Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 5/22/20--Jury/Weekend Preview


Narrow maximum security has been defeated king for a day. This is the Jason Beam. Horseracing podcast brought to you by twin. Spires your daily home for Horse Racing News interviews wagering discussions and more. Here's your host Jason. Be Rabbe Good Friday morning. Y'All welcome into the Jason Horseracing. Podcast brought to you by twin spires. It's Friday may the twenty second and a happy to be with you here as we close out another week of programs. I said I was going to do the Saturday show tomorrow. I'm not I'm not I'm GonNa Take My holiday weekend and I'm going to take a holiday weekend so Sorry for those who look forward to that. I don't know how long I'll keep doing them. But we'll We'll try to squeeze in a couple more here before things get back to To ready but You know maybe what we'll try to do is to more regularly. Just add on a little more cabinet at the end via at the end of the show on Friday. So that's that and Excited welcome back the jury today. We got a really fun card. Churchill coming up on Saturday five stakes events Not like the most biggest prestigious graded races in in the world. But I mean right. Now they're just about as good as you're going to get in terms of grade three races with a lot of horses that are going to be competing at great ones in the coming months. Certainly the Matt Win of course now a prep for the Kentucky Derby so we will talk about all of those in more the jury guys where each GonNa talk about one of those Five races and I will talk about the other. Two after we're done with the jury we're actually GONNA start at at Santa Anita because the stakes double at the great race place. The Daytona on grass the Charlie Wittingham on grass won a sprint one eight mile and a quarter race and the Daytona drew field seven. And it's a lot of the kind of regular names you know stubbins and Straughn Texas Wedge was very good down at Gulfstream. Last time winning comes back to southern California The return of Wild Man Jack who was kind of becoming a pretty damn topnotch turf sprinter in southern California was Brent del Mar four times and ran huge all four times a couple of wins and they try. They went over to Dubai with the Horse. You remember Doug O'Neill kind of spend a set a whole string over there and they took home a win in a three hundred and fifty thousand dollar steak last time out at Beautiful May don race course. So Mike Smith in Wyoming jacket two-to-one I was kind of looking at this race hoping that it would kind of end up with a little bit of a pace battle on the front and I was really hoping that Stran- and Wild Man Jack maybe slug it out now Doug O'Neill has three runners in here. That was part of the reason I thought it. Might you know this was handicap in the trainer. A little bit because sister on you know his best is either right on the lead or just off it. I mean he's he's he did last time he did pick up some horses and was able to win from third but prior to that when he was dirt dirt especially it was gun gun gun so. I don't know if he can keep up with Wild Man Jack but Doug O'Neill has that good kind of Multiple entry where. He's got man Jack who looks like a speed or I mean there's really not a true true you know gun to the lead type in this race but Murad Khan likes to come from off of it. That's one of Doug's other under stubbins. Likes to come from way off of it. Who's Doug third runner and so I was hoping that this was a race. Where maybe those top two sisteron and wild man Jack kind of go goofy at each other? Because I think they're going to be the top ones in the bedding and Texas Wedge figures to be up there in the wagering as well and Texas wedges. He's to me. He's the scariest of the of the three favorites to try to beat. But I was kind lured towards going to Murad Khan or even Spark Ville down on the inside who was beaten two lengths last time to Stran- and was trying to rally from much further back and kind of made a nice little move between horses and I think. Save big on the rail and being able to save ground on this five and a half. Furlong turf. Course. If they do go crazy up front. I think that makes a difference. And you know just being able to kind of close in and save background instead of having a loop up three or four wide like some of might have to do and so. I thought a big price sparky Phil was kind of interesting. I like to Murad Khan last time and I thought he ran okay and willing to give him another shot of his price stays up at around ten to one but I think all the attention going to go to those three outside you know Texas Wedge was the one I had the least amount of questions about I mean. I know sister on went well last time and it seems like everything from John. Sadler Barn is running really really well. He's Positive Roi in two thousand twenty so far which is something for any trainer to be a positive. Roi from all starts. But Victor Espinoza on board so it just kind of hoping that this one collapsed a little bit. And maybe that's how you get a price into the race. Now the other feature at Santa Anita's the Charlie Wittingham and you know two hundred grand up for grabs mile and a quarter not classic race but certainly a prominent one. I think a longtime grade one in southern California and united is your favorite and and deserving favourite horses dance. Some pretty big dances. Second the Breeders Cup turf behind bricks and mortar beaten ahead beaten in the Hollywood turf company even money by Oscar Dominguez and then last time Came down the crown of the track to win the San Marcos Grey. To my thing with united is he makes a lot of sense. He's from speed figure standpoint faster most of these ones in here from the optics plot he. He's not in the is great of a situation. They seem to think that at a mile and a quarter. He's not nearly as good a finisher as possibly some of the others now you have to counteract that with the fact that he's closing and run pretty well at a mile and a half and then last time two mile and a quarter one so to me that the reason that I would try to go against some somebody and of course. Y'All I always want to go against favorites. I'm not GonNa you know you never gonNA play favorites but I don't think he's that far ahead of the other horses to warrant the sixty five price air was a big big winner last time with spoliation. He's back on board here rock. Emperor I mean. How many times have we seen these Chad Brown horses? Come from the East Coast to the West. Iran is listed deride and they move up because sometimes the coaster for better than the west coast surfers. I think this might be one of those instances and to me rock. Emperor is probably the Horse to beat in this one. And if he's a significantly higher price I mean the morning last six to five five. Two two five to two is a lot higher than Than Sixty five. So if there if that's where it's days than rock emperor to just become so much more interesting than united and you know as Cliche as it sounds and it is cliche to say. Oh you know you could win. Won't be surprised if he wins. And it's true. I mean that's that's the way you got to look at a lot of favorites. I mean there's favorites that you don't like but there's favorites that you wouldn't be shocked if they won there's some God. How did that thing win? I mean you know you can always. Cya failure would win. It's the favorite for reason but yes. I thought some fun little races at Santa Anita on Saturday as part of their feature carpet. I want to get to the jury so we can talk some Churchill. We'll talk about the three big stakes and more on the other side of this break. It is a Friday edition of the Jason Beam Horse Racing. 