Will the Real LeBron please stand up -episode 003


The. Maybe the end so. Just James how how how's your weekend? So former weekend a week we won one a whole week was weekend. Well, I know you can you want to start with you weekend. 'cause I notice daddy daycare will weekends. That's daddy. Daycare time our trip to Belay ho to meet her mom outta hell yet valley Joe valley up to our have back. And yeah, you do that Friday traffic to it was my priority. So. Trust me. I'm not looking forward to that trip on Fridays. But come a little me. We went to went to the park yesterday. Had a great time a new park in San Leandro, by the way, we'd never been there. And had a good time. How was it a diverse of the kids it very diverse? Lot of lot of parents there. A lot of stuff to climb on big slide. Little slides swings. The whole notch. Msci loved it. So we have the time. How long did you spend the part? I don't know what. Daddy. Daycare mama day care about someone being ain't bout that by freight. We were there for like, maybe maybe our our you bought ourselves maybe a little longer than that. They had at the time. She joined herself. Okay, cool. That's cool. So she's like what three now she's three and she is full of personality. Okay. She is full of personality. Okay. So anyway, so and this and that this part Helen sly, and you got to kind of climb up. And she. So we know what she had to climb to the undersupplied and she climbed up, and she was she must've went down to sly like ten times. She loved it. Does he interact with the other kids? Yes, she does. And so anyway, so they have the some help sleep. We have a seesaw and the see-saw has like it's a two seat on the end. So we're gonna see you saw my big ass on the see-saw playing. Of course, my big six five s whatever any who. Right. Really do. The kids. So was having a good time civility, they decide to come over to the seesaw and one little gross that behind my daughter, and then another another young lady, she brought her son and another little girl came over. So in over like there were four kids on the see-saw pitch. It was really cute, but then we can kind of late to. So when her friends got up to leave like it was like all of a sudden all the kids to go. Right. They all got it and laugh, and so all of a sudden my daughter, she's going to she's gonna see the see-saw bar self. And she holiday and cried it. Mommy. Gotta gotta go home. And she just is active in a mess. Anyway, is that when you got on seesaw that was after off the seesaw go anyway. Okay. That was that. Well, okay. So that's that's the life of daddy. Daycare. Well, you know, we gotta hear about that day care when you come on. It's all love day. Glad to be a dad. Happy for you. Happy for you. I'm sure everybody knows you is happy to you. And you've many me. So this all good. We like to hear that. So. Yeah. So how's the week house week? It's been a heck of a week. This is been a week of lot of morning, you know, at least national. From you know, McCain Aretha eight even got some bad news this morning that I I didn't know, but I'm just going to give a quick shout out to LA this lot shootings going on. All we really hear about is in Chicago. I heard about a friend of mine of families, my aunt and uncle friends at that. He went they went to school with with the doors, see high shutout doors, e dons and his son was shot and killed adult adult. Yeah. Like, you know, early forties, but shot and killed downtown. And no details right now, even I was able to pull it up on the internet, and it's like they're asking people to call in. If you have any information or tips, man, it's like, and then when I it was depressing. I mean, it's been kind of like a cloud over the day. Because when I looked online almost every day, there's murders going on in L A. Like, I said all we hear about is Chicago on a national level, but LA isn't like getting off the chain. So when I went through some of those just for the month of August. I think is about thirty and thirty homicides yet. I think so that's a lot. It's a lot. And you know, a lot of them are, you know, when I read them the blue sounds like a lot more like random drive bys, you know, some they know when it's drug related, they say, oh, they think the person might have been associated with gang or drug related or whatever. But it's a lot lot of mass lot of shit going on. And you said your friends you said your friend's son was shot downtown LA downtown air. Well, actually, it wasn't even that deep but on a big street, and I'm not sure what time of day. I can't remember our night believe it was evening, but he was a almost boulevard. You know, that's a few street. So yeah. And I just got win the bed. It's like, wow. You know, pretty devastating. And as you know, I don't know if you're wear about a few months ago in may a friend of mine's family, so mom, his dad NS brother murdered this. Right. And that was by a woman that had befriended the his brother. So it's just a lot of craziness going on. You know, I'm not the hate to open up on doom and gloom. But you know, just keep it keep it positive, just segue. Because you know, like, I say McCain in Aretha now, I have to say when you look at that. You just saw really greatness, you know, how they came out to celebrate people came out to celebrate homecoming thank God. Now, these people didn't die due to violets. Unfortunately, it's illness in illness is usually what takes people out, you know, when you get to a certain. Age. So, you know, we're lucky that we share the they shared the time with us on earth, especially re which she contribute to and left in the archives as legend. So, you know, did you watch in any of those on? Fortunately, I was not able to wasn't able to catch any of retailers funeral. I was work gonna make the money off. Yep. Clocked dollars, but it was nine hour ceremony. Well, there's one YouTube says ten hours, but I think the actual ceremony itself was probably about at when they finally got the button in the church. I think it was about eight hours from the time. They finally started walking out. So it was it was serious. And it was all star cast Stevie Wonder Chaka cod. Bill clinton. Jesse Jackson faith hill. Just an all star air con, very Farrakhan, Jennifer Hudson there in just a home news who of of of greatness and talent at her at her home going. What's what you? The Bishop what's up with him? Charles, charles. What do you mean? You know Bishop. Tells Ellis the