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Hello and welcome to good podcast about jokes. Each episode a guest comes on to play a clip of one of their jokes, and then discusses how they wrote it and how it fits into what they're trying to do with their comedy. This week's guest is say Sloan stand up comedian and host of the podcast that black ash show. Don't say has appeared on this podcast before in our cluster fest panel with Trevor Noah and the daily show correspondents juicy still works at the daily show, but this episode. We're talking about her terrific. Stand up comedy. Stemming from her background as a theatre actor don't say has an uncommonly captivating stage presence. Some comedians need to stop around the stage to get people's attention, but don't say just stands resolute, and you can't look away. This effect is magnified by her slow deliberate way of presenting material. All of this is on display in the joke. She chose for this interview that she told an appearance on Conan in October. Two Thousand Nineteen is about her views New York City. Say Muse Ironically as actually deal. Say hates the city which she currently lives in so frigging much to appoint that she dedicated. Dedicated first third of her comedy central half hour special to how much she dislikes New York especially after moving there from Los Angeles and growing up in Atlanta, a shorter version of the joke, the center of this episode appeared in that Comedy Central Special taped in January of two thousand nineteen, so they will see its growth that she worked on it over the next year. So here's that final version and here is still slow. Doing listen so. Two years ago, I was forced to move to New York, because of success. And I hate that place. Oh Jesus. I hate that place 'cause God. Forbid wanted them Yankees fans. I'm not from their. Boo Bodega House standing in line for one of those E coli, sandwiches. And a woman behind me goes. What's happening to me right now? There's another wonderful day in new. York she's like way from you. Don't sound like fun new young, because they all sound like witches to me. It's like no Ma'am I'm from the south. What do you mean and that's a new? York Ma'am there forty nine other states. Well I mean. What are you doing here? Ma'am I'm just trying to get one of these dangerous sandwiches. How can I help you? Well. You must be so glad to be New York WanNa hell, but I'd be glad to be in New York. What a South is so racist a south to sell racist? You in the part of the south to start that Canada Anzac Mexico. Last time I checked America's raise. The she goes yeah right, and then she hobbled out of this. Well. This is the thing I know. The North is more racist than north they split up white. Folks got neighborhoods Italian neighborhoods. I live in a Greek neighborhood. Kind of deep cut. A white is Greek. Where did you get these maple? Ours in Italian and Greek in the south why nobody cares! I don't care what flag occasions live under. Go buy a house and sit down. Brandon, don't nobody. I'm here with the meeting by the joker. Just heard, say Sloane, thank you for being here. Thank you for having me so I wanNA, talk a bit about New York generally you know. What is your first memory of it before you moved here for the daily show in two thousand seventeen. Had you come to New York before? Have you ever considered moving here? I'm a come in I was breaking a theater in Pennsylvania. In quakertown Pennsylvania doing summer stock theatre so basically it's when dear to companies just have like a summer run of shows I was working there between my junior and senior year of college and I. Think we got the weekend off for like a Memorial Day maybe in so that was the first time I ever came to New York and after hearing about new. York for so long, and it's greatness in its that, and then I get here and I said to my friend. I I came to Disneyland, but the rides were off shore and I'm just like I. Don't understand what the big deal is and that's when I learned that. I wasn't a fan of the city. That's what I learned at the tender age of twenty that the city's trash, so you know just being out all day in a white shirt in my shirt, being filthy Blowing my nose and look like welding for six hours. The lack of air conditioning in summertime, so it was very much like I'm not a fan, and then I didn't come back again until twenty sixteen lead a comic Picky O'Leary at. A comedy? Festival, on North Carolina it. We got to be good friends, and he just moved to L. A. and I was on the road touring and got a break. Like April or May and she was like well. Just come to New York for two weeks. You can stay with me and she actually lived a mile from where I live now in New York. Brooklyn had been to yonkers had been in Manhattan, had been said been all over just in the two times that I'd come and I was like. Oh! Queens actually story since I live here now but I've been here two times before and just solidified that this is not a place for me. So you're born in Miami you grew up in Atlanta, and then after college. You started. Stand up, Atlanta you then move to La and then as I said for the day I'll show. You moved to New York. What are your first survey? Shins about living in New York as it? New Yorker. The city, trying to kill you on a daily basis Is the first thing that I learned, but I think the most annoying thing. Is just people's overall. Very, staunch objection to people saying that they don't like the city. I think is a very odd thing. That people are so. Caught up in either being from here or saying there from here. But it seems to be when people move to New York. You know it's one of those cities who dream of moving to like I made it. I moved to New, York or made it I moved to La, but the difference kind of seems to be that. People move away. They just moved to La when people moved to New York. They have to go through some trial by fire to become a New Yorker. And I was like this is a very odd thing to me where it's just like you have to prove yourself to a city. It just seems weird to me because I. Don't like going Toe to toe with the municipality. Not I was born to do not made for that, and so I think when you make something your identity than when I say I. Don't like the city people taking so personally because it feels like a personal attack. Where are you talking about it on stage immediately or whenever you started started doing standup living in new? York where you mean like this place is trashed, and you guys all have Stockholm Syndrome like. Was it a thing that immediately felt like you should talk about onstage. I am but tendency to talk about things that affect me things that are at the forefront of my mind in so the things that were at the forefront of my mind were. Everyone talks about how it's hard, but it's always the she's got to go through. You've got to get through it and it was just. You know I couldn't find the grocery stores that I wanted to go to it. was you know all of these things that were difficult like I grew up eating. Mexican food going grocery stores where I could find Mexican products, Latino products, and so you know seeing how split up the city is, but then people telling me all the time you know on perpetuating this idea that the south is the only place in America. That's racist. That was annoying to me because I've experienced more racism outside