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after the second and final hour on this Wednesday. Hey guys doing a lot of people. Don't like argument. They really don't want to hear it or some are just saying you know what? There's here's how goes Colfax on the Nicole. Yokich thing you either think. He's not a superstar. He's terrible in the nuggets. Should just cut bait or you're you're mad at me for even bringing this up as a question. It is an insult to ask this question to ask if he's a true superstar raising doubts about someone's ability Seems like something? We do daily basis here. Listen it's it's he's an he's a great guy he. I love Nicole which I remember you know Media Day. This year was so fun. He's awesome he. He's a cut up. He has fun with the media. He's he's a media persons dream because he's going to give you stuff. He's going to have foam. He asks about your vacation your summer and all that stuff. He's a great guy his his ability on the floor when he's on Colfax he's unmatched. This is not an indictment on his actual ability. This is an indictment more on his mental ability as far as when he wants to play. Tj McBride of Of Mile High. Sports you know he used to join. Us Friday during the season. He said it if you could if you could figure out what motivates Nicole Yokich on a nightly basis. You'd have something you'd have something pretty good in the bottom. If bottle that up. Be Pretty Good. Chris Dempsey tells us last week that I don't know if you'll get us watching this documentary and thinking how can I get better? I don't he's not that kind of guy. Don't you those things together and go? Is that the mentality of a superstar in the NBA. Now listen onto Takubo Hawaii letter. James Harden Lebron James anti-drugs. None of those guys are really truly close to Michael Jordan. But that's not the question super there are many superstars in the league. Michael Jordan is one is one of the rare players that is above superstar. He's in legend territory. He's in he was. He was in legend territory when he played he he defeated the meaning of Legend. He he changed the meaning of Legend. So that's not the question when you're looking at today's superstars is Nicole. Ioka them physically like what he can do on the floor his passing ability his his shooting ability is pretty good for being a big man. His touch inside. The paint is much better than we see with guys. Like Joe Unbeaten. Hell maybe even Anthony Davis He. Those are better. Those are superstar quality but the mentality is not superstar driven. And I don't you think you have to have both of those you know we used to say. Jr Smith bad comparison. I know we used to say. Jr Smith was one of the most athletically gifted players. You know in his prime when he played for the nuggets he didn't have a right between the ears and that's different than Yokich. Yokich is an extremely smart player. But that just goes to show you. You can be a sensational athlete. But you also have to have the smarts and the killer instinct the difference between Jordan and Lebron. There's a few things but what keeps sticking out. Is the actual mentality the mentality? That Jordan had compared to Lebron Jordan. Doesn't care well. I shouldn't say this Jordan didn't get into politics. Jordan didn't get into moving from city to city to increase his brand and whatnot Jordan. Did it all and then the rest came later. Lebron James Very much focused on us. So there's a difference there Nicole. Yokich might not care about the politics of things but I think at the end of the day. Yokich loves to play basketball. I think he loves his teammates. He LOVES TO BE IN DENVER. Loves TO BE IN SERBIA TO HE loves all of it does he have the killer instinct that these superstars in the League have steph. Curry doesn't Steph Curry. Have a killer instinct. The nicest dude out there baby-faced even when he has a beard if that's possible but he has a killer instinct when he's at his best not hurt. The GUYS LETHAL. He's absolutely lethal at shot is so quick. It's like it's like a quick little dagger strike man. It's GonNa put you out of your misery quick and you don't even know what happened. James Harden when? He's in the groove. Now there's questions about his playoff ability. Listen we maybe we're not there yet. Maybe we need to see more nickel. Yokich in the playoffs. Maybe we need to see him. More around guys that are true superstars in a setting like the playoffs and and this year was going to be big said at the beginning. I asked you first. You said no not yet. Well that's fair to say too. Because he's only had one playoff one one sees in playoff experience he's had two series but only in one season. That's why this year was gonNA be so big this. You're still is so big for all of that You know as far as everything that he needs to take it to that next level so let me be. Let me be very clear about Nicole. Yokich kitchen my thoughts here when he's deciding it's go time when it's time for him to shoot down the four fourth quarter. Suddenly he's GonNa Shoot. You know you're gonNA give me eight shots in the fourth period. You're GONNA make a good chunk of those you're getting to the free throw line then. Yes Nicola. Yokich is a superstar but he is the most passive superstar in league. I'm not talking about assist his assists or what separates him from everybody. He's the he's one of the best passers in the NBA. He averaged six point nine assists per game. That's pretty tremendous for seven footer. Very tremendous but what bothers me is the fourteen point