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To find out what offers are available to you all right back here on the Jason Horse Racing. Podcast brought to you by twin spires and we head under the twin spires to welcome in at. Roseau kicks off our jury every week. Eddie how are you doing well? Looking forward to kicking off the stakes schedule at Churchill. Speaking kicking things off buddy. Yeah big big day we're GonNa talk selected the Shawnee as your race of our segment. We'll talk about that in a moment. How the opening weekend go for you not too bad topic wise so from tout perspective pretty disappointing results. There were some horses. I gave a look to that. I went in a different direction. That could have made me a hero way. Drinking wise considering I was four for twenty two on top I. I was pretty pleased to get out of the weekend about even well. You've kind of been our defacto documentary of the experience of watching racing with no crowds. It's been kind of fun to follow on your social media's capturing the din or lack thereof of of Churchill right now and it's so funny because you know it's Kinda the same thing with like when I go down to call her. It's like there's really good racing going on and you're watching IT AND ON TV. It looks like great. Churchill racing. You just. It's when you pull back a little bit you see the dearth of people. Yeah and here is kind of interesting because obviously even when there's let's say ten thousand people governess which would be a great crowd almost anywhere else. There's three fourths of the place is still completely empty but but you notice it You know there's no cheering The the gate echoes even more when it opens so you know little things like batter or kind of constant reminders. Of what what? We're dealing with here. But I WANNA be I guess too optimistic or you know car car in front of the Horse so to speak but I mean my read is even as tracks more open if open tracks open. It seems like people are kind of in a in a pattern and a habit of of watching and interacting with racing so I can only hope it continues but is we're heading into our third month of this thing. I'm I'm pretty optimistic about what I've seen on social media and the numbers coming in hand wise the say maybe we we actually can keep some of these new fans will we shall find out it we we will. We're things open open even more with Nyerere coming online and the smaller trucks following suit. We kind of get closer to this You Know I. I don't want to say typical schedule but a typical menu day-to-day throughout the some That'll be the real test to see if the money gets divided up or you know. Through these new people gravitate toward the brands so to speak like Churchill Gulfstream Naira Cetera so keen to observe that but as of right. Now I'm I'm I mean you. You don't WanNa fuck your chest too much in racing no matter what. 'cause IT'S A humbling game but I have to say I think you know this. There's been some positives and and obviously with a terrible situation overall. Well Ed are r race for discussion is the seventh race on Saturday. It's shiny it's the older fillies and Mares and they're going Eight and a half which is the mile and a sixteenth so a little bit of a short run to that I turn and it's kind of that classic will look we're going to have a heavy heavy heavy favorite. Do you go forward. You go against because I think a lot of people are going to be looking at this race because it starts at late pick five. Yeah and that's why selected it Among the three that were among my options and I'm against You know she's a Julian Dunbar road. Both if not run this year and I see that as as a positive of for my top selection and I'm drawing a blank on which race it was but there was a race recently where one horse it had a race and there was another horse. Who is kind of more of a name who was coming off a layoff who was the favourite and and the the horse with the race under his or her belt was was just clearly ready for that race. Moore so and finite it was not that one but that's a good example so well yeah myself credit for that poll but yeah that as well and finite kind of went the other way too but you out the went right at the day it went right. That's right and hopefully have it the day it went right here with what ball? Who's the horse? I'm speaking of even with the two obvious favorites in here by road. And she's Julie. I'M NOT CONVINCED WE'RE GONNA hit ten to one on vault but that just looks like a you know such a typical prep and and I know they wanted to win that day. Two to one and there was some buzz that she was ready. But just looking back from the rail off the layoff for start with Cox I see a lot of reasons to give this one a Mulligan for that race and thinks she can improve second off. So we'll we'll see what I end up doing when the chips go in for the pick five but I mean Jeez potentially alone. A for me Just because I don't I don't know how much I wanNA triple the cost of my ticket by using the obvious to favorites. I do think they're dangerous. Oh I'm going to play with them. Why like prices elsewhere? But I'd love to get the third choice home in a race like this and be able to not worry about if I catch your favorite elsewhere. We have we have seen so far. It's obviously been a short couple of days but Chad. His his horses are taking a ton of money including that first or last week. But we're talking right after the ninth race on Thursday. He just had another one at six to five. Get be and You know they. He had a few down Florida throughout the pandemic. But I think a lot of his horses are going to be coming off of little breaks and it just seems like a lot of them are a little bit short right now. Now we're getting into the point where we are seeing a few horses that have had works at Churchill. So we'll definitely be paying attention to that is You know they actually raise here as well but you have great point and as you said. He's not just taking money here. They're I mean they're they're bent with both fists And I've been for and against varying degrees so hasn't exactly been