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2943: #MeToo w/ Marcia Belsky


Hey. Welcome to Keith and the girl I'm Keith Malley ladies and gentlemen. Today's guest amazing comic and I'll say, Justice warrior, Marsha Belsky. Marsha, you look very adequate today. What can you say. Mean minefield out there. We're going to talk about the some big subjects today. I let me mention this, make sure your subscribe to our YouTube channel. Oh yeah. This silent trailers game that we've been playing is so fun. And honestly, I'm getting way too nervous playing see you getting nerve. Now. I take it very seriously because and that that makes the guested seriously because it's like they wanna take it away from you, right? If because people are uncomfortable with your happiness, I have to win in generally as or it's not exciting when the guest was right, we should start putting money on it like come to the even the girl show and how much are you going to bet for the after show? I'm reading some of your comments, sugar hits rates in regards to Andrew Allen's recent episode. It's only been fifteen seconds in it's already genius. All bow down to Henrik and of course puts together Paulo pheromone roads about Rojo's episode best one of these so far. While he cheated anyway, Christie cello show Christian Reese rates LL Christie is even better on video. She so animated. Christie Chela. Right, right. My first friends in New York. Hey, let me mention this right away. Happy, Yom Kippur or or sorry, keep young s. thank you. Sorry that I'm not in synagogue. I I never go, but I always just lied to my dad about going to lie to your dad about how did I think usually make a game call like all kind of balance out with like Passover in Russia, Shana. So I'll give a one out of three or two out of like, he's like, are you keeping Passover? And I'm like, absolutely. Yes, I am then. But then the next question about a holiday will be. No. So you like me on us. Let me like on didn't didn't make it this time. You know what's funny is I'm sure that her dad's like, let's play this game again. Next year. I think it's a good deed. Like I feel like I served my time. Do. I had to go to Hebrew school three times a week until I was in seventh grade. And then I had to go once a week until I graduated high school. So like my, I had a bomb, it's I was also confirmed I have to doing of time firmed in non-jew terms? No, like they. We had like a confirmation class when we were like seventeen. I think for them to basically be like, you have to stay in Hebrew school for the last year of high school. And I was like, I don't have a choice. So now you're just giving me extra work, went to Hebrew school was such a joke to me. I went to Sheva. So half my day was Jewish curriculum just like Hebrew class. And then the other half was the American curriculum that we had to pass. What a waste of fucking time. Do you know how much should I have in my brain that when I can't remember when somebody sees my Jew face and goes, oh, it's a holiday today, and I didn't even know it like real, unlike all it left, that means there's room for more. I still remember half my half Torah. I, I learned how to not only Hebrew. Learned how to read biblical Hebrew in that and define it. I learned how to read this guy Rashi interpretation and he created half new language. I learned that I learn any language. It was biblical Hebrew, right? And so he takes his fucking interpretation and I have to learn a new way to read Hebrew. Thanks to him. Then did you know that in the Torah. The chillers specific by the way tropes learned all that shit. I remember that was able to sight read it. It's kind of cool. That's the one part that I actually liked is that like in Hebrew, there is, will they have their own way of writing music? So it's like interesting to look at when I like learned all this stuff. And I just imagine like cave people in Israel putting little dots on their words and like that means all that's kind of cool when somebody says to you, hey, look at your face. It's Jewish ju- phase Gavin happens a lot. Well, you said right? Does it. Yeah. I mean, even even when I say no, I'm not practicing. I'm an atheist now. They argue with me, no, no look at you. You're doing forever because people really like Jews like want to like it's like enough Nestle and a religion, but then it's like American Jews are so like at this point, like you know, a quarter Jewish or whatever, like a meat, it's me going. I don't like bagels who doesn't like vehicle. Yeah, they're like, no, you. One of us we accept you. One of us is a because they're thinking it's not so crazy. There could be another holocaust Dulcie you're not one of us. I mean, yes, sure. Every response could be from fear and I could fucking pay for that forever. But if you're scared of the next holocaust world dead, it will pull the holocaust car quick like they'll be like, remember. I mean, it's love your culture. Yeah, I can't just be like, oh, I gotta make sure on those trains next time. One, I think the Jews are going to be split half and half in the race work because there's so many Jews like helping Trump and like, you know, it's going to be. It's gonna be tricky, dividing this time. Good luck. They're gonna have to the left await you work for. Okay. Kushner's to write a fuck lake. So by eyebrow thickness. Oh, shit. Maybe this is better, right? So that's confusing. Yeah. Yeah. We're throwing him off that was our whole plan and assimilating to be white with you. When I talked to my parents about, you know, if I go to church, oh, I didn't know this. Sunday may be believe I'm going on. It is weird that when it comes to the commandments, one is thou shall not live in the same group is honor. They father. Rock paper, scissors effect commandments, right? Is I fully believe that making my dad happy is more important than because if lying, if God takes lying really seriously, it's for as well. It's like he's a narc and it's like whatever. And then also like everybody lies. And if anybody tells you that they don't lie there serial killer. So I, I don't feel bad. That's hashtag fats. Yeah. I mean, I don't like I don't try and like tell big lies. But if it's like a lie for somebody else's comfort, I find that to be a good deed like, you know what I mean? When you're like in a conversation and somebody says something and you're just like just lie just linex short. How do you like my haircut? I'm like, well, I know you bathroom two hours or even like the social contract. Like I was fifteen minutes late because the train your bosses like shirt. I try not to ask people what they think of a change that I did to myself because what are they going to say? I'm I'm basically going here. Put I put all this effort. I can't really undo it at this moment. You like I asked to get the s. and then when one of my friends is like, well, I'm like, you know, I ask that question. Do what you're supposed to do? Yeah. Me, joking, bullies Fano Reza comfort me. I know it's bad. You show me a me my already seeing, right. I've never seen it gets hurt. I think a haircut looks good. I don't ask my friend, not a hair. I haven't gotten a haircut in six years, like I'm a mess your own here. I come my own here. Yeah, I think early here could do that. And like I, I really like find sitting in a hair shop like so like awkward. I'm like really bad at small dogs. I'm like, so like when it's quiet, I also feel kind of weird. Like I get stressed out by too because some of them want to talk to you don't just like, yeah, yeah, I read them and like sometimes it's friendly and you get into a good banter, just kind of run out of things to say, and you have like a half hour laugh because I have a lot of hair, but also I, I'm just like, what? What? If you're at work and I don't interrupt you have my hair and says in your hand. Yeah, like I'll be. I'll be quiet. Yeah, I knew. This one girl we put her headphones, and I was like, well, that seems intense like used to do that when I was waxing. But then she started talking to me and it was awkward to keep taking out that. Yeah, I guess we're talking now, but I'm in my underwear. What's up. We have the performer for the Super Bowl halftime. Show the great maroon five at is it almost an insult to be asked because it's like, hey, you'll vanilla this up for us, right, right. My Adam, Adam, nobody living. Yeah, I always get Kim confused without him. Divine from house farting work all but Adam LeVine. The funniest thing he's ever done to me and this may be fucked up. But he did these commercials that were like really