Potent midfield diamond by exploiting the space behind the fullbacks springing Marsh Allen rushed it into those spaces over and over trusting poker, trusting Herrera Tristan as you said matych, take your grip on the midfield, which they did laying lingered looses a creative spark all over the field. This was just you know, heated mentally playing without the favor of making mistakes. That was the biggest difference in up. I for me they will not afraid of being scapegoated for being single their affair which have been incapacitating for the first half of the season. And it worked especially wants to soak limped off a massive loss because he was the one who was given the role of shackling poker. Almost as soon as he went off, a devastating Manchester. United counter the fullbacks all day for Tottenham having some problems a giveaway by Kieran trivia, straighten the Bill kill so and pumper pulpwood delivers one of the passes of the season not gonna from the foot tall. A little bit about fabrics late in his retirement. It was I would say, yes. Like pass beautifully-weighted beautifully lofted just takes one touch to control it from rash. But running at speed onto it his second touch. A just put his laces threw it into the really he couldn't have hit it any further left. It would have rebounded off the post in exactly the right position. Made Reese look naive main. Look a bit stupid, actually and one nil what to go not just to go. But I believe play rip Streep from the United training ground. It looked like they had practiced over and over again because Popa took possession of the trickiest slot to touches. He knew exactly what he was going to do the second that ball came into his feet. Just like Patrick Mahomes news that is I optionally always going to be for a streaking Toey kale. He spent in the line drive pct really was to delirious, breaking Marcus rush. And you so refreshment who was play. I didn't quite understand this position in the depth show and the job marine, but has been given the keys to allay social kingdom and that confidence just omit from him. Like glowing puck tracker that they used to use in the early and Brokaw stays and he drilled the ball him credit to him clinically remarkable. The point might few pundits is both Paul and rash in a position the points of giveaway that they would not have been in under Moreno Papa was pressing up. And rash verd- not come back to cover. So it meant that the council could be so effective really just like one pass on one touch. Yeah. And the stat which kind of reveals the change between managers poor poke Burs direct hand and over half of the league goals. AR fifteen. The United has scored underlay a reflection of truth. And we all knew this the Manchester United squad. We said we came. We can't they've always had so many weapons on any source coaches decided to you. Know employees them that gained his opponent. Whereas marina, it was just like hell, bent, surreally, hell bent on turning on themselves. Like some kind of footballing doomsday machine. Take me out guys out Spurs credit them came out, second half, ten acidy determination and Christian Eric's, all wound up and ready to play chance after chance after chance. David I'm in reality that game you, and I've said it to each other. It could have been five one. It could have been a this is very difficult for mandated observers of social on the one hand you think six wins in a row he's going to get the job. No problem. But you then look at the second half performance where was the identity where was that ability to hold down the midfield? What happened to this team in the second half? But Davin Davidge what I'm believable performance eleven shots on target and Devitt the hair a bowl claim through this out there possibly the best day now since Matthews. Kick save of the blade. Leap brazing kick. Save using his feet successfully where most of the goalkeepers would try and get down use their hands and have that ball just scurry under their flailing bodies. And so this for me, even a superlative goalkeeping display. They taught them, you know, just keep kicking the ball, right? At look. I think if you take any of those individuals saves and look at them individually, and if he had it on late show, if he hadn't have saved them you'd have been saying all he's not going to be happy going looking the replay of that. But eleven of them constantly in the right position constantly, forcing the striker forcing the attacking play into a decision about where to go and put it that leads them to go and put it too close to him in a place where you can go and save he must get credit for doing it time and time and time again and also gang into the strike his heads off when they go keeper is in that kind of the zone. You see the Dow in the. Strike as mind, which makes them second. Guess the guests as they pull their feet back. It's misleading. They kept kicking the ball Ray atom because what that does is discounts, which I think is is greatest quality his positioning where he was actually at position was pretty good happens before the show, and it makes it look as if the strike is hitting the ball at him. But his placement is remarkable is reflexes and remarkable. Yes, poverty is also that your intake. He's just debate crap. But the thing I love most about the Heo when he's in the in the zone is just how nonchalantly look, David. It looks just constantly everything. No big deal thing. If you're a defender, and you look at you, go keep just pulling off an amazing save. And then just ain't no big deal. Must just Philly. We're just a joy a confidence in a deep deep love embarrassed. By this guy is a wall concrete or still slats. And you