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so media welcome back to the season two finale of family ghosts you're listening to a story called bone hill by martha red bone and you're about to start act to which means if you haven't already listened to act one halt go back and do that before you listen to this episode at the end of act one martha told us that her grandmother easter had fallen in love with billy bone a black hole minor from mississippi an eastern mother martha's great grandmother wiser was fearful about what would happen to the families reputation is easter married billy but easter and billy were deeply in love with each other and eventually let's get back to more time passes in my grandma eastern did move into that whole mine is house on the hill and my grandpa bailey this good man you takes his son is his own even gets in his name william bone june so he's still junior they have two more children mama jaanus and the baby girl these are some happy is a gram i used in that house up on the hill it's the turn of the sixties junior young men getting ready to make his way in the world mama jaanus is the soon to be be valedictorian looking to get out of those mountains so she doesn't have the bake cakes and be stuck at home forever daydreaming sweet cages a romantic teenager great grandma eliza still sitting opponent punch back then in our house the radio reigns supreme it's the center of family entertainment that we're the last family in the camp the owner tv news only one radio station w h c n harlan county but it had everything on it from the blue house will always remain with activity somebody who's already doing some the bees on the stove read in the oven in school were doing and most of all gripping the table but somebody be right on time and grab i came home from another ruining day in me no matter how tired he was he always had a twinkle in his eyes at east in his kids they go and they made everything alright grandpa billy had his way he'd be out fishing hunting for possum groundhog squirrels grandma used it a fix would do anything you keep from having a go back down in that whole mm but on this particular day none of that mattered there is another strike throwing her people were getting beat up over and slap fork the grandpa billy was in union now an integrated union and he was prepared to stand with his brothers black end white he already knows who told me quote truck loaded up without their mind they they think they have a bang bang hard times follows fry family up on bone hill two years go by with folks starving no end in sight we end up back down in that home again grandpa barely got hurt bad on the strike by the more the net his spirits been broken all the ladies such a word bacon more cakes and f i fell china make a dollar fifteen cents and billy bone is only working part time and junior gets pulled out of school sundays to help got to be that junior ended up working more at the mind and that his schoolwork two days one week three days the next he was not pleased with this at all all junior was a happy go lucky dream on his way to becoming a fine young men and not to gossip but i will junior was known bookworm like my mom and dad or junior did know that he wasn't vixen be hauling cold the rest of his life like my grandpa billy junior watch slowly get ground down to a pulp and then they lost his life and that whole managed to escape with losing half his leg mm junior don't want none of that he had dreams of seeing the world making his mark junior had a plan of those me she labor baby regard the cattle ranch house democrats play my love my palm mccabe bottle his goal when the number but my country and my country no we do not touch don don don like my that is not a law that just don't take my let me let me know i got my straight on the country but they i gotta say we'll put them in my mind don don a no he just wants to hong like again like it reminds me that will be now the lone bomber that's what made up at the country no no i got it may have been a wish come true by the way we love the great i gotta lane is blocked punt the ball today in my country maybe country does all the tree me me me me me involving minimum minimum mended will be the big easy o'neill will continue in a moment our story will continue in just a moment but first i wanna tell you about a new podcast from kurt vox media network that covers communities they just launched a great new show called nice try it explores the hidden stories behind how we designed the world we're living in what we learn from those designs when things don't go according to plan for fans of our love family trilogy i think you're really gonna take the first season of nice try the theme for the season is utopian and it's hosted by every woman whose work you may know from ninety nine percent invisible season one of nice try is about the perpetual search for the perfect place throughout the season avery investigate some of the world's world's most fascinating community from an enclosed bubble of environmentalists to the first american company town to nineteenth century religious sect became a household grant these are gripping forgotten stories on that very human urge to build the perfect place and they've got all the ingredients you could hope for cannibalism free love hermetically sealed domes fascist architecture end courtney crash in the dining room chairs not necessarily all in the same episode subscribe nice try for free today in apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app welcome back to bone hill before the break martha's uncle junior signed up for the uss army and left black mountain but the rest of the family is still living there in that house on the hill with a porch overlooking the valley martha's great grandmother lies a lot of those daughter easter and her husband billy bone an easter and believes remaining children janis and sweet cake after junior signs except for the army in heads overseas grandma easter