041 Eaten by a Whale


Hey everyone welcome to snarf talk with Chris and Jerry and this is our podcast where we give you a behind the scenes look as we create a comic book. We're going to talk about TV movies Comic Books Wchs and hopefully I have a lot of guests the writers creators and friends check US OUT SNARF COMICS DOT com you can check out our blog and follow along with everything we got going on also follow us on instagram twitter and facebook at snarf comics and please subscribe and leave a review on itunes enjoy the episode Sir. Hey a here we are again. We're back in other day another night. Another SNARF SNARF talk weekend edition. This one is this is a rarity garrity for us in the in the podcasts world. Normally were a weekday weeknight only podcast yeah recording life. Why is that our lives so business lives busy? I'm a bit of a Social Butterfly. You are you really are big time but it's like a monarch the monarch of butterflies you're getting killed off though so why aren't they making a resurgence now you had like a huge monarch butterfly kill in front of your house. What are you talking about? Marley put up a snap chat of bunch of dead monarchs all over your like in front onto your guys must be the bats I think you it's your non. GMO crops or you know it's your GM. I don't farm anything around my house so well. It's whoever's fall don't they have. I thought monarchs were making a resurgence are they. Those they migrate Monarch Migration we tell you monarchs yeah. Tell me right insulting and this get all one hundred two percent wrong but what I believe to be true is that they do migraine factor about that. They fly to Mexico to this one mountain where they reproduce produce okay that's where they all go and my parents went there to middle in the middle of Mexico middleware in its I mean people go there to see the the monarch migration okaying but it's in like central Mexico in a mountain range and it's really pretty place but the monarchs our goal there and then they fly up north for the season. I just read a thing about monarchs recently one of them. It's the fourth generation of a monarch. That does the migration are you. Are you kidding me. No you're talking about the playoffs. No I'm not well. I guess it would be the monarchs works talking about the Monitor the fourth generation of a line so it takes them four generations to get there not to get backer acker known to be the one that flies away really what do they do in the winter die. I don't know but that's it was a national geographic. The winter holiday come back joke. No I don't know they hibernate somewhere so anyway back to my story. They all go there. That's their breed uh-huh and then they fly back. Maybe it takes multiple generations according to you monarch but they only like eat the milkweed right. It's like they're only only food source milkweed so there's more than one food source of well. That's the main one so the problem was there was no milk weeds Blah Blah so so now they have this like the monarch trail so people all along their migration pattern our planting it's the project people like can roll and be a part of the project and they plant milkweed and if you're in the area that's along the monarch trail people and I think even the government are we in the monarch trail. I think so yeah yeah hurry plantain yes. My mom has tons of milkweed around her house. She grows it like instead of flour. She has milkweed drives me insane no way she purposely plants that you are correct sir no way she does yes that's strange yeah and then they also have all these. The government has these pollinator plots that's right and then and I'm sure there's milkweed than their whole bunch of it. I thought about having bees are really like even bees because because of that policy so we used to have a guy we didn't do it but on our property he kept peace. I think the things used for hives are still sitting out there in the woods really yeah probably probably not. I think they were plastic. There were like plastic barrels or something along those lines like in a frame system you can have them. I'll take him start keeping bees so to keep bees to the only reason I thought about it is because Gary was putting in that pollinator plot right down the road from me and I saw a product. It's it's a guy started making beehives that are completely like see through and you. They're all made out of plastic and there's there's comb honeycomb. You know like the comb structure is inside of the hive already so when the bees go in there they just fill the column. That's in there once it's full of honey. There's just a handle on the bottom autumn you turned the handle and it breaks the coma part like the brings it up all the honey drains out valve at the bottom and then when you're done with that you you turn the handle back it puts it back together and there's very minimal disturbance to the actual comb and they don't have to rebuild much can get more honey each year because the attacks and everything's still in there the honey just drains out itself and you can see it all so yeah. I've seen similar hives or whatever that you can buy bye tapper. That was easier because you need like I don't think you need even be suit. Why think still announced of flying because you sneak sneak so probably prowl sneaks Nick Snake Yeah and he turned that handle you put a jug under any slowly but I I really want to do with the the Little Bank Yeah WanNa do that? Low smoke at them. Yeah you should just go out there with your pipe. I've got multiple multiple types. You know we saw some pretty nice pipes. Whenever you're at the Brisa we did check out Danny boy pipe shop yeah and they have everything Asia they saw an amazing myriad of like flavored pipe tobaccos a smell and taste amazing but the pipe like craftsmanship in itself is is amazing and I'm really kicking myself that I didn't buy a pipe while we were there? We were a little intoxicated. You're great video video and it will it will be released eventually. You're going to be a little while but when we're in contact in the pipe shop and it was towards the end of the day and and you come around and I'm looking at this pipe it's like Sherlock Holmes pipe and I'm expecting it and you come around and you look at me and you ask something I think and I look for all I said was Chris. What are you doing and I looked to the left? I just looked back camera. You getting yelled at looking at pipes. It's so funny so you've built on yourself at that point man if you haven't done your neck out our wizard world. I guess that won't come out because Oh yeah no. We'll have it out by now. I'm so yes we got the wizard world recap on them but that's the renaissance very that's the renaissance fair one and that should be out. Maybe by the time this podcast but like I said there's so much content there that you're gonNa have to rifle through that. I feel bad for you about that's okay. I still got wizard world content. We got interviews reviews and stuff. So what we're talking about. Here are amazing YouTube Channel YouTube dot com slash snarf comics. You need to get there. You need to check it out hit. Subscribe some videos. Be There Be Square. We got we don't have like a huge amount of subscribers yet because it's brand new and we brand spanking. I looked the other day and we had eight hundred hours of content. Listen to on it or something lower yeah some insane amounts or eight hundred. I don't know it would have to be minutes. I mean Howard anyway so it's pretty cool also also on the screen right now. CHECK IT OUT YOUTUBE DOT com slash counters so check that out also instagram Graham at star comics and facebook comics and what we just recently did. I know I was going to bring that up. We just I should say we you just put put together our Patriot yeah. This is really exciting guys. We have a patriotic and we had our first patron today today. Let's talk a little bit about Patriot so so 'cause a lot of people don't know what Patriots and so Patriot is a service of website if you will I think there could be a bit of a stigma against Patriots is there. I think there could be to some people to where it's like. begging for something thing which we're not no we're not doing that. It's more of a support system. We're supporting for content yeah so what it is. It's a website you can and make log in and having account and all kinds of creative people whether they be podcasters or artists or are craftsman or attack people. Whatever whatever you want you can put a project don't there you can put your business up there? In our case we put SNARF comments up there. Patriots dot com slash comics and what you do is you become a patron of that that person or that business and you can donate donate money to them but it's all based on like a subscription model so there's tears that that you have we have on our Patriot on page and they have five or six years something like that and it you can be a patron of ours for as little as one dollar a month who know once you sign up and he put your credit card information mation in it's just automatic like every month it deduct a dollar and they take a small percentage five percents or something like that and we get the rest into our account to a US to help produce the show so what we're going to do with an why we want patrons is a we we're we're going to finish our comic book and having produced so that includes hiring artists hiring Colorado's hiring not probably an editor but let arrests letter better color cover artists. I mean there's a lot of work and then on top of that. You have the cost of printing the actual book it turns out. That's something so in case people understand comic book to produce. If you're just a writer like we are and you're not an artist to Indra sorry I cannot draw on a very very very very very cheapest side to hire artists of color and a letter and sometimes you can get one a person that does all those things but on the cheap side. You're talking about minimum of one hundred dollars. A page in our book is going to be roughly twenty four pages and most comic yeah about twenty four pages so roughly about one hundred dollars a page on the low side high end would be to fifty page. Let's go with one hundred dollars page so in two thousand four hundred dollars to produce one book alone and then that's just for art get and then the printing cost you're looking at probably in the neighborhood of of a dollar to two dollars a book probably closer to the dollar. If we get a large around yeah we could get so if you're thousand books there's another thousand dollars so it can easily be twenty five hundred honored to five thousand dollars just to produce one book with minimum which we can then sell but never make any profit on so. That's why there's there's no money in this so to help us. We're just trying to offset costs you. These goals you can sign up for our Patriot and also for our podcast to help us. If we wanted to hire editors or Youtube Channel we had to have editors. Are we want to do advertising or anything like that for production and then production you know all all this equipment costs money but also like we have to pay for hosting. We have to pay for a website. We have to pay a lot of things so there's lots of costs and this is definitely not free. It's it. It costs a lot of money and that's a way to support us. If you like what we're doing and you want to donate just think of it like donation really. It's basically a donation for content that I hope you love but like just a donation because at every tear that you subscribe to receive a benefit yes so what are our tears Jerry we have. Let's see so very first at one dollar. the one dollar one I'll get to it is a SNARF surf a SNARF SURF and SNARF talk stickers. That's what you're GonNa get will send you SNARF talk. Stickers is in a bundle and any new stickers that we create or make whenever they are available always get them anytime we get a new sticker. Yes we'll send you one in the male. You'll also right off the bat. You're going to get up a bundle of