nine shots per game. What bothers me is the question of. How do you motivate Nicole Yokich on a nightly basis because last year saying this and we've said it for three years now? Nicola does what is necessary to win a game. If he feels that his shooting is not going to impact the game. He's GonNa pass a lot he's GonNa pass up wide open shots and he's going to take two shots and I. I appreciate that and I respect that because Lebron James has some similar traits but at the end of the day. Lebron's going to look at that stat sheet at the end of the third and go. I've only shot at four times. I have three points none. No no no no no no no everybody get the hell out of the way it's Lebron James takeover time. That's the difference. Nicola can look at that and whatever you know. That's what was needed tonight and apparently didn't win Malone wants to change. He said as much so those of you to think it's an insult to ask this question Malone said as much I wa- They want Nicola Yokich to be the guy and that is it much easier said than done. Absolutely be the guy and that's why I'm saying it's half and half the mentality. He doesn't have a superstar mentality. He doesn't have a killer instinct. I haven't seen it consistently. Did we get a glimpse of it in the playoffs against poor last year? I think so. We got a glimpse but superstars. Don't give glimpses give us. Oh that was really good. But then the next season started up and it was kind of up and down for for the joker was kind of a mixed bag for the most part now. This was statistically you know. This was right there with one of his great last year. He averaged twenty points per game this year. Twenty points per game. There was not that if I wanted to. I WanNa see Twenty three twenty four I do you know. I want to start to see those attempts. Go Up. He averaged just fifteen point. Listen he's never averaged more than much more than fifteen points her fifteen attempts per game. That's just who he is but everything else is going up. I mean his assists are going up. They were about the same as last year his rebounds about same as last year. So still like you look at his numbers. Yes keep this going. He played for four years. This was his fifth year. You keep that going those numbers. Yes those numbers will make you the greatest of all time especially if you throw in you know consistent trips to the playoffs which they were getting ready to have their second in a row in whether we start this. Nba season or not. That will be something. We'll we'll look at. We're GONNA take a quick break. I WanNa talk to nick. 'cause mitre haven't caught up with him in a while of the athletic There are some questions with the nuggets going forward. Paul MILLSAP and Jeremy Grant. That is the biggest one on my mind and I WANNA GET KNICKS THOUGHTS. On that is he did a piece in the athletic about fifteen after the hour. This is the whole show powered by energy. Don't you dare go anywhere. We're here with you. Keep IT ON K. K. For the latest on in nineteen the effect on the sports scene in more thirteen ten. Kfi K. and thirteen ten KFI DOT com catch. Her Day studied right with up-to-date news weather and sports mornings with Gail six. Am to nine. Am Weekdays on thirteen ten KFI? Kay Hey nuggets fan just with coach phone at the Denver Nuggets and you're listening to the whole show. Thirteen ten KS K. First advantage text. Line is three one nine nine six three one nine nine six text. Kf Aa to that number if you want to get involved in the conversation joining me now on that hotline is caused of the athletic covering Denver Nuggets and the NBA. Nick my friend. It's been a little while. Hope you're hope you're doing all right. Hope you're doing okay with that little one to one one already is that right. Yeah turned one on Turned one on Friday keeping US busy. No doubt about especially especially when you can't go anywhere. it's It's it's a lot but it's it's been great to be able to have that extra time to spend. Yeah no doubt about minds to now. So he's all over the place. I my wife and I are thinking inside the house. It's just not going to contain him much longer needs to. He needs a fields to Rome. Like just kind of find like an open they just go buddy. Yes absolutely man. It's crazy. Well I'm happy for you man. I know you're continuing continuing to do work continuing to put things together food for thought about all things. Denver Nuggets and listen. I've been thinking about this for a long time and I love the fact that you're putting this this right up together. You're talking about scenarios at play for the nuggets soon to be free agents. Paul MILLSAP I mean. That is a big question. Mark up in the air. I mean Paul. It feels like he's you know obviously a lot bigger things going on but it feels like he gets the right into the stick here because he gets that extent or the extension for the year. But at this point in time hasn't been able to finish that gotta on the other way the nonren- that he he's made the money that he had true with the nuggets for three years. Certainly you know it you. You get to that veteran status where he signed a lot of contracts in his career. I think that we're not friendly. Deals that Sort of put him in a position to try to help out that Atlanta Hawks team try to win a championship which they were unable to do going against Lebron James and the Eastern conference when he came up as a as a free agent twenty seventeen. It was his time to get paid as it wasn't now gets They were ready to paying. He was going to have some some