Feeding NFL Titans with Charity Morgan


Hey, guys and gals. Welcome back to the generation podcast brought to you by being finished dot com. Your number one source of evidence-based nutrition for peak physical performance. Now before we dive into this episode. I just wanna take a moment and say, thank you so much for listening and supporting this podcast, the feedback that you guys have given me has been overwhelmingly positive, and I'm so happy that you guys are enjoying these conversations as much as I have whenever I'm recording them now today's guest is plant based, chef charity, Morgan, chef charity is most certainly more than just a chef as many professional athletes will tell you, she currently provides vegan meal preps to several NFL players in his recently been featured in ESPN, highlighting her awesome, homemade meals that have encouraged athletes to educate themselves improve their athletic performance, as well as their overall health, chef charity is extremely enthusiastic about sharing her culinary expertise with the world showing people that doesn't have to be boring. When you go vegan. You can make these amazing dishes. 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I've personally been using these elixirs for quite some time and have noticed a pretty big difference in my sleep quality and my energy levels in the morning, you can try some today by clicking the link in the show notes or using my discount code generation v at the checkout to get them delivered to your front door. What's up everybody? Welcome back to generation v charity, I'm so glad to have you here. You're such a amazing person, and we've met a few times, what was the first time we met actually, I was just thinking about that. In Toronto in Toronto. Yeah. Oh, crap. I forgot about that. I feel like I've known you for forever. I've known you forever because I've been stocking your page for many years when I decided that this is what I wanted to go on. And I would always showed my show, my athletes, your page when they were like, but what about muscle protein? I'm like they'll look at that look at this guy look at this. That's so funny. You know what I do? Remember that in Canada? That was one of the first things you told me you're like I show, everybody you and your girlfriend. I show them your cage. Yes. And to finally meet Jim person, I would like, oh, my God has muscles are really the real. They're not. It's so funny. But how are you? How are things going any life updates for us? It's great a lot of moving parts, and I have my hands and my fingers, and my toes in so many different areas. I have some cook cooking, quote unquote show. Type ideas, I'm doing a lot of conferences, a lot of a lot of things that's pretty much shedding more light on the movement that people like you of create it years ago. But didn't think that it's possible in such a magnitude of high profile athletes, bang in their body every day. So it's just more and more light be shed on. You know what I do every day? And I'm just so I'm so grateful that I get to be a part of it, and you're doing such amazing things to, I can't wait to get into that a little bit later. But before we get into. All the amazing things that you have done and are doing. Why don't we just let's start from the beginning because I think maybe some of my audience may not be aware of your story in kind of like your background. So I always like to start there just so they can get to know you and just fall in love with you. All right. So just tell me just just go ahead and tell me a little bit more about, like where you grew up, how you were raised in kind of how you ended up getting to the point where you are now. I was raised in a super country part of Sacramento, California. It's called a Yuba city. It's super like. Farmland like we had a farm. I literally watched my dad as a child slaughter cows all that. So to be where I'm at right now it's it's mind boggling, but I grew up in Sacramento, California in, in my teenage years, I moved to Los Angeles, California. And I did most of my growing up in, in the rest of the by adulthood in Los Angeles, where I went to school. I went to school at California school of culinary arts in. That's why shaved my Likud on blue certificate as a certified chef. And I'm doing the bed up version, then moved to Nashville Tennessee were, I met my husband eight years ago, and we hate his job is here as a titan is for the Tennessee titans in that. What brought me here. I've been here in LA still my home. I always of fly back every couple of months, but I'm here achieving things that I probably had to do here, first before I can tackle it in big city. So I had a purpose there and I'm living within that purpose. That's awesome. And I actually very familiar with you Basuki my old in my former career actually had some workup there. Why gosh, the city I know about you city. I've been there a few times it is pretty pretty backwards. Oh my gosh. It has backwards in the in the California since not backless had like the Mississippi sense. Yeah. Where people did when people think of Sacramento they think of life, it's super just big city life, and it's really not like that. It's a lot of Suburbans, and then you'd have your suburban areas and super country, farmland areas in I lived in all of those places but. Growing up. Like most of my, you know, elementary years, I was in the farmland area. Wow. And how did how did that, like, I guess how did that play out in regards to your diet? Where did you kinda like a normal traditional American diet? Yeah. I did I we ate a little bit of everything. My mom was my mom being Puerto Rican. But she always had my mom was like she's like the United Nations. She had friends from all different kinds of backgrounds, so I remember as a little kid, my mom in our Philippino, friend will be in the kitchen in there making Lopez in my mom and her Indian friend in our Indian furnace, teaching her how to make wrote the and then than my mom and her black friends by teaching my mom, how to make soul food is my mom was one of those people and I and I see that in myself as I cook where do you know as little Puerto Rican woman. She wanted a no entail his everyone's cuisine. She wanted to learn not only tastes. She wanted to learn how to make it and she would make. Soul food better than, you know, your grandmother, and your decide. How do you make this 'cause she would literally study it in learn how to make these things. So we ate a little bit of everything from seafood to meet to we had cows. And we had goats I had I had goat milk as a child, it was so weird. And then later on I had they discovered I had dairy allergies. So I remember as early as like five and up, I never had cows milk. So I would stay away from that stuff, because it, it whenever drink it, it'll just inflame me in, I will just get so sick. I never correlated it with everything else until later on in life. But yeah we ate everything. So if a vegan, we ate a lot of vegetables too, because we had a garden. So it was a little bit of everything. But you know as as you grow older in new. Get wiser new educate yourself on what they do to you. You you're, you're now I'm now educating my parents. Yeah. Isn't that funny? How like I don't know. I always find it so funny. We are product of their environment. In whatever household, we are raised in is typically, the, like, that's the lifestyle choices that we tend to take with us as we grow up. And then kinda like once we're able to think on her own kind of understand things on our own. That's when we kind of make the changes like around eighteen or so, like that timeframe is when we start to really like see the world from our own set alliances, as opposed to, like, how our parents raised us, which I which I find really interesting because I'm even teaching my parents still, even though I, I was raised in a vegetarian household, I still have to help them. They're not fully vegan. But I definitely like my mom is like just about their. She just needs some coaching every now and then but, but yeah, it, it's amazing that we can like help, you know, educate our own family, even though they, they did their best now. It's like our turn to take. The rains in just kind of help educate them so that they live healthier and longer as well. Right. Right. And with you. I mean, you're not a lot of people raised like you. So it's like even with your situation, you were still light years ahead of people and knows especially I find this in the south on Nubian from the south as well. It's year, not inheriting diseases. You inherit two choices in. That's why like every family get together. Usually your, you know, your holiday meals, they all