whatever stickers we have around here. Yes and access to the Patriot exclusive activity feed so when you have have a patron account. It's an APP or website you when you're a Patriot somebody you get access to their feet and it has post recent posts on stuff we're doing. I don't know how active we'll be out there about keeping that but we'll do our bus you'll get that and I look at exclusive snarf talk or snarf comics and SNARF talk content will make sure you're the first to know when we have new projects merchandise and contests in the most important thing about the one dollar level that you receive is that warm fuzzy feeling inside when you realize you're helping support us and helping US produce our comics and a medium that we truly love absolutely so without further ado let's get into the real meat potatoes okay SNARF VASSAL SNARF vasa level to our five dollar level five dollars a month breath. We'll get you patriotic exclusive startup snarf talk bonus episodes yes so all of this stuff from the first year plus bonus podcast episodes which we might release at least one a month where you for that I mean we already have some. We already have some in the can we get some in the can that we can throw out there anytime in there something and you will only only be able to listen those episodes. If you're a patron at the five dollars a five dollar. If you are a SNARF vassal you will get these exploits wait. There's more yes there. Is You also get what was included in the first tier so those sticker bundles the exclusive content for the Patriots Page you get that along along with that snarf talk bonus episodes stuff and there can't be more Jerry there is more behind the scenes SNARF comics script up two pages for Jetpack Samurai and forthright yeah we will send you the script pages and you can read them and see what a script looks blake before it ever even comes out like this is what we're working on. This is what we've already worked on. You will be able to read and see how a comic book has created basically from the script. They can't be anymore right there. Is Oh my Gosh Chris to the five dollars here. This is the five year snarf comics art be the first to see new concept pages his pencils inks and finish comic so when we start getting pages drawn as they come in from artists to us we will put them in our Patriot on yes. Yes it will alert you that there's content in there and you'll get to see the drawn pages as they're released. Pencils inks whatever we get done. That's probably all we could probably do right right like that's all we could give people is there. Would there be any more than this anymore. Tears Yeah No. I don't think so I think there is oh could be a SNARF night. A SNARF dark night ten dollars would make you a snarf night so think about this thing how much money you waste at a gas station ten dollars about how much money I I waste at a guest for the cost of one pack of cigarettes a month for the cost of a couple scratch off tickets for the cost of a couple monster energy drinks to to five our our energies cost me about nine dollars so don't get those two to five our energies instead become talk. I would just become a SNARF night and you're GonNa get hopefully everything we just talked about in the first two tiers the first two plus SNARF talk t shirt. You're going to get a t shirt. We're going to send not shirt on top of that. If we ever make a new T. shirt you're getting your and he's t shirt we make and we're GONNA PROBABLY GONNA make at least one T. shirt a year. Yeah Oh yeah easy. You'll get it for free. Well not for free because you got to pay the ten dollars a month but you're getting it because of your ten dollars subscription and then oh my gosh there's more for all of this autograph physical copy of Comic Books that we produced so if we when we get as available Jet Lobbies Hack Samurai published or fourth worth Reicher anything we get published you will get the actual comic book autographed. We will send it to you you own it. That's right there. Probably a five dollar value alone church sure the book itself. I mean the book itself is now I would look for us to be producing more than one book a year but no but you're going to get it and it's going to be autographed often. You'll have it forever yeah so there is a whole `nother tier after that and I want to point out really quick snarf night the ten dollar because one dollar fun I'm great thank dollars. Bonus episodes very helpful the ten dollar that's where he really helping us hire artists and color type. That's we're we're making a dent yeah. If we got ten people doing ten dollars we're paying for pages shirt pasia pages of art that are GonNa be finished and done we could just write it off. It's done yeah so now. We're getting within some of my favorite tears yeah the Duke and Duchess of snark senior it was called Duke of snarf Duke Assign as I was finishing the Patriot cow. I thought this is sexist. You're super sexist to that so the duke or Duchess of snarf however you overcame that if you're a lady or a woman that wants to be called the Duke Duke Yeah. You don't have to be like a duchess. If you're a a big burly man that wants to be called the Duchess Duchess right to your face in fact if you are a big burly man and Wanna be called Duchess every time we see you for the rest of your life we will. I'll get right up in your grill say duchess. You know that's fine. Oh this is my favorite one. My favorite remember every single time. We talk about a tear. Everything everything that we've just discussed that came before it is included. You're getting all of that other content along with what is listed in the tier. What's listed in this list? Here is what I liked too quickly name the bundle Oh snarf but what it really is a monthly subscription box yes so oh you know they're like the hottest thing in the world right now a monthly subscription box of of kind of comic books or comic related merchandise not ours we will but we will carefully curate comic books and merchandise anything we come across. We're going to put out for those that levels driver riber. We're GONNA put a box together and ship it to you what you're GonNa do is. You're not going to get a box every month. You're going to get a box every two months by two months worth of stuffing it okay so ship them out every other month just to save on shipping cost. This is only if you live where in the United States in the United States. WE'RE NOT GONNA ship to like like Australia. Maybe we'll do Canada. I get it costs candidate probably but like overseas shipping is very expensive so how we're gonNA manage this is we're going to get together once a month me and Jerry. I'm going to say hey we gotta get ready for our bundle of SNARF so listen up though this could change because if we get a bunch of Bundler SNARF or Dukes six in duchesses that are subscribing to Patriot. Maybe we'll ship them overseas. Maybe so we're going to do is get together once a month and say hey what do we like. What are we reading? What herself that we really like in the past yeah? Hey we really love swamp thing. Let's send out the first book the swamp thing alum more series or let's send out the the newest Batman comic because we really enjoyed the top news time King Batman Comic Yeah so you might get a comic book. You might get a you might get up hop. I don't know you might get anything. Everything is cool and you know what else you're going to get in their stickers a t-shirt all extra content extra podcast when you open it up contents GonNa hit you in the face from Santa after yeah so and you get your t shirts every time we make a teacher. You'll get one of those so bundled starve school because honestly we're going to spend right clouded much on that as as we're getting won't be honest. We won't if you're paying twenty dollars a month and we're we're buying stuff every month. We're probably GONNA Let's be real guys this business yeah. We'll probably spend like ten bucks on a box right something like that. I don't know we'll see but again. You're getting stickers tickers a t-shirt extra contact. We're talking about so if you find something really cool. We grow like reports thirty dollars whatever we'll go negative we that's okay so there can't be any more us. There's a whole `nother Tier Chris that you're forgetting it comes after the Duke and Duchess it's it's called Lord and Lady of Snark Foul Ri- that's above Duke and Duchess. I don't know if you know that it is a carefully researched that good because Lord and in a lady I mean come on in call me Lord. I feel pretty privileged so we're GONNA get everything. We just talked about including the subscription box but you're gonNA get a a premium upgraded bundle snarf yet so we're just gonNA put more expensive stuff in it right now. There's probably bigger books. Maybe graphic novels something like that probably instead of getting a single issue comic book. You'll probably get like a trade paperback yeah which is a collection of five or six books it could be the whole rough could be the old rock okay. We'll see also. There's another thing you would get. Oh what's that a premium upgraded a premium upgraded. You Know Comic Book Bundle SNARF. You'll you also get a guest spot on this podcast will you to come into our smarttalk studio and actually be on the podcast. Yes you can and and can be on the podcast as a as a guest as much as you want. Yes frequently as you want whenever maybe not as frequently every day of our our lives have you on on an episode and then we'll have you on occasional guest whenever you're around town or it's convenient so frequently elaine frequently yeah a frequent guest. We've had frequent guests prior gathers like a dude. You could be like a young Nathan you could be pagoda. You Dude be put iota. You could be pagoda to yeah we could be Alex. He needs a nickname. He's he does Alex think of a nickname all right plus. There's more guys there's this is the fifty dollar level number this the Lord or Lady of Star. You'll be a podcast sponsor answer which means you have opportunity to advertise on the podcast. If you have a business or aware that you're a widget if you will you're selling yeah it would be like maybe like an at sea project. Yeah you can advertise on the podcast. We will call you out in as a sponsor of the podcast on our website site anywhere anywhere. We're GONNA. We're GONNA section are pockets that sponsors love your logo a logo. Whatever whatever you want we'll have signed available on the website basically advertising sizing whatever you for you if you if we have a booth we'll have a banner logo on it and there's more one more yeah included on a special? Thank you and credits page of any future comic book we publish your name is going to be on so in any comic comic book generally. There's like credits like a movie either in the front or the back but we'll have a whole page a thank you page will will list out all of our sponsors and you'll be every single book everybody that comes out. Your name is going to be there all right and that's it no. It's there's another level. There's one more there's another love. We have one more level. It's the last one because you would be the king and or Queen Yeah. That's the hundred dollar a month level. This is like the ultimate yes. It really is you thought there was nothing higher than the upgraded bundle snark premium upgrade it right premium upgraded Bundler snarf well. There is Super Premium Platnum ATM Bundler SNARF guys. We're just going to spend more of that money that you give us buying more awesome stuff for putting it in that box and sending tat that we know you need it. Don't know you need it yet. I know you need it. You might get silver age rare graded it comic book it could be it could be one month. That would be very expensive but you'd probably get you'd get a solid two point four spiderman yeah you. You might get if you don't if you're not gonNA comics you might get well. It doesn't matter what you're into working on to great this. We're going to create curate it for you and you're