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Ep. 2: Brian Heffron "The Blue Meanie"


The first off I want to thank you so much for all the love that you've shown first match here in our First Week. I am fucking humbled. A bunch of five star ratings a of core views like this one from Shannon saying entertaining and well produced. I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of first match. Jesse Cage I. The sound quality is top notch. Shannon says I hate listening to a podcast with good content poor sound. This is professional second Jesse's some host. Now I'm blushing. Pantalone is He's entertaining and I love the deep dive into the backstory of DOT gals. I can't wait for the next episode. Shannon you don't have to wait long next episode coming up here in just a minute. Make sure that you throw a rating and review wherever you're listening to first match whatever podcast platform you're on would absolutely love to get your feedback on it. A smoker also hit us up and said loved Jesse. I'd like to hear Jake the Snake Roberts on your show fuck yes. I would also love to hear Jake the Snake Roberts here on first match. I think that origin story. If you will would be an absolutely stellar story to tell so Jake is a guy that we're working on getting here on first match in. Listen if there's something you would like to hear on first match your favorite wrestler. Do me favor. We've just tag me at Jesse cage over on Twitter J. SE KFI as well as your favorite wrestler tag them in at whoever and Hashtag first match. And I will do my damndest to get your favorite wrestler right here on first match before we get into this week's episode one. I think one of our sponsors Boulevard Burgers and tap house on Saint Pete. Beach told me the Cage Burger and toot listen. It is a perfect Burger Patty. Then they put cheddar cheese then they take a hand breaded chicken finger but it really chicken breasts. They put on top of that. Then you take more cheddar cheese. Then he put Bacon. Put all the fixings on top. You throw some honey mustard. You got the Cage Burger only available at Boulevard Burgers and tap house on Saint P beach. It's fifty nine zero five of Golf Boulevard. Now I know a lot of you. Listen all over the world we saw some rankings. This week were shown up Australia. In Great Britain and Ireland and Canada were everywhere and of course all across the US. So I know a lot of you. Were not in the Tampa Bay area when you travel to Tampa Bay get over to Saint Pete Beach and get yourself a cage Burger at Boulevard Burgers and tap house and let them know that cage tension. Now let's go ahead and get on with this do showy his former wwe superstar and original. Brian Her Front Aka. The Blue meany and my first match was comical. I Mash podcast host Jesse Jessica Hari. So you've known my guest today as the blue meaning you've heard him poking fun at Scott Hall and the Bureau as Dump Blue Guy it total Dick as blue boy and the incredibly creepy blue dust there for a second. Wwe welcomes the first match of the coolest cats that I've ever met in this business Brian. Half Ron what's up dude? I don't know if I live up to build up their man I just didn't know how seriously thank you man. That was awesome. I'll send you to pay pal for the intro there if you do select vm. Or whatever the whatever the whatever the cost of doing a great inter like that I will it? I appreciate that. Thank you and my parents. Thank you and so on the mind and the meaning. I think it was a couple of weeks ago. You had said that you are the might of the meeting by the way. Brian'S PODCAST GO CHECK IT OUT. It is bad ass putting again but you had said that you think about time travel a lot. You wanted to go back in time. So I'm here to do that for your brother first batch. Yeah we're jumping the DELOREAN. We're going back in time. I WANNA to go way back man way back to when you're a kid and Just give me a little background about where you grew up in in. We're your love of wrestling came from. I grew up while I was born in Philly And when I was about to my family Moved over to New Jersey for a little bit my What my mom and my grandparents and my grandfather worked in Jersey so just made sense of move over there. He worked in a chemical plant for like thirty five years. Or something like that. by One day I was at my house in Jersey I lived at Small Town Gloucester right over the bridge from Philly and There's a Philadelphia phillies game on. I go to my next door neighbor. Unlike eight seventy eight and I go to my friend next kate. My Buddy Sean. I go he showing you all come over watch. Phillies game now man While he didn't say man he said man how how what what. They put in his breakfast that day. But Chill Bro. Do now I so I say you come over. Watch phillies games like now. I'm watching the wrestling. I went well. What's wrestling I'd never heard of wrestling and as come watch it in? My house comes over and we watched like an hour of wrestling but the first match I only match I remember from the entire show is Rick Martel and Tony Gra losing. W W W W W F TAG team titles to Mr Mr Saito from that point. I was like Nah. That's amazing. That's I'm hooked. That's awesome so every I would watch every week and As time goes on I've find out my mom really wasn then to it but my grandparents my grandmom start telling me stories about the legend of a hat pin. Mary lay the old lady who sent front row wrestling matches and stick the bad guys to heels and S. What the hat penn chief one day. We're watching the WWF. They had the old rodgers corner and every segment with nature. Boy Buddy Rogers interview. People like pre Piper's pit and all that stuff grandfather walks in a room goes. I know him. Yeah whatever. Stop a buddy rogers. I was like well well. Well apparently My grandfather by well buddy rogers from a small town right across the river from Philly Cole came to New Jersey. A graph explains that Buddy was a new. I came to New Jersey police officer before his wrestler real name Herman Detroit's and he was the bouncer doorman at a bar. My grandfather used to go to so they knew each other. So the pre wrassling flash FORD GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF HERE? I go to an AWA TV. Taping Awa was Filming at the Tropicana Atlantic City Buddy Rogers doing color commentary. So I go over go. I'm calmer grandfather's Blah for Excuse me Mister missed nature. Boy Do you remember guy named Jim Reardon Jim From now candidate. Yeah I think about goes well. My grandfather's writer he's road and they hit it off. They had it fugger and conversation right from like the most bizarre thing as a kid you know. I got it anything my grandfather ever said. Again you know but Just you know that connection with my grandparents liking wrestling me liking wrestling and it was just an escape Kind of misfit growing up which later in my career. We're kind of payoff but Just like I grew up severe asthmatic. Complain all the other kids reindeer games and stuff like that. So you know kids. Are you know outplaying I'm getting blown up time shoes. You know sure and I tried out for. Sports has allergic to grass on the field. I couldn't do