188: The One With Bruno: Friday, November 13th, 2020


Good morning we'll ideals. Welcome back to the morning toast. Happy for day. friday. Gotta get down on friday. It is obviously friday which is normally like a super joyous occasion but we are being blessed in the studio with the presence of bruno. Bruno sweets this year. First time ever. I said i was going to try and bring him this week and then it was friday and i was like i'm a woman of my word and bruno. Let's go. it's really hard. Like i do not envy. We used to have this with theo. Running around the pooping. It's a fulltime job. When you're literally trying to do your fulltime job right. He got here he needed to. I could tell he was about to go right. You know right where. Theo looked back at it. Yeah she's right between our feet. So i took him over yonder. I put down a paper towel. I was like. Let's see how smart guy is right on the paper towel right in the trash and now he's like he's he's as good as you can ask for a puppy. I did like now need to kill myself because stepped on his foot. Yeah with my big fucking boots and he was just like. I didn't even know he was behind me now. I'm sorry i have to die. So this will be my last show. I know he really gets underfoot and tight little yellow to me so many times that i don't fall you that little yelp though like sends me to a dark place a and you know what i feel like one day. It'll happen to him so when it actually really hurts so bad and he'll learn something from it and he'll stop getting under you know that's see that's the difference and this is what we always say we love feels so much like it is frustrating to love something so much and they can really never tell you that they love you back or speak or learn and it's frustrating and that's the difference between like the love you have for a baby and the love you have for a dog. It's like the baby eventually learns to grow up and like the dog just doesn't yet but he learned some things like the genius. He became a doctor and he can't even you know technically communicate with a patient right and he has no borders. No he has no borders. He's such a great man. I mean it's. It's a shame that in order for bruno to be here at meant that theo had to take the day off especially considering he stole the show. Yesterday we had no. He got a haircut last night. Just for today's show canadian. If we brought both of the dogs it would have been pandemonium. But you know what one day. They'll be in a place where they can do that. We'll just have like our whole litter here at the show. Maybe knowles will be coming up. And that's been our dream yet. Has sautes obviously exciting for a multitude of reasons bruno friday but also we are able to not announced quite yet but give you a little sneak peek at our holiday collection. Which is coming and you will have your items in time for the holidays. I'm just taking a sip of my coffee. Aka diet pepsi from our new toasty mug. That's claudia that's beautiful text messages for my new phone case. I haven't had a phone case in months. I'm literally so excited about this monkeys. And maybe i'll send some texts from your phone to claudia. Ou smooth phone cases and we're really excited. We have new sweatshirt the accessory coming. I'll take my phone mcmahon. Really exciting stuff so make sure you are just keeping up with the toast on instagram. And listening to the podcast to find out when you can get your merch and how long will show you the exclusives. That's just a little taste. We wanted to give you a taste because we've been seeing so many comments of people you're here until we know it's on the way there's a taste. Wet your whistle. We are all over it just like we're all over everything like the fast five stories. Today we have keeping up with the kardashians southern charm. Recaps coming at to you. The season finale of keeping up with the kardashians last night was such a pleasure watching two episodes of good television. And then having the night to myself. I actually started a book which i haven't read a book. That's not the redheads since mariah carey. But still that's been like a month You know. I really hadn't it right until that. I'm reading my new. My second favorite author. I said last night on the inscription author. But she's my second favorite. Because my first it's cloudy ashtray. Oh yes did i not mention that. I'm a published author starting january twenty six twenty twenty one Usually it's like drake great jag. He's talking about books again. Like i could just like days. But now i'm like oh an opportunity for me to promote my book curl with no job. The crazy beautiful life of an instagram thirst monster now. Available at many many retailers like barnes and noble amazon tons of places audiobooks are available for preorder e. Books are available for preorder and really appreciate all the possible preorders. Because i have a goal. And i know a lot of people have goals when it comes to books. Mine is to get into the airport because i just feel like. That's a chic aesthetic. And i can't really get into the airport. I think they have like lots of preorders. Because we're like. Oh my god this girl. she's so popular. If still famous we gotta put her hudson news or msnbc store. So i need you guys just to head over to grow with no job dot com slash book or tepl lincoln my bio on instagram tons of retailers canadian. Toasters got guys to. Maybe i can get to the canadian. Airports all the links are in the lincoln. My buyout checkout dink's. I'm done promoting for the day very very. Good so yeah. I'm just so excited that it's friday me to been. It's been a big week. yes it's been. It's been a tough one. i'm not gonna lie. I just feel like at this point. Like being alive tough. It is so i can't really say that the there was anything different or particularly challenging about this week but just life man. It's fucking hard. It is but i have bruno suites in my life. Now and he has just been like the biggest