look the same. And they've probably been looking the same for, for years, originally, generations and generations. And that's why everyone's like, oh my mom, and my dad, they both had heart disease and they both had, you know, high blood pressure, like, yeah, but they both ate the same things in it. When you start changing the way you eat. You change your your genetic makeup of disease. So I it's, it's a constant. Education that I'm always teaching people about disease in. In your generational. Curses, what I call them of what we inherited definitely. And like whatever your whenever your mom was cooking with all of her like, cultural, friends, did what were you in the kitchen with her? Yes. That's where I got my love for cooking. I I was always just zehr, like they would tease name. Call me my mom's shadow because I just wanted to be just so close to what was going on to where a bug my mom that crying fits on the Florida just help in sometime, a mom will just be like, okay disturb. The pot just to get the little, you know, I remember this at at three she would tell me like his earliest three, I would have meltdowns, if I couldn't help her and it's so funny because my daughter's three and she's doing the same thing. Like she's having meltdowns at she can't stir the pot or avid, salad spinner. She loves to like hit the top of it is just can't get all the water out. So I see that in my daughter, and it's so crazy. But I wanted to just grade the cheese at the time, you know, when I was a child next to my mom, I just wanted to be a part of that. And I think in I still don't know where with my love for food was for food, or was it because I just wanted to be around my mom, but whatever was cultivated this. Like a really long lasting love that a have for food. I just I love food. It's so weird. People shouldn't love food the way that I've loved food. It's, it's not even eating just learning about it, and people culture in, you know, I'm just like my mom if I meet someone, who's, you know, Philip Filipino or from Thailand, I start telling them about third cuisine and then, like, how, you know this. I'm like, girl. I love food. Why my Vietnamese friends. Are they, they say that I'm more being amazed than they are? So does this sort of this, this love for food and this affinity for cooking did it continue throughout your teenage years? And has that kind of what inspired you to get certified? He has. So when we were in high school, I remember, everyone will kind of pick a house that we would all congregate at, and we'll go to different friend's house, and they would say, I don't wanna go. Let's all lead there. Let's go get something to eat. There's no food here in unlike hold on. Let me go look. So I would look in the pantry and the refrigerators in icy all of this product, and I'm like, okay. You guys just keep playing cards. Are you guys keep doing what you're doing of a right back? And literally like forty five minutes later outcome. Out with a whole spread. I would cook in my friends kitchens, all the time in there. Like wait gritted. You get all this food. I'm like from your pantry. So I see food so differently than what other people see it as like. When I see food, I learn how to make things from whatever I have, and that I think came from being, you know, six kids, it's six kids in we were not raised with a silver spoon. We were raised poor always had of make men's with what you had in. So I learned how to make amazing things from nothing and to day, Derek, love one when his favorite thing that I make I make Asian style garlic noodles out of Rama noodles. Like. That was some. I was doing when I was a kid like I would make macaroni cheesy type noodles out of Rama noodles. People say, oh, my God. I've never had Rahman this way I'll throw away the packet, and I'll make my own seasoning and saute with soya sauce and garlic and sesame oil. And they're like, how I'm dislike you had all of this in your pantry. So that's what built my love in just my creativity for food is learning how to make something from nothing in that continued into my teenage years into my twenties. A good it to this day, people would say, there's no food or, and I go on their pantry and I do the same thing. So it was around twenty one whereas someone said, have you ever, you're just so good? At what you do. Have you ever thought of going coal nary school school? And the funny thing is, I'm just going to be transparent, like up in Yuba city. You never heard the word culinary. So when I heard that word culinary. I was like, wait what, what does that? And they're like, yeah. It's their schools is called Polaner's goal. And it was such a mind boggling thing for me that people actually went to school to learn how to cook. I just thought that you're blessed with it or you, you're either right? Or you were taught. And that's it like. Yeah. Like you have green is or you don't it's like, I that's how I categorize cooking in, when I found out about that I said, there's no question, this is what I'm doing. And I, I remember finding out about it in. I was within hours in that program, I think within thirty days, I, I that's how I was like, what are I I'm doing this? And that was the beginning of my journey of being getting just a certification in the credentials of it kind of already knew how to cook, but it validated me to other people not to myself, but other people in taught me methods in so many different angry. Idiots so much more. So so worth it. Well, so what is it about cooking that, like always draws you to it is the creativity or is it like kind of the communion of bringing people together to around food? What is it for you? That's a great question. It's, it's both. It's creativity, because I'm I'm super creative person, like I pay I can draw. I like I, I like to use my creativity in so many different areas of my life like I can design houses like crazy. Not interior. Decorate designed like my dad built houses. So I can literally look at a house in say tear down these walls. Let's build this put that they're like, in, I literally direct people when I'm building houses or doing renovations. How do you know how to do this? I'm like, I watched it growing up because that's what my dad did. So I just love creativity. But then there's another side of it. It's, it's my way of giving. In my, my brother, used to tease me growing up. My name's charity. And I literally live by that I'm always giving like always giving like to the point where my brothers and sisters and my best friends are like I hate that you're so giving people would come to my house, and they're like, oh, my God. This jackets. So cute. I love it, and it could be like a designer jacket that I spent like two thousand dollars on and I'm like oh, you know what I haven't worn had for years just take it like I'm super giving. So I think that when I was a when I seen, what giving someone an amazing meal does to them, and how it likes them up. That's what made me feel so amazing in like even when I'm cooking for my athletes. Some of these guys aren't yes or married or they have girlfriends, but there's some guys that are on my no plan that are single and they are not no one's ever from the town that you play. Football in, so their mom or their grandmothers back in Juneau, Florida or California or somewhere else in, they don't ever get home cooked meals. And when they their face lights up when I give them a whole cooked meal, they're just like omega us all my guys like they just get so excited. And I love that fillings. That's I can only imagine. Because I've had you're, you're I mean, I, I haven't actually you know what I don't think I have had your cooking. You see you haven't cater to any of the events that we've been at. But I've seen the food that you've cooked and I, I've definitely seen it in the game changers in every single time I've seen it my mouth starts watering. I see it on Instagram and social media, and I'm just like I feel like I've had it before because I have stocked, your page plenty of times. So I can only imagine what it tastes like in see the guys reactions you know, like I, I really do feel like food is a glue that brings people together and when it's quality food made with love and you know, not only made with love, but it's, it's like health promoting, so you walk away from it, and you feel good in. It's good for your body, and it's nourishing than it's like on another level at that point, you know, it's not food that you're serving that's going to, you know, gonna make you go find a couch afterwards. Or maybe if eat enough of it, you probably would find a catch it suck. It suck a spiritual blessing. It's like here and I and I, I find that to be