anything so wrestling was my escape. Every spring and every fall I would be in the hospital. Two weeks at a time When change of season change apollinaire? My asthma was allergy activated. So you know apollinaire. With trigger miasma. My wife and her family had to move down. She was living Connecticut and her was so bad that they moved to Florida because of the humidity I guess is better for your lungs and all that stuff so I know all about that man all about that. It's it's the worst. It's the worst man to when you can't breathe. You feel it. They the the best description of always hurt as it's like you're trying to breathe through a straw just horrible as a kid and you don't know what's going on in you know you wake up at night to check on you in K got. Take Brian the hospital again. Because he's having trouble breathing craziness so at that point you're seventy eight years old you're getting into wrestling is at that point your head. You're like this is what I'm going to do even though you know. You're struggling with sports. You because of your long as you couldn't get out and do it. The other kids were doing. Did you know in your head though? I want to be a wrestler at that point or was it just. I was interesting at that. Point to be an astronaut. Or I want to be a fireman. I would've fucking pro wrestler man. Well before I saw progressing told my momma grandma I wanted to be at a truck driver house like a truck driver. I to draft and I'll I'll mail the money home. I swear to you I all this stuff all this shit. It's stuff kids say and once I saw person that's be prowrestler like that's that's that's cute that's nice and it wasn't told. I drove off to wrestling school. You know and Ninety Four. I guess he areas so yeah so fast forward. You're going up. You're getting ready to go out to wrestling wrestling school. And we'll talk about Al Snow School here in a second by what were their thoughts. I guess they were wait for me to kind of like back out of it. The idea there those like okay. Uh-huh sure go ahead. I dare you almost I. It's like that you know A graduate high school eight again being as Matica. I missed so much school. They had to keep me back for absenteeism. So you know show graduate was eighteen. I graduated with twenty which sucks for me but I've the oldest guy in class. We could probably beer without an ID so the hit it a party. So King Man. Yeah Hey Bri welcomed ordering assembler. I felt so used I graduated high school and I went to work in the casinos for a little bit and Every paycheck you know split it fifty fifty two of my grandparents have an actor and I save that's how say from wrestling tuition and once Well GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF HERE. I you know in high school I would read the newsletters and I would read. Meltzer would read Wade Keller and all that stuff and I was reading the Observer one week and he would have like David have the classifieds you know and they had a thing for wrestling schools. Malinche goes are you know one week there monster factors try? I went and had to try out the Mazda factory and head Banger. Thrasher and this is like the day after Wrestlemainia Indiana. Whichever that one was I'm Bedouin numbers I had to try out the Mazda. Factory me and my grandfather went. Grandfather watched and out of maybe ten people who tried out that day me and like Larry. Sharpe was there Dennis Core Louisa. Was there of the ten people who tried out that day. Like me to others got called into room. Hey you know you know. The day dismissed everybody else and kept us three and said gave us all the particulars and all that stuff and I sat on that for a little bit. I WANNA finish high school. And I saw the thing for In The Observer and they were having their separation for the Malenka school in Tampa and ib had become a huge Malekkos. Milenko Brothers Marne because I had been on a a trip in Memphis wrestling. Nur trip to go see the US. W for weekend. And they had this loop of matches and the British bulldogs against the Milenko on there. And I was like man. These MALANGAS are mazing. Fell in love with them. As Dude I want to go to their school mosser factories closer but this is awesome man in the back of my head. I think I needed to get the farthest away from my family for this to be successful because if I had come home with like bruises and welts my grandmoms Ninja with Catholic ill so I think she would've guilted me into the stopping whereas if I went as I if I go away. And she doesn't see any OUTTA sight outta mind. I think I'll have a better chance. But Lo and behold something happened with Milenko 's and The woman who I was corresponding with Lantos was this woman named Phyllis Lee she worked worked with Boris Right Ham and she spear wrestler. She helped get X. Puck into business. Well ex park was already there. He's like the the test dummy for all these moves and Phyllis goes to Boris. Ira The kids already here. Why don't you just train them? And that's why you know. X PAC went on to become a professional wrestler. So she's helping me with Malekkos like it's like I was going to move to Florida. Had A you know friends of down there already as you know they can show me around but like the cost of living is going to have the save up a little bit more. I think it was like six hundred bucks for like a room somewhere and she was like well. there's an alternative same amount tuition but there's a wrestler and Ohio. Al Snow same tuition and to live at the. You'll be living in school. It's like one hundred fifty a month as opposed to six hundred from wherever you're going to stay to Monaco's I'd start. I started hearing about Al School through The newsletters because he was having this great feud with Seibu Him in Sabah. Were you know it's kind of like you know how the the Rock and Hunter Kinda came up through? Wwe these guys. I've been around. You Know Sabah. Anelle had been around forever. But it wasn't 'til these these this series of matches they were having. That was getting all this attention. Through tape trading elect stuff. They start building directly up on the indies and stuff like that and said. I sent her my money and we made a date and I packed up my car and drove off to Ohio. So that was body slammers right. That was Alice. Place was body slam body slammers pro wrestling scam. Sorry I with new math. The math betrayed the mind that Amini so many times. Al Snow's body slammers pro wrestling gym in beautiful downtown Lima. Ohio Lima Ohio. Okay so you're talking. Tampa Bay or Lima Ohio. And the funny I went some Linkohr's when Dean was running the school in like ninety eight I was living in West Palm Beach Florida and I had dropped out of college. I wanted to wrestle so went over to Malinche goes and trained for a little bit but then my knees portrayed may so it wasn't going to work out so yeah I'm getting that way now but yeah but there's a big difference between Tampa Bay and Ohio. I've I've gotten on an airplane in Tampa Bay and landed in Ohio before I stayed in Designs Ville for about a week and I'm not a very good looking guy. I was a great fucking look guy in Ohio. With all due respect you are Ohio