blushing. It's it's so wonderful so much work like knock on the why so my whole life is changed. But it's worth every minute and that does go away like it's just so important to keep that in mind when it's like the puppy months and you're like oh my god like i need to give this dog up like just always keep in mind like the tufts the that goes away. And that's easy for me to remember. Because i see theo and like this is a perfect man. This is what's possible. This is a dream so it's a perfect man. He also like even though he's a puppy and he is energy and this and that he can be annoying sometimes like he's really the best thing he's the sweetest sweetest thing. That's why we called bruno suites. I call them bruno cossio. Cortez i don't know why but just as we say. Balloon sweets knit spread of chairman dot co l. vets go dot co dot co coach. That's where i'm going with the nickname and that's not on. He's named after all the nits spread. So flavors right and that's why it's inspired meal stretch it really dot. Co is my favorite and it spread so flavor This bresso miss bresso. Oh my gosh. She's burrowing i'm sorry he was peeing on your. I'm sorry if he's making a lot of noise today guys like this is. I won't bring him again for a while but i said i'm bringing this week. People were asking and woman for work. I didn't to let people down. You know that's not what we do. Here we lift people up and if you're listening to podcast in bruno's bothering you then head over to youtube because then the noises will match with the actions. Yeah he's speaking so cute. It's hard to even be upset. It is hard to be upset. But we don't worry. I'll get there little getting. Can you hear him like just for his beliefs. Stick always totally fine. He's the sweetest thing. We've a great show. We do anything we should get right into it. Because i like never seen his mother at work before while he's going to be like so proud of you. I hope so. I hope i can make you proud so without further m. i'm ready. Fogging up off without further ado timer the stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast and we have a brand new sponsor today which i'm very excited about. Because the sponsor of this episode is insert name also known as i n h hair a female founded. La harebrained brand specializing in ponytail extensions. Hot tools wigs and general hair amazingness. I wore a bunch of their clips. Actually on the show yesterday scanning they make everything like start to finish and this is literally not even in my notes. But you know we're obsessed with like palm aids and products that got our flyaways away. 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I n h hair dot com. Check it out love it. Sign-on get great hair. Great hair first story big story of the day the weekend is set to headline the two thousand twenty one super bowl halftime show. He says i'm humbled honored and ecstatic. The new struck yesterday that the weekend will be headlining. The halftime show at the super bowl. Lv i think that's fifty five on february seventh in tampa bay florida. So we'll get to whether or not we think this is a good selection but i just have to say i thought that the the announcement for this was like so low key and weird like. He posted a picture on his instagram. Like there was no like hype. I feel like usually this time last year. We're always talking about like it's going to be announced. And there's articles written like top five choices. There was no hyper buzz around this. And then like i saw him on instagram. Madonna got hacked by like a pepsi sponsor. It was just. It was very bizarre marketing. Got it. I heard the news from zack. Like he saw it on his phone and then told me so. I didn't have to deal with the way that it was delivered to me. But yeah i do agree. It was very low. Fanfare quiet pretty quiet. And i'm curious to hear what you think about the choice. I think the weekend is an amazing artist. I wouldn't have chosen him for the super bowl just based on what we what. The criteria usual criteria for the super bowl. Which is like albums and albums of an catalogs of music an artist that sort of bridges rations. I think that he's an amazing talent. I think a lot of people will be blown away by the show that he does put on. But i do think that there are some people who might not even know who he is. That's possible but i do want to say like that criteria that the super bowl has had for like years is they're running out of people like beyonce. He's literally done it like five times. In the last ten years coldplay bruno mars like they are running out of people so like their criteria is actually really strict like and they don't know how long they go on many artists that bridge generation and have catalogs and catalogs of music so now they're choosing contemporary artists that i personally think have the talent and the chops to entertain everyone. Yes even if you didn't know this person or their music. Before i mean i think he has so many hits that will render ring a bell for people. But even if you weren't like a major fan before you will become one and i actually do think that there's tons of like people listening to the weekend but his music style and sound. I can't feel my face. it's very like michael jackson. I actually think blinding lights is like an amazing saw. And it's very. It's it's universal area but it's universal. So i actually think this is a very good choice. I also think like given the year. We're coming off of especially with so much controversy in the nfl have a black performer. Is wonderful. so i actually. I wouldn't have ever chose him. But i'm not mad about it. I'm not mad about it. I was definitely surprised by the choice. But the more that i think about it. I think it's like a new direction with reading. Neither the halftime show. Which is. I'm always here for a new direction. Yeah and i'm always here for the new direction and you know what direction wants to come on the weekend. Imagine and