confirmed. When I I remember being believers in Atlanta in one of the players that I probably have seen his face and shook his hand probably three times. We never had a conversation. It was just he was on the mill plan, Niger dropped off meal. With for him as well. And Derek ran into him at the gym. I wasn't there. He ran into a method Jim. He said, I really miss your wife's cooking. It's like wow. Someone that I really don't know. But he was on, I male plant in. That's all he thinks about his just can't stop thinking about your wife's cooking. It shows you that like food has a long lasting like a memory in your brain in it. That's why people use it to bring people together, no matter what differences you have or what your background is. If you put together an amazing meal in new, put a bunch of people together all that gets thrown out the window, and you descend talking about the food in what's positive about that moment. Not the negativity. Yeah. I wanna say, you know, the I think the sense of smell is like the strongest connection with memory, and that's probably why, you know, people tend to get. Emotional or have some kind of emotional reaction, when they think when they smell certain foods in it just brings him back to a certain place like you know, you think grandma's cookies, and all of a sudden you're a little kid again. You can smell grandma, you know making cookies for you. So I really do think that food does have a strong emotional connection. And if you can make that positive connection with food every time than it's like, kind of reinforces you to continuously coming back to those, those certain types of food, which may be why you know, it could be a good thing. Or could be a negative thing you know, depending on the type of food you're eating. So I think it's really cool that you in particular have been you're kind of known for, for kind of veganism being traditional dishes into those familiar foods that most likely players are most likely like used to eating like how they grew right. Yes. That is Michael because I feel that if you give people. That nostalgia that they were gonna always. They're not gonna think about the negatives. If, if they're having this, like, nostalgic, Lohman of okay, this fried chicken macaroni this smokey collard greens in this corn bread? And then you have banana pudding on the side or a peach cobbler in this is for my people that are southern and you're having all these different elements in. It's all vegan. You're not thinking about the negative, you know. The negative thoughts or the statements that you think of when you think of Dagan, ISM, because there are a lot lot of negative. Things that when you're not begin that people come to means they're like, but what about this? What about where are we going, so this, and that you're not thinking about that? You're thinking about this food that brings back a memory somewhere in at a certain place or are certain time. Maybe it was your mother, your grandmother or jer thinking of that moment of that's connecting with your brain. You're forgetting about all emotion. It's dead. It's dead brain connection in. That's what I thrive on on. So in order, most of the time when guys are like, yeah, try it. Or, or guys will say you know what I'm cool. I'm not I'm not doing vegan would do look like Eytan just vegetables. Like I hear so many things and I just go Kay. This is how we're gonna do this. I'm a cookie one meal on me if you don't like it, then Judas, get a free meal, if you like it, you're jumping on my meal plan. And they're like, okay bet it's nothing for them to lose their they. And then I start off and I asked him give me your top three Saderat recipes of all time as your mother made it your grandmother, made it. Your wife makes your tap threes. Now give me third top three and I take one of those dishes in vegan is it in that, sir, I quote unquote free meal, and they, it's never backfired only never. Yeah. I think I think that's such a good like approach in tactic to getting people in at least getting your foot in the door, at least to get them to try it. Right. Because like you said, so many people are turned off about, like, I'm not gonna eat vegan because it's just salad veggies, right? Or steamed veggies, but there's so much more you can do with it, especially with, like year skillset. There's like endless possibilities of what you can do with the amount of like options in ingredients you have in it's I mean to be honest, most of the flavor in everything comes from the herbs and spices. Right. Absolutely about all the time of like, have you ever had this, a piece of boiled chicken by itself? No seasoning, no salt, just water. Does boil it in there like? No. And if I if I did I probably wouldn't like it in the night, I give them I've had someone saying, I had I went to this restaurant, and I had vegan food it was horrible. I'll never eat vegan food. Again, I said heavy ever had bad fried chicken. 'cause I mean, let's be honest. Not everybody can fry chicken. The you'll see it on everyone's menu. But not everybody has a good fried chicken recipe. And they're like, yeah. And I said, so did you give up chicken? And they're like, oh, you got a point there. And I'm like, just you can't not eat anyone else's food, because you had one bad experience in that. If that's the case you should never eat fish, because I'm sure you have, you know, September food poisoning before from fish me, dairy something. So did you cut that? No, so to stop putting this plant based world in one box in Silliman upmanship in it off because that's not fair. It's not fair because you're not approaching everything else in your life, the same way. So I tell people all the time if you've ever had a piece of chicken that didn't have seasoning on it. You're gonna hate it. But with me like when I'm making these mills I'm using my strata folks, Antic Cajun seasoning. I'm using my Puerto Ricans spices in seasoning. So when you're eating it, you're not thinking about, you're not missing the me, you're not missing the deer. You're saying, oh my gosh. This tastes. Exactly. Like, what, what I want people? Yeah. I think you kind of nailed it when you said like the whole boiled chicken thing. I think that's the approach that most people use whenever they try like tofu for like the first time, they're just like open up the packet, and they're like, what am I supposed to do this? And then they. And they. Yeah, exactly. And then they eat it and it's like, oh my God. This is just like a sponge like a like a bland sponge with no flavor. And I always tell people might we'll duh. Yeah. Of course you gotta you gotta spice it up. You got to cook it. You gotta flavor it, you know. But most people, they're not willing to, I guess, or maybe they're not willing to, to learn, you know, maybe you don't get right to first time. Maybe you don't get right the second time, but like you know, you learn how to cook these things. So what was okay. First of all, let's go back. Let's, let's talk a little bit about your transition into going into into going vegan. And then what your transition was like, as a chef 'cause I feel like that's where a lot of people kind of go, you know, throw their hands up in the air because they've been cooking meet their entire life. And then once they. Once they go vegan. I feel like they feel restricted. And they don't necessarily know what to cook. Yeah. So walk me through your transition. And then how you transition as like, you know, your, your career kind of depending on this transition to if there's nothing else anyone that's listening. They can fast forward everything in I want the really listen to this part because it was very hard for me in the beginning. When Derek came to me, he said, okay, I wanna though plant based I every year as a NFL player. Let me back this up athletes in people like me, and my are always calling me my an alien. They are the most disciplined people. You whatever may in life. I am a normal person. I do not. I do not possess the kind of discipline and structure that these guys have. So I am I speak to pay able on a normal level. I'm not alien. I cannot eat the same thing, every day just to cut up muscle. Shred and shed and do all these amazing things. So when I talked to people, I talked to them on the same level Honey, I my body does not look. Why Bianca Taylor's my body? Not look like the so that's why I connect so well with people. So when Derek decided that he wanted to be plant basis because as an athlete, you always evolving. You're never saying at one point rather. It's you're gonna try and training session. You're trying a new. Method on how you train different. Temperatures of the Roman hugging