serious where he like walks onto a block screenings. Like I have ADD like just like million suffer from eighty Engstrom it's drew, but it was just like really funny because I was just like says areas, intense boring things bore me. Good luck with your. He performed recently or has hits anyway with a Cardi b. and Kendrick, Lamar. So he's dies, some guesses that could be some guesses on who else will be. Definitely Cardi b.'s come into the Super Bowl. She was like, they're like, can we book you? And she was like, I don't wanna do that kind of work like I don't need to because they don't even super bowl's like a bad gig from what I've heard of everybody's, I feel like they like tried to give it to Kardashian. She was like, I'm better than that. And then they're like, Adam LeVine, can you got are probably when they booked out them, they're like, you know, this happens in comedy. Sometimes they're like, can you get? Can you get Cardi? And he's like, yeah. Right, right. And I'm like, you like, can't. Stand, you're not. They're not paid per se course food and anything like that and travel in a place to stay and will be paid. And by the way they never count Prodi's. When you get paid per diem, you're like beyond Purdue could be a million dollar shore and we're like rehearsal and everything. Yeah, then the exposures, what's worth it? Yes. Maroon five really needs to step up exposure. Again, his name is maroon five name for good. Head. Atta maroon five LeVine. We put up this poll by the way. I thought this was interesting with a new guest, John Murray, and he let slip out that he what we asked them, but still I say, slip out 'cause I would allied being on a show that he's never heard keeping the girl. And I said, what did your publicist Sadie and because this is the one that both him. Right. You said the that you Keith are the bad cop, good cop. Yeah, and they'll be nice in, you'll be me. That's true. And I'm like. So we made that the poll on the floors and we said, who is the good cop heat him. Forty, four percents, Keith as the good cop, six percent. It's rag and you're both last week this, I'll tell you something. I voted that I am. Indeed. The men were like hemmed is pretty harsh on the men, so bad cop. And I see that because if a guest say something stupid or flat out lies can the catches it makes them explain the words. I say, I hear what you're saying. And get you to talk more plus your pushover. I get you to talk more like for example, you're talking about Terry, right? Because you're like, yeah, like interrogation. I'll go, hey, listen, can get rolled up, meet the metoo movement. It has its negatives. Right. Go ahead. That's good. Copy. Hate definitely both going to rest. You want. Yeah. Well, you though. But there is there's someone on the forums who made a good point that I must be the bad cop because I'm always the devil's advocate. And so that's a pretty shitty position to be the devil's lawyer. Although I think all cops are bad. So. It's bad cutback I'd like to think that I do that less like advocate, what? What about this? But I think I don't and I'm doing it now. Those two are so. And this going to play good cop latte, bad cop by myself. I'm just like, are you being good? I don't know because you could have been better. There's only one year younger than me, but I keep thinking like when you're my age, shin. Make excuse that because you're taller. And I think you keep thinking, I'm going to reach your. That's the only thing you could be waiting for all. Yeah, we right. What can the literally grows up. Maybe understand. I keep eating vegetables. I mean, you have Sean Penn. He's on the today show and he's proud. Astronauts show on Hulu and he's there with his female co host, and she's ready to eat her own face when he's explained that the metoo movement was put together to separate men from women. Never mind his past raisin looking so peachy punch Madonna or something. God, Sean Penn is the most boring person in the world to me. Like I feel like if I were like sat next to Sean Penn on somewhere, I would walk away like I, he is, I don't know like it really until to him. Now they keep the keep asking him like they keep asking these actors like what they think, and they know the click, bait that's gonna result. So they like it some ways. It's good because it just like exposes these guys, but also has all of these guys say this shit. It begins like people forget like, oh, was Sean Penn, the piece of shit or was it this other guy like so many dudes. It's like the apologies like there are so many apologies that like people forget half the dudes that were accused in the metoo like moment, resurgence like so, yeah, like they keep asking these actors keeps saying stupid shit, and then it's just like, you know what? Let these old men just like go away like. Please stop ask because it validates their opinion in a way where it's like these are the two sides. The one side is it's the vice. The other side is don't assault people like it's like those aren't the two sides. It's a straw man headline. It's like, what do when people understand how stupid you sound? When you say, were you meet tude? Was this person to, you know, I rose joke like that. I've heard it like walking will be like, get me to browse like at a bar. And then I killed him with my eyes. Good, good. Very proud of the show that we did with Andrea Allan. Louis c. k. returns was the title welcome, and I mentioned, love him right of ham, and I love love love. I mentioned how silly it is to to act like hope. This metoo movement goes away. The words will go away because their words, the metoo has tug will go away because things go way. But what what is it? It's women saying, hey, this is happening to me. This isn't. This isn't a contained thing that's going to last month's two years. This will last forever. That's like if they say, when will the cop movement leave? And it's like, but you're gonna if you keep robbing. What's the way on land? Yeah. I mean, I think with specifically metoo and sexual assault. Something I've been thinking about a lot is that I'm surprised every day I wake up like just furious, but like this is kind of how it goes with like rape jokes and stuff to which I've never said. Don't tell you a rape joke, but if it bombs be like, that's your fault. You know, but people people can acknowledge that men rape. They can even joke about it and they know that that happens, but they don't want to acknowledge that women get raped so they can acknowledge the first thing, but not the second and the metoo movement is about you need to acknowledge the second thing since we know the first thing is true and men don't want that to happen. They want those things to say to stay separate. That's similar to. I think I've recently said, you know, hey, when I go to, let's say someone's hotel room or go back to someone's place I get met with, well, what do you think is going to happen? Don't you know that all these guys are rapists from from from men? Yeah. And from women like men are trash. They're like, evolve ledge. I'm like, oh, men are raping. Oh, again with another woman. Will you just warned me that I would. I will be raped, but I who gets the power to define who gets a second chance who gets to fail like an, it's an fail in the biggest way that you ruin somebody's life or like a reparable harm them. Like, that's what's frustrating to because it's also like these same guys who think that like it might be okay. What cavenaugh did like if a black guy rape somebody, it's like, well, he deserves to be imprisoned for life. No questions asked and it's like, but you know that those are the same things like, but you think that one person deserves no consequences and you think the other person deserves the harshest consequence would no middle ground or even acknowledgement of that. Like the whole thing is so fucked because there's so many levels to it. I think the biggest things knowledge went, like you say, it's not that the rape will ruin my life. It's the cover up and the, you know, because I can get over you robbing me of this. This? Yeah, because I can get over somebody, you know, thieving my house or, you know, this is a thing that is a terrible traumatic time in your life, but you can get over deaths. You can get over rape. You can get over a robbery, but to go, no, you weren't robbed or no, you weren't ill, never to get over it like, 'cause it's ended allows you to have to lie. You are forced to lie for the rest of your life. Because anytime this comes up, you have to tell a different story or you have to be met with all