offers elsewhere and he fit perfectly with what the nuggets needed at the time which was a a veteran presence guy with playoff experience. A true professional a defensive Stalwart for a team that was trying to turn around its reputation on that end and a mentor to young players. He's still boxes throughout his time. Here but the nets will have an interesting decision to make because they traded for Jeremy Grant last summer. That was the deal in which they gave up a first round pick. And you don't typically do that For for one year rental. Especially if you're not truly ready to go in title which you know who if the the season continues just have playoffs? It's this weird condense Format if they do that. Who could happen but again? I think the nuggets were making more of a longterm play with grant. Hope to resign him. This summer And then you would be looking at probably a reduced role for Paul MILLSAP. So it's GonNa come down to whether you know he wants to play maybe limited minutes in the regular season and have a chance to really be a valuable playoff. Contender are left. Tributary for a team. That believes in the next couple of seasons contend for a championship or you know looking to try to maybe cash in on on one more big payday and maybe a bigger role on a team. That maybe he's coming up a little bit so those are those are just some of the dynamics at play for the nuggets. Paul MILLSAP Again Denver is going to. Have you know several of these of these financial to make going forward and again with with millsaps? The interesting thing is to I mean he win healthy. He still playing at a very high level as you mentioned especially on the defensive side. But I'm seeing a few wrinkles in that offensive game too. You know is is late in his career. So there's that side of it where he said man. There's still some good years left. He is still a good leader for this team. But that is a difficult choice. Because you just like you said Jeremy Grant men maybe he's the future probably is the future of that position and you might want to get. That started sooner rather than later. Yeah and what's interesting about like millsap now? I wrote this in this piece I wrote yesterday. But he's missed the equivalent of almost one out of every three games. Utah injuries that yet. That wrist injury. I think that was You know kind of a fluke in the In his first season in Denver the twenty seventeen eighteen season that ended up costing him forty four games. And that's probably don't Miss Class by a game like they did. Had he been healthy? The whole year But had that big of time missed this time with a broken toe. Last year obviously had some elements that kept him out of twenty one games. This season so again you have to. If a new contract comes up you have to kind of have those things in mind. But I I also think the nuggets don't need him to be a guy who You know gives you some big contributions during during the regular season it. It's GONNA come down to. Can't he help you win a playoff series against team? Mike the Lakers and the clippers of the rockets. That's really weird. Denver's focusing all attention right now and you know you mentioned something new facets he shot a career high forty four percent for three point range So so certainly done some stuff. I just did an interview with Chris. Hanes and the other day where you said. He went into off season mode. Essentially when this shutdown began and started working on himself physically says he's added to his vertical leap. So I I still think Paul MILLSAP has plenty left in the tank again. It's going to come down to where the nuggets see him fitting in role wise and what that what the value is on that role Especially with him standing next Jeremy Grant and the other part of that is what else do the nuggets. What our positions of need or what are areas of need? And how much does what you might give to. Power Forward Take away from the potential pursuit of filling one of those other holes. We're talking to nick. Cosmo owner of the athletic all things Denver Nuggets. And you said it to start the segment talking about Paul millsap and yes. It's GonNa come down to what what that role looks like. Maybe a reduced role. Obviously money might be reduced As opposed to where he could go elsewhere based on what you know of Paul millsap and maybe even conversations. This is the season before everything went. Went a little nuts. Do you get the sense that he'd look at it and go. Yeah I I would probably be cool with playing for a contender and a reduced role. Even if I'm not the starter yeah I I think I think there's they're probably getting to. The point is career where those are the kinds of things that take on greater import right then. Maybe they did five six seven years ago. Here's the guy who again. We mentioned those four seasons with the Atlanta Hawks. That team was really good It really tried to make a run for it. They just so happened to be playing the same conference that Lebron James dominated all those years and so now you look at it in Paul Millsap the All star four times You know he's made generational wealth as an MBA player He's he's very well respected as teammate. As an opponent around the league really the only thing missing for him as a championship and so I think if he can look at Denver and say this is a place where I'm comfortable a place where I think. My voice is heard a place where I can connect to my teammates. Understand how to play with Nicola Yokich all these factors and say hey you know as long as I feel. They're being fair