if the glee club wants the different with different teacher. Other than mr shoe well can. I just say that this happened and usually do bring on like a second act. I think it should be the weekend and the new directions. I mean honestly like at the peak of glee the fact that like they never did. The halftime show like it would have been kind of they bridge generations. They sing songs from all different decades. I actually think like all jokes. Aside at the height of glazed fame. They had come on tour. They had come on. It wouldn't have been crazy. But i'm not like shocked. That number that connick truly. But can i just say like earlier in the week. We reported that. Matthew morrison is going to be the grinch on the nbc's really of the grandch- blah blah and while the news was obviously devastating for us in the matthew. Martin is a war criminal. Fan club Can i just say the content like that's now being pushed around because he's back in. The news is so funny and people are just like tagging me like matthew morrison is being cringe talks so while i'm upset that he is going to ruin christmas. I'm actually glad because it brought us all this content right and it's really bringing the matthew marsden haters together. We are strong united front of people reach out to me. Just saying you know can't really talk about this with any of my friends and just like hearing you on. The podcast made me feel less alone. And just that's what i always want to be for. People is a voice for the voiceless. Yeah that's beautiful we are. Yeah so. I wonder sorry if all the backlash on matthew marsden being announced the grinch has made nbc reconsider new. I think there's already like a trailer out for it gets how it's too late. It's too late sucks. But i think it's good for them to like you know there are people are talking. That's true and so that's always it's always want what you want like people are talking about the weekend and i think it'll be exciting and also i'm going to assume that he's going to bring some at least one other person or artist or group out. Who does collapse with like on his songs. They have one song eternal. But that's on a rally but you never know no that'd be cool are ever done. No that's weird. Yeah but she's another one. Who's like i could see her one day doing it but i think right now it would be a very contemporary choice. See no i think. Maybe that's the problem that they have and like oriented. Grenade should be the one to do it. She's the biggest popstar in the world so she doesn't fit their criteria. Like your criteria sucks like make some changes. And i actually think that they are but they're only so many lady gaga is there only so many beyond say's bruno mars once in once in a generation and who also happen to have like pop music. Don't do it. everyone would be crying. Like yeah delays. About to michelob for it. No what do you think about this news. He's like my namesake bruno. Mars should be there. I mean again. If bruno mars did it every year like i would literally be the biggest fan of football not totally but the weekend put out a statement saying we all grow up watching the world's biggest acts playing the super bowl and one can only dream of being in that position i'm humbled honored and ecstatic to be the center of that infamous stage this year. So beautiful beautiful. That's very well. also jay z. Who was tasked by the nfl. With advising on musical events said in a press release. The weekend has found all his own. His soulful uniqueness has defined a new generation of greatness in music artistry. This is an extraordinary moment in time and the pepsi super bowl. Lv halftime show. Louis vitton halftime show is going to be an extraordinary experience with an extraordinary performer. Facts you know what i just thought. Why does the super bowl halftime performer have to be pop. If you think of like the demographic of people who watch football in america like probably a majority country music fans more so than pop and you know. Now that i'm thinking about it. I know isolate him for everything but like luke. Homes should be the halftime performer. Like that actually makes sense. Yeah no it's weird that country performer in a while. But i wouldn't in the blowfish. Yeah that's true. look. I'm just thinking like we were very there are other genres like they do hip hop. They do rock. You know we had a chilly. They do everything except country that yeah it would appear as though but then carrie underwood's things you like to. Oh sunday now. Oh selena stout clapping. Got a real good feeling at to happen. Who des beaux. send him. he'll that about to happen. Such good commercials. What is your meeting. Loosening beautiful sunday. Okay we're done other. I think this is a good choice. This this is always this time of year where we're selecting and talking about this always makes for interesting conversation and it's interesting to see what has happened in the last year. Because i think last year we are emigrant. They would be great and this year like she would be great too. Yeah but i also. Yeah i think it would be great. I think she'll probably do it one day. But you know what just like san francisco like this is not her year sounder ear Next story as me. Real house of newark star. Ramona singer is getting a new job. This is actually very exciting. He's biting crazy pants. he's going crazy. Ramona singer is moving on from brandon. Premo radio and skin care to selling high end real estate. The bubbly blonde is setting for her new york. Real estate license source told gimme shelter. She doesn't have it yet but when she does. She's slated to join michael star team at douglas element so i know a lot of people probably confused why she's getting a job and we estate. She's a reality star. But i think most people who watch the show can agree. That ramona's time is almost up and the show has been her life for so long when you watch these in one. She had a successful business like re selling wholesale