going to enjoy it. You no kidding. You might get a frigging ipod shuffle. I don't know could be maybe a zoom if we find a gadget. We like I was on that. We're using zing in her house. We might put it in there because this is the premium upgrade. We're just GONNA put riddick anything cool interesting that we find. We're GONNA throw it in that bundle you get the satisfaction of being a true patron of the arts yeah. This is like the renaissance period you know it. All those artists were living in like Vanessa wherever the artist live is that where they lived Venice Rome Venice Beach Florida that's what Beach Virginia Yeah when they were when Michael was Peyton the the Sistine Chapel inside the Capitol building in Washington. DC They all had patrons was that all of that was they all have patrons so those artists they didn't have they had they were supported by rich people. They were yeah rich people giving the millions of dollars just inflation. We're only asking glad you did that. Guy was worried that you were adjusted for one hundred dollars a month. But what does what do you buy for one hundred dollars a a month nothing. It's really not that much but you're you're GONNA get more. You will have your face emblazoned and your likeness represented in any future comics we produce to be clear that means you will be a character in any comic book that we produce here here on out. Your face is going to be a comic book character in basically every comic book we produce now. I want to clear this up a little because fusion so for example Jetpack Samurai set in a different universe correct so we got a dodgy our main character yes with his Samurai sword and his his jetpack and he's fighting the villains and he's frequenting brothels. He is in the corner of that brothel is not going going to be a character named pagoda. No well actually yeah. Actually there might be there. There's not going to be a character in that that frame who says hey that's Davidson top right. You'RE GONNA be a different character but it's GonNa be your like this year. Look like because we're going to be able to hire an artist that can all you. We're going to send them your picture. Yes and look I mean we put us some interesting situations it would be. That's really cool. I think that's really like the back of a Volkswagen and it at this level not only can we hire artists colorist and editors. There's we can also hire producers editors to help us on the PODCASTS that Youtube Channel release even more contact we will have the opportunity to advertise and truly grow. Oh the channel the podcast the comic books everything we're doing it will absolutely help us. I mean with one month. We will be able to pay for a whole the whole page of the comic book done so I mean I get a lot of people are GonNa go to the one hundred dollars. Remember those levels. We're going to spend a bunch of that money buying stuff to give back back to you so a lot of that money is going to be used but you know even the five dollar level level the one dollar level the ten dollar level their help and that's a minimal thing and if you do enjoy the podcast or videos or our blog or hopefully in future in comic books. That's nothing I mean they extra content. You're getting really does help so yes absolutely if you could do anything we would appreciate it. if not you're still going to get snapped. Outcasts still going to get it absolutely every single week and we're just GONNA look down on you. Every time we see you yeah if we look at you in the is ever since so. I don't know if I will surely going to call you a Dutch or a Lord so speaking of that blog. I made a blog bogged before you do that. Okay and once again I was patriot dot com slash nerve comics. Check it out. We had a patron sign up today and I want to give a special bank you and if you sign up to be a patron whether it's the one dollar level one hundred dollars we're going to show you on the podcast and thank you and praise you praise Internet praise David Timms. Thank you buddy what a nice dude and not only did he helps support our podcast at at a a five dollar level where he's GonNa get extra free podcast content yeah he's of ass and he sits in combine all day Yep. He's he's GonNa. We're helping him. We really are doing you a favor here but not only is he going to get all that content. David has in his past asked reciprocated artistic content on us he has he has bestowed on us his own artwork his own artwork drew my child and he drew me painted portrait painted Boba which is way cooler than your child it is. I guess I mean if your child was Boba Fett he he is. He's a clown didn't WanNa tell anybody this because Boba Fett clone right he is we've. We've quondam from Dolly the sheep so I just want to say a big. Thank you to David but hey you know anybody out there if you're interested in doing one of these tears you're on the fence just do it. I I really appreciate it though because I feel like it gives gives I feel like you have confidence in us to create the stuff that you want like you have the confidence to say like Hey. I like what you're doing. I Know Oh you're GonNa do a good job. Let's get an and also makes it. I mean okay. We love doing this. It's so fun but it makes it more more. It makes it easier to spend more time doing more of this kind of stuff that we love and justify that yes that's the justification of it because can be it's. It's a lot of work. It is definitely work and it can absolutely be a little bit of a What am I trying and say like a little bit of a financial burden yacht times to put money towards a thing that we just want to do in our in our free attack so to have something come back in to say like hey we can offset that cost because people enjoy this? That's a whitman if it's not everything we spend I still think that's a success and we're not begging for money by any means but if people are curious we had talked about the cost of the book being twenty five hundred to five thousand dollars an issue which is a significant investment which we will never get back back. You don't make money on the podcast also costs us in the neighborhood. first of all we probably a couple thousand dollars worth of equipment and in the neighborhood of one hundred dollars a month fifty dollars a month to produce yeah it's over fifty. It's definitely over fifty. It's at at least seventy five a month with the website and the podcast. It's at least so to continue so it is what it is like. I said this is gonNA and do it. Regardless yeah this is gonNA continue regardless of a patron or not but boy it would be nice if you do not want to donate to our patron and there's one very important thing can do if you'd rather spend your money on scratch off Lotto tickets lend support our podcasts. There's a way you can support us for free. Did you know that no it's by going to YouTube dot com slash comics watching videos liking them and subscribing. Yes I going to facebook subscribing and leaving a review snarf comics. It's by going to instagram slash narcotics and subscribing following I should say and twitter and in all of our media and leaving reviews and most importantly which I can't even forget go to the apple podcast APP when you're listening pod and hit review leave a review Ali written review not just a star review written review that helps us a lot so we're not discounting that that goes a long way to absolutely does so the begging our is over it is yeah. We weren't necessarily begging but we did want to tell you about. It and I liked reading those things. That's really it's exciting that it finally got done. Yeah it is that's really great but yeah I put up a new blog post. We haven't written a blog in a long time and this time I did because because of that one single moment at wizard world yeah if you haven't seen this moment you can go out our youtube page and there's a video on their called Jacko's world updated Rob Paulsen things EAC world something yes yes and it's a short not even short but it was short in real life but Gosh I can't forget I can't forget it. Literally like kicked kicked me back in time and it was released strange to have that happen. I don't think I've had a moment in my life that did that and I've made fun of my parents before and other people of age that talk about things from their childhood and I kinda rolled my eyes on like yeah. We know you know walked uphill both ways you know that kind of stuff and yeah. I know you like that band or yeah. I know you liked that show. I've never had a moment that threw me back into a situation into where I've made fun of people about but was so real to me like gosh I I really do remember coming home after school and watching Anna Maniacs in hearing those voices and then but that being done in front of me and just like seeing it like seeing the character come. I'm alive in a person boy. It blew me away. Would you say where does Amex rank on your list of favorite after school kids television program and you know it probably won't be that high. Honestly I liked the show enemy exit. It's not that I was such a die hard fan of the show by any means I liked it. It was funny but until that moment I really I forgot about it. You know it's not Batman the animated series wrote and like if you read the blog I talk about Kevin Conroy Kevin Conroy as the voice of Bruce Wayne in Batman in Batman the animated series on a bunch of other Batman movies animated movies and whatnot that moment is what I thought was going to be the icing on the cake and it was absolutely amazing. That's something I'll never forget to. I don't know what it is but when we we went and talked to Rob Paulsen it just blew me away because that it was such a small thing you know like it wasn't a huge show that let like blew me away when I was a child but the moment did just because it was something that I just remember forever like I'll just remember those voices this forever yeah it was it was really cool fun. I was definitely on the top of my list. We were before we did this. We didn't have a lot of topics. We were trying to figure it out top ten list. That's so we should have done yeah we should have but I gotta list here I can. I can just re bring out. Okay yeah our childhood. I'd like to see what what were your some of your favorites ritziest without me without me. Okay so definitely Batman Gargoyles Anna Maniacs I had always loved like Chippendale operate Chippendale Risk Grainger's favorites and shoot. I can't remember the name of it Tailspin Tailspin. Yeah I can love Tailspin but then there was also a dark wing duck yeah and and let me think what's that one there was a another really weird one. It wasn't on very long. It was on Fox freakazoids the freakazoids yes. That's why just figured that out. I don't know why either but I used to watch freakazoids all the time and my mom hated my in my dad. Definitely would never have stood for that but yeah I liked all the ones you mentioned my probably one of my number one's would a ban. Uh the Spiderman series the ninety s c a never watched any which I'm rewatching now as an adult it had s- great really X. Men. The animated series is up. They're both of those for me were probably above Batman but also Batman was up there to definitely tailspin and and duck tales and I mean and for sure also tiny toons for sure love tiny an looney tunes I just need to here's some other ones that were maybe forgetting about. Oh Tommy just time I mean obviously I was a huge huge huge huge in a teenage mutant Ninja Turtles Series and both ghostbusters and extreme ghostbusters those. I don't think I watched original ghostbusters one. I think may have been late eighties early nineties but then they rebooted it in the late ninety s with extreme ghostbusters and it was like a new team and the old ghostbusters were like the older it was kind of a bad what's Bamut show where it's old Bruce Wayne Bam beyond it was kind of that situation and one of the ghostbusters astor's on the new team was in a wheelchair was a there's a couple of girls. I don't know they they diversified a little more but