of the south. Then I've experienced in the south, but also grew up in Atlanta. So you know I grew up around black people and white people who are accustomed to being around black. People, I group in a different environment. And I grew up in a very diverse environment so. Being in L. A. and being in new. York it. was you know when I got to? La I used to tell jokes about how like I'm layin couldn't find the black people they got. I don't know where they are. And then. You know coming to New York. It was kind of the same thing were just like. Everybody split up in the not split up like this in a lot of places, so it was immediately talking about this is what I've observing. This is what I'm feeling. This is what I'm seeing so once. I started getting like my sea legs of you know. Does nightmare Just, really talking about. That had gone. Do is to scene or stuff that people said to me. In the joke, the cone you talk about an interaction. You had dago with a woman. Is that based on a real event or is that just sort of like? A place to set a sort of experience that you were having. Data joke is a collection of multiple experiences. That I've had it kind of culminated into this one. Saying or it's like you know people always telling me about these Bodega. Learning about them and use no, it's. 'cause it's the corner. Store that sells food in my mind is like this food can't be. Safe everyone can't be meeting. Healthcare codes like there's just not. The one around the corner from my house for a long time. They had a cooler, but it wasn't cold. Some, we're keeping US Delhi. This cooler isn't I'M GONNA die in here, so there's data interaction or sometimes meeting people who live in New York their whole lives. And its tunnel vision where they just can't imagine. Them interacting with someone WHO's not? From here, yeah. And it's like I can't believe you're not from New York man their forty nine of this. What are you talking about? Also there's so much tourism in the city. What are you talking about? So? That was one conversation that I had with someone or people wanting to say well, you know new. York's dot is racist that and it's just like. It would just mean meting multiple people having multiple conversations in kind of just all culminated into this one conversation for this bit. In, general, what does like writing a joke? Look like for you. I mean I think forever convenient. It's a little bit different of how much it's actually writing words down. How much just talking on stage and remembering it you know. How does a thing like this of all? My process is different from different comics because I. Have performance background. So, a Lotta Times as soon as I think of a joke, a lot of comics right and right a bit over and over to they feel like the wording is perfect. And then they do it on stage me. If I get the framework in the idea of you know the premise, setup with the punchline is going to be I. Perform it as quickly as I can. Just, because the whole point is to perform in anyway. And how the audience reacts is going to tell me. where the Latte it's like I know where the punchline is, but sometimes there's little things that you can say in a setup of joke that end up. Being funny like I have certain bits, which just I'm just telling what happened, and I've gotten laughs in the setup of jokes because it's this is just how my brain works, but that also ended up being a fun thing that the audience Enjoyed so for me, it's soon as I. Get an idea I wanna go, perform it and work it out Are there specific places? Are you deliberate about I'm thinking about your colleague at the daily show Roy with junior who like very deliberate about how he goes to different rooms for different things are. Are you since so much about the interaction with the audience? Are you thinking about like Oh if I for this joke to make sense I needed do. These specific places or or anything like that? You have to remember the Roy Junior robot. Alien. Roy is very technical. About how he works, no one works. Like Roy no one. No one works Roy. So with me. It's just. I WanNa try this as many places as possible. To See if it works because there's just certain jokes that are just funny. To you. And there's always going to be things that are just funny to you. In no matter how many times you try out on stage with audience tried front of. It's just funny to you, and sometimes it's a comic. You have those bits you just like I know, they're not gonNA, laugh at this and I don't care I just said this for me. Because I'm doing a six show weekend and I want something that makes me laugh while I'm in the middle and all of this. But I just try to work it as often as I can. I don't always have like a specific place in mind. So I want to walk through the joke and I should say you do version of this joke and your comedy central half hour as well which was filmed I think nine months, or so before your code and set, so it's interesting there, sir, small differences that can kind of reveal how this sort of joke evolved in its later stages in your half hour. You sort of. Have this conversation. Where just like sometimes people say this? Where were you have sort of exchange? Where in the cone set your very deliberate about forming it like a story and having sort of an interaction with the woman, and it's more of a scene. Can you talk about either sort of how that evolved or you sort of what you like better about structuring it more of a as like a full scene or story? Well on the CONAN. Nine months later, so I had gotten to. The joke had developed more, but also in the half hour. I had to cover. More jokes. That a longer amount of time in, so it's some jokes I did shorten a little because I wanted to be able to talk about more things. And also as a comic, you have your. Your five minutes your ten minutes. Set Your fifteen thirty. In the near forty five forty five hour. So There are some jokes that I would tell where it's. All right I've got more time or I've got less time. In this situation actually ended up being in the shorter set. I did a longer version of the joke. But after doing the joke more. Because before it was just working the half hour work in the half hour, so had the joke, but I was just working at half hour, and then after doing the half hour, but that was still a new joke. I'm like well. I have it did it for the half, hour. But. Let's see if I keep working this joke. How much more I can fit it. Like what more can I do with it? You see what I'm saying so after messing with it in tweaking it and seeing you know. How much more can I interact with the woman? What morale's could I learn? What else can I say? By the time we got to the CONAN's that I'd got to a point where I had a little bit more that was in it. And I had to make the decision to our one. Do the shorter version of it or do I wanna see how would seem 'cause for me? I liked having joke of added. More depth to it night expanded it some more and I'd like being able to perform that on Conan, because I liked that joke, your you know. The woman's voice had changed and develop more, and you know I was able to have a longer conversation with her, and but is able to put more little joke. Some more little tags in so. From where it was in the half hour. I like where it is in the half hour. But. After you on doing that job on talked to a couple of comics, and they were like