keeps on bacon in the two now teenage girls my momma janas and sweetcake step up to bake and deliver cakes all across the mountain to keep the family afloat one regular customer was missed just saw small but doctors off and nuts and gossip but a wheel her son amazed taking time to a sweetcake sweetcake big jumps quicker that white on rice deliver those cakes mrs sizemore wouldn't approve but everyone knows that family all hell breaks loose if the town found out tom sizemore coordinate collect girl girl much less in india but you know how that's going to wouldn't it be sure you go to a i don't even wouldn't it be great if he didn't do you build a the world starts to not i don't no new gazing i know it's it is they were named julie chen i tend not to because mm the time not when she sees she not very big nobody not a big trouble is that fella creech some pecker woods with lane for them at the bottom of the holler you know it's kind of dumb it in a whole i mean it in a stripe snake just four nine four five if you go give the fellows a slice of that sweet cake you selling crank out now my campaign that i'm technologies daddy soda shop you can ask him that favor you're sent a letter wednesdays have is we deserve on your hands he died right timing is everything you you leave me i said the kiddy pool but don't miss this show is sweet hey mom and bar joe mama learn you the shirt shut you yes you cross the line now creech don't pay him no never mind come on let's welcome oh you keep it off for you say self a safer that we nikkei watch it now creech shake niggers she just why does you're you're saying oh maybe it was that it was done the dean of course not you're in the middle of next week oh man how hard that is then your pet man i hear you got some cool tied up in your family tree or the engine you got way in front entry well let's get these no sorry good for nothing had been outs reno long shot they lead into the tommy he barely escaped with his life in sweet cake sweet cake i beat some mouthful lucky thing her screams said the dog is barking throughout the holler and those boys stopped short there treachery cakes body was badly bruised but the thing that broke her heart disease tommy seismologist lizard inada they're so scared he ain't even look bag grandpa believe just about las his gun i got a bullet whatever's name on it but won't find him no one does my baby girl like that not they don't wanna talk about mrs sizemore she doesn't call the law in all her money won't open her mouth she don't want the whole camp define our golden boys fred nice and where the code through much of this and engine same size morris send their precious son wait a school in a thirty second minute in my grandparents no there without the sizemore say the law ain't gonna do nothing to those white boys three cakes traumatized ties by the whole experience sparkle disappeared and she never here's or sees tommy ever again just to know to go grandpa belly out of work junior overseas grandma east this week cake in my momma janis bacon around the clock to take up for the family my mother genesis defillo walden bottles mountain she sees mountains everywhere it makes the vow to get as far away as soon as possible mm grand popular bones dodge drive and my mom agenda is to deliver the cape may keep an eye on creatures soda shop now they can't refuse to deliver keeps they do they need the money but they won't ever forget what happened today is seeking and story continues after the break before we continue and you wanna take a moment to tell you about another podcast i think you might love especially if you're like me and grew up watching reading rainbow legendary storyteller lavar burton is back with all new episodes of lavar burton reeds which as the title suggests is a podcast where the one and only lavar burton reads you stories each week the show blends immersive soundscape just end lavars signature narration style the fantasy mystery inside five stories from famous authors like octavia butler neil gaiman ray bradbury your daily life will seem light years away this show is totally transport if the much needed dose of audio escapism hear new episodes lavar burton reads every to stay wherever you get your podcast family ghosts will continue in a moment but first a word about another podcast you might enjoy if you're tired of true crime podcast leave you feeling unsatisfied look no further than case closed case closed is a thrilling true crime podcast that dives into cases that have already been solved so you're never left feeling frustrated in wondering who really did it each season investigate the numerator from crime conviction this season case closed is telling the story rusty schneiderman in atlantic businessmen killed in two thousand ten rusty had no known enemies so who would want this father and husband dead you'll hear about rusty his loving marriage ended two million dollar life insurance policy in his name end you'll hear who killed him and why they chose to end his life listen now to the podcast vulture calls tantalizing an unsettling find case closed wherever you listen to podcasts welcome back to tony hill so before the break martha's mom jenness had been reluctantly forced into the family business of selling cakes made by martha's grandmother easter at the local soda shop shop was owned by a white family who some creech at brutally attacked genesis sister sweetcake when he saw sweet cake walking through town with her white boyfriend but martha's family needs the money too much just stop doing business with creatures parents so jaanus and her father billy bone keep delivering easter's cakes to the soda shop it's been a few years be attacked janis has been dreaming of a life be on black mountain dew for a long time it's the civil rights era at one they win grab a billy spin poorly my momma janis drives herself to creatures soda shop that she had just about enough but bringing her cakes round the back to the hot smoke kitchen without so