gangbusters phone against him but I think we're at the point. Now where where? I want to see his horse win before I back. Certainly the favourite he were to come in with a horse. Who looks good at five or six to One? That's a different story. But based on what we've seen this meet Jason. Dump by road especially four to five morning line I have to. I have to take a stand against. Yeah I found myself liking and I think we kind of approach races a little bit the same way I mean we're wanting to be dissenting against the favourite whenever we can and you have a few reasons not to like Dunbar road. I mean she's she's never rented Churchill. She's obviously coming off layoffs coming off clearly her her worst effort although it was obviously against very very tough horses and so. There's just a lot of things that are a little question mark since I made fun of myself earlier because I use that cliche. We'll be surprised if he wins. A handicapper tout says when they go against a favorite and it's just basically their way to say look. I know I'm trying to but neither of us will be surprised if she wins but at four to five. Are you gonNA play comebacker layoffs at forty five? And are they GONNA win every other time or more? I don't think they are and I want to ask about. She's Julie because I know aspirin didn't have a very good first weekend. Sources seem to have run a little bit better at least on the Thursday card two year old. That ran a good second. She's a Julie Loves Churchill. Man. She's run some big races there but that was the. It's been awhile since those yet. Has I think she's more dangerous than done by road. Which is why I could see. Maybe doubling the cost of my ticket and using her almost equal strength with fall And again that that's going to be dependent on some spots island elsewhere but I definitely like better than done by road. And the reason is she does figure To be a case presence here now vault does have some pace ratings. That are even better than she's Julie. So that's one of the reasons I liked ball even more is I. Think what the race under our belt especially. She can just pretty much breakdown cheese at Julie's throat latch and then go when Joel gives the signal But off the layoff if she's a Julie's fresh in at this amount of sixteenth distance versus maybe some more ground Gates wires and out of the question for me which is a duly. Should we mention the The Dallas Stuart Entry Images? Because I mean you know this horse. That didn't run. Great last time ALFLEX to sneak in and spoil the exotics every so often and this is When with Steve asmussen actually had shown Johnson pace and last time was just a totally a typical effort? I mean was yeah. She was overmatched against that group in the Apple Blossom But you know she just wasn't even in it so hard to think that took much out of her One thing that's interesting to note for me with this race it is it is it equal rate weights. And as I was looking the first time through I wasn't really paying attention and didn't even think that they would be equal weights and I thought man if done by road. S to give wait. I'm really against. They all are all at once. Twenty you know if I was maybe getting away break. This could be a different conversation. But there's actually Another price for better. Which is flour party? Oh the big the big price. The big price. No I thought about that doesn't strike me as a guy throws a horse into a race to be thirty. Two one exactly. This horses is in no less. Yeah but I mean this has been trying stakes company and getting clobbered so I mean the price is supposed to be thirty two one right right. Yeah but the speed ratings are somewhat there in the last two. I'm in some improvement is needed. A this is a Frank Inc stangl That he caught me onto especially at a big price again. You know. We're talking about favorite. I need to see a lot more than just this. But frank loves betting horses who fast workouts who are typically closers to to bulletin row and the last one in particular. Was you know against a heartier list of of workers that morning versus to back? But there's just some you know enough number power here that at thirty to one and again a horse who has some recent Cedar Reform. She's been off since fairgrounds close but that was only two months ago these layoffs. You know twenty years ago. Two months was a long lay-off but now I mean that's not even atypical for some barn. So I have no concern in that regard and I just think maybe she's one that can fill out the exotics and that's an example. Jason for me You know I know we're mostly talking about the pick five when thinking about done by road. Is You know it comes four seven. That's an exact I can see myself having. I don't love them by road but chances are she's GonNa play higher in the win. She's in pay higher in the wind slot with flower party. Second than her win. Odds would indicate so Flower parties definitely went. I'm going to be watching the exact a we'll pays on and might might spice up a couple multi race wagers thin elsewhere shown bridge. Mahan Partners Bridge bounces me but I know is agents here with Kobe Hernandez as well so Hopefully is on the right. One here. At a big price was somebody was talking recently. They say how they can. They can't hear Danielson. Tina's name without doing grinders voice and I'm at that's me with James Graham or bridge. Mahan I go straight to duly straight to do James Graham Partners Bridgman grams at both. The Julie's join that's that's pretty much a year round. He's the duly circuit and bridge. Spent a fair bit of time in fairgrounds to so right but all right Eddie well you enjoy your holiday weekend as well as Churchill race Monday. Yes Oh wow. I didn't even realize all right. Well I'm not doing. I'm taking a holiday. Well you want to do on a recap probably after all that great holiday racing off. Okay yeah take that adds Brad. Does Adam know about that? He's going to all right. We'll we'll catch up next week. Thank you sounds good. So the Jerry Continues. Outta we welcome in James scully from Lexington James. How are you doing great? Thanks for on. We're we're speaking writer as they're getting ready to the gate for the fifth at Churchill on Thursday Y- longchamps pick this right so we're going to see if we can go through this interview. 'cause I know we're both watching the race and we're going to see if we can go and the people will never be able to know your reaction to it unless it wins then. I might give credit. 