you know see what more you can put in. See how much more you could mess with because you know sometimes with jokes, it's you know I'm trying to get all the juice out of the orange. It's this is all I can do with this, but with this one. It was like I could really tell a bigger story I could really show more interactions. I can really show you know my disdain for this woman. This woman disdain for me and I tried a couple of different endings. Because at some point, it didn't have an ending just stopped. All right. How's this conversation? And was? There was times I was working at where it's like. The joke ended not ended up being the bad guy. I can't be the bad guy in the situation. This woman accosted me. She's talking Shit. How do I get to this ending? And so by the time I got to do in Conan then it was like okay. Now I got to the ending one so I wanNA go through sort of not line by line, but sort of the order that to see what you like about certain parts of how those ideas came to you, you know the joke opens with two years ago. I was forced to move to New, York, because of success, which is a line that you've had for a while. I feel like how you introduce a lot of new. York material. What do you? What do you like about that phrasing? Feel like it tells the audience that you like. I'm always been a big fan of Bayton switch I'd I watch a lot of British murder mystery. Into so you know because I never wanted to live in New York. In my life in my life, my goal was to never live here. And I knew for work I was going to have to be here. Because I come to New York once I started doing standup fulltime and put a sixteen hours coming here all the time shooting stuff Between Two thousand sixteen twenty eighteen dislike eight episodes the comedy. Knock out, so I was coming here all the time for work, and you know shooting other projects doing other things so I knew I was going to have to come here to work I. Just never know that My. Paying rent here. That's what I never in just like you know in the back of your mind, and just like I know I'm going to end up living here. I knew I already knew it I already knew it this. Just how work goes yeah. And so basically it was just how. My brain processes it. Where it's like I, never wanted to move here, but I had to move here because of a good job So I'm my mind. It's I was forced to move here. Because of success and I. You know I got an email from somebody and it was just like. Oh. You don't like New York. Like you came here for success. How dare you talk about the city and I usually don't respond, but I was just in Corona, brain and I. Just emailed her back I. don't care. I don't care. Again it just goes back to people just Cape Them for the city so hard, but it's just like. Yeah just. because. It's a good opportunity to be there. Like one of my friends who grows up here is always talking shit about La I'm just like I'm sorry. Don't like sunshine and beaches. What are you saying? You sound stupid? It sounds stupid. Odd, but like people are faking. Oh, because people here are better what he stop it. Stop it! You just want to hate because people love to hate La. This is the thing about people from La. They don't care yeah new. York is always. It's very interesting to me because people like L., a. and people like so. An. I always thought it was interesting, but yet lying came about where just like. That's just my brain's way of processing. Thousand is a funny thing via like you're forced into a situation because something good happen to you. Let's not being forced into situations happens. Usually good things don't happen when you're forced into something So that's the other thing I just thought it was a funny juxtaposition of words. 'cause it always jolts the audience like ours force him. Oh, no, because of success. Wait what what? She hold on high because I can see the audience go. Those things don't match. At all, and that's my favorite way to put things together. I imagined so so good at like at the beginning, earning confidence of people who it's like I'm successful. I immediately am in control of this. It's like a good introduction to make sure the audience listening. Yeah because I. had a comic saving me one time like I was doing a show in Atlanta in the crowd was so rowdy so drunk so loud. and. I started speaking because what most comics do is when crowds around, you'd like that. They try to yell over the audience speak, louder. But that makes the audience speak louder so now we're in a competition fifteen. The basically, just almost yelling, his whole set a fun thing to watch because he got off stage exhausted. But one thing. I started doing that. I didn't even notice I was doing and I. Think Because I've done theater for so long. Is I understood the power of volume? When it comes to attentiveness. So we had a really rowdy crowd in as opposed to. Yelling over them I started speaking more quietly. And I didn't notice it and I got off stage in another comp like. When you drop your volume. They stopped talking. As it, yeah, because I was A. Year. What do you mean these? Comics yell over the crowd. You dropped your volume down so since you dropped your volume down. They started paying attention. and. I didn't realize that I did it. In the next time it happened, and I did it. I was like. This is what he was saying because I'd been performing for so long theater instincts kind of kicked in. Because like a lot of times you do children's shows. When the kid starts to get real rowdy, you bring your volume down. Because if you can hear someone at a regular volume, you can just talk over them because you're not paying attention, but when someone brings the volume down. When someone's whispering to you, they're trying to tell you something important. So, you're natural. Instinct is to go wait. They dropped their, would they? Would they say week or they? Would they say what they say? So you're natural, instinct is to pay attention when someone drops volume. So that's one of the things that I kind of. Have just figured out. Just performing in having that kind of background, where it's like no matter where I've been all over the country all over the world as you have a rowdy crowd. As an adult yelling at a group of adults people, some people resent that. So you can't come in with the wagging of the fingering, you guys I got a two drink minimum. I spent too much to be here. You're not gonNA yell at me. So. It's kind of giving the audience a decision. But it's like either. You can lower your voice. Or you can hear what I'm saying. But I'm not going to yell at you all adults in here. Dealing with an audience comic, dealing with an audience as a theater performance different because there's a fourth wall. So, I've had the audience watch me. And perform, and then I've had it when directed with them, so it gives you a different perspective. But it's interesting that you you. You essentially have figured out. I mean it's like I'll say that that sort of pacing and your use of volume modulated. It's like I think of the definitive dossier Sloan. Technique or like when I think of your comedy I think of that, and it seems like you're to figure out a way to sort of recreate. A dynamic, that makes sense for how the audience should behave. Your like your job is to listen to me. That's how I know. Auditors should behave. Let me make sure I. Could and your