know, it they were under siege. For that last. They definitely tired. Big shoutout. We'll say to Lindelof in Harare who magnificient, but huge huge respect. We cannot say enough to to me. Brag us with highest accolade I can pay to goalkeeper. And that's a tweeted in this game stared down three of the greatest goal machine in the Premier League. Sawn Harry, k Mr. Phillip Jones a non on this day. Could find a way past him who says one they'll can't be a scintillating spectacle? Michael Davis, though, it was an amazing game. It's a great game football. What am I favored games of the season? We've had some great primarily games a season positive joyous yet. Tickly conceal the big teams, which isn't always the case. But this was fantastic to watch and willing nother one. There was one in lost by the finest of margins but from Spurs perspective to him defeats on the run now. The feet, and which I for them. They created enough chances really to win this with these. They've lost again at the home of football. That's not there. They've got an replenish squad. That doesn't have many replacement parts they look stretch fatigue running on. Mt. Winks so care exhausted. Damn belly of the China. Thank God because I've never been able to say his name, ROY. And Jay dubb's estimate me pick up almost every bloody week dire. When Yama out for while song happy Eric off to the Asian curve. And worst of all, Dave, Harry. Kane Lympne off on the wound down ankle ligament. Their squad is going to be tested as most squads tested at some point in the season. Tottenham having replenish themselves less than any other team in the season last year. They're going to be tested news as we pulled the hurricane is now expected back to training till much got balanced back ability bone. You said that he comes back like ginger comes back like the broin Kane and Kevin debris when they say it's going to be two months. Nowhere thing for playing. Normally, it's at least. Three for him. I think police. The couples down that host essential. Nobody's business. What Jim limp off as a symbol of a season. Faltering nine point Brian Liverpool. I'm guessing the focus now looking down the Champions League place rather than winning all the lack of semi transferred dealing still ahead shake. I always David Twitter. Motions disperse funds feel after an exhilarating game. Did they felt disappointment the loss or a sense that they created so many chances? They just came on the day. I forget they go. They will cost performance for the ages from the best goalkeeper in the Premier League David Perez. One six one nine seem to sum up most fans thoughts. He said knowing we were beaten by a stellar performance is fine. The hurtful part is knowing there's no money new stadium though squad debt and the possibility to have our crucial players liba is some Madrid oboe Selena at did love top Aleutians who tweeted felt near-disbelief. Why couldn't they lift any of those shots above ankle level, and then told disbelief that of all the songs they play the end of the game. Spurs bless Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows fulltime. Spurs funds. I would love to I'm guessing the science that new song closer stadium quicker than the Counting Crows, Mr. Jones. There's gotta be some signs was a silver line in David pot may not be attractive to all traffic. I gotta tell you. I'm less interested in the Tottenham story coming out of this game. Because it feels like it's the same old story again, and again, and again taught them knocking on the door. Tottenham not quite being good enough to lift some silverware this year that could win the cariballo Cup. The big one one advantage against Chelsea in the semi finals that leg being played. I think middle of next week you wanna took about, you know, heated but United is where the interest lies coming out of this game. Suddenly surging United Tottenham. You know, I think they're just maybe a point head of Chelsea in the Champions League race who Chelsea surging and not playing very good football six points clear of arsenal. You've got arsenal. Very very good team sitting there in fifth place, man. United coming up the rear now looking like, they're informed. One six in a row. I gotta tell you Tottenham a Champions League place is not assured for Tottenham going into next season. And there's momentum with other teams land United now what they do how they handle this manager situation. What they do with all the social. It's just this facile. Let's look at it. Because it was a massive windfall was his six on the bounce a club record for a new manager. And it was one in which he finally proved he could beat opposition outside the bottom half of the table. Let the Kansas City Chiefs winning a big boy playoff game. He's got credibility. Now is definitely a fight to be full-time manager. You've got rumors of Garissa south gate, which is truly befuddling Diego. Simeone got pot. Choose probably the interest debt, downgraded after this one game in the United manager. Search the worst edition of the Messinger of all time. I think they should appoint the pineapple. What does he have to do in your mind to get fulltime job Elat source code, Dave? He clearly wanted. What is after the well, I think he's got to do more than he's done right now because you just look at the resume, and unfortunately, I went back, and I looked at his record at Malda of Asli slightly regrettable spell at Cardiff City. We've all grey manages about sloppy tones in Wales. Day. There isn't anything really in his resume that would make you think this is a dominant world class elite manager Man United see themselves club that are attracting the world class elite managers and all gonna social has not been on that list. He just may be Bradley Kayla made away as really. He did well in no each football in the tip. Log did he did he did a short spelling I would say what I would say is always closer to Bradley than he is to watch or is to some of the elite manages in terms of in terms of his global desire ability. And so mandated have an arrogance as club. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I like arrogance. They should have arrogance as love their big club. And I think in their mind, even though only gonna social it was a star player for them. This is not what they really had in mind. Secondly, I know that. You can look at that game and see tactically. This is what Man United doing tactically. It's all changed, tactically. The idea is very very different. I'm not sure that that's exactly what I see from this performance. I see individual players taking responsibility having the shackles taken off of them. I think individual players doing very very good things. But the same individual plays in the second half of that game weren't doing very good things. And I think that there is some tactical limitation. I think he's gonna have to have a stunning second half of the season to go and get the full time job. I think Malda expect him back in may. So you could chop share with. I don't know what was doing could like platoon manage chest different offseason job sharing. Just showing solutions glazes, we know you listen. I think there's no rush to announce a new manager while he's doing so. Well, ultimately to me, it's all about top-four place, if he can drive, you know, heated into that talk for echelon of the table after being given such a full stop by Josiah Marini. I think it's incredibly hard to remove him politically incredibly hard to remove he's brought happiness to a locker room. Devitt? The has said himself poker set himself post game that he's management is brought joy before though was just gossip Q much driving in. They always show the drive in to training in the Jaguars Bentley's, but just the faces on the United plays so grim the first of the season. Just the gossip the grind the soup office thing any of these plays driving Jack use. I can tell you can none of the none of joy in siennas on the other. Like, they can't who's scape. Go to Luke Schork. Sure we killed now. They got joy they've got competition and they've got winning. They were eight points behind us when it became the caretaker manager of nine December. Then I level on points. And as the heya said post game, this this is the real Manchester United so say look out primarily the most riveting story to me of the second half of the season. Another riveting story, livable, Raj. They go to Brighton. They win. One nil. Yoga Klusman stave off a third straight loss in all competitions. Thanks to a pragmatic performance on the south coast livable had more than seventy percent possession, but failed to create much until most Saleh drew a fiftieth minute penalty, which he proceeded to blast home from a sideways run-up. They mean, Lewis's red men stay top points. Clear of Manchester City. I was trying to complement of billions, and it was too. What talent Damian Lewis is Tim? We all the things. They mean Louis can do believably. Well. Damien Lewis is possibly one of the top two trombone I've ever seen in my life. And I pulled up that video of Damion let if you not seeing it came before the champions, the very sangha version of Layla, improv some Echem Vang just staggering way. I'm calling to hoping the be win billions comes back out, which is very soon have an episode where acts for reasons which are absolutely burn to the storyline. Does add show. And if he does we got Liverpool to see the episode where he was playing tennis Maria Sharapova. Yeah. Yes, accounting that was his own to that was what he was saying you say, he's so talented. He's great tennis plants. I e they didn't need a stunt double for the tennis shots, they use Lewis. He's but it would have been bear. Did a backhand then push Reckitt down to. Decent single-handed back. This. Impressed. He's a decent. Tons chombiono. The ears tennis plant, which is probably you could say the same about under. Murray. God we love you on the shape. What were we talking about Liverpool the trap game trap game against praying? I love that would in the trap game wasn't the Trump game was hoping it will be but Chris shooting side and being in four games. They've made the AmEx stadium the fortress. They can't shape. They dead Liverpool to break them down. It did take awhile for nine minutes. But then Pasco gross when all sweep the leg. Johnny Moselle up and Cairo. Harry Kane seventeenth of the season the one season one keep scoring that was kind of when Liverpool school this Liverpool. You kind of know the Chicago Bears HMO, you know, it's lights out defense. It's like smothering continuing to win continuing to Pol the pressure on the teams coming up behind them continuing to find a way to eke out results as pragmatism about this livable side that I'm not sure many of us really soul. We saw scintillating. We saw thrilling we saw Geoghegan pressing. I'm not sure we saw this level of winning to see. Suddenly going Jim and Buddy Ryan that we will have to coat now without Trent Alexander only for a month after this one with a knee problem the little penalties. I'm what saying solid dive. Because he didn't he didn't in this one. And he doesn't want me, bro. And I'm not saying the family would let Liverpool to win their first title in twenty nine years. Good for business. I'm not saying they wouldn't like it. But who'd you when the most penalty since Christmas day, Dave, I don't