third he he he presided over the funeral and he had apologize because. He he had his hands a little little loose you high on. Ariana GRANDE Guerande on the singer. So she so anyway for for those who don't know Iran Agron, she was there to to perform a wreath 'as, you make me feel like a natural woman and before this. She had she had on this. Really sure dress. Some people felt like it was an appropriate or through. That's the big issue is make real the big issue was that this Sony so this little girl. Okay. This little little gear. This little girl comes up there on stage. Like, this is some some concert somewhere would in a big field or big form and everybody out. There is going to be staying with a candlelit, you know, looking up her dress. You got all these elder men on the I mean, she somebody should have pulled her aside before in preparing her girl, you're going to a black church you go to any ho- candle, and it's a funeral day. She got right. Was the color black, right? Okay. Look good, though. Everything else. We'll see you just another one of the demo horny toads. Good. I'll give credit drooled and lean. So now, you ask them what's up with the Bishop jet. Just you okay. In fact, speaking Bishop, okay? These knuckleheads. Just James calling all y'all out 'cause yes, she good looks. She was I can't see good all I see is in appropriate. Besides that was funny to me is that I thought the Bishop look like reminds me of J B smooth because the move look he did the anyway, the popish he he passed note apology left, and right because you know, he'd been grabbed a TD even said he saw groped her not now, you know, what? His. It's an exaggeration. Well, I saw the pictures do 'cause I'm sure he he might bump the little girl little what her little cute tip. Hand hand up there, though, his hands up there. Hand is up there. Now, I think they incriminate incriminating the main hold on. But the Bishop he did he did apologize. You say sorry if he felt he got a little he got a little too comfortable. And so we had his hand up there and doing the performance of name his name is Bishop Charles H Ellis third third too. By the way, I'm looking about you. See no hand on Nobu. Okay. Karnal video Bishop groping Arianna Grandes at Aretha Franklin student of our studio. Oh, oh, that's an accident. You know what? Oh, oh, oh, well, actually, the accident. He said, I'm sorry. Okay. We'll look look see this is a hand. I seen it. Okay. He just got his hand allude wrap too far around the now on what he should have did was he shouldn't have been holding around. What how you hold somebody? Right. They should have been grabbing a Lowe's only shoulders, even the girls a little, but a stream being Paul would some boobs at affair gonna try to reach from under her arm and grab you're gonna grab a. Uncomfortable. He coulda grab the way. He he held her. She's a little his arms to wrap all the way over to the other ditty 'cause skinny so what he should deal with this grabbing child by hug her shoulder. But I'm sorry that gives the rest of y'all Bishop and y'all in the pulpit, y'all don't have good reputations. When it comes to. You wear dress like that to get your grab. That's what happened the case. So that's the lesson. All right moving along. I'm able that's not that's not now again, Paul Bishop. He just apologizing left and right now, the he also issued apologies because you say when he saw her name on the program Iran ground that he thought that was a new dish taco Bill now how now how out niggardly is that. Hey. Give me one memo. I've on the 'Grande box. Put them boo bone side. Why I mean, but, you know, but but still that's that's I think he crossed the lot on that one. No. That was that was that was. Few right here. Now, baby. He got uncomfortable after the boob thing, I'm assuming that's when he thought she was the taco. Bill box in. Maybe this was just a nervous reaction. What what he went? He he laid him with say the heat just trying to he said we'd been a long it's been a long program. Right. The Queen of soul. Make a little you just trying to make light of you know, make little lot of the moment. I guess you feel it was just I think just in bad taste, though. I mean for real the tackle. I mean, come on. All right. Don't it was you know, it's almost kind of a little ethnic joke there in that was bad taste. So you got a little sexism. And a little, you know, ethnic punch their about her name sounded like a Taco Bell. Right. He'll rocks. So the Bishop is out of line. And you know what? But I'm just gonna say Josh shit. I'm sorry. I didn't I didn't mean to do, you know, whatever. Okay. So they, of course, we policy is. What else you going to do? You. Don't look like a full. Yeah. I grabbed a kid. Yeah. I called her a taco. Saying even if subliminally she was up there in that little outfit looking also -ducted. Everybody was looking up her dress even the women in the front. I want. You know, what I wonder what the woman on blackish? I forget her name the plays the mother. Anyway, she is she saying would end stone behind Stevie Wonder, Jennifer, I can't think of her last name. She got the big now. She plays. Everybody's mothering every black movie. Okay. Hit. I wonder what she has to say. I bet you we don't have it on on YouTube. But I guarantee you I guarantee you that she did not shut her whatever she said about. I bet you she has. Grandes hurt hurt. Her dress. Not at a Twitter storm to say, the least. Okay. And evidently, she didn't know for Lewis. That's what I'm getting for Lewis. Okay. Jennifer. Does that does not ring a bell Maynes? Everybody's mother Nokia. Okay. But I sure wonder what it her what she has to say about our our on 'Grande would our little hot tackle dress in in. What we in what we own Aretha. Let's talk about Al Sharpton for moment because doing a rant against Donald Trump. He, you know, he was he miss Bill respect. How did you? Because we talk about a week the frame. That's why we talk about the Franklin our shop. He was he was in the Bill, but I'm just saying. He missed Bill respect or. Yes. PI CT and. Yes. He did. I saw when he when he was on a on the television, and he did it and he didn't. So what thing is was embarrassing. But I wonder what how did the Twitter reacted that? Boy, I'm sure everybody was all over that poor out. What will you? I wanna give Alison I'm just going to add that to his age. That's how it was as thing. That's what I'm going to say it could have been as