sleep, and all these different things that athletes go through. This was a time it would he's going into his seventh or eighth year and he said, after much research in top into a nutritionist that he's gonna give up me in dairy. And I, I didn't look at him. Like how I looked at a Mike. I think that's cool. Yeah. And it was just like a moment of. Okay, this is one of Derek's moment. So let me just support him. So when he was on it for three weeks, I was like, wow. He's really fairies about this. This is starting to get real hard making two different meals for me in the kids, and then one for him, I said, you know what at the time I was having digestive issues as well. I said, you know what I I'm gonna do this with you. So when he decided that this is what we're going to do. And I decided I'm gonna. Join him I went to the store that day in ever forget, I bought like all these vegetables, I had every vegetable known to whole foods on my kitchen counter. I just bought a bunch of vegetables. I did not have any clue of what I was going to do. I said, hey, on an MVP now I'm just going to buy a bunch of vegetables and budget, tofu, and get your nutritional yeast and get your, you know, your, your typical Dagan items. I got home and pressure started. Weighing in on me my daughter at the time. She was one and she's doing sign language at e in at the time. Normally I could grab a piece of salmon, or some chicken in put some salt and pepper on it season. It real quick in Sierra in give her that in some like oven potatoes, in some broccoli or something. And I was like, oh my gosh, this is real. So what am I gonna do these kids ending the eat in? They need to eat fast. And I started like hyperventilating I had an I was having Zayda tech because I had no idea what I'm gonna do 'cause I I'm like, I'm a chef I don't have to research this. I'm just gonna get in the kitchen and do what I do. So long story short is after I I literally put my head down on the counter and I just started praying. I said, this is a journey. He wanted to go down. Please help me Julio me because I did not know what I'm doing. I really didn't know what I was doing. I was moving in playing the part, but I didn't understand. And solely what I should be doing and how I should be eating. So then. I got this like this huge like voice in my head that they said it was almost like very cynical like you stupid. Do everything you always do. Just use new ingredients. Take the made out. Find something for the me take the dairy out. Find something for the dairy, and I was that day I had this huge pithy and I was like, I got it, and I started taking clower broccoli and all these different vegetables than I black in them on the stove, and I made a black end of vegetable jambalaya, and I remember Mike. My daughter loving it. And I remember Derek going, oh my God. This is so good in what it did it sparked this part of my brain. That was like, I, I know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna really make all Derek favorites that he loves to eat. But I'm just gonna veganism in. That's how I started on my journey of taking what I already in this fighting new ingredients for in this is why. Until, like your listeners. It's not about trying to follow someone else's Pat the being vegan. It's already your own path. So what you have to do is you have to one ask yourself. How do I eat? Because most people don't know how they say, I just ate normal boots, which normal food. What does that to you? Do you like spicy salty? You like a lot of citrus. Do you like fried foods you like bay foods and you collect all this data on yourself? And you say okay, I'm gonna make everything I already made. But instead of the chicken, I'm gonna replace that with cauliflower tofu or even a mock meat. I mean this isn't ten years ago. You had everything at your fingertips vegan is already out there for you. So it's kinda like a there's no excuses anymore. That's kind of how I started my journey of making the same things that people always love. But just taking the, the animal products out of it. That's so true. That's so true. I, I've, I've actually talked to several shafts and I've had a few shifts on the podcast. And they were also classically trained and used to work in steakhouses and everything else. And he the one particular ship 'em thinking of he told me the same thing he told me he's like, look you're going to use the same rubs you know, the same spices. And just make it work for fern alternate leg base. You know you just replace the meat was something else, and you can make whatever you're using tastes just as good as the meat itself because most of the flavor it comes from the spices herbs. You know, the texture might be a little like hit or miss, or like not exactly the same. But, you know, you get over that. And that's, that's the most important part that I feel like people don't understand is that they think they have to give up their favorite meals. They think that going vegan means that you're, you're giving up so much, and it's like, no, you're not giving up much. You're just like finding an alternative for it. And like you said nowadays are so many play. Land-based alternatives for chicken and steak even now like that. There wasn't available before announced becoming so widespread that it's even in fast food chains. Now you know what I mean? To try hard anymore. You go to frigging Carl's junior and get yourself a veggie burger. Burger King, a Burger King. Yeah, exactly. I think Burkey just came out with the impossible Walker, right. Yes. Yes. So it's like it's literally becoming everywhere everyday opened up my Instagram. It's like subway now in KFC KFC. But or maybe I did see is coming out with one. Okay. I thought I did see something about KFC, but I know I saw subway in their McDonald's Burger King Carl's junior. I mean. Call caller what you like, I mean, these are fast food chains. It might not be the healthiest thing, but it's like on a spectrum. It's a step in the right direction United. Even if it's like for, like immediate people are not the most health, conscious people anyway, going to eat at McDonalds and whatnot. But at least it's a step in the right direction for going plant-based economical, environmental perspective, you know. Yeah. An animal rights and animal ethics perspective as well. You know. My friends at thrive market have kindly provided an exclusive offer to the generation v family of listeners thrive. Market is an online, marketplace on a mission to make healthy living, easy and affordable for everyone. They offer the highest quality healthy and sustainable products available for every budget and lifestyle you can shop for thousands of bestselling organic and natural products at twenty five to fifty percent below traditional retail prices. The best part about it is that you can easily filter their selection of products by the values that matter to you, the most. That's right. They have a vegan filter to only display a huge selection of verified, the United States to make your shopping, experience, quick and easy. All you have to do is, visit WWW dot thrive market dot com slash generation v or click the link in the show notes. And you will receive in additional twenty five percent off your first purchase and a free month membership to the marketplace. Many of you will be making grocery run this week. So why not give thrive market at try and shop from your home? And everyone has their own reason on why they're going to walk down this path. And I tell people what is your reason, and I asked them and, you know, with athletes, or even myself let's be honest. Okay. The honest with yourself, not everyone's going to do for animal welfare. So or a or environmental reasons or whatever it may be. This is a very selfish generation that we live in. So I say you know as your point is someone in your pointing at things look at we're that dumb is pointing in this is what we're going to start. We're going to start with you. We're not gonna look at the animal welfare side of it. We're not gonna look at them environment side of it. And everyone's like, Bill, you are you teaching animal welfare? No. I don't need to teach that because we're all moving in the same direction. We're going to end up at the same place. My method is a little bit different. It's unorthodox to you. But this is what I have to do in order to help people in you start with yourself. Most people are living every single. Day was so much inflammation, even, you know, your quote unquote, there's a lot of vegans out there that are just eating so unhealthy because everything's processed and, and so many different. They're not even eating another green leafy vegetables. So I start