with me You know maybe he'd be willing to take a discount now if you know what happened with the Atlanta Hawks when they basically said that they were completely restarting going different direction. And and Paul Millsap who gave them four. All Star. Years didn't even get a real substantial offer from them so I think as long as he feels he's treated fairly in the process then. I think there's a good chance he could look at it and say listen. Let's finish my career here in the town where I was born where I'm now raising my kids who have started to grow up here To me there's just a lot of attractive factors for him In sticking around you know if if both sides can make it work my my guess is that he will be back on a new contract. Next year I'd be a big fan of that for sure. Nick what are some of the other big question marks surrounding this roster? I know I know plumlee. Certainly one of those guys coming up to Tori Craig. What what are some of those other big ones? Yeah so in terms of Denver's own free agents. Obviously we talked about Jeremy Grant. He has a player option of nine nine point three million dollars which means he could he could sign that play next year on that contract and then become a free agent during the twenty summer of two thousand twenty one I think the conventional wisdom is the grant will probably decline that player option which make him a free agent. This summer And and in doing that he would be available to be signed by any team. But I think that that would happen with sort of the understanding that the nuggets are going to work hard to resign him It's GonNa be really interesting. Just given the the financial landscape of the League given Cova. We really don't know what the complete financial ramifications are gonNA be so Our contracts going to be way down is it maybe smart for him to just take that option and play it and let and let chips kind of fall where they may over the next year and see how the League rebounds That that could be another consideration just playing on a one year deal Either Way I. I'm pretty confident Jeremy Grant. We'll be back in probably will be the starting power for for the nuggets next summer or next season And then yeah. Tory Craig is another guy who again Typically the eighth ninth guy plays a really important. I think defensive role certainly beloved by Michael Malone his teammates He's going to be a restricted free. Agent you know. Look Craig in my mind if a team comes after him and says listen. We're rebuilding something. We love your defensive tenacity. We like your leaders. You know your your leadership we want you to be a part of helping. Our young team grow and they're willing to pay them the then. Tory credit should certainly seek a chance to get paid He he's the guy that's played most of his career overseas in Australia before coming to the United States and and playing in the NBA. So I think if he has a chance to really secure some financial longevity for himself and his family. I think that would be something that he probably should should consider doing. But again the nuggets may value him enough to where. They're putting a sizable offer on the table And and we'll just have to kind of see how that goes and then Mason plumlee basic as the one guy who I kind of have my doubts as to whether he'll be back again. An unrestricted free agent. He's a guy who has been starting center in the NBA. Before on play-off teams probably could go find himself a similar role again which would obviously You know be be a more well paid role than than what he might get a backup. Nicole Yokich And and certainly no pathway to him being the starting center in Denver and the Nuggets also while twenty was hurt this year show that they could play kind of a small ball lineup with Jeremy. Grant the five with Paul Millsap. Sometimes playing the five And again the the more you see the league going that way it becomes in my mind. A little bit harder to justify big salaries for for to traditional traditional ish centers So I I would be somewhat surprised if Columbia was back but again you'd never know that given what's happening with the League and what we're contracts are at. It's GonNa be really interesting just to see how that all plays a factor. Yeah it is interesting because for the longest time we're hearing maybe players are better off not signing even though they're big deals are waiting because everything's pointing toward a lot more money coming to the NBA and a lot bigger contracts but this hits and now it might be the reverse of that. You might be better off taking even a minimal deal here because you just never know what those are. GonNa look like well right. And that's why I mentioned grants grants young player. Option is just our team's going to be forking over you know. Twelve million dollar anal- annual salaries over for years for a guy like him He he might be emphasis where it makes sense to take the option to play. That might play that one year And then see see what the landscape is afterwards. I think teams are going to be a little more reluctant right now. It's a handout Hand out these giant contracts. There's less you know. There's there's been a pretty big safety net with the money coming in the NBA. In recent years you mentioned that always kind of counting on XP television deal that would balloon salaries and and that kind of thing Now there's going to be a lot smaller margin for error for front offices in terms of the players they sign and the financial decisions that they make so I think teams will be hesitant