thing. I don't know if al-shar Alvis it was he was was doing this. This ran against Trump or was reading teleprompter, but any of it. Anyway, let's see. Let's see what we got what we can what we can find out. But anyway, if our listeners out there, he was he was going on Al Sharpton was going on about Donald Trump, and how Trump's your social respect, and he says an awards the Franklin, and then he missed bills respect our. Yes, P, I C T. So save out. Show dog show. We've seen. Employing people ill in bodily too. Teach trenchant give them treats for job. Well, done like all since figures were the hush by the sinus on the list of fan, for example. But the moment the from the good bait and then to venture you proper. You. Them on Twitter with Adam Malysz slurs. Steve Bannon was cold don't like dog. You tweeted after he was fired Saudi AT said she choked to Dogar Senate testimony on the Russian. Gatien? And now apple Russa that doesn't include all those outside. You're all been you hit with a canine cut down like when you referred to black NFL players as sons of well see Bill does. But I think you might have learned the lesson this week sometimes dog fights fat with a book deal. And while we're talking about female canines. You know, what they say about paperback? It's a real will you? I'm sure, you know, the word on thank you though. So the words of my late friend Aretha Franklin show, some are ESPN C T. And the next. Now, look not Alice credit. He just kept on going like, hey, I misspelled it. But I'm gonna go ahead finish this piece and see what I've gotta say so props to to Al Sharpton from get through that segment with a straight face. Do you think he was aware that he's build a wrong right after he did you couldn't kill you? I don't know. No. But what's the camera star roly-poly probably had handled his here? Like, you know, what I'm gonna just messed up. He just didn't take his Alzheimer's day over you know, what speaking of ours wanna mention he may run for president twenty Sharpton. It's been ruined. He might run for president. You know went out there. All that's all right buses are just want those out there in in raised the money. But Honey in a the no people enough black love Reverend love out there to support Al Sharpton. You think so you never know. I'm sorry. I'm telling you. I let me let me put my psyche. Don't even need my psychic gap on on that one is a no will, you know, before before cast mobile for our sharp if you were running for president. And hope he does. What he's talking about all hammers be straight up with you before he runs. I would rather see much respect to Oprah Winfrey in. I know she doesn't have any interest. But I you know, I do a Little Rock. I have a little I have a little little little joke that I do about Oprah running only because when she took accepted the cease will be the mill award at the Golden Globes earlier this year, I think it was February. And she gave what I call was damn near campaign speech. She got up and gave a long hashtag me too. Did you see everybody jump up? You probably didn't watch it. Everyone stood up. Listen, I was on my counts among out was never Oper fan. But after that she made me Oprah fan. Going go ruin a ba- run. I was having orgasmic feelings and reaction. I'm like girl. Good. That she's the only person that could use a campaign slogan hashtag I kill him day before. I let them beat me. Now. It comes straight from the only one. Did beat me. Okay. Do you? Remember that from Sofia you saw. Okay. You Toha beat me. She said I kill him. And that would be the perfect campaign slogan. Hashtag metoo net highlight that type of that. Let me just give you let me further my argument here. Oprah is a BB bad bitch. She's a BMW blackmail age woman with an opinion and on top of that. She's rich bitch. Oprah got two point nine billion dollars and forty one million Twitter followers. Alright she could kick ass. I can say that about Al Sharpton. She got more Twitter followers. Just got half as many as police. Okay. As Trump and he compared to his three point two billion acid. She's a bad bitch. Plus, she got the length rubric philanthropy reach that has touched the entire globe. Oprah's a bad bitch. Okay. Should I drop? The Kodak beat yellow beat on it. Okay. Boom. I can tell. Voting people's run it. All right. Her speech was like, you know, I said, I'm joking. But like a bipolar Cardi beat is like, you know, 'cause later she said everybody has like Oprah knees. One run. I'm like, look Oprah could do two things she could she could be the first fifty plus rap Queen or she could be bipolar carded. Wait a minute, I president female, president of the United States. The worst thing that could happen is that she turned the hip hop world upside down or America right side up. Okay. But when she gave a speech, then turn around and said that she wasn't interested in running excuse me. That's not what that speech said. She prepared his bees like somebody that was speaking or a campaign. So here's my thing. It's like it's like she sounded like a a rapper by Cottam by police card B. So if you put a wrap on her speech, go something like this. In a culture where men women who don't get. Men of power who will fuck with two women's voice heard even if they wanted to it's my career NADA job. So I do what I gotta do. But it's time to kick them girls, which are red bottom shoes. Hey. All right. But anyway, who Al Sharpton now? I'm just saying he might twenty twenty twenty four listeners out the he might run at twenty twenty. And I'm pretty sure he will get some votes somebody will vote for. Okay. But what's the point? I mean, here's the thing. Anybody that a real true qualified bona fide candidate, you don't need people to a main is fine for him to say that to kind of ruffle feathers on the side 'cause that's all this gonna do. But when it comes down to it, you'll need to be wasting your vote you need somebody. That's bona fide is not going to spell R E S P. That's a good point. All right, Bill respect your said. All right moving on moving on. What are you drinking song be? It is a tequila the Quila akilah for some reason it has put somebody's like it's got. But mellow flavor to it not know why. But is is tequila would a little squeeze alarm in a little beaver. What is it a fever clear or something ginger drink to? Let's it. Right. All right, tastes, tequila ish. Not trying to get us some sponsorship here. So I'm drinking L. I'm drinking a full