with them. I'm like, hey, let's start with you. What do you want to achieve what your alternate goal, on, like health, and I start with the person, and then, guess what, as ERT eating that. Even if it's one military, a plant base, you're already helping environment just by that one major change your or ready helping animal wealthier from that one change. So for people that want to do for different reasons you just got to ask yourself. What is that reason in a mean getting that flavor is definitely out there? And I think that's why do such a good job at it because I was in the same boat. You two years ago. I know what meat taste like. I know what? A real Gumbo tastes like I know these flavors and I'm able to duplicate those things when you're cooking. So if you are still eating me, just think about it. Hold onto those memories of Paolo, those mills tastes in duplicate it by using plant based ingredients in me as a creative person would it did is just open up, this huge like a Ray of like this of ingredients in this role that I never thought I would actually be in just makes me so much more creative so much more creative, and people think about what they're losing. Okay. Let's go back to that the average person only eats anywhere between three to five Niks the I talked to people all the all the time. They're like, why don't eat red meat already. I just eat chicken, and seafood. Okay. So you're thinking about the two things that you're going to miss out on the two categories, which is poultry and safe food. But do you know that there's over twenty two thousand? Edible plants in the world. Think about what you're gaining not what you're losing. Yeah. That's such a good point at such a good point. It really is. Only like three or four, I guess, for the most part animals that are animal products meets, whatever you wanna call it that people tend to, to normally eat, because we are products of like a word like creatures of habit. Writes, most people same breakfast, every day, they normally eat like eggs, and toast, you know, whatever an-and like they go onto lunch and have like chicken burger chicken salad. So it's like it's really just about finding just like a couple replacements, and, and just integrating more plant based options in there. And like I really like what you said earlier, too, is like find the reason why you're doing it. Whether you're doing it for animal welfare or environmental or health reasons. Like it, doesn't it doesn't necessarily matter if you're eating it like we're all going to the same place, and whatever that specific reason is to you. That's what's most important, right? And I it's just important to understand that what. For the reason you don't have to sacrifice flavor in satiafaction and nutrition. You know what I'm saying? So that is kind of like the common commonality with this lifestyle, is the food. So it's really cool in, like, whether you're doing it for, for, for health, in particular, this is this is what I wanted to ask you in regards to Derrick is because Derek's big dude. I mean, how much does he way like to over two fifty right? Yes. Yes. He pick a play at two sixty five to seventy sometimes when he's on his chunkier side. Offseason side. But, like so whenever you transitioned whenever he transitioned into eating like, you know, pronounced leg fully plant based diet. I mean naturally, the foods that he is consuming less caloric dense. So did you have to increase the volume of food that you were cooking for him? It wasn't the volume. I just always made different varieties. So with the dairy as well as the players in, I think. If you don't know who I am. What I do I cook for NFL players. So I think that, that's the point that I think we I mean you talked about it off air. But we need to say that. Yeah, I forgot I it's pretty important. Part of this gas is that cook for, you know, predominantly NFL players who are six five to fifty plus absolutely it, you know, some of my guys at three hundred pounds. You know, my ding tackles are huge. So I find that within if I give them a bunch of different options, I get the complaints of all my guy, giving me too much food. So it's, it's not like with you. When you're, you're always conscious of completely shredding the body, you'd have to be very intentional on. You know what you eat, but with NFL players, they're burning full, many calories throughout the day. So, like, drink can't they could be burning a minimum of five thousand calories a day during camp because some players even more even more because during cabbages in August anywhere between July August, and it's blazing hot, the humidity's high in these guys are working out all day, long the burning tons and tons of calories. And you have to replenish, your body back in. In. But it's what are you replenishing it back with in for me? It's what does that look like they're still getting the dense mills? Like super dense knows it's not like what name I is eating when he's, you know, working on a competition, it's they're eating. You know, lasagna out throw in some a spicy, beyond me Italian sausages. And I'll make a lasagna out of that were a cream sauce in there eating, I'll do a they love this, a back to what things that you can do tofu. I'd name. I total. Simple as marinating it in choice sauce, or marinating it in hot sauce. Yeah. Marinated in hot sauce in then, like Panzer. Yes. Thank me later, because it only the outside of the, the outside is getting all that heat. So when you cut into it, it's not too much in the center of it. So it cools it down. And it's just amazing what you could do with that in out, marinated soya sauce than out smoke. It not make the guy's a smoke Caesar salad one. Other favorite things weird bespoke Caesar salad. The guys love it like they requested all the time, saw give him a smoke Caesar salad, some that lasagna, the super diz lasagna. And I'll do like maybe when a pasta salad or desert so they have different varieties of food in a lot of the guys tell me they'll eat half for lunch other half for dinner because I'm not. Only making a dense, as far as how much things that I'm cooking for them. But I do tend to give them heftier portions. And some of the guys have told me, look scaleback you're giving me too much, and I'm like all right, cool. I rather give too much than not enough, or they'll give the other half to their wife. Because arrived psycho, give make sure you bring your, your leftovers wives. What to be a part of the, the meal plan to. So it it just being for different needs, your, your, your food intake, is going to be totally different, but for me, I'll eat probably just the Caesar salad for lunch. And then out eat the lasagna later on for dinner, but in one sitting, I'm not gonna eat everything, but for the guys, it's different because they're, they're not your normal body type. No, not at all. I mean, these, these guys are monsters guerrillas, and I can only imagine the amount of food. They eat at one time. 'cause like I mean I feel like bodybuilders typically eat more than your average person. But it's very calculated how much those guys eat, especially when you're doing, like a bodybuilding show because it's almost like you're restricting your portions in order to, to cut way to look a certain way and get to a single digit Arnie fat. But these guys are not worried about getting on stage in having, like a stage ready physique, the NFL players are eating purely for function and for performance. So it's like they Tabas amid. Yeah, hi like it's so crazy. Some of the guys it's you can take care. Three hundred pound guy who was a detachable in one of my linebackers, my middle linebackers, who's probably like I would say to fifteen and he's. Five eleven that guy could out. Eat my three hundred pounds tackled so crazy. 