to hand out long-term you know again with with the new. Cba long-term is relative. You can only give you know four three and four year contract's unless it's You know you can give a supermax player. Five deal the you know. We're past the days of the ten and seven year contracts that you that used to see before But yeah those are all things that I think are going to be a fascinating thing to watch league-wide um that certainly will have ramifications for the nuggets as well great stuff from you one more for your nick on the NBA landscape sight of it. What in your circles. What are you hearing as far as we going to have something this summer? And what does that format look like? Are we jumping into some kind of interesting playoff scenario? Yeah I think right now. I I would still. I do think there's optimism from from people talked to believe that this thing could happen that there could be a resumption of the season in some But I it's far from a certain it's far from a certainty at this point. I think the NBA wants to see there being Just a greater grasp on testing of of Corona virus of tracing of sort of this idea that like if the NBA holds up in some place in his testing. Everybody every day. What they're giving their players is not Just completely different than what? The rest of America has available to them. They don't they don't want it to be seen in that regard of here's players getting tested every day before every game just to make sure they can play this game. Versus you know they're still being inadequacies communities around the country. I think that's something that they're very wary of so again. We're going to have to wait and see over the next month or so I think Where the country is that in terms of its testing capabilities. And then you know I think the NBA is going to kind of play off of that. That that's the way I see it going and then certainly if it does come back. They do feel comfortable with that. It's going to be a situation where they're they're in maybe one or two cities And really just trying to confine it to that to that kind of small location. There's not going to be fans And you know that that's sort of what they understand at this point but again a lot a lot remains to be seen over the next I think month will be Kinda critical In terms of teams. Finding out whether it's GONNA be a real possibility to get back on the court this year. Certainly a lot more to go through before we get an idea of what that date looks like. If any nick appreciate you man great right up. I'm looking forward to see what you put together the rest of the month kind of look into the future of what this. Denver Nuggets team will look like so wonderful work again and appreciate your time. Thanks a lot. They've helped me appreciate it. I mean that's caused of the athletic. He's putting together a series this month. Where he's going over the scenarios of the nuggets in the free agents and those guys those those question marks he's kind of getting the sense that maybe may simply knock. GonNa be get next year that maybe Paul millsap will be more a more in a backup role Jeremy Grant which would be interesting to so and then Tory Craig a nice player especially defensively but the player you can't live without that'll be those be the questions. The nuggets have in front of them along with you know the big picture stuff to Gary Harris has signed and and done for the next three seasons for this team but his name keeps coming up. There's still some value there but I don't know if there's a lot of trade value I love Gary Harris. That's another guy that nuggets are going to make a decision about if he's if it's worthwhile to trade him or if you think he continued can continue to be a big part of of what. Your team is trying to build toward and again that goal so longer playoffs. I know the only went last year but they got to the second round their top five see their top three seed now for the last two years gotta start thinking bigger and part of thinking. Bigger is what position and the depth at that position. What gives us our best chance to compete with. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers. Those are the teams that are going to stand in front of us. Those are the teams that were likely going to play in that second round in the Western Conference finals. So we'd be piecing our team together accordingly so that we can compete again. That question is yes Jamal Murray. He's he's the big money big man on campus now. He's got the long-term deal the longest term deal for the nuggets. That's that's why the question is asked if you know if you feel comfortable that Nicola accuser superstar and you can consistently get him to play at that top level every every night. Both shot attempts rebounds and assists. Then then yeah I. I suppose you're good with Yokich is number one Jamal. Murray we need you to be number two. And then the rest will keep filling in the blanks. But if you have serious question marks about Yokich being the star than yes all of that pressure from. Yokich has to shift over to Jamal. Murray and Jamal cannot live up to the billing. Then you have to. You have to figure out who's going to be that guy because Nicole Yokich isn't going anywhere. Jamal rightly is not going anywhere right now. But sooner or later the question will become. How do you win a championship? That's where the nuggets mentality should be going into next season. Maybe even this whatever. This looks like this summer thirty six minutes after the hour. Let's shut out here and get the latest on the local sports flash thirteen ten. Kfi PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Start Your morning off right with your recommended daily intake of news weather and traffic to get yourself up and running this morning. Gail to nine thirteen ten. Kfi Happy Live Garden here for you and offering curbside pickup. 