it was great. Show those are some of my favorites. Here are some other ones you forgotten about rugrats. I used to watch that a lot too yeah. That was Doug. I did watch Doug. They have boy meets world but that's not really Sabrina teams. That was like tiny toons for sure. I never really watched hey arnold. I didn't watch that much either recess good one to watch recess. I see one right here that I forgot about in its way off the Wall Street sharks. Oh Yeah I remember that structure it kind of the same vein as when I really liked a biker mice from Mars. I never watched that but street sharks was awesome. I used to have those action figures. I mean not to say nothing to about like. Gi Go GI JOE was phenomenal. You know I actually Saturday morning cartoons but yeah yeah they were and that's fine. ooh I got. I was privileged enough to get satellite TV relatively early in my life and cartoon network had a lot of good shows back then not the off the wall stuff that they've got now. They did a lot of good shows but they were older cartoons so I used to watch like thunder cats. Oh yeah gets he. He man but I watched thunder cats all the time and they also had a lot of transformers tunes transformers and Beast Wars. Remember those yeah be stores was awesome. Chippendale for sure was big one for me love that had the video game for Nintendo Great Video Game Really Shipping Yeah Rescue. I didn't have that of course I didn't have cable when I was a kid but when we did go to hotels we'd get nickelodeon and you get like are you afraid of the dark doc. I was a good one. Let's see Bill Nye. Love Bill Nye House Kid goosebumps give one. Did you ever watch shaw angry beavers. No that was a little too old for that dark wing duck goof troop forgotten about true true. Yeah Absolutely Watch goof troop. Let's see are real monsters. That was one. We only see in hotels but I liked that. Johnny Bravo. I've watched that a little bit that was on cartoon network the Honey Bravo Gargoyles for sure big one and I just bought the entire lerone gargoyles me and cash. We're going through it. I need to start watching it again. It's good I like it Pinky and the brain of course spider-man oh adventures of sonic the hedgehog. I I love that one yeah. I liked that. We're about Bobby's world. Did you ever watch bobby's world. Is that the one with the guy from America's got tally man yeah yeah definitely watch bobby's world so bobby was the enemy was the one with Louis Anderson life with Louie or something like that that was given to something yeah Bobby's Bobby's world yeah pepperoni pepperoni and apparatus and much too cool for seventh grade. We say that may be on some of the special content for a for a patron. There's one I loved that was on. PBS called Ghost Rider Ghost rider. I used to watch that yeah ghost rider and they would they'd like type in a computer to the ghostwriter of that show that was really cool that wasn't a cartoon in but it was no the mask the animated series. CNN ever watched that either watch that extreme ghostbusters we talked about. I don't remember that men in black series. That's probably after my childhood a little bit freakazoids Beakman's world it was like the knockoff Bill Nye and he had a big rat. Yeah I did not always ate cheese and was like drunk at his drunk. That was a weird show man. Oh Man Beakman's world that was really good. Yeah there's so many good the cartoons they don't one of my favorite one do you ever get to watch ren and stimpy and only in hotels because it was on cable yeah on MTV ATV it was I think an MTV show I did watch it. I definitely watch my brother would watch it all the time and didn't realize that really over it. I wasn't really allowed to and I think that's what the draw was for me is that I wasn't allowed to watch it so when my parents weren't home yeah I'd watch it was that time where there was making more adult cartoons like Beavis and butthead stint Peoria was one of them bunch of those on MTV. I think making Dari area movie really that's not necessarily I saw a trailer. The only thing that needs to exist about diarrhea is the cake song well I saw trailer and it wasn't a movie movie. It was Dora now. It's Daria it was with Aubrey Plaza. She'd be perfect. Thank air. She is Doria and I was like a real Darya so I saw the trailer for it but I don't know if it was one of those college humor skits Oh yeah it probably was but they had a full length trailer for it so need to look that up. I love tiny toons though that was a good one tiny toons was awesome so there is this one show on and it was before school so I wake wake up super early that I loved and I'm curious if you ever even heard of before school I think it was before school. I don't you ever watch anything before I woke up early early because I got super into this show and it was like one that was like a continuing story and it was a Japanese show it was anime. nope never would've called Ronin warriors. I know that name yeah I know the name but I I definitely did not it would have been nineteen eighty nine. Okay I don't know when it came to the US. You know what I'm forgetting. What's that the tick yeah yeah? I used to watch the tick all the time that was on Fox thirty to thirty two as well. I didn't watch much Batman Beyond and I feel bad about it. Now I didn't either I should go back and watch you. That was in the two thousands. I was in high school ninety nine. It came out. I was in high school. I wasn't because Chris says much older than me. I mean I would still watch that kind of stuff in high school but I just didn't watch that so I think when go like either before or after ghost rider they had where in the world is Carmen Sandiego love that show there was like rations of that show there was I don't remember the lady's name a black lady would sit behind the desk and she'd always be like where is Carmen Sandiego. That was her job but I think she was like typing. I like that show and also supermarket sweep. I didn't watch that bunch. Did you remember it's on Amazon now. We've been watching it with the kids. It's so bad didn't that the one of those guys that did a like a global guts type. Show yeah was the host. Did you ever watch those like global gut. We have nickelodeon. Oh my Gosh Hotel would get to see guts and like legends of the legends of the hidden didn't temple man that show is awesome supermarket sweep what was the double dare double dare where they went through the nose double double dare double dare double their global guts was with Mike at one gay. You always worry Oh Yeah Penguins Jersey Mike unloved like those all that's a good idea for the podcast and positive he's it was allergies idea the at the top ten game shows because I loved Games yeah and when we did finally get satellite when we were in high school that that was when the game show network came out. Yes I love the game show now so good. Did you ever watch beetlejuice. Yeah the cartoon the Kosher Yeah that was pretty good. I watched touched every cartoon man every cartoon space ghost coast to coast now. I'm very gable okay well so you didn't well. That wasn't really good. Show oh either yes it is no that was like an adult swim show. Isn't it not at the time it came out in ninety four. I think it relaunched like when I was in college. I remember that let's see there's more. I didn't realize there was a super mario brothers super show. Oh my gosh I haven't on DVD. That's how much I love that show because I'll tell you why that show was a half an hour but it was split in two in the first half would be Super Mario Super Show and the second I can half would be legends of Zelda really and I was obsessed with Zelda and I love this Zelda show and so I bought them all on DVD there. They're like I'm sure there are bootlegs or whatever but the Super Mario Super show at the beginning they had a real life Mario Yeah and it's like big fat. Italian guy dressed up like Mario. It's ridiculous. He was a wrestler he was like a WWF wrestler and he was Mario and and they Luigi to and they'd have a little skit in like live action yeah before that cartoon and then it would go into the cartoon this list that I was just looking at it was one onto a hundred it's on rancor dot com and they have rugrats as their number one pick. That's this voted on. It's got twelve thousand two hundred sixty one votes to be number one. It was good show I mean the simpsons came in at number. Two was was rugrats on because I saw nickelodeon. I saw the hit show we didn't have cable. I guess I only saw two hotels must have because the nickelodeon ensure but we did. We did good hotels quite a bit because you know we didn't just straight applying to our audience. We didn't get satellite tillerson highschool. I remember really went back and watched a now. I wouldn't put it past. There was a period of time when I was a kid where we were in hotels a lot because my dad was a speaker so we'd go across. We always go to speaking things and my sister we go with them and we'd sit down and watch nickelodeon. Basically that's awesome yeah yeah. It was pretty awesome inspector gadget. Oh yeah those about that. I watched that all the time to I was not a big Garfield K. O. I was love Garfield especially when the to the farm. Do you remember the farm part no like the second half of cartoon they went they had like a farm arm and Garfield wasn't even in it and I bought that whole series on DVD too. I got the whole Garfield series. I got tailspin. I got when I started having kids. I bought all the series and they'll spend I need to get. I need to get tailspin because I watched that all the time I had the plane it was. I had an actual plane. I didn't even know they made them. They did ahead the Tailspin and it was it was like it wasn't like kid like like the storyline very like heavy. Sometimes they would get get very heavy and emotional but it was still kid kid issue blue was the pilot like how did Balu become Pyla uh-huh and then the one the mechanic is from chippendales rescue rangers. Oh yeah which I think Balu Gadget gidget aged gidget that gadget yeah something like that yeah that was awesome and then it was the lady who helped her Jack The lady that owned the business the business because it was like going under yeah. I don't remember but I remember member like the Pepper Jack or it was like Monterey. Jack Monterey Jack was in two was the bad guy no he was like a friend friend of Blues adver that another mouse I thank you did you ever watch clerks the animated series I did not know I definitely did those awesome. Do Much muppet babies definitely. Did you really do one sucks babies out now that my kids have been watching it. It's terrible but you know what was awesome is the new ducktail. It's really good. Is it really I would-i Woodpecker looney tunes for sure I did watch a lot of woody woodpecker too and there's a movie out of Woody Woodpecker Woodpecker movie that's out right now and it's on Netflix that's been on net flicks for a long time and it always pops up it is the worst abomination of a TV movie. We show that I've ever seen in my entire life. The boys love it. It's it's literally banned in my household. I refused a lot of watch it because the the acting and the and woody like Woody Woodpecker in the cartoon was fine and maybe it's because I was a kid at the time and I enjoyed it but he is the the most annoying freaking bird I've ever seen in my life. It just not fun to watch. It wasn't fun to see. I was excited for it. The first time I saw who'll yeah we're GonNa Watch just moody what Burger because this is my favorite show. No it's awful I don't I got Super Hillbilly and you do yeah for real though I can't ha no. That was terrible yeah. That's it's not to drag on this segment but I'm just having a lot of fun with it. Because I found a bunch of other ones I watch because I did read like when we were younger especially when I was really young like they re ran a lot of stuff like woody Woodpecker looney tunes but there was all those Hanna Barbera shows Oh yeah tons of Hanna Barbera. I watched an obscene amount the