local. So you're gonna give them free. Okay. I'm gonna full local your local, and like I said, I'm trying to get some sponsorship here and. Demographics. I go to the store and it'll have a one of the apple flavorful local. They even have apple negroes like apple. So they got the Warna Millan full loco. Millon low cut. So shallow to local if you've gotta listening. We need some sponsorship here at the vibe you so listen, no offense to the audience. Not not saying, that's my demographics. What'd you say? About my local. Hey love it suck it up. You never had one. No, honey. I'm not interested in the fourteen percent photo. Fide twelve percent alcohol by y'all percent. One can is enough to nj. Some you smoke drink. What crack after you? Math because you need something to kind of bring you down real quick, really. You were talking about drink like that. You know, what I'm not knocking you'll drink comportment? Cisco. It is. Cisco that was that was liquid crack back in the day one bottle of that Cisco. And I know you know, what I'm talking about. I don't think it's too far from Cisco. I man Cisco. It might be it might be a tier beneath by. Might be a tier beneath. Go. Okay, respect what the job done. So once again shot up to four Loko. Alright well shit. All right between we didn't get sponsorships Wayne giving them KOMO how you know any any. He'll any who. What do me a favor if you look with sponsorship note negro like apple makes you brings them. Apple crown and you give. Okay. You go with the dollar. Okay. Good. Okay. 'cause I think demographics that we hope that would be listening will spend a dollar. Apple crown then watermelon poll logo, proud is good. Okay. Moving on moving on moving own anyway. So what else what are one of the Jews is going on juice of the week? Now, saying locally on you. I think I asked you last time you think you you've been going to the lake. Oh, yeah. Of what shout out to barbecue? Becky and just recently heard nine one one call to release my thing just released them. Well, you know, I was reading that on KGB which the local the local news station out here in Oakland. They were trying to get these against these tapes months ago, and for those that don't know barbecue Becky, aka Jennifer, Scholtz, she's a she's the white woman. She may be gentrify to issue the women that filled it was her civil days. She ain't from Oakland. Okay. Well, anyway, so barbecue Becky she was the white woman who filled was her civil duty to call the police because she called she saw some brothers at lake Merritt. Using charcoal. Honey that was global air. In a no charcoal zone. So she called the police and anyway, the whole story went viral when when nationwide and now they have just released the the nine one one call from when she called the police about the brothers that were barbecuing nothing about. No, what's what's interesting to take away from the calls, though is one of the dispatch. It actually makes John George reference. I know that women because he was being fifty right, right? If y'all don't know what fifty one is fifty one fifty is police code for somebody who is mentally unstable. Then John, George, please. Just James explain what John. That's a mental facility in extent agile right with the crazy, folks. So you don't wanna go. You don't wanna be mad at you. Don't wanna be admitted to John Georgia's everybody know your business eft up in the brain membrane. If you have to be admitted to John Jewish debt me, you've lost your damn mind, basically. Okay. So anyway, so. She come to find out. She made not once she made two phone calls, right and. Yeah. Two hours later on like one phone call the first phone call. She says and I'm quoting here. I like it with the media talked about the Turco. So that Kohl's don't burn more children, and we have to pay more taxes is that was her. Colbourne more to dron okay case. So I could see if you're illegally dumping cold. Now this thing about daddy. Daycare if someone was illegally dumping, Kohl's. And you've got kids playing in part dog going over their kids pick up stuff three year old Bernie little fingers, and okay? So maybe that she wasn't clear because clearly she was upset hyperventilating out of her mind, and she's not making sense. So I guess that's what she was trying to imply now what was the other part of that. Okay. So that was that was the whole burnt a acute burns kids, and we pay. More taxes deal with the beat Lee. So that an appraiser so that Kohl's don't burn more children, and we have to pay more taxes. That's what she said to the first dispatch of when she called, and she that was the first phone call. Now, she called back a second time and the dispatch action her for her name and under the description of herself. And she doesn't want to provide the information for the reason. And so the dispatcher say have you ever been she actually have you ever been to John George? I did hear that. She's like, what's John George, and so that's so anyway, sell out barbecue Becky because since he made that phone call back in. I think that was April lake Merritt has been on fire fire. Okay. We haven't a lovely summer because actually I think about ten years ago. Remember the festival at the lake or either fifteen years ago, whatever and folks down, you know, there was some runabout and kind of, you know, tearing down in having little mini riots. They cut it off. But they changed the whole policy. So that nobody could barbecue at the league. I'm like, I just moved here is to be so cool. You know, you kinda summertime and you bounce to your music rolling around leg. You know? See all hanging out. So thanks to her. You're right. Yes. Now that some now that barbecue Becky essentially made that phone call weakens at lake mirror. Now, it's down there right now was I was actually down there. Last sunday. A pastor today we got folks out there barbecue, we got vendors out there selling food. We got people out there some bay that we got black folks gentrify white folks, everyone out there chill and having a good time. It's family friendly. He can bring your kids out there. And there's love all throughout the air. Know what I'm talking about? Okay. So it's a love fest down to the Oakland collective abortion Nogi, they're selling the goods. And so yes, so barbecue Becca, thank you. Because because it's because of you Lake Mary his hand all on pop again. Yes. We ought there barbecue with charcoal. Skeet would whatever you whatever, you