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This is your very special to us and that that might go along again. That's why jewelers jewelers dot com in West greatly. I finished text line. Three one nine nine six three one nine nine six all right. Colefax worse drew lock. What's he up to drew? Lock is working hard staying sharp during the lockdown. But before everything went down he was visiting to. He was visiting in Missouri staying with his parents hanging out and then everything hits so he just stood stood still. He stated his Parents House. It's just a funny headline because it's a Broncos. Drew Lock working hard to stay sharp during lockdown at Parents House. He's he's young. He is young man so of course he's visiting he stay in there but he's been hunkered down at his parents house and it's actually kind of kept him. I Dunno somewhat ready. He said you know what I'm around my parents. It's great where we're connecting and everything's awesome there but I'm not really thinking of the pressures necessarily. I'm just taking that time to to continue to learn to continue to grow and study up on. What's needed for this offense going forward? And that's that's the tough thing I mean. We've we've talked about this a lot. It always certainly giving drew. Lock the keys to this car keys this Lamborghini and he's giving them a lot of weapons and you got the new offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. There's going to be a lot for drew. Lock to learn. So there's there's a part of me that looks at and says man. All the pressure is on drew. Lock because of the weapons. Because of what's expected of this offense now but there's also a sense of you gotta give them a little bit of a break. You know. Aaron Rodgers and Philip Rivers even Philip rivers learning new offense you. Those guys are veterans. They've been doing it for a long time. Locks only played five games so the tough part is when you put the we are going to put pressure on him. He can't be terrible you know. He can't even be below average she has to be average least But the tough part for him is the fact that he's young. And this goes for any quarterback this goes for any rookie or this goes for any guy that just started last year was just starting to get their feet underneath them in this league. That is going to be tough but especially a guy in drew lock where you're placing your offensive coordinator. You Bring Pat Shurmur. You have a lot of new weapons which sounds great on paper. But I'm still curious as to how this is all going to work out. You have a lot a lot of Saul tight ends now at least again on that proverbial paper. You have guys that should pack a little bit of a punch on the tight inside of it. You went and got. Melvin Gordon. You like what? Melvin Gordon is going to bring to this team but again I'm curious. How does that all work do you do? Do you look at it and say. Hey we're we're going to. We're going to add so many different bells and whistles this offense. You're never going to know where we're coming from. We might have to back set. We might have a tight to back set with two tight ends and then one wide receiver. We may have no wide receivers receiver again. You bring in a lot of tight ends. You know you have no a fan you picked one up and you picked up in the in the off season and then you drafted one so that to me says yeah we kind of like the tight end game here you picked you picked okay web on in the fourth round which is a kind of guy that I think. He's not that doesn't mean he's going to be an instant producer next year right. It just means he's going to be a nice add on to what we already have. With Noah Fan. So is it going to be? Are we going to see some heavy sets tight ends and running backs? Then you have Sutton and Jerry Judy and K J handler and it may be tyrod Cleveland seventh but still wide receiver you can convince certainly is going to see three or four wide receiver sets in there as well so again. I am pumped up. I think it's going to be fun. I Won't lie to you though. I'm definitely looking at it saying maybe. There's a reason to reserve your expectation of the Broncos scoring twenty seven points per game twenty twenty three points per game in in theory. That's GONNA work out but game one. Who's game one going to be against? We don't know yet. That's why you gotTa Watch. The three hour in fell schedule special tomorrow night. Cove exciting to watch the depart tonight. So you can figure out by watching a three hour special. What's going to be available three hours later? Just by googling it without the excitement. It's true you sometimes. I guess you do WanNa see here. Some of the the specialists talk about the bachelor ups and stuff but I mean I could go look up the plotline for the departed right now and that's true you can look. You could look at all the decent point saying you. You could go. Google all of it really. I would've last year. I'm not a big. Nfl Schedule Release Guy. Because you just get the schedule and then you piece it together as you go but yes tomorrow night. I will be watching that. I haven't watched one in a while. Now I've I've I'd say you know. Ever since they start. I think it was a one hour special. It