'cause is metabolism is so high. And I every time I give its burger day, I'll get out. Do doubles for everyone. Everyone loves the double that I'd do double patties would double cheese and all your works, and then my three hundred pound guys, like one of them particular is like can you make minus singles too much food for halo way? I can't wrap my head around it. And then you have the middle linebacker. Who's to fifteen he's like, oh, let me have your other Patty, like you're, you're trying to realize what's happening. But it's a some of these guys are metabolism is through the roof that it's, it's unheard of. So walk me through what happened. When, when Derek started going started transitioning as far as like his athletic recovery in his performance. And then how this. Kind of spread into, like infiltrate the locker room with the other guys kind of getting on board with his meal plan and in how their performance kind of started to change as well. It started with Derek does bring in entered lunches, because I knew once I got on board and I got comfortable in nine knew my purpose was, and I knew how to cook, and what to do after tons, and tons of research, because I realized if it's good enough for an athlete than it should be good enough for myself and my two children as well. And I had to do so much research, but because I want people to understand my kids are plant based as well. We lived this life, it's not like only for the ads laid sin only for me, my kids are one hundred percent plant base, and I did so much research, because the last thing you wanna do screw up your kids in not give them enough nutrient, dense meals in things that are helping their bodies. So I had to do a lot of research because as a mother. I feel like that was my responsibility. So I, I knew that when Derek started back up he wasn't gonna have all the things that he's getting for me at the facility. So I said, you know, I'll just send in his meals, and I started sending Derek Carr's mills. In every time he popped open those containers guys were like whoa. What is that in asking questions because my food looked better than what they were? They were like wait. That's all vegetables. That's, that's me. And he was like, yeah. And then it sparked a question, you know, all these guys eat together. It was when lunchtime, most of the whole team is in there, so they started asking him why in he would say, you know, gave him his reason why like I wanted to cut down inflammation and get better sleep in allow my body to recover faster and all these amazing benefits and guys were like, okay, they're listening at the, the benefits, but they're looking at the food like debt is looks bomb. Like literally God to say that looks insane. So Derek protects me, like I remember the first day I sent him a meal, the very first day, I remember what I made him. I made him a black bean in sweet potato enchiladas. He expanded rise in slow cooked Cuban black beans, any at all this in front of and yet aside, sell it, what I. Always included a Sitel that was Derek thing I always want. A salad before. I eat. Because it helps with digestion. So that was his little weird thing that he had. So I made sure I incorporated, that with the guys as well in, it'll be fun in Odal have like AAA vinegar rats and all these different things. And he's eating this in the guys are like, hey, do you think charity would make a meal for me to bury first day that he sent I sentimental? I got one client and that one client, you know, when you're human certain guys play at a certain level, and they have all these guys underneath them that are always looking at what they do. So when I got that one guy, which was Gerard Casey, all these other guys was like why I wanted to. Automatically first week. I have four guys or guy, and I'm my doing it from the kindness of my heart. Like, hey, I'm just making, you know, these meals because it's it's honestly easier for me to cook for four guys than it is for just dare. Of course it's like when you buy ingredients it's, it's better to patches to just make a big bet. And I was like, oh, God. I have a business on my hands. Like what am I doing because by week two it was subscribes week three seven guys and it just kept going and going and going, and I think what it was was watching the guys that were sitting back watching the first guys do it realizing that they're not passing out on the field. This is during camp guys. This is during camp. When Gaza working out, it's a lease. A hundred degrees outside shooter humid here in Tennessee. In the working out all day long. They're doing drills and the realizing that Derek is not passing out. And he's like Visco again. Let's go gin in his energy is through the roof in the onlookers are like way, hold on. Hold on. Not only does a food look good. He's not passing out. He didn't die on the field and his energy is through the roof and he's making plays like he's playing at a really top level. And that's when I started getting more guys more guys is funny because the guys that were sitting back going, you guys are crazy. And you guys are eating like rabid than O'Hare haircuts Derek and his bird food, and we had so many like inside jokes at the guys had for Derek in the guys that were eating vegan. It was so many, jokes, or some of them were too to inappropriate to even share. Fair. They had all these jokes. Those are the guys that literally by. Maybe by a month or two month and a half in that were coming to me, saying, hey, can I try to and particular guy? I said, hey, do at the time we was what the hell that was helping us. Go watch. What the hell? And after he watched what the hell his wife called me not him. His wife called me and said, hey, by the way, Wesley has an eaten in twenty four hours. And I'm like, wait. What do you mean? He hasn't eaten in twenty four hours like yeah, he's eating smoothies. Unlike wait, hold on. Why he's like she's like I told him eating these jump on charities mill plan. But he's being too prideful. And I'm like, all right. I got this. I just sent him a meal for free hated. No, it his wife knew it. I descend it was I try to sell. It was out. God, that was so bum. And from there it was like I hadn't. And he ended up being the most greediest person when I talk about that middle linebacker that was him and he posed jokes. And he is the greediest person to wear out did seven o'clock text word site. Hey, charity. Have you ever thought about big Nagin is miss? He was like the person that was challenging me the most I come in at me, telling me what I should begin is and things that he wanted to eat. But he was our number one enemy two months ago. Funny, isn't that funny? They some of those like, the most I dunno unlikely people are the ones that turn around and become like the biggest proponents of it, where I remember being at Super Bowl being on doing a couple podcasts at interviews in Atlanta in this guy, if that plays for another team was literally telling me. Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. Wesley was just telling me that I need to be, you know, think about eating more plant based in that he's plant based, and, you know, I'm big about it, and he has no idea that I'm the chef that is cooking him as plant based meals. He was like, yeah, keeping in about this plant based, what do you think about it? I'm like so do you know that? That girl cooks. The meals for Wesley like, no get out. So it's just amazing to hear that people were so passionate about it that they're sharing it with the world in. It's coming back full circle. And I'm like, yeah I'm the chef and he's like, oh, you're that girl. And I'm like, yeah. But he never put to into together into us talking. So when you when you walk down this road you love it. You love all the benefits to where you start sharing in. I'm seeing that over and over again. Not only that, too, right? Because the if I'm not mistaken than that was like the year. When most of these guys adopted the plant based diet is like the first year they made it to the playoffs. I mean the defensive unit was like you know, they're most productive output in. Yeah. It was ever like it was insane. Like the last time we performed at a level like that was fifteen years prior while and so showed like it was this, like a gift that God gave us, it was like year. I'm just want people to understand that you can be like this in, you're not gonna decline. You're not gonna be like on a stat level. You're not going to be at the bottom in the NFL world in the funniest thing is Dirk first year being plant based he was on the team Derrick Pitts hit his stats come from sacks. He had the highest sax on the team that year. Wow. So she'll people like get out what ever you thought it was. I'm showing you on paper because numbers don't lie what it can do. And that's like, that's I think that's so interesting too. Because like when you are at that level of performance. I mean you're talking about just micro like fractions of a second. That make that make a difference between you and the guy next to you or the guy the depth chart that's waiting to take your spot. And like, the, the, the lifespan of like NFL players are like what one year or two years max, the year if you reach three years, you've already broken that stat the statistic, so you can even get to three years. You're you're doing better than one percent in for Derek to be at nine years now. It already let you know, everything that you've ever been told has been a lie. Yeah. And I mean, that's it's amazing because like I'm surprised that most like athletes, aren't like looking into this deeper