whatever if burned we ought to Hyun, the right now, a lot of fluid bird tweet, whatever. Okay. We ought to doing damn thing. Right. And they don't so barbecue. Becky, I wanna thank you for that. Because right now like man is back is Lord. Okay. Moving on moving on moving on got that nine one one out. All right. So all right. More Jews of the week. Have you been watching? Oh, so, you know, everybody talking about undisputed heavy watched LeBron of have a have not. Okay. So really, I said undisputed I'm talking about Shannon in the bay. Okay. Thank you. But the everybody's talking about in I admittedly. I don't have HBO, but I didn't hear about it. Boy, I'd love to see the shop. Okay. The shot. Lebron's James everybody is giving him a lot of positive feedback. I think that for some folks for white folks, let me just say their little shocked because they don't get to see the side of any athlete coming out raw talking about his, you know, real feelings about social issue in racial issues in in the the US in. And we know you rather you go get your you'll you'll shave you bald then little stubs shaved off to the barber shop, so. You know what? But I'm just saying so, you know, what brothers talk about because you don't they talk about everything. Yes. It is. That is a traditional sacred temple historically, a black folks because it was beside the church. It was the one place for for men without the women. They could talk about everything, you know. So, you know, so and I mean, this is not something new. This is our tradition. So for him to have a camera spotlight on a place that is normally typically been, you know, a kind of a all the all boys club for you know, for African American male visits. A big thing. I think I think safe to say to Shannon shoppers product LeBron's biggest fan because I don't think there's episode undisputed that he does not mention the bras name in some capacity. Oh, yeah. He is. I mean this that he's the goat. He's the unicol the everything you're right. Skip. Right. Right. Right. Right. Skew just won't tell you with that live. Right. You know, Cafa bra he ever everything thing he go to goal. He starts signifying off the court skip. Schools, right, right? Signify. Right. Good a non-state. Anyway. Skip you know, what? Is like sometimes thinking about by. He is going to be real PC about. But I just seeing what the wrinkles showing up at his like whole hair. I go on Cam with this nigger sheets. Got a you know, I really I really I wrote. Not saying that this mind before, but we're getting back to the shop before facet who our listeners out there who may not be aware. It's it's it's it's if the show is called the shop at feature LeBron James in the in Barbara in a barbershop setting. It's Elliot believes LA. We'll make sense. Yeah. To L A. And as you know, he plays the Lakers now. Right. Right. And it sorta in and it's like it's LeBron James. It's raw it's it's it's it's Banik. It's the broad. You've never seen him before. Now. I don't have HBO. I can't afford it. Right. Right. But anyway, anyway, it's called the shop. He premiered on a believer premiere last weekend on HBO. Anyway, is that setting the first episode patriots new, right? Odell Beckham junior premodern green home, I forgetting somebody else on. But anyway, they have a candid conversation. They haven't can't into talking Jon Stewart. John Stewart I heard I heard he looked very uncomfortable, by the way. Okay. So what we go into because I did dig up some stuff that. Okay. Okay. Can imagine. Why John I'm sure you could you know, just from the the YouTube snippets Jon Stewart look on his face. And I wish this is why I've gotta get access to this. Because Jon Stewart looked like, you know, at times he was very uncomfortable in here. You know, amongst these black males in this conversation speaking, very openly can't limit gives you something. Yes. So snoop on there's one snip. The snoop says basically he's talking about the raptors. Game in he gets real deep into it about you know, what it is day in how you know. He's not out there constantly doing things because you know, coming from you know, the. In WNBA, right? Yeah. He was probably NWEA. Oh. No sorry. So I'll be was not part of in w but he was he was Dr dre protege, right? But it was featured in on some some some some of the songs way back then, you know, a couple of them, you know, and the even post when death jam not different. But death row came in snoop was right apart of that. He was he was artist one of the things he said he didn't like being second place. We know he says, hey, I'm not out there making new records in. I'm not cool with that. You know, when we did what we did. And we will up there like you said the east coast had a Dale. They had everything they was doing everything we decided to take over said, we don't do things are he said, so they started touring everywhere outside of the US and so forth in how he talked about any brings up Qaddafi. And he says how he was like them of paying Cole cash. It was like he gave us so much cash. In somebody's asking about giving some bags life mother for taking this year. I don't give a shit is like, you know. And so I'm thinking Jon Stewart talk about Qaddafi, and you know, the the country Libya in Islamic state. And I'm thinking all the conversation that how you know, spitting back and forth. And by that time, I don't know when snoop type Dan on his turn. But I could imagine at that time. And I'm looking at over just a little view of John Stewart who is Jewish. I'm sure the shit from the beginning to the end escalated to place that I can imagine that he was very uncomfortable around showing. I guess the question would be did Dila broad hand pick these athletes. They were all athletes. What what I'm saying? The panel of the people that were there snoop dream on Oldham onum. It wasn't Oldham Beckham Yoda Odio, excuse me. I might when compete with the more. I know wait a minute what? But we will have to bring him up to own Beckham obeying, right? Ninety five million dollar five-year. You know, he got New York Giants Josh down a lot of fucking money yet. Giants. But. And also, some people some people say that the show was not offended because when I say some people I'm talking I'm referring to like people cover sports nedia saying they're saying like they were saying 'cause during during the during the taping the Vic and wine. Okay. Bras, got his wine glass and old dream aunts. His wine glass and