the backlash of your story. So that's that's what the metoo movement I think is about. It's about, like you said going this, this happens to me. That's it. That's it. It's not even we didn't even get to reparations. Yeah, that's what's exhausting though to for me is like just men on all scales of things just like being like oak. I've just been made aware of the problem. Let's figure it out. And it's like, that's been so exhausting about this last year is just like all these dudes who for years, like I've been telling like, because they don't wanna see like that. Like, you know, privilege essentially works as like a Vail. It's been called like, and so it's like, you can't see in, but the people can see out. So the people seeing out are telling you, this is what I see, and the people who can't see in our like does not true. I live in this world to, I don't see it, especially people who think of themselves as very smart, like they're like, I don't see it so like how could it be there? And then now it's like you have this one day, this resurgence where every single woman in your life as posting online. This is what's happened to me or talking you in person. This is what's happened to me now that you bring it up and it took literally all of us speaking all at once for men to go. Okay. I guess I can't deny it. I, I can't deny that that is an everyday thing, you know? Because even if they don't want to deny it, they do. I think we all do in a way. Because we just exist who we are. So when other people tell us about their problems, we're like, okay, okay. Yes, I believe, you know like, so even when they believe you sometimes it's like, now we're in this process of teaching you like what you need to do is listen. What you need to do is actually cut out your creepy friend. What you need to do is you know these small things, and then you have this whole other level of dudes who are just don't want to lose the privilege of men being able to harasser Saul, and they're just like. Like they're the ones like. So there's like different factions of like reactions on like the male side, of course, love marshes, Twitter account, and it's under her name Marsha Belsky, and she, she does a slow back and forth. The guy says, not all men, and she goes your friend day. Why are you? The one thing we're looking at them that's always like at some dude is just being like not all man. You're like, oh, I was actually just talking about your friend, Dave, that's that's why I brought it up. You know, and it's like who's saying all men except for men. Because like when all tweets, something about men like I don't understand why they can't hear or see the implied some as opposed to all because I didn't say I did Joe kill all men as like a baby photo of me with a little speech bubble and like people got some people got upset about that. But ninety percent people under so that it was whole Larry. But when you can get upset at Marshall tweeting a little baby, sing kill all men, not out of nowhere that upset you more than having somebody on the supreme court. That perhaps sexually assaulted a woman, but it does like, yeah, that doesn't cause also, it's funny watching some of these old men panic because it really if you look at any age movie like any John, like they're all super AP. It was just accepted like, and like I said, they didn't see the female victims as the problem. They just said, oh, this is what boys do like the female victims weren't even in the equation. So now these older men are going, oh, my God, like me in every single of ever had had something that could be considered a psalter rape is that gonna ruin my life. We can't have that like they, you know, they essentially thought they get away with it because every single thing in their life told them that they would, but they've always been men who didn't rape does it does it also bothers? It bothers me that the guys that do say like. Oh, okay. This was just brought to my attention. First of all, you know, slow down. You just brought it to my attention that point that you made, but also. Okay. So that's something to think about. Whereas I think the guys new and I talked about in my latest album, but the date when they walk down the street and they yell at you to smile or say, hey, pretty pretty, it's not when they're walking with their mothers. It's as I've been catcalled by men with their kids with their kids different. That's the thing to they're like, dentistry, mom, the I've seen men cat call with the women with women. It's actually that's like the worst because you're just like I wanna grab her and be like, do you wanna stay at my place like you. Male employees end his life. What does the woman do literally? Does she have her smile? I mean, that's the thing too is like there are different things like where it's like it's it's not a compliment and also it has it can have to do with power dynamic. So that's like a nuance thing to where it's like sometimes men who feel like they don't have power can kind of like, you know, reach out different ways like that can be fucked up. So like I think like it's, yeah, it's hard because like some guys new, but the problem is, is that you know badmin- no, and they, they know how much they have to lose like if and then there's people in the middle who don't realize they do some bad because every guy does it, how can it be bad? And then there are good guys who think will I would never do that. There's no chance at all. These other men that I'm friends with are. So that's like to me like the three camps. That's all be dividing the prisons. Is bad, bad, decent, bad and good, but unaware. Funny, I do remember my dad was a big flirt, and it never bothered my mom and I always, but I took it as a positive thing like, oh, you could like he doesn't mean it. You know what I mean? And and then I don't know. I can't tell looking back. Did he need to do that? You know what I mean? And then also looking back, it's hard for me to look back because memory can I possibly retain this and I wasn't around him all the time, but he would flirt with women as a way of talking. I think once I started talking to men, I only flirted with them kind of really get the information or get get, and I had to. I had to slowly take that away from the way that I speak because I thought this isn't a big deal. This is just the way to hold a tent like they won't be even listening if I don't add a little bit of this, so true. Yeah, it's true. And it's it's hard to know the nuance of like, what's okay. What's kind of fine versus like what really is kinda like something deeper. It's like in my family. It's like, you know, figure it with practice, not that confusing because it is. It is at first because you're just like, I'm not going to get what I want. If I don't put this on this and it's true, it's absolutely true. There are certain guys if I have a meeting with them, if I don't turn it on. A little bit. I'm not going to get what I want, but there's another guy that I can and just talk normally with that person. So I am taking some things out of my business because of it, but I have to be okay with it. Yeah. Like it's like those little dynamics. Sometimes you'll think about me, like, is this up and then it's like, might do like I would. He would always like comment on like women or something. And then it was like my mom and my aunt would kinda comment on men too. So I was like, okay, I think it's fine. And then eventually I was like, I don't really wanna hear what your type I don't really want to think about. My parents would both comment on women, and it would be we'd be watching the news and they would be like, who at this bitch on TV I know we'll do that two of them. My mom, Slade says, women on it and people lose their minds because they're adding so many female announcers, they say, horrific, like Riddick things. Yeah. The as if it's get right as Avs of these women are really flooding your football. Anyway, there is not one pro football female announcer by when there's like there's no one there on. No, they'll be on the field will allow you to say on the field calm down. I want to see on the foul navy in the studio. Why they do that. My mom actually told me this alike male athletes when they would give interviews on the field. It's so loud. You have to lean in really close to the microphone and they weren't leaning in close enough when it was a man interviewing them. So with the woman interviewing them, they're willing to lean in close. And that's why. Oh, yeah. They do. Oh, anytime they have, they're, they're like, there's a reason that