'cause you're out of thirty eight to one shops. Sounds good to be a professional. Believe me. I've done many interview over the years where it's like. Yeah you know. We're looking forward to opening day. Portland horse it called or getting run down but James as we go through Saturday card and I was talking with the guys about last week and I think I might have even mentioned it to you like these are long cards. They're big fields. They're challenging events. I know you guys are doing your handicapping. Usually a couple of days in advance and find yourself in all kinds of getting lost down okay. What's what's coming up today. Which race was I look at that kind of stuff? No not too much. You know this is really the first week where I've really been busy like For the weekend in the middle of the re a week because of these false so I've been spending a lot of time I started looking at last night. Spent a Lotta time on it today. But I'm definitely juggling back and forth because I spent yesterday a handicap at Thursday. And then I. I worked on Saturday up on Friday and Saturday today so these races are running. And I'm having to go back and refresh a little bit but like on a car today. I didn't have a lot of like strong opinions for me. You know you reference how competitive it is such and you know when it's like that you really you know to me You know have to be selective. I mean you really have to play where you have an opinion and be willing to watch and and not bad when where you don't especially just from a straight race perspective that's a lot but And like today's card I think I mentioned to you before we went on. There's there's a horse later on the car and I liked and they'll probably but he might be the only one. I really seriously today. Well the the race for Saturday that you picked as as you're one to talk about here I mean a total doozy right. The the it's it's funny. I was thinking about how the older handicap division is is kind of a little down in terms of the top end. But man this this kind a middle grade. Three you know grouping is awesome. I mean there's just a ton of different angles. There's a lot of horses you can make cases for and it's a field of fourteen going to one term which to me is always remarkably interesting to handicap. Yeah without a doubt and there are definitely It's definitely a little bit of That feel where you have a to turn force in. Who's cutting back to the one turn distance as well as some other ones and then you also have some a horse global campaign who looks like he's strictly a one turn type so always fast in any everybody talks about this with the met. Mile Where you have the sprinters in routers coming together You know at a at a distance we you wrote a piece on prisoner previewing this race a little bit and you know I was. I always especially with these big fields. I love having optics which I use kind of my pace layout kind of thing with the plot and just to kind of get a vague. Look at how they're thinking. The race might setup. Who are you kind of thinking is is the speed I mean? Is it diamond? Qingwei to the outside. I mean we know Mr Money likes to be handy backyard heaven. I mean there's a lot of horses I think that could be prominent or at least want to be. Yeah I think I think there's no doubt about it. There's two main speed players the long run about half mile to the to the far turn and and you referenced of Mr Money and Post Ten and Donna King Donna King and post Twelve it's money. Isolated in is not in close concern but To me that yeah. They're part of the pays another horse. It's a little bit interesting in their from pace. Perspective is And Distribution Post. Thirteen is always mining Jason. Got A lot of speed in his career. Definitely I think could be part of the pace from my post for with Manny Franko aboard. But yeah I it's IT'S I. Don't say a real blazing blazing hot taste. Dining king you know could could bring it back in the day a little bit but but still. I think it's a little bit of a setup where you know you're not GonNa get burnt out on the lead. If you like a horse it's going to be Up Close from the start and that sorta how approaching it because my topic and the race has some technical speed. Well I think lot I don't first of all I don't know that Owen. Dale saw the morning just came out. He was listed. I think the three to one morning favorite. I don't think he's going to go off. Favored I get that. He ran pretty well in the Clark but I just I don't get the sense just from looking at the race but also from the early chatter that that he's going to be short price. I feel like closers in general are usually up against it in terms of being the favorite players just like horses that are going to be a little bit closer up but to me he's kind of go against in the spike as she said. There's there's a fair bit of horses that to be on or near the lead and we haven't seen a ton of like deep closing on the dirt so far this meet it seems like you. You WanNa be a little bit handy. Yeah that's for sure. I mean it could definitely change the Churchill so you gotta pay attention to it and you know I thought even on the opening weekend speed played better on the first half of the program than it did on the ladder half The special Saturday where the track was drying out but even on Saturday thought Labour understood little bit later. Better later but Oh and Dale. This does look like it strictly to me a prep race of. He's targeting. The Stephen Foster Handicap on June twenty seven. That's his main goal and the first half of the season. It looks like you know. He's not a one term type. I mean he is by in the midst of a lot of like sprinter miler types a lot of horses with speed but he's a confirmed closer who hasn't been award turn distance since he dropped. The first two starts of his career. His maiden win came in a mile but it was a to turn mile and He's runs strictly. A to turn races in his last twelve starts I definitely a horse that Rally for second or third from Austin Pace But to me yeah definitely a play against Dailies there's a fair bit of horses in this race. That are kind of making their seasonal debuts off pretty decent layoffs I mean of course everywhere in racing right now for the most part. You'RE GONNA run into a lot of thirty sixty ninety day layoffs because of the break in the pandemic and stuff but backyard heaven. Oh and Dale extrordinary Jerry. Discreet lover and many of them kind of coming off of a long layoffs. I think the puzzles right now are really fun because Everything just seems a little bit different than the norm for handicapping. Yeah there's no doubt about it. and You know Gosh I mean it's funny with both Discreet love. Or you know in there. I mean that works won the Jockey Club Cup in two thousand eighteen and You know hasn't been seen. Since last April next to racist Breeders Cup Classic Charleston Classic he ran poorly and he's just completely up against it because he's confirmed closer A horse like King. You know to me Is More of like a true like our type. He's got a race under him. He's a little bit interesting especially at ten to one on the morning on. The real question is whether he's good nothing. I might not be good enough to win. But you know he. He's the type that could hold on for part. Especially if it's not a a real time data what do you make