discounted whatever. She had like some job in fashion. She had her own business and it was actually quite successful and she obviously has stopped doing that in the show became her life and i think her income is one hundred percent reliant on the show and that's a very vulnerable place to be in because i do think her time is up so her having a job. She's very personable. she's a she's a gal about town. I actually think this is a great job for her and very smart of her to be forward thinking about what happens after housewives. Yes and i think she's going to be an amazing real estate agent. I always say like you always. You always say the were the job. You'd be worst out in this world i think for me would be a real estate agent for ramona. She so personable she. Actually you know she appreciates real estate. She's always talking about houses and showing off her friends houses. I think she'll be perfect at this but it also think it's a good story line for her on the show. I don't know if she's planning polls show life. She's also sixteen volunteers. Six now true. She could retire bruno. Looks like he's about to do some business. Oh his circling going to be. Oh god should. I go deal with him. Do you wanna go rhino. Maybe it's time for a song hundred ends up to the sky. We get toes to tune that the know what song really actually into is blue. Burt bluebird by miranda lambert has ago and the house just keeps on winning. I gotta wildcard amass leave and if love keeps giving me lemons i just mix amendment iraq. Sorry claudia that's beautiful. Yeah no. I found a little I've put him in the put them in the closet. Okay no. I put me in the kitchen crying. He's crying spectrum singer actually think this is great for her. Like it just makes a lotta sense. Some people are born for certain jobs. And i think we're gonna singer was meant to be like a real estate tycoon. I totally agree. I could just see her padding around. She should be on selling sunset next if this doesn't work out Actually don't think ramona could like cut. It could compete. Yeah i don't know. I don't know about her. Never underestimate ramona singer. Never do it okay. Next story some exciting news. You can rent the bachelor mansion on airbnb for six thousand dollars. A night i saw. That's kind of shocking. Yeah well it's. It's always shocking to me when i remember that. Abc actually doesn't is house. They rent it every year for a certain amount of months from like a family who owns it. It's like a nice family. Yes home is called the villa de la vina. It's known on the show is bachelor mansion. Use the as a primary location for filming the bachelor and the bachelorette but due to the coronavirus pandemic. Neither show is using the mansion right now. Instead they're filming at la to resort in palm springs. California i guess opening it up to people renting it also mack jeans. Upcoming season of the bachelor is currently underway and is rumored to be located in pennsylvania. I wonder where they're filming me. Nema colon did see that a lot of bachelor people were there but nicole. Oh yeah that's what. I just clicked the hyper lincoln reality. Steve is saying that they have been posting about nima colin woodland's resort which they went to israel house is a potomac also and it looks incredibly beautiful and i look forward to a change of scenery from leukemia. But pennsylvania does seem like a random choice. i wonder why they wouldn't fill in the entire season at bachelor mansion. Yeah i mean. It's i mean it's it's so small the where do you do the. There's no driveway. Yeah i don't know that's that's very true. I mean this is pretty cool. Six thousand dollars. A night seems pretty steep yet. But that's probably like a fun thing funding to do with your friends like a bachelorette party bachelor mansion. Totally sixteen girls. What's six thousand hundred sixteen like if you if you like a bachelorette party okay. I'm doing it on my phone a little quick math with my new phone case. Three hundred seventy five dollars a night per per se. We'll go we'll go two nights seven fifty per person for two nights at the bachelor mansion. You can also have like thirty people. Because that's what they start with the crew. No end the bedrooms. In backtra mansion have bugged bins like. It's literally built for a house for fifty people we could do like camp does bachelor ranch. Good idea really funny. We should go. God burn fucking bite me. oh yeah. He's crazy pantai sweets during this week on a seat says the speed is man man bruno sweets. Oh bruce his outfit today. He did his anti okay. He's just like his no no no he. He does bite a lot. I don't know what to do with magnolia. Did and so did the what's very normal. But because his teeth are like little baby teeth they don't actually hurt. Got one of the caps of my coffee cup. Let's say oh yeah there it is bruno. Y'all just pray for us today. It's a busy day. Let's let's maybe keep moving. I'm thinking about this. i'm trying okay. Next up lamar odom and sabrina. Par have reunited to celebrate the one year anniversary of their engagement. So it's like not. How breakup work mars splitting so. Two of them are spending time together one week after announcing that she had broken off their engagement on wednesday night. She posted a selfie with lamar kissing her cheek. On instagram stories writing in the caption made it in time to celebrate our one year engagement anniversary. I'm going to take this to mean that they're back together Which i'm happy about happy abou- but like the concerns that she had raised if he just a few days ago. Yeah she said she said something. Hold on where's the quote. She said y'all know him. Honest and transparent so i have to be the first let you guys know. Oh sorry. that's the last one. She was no longer engaged to lamar. She said something about like people. Expect you to do something you don't always have to do. What like people expect you to do something. Like that was what that i got