Tom and Jerry like all the time Yep. It's one of my favorites but here's some other one all time. Here's some other shows this just nostalgic our I understand that we're just listing off shows does but the Pink Panther Oh yeah big time heathcliff heathcliff he was the generic Garfield sing it I can't he could feed if you're the one I don't remember he's gone don't that that that every want to if he could cliff huckleberry hound and the Cadillac cats huckleberry hound yeah yeah. I watched one of my favorites that nobody seems to remember. It's called Wacky. Races wacky erases absolutely the bad guy from the smurfs was always was that because he always had a garden well yeah yeah. He had the cat yet that was it wasn't a cat or a dog Dari member thousand good one. Yeah guardrail was always one. The main wants wacky races awesome yeah yeah that makes me so that's funny. Oh did you ever watch duck man. I didn't yeah I know it. What about seeing it? In reruns. I guess the smirks Oh yeah and the smurfs well of course we're like the ripoff underwater summer smurfs who came up with that. I WANNA be the guy who comes into the meaning is just ideas for me today. He's like well you know like the smurfs is really popular. It's calm calms snark. What if this underwater with a snorkel yeah the smirks but more of a snark that'd be that's a comic we would go? Oh no there's so many. Did you watch superman in a lot. The animated series I didn't I didn't either. I watched Batman but I never watched superman that much. I did a little bit I did watch someone like the justice there. There was a Justice League cartoon. I think didn't watch that much either. I watched the tickle out. Though I did watch that troop I watched speed racer Iran Johnny Quest. I didn't watch really either of those. I watch a lot of scooby Doo per sure yeah justice. League unlimited needed two thousand one two thousand six and I didn't watch that rainbow bright which one was yeah. I think I watched that. I don't know she I don't remember. I just remember the name I didn't watch it a lot of rocky and bullying Colada Flintstones Kim Kim bullying till flintstones constant flintstones going on. Did you ever watch the flintstones movie. We've talked about it. Yes yes John Goodman. Yes that's a good movie. It was good and then there was the flintstones back in back to bed rock or stone own or something. I don't know yeah broken bedrock. Remember that being good. Oh that was a mighty mouse yeah mighty Mo.. I watched the crap out of mighty mouse I had. VHS OF MIGHTY MOUSE REALLY I had a costume of mighty mouse. I was mighty mouse for a long time and uh yeah that needs to be on my list. I assure I I always remember. Tom and Jerry like I loved the time in Jerry's episodes when Tom and Jerry would get along Oh yeah for like some other threat team up yes. I don't know why the big dog or a different cat it was usually against the different like alley cat alley cats lay clerks yeah. He's the worst that was a good show heathcliff so anyway one of my favorite real quick. What Am I? Tom and Jerry's always be one of my favorite episodes of cartoon. Never my brother's obsessed with. I'm obsessed with the we've watched it so many times times is when Jerry's cousin. I believe it's Jerry's cousin comes by and he's a hillbilly. I tell you I remember that and he plays the guitar and I can't remember the song exactly because he says like nonsense words words part of it says Cramp Oh. I think it says that's why I started. Calling gram grams is because it was part of that song but I think he says Cram Rambo but he's just playing the song constantly and Tom's trying to eat him and he breaks a guitar string and he stops and he says Oh br my Qatar string and he reaches up and pulls off one at times with remember that re-stringing guitar but he plays the same song and it's one of the funniest things ever ever. I don't know why they get so funny. It's one of the best cartoon episodes you'll ever see yeah and they're so short. They're like ten minutes. I think seven or ten minutes I don't remember because there was like other things interlacing there yeah they would just keep playing different shorts were there other other characters like looney tunes they go for like you'd have an Elmer Fudd and then you'd have a foghorn Leghorn in looney tunes. I think the only I don't I think they're what foghorn Leghorn was looney tunes but I don't think there was with Tom and Jerry unless now because tweety bird was I was that was looney. Tunes Yester- was tweedy a boy or girl. I've always thought boy tweedy was girl you. You've just saying that because I said boy. I'm I just always thought it was a girl. There is a big discussion there my sister I've had a argument about that because she's always thought tweety was because she used to have like like posters stickers or stuff of tweety bird like you know that's a boy right now. She Says No. It's hot but I think it is yeah tweety bird yeah I remember that was a thing for a while Dawson. He's awesome Gumby Dombi. Did you ever watch Gumby Gumby. Show that's yeah. I'm remember like those types of cartoons from Ron. I was really little like that's what I was watching. When I was like four four and you were probably watching the real show because you're so incredibly wretchedly under the old I was watching it on in syndication on cartoon network in different shows on my awesome satellite dish gumby ran? There was a movie gumby. I forgot about that. I'm pretty sure they played out. How would they be was on Howdy doody from fifty five to fifty six so you're not no shoot drastically? They replayed it all the time flow. There's a revival from one thousand nine hundred to nine hundred eighty nine so I probably was a lot yeah see told you why haven't they rebooted Gumby. I don't know they should look at all. Those things we just mentioned that are rife for Reb Rain Green Live action dumpy. They did the gumby movie. I didn't know there was one yeah the gumby movie well. They did have a gumby movie. Yeah I just said it like ten seconds ago. Don't listen to you never do the gumby movie nineteen ninety five. It was stop motion. Animation live live action. It was a box office bomb earning only fifty seven thousand dollars at the box office. That's more than the fanatic produced by Fred durst stint starring John Travolta that's we should do a top ten list for favorite yeah after school or Saturday morning cartoons. Hey everybody that's listening right now. Tell us what your favorite ones are. SET GETS US your top ten less than then we'll do on like on an upcoming show and will read it and then we'll criticize you and we'll I'll get criticized terribly for the choices. Same goes for game game shows because we'll do that too yeah game. Alex Alex wanted to do game show yeah. That's right now. Game Game Sh- is okay sir. I underlined it so I know it's important we had there was some a little bit of news. Nothing nothing heavy but joker ochre. We've talked a little bit about joker. We did getting all the praise in the world. It really is to be a life changing event getting so excited about this has become the first comic book movie to Win The top prize at a major film festival Golden Lion at the Venice Venice Film Festival. Are they always in different countries. I guess they're not all Tim Venice Venice beach no like Venice Italy. I know that's why I said that's a different country. Jerry states does not own Italy no I I thought you meant like at the Venice Film. Festival was in a different country every year all right. That's what I thought you meant we will we we have not owned Italy ever we we might own Greenland soon but yeah we might that's a hot but joker box office projections which honestly using a pretty close. Are they feel like they're pretty close. Usually it's projected to be among the highest R rated movies of all time. I don't think that's true. What do you think would beat it? Well are rated of R. rated of all time all our all our time. All isn't isn't that cool. The highest right now highest grossing Oh sing are rated movies right. I think deadpool's way up there probably did it hit a billion. Oh my God it's a sad that the number one yes what it is. It's a horror movie it. No it is a horror movie from our childhood saw high school age. Hope Oh wait. I number one is it. I know what you did last summer. No it's on on this Walgreen. If I could get back to the stupid page now it was Blair witch project really yeah. That's sad number four sorry number one it number two exorcists number three get out number four Blair witch project number five the conjuring number six six. The nun came out number seven paranormal activity. That's a blubber adding is interview with the Vampire. That's a bullcrap list. That cannot be right because that's that says total box office. One hundred five million and deadpool was like a billion dollars. You need to get a different list. This is need to learn how to search Chris Forbes man when somebody gets Steve Forbes giving a break Mr Forbes Steve Forbes owned Forbes magazine Steve Jobs Does Oh yeah taught okay now Forbes just handyman. Let's take a gander at box office mojo which is more legit. That's probably got. Here's the number one and this one you should know Mel Gibson in the Patriot in zero or thirty five eighty in thirty ninety five. Ad Yeah The Passion of the Christ. That's a rated R. Movie Yet that was rated R. and that's number one according to box office Mojo domestic gross domestic only okay number two is that pool number three is American sniper. It just goes on from there that Matrix reloaded was rated R. in the top ten is Logan Beverly Hills cop the hangover and the Matrix reloaded American sniper it bunch of them okay. That's just domestic though international deadpool blown out of the water. What was what was number one then how much did did passionately Christ make three hundred seventy million domestic three hundred seventy million domestic? That's a lot I think it could be that comic book movies are going right now. On the way jokers trending and Joaquin Phoenix as the joker is a crazy crazy portrayal like I think it could easily beat that just because of the height w three hundred seventy million's a lot autumn on. I think there's a lot of people that will wait on it. I don't know we'll see I'm excited are waiting for it and we're going to talk road trip when you're coming with or I'm GonNa Forget you. Dude says he's going and going without you know dude also just got home from his two month hiatus where he's been been screwing around on walkabout out in Iowa walking about Iowa. We all love walking about Iowa yeah he literally they went on to bus month. Sabbatical defined himself whatever that means. How can you find the dude? You know like his introduce. That's what he just got back like. Wonder how much more dude he is. Now you think he's more dude ish not do enough to come to the show tonight right. That's where I'm GONNA say like. I don't think he's dude enough anymore. Did he lose some of the dude he could've. It's a possibility so instead of finding himself. He lost himself yeah yeah in a Cornfield Iowan Cornfield Rolling Hills of Iowa sorry yeah he didn't show up no he invited him and you didn't show up yeah. I hope you're listening to this dude. I hope you feel bad. He's not well not right now. No he will be we next week so we're GonNa do top cartoon top. game shows guys getting any other ideas cinema way yeah so we need them because we forget things all the time. Yeah go ahead safe. You forget guys can't tell we didn't really have any plan the discussion points for this one I did. I did throw together a list that was some on like unethical ways to treat a cat. Oh no that's a good one taught. That's what she threw together. UNSUNG comic book movies from the nineties the forgotten really yeah okay. I'd like to hear them the rocketeer here. That is a good one two good movie that has a good movie who was in that was what's that guy's whoever it is it should have been Brennan. Frazier Razer probably should've