know. Would it be liveable Roach with for? Yes, they've had four penalties. Astonishing since Christmas blood the day. Now, everybody else nearest to them. As at want includes Manchester City includes Emerton now, I'm not fluting conspiracy theories. But the smashing of a twenty nine year old drought for team have a global footprint and fans were thirsty to good deli. Wouldn't you say, David? This is one of the differences between you and is always see these sort of wills between wills you see executives at networks and leagues being able to let get together be organized you make sort of decisions to able to run conspiracies and having been in some of those executive suites. I know that executives have no idea what they're doing. And usually everything that happens is happening as a result of lack of communication epic failure and lack of confidence in any decision-making. You don't take away my conspiracy theories in my quello got nothing to believe in from Manchester City, Manchester City. Yeah, they beat wolves three nil. Sissy follow up last win over Liverpool with a routine three trouncing top six block walls. Gabriel j Seuss brace and a Connor Cody own-goal see peps comfortably slide possibles team playing with ten men for the majority of the game. After silly willy bully was sent off in just the nineteen th minute. Oh city show that they quite happy. And then you roll it hunters chasing down Liverpool. Cool for a long distance for the rest of the season. Hunting tracking waiting pursuing with technique. Impatience phillix Cimoli Kenyan herdsmen turn out cheetah. Pray. The made short work repeat giant killers. The wolves took the leader of intimidates goal. It was I will say like what you Manchester City play all of their greatest hits at one time Lepore just an incisive pass the kind that defend this shouldn't be able to send moose central midfielders in the primly could not pass the ball of such vision as LaPorte springing Sanday charging down that flank to pull it back for the streaking striker to stab home from close range not Majel saving in that game. Especially when they went down to ten men wools. The only joy what genus for nuchills was listening to walls funds and spend the rest of the game chanting. This is Louis. This is a Lou in Birmingham, accents, just. They incredibly stagnant booed at Dovid silver. I should give him a little love David two hundred sixty seven Premier League appearances. Clint record amazing. And then they forward is own her a ball, proud bulled, then three with someone else's Wednesay rent in your mind, as you can say as a Spaniard import which will get to sesame, we won't go there. But just as a city, I always the greatest place city of ever had, and then people sting queer actually think that happens little bit with these city plays guero is one and silver is another little underrated is people don't realize how good they on. If you seen these guys play live. They are just so impressive television. I don't always does David Silva all Sergio Guerrero Justice. You don't realize actually how physical. They all. You don't realize how much they move. You don't realize everything they do. You don't realize how their other teammates look for them constantly during the game. I think silver is a fantastic Premier League player, we constantly. I find difficult in sports, we constantly rewarding promise over actual results over people who've actually done it who've appeared again, and again who've been physically get again who scored the cystic who've done these things and Silva somebody who's deliver politic avid, silver somebody who delivered again and again and again and again for season after season after season, and these are the players that we should really be getting excited over not necessarily people who haven't kickable in the primary. Okay. Raj Chelsea to Newcastle. One after failing to score in their previous two league matches at Stamford Bridge. Sarah's fan found a way through after just nine minutes when David Lewis put a no look long ball at the tiny fee of scampering Pedro who coolly digs it over Martin Dubrovka. Newcastle pulled one back just before halftime through a Kieren Clark head up in the fifty seven th minute. Willion hit the entry gatlin with a little Sao Paulo side shuffle before blasting past Dubrovka Newcastle. Slip into the drop zone while Chelsea extend their fourth place cushion to six point still game Seri ball. Yes, stumbling along we've been charmed by the mix of fast paced, passing endearing superstitions and multi packet a day tobacco addiction charm this. But the chums wearing off goals have dried up low expectations going into this one. We'll say those low expectations were barely met. Karen, Clarke inspired goal for both teams. Chelsea fantastic. But the passing machine formerly known as Jude Gino spluttering in this one you could hear the murmurs and disappointment when it was one one at half-time just the general crowd knows better than Sarah's M's murmuring all around stem for bridge the window was sparkling. Yeah. Would've all sparked him, but Chelsea falling back on some old tropes here. Sort of going one nil up and then just playing around passing hillside decided not really pressing on and doing anything. This is being Chelsea problem for years and years and years Chelsea's goal came from the result of football, which doesn't feel to me especially like Sarah ball, which long from David Louise to a streaking petro is that really tactically what we're trying to achieve because in the final third of the field Chelsea rarely create anything. False name belly gong the ball. Plays a finding quite easy to go and play. I think a lot of teams have