serves us place. We're not doing this for the goodness of you, but they're adding more like they are adding more like anchor women on ESPN. There does seem to be like a real effort, but it's always like, you know, when we get twenty percent of something, they're like, that's good enough off, right? They're already overwhelmed. Yeah, we'll, we'll let you comment on the game football today. Part four. In the booth during the live action and be able to handle it. Do you remember love the world they were? Are they called announcers, they were in a studio, and there was one woman amongst them and and it's the same Bantu full conflict bent or any way. Can you just be glad someone could talk about this shit? I mean, really so, and there was this guy and they made mention, I forget who started. They made mention that he doesn't look at the female and he's like, that's right. I don't because I'm gonna get in trouble with my wife. I don't even know how to the my in Pence. Yeah, look at you. And now it's like, wow, you really genuinely believe that an you believe that you're doing the good guy thing you believe that not looking at this woman will keep you safe from what your cell like, how I've never had to learn to control their Dicks because they've never had to. So they're just like, but like if I see you Matt dick get hard. If my dick gets hard macbrayne Dongguan, no control them alive, skunk it, man. It's like, okay. Well, that's sad. You're an adult. I'm gonna blame on his wife like as long as I don't look at you, I don't get in trouble with. Wife, not as long as I don't look at you. I can control this demon. That's inside of me that I really now that I think about it think I need help force. Can't look at another human being without getting in trouble. Agitating do that. Like every every time a woman comes around, he's like. Baby blinders on t worry. I remember this was a couple of years ago, but a man wrote me in an Email complaining. When I said I was complaining. It's interesting. There's no women calling the shots saying what's happening on the field in the actual booth during a game. The guy rates me like, you idiot this. This woman did it. And I'm like, why do I know that's not true? But I looked at op and she was hired for college game and immediately got fired. And it's like one woman. Okay, cool. Sorry, I didn't know. I should've looked like you're like, yeah, that's like saying, like if a woman like snuck into the army before they were allowed, it's like there are no. Well, actually, maybe that's like a racer too because sometimes there are no female soldiers before this point. It's like, no, they just disguise themselves Twelfth Night style. Do you remember what happened to the first female? Marathon runner? Yes. She got followed by those like pathetic dudes like she got pushed to the guy who has been she. I guess she snuck in 'cause she wasn't allowed because females shouldn't be running, I guess, for that amount. How'd you get away with your with your feet binded? So so he met her in the middle of heat, and I think he was in a truck or something came out of it and tried to push her out physically this video of it because there were people following her video because the big deal with like, no, he fully justified, pushes her while she's running. She's still made it in and I still had good time there. So, I mean, that's the thing. I'm just going to look this way. He gave her break. Yeah, it seriously is like it's, it's sad when you look back because it's so depressing. And it's just like every little thing. It's like. There's always a copy up, but also that's why it's funny because it's like as we do like slowly climb up and like dude, just feel so threatening. You hear this like, well, I guess you can't get booked unless you're like not straight white guy anymore. It's honestly the straightway I know who are funny like, do fine and the street white guys, I know who are talented like will always do find because they have mentors and people. You know, like it's like some like we can help each other out like they see it as such a threat when like, well, if I have to try hard, not to book your kind you doing all right, or doing five to be superman. Fuck. We'd like five white guys on this week. I got a mindfully think of somebody else and it's it's not my, I think it's because this whole like they'll be like just a lot of like even like all here, straight white guys are like, it's like white people being like white people to try to detach themselves from like, but so it's like they do that. Two or it's like now it's become such a thing to be like a straight white men and it's like nobody I know who actually cares about this stuff feels that way because it's the system of straight white men. It's the individual dudes. You don't like you're not like, you know what I mean, like your. It's not just like sometimes people just like go off on somebody like, and you're like, you're not helping things like he's like, I don't know. So that's like I don't book them any strike is on my show just because that's how it's happened. And like I booked people who like I wanna help out and like sometimes that's a straight white dude. Sometimes it's not and like people who like talk shit like, and you're just like, there's like one show. We book women and gay men and gay women and like everybody who's not like an like by non binary. Like it's like the deal. You say the word like a lot because you hate everything and you're trying. I don't even think about it when I say like anymore. It's bad, but it's how I it's like just say, you're bringing up a Cavanaugh brick Cav enough faces allegations that he sexually assaulted a girl when both were teens more than three decades ago. It's impossible to miss the parallels between the Cavanaugh and Thomas confirmation says Anita hill. You remember her, of course sixty two. Now famously accused Thomas Clarence Thomas of picking up a soda when she picked up a soda can ask who put this pubic hair on the coke. You demo- v it's the HBO movie confirmation VC net eight. So mazing I was pacing anger. It only came out twenty five years too late for the public. Understand what happened. So you know, let's give because he didn't just do the cocaine thing. It's like a very familiar situation where it's like he wants guys get obsessed and he he wanted to date her. And when you don't give even like a slightly flirty like if you don't give the attention back, there's a disrupted entitlement there. And that's. So I think the he did to her is like he was like, how dare this beautiful woman? I'm attracted to not exist for my sole purpose and do like freak out like that is a great, great phrase, disrupted entitlement. I think that makes so much. Disrupt. Oh, you see it on street tastes mile and you just you didn't say anything. You simply didn't give the man what he wanted. All of a sudden, what's the word that's well or yet case bitch, worst-case murdered. Right? Somebody made this point. Do you know? You know, if you're a, you have these male comic saying, women, you know. Next call right. You know, I had this crazy woman, my life bubble, blah, this crazy chick bubble, blah. You don't hear the women saying about crazy guys because they're dead. Funny. Like a murder joke. It's like, oh, we can't tell rape jokes. You can tell murder jobs. You can tell rape jokes, you just have to. I was talking about like simil- has this joke that I thought was so funny, I forgive it was, but it was like about like rubies and stuff, and I was like, see, that's the thing. It's like it doesn't matter who you are. Like if you tell a joke, that's funny and that the punchline isn't like, 'cause fuck women raped them. The nobody gives a shit like. Nita hill said today, the public expects better from our government than we got in nineteen ninety one when our representatives performed in ways that gave employer's permission the mishandle workplace harassment complaints throughout the following decades that the Senate Judiciary committee still lacks a protocol for vetting sexual harassment and assault claims that surfaced during a confirmation hearing suggests that the committee has learned little from the Thomas haring much less the more recent metoo movement. Well, people keep saying that that they haven't learned, but why would they have learned? They got what they wanted? Why would what? What would have taught them the lesson they have changed their tactics at all because why would they they won absolutely fix what's broken to them. They're like, well, it worked the first time. Let's see if