instincts wise? Forget a way to sort of recreate that. By talking quieter talking slower pausing if it if it means, they need to catch up. It's Is it, does it. Do. Feel like ultimately because you do that. You were able to sort of recreate. A similar sort of relationship to the audience where they they do listen to you in a way that you feel like they should. Yeah, because sometimes you have crowds that are just not gonNA. Some crowds just aren't gonNA. Listen. Yeah, and it's. Your their background noise sometimes. And sometimes comics resent that. where it's like. They came. They came to the show I, won't. They? Shut up and just like they just wanted to be somewhere. In May, just happen to come to where your job is. Just wanted to be somewhere, so I try not to have disdained for an audience. You know sometimes you go to shows. And it's a big room like say it's an open mic or even like a book show. There's only fifteen twenty people there. Or even ten. And a lot of comics like Oh, we could have done this in my living room and get on. They'll they'll be. that. There's not a lot of people there in after like three or four comics doing that I sometimes go. Thank y'all for coming Because we have saying this to each other to ourselves. I'm not GonNa Shit on the fact that there's twenty people here because we could have been saying this zero people. Insert kind of like to not feel like sometimes like I. Call them like anti crowd Dj's. DJ's they'll start playing a really popular song in a everybody gets up and then they'll switch. To a song that no one's heard of it, they enjoy. In I'm like this is literally not your job. This is literally not your job. Your job is to keep the party gone. And so sometimes we give the audience too much credit. Sometimes you don't the audience enough credit. You know been on shows where all of us have just like these outdoor shows that we're doing now. I was in one in Brooklyn like two weeks ago and was outdoor show at a brewery and the. The man that building across the street I guess in appreciated. There was outdoor comedy, so he started playing salsa music very loudly, so he's blasting salsa music thin. There is fireworks going off every thirty minutes then there's buses coming by every twenty minutes then there's various cars rolling by in motorcycles. And then this was the first weekend that like everybody had really been out of their house after quarantine. And so the audience just has puppy energy, so they're happy just to be out into. See each other, so it's the audience isn't listening. There's music blasting this fireworks going on. There's multiple vehicles drying Bhai. Nobody is listening. Nobody's listening. One point I looked at the booker. I was just like I. Think you need an intermission? As he I think we all need just a moment. I think they need to be able to talk I. All just race at for second, and she's like you going up, absolutely, not no. I've done. Stand up at almost. The fourth or fifth fourth time of the stand up in four months I. Am not put myself through this. No, no! It's some of the comic book. They're not listening and I was like we have to acknowledge why they're not listening. They finally got to come out of their houses. You know. We made it literally are happy to be alive. You're happy, not be afraid for that three hours. Just be out around people, and then you're having a drink in It's like in. We're happy to be out. Be Able to perform against which is like we have to acknowledge where they are. And like doing outdoor shows like listen. We have worked in months and we're all like we don't know what's going to happen. In these outdoor shows are a new thing and last night. I decided to stay I'm just like. Whatever comes out of my mouth is whatever comes out of my mouth. 'cause I have to acknowledge. I think this is one of the Times where everyone's really looking at the audience and ourselves going. We've all been through a lot. We've all been very scared for very long time. How do you reconcile these things? How do we is our new normal sitting outside because we literally can't be endorsed. Back to the joke, the E coli sandwiches part. What is that Joe Communicate for you? What do you like about? Calling the Mykola sandwiches. On that goes back to the data near my house, having a cooler with lunch meeting, but cooler wasn't called. Yeah, but I also feel like the Sacramento friends as you're telling me every single Bodega in the city. The food, is. Safe. Every single one. Police had multiple recalls and that is a chain. So every single privately independently owned Bodega. This food is safe. I refuse to believe that. Rave. To believe that. I've been food poisoning from chain restaurants before, so no not GonNa believe everything. You're safe, so that's what it comes from. Being a skeptical a bogus, so then we meet this woman, and as you mentioned, it's interesting to watch this sort portrayal evolve as an actor. How do you approach this moment? How do you sort of inhabit this character? I just see her as that. You know the old lady you see who you can tell lived in the city her entire life. And You know it's an older lady who kind of you know. She's got her cane. Her Walker and You know how no matter how far a lean you know it's. She's got the Old Lady Kinda like lean. His shoulders forward. she's got like that. Rolling Walker and you know no matter what happens. She's still going to go the four flights up to her apartment. I don't know how she does. She does it every time. it and that's why. I said that you know that line where talking her voice, and it was like because they all sound like which is to me, because they do. That's what a witch sounds like to me. Like. That's what that's what I've been shown. And so that's what I. I wanted to create the image of that you know. Old, woman, if I couldn't do the physicality over like. Her voice. 'cause involve interact like if you've been in new. York interacted with a woman sounds like this. Yeah, and so I wanted to do. Her voice was like. Oh, no, exactly the old lady you're talking about. You mentioned the sort of because they all sound like which is part follows like A. Classic Sloan! Thing where you say because you know I'm talking about you have like. I went to the grocery store the other day to buy food, because I'm human or ice to live in La because. You sort of stew. A lot of because is a big word for you. I don't know if you noticed that. I think those are just tags. That are kind of us. Like! Silly aside moments in my brain. Used to live in, La is use leads me man. It's just me going. This is just how my brain goes. His final thing that I thought about. It is like a little tag on a setup. Usually usually, it's like you said a thing. That's not a joke. Let me get a little joke in there while I sort of continue on with my trajectory. Yeah I think as you know because. When I started Big, Kenny Jonsson Mentor me. DOING STAND UP In, so. Because he'd come doing. No black rooms urban rooms. You have to have a laugh every thirty seconds just how the rooms go. You know 'cause started I would be in. You know mainstream rooms white runs. And you'd see a guy. Do a one minute to minute. Setup joke without a laugh and I'm like this would not fly. In a black robe. Because the pacing black rooms is different. and. We all know the difference between you know seeing certain comics