much as even offer one it was hotter than hell basement that day so she just went in the front door set herself down ordered her pod in a lifestyle her mama's lemon cake when she planned in or decided she was just hot tight end thirsty now the way mama tells it she said that waitress wasn't having you say we don't want no true mill y'all know we don't serve niggers produce gum gum so my mother left but sometime later a match in a kennel no one saw nothing and no one said nothing when that soda shop went up in tonight but after that my mom unneeded go my momma janas made made her risky new city they may be ten ten wins down the red the book written by bobby riggs tease eighty three right now the no waiting a these fees whatever new mac and cheese all right i think that that would please remember grieving right actually she leaves with a one way ticket on the greyhound bus but it felt like a convertible my mom i was fine ellie free but in the years after janis left black lung eventually got the grandpa bailey bone and he dies leading great grandma lifetime easter and sweet cake alone left behind on black mountain we run down shot justice to do we know how to give you re will actually pay but the story the fat oh oh oh oh it's never been easier to me i know it sounds crazy but time is passing in the mountain number and children been born cousins mary sometimes to each other no joking maybe liberals i told you before we with a last minute can own bank but now we're just like any other american family and football on sunday beer in the fridge and lots of little and maybe even up yeah that's me back when i was ten years old like i'm alive and grandma easter raised me because my mom is working up north in sending money in here finished what your cousins pretty hey yeah we are late per revival of you know laurie only make little red line ren google no matter how bad about the man who ran a story that you run it in runway in what what do they do they sam oh yeah i don't see and i ain't got the good but i'm we're your a one drive mhm one one one one one one one two one win okay we sit down we might not no hearing hearing not big on k g oh oh it's been developing ninety can we find that began today we don't know why don don don don one one one one one one was based on one guy one guy who may not one not one by one by one by one by one minute one why's on his mind one one one one doctor that way back in may wind up in a minute he was on ebay don and then he got down to nine one one does not we wind in your oh man at the height of the revival have a great grandma eliza gets winded sits down weary and it's very peaceful is if she's back on the porch way they are bone bone him and she falls asleep and food food great camelot just away just and then oh boy how how the clock not people how sweet beside her her we he sees the car but that go wrong a from wins we can we shall every turn would be john lessons learned from wednesday dot com to register where a father's where we say oh you can't and then you have a number in that the boat in my men don't tell me bang down down down down down down down but not and then and then and then after the break a funeral fertilizer where the secret of her long held silence is finally revealed welcome back tbone hill before the break martha told us about the death of her great grandmother lies that lies ahead been living on black mountain ever since her parents joe and mama mason made their way back tboned hill and reclaimed ancestoral land that was taken from them but not long after that joe and mama mason had died very suddenly when it was still young laws i had never spoken to most of her family about her parents death she'd never spoken much at all really end with lies is passing the story of what happened in that pivotal moment is in danger of being lost forever oh harlan county is coming to pay their respects everybody from the clinched the smoke he's an grandma easter's children finally all come home uncle junior returns of oklahoma he moved the army buddies married a local charity girl and he became a farmer mama janice returns from her cosmopolitan life in new york city where she joined in with the black arts movement and sweet cake cake stayed home to care for her mother and grandmother she feels much superior to her siblings she feels took the easy way out and surpri all white lady shows remember way way back in the story i said great grandma lies ahead two children who survived well aunt nora grandma easter's sister she's been living in california in past info white for decades is the most strange bar those who left the mountain she feels very superior to her own home if not she she she hadn't seen her mother for almost thirty years returns only now that she's dead at nora arrives with strong opinions about the funeral opinion she shares grandma easter alone in a corner uncle junior my momma janas in sweetcake start monitoring amongst themselves to an uncle junior said that strange half why bird can't just show up and have a saying how he's gonna go great grandma lies it's got to be buried the chairs way sweetcake staring across the room over in northern saying norris wider than flower mama jen is not having it she said forget about it nora i wanna know why no fuss was never made went dead he died he barely got a box sweet case today saying no no extra money to my mom is talking about the money talk about that how a bit sweet cake looked at my mom and say why drop that down here all being went away that then excused view that was i rent a car besides i sent something every month you don't know how expensive it is up north of new york city anyways junior and i never said nothing on virginia said due to us the money to who can't perform any is easiest baking cakes you know oh you don't want wanna it again way from the whole and daddy's life but you may as well be sharecropper you right back in the mud where he started grammy easter tired of hearing that bickering across the room in