it works again. They don't care if you hear your husband say, why is this woman professor for going after Cavanaugh years later for attention. You are you legally allowed the fuck your husband's friends. In my opinion yet right up to call me on the signal that I give all women to reach me so I can come in for attention. She had to move out of her house because death threats or Email hack, we'll win. Is there ever been attention that paid off for the woman? Maybe maybe they're confused by the attention that they're getting like suddenly they're interviews. Have you know interviews suddenly they are being interviewed? Suddenly? There's an actual question the interview also, I think I think they know it's bullshit, but I think I think they say shit and try and set the terms of debate, but they know it's bullshit. So they say she wants a tension so that people talk about that instead of like, I think that glove isn't sometimes. Yeah. I mean, I think they're evil, so it's like some Republicans are smart and evil, and then there's don't. I saw Roseanne Barr on the doctor ause interview, which by the way guys a medical doctor, right? Not to bring. Yeah, it was the start of his ten season as close pairing. What is he usually interview only talks about the how to keep your asshole clean. Right? Isn't he an accused Perv he's he's got a terrible reputation of being a charlatan charlatan like he sells fake products. That kind of thing I didn't. I don't know about Schill a Schill if you will. Yeah, Charlotte into old. I like Charlotte now. Perfect. So she was on and the, you know the talking about her. Why is she gonna apologize? She going to defend the tweet which I was saying the other day. It was a one tweet Roseanne put out in ABC's to lose millions and millions of dollars, right? It's a, it's a history of racism. It's a history of ridiculous political notions. But the the tweet specifically was Moselm brotherhood plus planet of the apes equals Fiji, Valerie, Gerald. Black woman. And obviously to me, she's calling the this black woman a monkey. So sh- show Roseanne's on this show Dr ause saying, first of all, I didn't even though she was pats hair claim. Now she she had this full mount on some other things like bedrose. Like keep saying that while on ause she says, I thought she was Iranian. First of all, I'm talking about the Iran deal in the how, how it's going to ruin Israel and how it's anti Jewish pizza. That might have been the first part of her tweet because the first part was, yeah, brother play the apes and play the. She says, the stuff focusing on the word apes. She's talking about the movie having to do with uprising against your oppressors. So when you can't explain anything to me and your job is getting words perfectly, I call bullshit. But let's go back to her saying, she believed this woman. Valerie was Iranian. Okay, lot long ago at all on her personal YouTube channel. She says, she thought Valerie was white. Trying to talk about. I'm trying to talk about back the. The you've told me this three hundred times. You know that a my tweet about a, no, you've explained. This was. The bridge was why. Everybody's laughing, but that's the clip that I was talking about. I got it wrong, but she's not. She's not laughing to be. No, she's, I mean, she's like mentally called and asked me to explain my egregious and unforgivable tweet. She puts them. I thought, Valerie Jarrett was white about forty minutes after that. My show was cancelled before. Even one advertiser pulled out, and I was labeled a racist. Why you ask? Well, the answer simple, it's because I voted for Donald Trump and that is not allowed in Hollywood. They already knew you voted for Donald Trump. They already knew in the reboot of Roseanne. Roseanne was going to be a Trump supporter. So many people in Hollywood voted for like that. What's so annoying? Like onions, anything, cans, nanna land. It's like it literally is so many rich people voted for Trump like in Hollywood. And then she brings up the Ambien. I took an Ambien and I've talked to people and people people have made breakfast in full turkeys, eight it. You know, the story. Like I heard a friend of a friend that made a full Turkey, so that's about four hours eight and woke up the chicken bones on the wall. So why are you bringing up that you on Ambien? When you said this tweet, if you just explained how the tweet wasn't evil, you just explain your tweet was misrepresented. What does that have the do with fewer high on cocaine? You're standing by the right way. You meant the tweet, who cares what you were on them was advocate. No, it's it's. It's too much. There is no devil's advocate anymore because I can't care this much about someone else's mishap. That's what it comes down to even if this is an doodle and and and even if you have a series of doodles, I can't care this much because because I would have been fired from a job and I would have been like, all right. And I'm not rich and I don't wanna be like, oh, you're richer, fine. But you stand, you stand behind a lot of this, but I'm supposed to get your back when you don't stand behind it. And then when you flip flop back and forth, I can't care that much all make up with norm Donald set an interview. Just let them talk more and take. Don't make up what we're saying. Bar meant. Wait for her next interview. I heard the norm Donald interview in full on Howard Stern. He was there to apologize for his comments about. Fending Louis CK, saying Louis c. k. lost everything in a day in these women victims didn't have to go through that. He don't will Dan repeated exactly in no way. Was that print article misleading? You don't have to make up the fence. Let them talk more. I also have to mind that I think everyone's brain essentially eventually might work like mine. I have to disregard that, which is very difficult, which I learned recently is that I could say I would never do it in a hating, never because there could be a world where I do take the wrong Ambien and whatever and do something stupid. But that's not that that would never be my intention doesn't mean that it would never be somebody else's intention is very, very difficult for me now. So the fact that people do not they didn't see doodle. They came from a place where they wanted to hurt. Someone is so difficult for me to sit in and state, but it's like it's not a one time thing. She harasses. She harassed patent Oswald after his wife died. She sent a tweet back them because they were disagreeing politically like, y'all will your wife like this like and just like really awful stuff like and she is she harassed a all sorts of people, grieving people, grieving parents, like she is like a monster leg, and then that was not enough. And then it was this one tweet people see ABC because that's studios worked too. Like they look at your Twitter probably like five weeks down like these are fine. And then it'd be like now. It's not the first time. Like I said, it's not the first time she used the the monkey or eight term to describe little black woman. So what? What? Why didn't Dr as it and bring that up? I don't know in the why. Why are you going the mental health angle if you didn't have a problem with your own tweet you hit? I don't know. They take so clever. I guess people think they're so smart not they think they're the victim, right. I mean the, I guess the interview would have been literally two minutes long. Here's what my tweet meant. The yen she goes. She goes doctor ause. Thank you by the way you asked me what it might tweet me. You're the first person to MSA really because you've a YouTube channel. We just found that, but nobody asked you what you meant. Nobody asked you for that tweet either. Sometimes we say, shit right now need to be asked what you meant. Now you might be hearing me. They can keep you don't have a wife. How can you even respect women? But I have sisters and I do have a mom so I can kinda respect them and understand that. Maybe it's too much. Sometimes when you have Julie Chen, we mentioned the other day, the wife of less moon Moonves sign off on big brother. For the first time. She's ever done this by saying, thank you for watching. Goodnight. I'm Julie Chen moon vase. That's not a slap in the face to all the victim. I have a question for show about this because this is the thing that that's mammals may brain a little bit. The wives of these guys is very controversial in my own brain solely because it's it's, it's hard like, yeah, it's hard for me to look at a guy who has been so fucked up to women and not think his wife is