of of silver dust to me. He he obviously had a great winter and he seems to run pretty well Churchill downs. I just think he's a cool horse. I mean he's kind of a bit of a throwback type and you know he's getting older now six years old and he shows up for a lot of these Kinda funky trip last time and found himself on the lead before fading against by my standards. Who kind of had a perfect trip that day? But I think he he's a contender to get back in the mix here. Yeah and he certainly likes to track for. He ran a really big race in that Lucas Classic last year. You know he got beat a neck but he was like four lengths clear of the rest. I thought he was going to win. And upper stretch. And you know he's just too hard hitting forced me really loves like Middle Distance you know. Perhaps amount of sixteenth might be to turn bombs sixteenth. My hidden between the is more but he's versatile enough to handle I think a one turn mile on and his tactical speech and ensure a good trip. He's the tight Jason that if a competition is it too deep to me. He's a huge threat to win. But there's always a question mark you know you you reference that New Orleans loves fairgrounds but I guess I I know he didn't have the ideal trip but he was going to be have a hard time to eat my by my standards regardless because you know he's just he's. Kinda that's going to garage typically at great three level when you wrote your piece on President. You talked about Mr Money and you know. He's obviously he's had a couple of of not great performances. Raiders kept my home and you can certainly be a little bit more forgiving at that particular level. But I didn't think really had much of an excuse last time unless you're using the the wet track as an excuse but I mean if you toss those two races. He's one of the favorites in here and he very well could be again. I guess yeah I mean for sure. let me go. Let me just say with the I think his main rival in the rate is global campaign and we can come back to them after. I finished talking about Mr Money but to me last spring Turkey Derby Day Mr Money came to Churchill that week and he was coming there off of three consecutive performances. He has just once this In the Louisiana Derby beating and me. You know those were just too long for him you know. He's not a real true and eight type he can get it has the right company but to me he's a more of a middle distance specialist and I thought his hat day mile was one was visually. The most impressive racy Ram by a mile last year I thought that was an exceptional fielder. And there was an early trump for the lead and case just had a condo horse up close to the pace down the backstretch going into the far attorney. Just couldn't even hold the horse anymore. He just powered his way to the lead and to me I I thought he won by about eight or nine watching. It live the final margin. His father three quarters but the clear run up comes right back and wins a grade one race in his next start So that to me is a pretty solid steel and I just think it was a glimpse of what that force hand potentially do at one. Turn Mile Jason. I you know. He went on and Iran in Mount Win. Indiana Derby the West Virginia Derby the Pennsylvania Derby. I don't really think he face that good horses in races and he was versatile enough because the distance you know win at times but his colleague I think is a one term. How and I couldn't be more excited to bet Mr Money and tomorrow's blame steak. I think he's GonNa freaking win the race. I think he's going to be the favourite in the July. Were met ball off of it. And then after they run them in that raises. You cut him back to seven for long grade one races. Because I don't think this was any part of two turns anymore and I think we're GonNa see what I'm talking about on Saturday. Well him and gave size of made a good team so we shall see I diamond kings. So James we're we're out in thirteen and fourteen land together pal and I will just say no campaign. I do think his main rival Jason. Because I mean you can just look at that comeback race. He ran a really good race in either paying a one turn right and then you know he's just got he's GonNa be into -sition turning palm that it's Mr. Money is all that that I'm saying to me. He's the most likely winner but yeah I'm willing to take on him. You Know I. I'm looking forward to the races. You're right with these older horses. Coming back mcgahey has total of honor and performer. Who are both four year olds both or one or both could be pointing to raise like this summer and I just think this is a dynamite that is and I think courses like Mr Money Goebel campaign and then even routes Owen. Dale can go on to be major players going forward. Yeah the blame can be a fundraiser. James Good luck with it this weekend. We'll catch up next week. All right thanks a lot. Jason always have fun doing it. So we continue on our jury segment and we head back over. Louisville and welcome in Scotch Peer Oshaf Cap. What's going on brother? I back from a day. Three of the Churchill downs meet ten race card in the books and looking forward to a big weekend are man Eddie. I talked to him just before the tenth race on Thursday. And we're talking just after the card finished in Eddie had twenty one top pick. He was he was walking a little taller last night. Yeah had eight horses to close out. I single double single spread and didn't use his horse so a little bitter little bitter sweet. I still trying to figure out. I see a couple angles. He came up with but yeah he was Excited deservingly so good job by him. You know are. I don't know if you know Dan Dna DNA tours. He had posted You know he said because it just goes to show you handicap. Ten percent of the deal. He had a exact box key where he keyed the ten with a bunch of horses in the TRIFECTA key where he keyed the nine with a bunch of horses and it run ten nine. They were both twenty one to one and he didn't pair up the two in the exact at any point and it was. I'm going to have to hit him up. All He tweeted about it. I mean it it was possible. You're too key horses. Run One two and you don't have. That's why I think that's what he's scratching his head of. Act One of those you can't. You can't let let go capitalize on some dude paid five hundred fifty for exact. I think our let me call. Yeah the worst part about it as I said all day on Air. This is the most impossible race. You're not just looking at one thousand thirty five dollars to. Yeah Yeah I mean I said all day. It was the hardest race in the car. Spread seven deep in my single six ticket. That was only thirty eight. Bob's but I guess you know I guess the lesson learned which I'll probably never learn is you're trying to beat the favourite in the spotlight that you use all the others but it's just not my style did you. I want to ask about the ticket. Share thing because I feel like I've seen it on the Internet and I've I