figured out the salary ball. Sorry is playing with Chelsea. Yes. Willion amazing individual effort for the final goal. But Chelsea male thing is mazing. They're sitting there in fourth place, six points ahead of arsenal. But we're probably more excited about the teams below them than we are about Chelsea right now. Yes, there was the win against man city. That was great. But they just constantly sputtering sputtering stopping and starting now feels like they may be a problem with your genial. You may have some kind of injury may have may have an issue huge turmoil. And by the way, when you say is not a new eve Lucien of think is best idea this foes petition to get the primly to allow to smoke real cigarettes Juvan the game. Then just the fate ones. I mean, the broad time for Chelsea Belay. They're not Newcastle. Lou timbale into the bottom three and Cardiff the weekend huge game for Newcastle because they face city and Spurs in the games that follow. But Chelsea six point gap between them and fifth real breathing which will allow for the occasional the occasional cerebral wobble. And there's going to be wobble arsenal. Next weekend ton of transfer actively Iguini in is possible Callum Hudson the door unbelievably out is looking ever more possible. Callum Wilson the boomer possibly in maybe Murata that pull money by the way looks less and less goal scoring threat. A more to be on the next season that the bachelor is great looking each next pro athlete with nothing today. And virgin, and then he got sask farewell to Monaco. How they are you feeling about that, man. I think the only I wouldn't included in that is is being I think all you're right about on every single one of those. I think the issue is something separate he was not getting to play in the Premier League. He was not a player that suited. Sorry in terms of the way. He played football. Definitely not as mobile as he once was but still capable of playing very very good football on the right team. I think Ceska is an interesting thing. I actually got quite emotional watching sex final appearance in the league in the League Cup Stamford Bridge. And he went off, and when you actually just look at his stats one hundred eleven cysts fifty goals three hundred and fifty appearances in the Premier League is the second most assists all time in the Premier League only, Tony Hibbert Viney run gigs and says is not a player. I think is another player. We mentioned David Silva. We mentioned Sergio Guerra earlier. He's a player who doesn't get a lot of credit partly because you left one team went to another. And so, you know, Astle fans decide to hate him. And now opposing fans of other teams have got to teams they hate who he's gonna represented. So he's never going to get a lot of credit radish, even at Chelsea a bit radish being what nice guy the back splash to Joshi marina being fended off a little bit. A lot of ended up being. For that. But it's a. Lots of reasons to like that he's a phenomenal primarily serve a phenomenal servant to to clubs. I would argue to Chelsea and to arsenal and loon. Yes, we're gonna miss them in the league when he came through is eighteen with arsenal. That's just remember all of that skill all of that scale just an incredible bravado in confidence as a as a late teenager. He had a beautiful mullet. Google just just classic footballing Mullah which go rid of and he should done arguably the mullahs. He was never the same football again. But he seemed like you become one of the greatest footballers in the world. And maybe as chrome is that he didn't you write the stats are remarkable when you look them eye-popping especially in the Premier League. And then the end I think it'll be remembered let's say this evaporation as one of the single greatest spite motivated players of all time if it was a big game. If a bit of an edge in that game. That was when Ceska always truly excelled hate was his Gatorade. David. That's what I think about what hanging around. You don't agree with any of this? Hale don't like the idea of people being motivated by spite. But if I grant you the front half of that what he turned that spy into was moments of creative beauty is. He wasn't like getting in there by fighting in those moments, and like going in for the hard tackle, he would open defenses har- with a pass that nobody else saw an able to do that again, celebrating the other teams fans that was what you would day we go crazy. But what would hate her eight which I'm really into now is marketing device, I think we should bring that to market. What would hate to reteach David you? You. West time one Asmal millisecond half winner from young style and rice who turned twenty yesterday gave the victim over their crosstown rivals for the first time since two thousand six and impressive feat by Emory and just his second attempt. The story of this game hammers new acquisition our old primarily pals. I mean, that's the in remember real Dobie back after being the game for eighteen months following a doping ban after receiving an intravenous treatment from drip, doctors that infamous Los Angeles clinic, if you've been David never we wanna say, it's not it's not a front for prostitutes. Just absolutely not trip. Doctors of Los Angeles. We repeat no a front for prostitute. But while they love him and western one game in years her west men, a served is pink burn Nasreen who. Oh god. Again, another football. For him spy is the single greatest human motivator. He played a bit light that Florida man who was in the news yesterday for telling his neighbor that he wanted to kill them with kindness, then came in with a machete call. Florida story of all time. Coyness? Of course, I