podcast. Del Voters Dude. Lima Ohio the the locals there said Lima stood for lost in mid America. The acronym for Lima but in Lima was the hip thing to do. Oh my God we were. We lived around the block from this like theater and it was like a concert. Venue Saturday nights go over there and line dance. I guess it's just Make Fun of it but it you know it's it's probably the best year my life to change of scenery It it built up a callous for you know working at different parts of the country but it was interesting to say the least so you get the body slammers and you start bumping around like again. It time travel if I if I had a time machine I went back and said he work on your cardio before the wrestling school. Don Don. Don't wait till you get to the restaurant school do work on your cardio work bit before you get there and you'll have no idea until you get in that ring and your boss enough those robes back and forth. How fast that you get gassed? I mean and I was. I felt like I was in great cardiovascular shape when I got to Milenko 's bullshit I was shape in shape. And then there's ring shape and whole good Lord. Well here's a good Comparisons like we get there and You know the first week there aboard entering broke and or a couple of boards broke wherever AL GOES TO THE LOCAL HARDWARE STORE. Well the schools on the seventh and eighth sixth and seventh floor and these boards aren't going up the elevator so we had to carry these. These long twenty foot boards strategically up the stairs and I add sucking wind. I am collapsing against the wall. I am you go for a drink of water and it's just going down my shirt. I'm like you know blown up Chris Farley style and Flash Ford couple months into the training another board breaks this time it's just me and out bringing the boards up and we're just lightly jogging up the steps. He looks you notice. You're not sucking on was like a long way kid. It was was the moment where the light went over my house like. Oh well yeah. I'm in better shape now than I was why I guy here. So that was a testament to the training working. How much training with Al You hear stories about a lot of different schools. A lot of different techniques. When Blanco's it was e- you learn how to Russell before you. You did anything you did all the matter staff and then slowly start hitting the robes and then you know months later get on the top rope and you're doing all that kind of stuff. How IS TRAINING WITH AL? Was it one of those. People are showing up and bailing out. Because he's kicking everybody's ass or was it a slow bring along type of situation. Al Was Very I guess. The best word is methodical. You learned one thing. You didn't go into next thing. Until you perfected that that first thing and cooling he had He had date morning classes. And then well mid morning classes and then later on like seven o'clock and I have night classes and I'm living at the gym so I'm doing to. I'm I was a football player. You call two days so I'd work out with the morning class. And even and he would have guys driving down from Canada Detroit. guys coming over from Indiana couple of hour drive from everywhere basically so I got. This is my first time. Interacting with folks from all over the place candidate Indiana alleged stuff and guitar in whatever and I would be working out in the morning and I remember my first workout as clear as day Just a simple get Narang. KNEEL DOWN PUT my hands down like a yoga position but my forehead to the Matt. get up on the balls of my feet kicked one leg over and you know almost like a yoga hit. Hanson and then this talk my Chin and let my body. Take the bump right. I do that and I am destroying like my my heels are hitting instead of flat. It's flights on my feet like so like this is going on. I'm kind of like starting to feel it my shots. I do take a bump. I roll out a ring powder I go into the Commons area and I just sit there and stare at the wall second. I'll give me a few minutes. Then he walks in sits next tomatoes. Okay what's wrong? Just talk and talk to you and yet. Utah is a look. I've been there two at this point. Had he had been in business thirteen years. He's like the gathering the try it again. He wasn't like this drill sergeant. He wasn't a ball breaker. You know he was compassionate. You Know He. And that's why I say became my big brother because I would. This is my first time away from the the the family nest You know and smithson home A month into training. I got a call from my mom that my grandfather had cancer and She's like Grandpa sick but he said don't come home to what you gotTa do a this. Is Your your your goal. You stay there so I was weighing on my mind to During the these training sessions and stuff like that. I had no choice but to get better in ring because I was missing time at home and my grandfather who essentially was dying but from like I said he thirty-five years working at a chemical plant. He had gotten asbestos in the lungs and is affecting them throughout the years so he was my hero and to watch the strongest man. I know you know. Kinda just at a at a weakness like A. I can't think of the word like a volatile or whatever you know just not way. It's like the Dave Girl Song. There goes my hero. He's ordinary you know. Grandfather ordinary the strongest man. He's he was my popeye. You know he was like you know. I wonder cavs big. Yeah I would never complain about being sick or he just went to work. Came home. Drink is beer and sounds like my dad. My Dad Bagel Italian do look like Tony Soprano. And unfortunately he passed away a almost two years ago now but it was the same thing to to see him and I was there when he passed to see this big bear of a Man. That was scared of my data. Revered my Dad Right. I mean but he was guy who I know could knock me through a wall if he fucking wanted to but to see this guy be frail in again human in ordinary and while. This is goosebumps. I it's just it's sobering. It really shows you what life is and how fragile life is no matter how big grandiose or beyond the wrestlemainia stage or any other things most all of us are going to end up in that bed and it's just a very sobering sobering. I mean we're all GONNA end up dead but to be laid up like that you know. I hope like bagging. My wife out of a massive coronary yourself. I don't know that that's going to be the case. Any notable cats that you were training with when you got else man. There's so many I like. I said if if they felt tough enough when AL school would have had to been on. Hbo It was just this Goofy Shit that we did and I went to drive. Dowse knows wrestling school the day after. Us Mania ten massive square garden so the next morning. I'm driving have a couple of hiccups along the way eventually. Get to Lima. And then I guilt elegant the sixth floor. Hi I'M BRIAN FROM JERSEY. Here to see is asked now here and then out comes up because hi Brian. I'm al. I'm leaving you had to drive to like Michigan. Go get like pads for the ring from Dan. Severn or something like that. I was like Oh boy so I'm sitting there with the rest of the students and there's a dude named Pete. The pirate who very interesting Guy Older