so no i mean i'm i'm happy for them. I really am but like it. Seemed like there were some really legitimate concerns coming from her merely a week ago. Yeah and i just wanna know like we're all the problems fixed. This is what she said. I know society pushes us to walk away from everyone and everything that hurts us but the truth is some things are worth staying for. I agree i mean lamar is a john. He's honestly like the president of pge i'm nation. Yeah and he deserves the best the fact that he's just like not sleeping alone makes me happy. You know yes. I agree and i feel like that quote also applies to khloe interested in which we'll talk about actions recap but you know. Sometimes things are what they are and you just have to accept them. Speaking of tumultuous relationships a little update on carl went the celebrity pastors. Alleged lover is obsessed with asked us to talk about this story a number of times this week and finally today had bruno. I was overwhelmed. I couldn't find a fifth story antics of my owner ability and she got me to report on the story. Well i just can't believe the mistress is very thirsty. Like she's speaking directly to paychecks. Not even like a lawyer like this is her moment and she's gonna shine yes so she's talking to each six. She says i was a drug to him. She's talking about their five month. Pandemic romance and the hypocrisy of a man who she said was unable to practice what he preached. she said. I'm here to tell the truth and maybe by doing that other people will have the courage to speak up to. She said that she was with her dog looking for somewhere to sit when lens offered her his circle at eight. Hark got to talking. They left the park together. I was telling him everything she said. I thought he single. He's a good looking man. Why not they parted ways but he took her phone number in the notes app on his iphone. Detail that i actually not. That's what i'm saying. She's just like really putting it all out there. She said the notes thing for her was a red flag. I guess because it should have been in his phone. She said the next day he asked her to save him a circle in the park. Okay so blah blah blah. The two of them got together. I thought was really interesting. Was that like the first time. They hung out like in private in her apartment. She said he was like really nervous. Like giving off like teenage virgin vibes which is just like so me and it's just like really mean verde that she like honestly to me. What's so weird about this. Whole story is like carlin's was a part of this institution where it's like. They protect their very private and secretive. And i can't believe he would just meet a stranger in the park and just like have sex with her leno so messy no one hundred percent. That's not what. I would have expected from him either so i just feel like there's no good way to have an affair but when you're part of like a mega church that is in the news a lot and like you're very protective and you're you know they're very closed off. I was just found it shocking that he would be so lazy. Yeah find someone in the church. Someone who has don't cheat on your wife but if you're gonna toby dumb yeah new. I feel that. So that's what. I want to talk about it now. Because i'm obsessed with carlin or anything. She is no. I'm one hundred percent with them yet. No this story is just really crazy. I feel like every day. There's something new. He had just sold his house. And that and also i think maybe why i find it. So interesting is because i'm fascinated with people who are famous for like. We had this conversation a lot for their job. Yes and it's just not everyday that there's like famous pastors. I mean i guess actually joel. Osteen is famous and tony robbins yet. Well he's not pastor. I don't think motivational speaker. But maybe also like What's that guy's name pastor dan from Raising helen he was a good passer. He loves it at passer from filthy rich. Yeah right so. I just think it's interesting. Like when people get famous for their jobs and carlin's is one of those people and famous a double edged sword my friend. Yes when you're hanging out with justin bieber the other lady in the park selling your house Was that our fifth and final story. So now we can do tv. Recap jim excited about because both great show. Yes i think. Let's start with keeping up with the kardashians on i Season finale bittersweet. Even though it wasn't an amazing season it was just bitter sweet. Because i know what's coming what's coming the final season like yes. We're moving now. We can say like the next season. The upcoming season of kardashians is the final. And that's just sad. I know in this season was so short. They always are short there like this one. It was short but it also with that break in the middle. Remember actually been long. I guess but it's just so strange. How the court we. So many his billy stick the of course hold on sorry just let him eat hardest outbreaks at all. You have to choose your battles um it would. I thought was really interesting. Is that like during quarantine like they were actually quite busy like they were being safe but like they were planning things for scott's birthday and they were together quite a bit but none of that was shared on social media because like the cova police in the last six months. Those internet like policemen have become so empowered. And anything anyone does is like your mask not fully covering your nose like yeah so crazy and so i just find it interesting that they had this whole life going on in calabasas and they literally live simulation. Like things go on there and like nobody knows about it. It's crazy and i just find it interesting. That they had all the stuff going on and like nobody knew about any of it. Yeah no definitely really interesting. Also seeing how they all coped. I came and the four kids and we have reported on it because she shared in an interview. How overwhelmed she was at the time when we were