how they're setups were I can tell you know which clubs in work doom and or How the their style coming up so for me is the kind of that we're keeping to that. I like to have little laughs as building up to a punchline. And I think with those little asides. On setups in premises. It's giving the audience that little. That little laugh. WHO's in my mind is like the idea of just stacking the laughs. Like this little piece in this little piece in boom, here's a big thing, but along the way because I also think if people have those little laughs. They're paying more attention. Because I've seen setups. Premise was from just like y'all do I know this joke I quit listening. So in the comedy, central presents or the half hour woman goes. You're not from New York. What do you mean you're not from new? York you say no, but for the grace of God I was not born here. Thank you. She goes where you from you go, Atlanta. You're welcome, and that turns into no Ma'am I'm from the South and she goes. What do you mean you're not from New York? And then you go ma'am there forty-nine other states. Can you talk about what what the second version wise. Why do you like that? Better, what do you feel like that achieves? That's switch up. I added it because that was. I'd had interaction when someone. Where the woman like what do you mean you'RE NOT NEW YORK? The fuck kind of questions is. What are you talking about? Is You're not from that. She just could not imagine someone not being. From where she was from him, but doesn't entire planet. Wouldn't are you talking about and that was just me processing that interaction. 'cause it was just like how you not understand. People live other places. Why are you messing with? Because it felt like she was messing with me, so that's all that is was I'd handed interaction where women just could not believe. That I was of from your. There's a whole planet. So, then she says people racist in the south, and you say mean the part of the south that starts in Canada ends in Mexico. You know! That that's the type of joke that when people see, stay ups, upstart like well. Someone must've like been writing that out for weeks or months, or whatever is that something? You'll riff on stage. Is that something that sort of will come to you as you sort of like noodling on the idea in your head? That was a riff. WHOW! The job saying Howard's just. If you see my first cone set When I come out, and I say you know I know you're wondering why. This big Mitch Spa is because Bravo's one hundred dollars in for five hundred dollars. That was written. For. The first time I said the joke was a riff. Kept it because somebody was like? Here's another comic Gilbert lowering after I did he was like. It's funny, have to keep that, but the reason that I said it was because I had on a late shirt. And Awesome Bras were expensive and I got tired of wearing solid shirts over. Of Underwear. And so it was just. This is a riff, and it works in like that it worked. and. That goes back to people. Even the part of the south. cannons in Mexico was my most distinct way of saying. One Stop Painting all the racism in America on the south. To all of America's racist, so since you think that the only place in America that is racist as the South I'm GONNA make the. South entire country. Was the way that I process that information. wanted to ask you because you mentioned the the Jews the joke and I I was thinking that in an old interviewed. You were just talking about how like that? Like a Goto stage outfit was sort of Leopard print, and then your brush show, it gets capacity, and even in this code and say you're also wearing leopard and you. You see it's not. You're not wearing a shirt, but there's a little bit of your brought showing. Why is that if you're a superhero? He's sort of your uniform. Why is that sort of like your wardrobe for the? Don't say Sloan show. What do you like about that? What do you think tell the audience? Well I shop. A shop a lot of rainbow. Because up until I started doing daily like the third time was on daily show. If you saw me on TV I was wearing rainbow. The Rainbow Clothing. Store and Rainbow. At one point started selling a lot of in I started buying it. In Lebanon, very pappas on seat on Bras Yongkang Hides and so that was what was trendy at the time. And I enjoyed wearing. It is apparently America decided to put all fat women one print. I guess that we blend into each other I. Don't know why It was just what was prevalent at the time. Because I was wearing leopard print all the time I ended up having a bit from Exotic Girl Cometh we in college asked me do our leopard-print. Remind me were come. Vigil Georgia what are you saying we talk about and so again. It was just meat processing information. Is Truly what it is, but leopard-print was fine. It was an abundance. Will Ford and just up being something that I ended up wearing a lot in. Started going into florals, they weren't as abundant. Filling floral print outfit when my friends meals like. Wait a minute. Where's flowers now? Like a man you know, get into. Changes are live drama. Evolve it was just. That was the clothes. So. Those close over out. The schools can afford clothes fit. Ended up in a land left breath. We're right back with more dulcie Sloan. and. We're back with say. So, in the conversation with the woman ends with you, saying you know, find me a part of America. That's not racist and I'll move today, but as you said you worked on the ending, and it changes to last time. I checked America's racist and her. Just saying you're right, which end leaving, which is of much sillier and. Yes I love that that's my part of the Joke I love that. Can you talk? Talk about how you as you said you struggle to figure out what you liked about sort of being like all right, never mind. I tried out different endings to the joke to find out which got the best reaction from the I. Band, so it's you know finally part of America's race that move today. It would get a laugh, but I think it would make the audience stink. And it was like already gave you the part where I wanted you to think I want you now. Let's joke. Laugh done. And so. That came about with trying to get out of the bit, but not knowing how to get out of a bit like I'm not gonNA. Use The ending that I have so. Let's just see what happens. and. He's at one point. That bit was longer conversation with longer. Compositions long the short and back down and I had to find a balance between me and heart. His the first I was looking like the bad guy, and she was looking at bad guy, but I think it was kind of more fun. To, just get to the point relating. Yeah, you're right. Just Kinda be done. Because I used to go, she was like. Yeah, you're right, and then she. was like. Well, you didn't buy anything camera store to mess with me. That didn't always landed. Like okay I've been pushed perish. This lady just leaving the store. then. It's not a tag. I'm just. Talking about Joe now, so that doesn't work so but the idea of her kind of accepting. It was also fun to me because if this old woman came at me with all of this homelessness. Wayne, you're not from New York in Southwest Racist Benelux came with all of these. Things can acknowledge that. everywheres races. That's kind of my way of getting the audience to this Old Lady. That all Americans races. Then you can also accept