feel like people talking about a little more and I think you had some success with it last weekend if you didn't I apologize but I thought I remember seeing you had had a good day one of the days. Can you explain a little bit? About what the ticket share is on twin spires. Yeah so I almost had success with it. Explains that yeah. I beat four favorites in a row and was single to afford a five for six thousand one. So what it is is either Joe Ed or I in this case you can do it on your own. Anyone that has a twin spires account can can create a bed. Share for what we've been doing to kind of Exemplify what what the what the program is is doing them. One of US takes the role we put in tickets. And you click on the share back and then you can share as many of the shares as you want. You have to keep at least one share. I think he could share up twenty. So you'd have to keep one twentieth of the ticket and then you put a tweet out. The link and people with twin spires accounts could jump in and buy one share to share three shares. But this doesn't just go for you know for for us on the air or US please. This is something where you know you have to. You know. Maybe some people don't have as good an avenue to share the tickets but on social media pretty easy to Create a ticket maybe only want to spend half of it know and you want to try to share the other half you can create tickets on there and yet share in. Bet. I think it's a. It's one of the core things we've got going and something that I'd love to see take off. It sounds a lot easier than then mowing ninety. Three of your buddies. Different varied amounts throughout a weekend day. Yeah I think that's kind of the point of it for sure. The money obviously is being your twin spires account. But you know you just by a little sliver I mean we put up a ninety six dollar ticket. You Want One twentieth. It's four dollars and eighty cents. It gives you a good route. You know something for people that don't like to play big tickets but Kinda know that playing a small ticket is kind of Probably not a idea too difficult. It gets you in on some chances for big hats and just a small slice well chap we're working our way through this Extravaganza on Saturday at Churchill in you had selected that you wanted to talk about the Matt Winn stakes which this year more so than really any Matt. Win Ever is obviously taking on added significance with the Derby points and big field of twelve lining up to go a mile and a sixteenth. And I do think that the outside post is a little bit of a question mark in these races. I mean I know it's that attorney. Churchill comes up really quick in the first turn and there's some contenders that are drawn out wide. Yeah I totally and I knew this beforehand obviously for being there and you know as well but the new angle that we have the camera. Angle livens has really exemplified. Just how challenging this is. I think it's worth noting but yeah I mean. There are some Three of the favorites on the morning. Line Max fueled attachment rate major fat all parked out ten eleven twelve and it certainly is a factor. Unless you're planning on maybe like I would assume major fed probably just good drop out into the back. Maybe Max field as well but Yeah I mean if you're a horse is tactical at all you could get caught four five y very easily. It'd be taken out of your game. We'll start with Max field because I think he's one of the more interesting stories in the race and I've kind of argued that his because he was so good last year that he and he hasn't done anything wrong this year because he hasn't run that he's maintained this High ranking and Derby polls and just kind of in the mind of the of the public but that said I mean we're talking about horse. It hasn't run an eight months and it's only run twice and both those were mid late. Two year old runs. Yeah no doubt a horse that you look at it and you have to be impressed with what happened at the age of to tip the cap no that he could beat you potentially but you know I think is a gambler. This is a horse. We gotta take a chance against off the layoff. They had a couple Issues while training. You SEE A gap. If you're looking at his workouts for Mark Fourteen April tenth obviously was supposed to run on the Breeders Cup Juvenile. So He's been a little delicate I would think that you know. This isn't the ultimate goal. Although I guess they need to try to get an offline voids if the Derby's the goal but this is a lot to ask the horse we already talked about the outside post. You talk about how he doesn't have a lot of speed. He strategy struggled to get out of the gate He was very impressive in the breeders. Futurity but it was. The track was playing towards his running style off the pace kind of outside sweeping moves. That data take anything away from me. Beat a good group of forces that also had that trip but Yeah I just don't see enough speed signed on and the layoff. Just make me think that he's GonNa have to beat me Jason. Let's look down toward the inside. I think Mr Guide was obviously a really good winner last time out and it was the everybody that was that horse on the Louisiana Derby Day that everybody got touted on and won impressively pneumatic though is been awesome in two starts and has gotten big speed figures at least on bridges and Steve is not going that great right now but still I mean. This horse looks awesome to starts. And he's going to be probably a little bit of a higher price. I would guess at Maxwell to been the same awesome in two starts. Yeah I missed it. Guide I don't think any fifteen to one is realistic at all. Also yeah so when your traffic it's down to ten to one. Because he he to me looks like possible own speed and I think people are going to see that I agree Mystic is going to have to come from out of it out kickbacks field in major fed but the inside draw is is an advantage in this situation I think. Brighter Anders Junior as good as anybody at saving ground. What you need to do a churchill downs and source has loaded talent. Not sure we beat. Amman's Eagle came back and ran a disappointing fourth on opening day verb yet to break the made in but he did it. Impressively and always Even before that I start was touted as a good thing. Pneumatic is going to be my lukewarm top choice in this race. I'm GONNA probably go. Three deep a horizontal setting with Mr Guide pneumatic. You mentioned your traffic who I agree could easily be loose on the lead with Taco but I think pneumatics going to get that pocket trip and I'm not really sure what he's done wrong. I think getting going amount of sixteenth shouldn't be an issue that one mile at Oakland is to turns Beaded solid group. That day capt him bass thickened February fifteenth maiden race. I think was probably the most live at Arkansas. All meet long so I think we should get four to I. Katie match in this field that you don't get at least the morning