be honest is out here in barbershop that I go to used to go don't we don't drink more. Wait a minute in the barbershop. I let me just say this now. Now, I got so I just my rebuttal. Let me, but you gotta say this is my, but okay now, this is LA, and the reason why say that because I song Lii in from LA with hide in also. Wwl. Hey, west side, west Adams west side, you know, went to you know, almost West Hollywood Fairfax, you know, the FM house. So thing is is that L A no matter what I don't care. What side there's parts of LA that there's a real Hollywood player. So you hear a lot of in fact in we'll segue to Kevin Hart. But one of the things that'll be that'll come up that he'll ask questions is like how has lived in LA impact, you with your athlete or you come there to act or perform, whatever. So there's our environment that you're going to see in certain salons. Okay for women in barbershops. It just is what it is. So I'm sure that wherever they are whatever barbershop they I'm just saying. So having whatever you say, it's it's it's probably it's commonplace for no, I'm saying that there's there's a l a culture. Okay. Okay. There's a Hollywood culture LA culture that you ankle everywhere. That's no, that's that's the real most people ain't experiencing what people might experience in L A because LA do that's just how L A doing. New York there's certain areas in cultures in New York. 'cause people got a whole lot of money is. So there might be a black Barbara shot in several Salang. They go salons here. The do martinis Dakhari pedicures manicures. Didn't know that. But I'm just saying, well, I mean, I'm not, you know, the the whole the whole wine thing, I'm not saying this any less authentic because they were drinking wine that alone can't make it. You know, not just that's that's that's one thing that was that was mentioned. And then, of course, use the inward and during tell me that ain't authentic come on in. That is updating. All right. Thank the thing. But like you said though, but the fact that it's coming from the Brian James, you know, people like. Oh my God. Okay. They using the bronze never see the he used the N word, and because as an expectation, you know, this when it comes to athletes that usable to be heroes. You're not supposed to be who you are. You know? I'd like get a column capita on their, you know, talk about some real shit from the athletes. Hell, yeah. Damn right. And you know, so the thing is is that whom the Brian is in in one eight his intentions of doing this, obviously is that he's tired of shit. This might be now because if Trump is the rebuttal to having a black African American President Obama than everything else like such as the shop in a lot of things to come out is the rebuttal to have in a Trump in office. You might see more shit like this. That's just keeping it real. Well, you know, I really I really, you know, I don't have a problem with it. You know? Lebron showing your shoe just who years, and I think he's at that point is career now and in his life now where you know, either family man, you can say what he wants. He has nothing to prove to the semi year old black man is dated men near got them in Amman say what I want to say, well, you can membrane because it's like it's like this is who I am. You know, he has nothing to prove, you know, he's the greatest player on the planet as he says the greatest player in the planet, and I think he's comfortable with this program in just showing. Hey, this is why he's not apologizing for shit. That this is this is the point. It's within a tent is a tent to to stay in a comfort zone. Like don't come at me with your cameras when I went my family don't come at me with your phones because you might get shoved up your ass now. Now, I'm instead of mean, one on one in TMZ having run behind me or some other reporters taking pictures of meat snapping at somebody business like Aaron to the world. This is who I am. I'm a human being I I have opinions have emotions I have feelings. So now that I air my ask my thirty draws out there now when you see me walking through the airport or you see me having dinner with my family are cafe or you see me going down the street, you shoot you. You know, you got a shot at me what you're gonna get back is the real meat because now, you know, you don't have to be caught off guard. He's putting it out there that way he used out the. And I think on some level song be I really believe that dead. Lebron? He may have he may have even one hundred one. He could have lost. It's possibly could have lost some fans and from the show right from what just from just from again, just from the setting and just from they have the station and just being right and Warren just just being himself. People uncomfortable. I understand in in particularly, you know, some black folks are going to be uncomfortable in some white, folks. A lot of white folks by being particularly ones that have kids that maybe have a big life size. Poster. Right. And in the bedroom is like old, you know. And then the kid thinks in doubt if the kid is watching the show because I think, you know, certain topics and language. I I don't know what it's rated. I'm sure it has a rating, but they warning contents may be offensive. You know, there's you know in and they need to give that fair warning to people. So everybody's not letting everybody lists. Sample in full abroad to to even you know to to do show like this to put himself out there. Like, hey, this is who I am. This is this is this is me, basically, I think that really says about a lot about him or he is in his life and his career. And he like, you know, what I don't. I don't give a dam. I have nothing to prove to anybody. This is me. This is what I do and like it or not eight this is it, right? Right. So I mean, so he's an athlete and a lot of times again athletes are considered role models. You know, children love athletes and LeBron has a huge following their their their guys who love like love the Brian wherever he goes over team. He plays. They become fans of that team. Where no matter where LeBron goes. Well, now a case when he first left Cleveland. Yeah. But just but just his brand alone. So again, kudos to the broad just being for being Ralph could be for being real authentic, whatever I think, it's great. I think it's a great. So here's what Shannon Shannon's sharp from undisputed in one of the things that he said now, he he says, yes, he's outspoken these keeping it real he's coming out of his bub bubble. But he says, you know, he's calling this a new version of LeBron his this platform he has to show. So I'm just gonna say, so for example, this is LeBron five point. Oh. Five point. Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. And if you visit the new LeBron five point, oh, you won't like him. Everybody not gonna like him. But the point is LeBron five point. Oh don't care now. I don't know you cared that much before. But he really don't care now because he's saying whatever he wants any us. Oh, Shannon, also compares LeBron to John Carlos in Tommy Smith from the a late sixties Olympics when they raise the black power fits that was powerful. This is a athlete using his platform to for the social issues that need to be talked about because of his star power in in, you know, in the media in so forth. There may be a good positive influence, or if people continue to tune in that would normally see this person might see some humanism in him instead of making him icon. On in image in something that that's not real that. You have to stay in this platform. This aware pig in this way. He this is making him real in bringing these social issues using his platform in that way may impacted Fettes affect certain people in open up the doors. I think it's wonderful. You also compares them to like, for example, Muhammed Ali when he refused to serve the country in Vietnam, or in that was a powerful thing. He was willing to go to jail for what he believed in. That's why at the same time strongly span in behind a brother capper, Nick, you know in. I I hope that he makes real game in his in his lawsuit, you know, against the legit. Derive it. That's that's that's that huge. Because the judge decide that they were going. He's actually going to the actually has a bona fide case in cabinet, and you know, depending on how that how that all pans out that could have huge ramifications for the NFL Ford, depending on how that whole that whole trial will not initially. It's not gonna try to -sarily. But it'll be interesting to see how that all plays out quickly. Although, you know, if you weigh in on, you know, get some of the the so called legal experts to weigh in they make it sound like his chances are like forty to sixty of really, you know, winning his case is good to put it in the legal courtroom in Rena, the bring it because he's definitely has a case. But they're saying like him his chances of winning impact are very anyway, we're not saying that we're not saying that the bronze, you know, paying from the league with him for for for his show. His comments were you know, his stance on your social issue ever. Well, basketball's a different different different football is more blitz than anybody. Clearly cabinet was blackballed. That's without without saying. Absolutely. We know we now saying it's like we we will sit here and listen to Trump give us a count over four thousand lives since he's been in the White House. And then, but we will buy that. And not believe that cabinets been back blackballed. Give me a break. You. So I mean, so obvious. I'm not even sure I'm and his his team at the time. Eric Reed believe the brothers name. He also Neil capper Nick during his protests and not even sure if he has a job right now. And he's a believe Eric release on he plays. He the cornerback or or safety. I'm not I'm not a hundred percent. Sure. But anyway, I don't know if he has a job right now. So we'll see how that all plays out. But getting back to the Braun is always kind of like when Dinsdale, you know, always with was known a plea these meal, a guy stand up kind of guy. But then traded they comes out, and it's like, whoa. We're never seen disease. Will that way this way? No, he reels real a real nigga, right? Real characters. Yeah. I wanna ask one of the kademi war. As a problem with that? Because there's a lot of rules to me he should have gotten from outcome x. But but see see character that plays. It looks more. Like, what people expect a black man to be? That's what he gets the award for in. I you know, I got a little bit issues about that. That none as just me. Look he played a corrupt cop. Right. He was a cop. Yeah. Dirty cop, but a converted black cop. Okay. Run junk a nigga in the jungle. And when I say that chunk home said referring to the neighborhood that he lived in because in LA is referred to as jungle. So he was King Kong in the jungle. Can't shoot on here. You know that guys shit on Dale. What he had to win Oscar for. Hey, look, I think he played was it NICKY Barnes in. The drug when he played the the the dealt dealer. Don't play was not NICKY Barnes. But what was the movie the Denzel pay? He was a dope deal. That was a great hall. I I think I know what you're talking about. I don't know the name. I can't think of the movie right now at the off the top of my head. Yeah. That role which was I thought pretty awesome. He could one American gangster. Oh, okay. Okay making. Yeah. Okay. American gangster soldier story. Great movie will. Yeah. Yeah. But, you know, American case it was pretty good. That was a true story. And then, you know, and like I said, the there's a few movies that he's he's done a Malcolm X true story. It was epic. It was biopic. You know, and he definitely was the Oscar worthy of that. And I know that really wore out. Of our producer, Spike Lee. Fight was big on Spike Lee. I'm not going to do a deep dive on it because I wanted to see it. But I do see black klansman. Okay. And it was definitely a Spike Lee movie. You know, when I say that there's there's certain perspective from the producers in the director's view in camera shots that are typical Spike Lee. Even some of the writing in the way that that was son that played the main character, did you know that I did not know what I didn't realize that to afterwards and someone brought it up to my Tinton. You know, when I think about now that the way that he talks, you know, and his just as tonality in accidents like yet, that's this is fun. He did a good job on that was really good to hear. But I would say for the most part before we talk about that. And we'll have to talk about next time. I want the movie I have to see the movie. We'll do a dive in black plans men. Sorry, bobby. Okay. And also in a did what is it the other movie out of Oakland, a blindspot spotty blindspot? Okay blind spotting. But I would say definitely it was it was a good movie. It was worth