Gentleman. He had the The Cul de sac haircut. Where it's like you know. They're harangued aside lately balding on and there another guy a the lumberjack Very interesting fellow Very obsessed with other people's heights like if he was next next to somebody taller standard and do the thing with his hand and tried to like. He's a big guy. Free Buddy. How as from Canada Buddy? Tarya six to right just like how all the people that you do. Voices for sound like your buddy who invited you to watch wrestling it. All COMES FULL CIRCLE MED. That do yeah. He's Canadian. He's polite so watch wrestling. Hey Big guy being our would always break balls you we me outstanding Corner Room and watch him I up other people to see how tall they were He had this weird obsession with being taller and other people and then Pete. The pirate was like. Hey you WanNa watch me practice my ring entrance a Mike. Why not and so. What's IT Pete? The pirates ring entrance like. Oh my God he dude. He was forty and nine thousand nine hundred ninety four so I can't imagine where he is at now but glasses that like. If he read a map he could see people waving to him and just thick thick lassus over. Like I don't know what it was he had to. He looked like What's his face times of Ridgemont high with the pirate and or Yeah a bit but Came out to a song by Kansas. That had song the had to do with pirates or sailing. I don't know so I watched it. I sat there. I was like I almost packed. My car. Up and throwback to Lennox man. What am I gonNA end too so we just hung out and I was me Pete. The pirate the LUMBERJACK. And there's more who has Seibu protege Abu. Because they're both from Michigan and Seibu give him a GIG IN W has a referee and he became like the Guy. The referee W that nine one one kept choke slamming Because just because he sold it so well and like he would take go skinny dude so he you know almost lift them up to the. Ceo Nutty Serena Slam through the ring. And look like a murder him and stuff like that so my first night at our school. I didn't even train Like I said I became familiar with the lumberjack. And I watch pete the pirates ring entrance at but it was Steve Peewee more. Who's hey let me show you around? Lima so all right. So we hopped in his car in that week pin terrorist far beyond driven had. Just come out. He's like. I got the new Pan Terry. Put that in the thing and we're just driving around Lima listening to pay. Terry's like all right. Yes yes. And he's like over. Here's the local this and that and we go to the store called Myers or whatever the local is like it was like their low version of Super K Mart where he can buy fishing equipment and groceries. And whatever you want you know I'll go pick up the new madden or something like that. Is that kind of superstore and You know he showed me around and then then the next day we roll around and That's when I became you know started trying trainer with Al and stuff like that. So you got pete the pirate. You got the LUMBERJACK. When you're getting started I know you had names in your head of who you wanted to be of who you saw in the ring. And you had gimmicks worked out. Give us a couple of those early gimmicks that was kicking around or maybe some names that were kicking around your head. Were sitting around and this is fucking horrible. I bought dropped a couple please please. I've got the little E. next to it so we can say whatever the fuck man fucking horrible so one time Lake City. I met a chick on the boardwalk and she made like an offhand remark. Saying I looked like Emilio Estevez at the time. So Oh yeah man. That's a pretty fucking cool. Yeah Kinda got the heart moving and stuff like Oh Amelia. Yeah so so that stuck with me and I was like I can be Brian Estevez or and that lasted one match. That lasted my get match. You know spoiler alert that lasts at one match because I said to my grandma yeah. I'm call myself brightness. She's like you're not Mexican. Say well that does make sense. She had no idea who amelio estimate was sure but she's on. It was on a man. She's like psychology here. You son of a bitch. Let's go yeah. I can your blue eyed blonde. I got bobby mullet. You know so. We were kicking her and then like I am looking through magazines. Serves the name. There's a name Brian Saint John. I was like that sounds pretty good. Brian Saint John. You know Y- do the fifty fifty with the hand like that's kind of cool. You know warn wrestling to work out. You go right to porn. Brian St John's a porn name. Dude you're in and it turned out there. A announcer and Memphis named Brian. Saint John I was like so I thought you know you always think you're the first with something Yeah the first time flash for DC W is coming out the war machine by kiss. He's a young brother. Loved the song machine by kiss and the big old goes Memphis and TESCO. He just has to play Thought he was the warmest and then bigalow know popped up bubble butt kicking around aims wrestled as like Bryson John so I was going to wrestle for blue. I know we're talking about my first match but were since we're talking about names surrounded. It's a time machine bro. And go forward and backwards doesn't matter exactly. It's like Tarantino Movie Fletch. For you know later Seibu would run chose and he would do strictly else no students because he didn't want to have the same guys that everybody else was using and I it was cool. You know because it would give me exposure which eventually helped me when the because he bring him Paulie and Tasr and dreamer so I went to be they already knew me from these Michigan's but Seibu peewee peewee more than like the Brian Saint John. Let's think of another name and we're just you know kicking around the the school and He got audiotapes area. Know like I said he was in the Pan. Tara is like there's like Henry rollins shape like what about Brian Rollins? That's got a good ring to well. Good ring name to it and Eventually I went for. Brian Saint John the Brian Rollins but For my first match is Brian as and And stuff like that. It was like before the Blue Menia was our then. I was a genius. Obviously because one day Al took us all to go. Get Our rain gear and There's this place called. Ah which is about two hours away from body slammers Eliah and they made they made all the WTI. They were the gear people to go to. They made bret heart earthquake. Everybody and we go on this class. Yeah I called a declares trip to go get our gear by this Little House. Middle Ohio and in a garage to have sewing machines. You know the spoils of materials and stuff on walls. There's eight by tens from like the hockey dog manner earthquake and every year. Br Harwood Send Christmas card. It would have himself in the family dressed up in his gear. And you know there was. Send them a Chris Chris. So you're seeing all the stuff in a law and you're just forget your there the by guarantors market now for the stuff on the wall but They would have like a been of gear that people who ordered and then pay for so they just grab grab bag. You know so. I'm looking through to ski on the gear thing. I find a nice single. That's cool. I don't wear trunks. Our singlet and found these