started and then they started increasing. Its too and this year. You're like we're starving man. We need to do a lot more in this. You throw out three three hours for sure. So that's coming up tomorrow night. That'll be interesting. Our power to play sports. Poll question of the day was more of a nuggets. We talked a little nuggets last two nights or to last two days. Something Airshow night show is a call. Yokich true superstar and I'm GonNa give you my finishing thoughts on that when we come back forty seven minutes after the hour. This is the whole show powered by energy. Don't go anywhere we'll be right back. You're listening to the hall's show powered by PD energy and thirteen ten. Kfi Am Brady will be back after the break the best UNC bears Tarkhan game coverage lives on thirteen ten K. F. K. Hi this is Jesse Kurtz executive producer and lead anchor the mountain West Network and you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten. Kfi and we're back. Thanks for being with us. Here mosier funeral and cremation service services. As unique as life live. Well plan ahead. That's their motto over there. Give Scott Robert or a member of their staff a call today. Talk to them about pre planning. It truly is an amazing amazing gift. Nine seven zero three three sixty eight twenty four see them at their website. Mosier IMOS FUNERAL SERVICE DOT COM. I finished text line. Three one nine nine six our power play. Sports poll question is Nicole. Ioka true superstar Kovacs. This was a tough one for me to even write down because I feel like I'm going against my guy you know I'm going to get my guy asking the question in a lot of times in. Hogan's you're so hilarious. I ask questions and you assume that I've already taken a stance one way or the other. It's funny to me will the Broncos when go to the playoffs you crazy now never you. You're an idiot and asking we get that all the time right people comments and this is terrible. Question took the time to comment on it. So if it was a terrible question would come. They wouldn't even pay attention. So it pained me to ask did with asking right now convention in the Conventional Way. We identify and describe superstar. Yokich is not it. He's not he doesn't have the mentality. Will he get that? Will we be able to find a way to consistently motivate him? Maybe another round of playoffs would have been the trick you said before we started the show. Colfax not yet not yet maybe another round of playoffs because he's only been in the playoffs once he is young and I'll give you that but the question isn't will he be a superstar. The question is is Nicole. Yokich a superstar and right now. His numbers are very good very good. That'll be good enough if he keeps us up to be the best nugget of all time. But that's not necessarily the player you know one of the best players again. We've talked about the nuggets legacy it's not rich. There's not a lot of greatness surrounding the nuggets organization unless you want to water down the term greatness and you can. We do it all the time. But in order for Nicole Yokich to be considered a superstar. The challenge must be put to him accepting him as a superstar. Right now means that you're okay with the nuggets going to the playoffs every year. Means that you're okay with the nuggets competing and getting into the second and maybe losing it. But if you WANNA win if you want to go to the Western Conference finals and you want to actually beat the Lakers. Then you need more from Nicole Yokich. You need him to truly be a guy that's eight. I'm not content with fourteen point nine shots per game because he's not Joel embiid. He's not a true traditional center. He shoots from outside. I don't mind the passes. I don't mind the fact that he picked his spots but pick more pick more spots. They're centering this offense around you. Nine Times out of ten. You will have the ball in your hands on a possession. It's in fact. It's very alarming when Nicole. Yokich doesn't touch the basketball on a possession for the Denver Nuggets if the mentality can't become that of a winner nonstop. Then you have to ask the question who will possess that Jamal Murray. Maybe he hasn't shown it yet. Either that's why the question is not necessarily about the future of Nicole. Yokich Yokich will retire a nugget if he wants to the nuggets love him and rightfully so but as more of a robin. And if that's the case you have to have somebody else be Batman and the hope is that it's Jamal Murray. Because he signed to the three twenty four season the pressure really even though this whole show has been about Nicole Yokich. It's really about Jamal. Murray I've been saying it for years. The Guy has the potential to be the best point guard in the NBA. And I believe that he will be. I still believe that it's there but he has to start showing it because the one to monster the one two punch. That is Marie Nicole. Yokich could absolutely rival the Lebron James Anthony Davis. And if you don't believe so then you believe. The nuggets are truly wasting their time and they. They're better off scrapping this and starting all over again which. I don't think anybody wants to do. It's going to do it for us. Thanks to mark Johnson the voice of the buffs. Thanks to my Guy Nick. 'cause mitre of athletic great insight there has always from those guys you want the best insiders in the in the state you keep it here on the whole show. We'll be back at it on a Thursday good night northern Colorado Ten K. F. K.

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