like. Ooh how hard it must be like honestly looks extremely overwhelming though. She finally got rid of her kids and was like i miss them so much. I'm so bored like i. I love her so much. She's she was leading to north. Get like i feel like you know of all the kids. North is probably at the age where she was the most annoying. And i think she is so much energy. She's so much personality like it must just be a lot right and no like they have the privilege of probably having each kid has their own emmy in israel right to go from that to nothing is a real shock to the system. Yeah but my. This is actually last week when meeting recap kim was doing that. Filipino mascot scott for immune. Ben did it last week. Our like our bed is discussing. I have to literally vacuum the bed every day because so much dead. Skin feet are peeling a banana. Like my fresh thing where you put your foot in it. And it's it's a little little glove thing it's a foot glove. Yeah and then. I got one for zach back. It's amazing the upkeep. It takes one to two weeks for all the time. What's the goal. you just like. Get fresh feet. I have like really dry heels and calluses on my big toe. So just like for the and get them pedicured mike exfoliating but like the first time in my life like i'm literally shedding my dad's skin it. It's like it's years of dead skin. That's crazy i don't. I don't have problems like that. I don't think will it's just a fun experiment when looks really messy. It's so messy like my dustbuster like my little hand. Held back has become my best friend. Like 'cause i wear socks all around the house out to literally contain my dad's disgusting. That is so funny Sorry back to the crash. So the scott Rehab drama was actually very interesting to see who watch it unfolds. Because we had like reported on it was happening but to see that like no one even knew that he was there. He completely checked himself in he was just like trying to do. What was the same self. They just like reminds me. I feel like can a couple of the members that i've read like celebrities. We'll get to this breaking point and they try to seek out help and like the like what you would think would be best for them and it turns out to make a situation even worse and i'm just glad that he has the support system that he has because he could have gone to like a dark place after that happened in whatever he was feeling would have been even more exacerbated but i'm glad that he was able to bounce back from the trauma inflicted on him seeing him on that family. Facetime like right after it happened. I thought he would be like a little bit. Lucky for me like if that had happened to me like i would be like destroyed. I'd be embarrassed. I feel exploited. And i wouldn't want to talk to anyone and i feel like he had like kind of a good attitude about it like they were all joking how he went there for trauma and they ended up like traumatizing and like i feel like he had like a good spirit about it and i loved seeing rob family chats like i just i love him so much and i'm so happy for him and i don't even want him back on the show even though like i love seeing him on the show. I really just want him to do. What's best for him and dream. But i just loved seeing him and the way he's honestly just like he's again mom. You're totally right. Like i just love him. And then i never see him totally really cute Other than that. The only other thing was like tristen and chloe and i know what like so toxic but when i'm watching it. I'm just rooting for them. We've never seen this much of tristan. I don't know who he was a year ago. That he's the new man now but like the way he was when he was talking to chris talking about how like she's in the penthouse and he's in the basement and he's going to work his way back up and even when it gets hard he needs to look in the mirror and be like you did then. I here because of your mistakes i. I'm just i'm here for it. I'm here for them. I can see how it would be like challenging khloe to fall back into love with him. Of course i trust. I really i ship. He's doing the work a years worth of like being a good man eating shit and being there for her like. That's that's real stuff. I know in part of me is like i know it's toxic but like they have a kid together and they'd obviously each other and i think tristan loves being part of their family. So it's just like oh. We need to talk about kim's birthday blog. I fuck. I didn't watch all with god. Jackie sorry she put together in eight-minute igt and it wasn't really anything crazy. It was just like footage from the weekend. We're basically like all they did was drink and kim was actually drinking. Took a shot of tequila on camera and it was just like crazy because she really doesn't drink and pretty much every night they like got drunk and stood on the beach and like all stood in a circle and like how to dance circle. Khori went wild and did a split and the whole crowd of people around him tristan like they went nuts. I don't think anyone knew that he could do the split. It was so funny and it was like a really like blurry honestly poorly done blog but it was just a real insight to what that weekend was like it was so fun and happy and i never honestly never saw him like dance like with simon and fail. I know so. It was like it was really cute. Actually really enjoyed it. And i'm loving them exploring new formats totally have to watch it. That sounds like such a treat. I'm obsessed with corey me. Obsessed like me. He's one of my favorite people on the show. I think honestly like i think him in. Chris have like a vip. Very healthy relationships. Completely agree and i love his relationship with the girl to kylie me too. I completely here for it and going to treat myself. The blog was unsealed sited. Ho- funny like split came nowhere and it was so funny and that trip just looked like oh my god i would have given my right arm up just to like fucking be a part of it but other than that