paired legs leaper print like SPANDEX. Shorts was like where these underneath it because was a Mark Zoo. Basel I was like I. Here's here's here's genus Consi- about like hobby this Hebrew kid. Oh which you know High Tech Shit. I'm ahead of my time or whatever saying turns out there already zebra kid in pro wrestling disobedience. Somebody else found some trunks. Let's Zebra charge. Like I could do this. I'll be zebra kid somewhere. Alternate UNIVERSE A guy. Not named Brian Estevez. But I you know I had. I bought the singlet. I bought the trunks and There was another company back in the day. If you wanted to get your boots made. There's a company called B. boots which stood for bill boots. Black Bill Ash was a professional wrestler. And then once he had. Nfl career started making boots for the boys. And I think he was out of a Arkansas. And you would just you know trace your foot on a piece of paper measure your ankle your calf all that stuff send it off and then later on a couple of months a month later you got yourself a brand new pair boots or get so. I you know I had like the you know the KNA H Gear and boots. I was I was set right. Dried Estevez's looking good man real queue up the sharp dressed man on the Bam Bam Bam and so Brian Estevez. That was the ring name. That was your first match. You you use efforts match theme of the show for let's talk about. Let's talk about that first match. Well I should call it the for show because I was going to have the match. I was Al School. I was training has come along and start training in March around. May or June The lumberjack Was going to run a show in his hometown where he was going to be the hometown hero and he goes. Hey Buddy runa show. He wanted to be on it. We'll have your first match make. Yeah why not? He has nervous. I'm like why he's like. You're going to be thousands of people there and this is you know my first lesson in a promoter being full of Shit like thirty people in the crowd so the show is going to be in Alma. God I won't say Kitchener Ontario Canada or no or Chatham A -Tario Canada those on -Tario and Sure and Ch He booked Mainly How students and he was going to. Of course of course he was gonNA put himself in the main event And he's going to wrestle this Gentleman named Judge Dredd who was also one of Sabu's proteges Sabah. Judge dredd wrestled and FM. W They'd same town. They grew up together. Train together. At and Seibu brought him over to F. I'M W big dude. Eventually I you know have a match with one match with him over an w because he brought him in EC- before shower too. Well you know the the lumberjack was going to wrestle and of course go over on judge Dredd so needless to say neither. Sabu were judge. Dredd showed up for the show so I was. You know going to have my scheduled match but then later on tonight we're GONNA have our version of the Royal Rumble. Where the lumberjack was going to be the hometown hero and have his big victory. And all this stuff right so Brian ESA was go ahead. Let's just say thirty. People hoisting him up on their shoulders. Just marching around the teeny arena. Wait till I get to that story. I get to that story and somewhere. I got photos of this. Show somewhere So you know he's like a You're going to wrestle this guy. Let me stop doing the voice. It Hurts Jesus. Christ let me get a sip of coffee here. Let me Super copy the apocalypse man. You have you've set a bar now with the voice. I don't know that you can't do the voice I mean. Come on our you quick sidebar to the lumberjack. We all lived at school like it asked no school. We'll get back to my match but also school was like an old Masonic Temple Mike Masonic call. It's two floors. The ring where we trained looked like a miniature Manhattan center where they used to do raw. There's the balcony around. There was a stage with seating where fans so it's like they took the Manhattan Center shrunk it but if you come up to elevators before you go to the where you train where the now auditory is hung right. There's a TV Commons area. Good next thing there's kitchen there's If you made a left Al elevators office then a line of bedrooms you know if you want a crash for tonight and up on Florida's a row of CAFE BEDROOMS. You know that you know the fans couldn't get to or anything like that. So guys would stay at the school instead of like coming down from Canada or if they want to get a week in training you know Steph driving back and forth. They would stay for the week. So guys would put food in the fridge and the lumberjack with eat other people's food what has it can move man right and guys are like. Hey Man I bought this food. I bought it for me. Please don't eat my food. He's like hey made the fridge. Fair Game Bro. Fair game so we're like what the fuck so Us Stephen Students. A student named Steve Nixon Great Guy. Great Wrestler Hellevik. He could have been held occurs away a great guy. I can't I wish more people could seen him and stuff like that. He Stayed Michigan him in this other. Guy Jimmy Jimmy V. Went on to be a personal. He's still personal trainer for The biggest loser one of his students on biggest loser and stuff like that so he does great stuff with fitness. But you know where the other students in the gym. Fuck this guy can keep getting our fuck of Food Steve Nixon and the guys plan make this plan. They make a pie a chocolate pie and put ex lax in pie so One Night Airways training and Steve Worked at a Folks home don't stuff like that so You know Steve Walks in goes. Hey guys you know working at the home. I brought some pies and stuff like that and lumberjack. Perks right the fuck up and goes. Hey Steve what kind of pie he goes. So you know chocolate right on right on cool so training the night session fans and he did lumberjack. Just leave ring like he eliminated from battle royal and just he does. He wasn't known for changing his workout clothes afterwards and even heavy sweater and by he goes right for the fridge and has a slice of pie and stuff like that and Well actually this is the morning session because we had a show that night so he has a slice of Pie and he's eating it and we're we're all like like look like a motherfucker goes back for a second slice. Oh Shit Oh man now so long story short we go on this when you go on this trip and we all load in House van. They're like two vans. We'RE STOPPING OFF SOMEWHERE TO PICK UP AL's brother a con. Who was going to join us. As we're going from Lima to Dayton and we stopped off the pickup AL's brother at this rest up and a lumberjack distort out of this van Iran's into the rest of the rest stop he goes et Al. I used to bear Rick Scott loose spring and his vantage shaken else. And he's in there for like twenty minutes eventually like to. We got to get to the building. Let's you know. Let's let's go right so get to the building. Jumps out of the van runs right to the bathroom. And it's just like it's like dumb. And dumber when he feeds them the the Colin Blower Colin blow. So we get and then. He's in a battle royal and everybody's in on ribs so it's slam the lumberjack time. Pick THEM UP BODY SLAM POON around patterns out goes into The Locker Room hops. The does