front of extended family guess hushes everybody everybody up with a big oh well dot com me bro jan right bonds or by man by they're not bad her oh my god god in that swin like lazarus back from the dad grandma easter's first husband juniors pa that good old cherokee baseball player tabby injures sober and looking as losses last year's easter eggs gum debris motors respects cr still here praying to the lord shit firefighters say the match this day abate i know my place but come the pay my respects and in stand by my son we both out in oklahoma now oh well thank you for coming all the way back here from ama figures y'all could use the help some pictures yeah line start measuring out and i read the family runs to the window ground we're going to win that red zone springing maybe in some kind of a strong show some kind of got so i go what is he doing you know long wait another looked at some of those just like the guy that building who on southbound i go hey baby taping looks up from the pylon would and he calls out one you own the place case you'll still find about baby jesus what the bible divers burning sage to you all over the place you know we got to do this right you'll mother no income and the right way the i like my son asked me to come here and help do this right great grandma lived there was a hundred and two we all need on a right we new york woman who's gonna need some help you forget your way but it's all right eight eastern on back back back help forget how could i forget had the drag you gotta win junior was just you know you're proud of that truck now talking at mellow no ma i know y'all broker easter i'm sorry i done you row befall but you re me out of here before i found red road you ran me right out the life of my son but our highways safe me in that same just family just like i see myself in a mob born days save us save i know men on i never needed no one but billy we may busier family i meant no harm both tobacco in sweetgrass staging well take the baskin in rent ma'am a real good then back in the old days when someone important these people cry but we got out relations gather round now yeah we gotta start are mourning the seven then i said okay we got a lot of afghanistan no matter what it is you know they add one thing you know the end there was a lot going on no no no that was why we are not allowed to do yeah you wanna know why memo hardy never talked when justin sizemore wasn't even oh whitaker she protected all of y'all from what she knew she kept that story insider parents cells never arrested they were lynched lynched but those people i took out loud when they made it back to day high on on now she treats who knew who was my father my i mean he he never got sent off right she never knew where exactly but they bones this right here harlan county rest on the bones of paypal those lies there was just a small girl when she saw them hang the old time people knew it could only whisper grandma easter had heard bits and pieces and she held fast great grandma live his truth she'd seen her parents die and had to relive knowing their souls have never been laid to rest i am a child is jewel i have no way to know if he's ready once you pay but no no no no now now the three big laugh a lot of the beginning we then from that point be he may end up on duty i am on the on the on and i know they did a hey tom what's the way the paid what the due to major all her life great grandma eliza carried that mix of fear shame in helplessness lies a woman who protected the family with silent kept are family together and now finally brought the family all back home again this was a chance to make it right properly honor their memory hi bob or big funeral great grandma eliza would go cherokee wayne are people built man truth is harlan county sits atop these cherokee berry amount right there by the cumberland river along the ancient black mountain trail the bones of my ancestors buried in these him and now my great grandma lived his bones rest there to we may have been driven away mary rage is a well written out some i think some of i made it back some of us liv on another lynn we may blended with every race who came to are mountain and some we found when we went out in the world but we never lost who we are heck i was raised in harlan county but today i lived in brooklyn munch on julie spice dried mango slices and trader joe's and even married in englishman sorry license so but are home never leaves us are bones are in those hills always calling back arlen are sacred lion in the land which let me travel lives on in are stories in nashville we grow ant man and then they come in there they were doing bone was written by martha red bone and aaron would be and feature performances by martha aaron sunny marino charlie burn martin to jerome harris fred cash and rocky bright paul the music in this episode was produced a mixed jason gambro an engineer by ayman drum at bridge studios in brooklyn family ghost is hosted and produced by me sending with a w ruben jennifer lie jacob smith lindsey credible shanahan and john you're kastner our story editor mckell apply this episode was mixed by evan are net and are theme music is by louis cara special thanks this week to mona k hand executive producers for season two are myself along with keith rental leah technically at spoke media find more great podcasts at spoke media dot io ghost family this concludes are second season and we wanna thank you from the bottom of our hearts for waiting out the long delay between seasons and from listening to and sharing this season stories once it finally arrived we will be back with a third season of family ghosts later this year end between now and then will be traveling to a few more cities to family goes live shows please please follow us updates on twitter and instagram at sam go show that's s h m g h show in the meantime keep an eye on this feat for bonus episodes all summer long end 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