good season and i really liked how they did all the quarantine content. I think that they filmed it. Kim believes that was on iphone. I know like multiple iphones. But then i was getting confused because we knew that there was one behind them showing their conversation one in front of them. They showed us how they set it up. But then the one in front of them when they would show us that angle. We never see the camera behind them. Wasn't there so comer behind there many times but many times i didn't like angles like i. Guess yeah maybe. Maybe they didn't. Okay fine. I really hope that they like every single. One of them like gives it their all for the final season. I want rob kendall kylie. I want everyone giving. They're all making this amazing season. Because i'm really sad that it's coming to an end. I know but i just see him holding out. Hope that the new whatever's next that there's more show just a different provider format cetera. Also i think the most interesting thing about Watching them in quarantine was seeing all of their natural hair. Yeah kim's is really short Closes short blond and courtney's short too. Yeah i just thought that was really interesting because there was like wearing wigs. Khloe amazing nails the whole time clause. Yeah so. I wonder how she did that. I don't know And then southern charm which was good. I mean i'm just so in love with. John pringle and i really am rooting for him in madison. Your in love with him. I think i think only as it pertains to madison like he's definitely acting inappropriately because she's fully in a relationship like you know. I think i've come to the conclusion that like. Maybe hearn austin just like are not. I think that they are not. But i think a i don't. I don't mind which pringle is doing. Because i think it will make to find up more and be more of what madison deserves. But like i really do. Think that madison. An austin or otc like. They just can't quit each other. I really love katherine for two reasons. One she's the only person who points out. How bizarre it is that like patricia is like having such a heavy hand in everything like making to madison about her relationship. With austin when it's catherine's only one who's literally saying like this is like an eighty year old woman like why she getting involved in nearly as she was like. It's like we're on the incident cover and she's the one holding the puck the top and it's like that's exactly what she's doing even though catherine patrician in a good place so you would think like. Wouldn't want across. Patricio like say some bug da. No but like she's on crossing her she's just saying the obvious and the other thing. I really loved about caffeine last week. Was when level like just really confronted or like hands down like you cannot say shit about cameron like she was very unapologetic. I really agreed with catherine and the way that she him that whole situation. It's like why is everyone allowed to say anything. They want about me and madison. We're just like the like the. What's the word exception. Sure that works like they're just exceptions but if anyone says anything about anyone else like it's like how could you like and i just i even. Everyone loves her. And i liked her to like cameron was for like the last eight years. I really the the pop star like and just good mover of pieces and also. She was so influential in the group that if she had been more sympathetic towards catherine everyone else would have been so you. Don't get eight years on a show with. She literally had eight years show and never ruined. Scathed never met her husband like so surface level whereas catherine's literally bleeding out with their custody cases and thomas getting a girl pregnant like so much and it's just like if i were catherine i would be pissed. You and i would just say whatever the fuck i wanted. And it's worth noting that catherine do not make that room. Because i heard it to like a year ago. Yeah nobody gets. Level was upset with her for repeating it. And i hear you being a good friend level but it's like do you know what's going on here for the last seven years i share. But she's just like seeing it from her perspective. I absolutely love liba meet with every passing episode. Last week i watch and that was like my note for the week. Like i love her. I love so impressive. So impressive so interesting. Her son's name is little. Which i think is the cutest thing ever. She little in like a lil rel and then his name popped up on the screen. When like i love that name me to tape on your shirt. What do you mean. This is that design. Or oh i thought it was part of the shirt you no. It's vitamin so. I'm like they do weird stolley actually no might be. It might be if it's veterans. Definitely not are you sure okay. It's definitely not yes. By the way. I totally agree with lava with you about level like i loved her. I thought her businesses were so impressive. And how they all talked about republic. How literally changed. The social scene in charleston like didn't even remember life before public. I thought that was like so impressive. That her and her husband did that. And i just love people who go on reality shows and are so proud of their culture. And i think that's why i love shahs of sunset so much because you learn so much and it's just like quality people who are so proud of where they came from and i loved it like in charleston where. I'm sure there's like no persian people. She was just like so proud of her cooking and her mom and it was. I love people who do that. So i actually this episode really made me like when i was like a little turned off to her when she was just so aggressive to catherine last week but i actually and he liked her comfort. Even though i probably agree with. I hear a see where catherine's coming from. I really liked lettuce. Confrontation style like she just was set it like it was holds barred and i think that even though catherine like felt the way that she did