victim. Number one, she's getting the most. And if he's that mean to those women, he's like at least ten times, maybe a hundred times meaner and she's got Stockholm syndrome and is responding from that place, but also is not helping and actually hurting everything. So where do we? Where do we draw the line of this is a victim of this same person, but she's also because to me when I see a Hasidic Jews Lega early, I, I look at their children and I fucking grieved for them in my brain and people. You shouldn't assume that about the weight. Isn't that go? No, there is no world where you are covering up those children in that woman and and you can't convince me that it's. Not an abusive system as a system Hasidic Jews. I am putting it all out there. A couple of people have nice marriages because they one woman happens to like being that you know as a personality, but most people you just forcing into this. I feel like these women are forced into these positions in one way or another and then but then you know, that doesn't the new slap in the face. I was extremely upset with MRs Jerry. So how does punch does a punch not slap you in the face and women stay with those guys too? I think it's to me, it's the same thing, like all this media than stay with the guys, but don't come on TV and say, how great? Well, I think it's a few things. I think it's hard with the cycle of victim and abuser because it's like if someone gets molested as a kid and then they molest somebody as an adult, like thinking specifically like a Catholic priest or something. Does that mean that the victim of the person who's also a victim is not a victim? No, that's like the same with this woman. In Asia, our Gento like who people were like, oh, well, she was like a victim of the me too movement, but now she's an abuser. Does that invalidate? No, it doesn't invalidate anything. And so it's like with the women who stand by their husbands specifically, it's hard because there's both where you wonder if they're victim, but they do also exert power and agency to abuse others, and I know it into just stay in their mansion. Think about it sometimes like I do play devil's advocate of my mind. Like, I think people maybe think I don't like I do think about like people are falsely accused or like people who if I found out, like if I was dating a guy for like years, and then you find out that he did something super fucked up in the past. Like, what do you do in? It's like, I think that like obviously, I would separate or ask, but then it's like, do you believe them like there is a lot of hard questions in this stuff, and people really liked to come down on the wives because. They want to beat up the women in the equation because they feel like they have no power to reach the men. Well, there's also this other place of we have. We have other people in jail other than rapists, we have the thieves we have white collar crimes, blue collar crimes. We've a lot of different goes Astles at those midway games there rig. Well, I was just gonna say, real. I think that it's like, that's all true. But like that also like you can still knowledge that these women like she has power, and she is using it to further abusing silence victim. So that is true. And if it comes out later, if it's true that she's a victim, I think that those two things like we have to just kinda valuate, you know, both together and separate where it's like both are true. It's a lot of people are kind of like, well is this is that and it's like both are true, you know, she could be a victim, but it also doesn't take away that she is helping an abuser enabling an abuser and might be an abuser herself. A picture sees this Julie Chen Moonves. Then he tries to make a move that night and she's a going. Yeah. I mean, that's the thing. Like how fucking frustrated be build a partnership with somebody. Women are taught stand by your man, you know? And so then you're just like, well, I'm gonna fucking sick with the sky. Even if you're Cosby's wife is answering the phone to women calling, you know like so, yeah, we're supposed to stand by them. If they rape us, they, you know there's a and it's boys. Louis boys there probably like maybe he did do it, but that's just how men are because that's how they've been taught men. She understands us more than you do sorta thing. And I think that's what we're fed also and feel so good to cure that sometimes and you have to be like, no, that's not to change it in your own brain. And like even. I'm able to get some of the privilege of men by working this system like by flirting by by giving them a little bit of what they want. But those that I take on that responsibility and I try to, you know, go round so fucking off. Goodness, it clearly this conversation is me at like part is now one hundred percent time. I try and start out really fun. I try and banter with somebody by the end. I'm like, yeah, speaking of child abuse. It's really bad to say. I saw the movie with those up. It's yellow had a puppet Peking on my God. That was so funny, the burner. Anything like puppets sexual orientation? Bullshit. I've seen avenue KIO let's net drew safe. So what she's talking about is Mark Saltzman was a writer for Sesame Street and Bert, internee specifically saying, I always felt that without a huge agenda. When I was reading Burton Ernie, they were gay. I didn't have any other way to contextualized them though. He happens to be gay. Also. This is why that started that the writer of Bernie said that they were gay, then that game mazing then very, let miss piggy used to hit on what frogger what's his face all the time. And she would sexually harass him. We knew she was straight as problematic. Saltzman added the relationship between Bernie merit, his relationship with his longtime partner on, no, you wanna say on, then you think about two beds. That sad died in two thousand three, but that's interesting. Ernie Arnold. Honestly, like think about how hard it would have been to be like a gated in a committed relationship at that point in time. And then you have this thing where you're like kind of subtly sending a message to other people like it's not weird to like now. It's funny because it wouldn't be where to all like I'm going to have probably like a female roommate until I'm like thirty five, like all the dudes. I know live with dudes like not even anything like sometimes their gaze, sometimes they're straight like, you know, but what did Bernie do for a living because they weren't comic. So why are these grove adults? That's actually a really, really good point and a sick burn. That's fair. I probably wouldn't feel. To ruin. It's if I wasn't. I. So Arnie is the Bert character Arnie had OCD would create friction in the house, and that's the way he felt that dynamic between the Burton Ernie would go, of course, you know, Ernie was the jokester muppet. That's what I had in my life and Burton Ernie the burner relationship. How could it not permeate? The things that would took off Arnie wouldn't be the things would be the things because me would be the things that would take up. Bert, Sesame Street says, puppets do not have any sexual orientation ain't panic. They're like whereabout to lose all are Christians. This cannot happen like they freaked. God that's Frank is is the main guy behind the the Muppets. It seems Mr. Mark Saltzman he wrote on Twitter was asked of Burton. Ernie are gay. I soon as you start with Mr. Saltzman I'm like, what you have not been calling Mr. Saltzman this whole time, it's fine that he feels that they are l. boy, they're not of course, but why the question doesn't really matter why the need to the fine. People as only gay that somebody who sees straight people in the media all the time where they're like, why this need to label people gay? It's like because we have nobody likes. We need our heroes even if it's Burton earning, please, there's much more to a human being than just straightness or gain this. Yeah, we know one of the stick up is asked one was a little jokester. We know there's other things to them. Yeah, we've been college in other things about Burton Ernie. Also, the implication that's like how a lot of people think unfortunately about characters in general, is that if it's a character's gay, then that's their defining attribute. That's how they're describing the script. That's how Papa. And so it's like then that takes away from everything else Bernie are and it's like, it shouldn't. Right. What is matter if they're, I don't know, why didn't I have to come out to my parents and say, yeah, like does matter. Yeah. Having