Monday, November 18th, 2019


Good Morning Scorpio. Today is Monday November. Eighteenth two thousand nineteen Mercury retweeted decrease Scorpio Semi Square Jupiter. It twenty six degrees secretaries the world is a kaleidoscope of perspectives. If you peer into one you may find something beautiful on the other side. This is Scorpio today. A podcast original. Let's begin your day. Giving into frustration may be tempting but Catharsis won't provide you with it. Solutions considered taking a step back and looking at the situation from a different angle with some distance. You may find that the reality -ality isn't this hopeless that you think if a Leo with a strong personality is causing friction try seeing things from their point of view. A bit of empathy may reveal where they're coming from now take a moment to reflect on your relationships when it comes to your philosophy on Lebanon friendship. Some might say that you have an enlightened perspective if you encounter confusion or resistance since from others remember that everyone approaches life for a unique place. Consider the work you do in your career. As the performance of Leo Moon Squares with inciteful Mercury it behooves shoe to consider others desires when presenting big ideas. Take time to reflect on what your colleagues our audience may be hoping to receive and then follow through on the delivery. Your your ability to anticipate needs is sure to impress Scorpio. Today we'll be back tomorrow to learn more about your horoscope visit California psychics and connect today horoscope. Today is a podcast original.

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