she was like okay like yeah she stood up. I'm not gonna keep going down this road. Yeah also. I just like need new york to open up one of those bars where your dogs can run around like. Oh my god hell was hygiene that. I had so much anxiety when danny's dog was in the mud because it's a white fly now like but they were having so much fun. It really bothers me. The check ships. Dog's name is craig. I know it's so rule ages like harks back to when winchester was the big fucking like to name. Your dog after a best friend is like so nasty. No i agree. And that's like part of me like really does try so hard to see the best chaplain. He didn't know peter and madison fucked. Like part of me like really really but part of me like just can't because he's like the worst you know i know i feel like making stri. He's making shots. And i really liked his conversation with madison by the way like mattis. I don't know why everyone keeps starting with madison. Like she's the last person. I would want to confide from tahoe on point like every she. Just she will roast. Don't start with. I agree she will finish it. Yeah and issue. She'll finish their years of shop. Just like going after everyone on the show and everyone sort of just like cowering and scurrying away like she's like now fuck you find your relationship. Had no i love her. I love her. i think she's a wonderful reality televise. Very and a and a great woman So yeah. I think that was it. I did watch the real house. Salt lake city on watch caught up on watch live yesterday. I saw that episode with darius rucker. Reba was absolutely incredible. Like i recommend everyone watching. It was just a great night to be a bravo fan and a pop culture and anti antidote. The segment is how fancy is reba and it was like because she's like so rich like when was the last time you flew commercial like all these questions. It was great. When was it last year. Darius rucker was like wow really then. The house has a salt lake city ron. It was so messy like everyone and their tech problems. Like mary's camera was like literally on the floor. At least it was so blurry like but it was interesting to see them in that setting agreed. Jen shot is my queen. Heather is my queen. And i'm it's unfortunately just going to be a big fat. No for me from lisa. Is that her name meredith confused. Sorry explain why she was giving a you're right. She was giving a very premeditated. Like i've been waiting my whole life for this moment. Yes and like even just her look and everything and like andy and like she just tries like she's like putting herself in the housewives hemisphere like even though she's literally been here for two one photo from ninety with bethany and she was like i met him so happy for her and her empire literally met at a party wants seven years ago. And you're proud of her like it was just very thirsty so i totally saw what you saw but you definitely plan to that in my head. I share which. I do like meredith more on watch. What happened five. Yes oh i got so meredith. Got something done lillard something. That made her look way. Different than lisa was. She was giving me like kyle richards by very helpful. I need her to continue filling up her face and yes. She wasn't so thirsty. It was like anti would question and there were certain people like jen. Who were like had who like literally could not wait to answer. The question and lisa was just like meredith. Was just like. I will speak when spoken to like. She was very relaxed. And not thirsty and whitney to and mary because i don't think mary had any idea what was going on. Like she was not present. You couldn't figure out like she like she was not there but some of them were really. They're seeing some them. We're not and i just thought that was interesting. I thought it was interesting. The question that andy asked about like. How does the town the city of salt lake city. And you know the mormon community feel about the show and lisa was like they love it. Everyone's happy that house is our here. She's talking about herself. So then heather was like i agree with you. More and heather is a really connected to like the core like legit parts of the church and like she would know. Yeah and also. I just feel like is just saying how like we love it worse here so it was a really busy week of television watching honestly relieved that it's over. I know i guess next week. Without as we get three hours back and no kardashians. Because i'm card ashi oh kardashians because this was the season finale. So four hours back next week. Yeah no premieres though. Oh please tell total. Bella started again. But i watch I didn't watch. But sometimes i do. I don't know i really like a child. Like timberlake catch one episode. And then i like fly through this. Well i'm actually thinking. Maybe i'm not gonna watch tv this weekend. Because that's literally all i did. Crown draw two days fifteen. That is very exciting. Yeah bruno sweets the cloud. I may sweetie pie. So we're going to wrap this up. Thank you bruno for being here ever follow bruno on instagram at pups with no job and thank you so much for listening to the morning. Post the monday morning. Show where we deliver the past five stories every monday through friday. That unique now wait now. I fucked that up things listening to the morning show similar morning show where we deliver the fast by stories that you need to know. Every morning monday through. Friday and youtube every watching youtube. Please subscribe and get this video at up. We're also available as a podcast anywhere. Podcast can be found set spotify stitcher. Public radio iheartradio cashbox. All the places wherever you listen to podcasts some morning totally the five star of you. About how beautiful. Stunning smart we are. We hope you have an amazing weekend stay safe. Don't drink and drive. have a good time. Where face mask. And we'll see you tomorrow goodbye goodbye.

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