seen love Simon, it matters this person, Tom rates. Why are they not not arguing us? Just wondering. He said he wrote it from that point of view and Franks's I created Bert. I know what in. Who he is. Do you know what size Dickey as you didn't even begin to think about it, but you put a shirt on him earth l. let's to win you. So when you're dressing up your dolls, do you think about, are they wearing stripes? Did you think about what size head is? It's okay. The puppet version of like it's cool, but just like not around me. Why do you throw that in my FIA this person read rights, you may have created him Frank, but you don't seem to realize appreciate that what he means to thousands of little boys growing up you digging in your heels wrongly, conflicting romantic orientation was sexual orientation with what seems like disgust is what's disappointing and France's. So having straight people, you would never be like that sexual, keep it off the TV, but gay people kissing is like sex or even just the idea of them being together as seen a sexual again, miss picky was downright inappropriate. Yeah, she was like she was. Yeah, she Ernie were just partners. She was physical about it and he was not. Into it. They should be able to fuck on Sesame Street, though. Bernie should be allowed to be horny on their like for real should be both sexual in romantic. How should fuck. So remember this is a, maybe I confused the situation that not. I didn't give us a situation, but these this is Sesame Street as opposed to them up. It's an it makes me think of that new movie. It's getting terrible reviews. All right. Okay. Happy time. Merge. Piggy on both or criminals on both? Not right. No, I don't think they crossover like that, but so Kermit and miss piggy Muppets. Sorry against us. Mr.. Earning, didn't Frank Oz also create them up it. So I still think it doesn't matter because in whatever puppet show or muppet show, you always have a wedding. At some point you always have. You'll always have not like sex, but you have Vermont, sexual orientation come out. And so when it straight, you don't even realize. So I doubt that nothing on his show so showed straight love. No, I don't know if this picture was faked, but there is a thing going round the internet where it literally showed miss piggy pregnant, getting married to Kermit, but will let me tell you this. So you are right Franco's he performed. He performed the muppet characters of MS pig Fosse bear animal Sam, the eagle in the muppet show and cookie, monster, Bert, in Grover in Sesame Street. Yeah, yes. So he did work on no. Traded? No, so cool dude. Well, tell me more. You seem awesome, right? This person writes his their name as nam if you aren't discussed what he cares so much about this come on Frank, say, I hate the gays. It's right there. Man come on say quickly that because that gives the other side, this exclusive like like an, it's like, that's obviously what we're thinking, but it's not that he, he probably doesn't like quote unquote hate gay people because they don't even realize like they're just like, no, I just know that extent comfortable and it's like, yeah, like because you hate yourself. You probably wanted to fuck dudes at one point and you didn't and that sad for you. I think a lot of it is uncomfortable. I used to feel more uncomfortable watching to Deutz kissing than two women, and I think it's because you associate kissing with this gentle like you associate romance? Yeah. You socio with feminine energy on their masculinity and so it. It just seemed like to dudes doing female things. And it's almost like in straight couples, the dude is doing it. 'cause the w-. Woman is there, so he's allowed to be soft around. Yeah, they're like the woman is the excuse to be emotional. That's had to get over that myself. Even though I I, I wasn't homophobe well, I guess that's a form of homophobia, right? But it wasn't anti homosexual stuff. I wasn't. You know, I never understood why we're so involved in in this, you know, just kind of, I don't know what's bothering people about it, but that would kind of go. I feel myself and went to you in that moment without giving you one second and just go, you hate the gas. Like it's like, that's what's hard because internalized that like, fuck guys like genuinely like who care. Fuck this guy like he's definitely has problems like he's definitely homophobic, but it's like also like, don't even give him that, like, you know what I mean? Just like like, I don't like to yellow to do you hate women. I like to, like you said, let him tell on himself. Let him just keep going 'til on himself like you don't have to. Because then he can just go, I don't hate gays period and then people go, you doesn't who'd goodies. And it's like then the whole conversations done and it's like, 'cause you kinda do. So let's explore that Mike, you know this right to go Frank. Let's explore. Right? Come over one day. Let's get some coffee and let me talk to you. Berkner near gay. You're wrong seventy four years old. Is there an age cutoff where there's no point try? No, I don't think so. Because like honestly, this is what I think people use all sorts of things as excuses I'm too old to change. It's like, you know what I know old white men who are. Okay. Like obviously I'm not going to sign a fucking letter for them, like if the something comes out, but like you know, like I, I've seen people who have actually made the change through their actions, not their words. They're not going around calling themselves feminists. They're doing the work, they're listening, they're actively not getting defensive or feeling threatened when they feel privilege leaving in small spaces because that's after haven't see. Like if you lose your privilege, you're always gonna feel like you're deprived if you're getting six things and also in your getting four, you're not thinking that somebody else is getting too when they used to get zero. You're just like I deserve six. So like I do know guys who have thought through that who have made the. Effort. So all these other guys can suck my dick like it's like you can do the work like you can. You can do it. I don't care hold. You are like what I noticed able I noticed around forty people make the decision to be older, not to be old. That's so true to and it's it's, we'll do it now at like twenty five m people always did it around twenty five also because I remember being twenty three and going what if I even accomplished that quarter life, the calling it, the corps, life crisis. But it's very specific to being around twenty five and it's different, super American do or it's just like, oh God, what do I have to show? Yeah, hyper from yeah. Like, oh, I've had this amount of time out of college and people thought I was super-duper now the ordinary because I'm getting older for whatever. That's a different thing around forty. What I noticed now that we've been podcasting for thirteen years, we've watched people get into their forties, and so I'm always nervous getting someone on who hasn't been on for a few years and has recently been around four. Eighty because you will see they're still kind of holding onto ten years ago and the jokes and the kind of banter that they would have or they've been enlightened and they're moving forward in the same thing happens with technology is, oh, that's for them. All. You just decided to be old in this capacity and now you're making that move. And I remember my parents going like my mother, a major thing she used to say in Hebrew is like a, the age does its thing. And every time she said that, I'm like, oh, you gave up on that topic, right? So it's like I'm forty two at my age. My mom had a twenty. I was twenty one, and so I would. She was already old. She did all this shit and I'm riding my bike to work and I'm being active and she goes, oh, you know, I can't lose weight weight as quickly. Your body has changed because you know age does it stain, and I go, well, bicycling does its thing to and running. Does it stink too, and yoga does it stink too. And and so when you start key, when you keep looking for that line, you are picking the road. So at the fork of the road which is around forty your picking, I decided that learning is very difficult and it requires a lot of action and a lot of like uncomfortable. Imagine learning you gotta learn Tinder, all of a sudden it's uncomfortable, and then it is whatever it is for you say some oboe. It's not that hard. If you're consistent with it, it's sit down and study. I really don't. But you also have a group of