line. Price on pneumatic. Yeah I am interested to see how the betting comes in. Because like you said. I think we're we're seeing this race very similar and also I think others are certainly going to see mystic guide and New York traffic and I think those two odds are both coming down when other horses. Odds comes down. I mean pneumatic to me. Look I I remember thinking. Oh Man I can get four to one on this horse but then I think well those two odds are gonNA come down Max. `field certainly going to get some support. I almost wonder if attachment rate ends up being a little bit of the forgotten horse. And maybe even major fed because of their posts and just because of maybe some other alternatives. Yeah I think made your fed probably will go off a little bit higher than five to one with the outside draw and the lack of speed and I agree I think attachment rates four. Two one is a little bit low. I think he's probably more of an eight to one type horse in this race. The outside draw but really just has the one win last time out had every reason to beat Dr Post in that race where Dr Post had a brutal trip and really kinda struggled to finish. I know got a decent speed rating in the event. But he's a horse that if he's at four to one I'd be definitely willing to take on a little chilly so somebody tweeting. Dale gets more Churchill because he's a hometown guy. Do you think that's the case at all? I'm not sure I mean. I would definitely think they'd kind of his. The hometown may factor versus Gulfstream. Might come into play a little. Maybe when he and his bond tout a horse he gets out a little more outs every very true. You don't here publicly. Yeah the mid and lower level courses but he had a worse today that was one of the major contenders and race. Eight inch you. L. and but ended up going off as a nine to five favorite probably was more of a three to one shot But Yeah I mean I think at home his worst get better a little more at Gulfstream. These I want to say he's just a guy that's not meant to be a red but there's a lot of guys that are based out of Florida and there's a lot of guys that have had bigger careers than even dale so I would agree with that. Aren't you capital well? Best of luck on the big Saturday and enjoy your holiday weekend and we'll catch up with you next week. Thanks beamer always good chat. I. WE'RE GONNA catch up with you guys right after this short time out. It is a Friday edition of the Jason Beam Horse Racing podcast brought to you by twin spires the Jason Beam. Worst Bracing podcast brought to you by twin spires. Is Your home for daily thoroughbred horse racing conversation? Join host Jason Bean. Has He discusses racing from around the country interviews jockeys trainers media personality and horse players every Monday through Friday. The show can be found at twin spires dot com or on I tunes Speaker Stitcher or wherever you get your podcast from the Jason Beam Racing. Podcast brought to you by twin spires. This is the Jason Horseracing. Podcast brought to you by twin spires My thanks to the boys in the jury box for joining us talking some Churchill. We'll talk about those other couple of stakes races on that. Churchill card here in just a moment we got the Tappan on the turf. I saw norm. Cassie has one in the Tappan and my my heart will be rooting for norm. Who's going to be a big long shot in that race? I think there thirty two one in the morning. Line Air of light. But I I would love to see take-home tappin. Because of course norm worked very closely with tappin. And also part of that card is the a war chant. Both big field. I mean Churchill's just been throwing big field after big field after big field at US It's made for some some fun and challenging racing so far in the first couple of days three days I guess it is and I'm looking forward to more of it as we go throughout this spring season and you know of course more tracks starting to open up. Lone Star Park opens up later tonight. I think they. I saw Lonestar going to Monday Tuesday Wednesday schedule for June. They actually have the option to race with a twenty five percent occupancy and I saw that they elected not to do that. I think right now that might be smart just because I don't think anybody wants to you know if there is some kind of boost in the covid it comes out of a race track. I don't think anybody wants to be part of an initial big boost. And so that's my guess. I could be totally wrong on why they're doing it but I think it's You know I think right now. It's it's not the worst thing to be A little defensive when it comes to To that stuff I guess I mentioned the other day. We will not have a show on Monday. Because it's Memorial Day and I always like to Make mention of Memorial Day and those who gave their lives for our country and the appreciation and the Admiration and also the sadness we feel for for their loss in their sacrifice but A big big. Thank you to to all of them. Who perished in defense of our great country? I always make a point on Memorial Day. Talk about this every year My GRANDPA HE served in World War. Two and he told me one time he said you know he said. You don't have to take a lot of time because but just take a minute. Take one minute to minute on Memorial Day and just really sit down and think about the sacrifice that those men and women have made You know for our country and for our freedoms and he said he goes. I think a lot of them would be happy just to know the thought about him for a minute or two and you know that was his personal thing but I always it resonated with me so I always do it and say it With that said move on and talk about the the bully L. We talked about the blame. Already we're talking about happen. The stakes a mile on the TURF COURSE. Churchill Kennedy interested to see if eve of war draws in because I thought that the EVA war looked like kind of a contender and in a really good front end type. was really impressive. Going wire-to-wire last time but missed the gate by a by once-popular boy. There's just some interesting horse in here. All a perfect for for four horse. We've seen travel already won a couple races at Belmont including the matron they went down to del Mar. Won the Jimmy Durante. They went to fairgrounds and one the the and now they show up here at Churchill horses done nothing wrong is very talented. Paco showing up. I have this weird feeling pocket might have a big day I you know. Paco has his detractors. He has his fans. I've been a fan in terms of man when he's gone. There's not a lot of guys I want on my horse more than him. I think he just a puts horses in good positions. But he's also just I mean he's just fearless and You know break it from the fourteen whole going a mile. Obviously they have an eighth of a mile before they get to the finish line but as we talked about with scotched a minute ago that I turned comes up Quick Church. I mean on the dirt track. They