his business takes a shower. We'd load in and drive back to Lima and he runs. He runs up. You know the goes up to elevate the rental the bathroom now. We knew this is a possibility so we hit the fucking toilet paper in the bathroom so he runs an Arab east on his business and didn't here guys to who can't hear him so he does like the gingerbread man. Walk down the hall guys anybody here. There's no tolliver acres. It goes bathroom because coffee filters and then so lumberjack who is still now easily. Lovable guy but big okay. So he runs to show where I'm going to have my first match any does the. Hey buddy nervous you're going to be three thousand fans and all that stuff we get to the building and you know. It's getting torture Tom. Looking to open the doors. They're like the doors are open. I was like Oh so Here's Ed where the story comes full circle as well as my first match is against a guy named Geza. Common who at the time was wrestling as the Kodiak Kodiak or Kodiak Kodiak bear on the east coast is Kodiak in Michigan but he also trained at Melendez he lived at down in Tampa he trained with the mind goes and all that stuff so the guy who was supposed to go to MOLUCCAS and train instead went to train with Al is now snow scenes wrestling. Malingco schoo- student also so we kinda bonded over the fact domes went to my Linkohr's eventually me and Geza went Went on you know former tag team for a little bit there. 'cause we we had a similar look and stuff like that and it was just. It was exciting time. I told my you know my grandparents. I was going to wrestle At this time I you know my grandfather's sick. I'm still making I would like what's a month. I would make a drive from Lima back to link the family. But you know you know coincidentally per well went on purpose. I would schedule around. W show so I would go home for the week. See the family Saturday rolls around. I go to an ECB shown right after the show. I drive right back to Ohio. You know for like thirteen hour so You know and then my first show comes up and tell my family and like I get a poster to show I mail it back home and all this stuff and then I had the match and the match itself was anything spectacular because as Super Super Green. I start training March. This was in June grasso couple months and Geza was really good at making me. Look strong We're kind of us as ring music and being at UCLA. Mark always loved when nine one one come would come out of. The show slammed people to Edgar Winter's Frankenstein. How come out to that you know and I looked like a kid on. Christmas is a May come out. You know The warring thunder of thirty people you know slap at hands kissing babies all up and we have the match and I have it somewhere but I refuse to watch it just because you know when I watch any of my matches I just look for the the you know the worst part and I eat myself up alive and I'm like Oh my God. This is horrible. I don't know maybe we have you back on at some point. We do a watch along with that. Match was the first match with the film. Doesn't accidentally purpose the strong man if I find it if I find it. It's recorded now that they had this that is that is that is a contract. You decide with me but Yeah the match went match went. Well he carried me the entire match and our kind enough to let me have a in my first match And normally Al probably would have had me lose. But he knew I've sent in this match back home to folks he knew My grandfather was sick and just to give them a little bit of you know excitement. You know with the dire situation of me being there and stuff like that so The match well it was just one of those basic you know he gays a charged them for the a big splash. I moved out of the way school. Boy them up one two three get out of the ring. Raise my hands and celebrate and myself like a lot of people show. This show didn't have guardrails or anything so I rolled out. I go to head back to locker room. But there's no guardrail this show me Gar. Worthwhile is so I start heading to the front of the building where the entrance where the marks come through. And I'm no no the other way to other people who are also having their first match on the show pretty much did the exact same thing and like that and then like I said lumberjack was supposed to wrestle. Judge Dredd so we're going to have this royal rumble which is technically my second match by my first show so you know since we're already here talking about the show ended. Lumberjack and the lumberjack is just like what am I going to do when I'm I going to do well? We'll have this royal rumble. You'll win. Whatever but he like he's going around me to people. Hey guys let's do this. Hey guys and we're all just like what the fuck man and you know as me hours in it. Scott d'amore impact was in it. He had been in business like five years at the time he was on the show A few other people offic Dan. Several was on this one but We're like fuck it. When his music hits and he comes Lorraine Growth Rome right the fuck out so he says this whole thing up for him to go over by the way right. It's it's his show where he was gonNA put himself in. The main event beat judge dredd in his hometown. Front two thousands of people minus twenty seven hundred seventy of them and then And then like they know show because they knew this guy was gonna put one hour so they you know now he's going to win this battle. Royal being insufferable about it. So he He was a lumberjack so he came out to jackals lumberjack and ran ran ran ran ran. Of course he did. Of course he did so. We're all in the ring I'm down on my back selling and it's either Scott the more or one of the other guys choking me this battle. This whole thing was like a big goofy thing like what am I single. Add like a pair trunks. Al pulled my trunks off and put them over my head and he's got found. There's a photo me when my chunks trunks over my face getting choked out by or whatever so you know five four three two Barabara and so we're all we all got the side. I own Apron. He comes up. He comes down. He slapping hands. He's the hometown hero. He gets up on the Apron puts his leg through the rope and everybody stops what they're doing into starts rape forum shit. I'll probably broke. All K- K was destroyed. We just got them. And we're thrown out and you hear Echos guys supposed to win guys guys and through and he standard ago. He's standing on outside. A you know wide eyed mouth open. Gosh he goes into the Locker Room. He goes somebody. I'M GONNA go back out there. Somebody gave me a mask or like right. So you're going to put on a mask wearing the same gear. Nobody's going to know as we ain't give me a man so eventually he. He thought gays my opponent. I was like the culprit behind his runs. Entering and shoot eliminates Geza. And they start brawling around ringside. Or whatever like that. But it's one of those stories that we have me and now still talk about to this day where you know right like the music hadn't even stop before his feet hit the ground here like go. That's amazing yeah. That's that that's Casper. Show dude that's a kick apps for show you and over you take the promoter at. That's when