because like when you're when your livelihood depends on that. And you know how you perform and just being one step ahead of the guy behind you. I mean this is like a huge competitive edge. I mean your, your recovery time is is better your energy levels are higher. You know, your outputs or greater so it's like it's a no brainer. If your professional athlete light put your ego, aside, stop, Lino, regurgitating, what you, you know what you've been taught your whole life and try something new as just purely. Look at it as a competitive advantage. You know, most guys are willing to do all these crazy things. You know, all these crazy tactics are willing to go into cry Otake. They're willing to do whatever it is necessary to, they never look at their diet, you. They never looked at it, and I find it funny that like egg during that year. After Derek completed his his first year ban. One hundred percent plant based I, I was literally, an Uber in a magazine in the car in I was in LA in. It said Tom Brady finally speaks out of what his competitive edges on other players any finally for the first time in years talks about that. He's he he, he consumes a plant based diet during season. Now what he does on his offseason. Don't know. I know one does it really truly. No. We know that in. During the NFL season, this is what he's mailing eaten his plants, and he talks about it in this magazine, and I remember screen shot, the taken a picture of it insane. Wow. We if finally helps us out like. Thank you. It's in it's like the one of the greatest quarterback of our time finally talks about look. I'm not patchy pounding down steaks chicken. You know all those meat in, you know, weight protein in order to, to have a competitive edge. I'm doing everything opposite. So if that did open up a lot of athletes ours. I don't know what, what will in. I just feel like it's just you just live in this world where you're completely closed mind close minded in. You're not open minded to other facets in other abilities of getting your body to where it needs to go in just a lot of it is pride. A lot of it is straight up pride. I'm I listen guys and I'm just like what you know, it let me know how that works out like I'm talking to you in, in a space of my husband's been in the league for nine years, let me know if you even get to three in. We'll have a talk talk about this, and I have to be really like I have to get to. Where I'm just like I'm done talking because you're not talking to them. You're talking to their pride and you're talking to their generational curse yet. It's. I, I remember you or maybe it was Derek when I was talking with them saying that you almost had to keep it a secret from, like the management team management because they didn't want him on the diet. Or they thought it was like going to hinder his performance or whatnot. But then, like can you talk a little bit more about that around, if you can't or not? Yeah, I can I don't care. I don't get open book, so the NFL is like this and a lot of the players, they only want to do with the NFL allows them to do. They go completely by the book in sometimes that works for you. And sometimes it doesn't but I find that the guys that are really thrive in playing at a level where most guys aren't is because they're, they're looking for recovery in therapy outside of the, the, the, the building in it's to me. It's Accenture conflict of interest, if you think about it, like the trainers nutrition, everybody is under. That umbrella of the team. So they're not looking for the what your you know, would best for you because at the end of the day, you could be cut tomorrow. You could be released you could. It's of a world is so crazy. So you always got to, you know, be political, but you have to do what's best for you. And at that time, the guys would that were eating plant based, they were getting a lot of kickback. They the team wasn't happy about it. I literally said you know what after death person I knew that this was for good. Like, when we started eating plant base, it wasn't like, oh, I'm, I'm vegan. I'm going to go vegan. It started off as a let me try this out. But then once we realize how good we felt there was no way going back when you realize what your body is supposed to feel like when you wake up every day, how God designed it, you will know that into you take the shit out of it, and you go, oh, this is supposed to think this is sound supposed to fill and natural. We came to that we came to that moment of going while I feel great. I, I don't know if I can go back, and I remember saying, okay, let me just schedule meeting with the teen in talk about food choices and I didn't go at it. In a way of this is what you guys should do. I win win at it at a way where I had to be very political because I had to combo myself, and I know that I'm going up against big giant. And I and I went up an I came to them with this objective of how can I help you? How can I offer my services to you? I'm here to help whatever that may be. I you know, I have the I am reaping the benefits to I've been on the team now at the time, I think it was after the first season, I've been on the team now for eight years in, I wanna see us win. How can I make us win? Instead of offering this service to like, you know, thirteen to fifteen guys can I come in offer my services to the whole team? And the response I got was unreal. It was like, will this is what the guy told him in this is when I knew I was not getting anywhere. The guy said, why didn't I didn't know what a chickpea was into a two four months ago? And I was like somebody, he liked the management of this. Yeah. This was the guy that en-, head of catering. So. He is. He is what if he believes it should be in the building. It's going to be in the building. So it already let me know that. He's not open to the whole plant based world in be due the ignorance should've just because you don't know what a chickpea is that means that the team shouldn't have it. What does that mean in this, let me know that he's not open in it was more of a like I kept hitting brick walls with him. He was we don't even have a kitchen. So I said, okay, so would if I opened at even once a week plant based catering style to the team. Well, the sweaty told me, well, if I opened that up to your guys, then I have to open up, so many different. Other ways of died, you know, diet choices in, in there, so many different new diets coming out every day than it would just be so hard for us to keep up. And I just said offer. Hiring plants in a plant base. Wave eating to people, not a diet in. It's not a fad. He called it a fad. It is opening up more nutritional options. And I said, what if you eat if you feed players at a warrior lever it level in your given the rate amazing ingredients to sustain your muscle in your body. You're gonna get a better output. And I looked at him. And I realized that it wasn't going anywhere. It's okay lettuce. Let the titans be the very lasted everything. What we watch. You know, Tom Brady, literally rave in about a plant based diet in why he has purple carrots in how amazing does for his body. And we see all these other teams daft into this, but we're not we're just going to be the less. We won't be the innovators in this in in this field. And I just walked out. I was like, all right. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. But no. Thanks in, if you guys ever wanna try my plant based meals, I'm here. I was still politically correct. In had my smile on my face that I realized that they weren't going forward. They want it to save money. They wanted to keep things how they were. But the funny thing is when Derek went back. He said, guess what they had a plant base of vegan sausages for breakfast option. And I was like, well, aren't we getting somewhere? He was like active. They listen but they did it listen but they, they had to appeases because at the end of the day they seen that, the guards are going to eat, how they wanted to eat, no matter what and I'm pretty sure that, like, although they may have like nutritious on staff and, you know. You know, I don't correct me from wrong. But, like, I don't know how much nutritional programming goes into their, their catering events or their, you know, the team catering because I remember Derek saying it was like food trucks in this, like, you know, whatever was available. I even like read an article that says, like, you know, it takes like six hundred pounds of beef to feed an NFL team for a week life or seven hundred pounds of chicken and fish like these guys are demolishing, you know, these these animal products and replacing it I mean it should be cost saving at the end of the day. If