this information. And then you, you sort of explained for their this sort of criticism of the north and. Do, you, remember when it locked in that you like I live in a Greek name hood, and like this idea of internal white racism. The service separating the white groups do remember when that locked in. what I learned about all different neighborhoods in new. York as a kid is what? I realized that because you'd see about New York. It's like this is the Talian neighborhood. We just Kinda the hell. Are they talking about? We'll just white people. What are we saying here? Why, are you splitting them up? Cause for us. By William, way of processing the white on white racism, 'cause like when I was doing shows in Chicago. You know because here. It's talion Irish Greek in Chicago. Is Russian and Polish so I switched. My group's a white folks when I was in Chicago for the weekend doing shows, mom. Anyway they were like. Yeah, you're right. This is wild. The Zach flew out, so it's my way of processing, but also it's my way of explaining to Yankees. You are not better than southerners. You're out better. Because a lot of people from the north. Have this idea. That because. They're not these shoeless toothless southerners. They're better. And so, I'm like no, if you WANNA, see how truly ridiculous you are, you talk about black white racism y'all have white on white racism. Deny racist you have to be. To break down white people. And, that's where the whole point of that is richest going. You're not better than the. Ben Then! You Baroness. How does how did this joke play differently depending on where you are sort of different parts of the country or different rooms when I tell that joke in the south they. Love. And it's also them going yeah! The waiver races them us because the thing is like when I tell the joke here. I've got a lot of new. Yorkers go up twingo. I never even thought of him. It is ridiculous. Or had New Yorkers come up with me. Go, so wait in Sokaia It's just white and black. We have other things to do. We. Don't care, can't we could get shit? Or you're white. Cool! Come on, like I said. No one cares on your brand of whiteness. We don't give a shit we don't. Who has time for that, we Jim crow laws who the fuck airs, who cares and it's always been my thing, or it's like only reviews split off. Italians Irish because they were Catholic. That's why you split them off. That's what you've made them different. That's why you did this. They were made less desirable because you needed a servant class. You needed a That's what you need it. You need someone to not be good enough. Because that's how America's setup American setup up the servant class. So you because you didn't have the numbers. Of people would formerly been in slave of Africans would formerly been enslaved in have the numbers that you had in the south. You need someone to come over that you did not respect. That you could disrespect and pay them lower wages and treat them badly, and these are the people that got picked. And you decided you hated them. For whatever reason and then separated them and kept them disadvantage in after a certain point, they just got to be white people. You know. I was thinking about this joke. Especially watching the full New York clip that they put online and knowing your fan of drag racing. You've been watching the first season and you talked about loving. Paris is burning and I kept thinking like you are reading New York for filth as they as they would say. Is there an influence in that in their do feel. I mean I've come from a tradition of John my friends so. And so there's a tradition among black people just you know. John Your friends and talking shit or whatever. In so. That make sense that that tradition that we had would also be a part of the black lgbt community. But just given more finesse. Made to really just come for someone entire lifestyle just. Getting to the acids of people because my friends, you know this plenty of comics there have jokes about like you never want to interact with a group of black teenagers because they just have a way of just finding whatever it is. Like. A, they're so good. I was a black teenager. There was a way just brakes them with inches back back back back done in that. Could you do in so? This is my way of processing things. It's I'M GONNA pick. A pick apart like this. Is You know it's just kind of? Describe without making noises, but it's it's okay. This is an audio medium, so it's fine right so it's just like back by these are the things that hit me the hardest. Susan's. These are things that hit me. The hardest is boop Boop, boop, boop, boop, I see you got it done. And so it's insulting things. They hit me the hardest things I talk about. I want to talk about your podcasts that blackout show in which you you have black creatives on to talk about the black TV movies theater that shaped him. Roy Junior onto talk about UPN here Dow Talk About Ninety sitcoms. Ron funches. You had onto talk. Buffy, the black cat, which is a movie, I remember loving growing up. I what attracted to the idea and also sort of doing it. What what trends have you seen in sort of people's choices in what they enjoyed? I was having a meeting starboard in pitching them ideas for a podcast in Judas Carpool star Burns actually pitched this idea to me. And I really liked. The idea sounds like all right well I. Like this idea when more than anything I was talking about, so let's run with that, but I do notice that everyone. When people WANNA ASK THEM WHAT TV? Show or movie? They WANNA talk about. A lot of times the same things come up living single Martin Spike Lee movies, so it's a lot of the same things. Come up! And a lot of times will have two. Very popular choices in one data likely I've heard from so I went on Wednesday nab Johnson came on. She goes like okay well. I want to talk about this I want to talk about this or women of brewster place and I was like women have Bruce Place. Because I know. A lot of people aren't going to necessarily know that I mean I remembered it ever so slightly. From when I watched as a kid. 'cause there's a mini series came out in the late eighties. Replay on TV early nineties so I picked women of brewster place, because that's a deep cut like not everybody remembers that everybody remembers coming to America. We still referenced it. But women of Brewster Place I knew that a lot of people aren't gonNA. Talk about that. So that's why you know 'cause. I let guests pick what they WANNA talk about. And sometimes like when PD daybreak I've interviewed him, and he was like I'm doing paid in full dot it more. and. Then other people give a couple of choices. I think sometimes I like to go for the less mainstream or less popular choice. Because I hope that you know people, episode and they look up women Bruce Place. On the podcast you talk about representations, sort of good examples and bad examples you talk about time where people had difficulty portraying themselves authentically usual so talk about sort of power certain. Of Representation had for your guests and how inspired them to have the careers they had? Has It made you think about your own work and or sort of what you're what you're representing or what you want to be sort of as your career progresses. I think sometimes when you're in the middle of working on something. You don't realize