I kinda knew I was always growing up I was always in apar- part of the the misfit class Whether would be in grade school and the teacher from across the hall. Come to have to ask our teacher to help us. Keep it down because they couldn't study because we were too rowdy so I got in the Restaurant Business. I guy around you know. I worked in casinos working graveyard shift with those misfits looking for loose change on the floor. You know just you know you. You figure any movie like slap shy or major league and stuff like that. I've lived at Daas weather in grade school or working to see knows the wrestling business of always been up around characters that and I always find myself attracted people were characters. Where whether they're full of Shit or not you know it just. I've genuine people to sure like yourself and But like the business is giving me more than I've ever asked for it. I never made a million dollars financially but I got paid royalty royally Ian Experience in good friendships and stuff like that. What would you say your favorite moment in the business to date is for you that thing that just stands above everything else like the million dollar question there There's so much cool stuff between you know. I mean the first big thing I really got to do was be a part of Mick Foley Fair wealthy. Cw He he was so kind to me. It's Stevie to have us be a part of that era ascend now. His last moment in the release w was with me and him and he used us to play a rebel in the crowd where he did this whole big speech of you know the People. I bring guys out here. They're innovators one. He's building up like he's Gonna. Bring Todd and Paul out. He goes the Blue Stevie Richardson. We'd just run out and we do. The you know the Rockets Ken Ken as they're playing New York New York and stuff like that and we Fargo Strut out building. I mean I've seen the video obviously and I mean just do so fucking cool man. I'm a year and a half in the business and I'm in my hometown. Fed and what promotion you know back in the day we we called every promotion of the is but I mean my hometown fed in my in my hometown. You know literally two minutes from my house entering with Mick Foley and my career has just begun and it. That kind gesture of him. Doing that. Legitimate made me look legit and the eyes of the W. Fan Yeah I wasn't just some Schlub. They you know they brought out and stuff like that Just the fact. I was paired with Raven Stevie to mean was bidding big street. Cred with W fans but for the you know I was already had that way but for Mick to bring us out and do that whole spiel. In his last appearance I mean. He's literally wearing his mankind boots in the ring. You know breaking them in any CW and you know he's working. Mikey and know had this big emotional match big emotional farewell and he decided to have us. A part of it was storybook. That's surreal dude. I mean it's just surreal crazy. Yeah so so I mean between that. And the WWW. And I gotTa do have my wrestlemainia while my only wrestlemainia moment moment in my hometown of Philadelphia debuted for being Philadelphia debut for WWe in Philadelphia wrestlemainia moment in Philadelphia in the city. I was born. I mean what more can you ask? That's amazing what's your goals here for the next year once we get through all this shit that's happening in the world right now. What your goals. I mean we're GONNA see back in the ring again maybe Swamp zombies you jump in for the third installment what. Here's a funny story a dude. I did the movie swamp Zombie with Dan. Severn right was the end and somebody else. That will talk about a minute. We that's good we don't have to. I don't speak name just because I'm afraid it'll show up like beetlejuice good. I boldly went where I remain went before. And I don't need to revisit that but Swamp zombies There's a great director out of Erie Pennsylvania Kapuscinski and he had me in swamp zombies so it turns out he went and had swamp zombies who swamp zombies to again the mouth And I'm looking through it and there's my buddy from eighth grade in high school. My Buddy Justin Daniels is in the movie swamp zombies to like somebody I grew up with. He's Justin Daniels Amazing Guitar Player. He Ban Kha our say like Like a groove metal band called Solace here out of New Jersey. I'll send you some stuff. Really get stuff They tore overseas all that good stuff. Well he gets put the movie. I'm like how serendipitous is that like somebody. I went to grade school with I've in the first one. He was in the sequel. Not knowing that we both knew len. It's like I've had. I've had so many instances in my life where like forget six degrees of Kevin Bacon six degrees of meany. Where like Oh my God? How do you know these people How my friends Know Each Other? I didn't even know they knew each other until like some kind of face. It's such a small world man. It is such a small world I remember talking to Wyndham to Bray Wyatt in. Guess you had run into. This is years ago now. You had run into him at a show and you brought me up like Jesse. And so he came back. He's like he's like. I didn't know you knew Brian. I'm like yeah it was like you. We've been buddies text buddies for years. Now you know because I was a total fucking mark and you know luckily wizard commit your Heroes Man Mitchell heroes because blue meany Brian. Have Ron one of the coolest like I said the beginning one of the coolest fucking dudes now this because you you make sure that you take care of your people in you can see that. It's not just for a radio guy or for a pod you know because I'm not a radio guy anymore but for a podcast guy. You still took the time to do this to to give me over an hour of your time and that's got a lot going on even though everything's kind of shut down. You still got a lot going on. You're doing other podcasts. Speaking of let's go back to my to the meany Josh Shirt off. Who is your co host on the show? Yes An and this is not a bad thing. So don't don't take this bad and I don't want him to take this bad either but whenever I listen to the show. He sounds like Max from goof troop and it's and it's one of my favorite shows an. I Still Watch Pawn Disney plus right. I watched it last night again. I love goof troop an electric goofy movies. I'm just a Disney mark but same. He sounds like Max from goof troop and you're welcome because that's all you're going to hear now every time you talked man cursed it you curse it. But he's not rate he does such a great job. You guys do such a great job. Thank you so much. A you know People have always said to me when you go to a podcast. It's either when you go into a podcast when you're gonNA write a book because I got stories but I go to write a book and then something distracts me go. There's a Goldfish You know something to throw me off track or stuff like that but and I say this you know to every young wrestler you. Are you represent who breaks you in or who you're associated with? Al Snow broke me in everything. I do. Good or bad reflects on snow so I do some good. Hey Your Kid Day. Good do bad they go. Hey man what's up your boy boy right so I'm like if I'm going to a podcast. I need