people every day? No, I think I think this helps. I think that you specifically this is actually a giant intervention. I think you specifically if you went another road and you were maybe another podcast and we booked different people in if if we kept booking, you know the people who are turning forty, who are Adam Karol on every app. You're learning different shit. But when I have fifty fifty people, I guess not because you're staunch let's say Republicans, they don't seem to be artists. You know the, but you know the undercover Bros. the the women who still throw women under the like certain kind of sense of humor. Certain kind of, you know, setting your own ways. Certain kind of when somebody says some stupid on the show like it hits me right away when a guesses. I hate this new way talking in the word triggered, why did you just say something so stupid to me, that's like, I don't even get mad because I'm like, oh, that's sad that you're that boring like it's like, is that your Antic? Is that your go-to anecdote is that you're mad about people saying triggered like, that's what I hear that Goto joke itunes from men comedians about trigger Joe Rogan special. They're like all triggered. I'm like, you're cooled it or even love to me seems to be the participation trophy. And this turns this generation into you think you don't have to try to tell you some. I was in soccer. All right. We all got the participation trophy. I still knew I was bad. I still still gave the ball the Mike. Living. Good. I didn't go to chick and go, hey, I'm on the winning team. You wanna fuck numb to find Mike Lynn, good. We're. Really because we all have orange wedges. I must be just as good as the good. Yeah. Talat was like Brock got to license the PD one. I need it in like me. Okay. Sorry, guys, you know, was just telling me about his kid and they were invited to do this thing to showcase the reading or readers in in their grade or whatever. And he's like, dope. My daughter read so much. He's about to get knowledged for, you know, just what she's into when what she spent her time on he goes, it was sucked. Fucking bullshit. Everyone got the same amount and he said, like in these soccer games in these things, he goes, there is not one kid who doesn't know what the score is. The parents know what the score is, and I'm like, oh, are they really keeping track? He was yet everyone at the end even when they don't keep score. Everyone at the end knows who won and by how much of from from the code keeps score. I mean, it's like that. Yeah, it goes too far. That's the problem is like. Some people take it too far. And then most of us just don't give a shit. It's like give the kid, a participation, trophy. Keep score, who cares like become sane, right, don't work. Yeah, keep Americans are still gonna know who want a new at the end of any situation. Any conversation? Any text? I know these, you can't even who wanna war. Well, that's true. But I do think you're not giving the kids an opportunity to say, hey, good game. Even though I lost to be a good loser to be a good honor. I agree with that is that you have to learn how to lose any up to learn how to win. Yeah, to give credit to to not say nanna foofoo because you're gonna be in a room full of people interviewing for the same job, and you will have to shake the hand of the person that got the job that you want. Because later you might have to work with them and the world, and you have to not be little bitch about it. Competition should teach, but it's like no competition leads to this that and the next your fucking asshole. About like teach your kids that you could be a fucking asshole about it. A lot of people are. At like, it goes so far in both directions because you have the super competitive parents that are like truly abusive to their like athletic kids, you know? And then you have like the other scale, the who was the guy fell. The Seinfeld documentary that was is real asshole in that movie. It wasn't. It wasn't about ornie Adams. So I just happened to see him through a standard show and he started with this bullshit about participation trophies. I literally filing act so simple. It's so stupid. It's an airport, humor this point. And is it because everyone's got ADD, are you right? Is he ironically upsetting? Never got a participation drove and that everybody is he not understand. He is getting a participation trouble being on stage right. There are people who are like that was actually, I saw somebody. I wish I remembered who tweet about the Roseanne thing where this is a big problem too, is that Roseanna and her first show. Oh, she like has this thing where she hits one of the kids and then the whole episode is about the cycle of abuse and how she doesn't want to abuse and how she was abused and how she doesn't wanna hit her kids because she was hit. And then in the reboot, in one of the first episodes, she says, the problem is people don't hit their kids anymore. That's where I remember that I the disconnect is now these people who were like potentially abuse, it was it was I, I don't think that I know anybody in like my parents intermission that wasn't smackdown by their dad, at least once like or their mom. And it's like, so then it was so like accepted that. Then like at first they're like, that's horrible. I don't wanna do that to my kids. So then some of them don't do it to their kid and some of them do. And then they're like, well, I was hit. And so like if your kid's on hit, he's brat and it's like, I know some kids who were hit though, were still brats, and I know kids who weren't hit that were like, I think it's like, you know, it's abuse. It's like, let's just not once just if we know shouldn't once just not right you though. Right? We're going to send one award funny changes. This is again what I tell you every time about a party. I end up being like the war. The wars are mad. Let's discuss like flirt. I'm just like, gosh, you can follow. Call the Marsh on Twitter at Marsha Belsky. Can I plug something to this is what I'm doing. Oh, sorry, doing I trust them to let them speak happening right now. I overcompensate by never looking at knowledge in them in any way and always speaking over them. Tell me about the Handmaid's tale musical, we'll of course it's going to be that Handmaid's tale, the musical. We wrote a parody of the Margaret Atwood novel and Hulu TV series, and it's really cool. It set in twenty Twenty-eight Brooklyn. So it's kind of like these are the girls that you know if they were like taking in. But like also if the commanders were like park slip dads, so like just kind of like what it would look like an our world we have, it's a parody of the show. So like women characters is Rory Gilmore because Alexis Bledel plays like this really dark character, and you're kind of like, oh my God, like they cut off Oregon morts. Click the like it's really like disturbing, but we made it people always like such a hard line to walk. It's so dark. It's like not really because we give the Handmaid's like voice. That's what makes it funny as it's us girls being like. This actually sucks. Like if we're being on us being a Handmaid's like not cool. And so we have done a few shows. It's been really like fun. Fun and successful, and we're going to be at the Kennedy Center in DC on Tober twenty-seventh as part of the Benson ball festival, which is with brightest young things and Tig Notaro I believe. And yeah, we have an eight o'clock show that sold out and we have a ten o'clock show that I think has like fifty tickets left. So get those tickets if you wanna come and it's gonna be really fun. And then we're also going to be at the cutting room in New York City on November eighth, just literally cutting ourselves heading ourselves for the revolution, but now it's been. It's been really fun because I, I've always wanted to write a musical and it's a full musical. It's an hour and a half. It's like a full musical parody. And hopefully we don't get sued musical, I can stomach. There you go. I went, it was so good. Yeah, you did you come to the caveat show or the bell house? The bell house? Yeah, those were really fun too. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it was so packed we, the people were sitting. Everywhere. On the state. You can't tell who's an act. That goes going to stand up swats we wear bonnets. Okay. Everybody have a great weekend on Monday. We'll, you know, we'll be fair. We'll talk about what's wrong with women. Minutes show. That's it. Thank you very much. Jhom.

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