the impact that it has on people. Working on everything's, you realize. Oh, this could be impactful to people's lives. But I don't go into any like every time I was on comedy knockout. I wasn't like this this. IS GOING TO BRIDGE A gap. Own I didn't think that did I know that I would say something to Piss off my ex. Probably, but it wasn't a I was going to be bringing communities together. I talked about what Andy killers dating profile could be. That wasn't happening. But I filmed the movie at in Puerto. Rico at the beginning of the year called chick fight. And I was one of the leads in the movie. And I'm the only black person in the movies, all vessel very small cast. We'll just say that. Because Alec Mapa Zenit a fortune Kevin. Nash Monaco Ackerman So. That's the main cast. Small cast when I was unsettling Puerto Rico, and there were people who are extras. There were Black Puerto. Rican extras there. and. You know some of them came up to me and they were like. It's so great to see you as the lead in this movie. And I, speak, Spanish. They're talking to me in Spanish. I was. Like. Yeah, because people come down to shoot productions here all the time. We never see people that look like us as the lead actors in anything. Or even in it. So. For me, it was a huge opportunity because I'm like this is my first lead role in a movie. But then to know that there are not only. Other black women these are black women who were saying to me. You know not only the other black women. They're black women who were in the production. who were impacted by me? Just being in the movie and I didn't even about it I didn't think the impact that would have about. Puerto Rico I didn't think we'd significant people there. You. Don't always understand when you're working that. That's significant to people, especially sometimes comic. was telling being silly, so people go. No, you're really talking about real stuff. And to hear, you say see it. Come from your mathematics significant. Thank you, yeah, listening to interviews or reading some interviews with you I saw that sort of contrast between sort of how people see you, and maybe how you see yourself in a lot of people sort of call you a political comedian. And like obviously you just sort of political comedy on the daily show, but you sort of think of your standup as being more personal, but and like. You definitely, do you Joe, jokes about your personal life? A lot of the jokes about New York are sort of more personal complaints, but on the other hand. You know you chose to talk about this part of this joke. which is you know at least socio political? He talked me through how you feel about yourself as comedian as it relates to sort of being political as it relates to. Having a message. You're putting a message forward like even if it wasn't necessarily your decision or your choice to do it, but like now that you're sort of seeing yourself in that position, how as sort of your feeling evolved or is it something wrestle with? I talk about things that affect me. And the things happening affect me happen to be political things I could be one of Seinfeld comics talks about you know. Cell phones, Geez all what is like I'm not, but it's not. It's not I'm a brain works speak cloud talks live. I don't have the privilege of not having to pay attention of how people that look like treated. so all I can talk about is. How I walked life, 'cause just getting onstage, people see that as political. When I was wearing, lay shirts showing people like you making. MISSTATEMENT is my bras expensive. That statement. A lot of things that I do in say seen as quote, unquote political socio political in a dozen being that way. But all I do is just tell people about how I exist. How I walked through nature. But my existence is pillow. It sounds like it's important for you to focus on expressing yourself, and you're aware that self is political, but you as an artist. You're driven by expressing herself. And the secondary part of it is the secondary part of it, but you to keep to be true to yourself needs to focus on your personal feelings and not. How people are going to necessarily interact with. I'll never hear me, yeah. Most of my standup is meat processing, information. Talk about being single the next thing I say it's you know. But I don't see except have big boobs like that's what you told me. America told me huge boobs. Some is GONNA. Love you, so i WanNa recount, whereas do what I did, say I. I grew big titties whereas my husband. Who where? There's a live here right in so Muslim I stand up. Is Me Processing Information? It's why am I single? Why do people from the North that they're not racist? Why does America fake that is not racist? Why are we doing what we're doing? You we we talked about a little bit, but as you said you're SORTA at your core, a performer that at age sixty told your mom. You want to be an actor. And you said you see standup and acting sort of all part of your drive to perform, and you know a lot of communities are of that type. Some comedians might take themselves more writer and they. They sort of just think of standards way of communicating, but to think of yourself as a performer has quarantine made you think about your relationship with being a performer since you sort of can't do as a made, you think about your relationship with audiences and your drive to create, and how that all works together? I realize that people started asking me to do zoom shows. That I'm not that kind of performer. That's what I realized. I gave the example of. Crowds being rowdy, misspeaking lower right so because I've been acting. Since I was ten to singing dancing whatever so? The audience tells you where you can go. I've done certain shows from headlining where I know. I can talk about anything. Go anywhere in this audience will come with me and other times. I've done shows, which just like I'm GonNa take you with me whether you want to go or not. Were having an adventure come on? And then there's other audience was like all right, do myself? And I'm done or this. Other crowds was like man. I'm going to be tamed lines for the next fifteen minutes at the fight my way. He's Lucky Jumanji. Okay, let's go. We're go toe to toe with. He's awesome I. GO H fine. All of that information I just gave you all of those examples. I don't know how I can't do that those. Do Those And you don't have interest to have any interesting. because. My standup isn't saying where it's just to get a laugh. My standup is I. Want to create an experience. Because for me, this experience I'm creating an experience for me. and. They're subtleties in the crowd. Were you say something? You say something. That might you push on joking like okay? Will they let me do that? Let me see if I go a little further. Oh, they didn't like that. Let me pull back a little bit all. They did like it will push forward. So I need the audience. I need to be able to feel. Because then that lets me know how much I can play. If there's a screen, I don't know anything I'm just regurgitating jokes. Watch myself on instagram Washington you, too. Because for me, it's the same effect because any time I've been on TV. I've also been in front of an audience. Also talking to Tom Bell about it one day, and he was like listen I. WanNa bomb in my own house bomb. My House and I live with a bomb. Who wants to do that? Waking