let me and everything when it comes to the nineties it should have been. Here's another one for you. Darkman remember dark man. I don't I love that must not be that good. Oh it's really if I don't remember it. Do you remember the most people probably remember the movie blank man. I do remember loving me. I had that one on DVD. I do remember. VHS actually let's see where's the cast. Oh my Gosh Jerry so cliff as Bill Campbell. Is that the main guy I don't remember cliff would be billy Campbell. I think I've said this on the podcasts before Jennifer Connelly's the first time I saw the rocketeer it was at dudes foods house. It was in nineteen ninety one. I went there for a sleepover we went to them his on market and here his mom let us pick out a vhs tape and we got the rocketeer tier really yeah. It came out like that year yeah nine hundred ninety one. That's why I said June twenty first one thousand nine Billy Campbell. What's he been up to lately nothing zero? He's done nothing zilch cash. He's on a couple of shows to nothing. Never I heard of them but Dracula enough the crow. Remember the crow yes. It's one of my favorite Brandon Brandon Lee yeah yeah. You can't rain all the time Eric like that's what happened in that Z. Yeah it's so great when he holds his hand up and shoots seriously ended and he starts laughing at while it heals backup. I freaking love the curl. My brother dressed up as the crow for Halloween one year here and that's what I was like. Oh my gosh as a child. I should not have been watching these movies so the soundtrack for the crow was a big deal right. Yeah it was at the time because who was it it was all it was like nine inch nails right. Oh Stone Temple pilots nine inch nails like that Kinda music which was big at the time but it's also a big deal because that's how Brandon Lee died he died during the filming of was the sequel no the very last saying of the movie that they filmed he died in because it was it wasn't the last actual scene in the movie but it was the last one they filmed and it was the scene where he stands up on top of the boardroom table and everybody's like shooting and begins. How does that happen? Something happened where for a blanket up projectile in it like the blanks had live rounds in there somewhere and he got shot by a couple of rounds and ended up killing him so I had the crow soundtrack because everybody did that the time listen to the soundtrack right. I'm not gonNA name the songs but the Kear Stone Temple pilots nine nine inch nails rage against the machine violent femmes. I mean how come the Crow Dude. I love that movie so much I went back and watched watched it recently who isn't a sequel because they recast was Edward Edward Furlong or whatever I don't know about that there was like three or four movies and then they had a TV show they had a TV show. Yeah there was a like a series show city of angels goals but was equal. Yes city of angels. Oh there's been so many there's a salvation wicked prayer. Oh Oh my God that movie is not the crow but I loved it. It was called dark city scrape man. I remember that anyway. Oh there's there's one there's one scene where one of the bad guys goes back like to report like they were trying to do some sort of hood hood lomax stealing something but one of the main bad guys comes back to report and they're like they're like wears tinted guesses tin tin has done don't perished. I don't remember the of always thought that movie what was the premise of the movie so a couple bad people on on Halloween. Basically it was like Devil's night they called it would go around and just cause a RUCKUS and burn buildings down and do bad things and they broke into Eric drivens house apartment really remember I love the show and they broke it. Eric driven south he had just proposed used got engaged to his girlfriend they rape and murder his girlfriend. They push him out of a window and he dies after the funeral raven comes comes in lands on Raven or crow. Oh Yeah it'd be a crow actually but if you read about a Raven Raven is like is is a raven a crow no there are two separate but a raven is thought to bring back the dead right so that is weird that that's why a crow so is a representative from the stand Stephen King. Both the crow is not the devil. It's something yeah something in that afterlife something with the afterlife bring back a whole book is allegory for the Afterlife Yeah Anyway so the crow comes back trying to figure out the crow shit well. I'm telling you I wanna I tell you what the premise of the movie is. Any like taps on like is just tapping on his tombstone. I remember that like brings them back to life want once he comes back from the dead he's basically invincible but if you kill the crow you kill him. Does the crow hang around him. The crows always with them flying around and then they the bad people start to figure it out but he comes back. How would they figure that out because there's there's like this witch lady that works for the bad guy okay and she ends up figuring it out because the curls always around and she's a witch lady which ladies and all that stuff yeah they do but he just comes back for like vengeance basically he just wants to kill the field him and killed his fiancee? Okay he was a musician he was so cool and then there was this young punk girl that wrote of skateboard around and she's always the one like this guy shows up you know he's got makeup on and whatnot what Nah he's standing in the rain and she hears him say it can't rain all the time and then she turns her eric because she was looking for Do you WANNA don't know how he Brandon Lee was shot in the scene in which Lee was accidentally shot. Lee's character walks into his apartment and discovers his fiancee had been in beaten and raped by thugs actor. Alex Massey's character fires a forty four Magnum Smith Smith and Wesson model six twenty nine. I have a three fifty seven Magnum Smith and Wesson model tooth fifty five made that but go ahead having revolver at Lea- as has he walks into the room a previous seen using the same gun had called for inert dummy cartridges fitted with bullets but no powder or primer. That seems like a bad idea yeah yeah that's really bad to be loaded in the revolver. Oh because you can see them yeah for close ups scenes that utilize a revolver where bullets are clearly visible symbol from the front and do not require the gun actually be fired. Dummy cartridges provide more realistic appearance than Blake Rounds of course which I have no bullet instead of purchasing commercial dummy cartridges the film crew hampered by time constraints created their own by pulling the bullets from live rounds dumping the powder charge and reinserting the bullets however over the unknowing left alive percussion primer in place in the rear of the cartridge at some point during the filming the revolver was apparently discharged with one of these improperly deactivated cartridges in the Chamber setting off the primer with enough force so there's no powder in there now just the primer to dry the bullet close to each other into barrel where it became stuck a condition known as squib load prop crew either failed to notice or recognize the significance of the issue in the fatal title scene which called for the revolver to be actually fire they shot a dummy dummy cartridge was exchanged for blank rounds shot the blank with the powder and shot the answer Richard Alive powder charge and primer but no bullet thus allowing the gun to be fired without the risk of an actual projectile and man the they that production company had sent the fire specialist home early who is responsible for the guns given to the property and who's not aware of the rule of checking all firearms terms before and after handling therefore the barrel was not checked when it came time to load the blank rounds which it usually would be since the bullet from the dummy round was already trapped in the barrel caused the forty four magnum bullet to be fired out of the bear with virtually the same force as alive route struck him in the abdomen and mortally would six hour surgery unsuccessful. Wow forty four magnum is not something to screw around with no not in the slightest that would be terrible. That's crazy easy but they continued the film wow they did and I'm not sure what scenes in the movie aren't Brandon Lee. I don't know either because they must have got the majority of that film done. They know it says a after lease they were produced producers were faced with the decision whether continue Lee had completed most of his scenes for the film and was actually scheduled to shoot for only three more days the rest of the cast and crew except for Ernie Hudson whose brother in law had just died stained Wilmington paramount which was an Illinois they filmed in Wilmington North Carolina. The Crow theatrically originally was a direct to video feature. It was apparently cash it blew up probably blew up because of that. They'll maybe I feel like is that we're sting sting. The wrestler came from I was staying in a wrestler confused thing the singer so I don't know no sting. The wrestler looks making no that I honestly thought sting the singer rustled. I didn't watch wrestling that is so ridiculous. No I thought that I I did you think he got lie in it. It was odd. You don't WanNA put red accent is it put out out. Put on Your Red Light Red Rock. What he's saying is like rat? Don't stop me from coming. You know sexually that in a way that could be misconstrued well. That's what that's what she say. You don't need to put on your red light. Roxanne get after it eighty one percent. That's enough crow talk but yeah it was a good show. another another movie has been kretek. Another one was mystery man. I do remember mystery man but I don't know if I've even seen it really last last year hankers area will you make macy and wow Jimmy Garoppolo Garoppolo and What's the guy's name the main okay? I don't come on Ben. Stiller was a huge cast was good movie is huge yeah so Ben Stiller was like a like a Wolverine Green appeared to realize you get really angry that was basically the premise of mystery men was there were a group of crimefighters but they add like really stupid powers. Yeah we're like no powers and Ben Stiller's character. He would just get like really angry and be like in just getting rages but I get like beserk mode but he didn't have the super strength or anything Oh. I didn't know you just get enraged at like resercher mode. Okay heynckes areas character was like he were like a turban and a Cape and his power was the through folks really accurately okay. Eh William H macy I believe he was a janitor and he had like a mop he would hit people at the mop something like that or like a hammer. Who's a handyman Dan something like that all right tools so he would just like yeah I mean literally anyone can hit someone with a hammer and it would do a lot of damage and the only one of the real our was Janine Garoppolos character and she had a bowling ball that was inhabited by the dead spirit of her father? Wow and Ed have had his skull inside of it. I can't remember but she would throw it like a bowling ball would swerve around and like people. I love that that movie that was a good one. It's good yeah it's really good well. I shouldn't say really good right. I don't think you should call it the mystery man yeah I liked that one. That's interesting a everybody should watch mystery man and we'll do a review of it if it's on Netflix or Amazon. Don't buy guys don't rent it. It's got a six point one out of ten DB. What's I got on rotten tomatoes? I I don't know nobody takes that state. Seriously really I thought that was the main one it is. It is mystery man. I like it six point one out of ten fifty nine thousand reviews. I don't think that experience good no it's not it's not very good. I hate computer sometimes anyway. Wow William H macy William H macy was the shovel over the shop. That's right. He had a shovel. Oh and then hank is area was blue Russia Raja other ones that were like Oh yeah. peewee