somebody that a. I can not only have a good conversation with but I don't have to worry about them going out into the world or social media and saying something stupid because then that comes back home may came any. What's up with your your guy here. What's he doing right so speaking? Amel W Less MSW show here in Philly Josh was that and I seen Josh all the time. We're always conventions and stuff like that. He'll interview me. He was doing stuff with Bill Apter and we always had a good rapport. And he's he's real quick witted is really funny east east fluid and sarcasm like me and just we always hit it off and there was one moment. He's he's doing a show for EMEL. W right now I mean For TV search Josh Off. And we're doing an interview and then after interview goes. Hey Man I ask you this question. I hope you didn't take it the wrong way. I didn't I didn't know if I was being. I felt like I came off as mean-spirited I really didn't mean to being mean spirited as well that was nice of you to say I mean I I didn't take it away but thank you. Thank you for saying that. I appreciate that so one night. I'm driving home. And this whole thing in the podcast is on my head. I go again. A light bulb goes off over my head. I go fucking Josh Josh. It makes perfect sense. He's from he's from Philly We he's viewed countless times. We've always had this great conversation own camera. Why can't translate over to and I talked to other people about doing podcasts. To and they're like what's your format and I I don't I don't WanNA format you know. I don't WANNA I don't WanNA paint myself into a corner. Put myself in the box. You know because you know if you're a show that strictly guest driven you run out of guests. Why don't let's not jinx? It's way too early to jinx. I love doing this week. So don't worry hoping million guests. This is great But I was like dude you know I want to talk strictly wrestling because if the business goes on the dance cycle and I got to talk about stuff that sucks and I'm screwed so I don I want to talk about I. You know talk about wrestling. I love music. I love movies. I love useless trivia. Talk About Sports. Something might trigger like you could say some trigger a thought my head ACA GONA thirty men diatribe about something like there's a couple times during this interview alone. You said things that is like I got hot back because if I if I don't say that it's going to eat away at me. That's why we call the PODCAST MINDED. Amini. It's dude me and Josh. Go and t teach well. I said why not Josh here. I go again shopping around ago. Why Not Josh? I slid into his dams and a K man. You went to a podcast. He's absolutely from the like. He's been a machine. Josh not spend machine he went got everything lined up with the podcast YouTube. The proper paperwork all this stuff and we legit go into each episode enough in the talk about and he he'll do the the the only thing retinas day opening The verbiage welcome to the mind and meaning he goes meaning. What's up and it's the first couple of minutes is like the opening of a match where we're like locking up feeling each other out and listen to the crowd and then like he'll say some and if I if it triggers a I go off on that if I say some he'll think of something and he'll go for that and free no we were like. Oh we'll do. Our last show was like two hours of forty five minutes just because we have chemistry there. And it's it's my goal for this. Podcast is to be a companion piece for those people who are either traveling or you know either on a flight or in a car you know driving down the road for wwe and he cw. Sometimes I'd be driving by myself and you're lonely man. I just need something to stimulate me and you turn on like art bell the old art bell and even whether he believed or knives theater of the mind brilliant dude for radio again me being a radio guy for twenty four years. Yeah I mean guys like are I mean the way he would paint a picture? My fucking God dude. Just amazing and before you know half trips gone and art talk to you through it. And that's my goal you know and you don't have the is. It could be some. You can listen to an hour today or tomorrow with it's there for you and it's just two guys in room talking and you can sit in there like you're Outta Barstool. Listen to guys talk to it. Always just going to say that it feels like was hanging out with your boys. Having a couple beers I listen to you in the morning. I I'll go out and go walk on the beach and just walk up and down the beach and I'll have you guys on. It'll be listening. That's gained a lot so I mean again. It's it's quality man. It's a lot of fun and I'm all about the scattered -ness of it. I mean that's yes this. This is formatted because it's different but all the radio shit when I've talked to on the Radio. I mean this is exactly what I did and factor on still doing. I'm just bringing people on the show now but having that scattered train of thought but then kind of landing someplace and you guys always. Do you find a landing spot and you stick the landing and you move on and I always look forward to the next week so minded the meaning you can find it on all the pod casting platforms iheart in pod being stitcher and I tunes just go. Put in mind of the meany. You're going to see a cool little graphic with the means brain. It's fucking cool so make sure you go and subscribe. Please let me if they were like. And subscribe to this podcast. Hopefully one of your favorite podcast. It is first match meany dude. This has been an absolute pleasure. I appreciate you coming on the show and we're going rotate you back through because we are definitely going to be watching that first match together. Seriously man this is. This has been a pleasure I didn't have to think I didn't have to struggle. Word is just like Dude I was I I got up early like I can't wait to do this so three you. GotTa you gotTa good thing going here. It's I can't wait to hear the other episodes so Yeah I'm definitely I'm definitely loving it. So thank you for having seen. That's GonNa do it wrapping up another episode of first match. Thank you for joining us. Also thank you once again to Brian. Half round the blue mini for entertaining US WITHOUT KICK-ASS BACK STORY. And don't forget if there is a wrestler. You want to hear on the show. You GotTa hit me up at Jesse Cage on Twitter J. E. S. E. K. A. G. E. Tag. Mian tag your favorite wrestler put. Hashtag first match and boom. I'll do everything they can to get your favorite wrestler right here on first match if your favorite wrestler slash announcer happens to be savior of misbehavior. Corey graves then. I June fourth. You're going to be really fucking excited because Corey graves can be right here on first match taking us all the way back to the beginning of his career and then a lot if you know anything about Corey graves a lot of twists and turns that have taken him now to the down announcing table getting corey graves June the fourth right here on first match now before he totally wrap up on a thank another one of our sponsors George Apprentice Georgia print house dot com. 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