say, they know the funniest guy. Of course, you only went ahead. The hand in the goal, David. He sets up Declan rice Declan rice like puts it home and London Dhabi's one of the reasons it's so hard I maintain it's harder for London team to win the title than for team from all so much more money than the rest of the teams. And United and Liverpool. Chew we city livable so poor. They London teams hate each other. They probably hate each other the fans hate each other. There is so much. You must love London Dhabi's rose. This so much hate take. It's just tough. So West Ham fans, celebrating they'd just love beating Declan rice, the hot new thing potent holding midfield that it's been compared nineteen years of age which was when he scored the goal is now twenty decision making wise, and leadership wise to nineteen sixty six English, captain Bobby Moore is fresh off a new contract when he scored just a moment of embroiled delay is beautiful a moment. You just know he's going to remember as long as he lives and western you think about the now as the island, the broken toys, Zab Pellegrini, and the Cheryl necessary the most west signing of all time, but they share a pro the real pride in in the long long and a young talents that they produce Lampert. John Terry, Rio Ferdinand coal carrot. And that supply it become a little bit constipated, sir. Roy kind of new evidence new green shoot, bro. Today's ahead for West Ham, slightly dodgier when as David gold and van to pornographers known across football is a dill brothers whose team a surging HAMAs of one now six of the last nine primarily gains arsenal. Let the L David. They were terrible in this wobbled a little recently. Raj off the such an impressive run under eye Emory after the opening of the season, and it's sort of easy feel like teams of figured them out a little bit teams old arsenal. Tropes returning not liking Upham in the middle concealing one clean sheet in conceding sloppy goals while they're complaining about some decision that was made against them with some alleged offense that took place like two minutes. Earlier Nosal mystery man now terror on the bench. I mean, they just seem to knock you ass- in declare the news at the now only looking for loans at January despite author. Obvious need that bite wine Ramsey bailing. Just a new managing not being backed with new sonny's out the gate when this we my support mate. Michael, karen? You know and love until asked him how he's handling it. Can you just goes? Not interested. No interested really two week interested week. So we anymore and the stand cranky, no interested. He said he's happy with the memories of glory. The Bank to Highbury. Imagine my voice in think company twang, I'm happy with the memories of glory. I banked. Hi, this down believe he said. A Hooper die old in Florida. He said I opened died a retirement community in Boca Raton on. And my loss words are just before. I drop dead picked drop of blood that signifies death in a made for TV movies. Just rule in the corner of his mouth don't die. Michael Karen, it goes by last words are going to be. Least talk. Never won it. Julie. We tweet Julius memories of hybrid and the Tottenham president is constantly self sabotaging. It's nice to have big dreams right kits. Quick no p to check retiring after twenty year career rhapsodised Dave play what a plan. Now, the play did it for two teams. No one. Well, yeah. What a what a what a gentleman what a great keeper a player who played through a horrific head injury mind during memory of him as the Champions League final and that embrace at the end of the penalty. Shootout DA drug said since that that whole thing was done for today drug that it was not about the team. It was all for drug, and it's just as an enduring image. Just what a gentleman what a great teammate beloved. Honestly by everybody. You never hear PETA check who live in my every play to clean sheet four primarily titles five cups. The champions the mention Europa league many of only seen him in his later years as that kind of wise old tired helmet headed dramatic ginned. By of course, say Inish p when he came through at Chelsea those first seasons. David a used to be like Chelsea took the field in every single game. Where a one nil lead before kick-off just because he was in goal was that good that dominant allege ind, and as you say a great. Great man, and I think Schmeichal pizzas. Michael. Casper's dad was the first goalkeeper you saw sort of redefine the position in terms of his athletic, build criticism, and his aggression. And I think it's good German. And I think sticks was the sort of modern of version that but also tactically real thinker a really really smart plan. Mazing organizing the back line, then just brillianti mate. Okay. Raj card city nil. Huddersfield turgid affair the proved to be David Vagner last game. In charge of the Terry's. It was announced yesterday that the German American manager and club agreed to partway. Don't go breaking Mahal. Yes. After nine kick -secutive defeats before this one Dovid Vagner has had his loss. Wijn the hell. This. Felt genuinely Santa bias. I really do because he is a great man mazing manager grace tribute to his leadership. I could think of we only began to take it for granted the Huddersfield were primarily a mug a drink. My coffee hour of everybody says Huddersfield we're primly without budget with that quality of squad coming from that tiny town this close-knit tiny town. It was a bloody miracle that he got them up. There's no room in the Premier League every miracle has to end. I have no doubt that he will be back. Just say if the US soccer had not been in such a rush and been so quick to hire