Herman was in spleen. Glean gross is categorized. He talked with like a list basically like pimples and stuff. I and I can't remember I think he just smelled. Hurry farted invisible boy. Oh Yeah Ben Stiller was furious but invisible boy could never get invisible he would get naked can put anything that he was invisible. Hopefully this is going to sixty percent on rotten tomatoes. I mean that's a six point one right yeah yeah it's based on the dark Horse Comic Mystery Men Seven Lame Superhero wannabes are called upon to use dubious powers to save. I've bustling metropolis. Champion cities beloved Real Superhero. Captain Amazing is kidnapped Cazenove Frankenstein. That's that was the bad guy man it's good. It's funny. Everybody should watch it and we'll do a SNARF talked about it. We're going to have to check it out Elliott Greg Kinnear. He's captain amazing. Geoffrey rush is the bag yeah. Jerry can't be yawning on. I know I'm getting tired. I guess it's time to wrap this up. There was no more no that was it that was raining. There was a punch more. She give their alternate well. Unbreakable was unless easily the best mountain is the crow became in two thousand so you should know that I'm going to say the crew. Captain America was on there in the early nineties one remember that I remember kind of it. I didn't watch it ever really knew I have. I have a looks I've seen clips from it and it just looks absolutely I mean laid came out in the nineties but there were talking about alternative yeah something that you said forgotten while I also said Darkman which is amazing using you could probably put spawn and that list spot I would I would put spot on the spot. There's there's more we can on this list so okay spawn. We can talk about The mask came out in the nineties that was based on the comic book. A lot of people don't know that it's actually a really good comic book too but the Kaushik Book is Super R. rated it is yeah but then when the Polish yeah but like super violent but then the movie came out and they they're still running the mask and they did crossovers like the mask and Batman Crossover and a lot of things dark man is a Sam Raimi's movie yeah. It was a great movie. I'm telling you you need to watch Darkman nine thousand nine hundred ninety. I've take back Mr Okay. This is what we're GONNA do a six point four. We're going to start a new segment okay. It's called Star Talk Homework. Okay all right we're GONNA do we want never listener to watch two movies. Liam Niessen is dark doc man. Yes Oh my gosh. We're all going to watch darkman this week. Okay and we're GONNA. I'm gone I and they don't have TV's where you're going. Where are you going? I'm bringing my computer too. So where are you going Huntsville Alabama yeah they don't have TV's. I I don't think they do they do have a NASA museum racket Space Museum check that out I am I have been through Huntsville Alabama once and they have a rest stop off the highway. That has an entire rocket like the nineteen sixties Saturn Saturn. I think it is actually Saturn five actually really cool off and you can walk up to it and stuff but SNARF homework is and you got a couple of weeks to do this because Jerry is going to be able to watch the movie Darkman. We're going to review it on the show next show and we're GONNA talk about it and send us your comments on Darkman next show would be number forty two yeah so aw that's your homework now more ninety s comic book based movies that Warner as popular as Batman returns. The Phantom never watched it starring who will billy Zane. Oh Jeez. I know that because it was on his poster yes it's like when we were at wizard world. I love that movie you did. Yes why the remember it dude the tagline all these tagline for Phantom Slam Evil Slam Evil Slam evil wait. This came out ninety six ninety six six yeah okay I remember he's got that goofy heads suit. He's got a purple suit and the ring the phantoms old comic man from like the forties and he's got a phantom was a comic strip. I believe like Dick Tracy. Okay Dick Tracy more ninety s great the shadow Chatto didn't Alec Baldwin. He never saw the shadow. No Oh my God he had a prosthetic nose. It's so ridiculous the a shadow he had like a Cape right and it would make him invisible okay and he would like put a cable his face any of this big prosthetic Eric knows illiterate and there's a there's actually pretty good effects in the shadow. All these are going to be stark homework in the future because the shadows great okay. I know that I know that you had seen that at the Missouri market. I'm sure I'm sure. VHS Why did he have a big prosthetic Nelson Nelson. I'm guessing I don't know I really don't remember weird but only when he was the shadow would have the fake plastic nose. Oh so it was like to hide his face is but he also had like a band-aid over himself. I was Cape. Burma space like insurance got a Red Bandanna fine fine. She's just saying meteor man. I saw meteor man Eddie Murph- Eddie Murphy don't remember that movie though blank man when we talked about I loved had that on. VHS Damon Wayans I love Damon Wayans he's Hilarious and also a lot of like really big stand up comics talk about Damian Damon Wayans as being like one of the stand up comics of the time he doesn't do it anymore. He just quit he did how about steel steel with Shanna. O.`Neil Yeah based on DC comic. I never saw how about judge DREDD. Oh yes so judge dredd. That was a good one. St Shack was also Kazan Amu- was Kazan yeah show Zam. I am no no Kazam. I don't remember who was a genie right. No was it shows. AM or 'cause. I think it was Kazam Zam. I don't remember yeah 'cause. Am Nine hundred ninety six of course we talked about Captain America Nick Fury Agent of Shield Shield. That was the half even Hasselhoff yeah. That's most of them. There's a bunch more. I mean there's like black ax Scorpion. We'd like looks like Brigitte Nielsen. I don't know but there was a bunch of Darkman movies too. There's more than one tanker will yeah. I didn't love her watch that I was never a big fan of whatever her name. I can't remember what her name was. She was in Free Willie. I don't know that I've ever seen free willy to be all at all the way through I'm sure I did when I was a kid. Oh my gosh it's all built up to the last moment when he jumps jumped the barrier all I remember pre-release Michael Jackson ending their and then yeah the Michael Jackson songs playing the song. I don't know something good. We can't legally play on the podcast but it was a good song that everybody was like. Will you be there like free. Are you Willie Michael. That was the original blackfish. Remember blackfish documentary came out a couple of years ago and it was about like Orca captivity okay so that was like what people got people started on. Yes you're right ORCA train. You're right willy from free willy. He was held in what like seaworld in Florida probably I dunno where seaworld seaworld sounds like the worst. This is just me saying that's I've never been to seaworld but I've driven by Orlando. The one there it looks awesome really got like roller coasters. Some of the roller coasters like go in the water so you like legs the water when you go through great white tanks actually. Did you know you can't keep great waked in captivity. Why not they won't eat? They've tried it and every one of them has died because it was trying to like people at seaworld scientists people have tried to keep great way always scientists are she world. They tried to well whatever they're called of a Marine biologist that'd be scientists yeah they have tried to breed them in captivity and keep them in captivity. It can't happen they won't they will not eat but they can keep other sharks yeah like every other shark actually besides great white shark yeah. I'm sure they do actually I was just talking to somebody that was an aquarium in North Carolina and they ended whale sharks in there and they were swimming with them in their mouth. Wow that's seaworld really stepped it up. It's crazy I'd swim it of you. Know Wail shirks mouth. You swim inside its mouth. What if it swallowed you? If I knew I could get out here's what I always wondered about in Wales and this is going to make me sound really right like not sharks like great whites but like we assure great whites. I don't know I just don't understand the anatomy. Necessarily I guess not a Marine biologist by trade. You're not know George Castanza's the city was angry. That's the one God a great episode fives up onto the beast and I pull out a golf ball but Kramer yeah he was hitting because that's what he was doing. He was originally hitting him on the beach or somewhere and people were complaining about all the golf balls restarted hit about to the ocean yeah. He's like it's perfect. He's about to the ocean. I'll have to pick up any balls. I just keep getting free ones and then George saves away later in the episode. That is phenomenal. Go ahead. I have a bunch of floating golf balls from like. Have you ever been at Donna Florida. They have driving ranges. You hit onto like a lake and they got floating golf balls really and then they go pick them up with a boat. They round them up so I got a bunch of them and I keep them whenever it gets towards the Water Hazard Really Floating Golf Ball. Okay don't go very far yeah. They've not very dense now. They wouldn't be the same as a regular so what I was trying to say is I'm not on marine pilot biologist by trade okay I Dabble Yeah Saturdays and Sundays. They don't necessarily understand so like if you got into a Wales Shark Shark what a whale's mouth okay okay. Have you got new Wales mouth and swallowed you like is it all open inside. No I'm sure there's like just like your throat has so they avenue Safa gifts will your Asaf against also has a type of it is called US Victor Muscle that goes as you're right but that's the muscle is what that's called like. There's two different ones in your body. There's one towards your but that's you can see and there's one in your throat that will open up and let food okay so after you swallow food. It'll hit that people here. I'm talking about yeah well. I know what I'm saying is. I'm assuming they would have the exact same thing because bass too so. How big is it like a person fit down it in a big enough whale probably yeah? Could you travel down this office of a whale alive in the bus. You can find yourself in their stomach with room. Yes I think you could there's there's big enough stomach that you'd have room in there and you'll be sitting in there in the digestive juices like Oh my God. I got myself in a predicament here. I I think it would be tight around you but I do believe you would fit pretty easily but you'd probably smother before facing this information on. I'm basing it off of like the size of Wales and the size of you. There's no way that their digestive track is the size of a penny right or they eat plankton so they don't need much. They don't need much yeah so but like a blue whales. Heart is the size of a school bus so that's true oh so I guess they're not just hoping they're definitely that just a hollow cave. I think I was thrown off by like Pinocchio. Yeah you definitely one like at Sunday school. They'd always had the pictures do Aweil and he's just like sitting in their campfire. Yeah what was that guy's name. What is Joanna Jones yes Jonah and the whale what was the what was the circumstances that he found himself inside side of a whale? I don't remember why is that in the Bible weird stuff in there. There's a ton of the reason I bring up. The whole like the next thing is because bass will do that like if you let a bass actually eat your bait and take the hook in it'll actually be in their stomach then and once it's past that part you really can't get their hook out in the hook out and if you do you're gonNA rip basically their insides out on the fish. Will I'd be dead so I know that they have that closure. Their mouth is separate from bass fish and whales a Mammal Aweil Wales away. A little fish is a fish in