up in the morning with a bomb gotta make me in this bomb breakfast. What are you know doing this? So just for my style performing, but like I said before some connectivity writer heavy. They right right, right? And then they take it out me. Idea I got a skeleton for it and then I get on stage and put the blood muscle and. That's how I work. I'm more of a performer base comic that I am a writer based You talked about how you know. I didn't plan on becoming a comedian. Essentially out of acting school, you're living in Atlanta and a comedian. A Big Kenny kept on telling you. You should be comedian. You said that for two years. He was telling you. You should be a stand up and I believe you also have the story of sort of what really push you forward was your mom had a dream that you're a stand up? So eleven years I think it is into doing this or so. Why were they right? Now that you can see that your mom had this sort of premonition, and this comedian saw something you and now you sort of evidence proving it. Why do you think they are correct? Why? Why are you saying if you didn't know you were one? Because, sometimes people can see talent you that you don't know. Bikini fast lumped in the united know existed. or even desire to do. A my mother. You know cosigned. A mother's always been very supportive of me. There's a lot of curve in I did not realize this talk another comics and actors? My mother was on me being actor. She's make me. Court shows. Ten in all the way up through college place to do musicals and. My mother would make me costumes for show she'd give me props. When I was doing Summer Stock Theatre Pennsylvania, she drove me in a girl into school with also working there. She drove us up to Pennsylvania. So I would have my car for the summer then. She flew back to Atlanta. So Mama's always been very supportive of me and. I forget sometimes a lot of comics don't have that. And then, with the Kent, which is meeting him at this comedy club and him. Just you know he's could see that I was a performer. But. He could see that I was a comic. Another comet should give the open Mike, and that just wasn't what I saw for myself. But if I hadn't listened. To my mother into him, just taking this leap, then I would probably be in Atlanta right now, stucco. Waiting to see if I could be the next move, Yeah. I mean I assume you're in constant contact your mom, but Have you talked to either them, do they? Do they see your success and be like I, told you so or or a nicer version of I told you so. When I when I do. When I do talk to my mom. It's just been going. I'm proud of you. No one's going I. told you so. It's kind of my mother is Kinda him and my mother going. We're glad you listened to us. We're glad you gave yourself the chance and the opportunity because you're twenty. What would I twenty two twenty three? Everything. So. I'm glad that I was able to listen and take the chance because big. Kennicutt have stopped after the first time I told him no. and. He did it and I even had a professor in college. Who done stand up for a while. He told me that I should do standup because when I posted on facebook that I was doing it. He came because he told me that. My Junior Year of college this was like two thousand four, and this was two thousand nine when I had the graduations like. Like five years later came to my class. Graduation is like i. told you you were supposed to do this and I'd actually forgot that he had said until he said he was coming to the graduation, and I never thought about it, so no one's ever been like I told you so everyone's. When like were glad we were right as opposed to i. told you so. It's told. Yeah. That's a nicer way putting it that I told you so. Luda that's on means it's time for our final segment. It's. It's like a lightning round, but because it's comedy, it's laughing so. Questions each questions ideally Do you have a favorite joke, joke or strope? Baron, von has jumped Assam do years ago. where he says this is my impression of a black woman in the ocean, and it's than he does his neck, and it's absolutely ridiculous since my favorite thing. On that note, is there a joke? Another comedian tells that you wish you could steal or sort of like. It was another dimension where everything's accurate same, but this joke. Another comedian had would be your set or even premise. Just, something you saw you're like. Oh I, wish I had that are which I thought of that. Sam J has a joke about I. had a joke about why Hillary. Clinton didn't get elected. In Sam J had a joke about why Hillary Clinton did a good elected in her reasoning was way better than I saw after I saw her. Do it I quit doing the job. Do you have a comedy crush? A comedian whose comedy have crush on? Comedy I have crusher. Matt Richards what is about Matt Richards. He just has so much fun on stage. Like I have fun, but like we you see, 'cause like it. He'll do like he'll do a lot of songs, too. 'cause like we've literally been at shows in Berlin whereas Matt. Richards. When is he coming? and sell like he did fund the police song I wanNA chase outdoor shows. He has so much fun and he can you know riff songs top of his head and you know he'll do some magic, so it's just I love I! Love watching that Richard I love him. This questions called the unexpected influences. You know you've talked about growing up your big sci-fi Fan, but read aloud. You talk about your love of Korean dramas. Is there sort of any way shape or form that you can think of in which Korean dramas have influenced what you do with your comedy? Other than surprise people that I love them. No, that's okay. This should be the one Do you have a joke that you loved? But sort of never worked enough that you sort of kept on trying it. Sort of audiences didn't respond to what you did. And eventually you sort of couldn't keep it in your. You'll go to your grave. Being like that was funny. The audience is just will never get it. I do a joke like that, but I don't remember what it is because I don. It. Doesn't work just like no. My brain's more space is gone forever. It's gone forever. This episode will air after the finale of drag race. All Star season five. Who Do you want to win the finale? This season of drags all-stars. I'll shake kool-aid to win. 'cause Alexis. Matteo got set home last week so either went shea or judy beats away because we all love Juju be, and I mean it's probably. GonNa get down here. I think. Away all right say, thank you so much for doing this a really really appreciate it. Thank you for having me. That's it for another of good one. You can find dose as full cone said on Youtube, you can listen to that black ash show. Where if you get your podcast? The daily show airs daily on Comedy Central. At ten PM. Can Watch her half hour. Special on the con- central Website Fall Juicy on social media at say salone. Goodwin's produce myself Gilani. Carter Art Chung and Camilla Salazar got. Michigan ended our theme song. Writer of you and right to show NAPA podcasts five stars. Imani comments questions are lacking round suggestions to good one podcasts at GM will dot com, or tweet us at good podcast I'm Jesse David Foxy? You can follow me at Jesse David Fox. Good one production, culture culture, and the VOX media podcast network. We'll be back next week. Have a good one.

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