Greg to two Burkhalter. I just I just never would have been an international manager at this stage in his career to decade away. At least put it's Kelly. Okay. Less dot one SAF. Hampton to the saints bull type of the relegations taking all three points at the king power despite playing the entire second off with ten men after yon- vallery receive yellow cards. We came it showcase. The two different kind of moosh inal experiences managers can have you got Lester football's most boy, pull the club Claude Puel team, urinate, beating Manchester City Chelsea, but it looks like he's not going to be this for much longer. Modern footballers by entertainer die not status unless they have wolves and Liverpool. United Spurs to full a brutal murderers row of a schedule. All hail Ralph an yeah. The rabbit hotch is team reduced to ten men. They would've crumbled in the pre I don't know if any Southampton fund. Can imagine over member the priroda favor. I mean, he they didn't favor adversity. They held this new Ralph Hampton proof that cutting tell Bundy resolve is the best result to sixteenth for much. Coach Chris a Guinea pig. Roach is not the same as the rabbit crystal. How hard you try to everyone who sent me Email Ecuadorian eating in Guinea pig stories by our Ray we've had so many penalty coming in. It's the thing in America Ecuadorian que-, though, it's not Chris Lewis one what for two it was actually the home side struck first in this one thirty minute Abdelilah to Corey wacked it of Tim May Craig Cathcart into the net. Arguably the crappiest crap of all time, I loved it. I stone cold for fevers Phil Jones on goal of the year award. But Cathcart giveth Cathcart take it away the Northern Irish headed home in the sixty seven th minutes. Equalised paving the way for a thumping. Tom Cleverley volley? Remember him, Raj? Yes. You heard that? Right. A thumping. Tom Cleverley volley to win it for the orange Wolford. Move into seventh place says limply to see Tom Cleverley back. He's been out for almost an entire year with back-to-back debilitating injuries fantastic winner untested finish. For lovely always at the last great old school football Burnley to full and the cottages managed to lose despite scoring all three of the goals. Andrey Shirley got the scoring started in the second minute with absolute howitzer, but back. Strayed into wolf Blitzer physician. But back tonight. Goals win it for the planets now have full straight victories in all competitions three straight in the league spank it into the situation room, comma, it was just an amazing performance by Burley who won a game. This is true. Only win a game without having a short until a gate yet scoring twice. Thank you in go. God I love Burnley manager, Sean Daichi, the gravelly voice and ginger beard before the game. He was asked how he'd gotten Burnley season back on track? And he looked into the camera, and he said, we've all seriousness he goes with lost the eye of the tiger. But I'll read just now, let's look, Dave. So easy. No idea. How we go Burnley back, which is which is a possibility each just really really really really believes in the music of nineteen seventy progr bend survivor. I like the idea that he played that survivor train the dressing room spot the turnaround. Yes, I imagined him just being like we were losing games when I used to play theme footloose logging skinny lucky. Good thing. I said lots John go lie. Go on TOTO. Africa SUV things nerves. Hey, what we're going all in on survivor and that just like Israel song for Burnley for cold afternoon. Burnley, David then Roy's in back on the street. My time so much says very much radio to play list. I know I'm back on my feet. Just a man and his will to survive when you play that right before you go out Rosen it back from the straighten own goals will flow finally Edson to nail second half goals from Chelsea Loney? Zuma. You welcome Dominick Cavite Lewin. Sia boys move into the top half of the table. Well-done roach. Okay. We can look normal. To say about cramp. What do you want to say about? It was. Deep mid three dimensional table in which they reside. No, I huge amount because. That first half of that foot worse on asleep. That might be my least favorite TV show of all time Everton that loss for the last five one. No one at home since twenty four th and they've ember boomer thing lost like ten out loss thirteen or eight every just off that annual general meeting where for Sherry talked about one hundred club position was not to k which put Marco Silva's revolution on incredibly thin, and you could tell from the plans your actions the goals, they scored just relief. Zuma ran to hook silver pointed at Duncan Ferguson, the club legend was the man who dunked a soccer ball where his head joke could head a soccer ball, so hard football. If he was taking penalty probably would have taken it with his head, unconfirmed Zuma ran over to celebrate with both of them, and they will lucky really boom dominated for much of that. I I've ever to remain harder to look at the Jeff beige is sex. And I'll say this this is I realized we won the game biggie biggie being Everson found has always been about cheering for the over achievement of a collective and this season all transfer money. Splurge Jolie expectations raised. We're underachieving individuals which to me I've watched criminal. You've known me since I've watched grim football and the Walter Smith in the old days. David Moyes of some dog. They some blood the still feels nightmares. This fearful half fair and the silver where the place. Giving. Hard to stomach because we have the individual talent to do so much more David so much more. So not what you're looking