a shark shark but they'd have to have something they can't just have an open passage from one end to the other so oh that Jones dude found himself inside of a whale yes interesting God sent the wail to swallow Jonah to save him from drowning. That's what it says in the Bible and you could he could keep him in his mouth while in the belly of the fish okay. Maybe not the bay say they fish but it's a well. I thought wheels were fish. Wheels are mammals do not mammals. Yes they are no. They're not a mammal you yes they are no. What are you talking about? They see the oxygen. They've got up blowhole. They're mammals not fish wheels amen amen you you. You shouldn't even have to look. I have two dolphins. Are Mammals. Wait a minute. You're you're going to like make fun of me for looking up if whales are mammals and and you think they just have a hollow cave inside of them I have reason to think that because every portrayal you see a people inside of whales they're making campfires right a a lot of people do that. Yeah no it's because they give birth to live young and they breathe oxygen and a hill have gills they have for they have longs things. They're mammals dude. They have for yeah. Did you know yes Wales for. You knew that I did know that I told told you I dabble in Marine biologist so you know these ridiculous facts but you still think that people sit in Wales and build campfires. I'm not saying that I obviously Said said that. I thought that they had this office. STOMAS stomachs. I'm just saying is the stomach so big that you could sit in there. I think as their suffolk is so big that you could travel down in. You know what I mean yeah. That's what I was asking. Obviously I don't think they're just open inside a row of teeth nothing inside. They have to have Oregon's Jerry. They have long. They've hearts you just said one of their hearts and I'm looking it up Smithsonian website whale L. Sharks probably can fit you down there Safa gas but mariners claim that sperm whales have swallowed people in the past and they live whale sharks overly big their mouths can get up to shark is a fish though yes whale shirk his fish and they listen to the sued they can suck in six hundred cubic meters of water every hour. That's why I'm thinking a person could just travel down it and hang out in there but I don't know says Might Take You back to Pinocchio Strip into the whale's belly for three days. Jonas sat in the belly of the whale until the whale took them to shore and through them. That's what happened to that. I knew that what about toothed whales whales have teeth. Yes whales have have teeth so there's a strain while no there's baleen whales okay that the Baleen is like the brushes in the front that skim all of the food out out of the water but then there's other whales like sperm whale has teeth because they eat meat. That's right ORCAS. They me yes but ORCAS are not a whale sperm. Whale can swallow giant squid hole so the chances are they could swallow human whole if if you can survive the being swallowed part and get past the teeth then you will find yourself inside of a complex digestive system this is according to the naked scientists dot com yeah if they go to human survive swallowing by a whale. That's the name of the article and I think what they're saying is the answer is yes. It's possible if you didn't get you know a whale or fish so the first question Shen is could a whale physically swallow US yes okay. Could we actually get into the gullet down there ASAKUSA. If you're talking about bailing Wales no probably not because they have very tiny esophagus. That's like a blue whale and humpback yeah even a blue Elza sophists. It's only reaches about ten inches if you stretch it so you're not as I am. No maybe a child. It's says in the article maybe a child so the two whales are the ones we're shooting for. Okay like killer whales sperm whales they do swallow large prey. They can swallow a large seal whole they can say swallow giant squid squid so yes you could end up. They have four stomachs like a cow really yeah. If you dodged through the digestive enzymes that will corrode your skin instantly okay. That's and there would be a lack of oxygen. That would be right Oh you you. He would just it would methane gas inside that stomach you would die lit a campfire whole man it'd be like it'd be like jaws where he hits the our air tank Don so I think we've solved this riddle. If you will that no you probably cannot survive being swallowed by a whale yeah. You can't survive it but it's possible to happen yes but the story of living inside the whale for three days unlikely don't see that happening unlikely especially if it was a baleen whale yeah you're not GonNa get past their first of all. You're probably going to get crushed because because what they when they sift everything in they squirt the water backout oh yeah so they suck in water and then they squirt it all out through their baleen so you'd get like crushed up against their brushes. Have you ever seen a whale like in real life. I don't think I have no I have I know I've seen Dolphin Yeah I don't. I don't believe I've seen away. Oh I think I've been on a will watching expedition in proximity four to six times and I've seen whales every time really one time in Seattle that area yeah I saw Beluga whales really there's Beluga whales off the coast to Seattle unless I'm wrong but something like white whale maybe I wasn't in Seattle by Saab Beluga Whales Okay and that one we were on like a six person dinghy so we were like right up. That's cool right up in there. I saw humpback whales sales in Alaska but now they've changed the rules so like the boats have to stay so far away that sucks right up by the whales but we saw him do detail flip thing and that was all I seen orcas in Alaska. You did Roy ells. I'd like to see we had a balcony room on the cruise ship Iran and when I at sunset onset me and Marley were sitting in the balcony watching the sunset and an Orca swimming from the sun towards us in the sunset. It was really he's got a video. I was GONNA say video because this is by the time I got the video role in like the angle had changed a little but it's it's clearly sunset and there's orcas and then we went on. I've been another Orca one where we saw him to there and then another time we went whale watching in Oregon uh okay and we went out and as soon as we got out of the breakwater like the weather change and it was massive swells though so by the time we got got out and we're a ways out we turn around and head back but everybody that was on that little it was kind of fishing boat but pretty good sized one yeah was like basically hanging on inside the little tiny cabin for dear life crying and I was standing out on the bow of the ship holding onto the thing no no way I swear to God it was the most fun I've ever had that seems terrifying you. It would drop down the ship would drop down and you'd be going down like the soil and it's like twenty feet above your head would see water. Is this wall of water and you're like well. There's just doesn't make sense how that can even work right and and then of course you go over right you go up you go up at over it and then when you get over the top it's just down. It was in saying I've never had the I I had a little bit of that on Lake Erie. I mean they were nowhere close. There were like three or four feet. I'm sure twentieth century but there are big and even doing that like three or four feet in that boat and how much the boat moved who I don't like that doesn't bother me. I loved it didn't make me sick. I didn't feel bad. It just makes me nervous like I just think of the perfect storm but then again like doc all those crab fisherman are out in yeah. They're like one hundred and twenty foot boats but it's not that big talking about giant way. The size of those waves is our it's insane. It's it doesn't even make sense when you that scares when you look at the Iran and the size of the waves it doesn't make sense. You're just like there's there's no right or does it compute or going to be dead and the crew. You would expect to be like another day right now. You know kind of freak it out. Oh no kidding we got back in and says it bring water in small boat Arcton. They gave us all refunds. Wow we did see anywhere else. Obviously oh no wheel so what is a whale. Do those waves down ride the wave. Maybe they gotta come up for air every so often. No I just think it I do think it's funny that that is so like treacherous to us yeah but whales just hanging out all the Fisher just like let's let's on. Why are you scared now because it's not a big deal now if they were on land and it was really windy they'd be freaked? You landed all it'd be. Maybe like this is bad but if you WANNA see whales and have the greatest trip of your life I highly suggest that's going to Alaska. I need to talk good so fun. I'd go back so the is the only place that you can really see Wales the Pacific Ocean like no I've seen them in the Atlantic. Nick you have yeah when when I was we went to the east coast of Canada which is probably next to Alaska. Oh my second favorite place I've been okay to Nova Scotia New Brunswick. Oh Yeah Prince Edward Island you go there. When we were in high school? My Dad had had the Cessna so we flew up into we flew up to Ottawa Ontario and over to Quebec City and then to Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia New Brunswick and then down the east coast. Just you and him now our whole family. Are you all fit yeah. It's a four person plane no not my just me and Mandy and my parents yeah my the other ones were in college right. Okay Yeah I would always I loved it first of all I I love like fishing on the ocean and fishing villages yeah and that's what it is on the east coast. It's not beaches now. It's all fishing fishing. You know you're sitting on a dock eating muscles and watching the fishing boats come in and out and it's very Irish rate so there's Pires pubs everywhere Irish music is like the main music ruin all the up there this all the Irish pubs have like traditional Irish music all the time and when we went to Ottawa Woah I on the whole thing it was busker fest which is like the street performer. I thought that was amazing. That would be pretty cool yeah. I can't remember the name the band we went to see this band which is an Irish folk band called like Deep Blue Sea I think they're recalled okay and so he's all that and I was great we went to Quebec city which is is like a fort city which is really a huge fort. Oh but then Yeah New Brunswick Nova Scotia unbelievable really fun sounds awesome and then I really love the west coast of Canada and unlike Washington and Oregon. That's probably my second favorite place. Okay British Columbia in Vancouver has got really good food. That's what I hear Alaska. Have you been Vancouver Yeah. That's where we went to the first couple of days before we left to go to Alaska. Oh Oh you did a lot of really good Asian food. That's strange. No that's like half. The population's Asian like John Really is and why why I wonder to have a huge like Asian population just because they're so awesome there yeah. I guess I've always heard good things about British Columbia up that way. That's awesome so I would love to go up there. I've been to Portland and one time in Oregon but that was Portland's weird. Keep Portland Weird but the rest of the toes of Oregon Amazing Yeah. It's really fun. Cool Seattle's really cool well. I think we're at the end. I don't know if anybody was interested in this but we somehow managed two. We ran the Gamut A to our podcast out of nothing. Yeah it was great and it's it's not about whales and Patriot so check out our patriot dot com slash comics like in review us on itunes and subscribe to our our Youtube Channel YouTube dot com slash narcotics and facebook and instagram follows there and that would be much appreciated yeah. Check it all out so I talked doc this week I had been Chris Jerry and uh-huh Yeah

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