you look at it that way, not only cost saving, but it's like potentially gonna pay itself off in dividends in their performance. So to me, it's a no brainer. But I could see how the you know, the lack of education in regards to the plant based diet could have people apprehensive but people like yourself, Derek these, these innovative thinkers, Tom Brady that. Are that are kind of infiltrating this archaic system and producing change and producing positive change regardless of any kind of dog Maddux approach to veganism? It's just like like this is the the performance aspect of it. And this is why we should do it in these are the benefits of it. And I think that's incredible. I think it's incredible. The way of spreading this message you have to because I mean, it's, it's not the big giant that are doing the work, and I find that it's easier for me to talk to college kids about plant base in young and a younger audience than it is, like our mothers in our fathers, because in these are the people that are in charge of like, arcade. Ring in these are the people that are, you know, signing the dotted lines in making the rules and in what goes on in these facilities. She have to think about it. They're older, you know, your baby boomers, and they're not quite educate. In this area because they are just creatures of habits in light. It's so much easier for me to talk to my nieces in my nephews that are now like twenty one and nineteen about going vegan, where I have two nieces right now that are those ages in their begin than it is for me to talk to my own mother, who has go bladder issues liver issues. They're just like this is just what we eat. You know, in, you know, my grandmother lived to eighty eight pork because she did this. She did that. I find that it's way easier to talk to her younger generation because the older generation is all stuck in their ways that they're not trying. They're not trying to do anything different. And I find that that's a common thing in the younger. A lot of the younger teams that are out there are making the innovative choices in. I mean, I know that New England Patriots have a lot of plant based options at their in their facility because. Tom Brady alone. It's not because a Bill or anyone else's because Tom, so it's being those, those players in those quarterbacks and people that are very instrumental in the team would make decisions in demanding those those, those changes because it's not happening from the top down. It's going to happen from the bottom up, and we just have to remember that in it is viewed I did a way games in the day of a game. The guys lead with Papa John pizza boxes after a game, the BUSTER ass for hours in hours than they tore their muzzles down beat their body up in their walking away with Papa John's pizza box. Now that might net. That's not all teams. I know that for a fact that runs on every all all throughout the NFL. That's that everything. But that is here in Nashville. They walk away with that. In sometimes for. Away meals, they're having bojangles or Chick-fil-A. They are not. It's not about help. It's about how to feed crowd at the cheapest you know, capacity as, as they can. Thankfully, and hopefully, the, the changes continue, and we can keep making like small changes in eventually, it'll catch fire in it'll become a new standard for performance in. I, I really think that is kind of trending in that direction, you know, although a majority of the press for, for vegan items in food is typically centered around like the meat based alternatives. When you when you really see it in the press, it's like, you know, fast food chain releases being option, even may not be the healthiest. I think that eventually, it'll kind of like that craze will kind of stabilize. And then people will start to really see the benefits of a purely plant based diet in performance sense. In once it catches on by the top athletes than is just going to be, you know, from the top down people are going to start to implement at high school kids, middle school kids, and they're gonna send me so. Much more open to the idea. And then the hard work is done, you know. Yeah. Venison is the influencers. It's exactly like you. It's people like, you know, beyond say, urgent her twenty thirty million followers. I mean, three hundred million for however many she has, hey, go vegan. I mean it go vegan for this month in in. That's what we have to do. We have to. It's not about, hey, go, vegan overnight, and I have to tell people this all the time most of you don't even have what it takes to be an athlete. I'm talking about DNA and disciplined, but you can do what you can on your level like me. And I'm putting myself in that category. Because that kind of discipline is unreal. But you can't do what you can do on your level. In is say that to say do a one militate duo once a beat list Monday. In, then what you feel like oh I could do this. Then let's make it a meatless Tuesday in. Just continue to grow. But if you're not growing within your own spectrum of will you are the wood, are you in what are you doing? Because even me that I'm one hundred percent plant based on always trying to grow. Sometimes I want to say, hey, while, do this, where I'm like, I'm just gonna eat a whole weekend, worm, eating one hundred percent raw vegan, or I'm just doing a or just juicing, or I'm just going to do, I'm cutting out we in cutting out potatoes, because I can eat a I can eat French fries any day of the week. But I'm always challenging myself, and I just feel like the takeaway message, isn't go vegan. The takeaway message is or go plant base, or go, what I call it is go plaguing. I say that to say just challenge yourself in make yourself, just constantly grow don't to say this place. This is where my mother was in my grandparents were you don't wanna be your parents, don't even want you to be who they are. I am. Children. I want them to be better than me. So this constantly growing in figuring out ways on how you could do that. Even if it's a once a week thing or one militate thing, you're going to do so much for your body, the environment, and well, animal welfare in you probably don't even care about those two latter parts of it, but it will do so much for yourself. I can't I can't think of a better way to end this conversation. That was that was awesome. So how, how can that first of all, thank you so much for, for agreeing to be on the show and talking about all this stuff? I find it really interesting, I think listeners will to how can how can our listeners find you or get in contact with you or follow you. Where can we go? I g chef charity Morgan. My website is the same chef charity, Morgan dot com. I haven't updated it in a while, but I'm very instrumental on Instagram. Always schilling. What I'm what I'm cooking out show in my stories brands in different things that I do like a little bit crazy. I have my own approach, but you can find me there in my Email is also on my Instagram page so you can reach out to me, if you have any questions, I'm here to help. I pretty much answer all of my DM's in all of my emails because I want to help people what I do. I just don't do it for NFL players. I do cook for other celebrities, and I do help people out on the daily, so yet, that's we can find me. Awesome charity. Thank you so much. I just want to say thank you for being a positive light in this world and help and making a difference. Since in so many different ways in, I really appreciate what you're doing. So thank you. Thank you so much name. I okay. Guys, if you wanna listen to the show notes of this episode and find more episodes. Don't forget to begin fitness dot com slash generation v or you can find us on itunes and everywhere else, you can find podcast. So thank you so much for listening until next time. Hey guys, thank you so much for listening to the generation v podcast. I hope you enjoy it. And I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day and making an effort to live, a happier and healthier life. If there was anything mentioned in this episode that you want to revisit, you can find it in the show notes over at beacon fitness dot com, while you're there, if you join the mailing list, you will also get exclusive discounts free workouts and vegan recipes you can also follow me at Instagram where I also post recipes motivation and daily workouts. And of course, I would love it, and really appreciate it. If you left me a positive review on, I tunes, but most importantly, I really ask you guys to share this with one or two friends that would really get something out of this particular episode. Thank you so much.

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