for little Tony hit. But love that song. Marco silvers revolution is on incredibly nice. I know you're listening to this suggestion. The tiger before. Don't take leave. Survive weekend. Looks like this rose top of the table livable host Crystal Palace at ten AM eastern time Saturday that game is followed by massive clash in the race. As asthma play Chelsea at twelve. Thirty pm eastern time on network NBC and Sunday Spurs look to get back on track against own-goal experts. Fulham at eleven AM eastern time on NBC. Let's have a prophetic shot of mice to see. What's going to happen? Roger me. I yet. Moment in the podcast, really only one of my happiest moments of the week. It's like an exclamation point. In a gloss tells me, David we're going to watch. This is the game is to talking eighteen that cannot defend plan. Accidents Wayne's Moustapha jacker facing teen finding constipated hard to school as are false nine this year. It tells me the same thing that are told me on the television show it's going to be one little Chelsea Christian pulisic with the winner just another casual everyday miracle by the Monday dubs calls. She Jesus my mice to taste of an inspired arsenal. Raj. I think that loss at West Ham will have left them a little angry Emory, putting Lucas era back in the eleven that Uruguay and mighty mouse. Putting his stamp all over the game. I'm going arsenal to Chelsea four. In phila-. I'm shooting for that. I think Chelsea going to take him. Honestly, I never think Chelsea Chelsea going to take them. They're not bad. Fiery game. It's going to be close for a lot of it as as likes playing against. Also, he scored some great goals, and I look at those deadline of arsenal. And I just think they're going to have trouble controlling him. Honestly, I love you alive. Kill okay. There are many other ways to connect to us including now extinct Amazon emporium, which is transformed bull. Ma anytime you buy something big from the bull mob. We thousand telling presented. What are you putting in the bull? Mothers. Book the lonesome bodybuilder by Yukiko Materia is a magnificent whimsical collection of short stories and the few true emotional intelligence dose of magically surreal imagination. Best stories rebound marriage relationships, really captures the stifling oppressive close this and the deep disconnects that still remain. Amidst longing and aspirated to be alive to live is to be deeply unfulfilled. It's also Everton if you like Japanese culture intricate curious mischievous brilliantly written short stories, you came with toyah. She wrote this for you. Brought up a moving a lot in the middle of Siri. Coordinated. This will be the last time wrote moving this'll be the last time a moving out of an apartment in New York City. You move memory condom, no moving back into my old house, and then at the same time, I'm moving bunch of shifting it between my little place at the beach and your and my Edinburgh university's rental house that I've got what about your that Europe? The all the archive is not is not yet only go upon death to the university of Edinburgh really mine is going to liberty university or university one of the. Exactly. Degrees. So I'll be moving, and I gotta tell you moving. An I don't know any young listeners haven't done a lot of moving. Your parents have been involved moving yourself, a U haul. A couple of pieces advice Clete small boxes away. Just way more useful than big boxes problem with big boxes. You just put a bunch of stuff. And then he can't carry them in the boxes. Break small boxes over big book. Only put light items in big boxes like embedding couple of pillows things that you've got to put small boxes are very important. Also, number two, number two important Roach labeling got a label things. Well, you've got a label where it was in your old place. And where you want it to go in your new place. You've got to remember what's in a box. It's going to help you so much. And then finally Roach hacking tape tape crucial tape is crucial and tape is laid to tape dispenser. A highly recommend the you line, heavy duty tape dispenser. It's just an excellent product you hold it. Feels manage. Holding it. Yeah. And it also just makes the sound of using a tape dispenser. When you moving just you can you can all imagine. Now that wonderful as you pull the tape across office. Just excellent like having Jake corona in your hand. Just lots of people all I'm saying is. When the move is show up and I like to participate in the move. I'm not just telling them to participate a joy. The U haul. No, I feel like I've got respect to the moving guys because of my -bility with a heavy duty tape dispenser. Knowledge of labeling smallpox genuinely fee of move. I pray to God that someone find me one hundred years just like in my palm, a huge newspapers just toppled over and killed me dead for more than fifty years. I'm okay with us. I'll be much name account television. The football still on notes on some years after we've had the last men in places TV show. You'll still be doing shot notes. After it's left the day. Grimsby and who knows scuffle? Liam fee. The what we'll be wearing a slight plug for. I only wear new relationship, but has changed my life clever. Little Danish Slifer never been a slipper person. And I've just got and I just look. Lipa person. You're you're your cardigan person. League. You you always worse lip making the. Lipa person. You just didn't know. With them. The slip apiece that lies then we've learned I should be doing that commercials genuinely just they are so cozy I never wanna leave my couch. Okay. You can follow us on Twitter avenue. 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