literally hit the wire. Take a few steps and they're going into the turn. The turf course is not quite as exaggerated. But it's not the longest run to that. I turn so for all who's kind of a stocker presser. One of the issues is the horses just to her inside are all kind of forwardly placed types like that and there's a lot of those Sharing is back in this race. Of course after winning the Breeder's cup juvenile fillies turf. I can't say enough how much I mean after what we saw with four wheel drive and you know these horses that win the Ju- The juvenile turf races. I'm just I'm just always going to be against them. I think it's You know especially when now that is coming off a bit of a layoff if Graham. Has This horse ready and fires a Big One. I mean I thought I like sharing a little bit in that Breeders Cup race and I thought it was just. She took that next step forward but to me to debut as a three year old debut but to make your three year old debut against. What's a pretty tough group? I mean there's some good horse in here walking in Marakesh. I think a talented runner down in post three Like I said there's a bunch of outbursts there. There's there's probably five or six sources in here that I find really really interesting. Pass the plate as a big long shot. I thought was maybe okay. You know was There was ways I thought you could go to try to beat sharing in here and even have Scott I think Kind of like a little bit Who was beaten in that Breeders Cup turf but it's come back to run pretty decently DANTEC Gulfstream and a couple of starts and I thought maybe another move forward could put that one somewhere in the hunt but it's a fun fun little race and like I said I just with all GMS Dr- you know being way outside and sharing coming off the long layoff and against this field. I just thought this is a race where I'm going to probably try to get a lot of big. You know. Get a lot of big prices on a ticket and try to just flat out. Beat those two from from either top spot Whether you're playing exact as pick five. Pick fours or other horizontal wages. I don't want any part of either of those two horses at short prices because I think they're both having to overcome enough things that I just Not the kind I WANNA be around. But I also wouldn't WanNa miss if I can beat one of those two because I think with the big fields that we're going to see throughout these sequences. A lot of people are going to be looking for opportunities to only go two or three deep and if they see those two as kind of clear cut first and second choices. I think a lot of tickets are going to go to just those to the final race on the program which we want to talk about. Is the war. Chance takes hundred thousand mile on the turf or the three roads we get to Jeff Ruby stakes winner in here. Field Pass was late closing winner and what was not my favorite prep of the the Ruby stakes has had a couple of tough years in terms of I think producing quality derby contenders. But to me. This is not the Derby right. This is a nice little listed stakes back on grass where the horse pretty much exclusively ran prior to that he had one start Churchill. That didn't go all that well. So you know. It's quite possible that he's just not a Derby trail horse and Mike Maker might just know this and say look. Let's let's stay on the grass or the synthetic we know he likes to run on that and I thought he he made a lot of sense in a race like this. He's he's got a little bit of an experience edge over a lot of the other horses in this race. I don't know that it's a race that is going to boil over with speed. I mean there's there's quite a few kinda early stock types Harouna says is a is a go to the lead. Try to stay to lead type other than that You know smooth like straight likes to be somewhat close up but there's a lot of closers stockers and so. I'm curious to see kind of how this race goes from a pace standpoint. I see those top to be in the to that battle and I thought feel pass was going to sit a pretty comfy trip just in behind them and you know. Haram is Is You know this is a very logical next step up from a little seventy five thousand steak down at fairgrounds billy. Batts returns in here we talked about with with Lee Davis yesterday. I thought Pixel late for my extend them was a little bit interesting in terms of horses. Who might be a little bit more of a price another one with a fair bit of experience it just has two wins from seven starts knocks on the door just seems to always run race and maybe the kind of horse she wanted just You know work into your exact or Trifecta if you're trying to be real real narrow in the That third spot. I mean t to me with trifles. I always think about stuff. People how they structure. I think most people kind of structure in what I call a Christmas tree. The they're very narrow up top and then they spread out as you go down and or pyramid. That's the other way that people calm and so you know most of the the big numbers in the wide numbers people have for third and more so for second unless so for I and so You know if I if the Horse I like is Is a bit of a short price. You know it might be a thing where I would want to kind of get him alone in third because everybody's spread in the third spot and maybe I tried to get my bombs in up top of where most people are not doing that but again try to. Structuring is no means my area of knowledge that just kind of at first glance. That's kind of how I think about it so I would love to hear from you guys if you have differing opinions on that kind of stuff but Jason Charles Beam g mail DOT COM or if you agree with what I'm saying that's always that's always fine as well. So looking forward to that Whole weekend racing at Churchill and looking forward to the holiday of course I'm Gonna I'm GonNa do a little day trip on one of the days. I think Sunday and just kind of joy. A little bit of downtime. Next week we will have shows Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday. So Tuesday will be our weekend recap. We'll look back not only at the Saturday action. But of course the Memorial Day holiday action as well. We'll have a couple of guests next week. I'm working on putting together. I talked about show yesterday about a certain topic that I thought would be good for. Maybe a little round table so I'm working on that for horse. Play Thursday and Yes we'll have just to interview days and then get ready for the weekend. I mean the beauty of a holiday weekend you get. That holiday within the next week is short. It's awesome so I hope you guys all do well this weekend Hit me up with some of your pick. Stronger selections You know every once in a while I'll get listeners. It'll just send me a ticket that they hit. I love seeing that. I was happy when you guys have a score We will see guys on Monday. Everybody have a great rest of your.

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