seeing. Okay. And I I won't go into any interpretation about in the details about it. But Delaware were saying I would rather see in on the big screen first. And then to see it on cable. Okay. So I have to my home. I have to do my homework. So I will go see the black clansmen maybe sometime next week. I'm busy. So anyway, we'll go see. Okay. The last movie the last movie, I dig oh, see though, I did see crazy ridge Asians, which of course, Jane's go crazy rich. I'm not as in. I'm not about he's other Asian persuasion. These take a deep dive into all day. The number bad. It's you right. But. I was expecting a comedy when I went to see, and it wasn't crazy rich, Asians and movies doing very well at the box office, by the way. Yeah. Very well. Oh, they're having. They're hosting like big parties in events. I was in Alameda. And when I was watching clansman, they have the main theater, and they had a speaker. They had music little DJ. They had a home big thing. I heard Asians. Yeah. They've been doing. I'm not on that, man. Nick got dressed up for Black Panther when curls course. Hey, all Asian cast love it. I I was expecting to comedy is actually love story and no spoiler alert here. But anyway, at the end of the movie wasn't a dry eye in the place. Okay. I mean, I ended like I even I've been I've been tier of a little bit just a little bit just. Just. Bit. Okay. I'll see that one. I had to hold it in. I guess I got something in my I right? But it was a good movie, though, as crazy which agents crazy rich agent if you have an opportunity to go see it. It's worth is worth. Right. It out moving on moving on. Speaking of moves. I was a little I was a little heartburn ball of little sad that each salable. There have been a rumor that he might become the new JAMES BOND. Right. He recently released a statement saying that he would not be the new JAMES BOND like all mixed something. Apparently, the initial director that was supposed to direct the movie he Athey Horowitz right after he dropped out. And because Idris was the selected person actually play the role in for some. Rumer? No was okay. So I think it may have some relationship to do with the director dropping out, and because of creative differences, you know, with the studio whatever in that's the reason why the director dropped out. And therefore, it may have reason why it's L Elba is not gonna be playing the first African blonde. Our bonds bonds. I have have Anthony Horowitz. I in evidently, he's the author of the continuation of the bond series. He was quoted as saying that eaters elba's two is to street to be JAMES BOND guide like hitting are you serious within his stereotyping? Okay. So that's what I mean. When you're talking about Denzel Washington plan at thirty black cop, you know. And this is what he gets the role for. I mean, he gets the academy Oscar for that. It's almost say note, let me finish is almost as Seigne that a black man can't be finessed with class and a high of world travel. Intelligent agents secret agent, the damn straight. He can. And if anybody was gonna play that role that dibs Ohka pie is. So could Idris Elba. So that that's why you know when you start zero typing people. For roles in this is what the kademi, you know, academy. So white they give the the the Oscar Denzil for that role because that was more digestible. But for Idris Elba almost saying this is not digestible for by may be double o seven, you know, will now super slick smart, this bet and the other trodden glad that attract glad that Spike Lee did the black clients man, because it's almost reminiscent of a movie, I think seventies called spooky slip set by the door, which basically just from my brief recollections 'cause I was a film student. It was one of those films black films. But anyway, and it was a a secret agent. The only black one who was allowed to be part of let's say either the CIO whatever, and he had ear to what was going on socially in internationally and everything on on on the ground. Right. So yeah, it just I mean that that's asinine statement to make. Of course. I mean, of course, because the suggested black man couldn't be JAMES BOND. That's that's ridiculous. Right. Because I would think the James bomb would have to be street to on some level. You have to be, you know, of course, JAMES BOND has personas cool. And you know what? His accent too can act. Because us is his natural accent British exactly and it's almost as if they don't wanna put on a big screen. A man looking sexy because that's the key character about all bonds bought had women he has and not not all bonds have been sexy. Let me say, yeah, you're right about that. And not to take a deep dive into that. But. Lissi Sean Connery. He was the first day, of course, Pierce Brosnan. I'm sorry, Pierce Brosnan Roger Moore. And the guy referring to Timothy Dalton and he was probably the least popular bond. Right. He doesn't have even have the. No, he didn't have is like how they know. Get right. You know, he didn't he didn't quite have it. So I agree with you on that. But getting back to east Elba. He doesn't really strike me someone that would be to St. him. He's an English actor, right? His nothing. Nothing street about him. Listen, we don't feel that that one. We don't go too much time on that. Right. He's just the asshole. That's all that is we'll leave that there. And I'm pretty sure, and I'm pretty sure there may be some bond fans who say, oh, no, you know, they're bond can't be black. No, he can't. He can't be a nigger. No. And I don't care about them. So we don't feel. Kill it. So they they just move on. That's all right. They'll be a day for a interest Elba to play bond or something even greater, but but that's ridiculous retarding ball. Bon song be do. You think if list? Okay. Let's say he did listen each overdo the roller JAMES BOND. Would there be anything that they would have to change? He's a black man. And let's be real. No, man and white, man. We're not we're not the same. Oh, wait. Wait. Wait. What? The brakes we go get right into the corner here in grants. Listen, there's nothing that they have to change about him being a playing the role of Bonn, not a mo- Foale thing. Okay. Not even the MARTINI day. Just what oh we don't change to Kennedy. No for local I know right net for local watermelon flavor. Now spoken Newport's of Idris Elba is of African Nigerian. Okay, now now, wait a minute. He's well trained in a theatrics. Studies this van has dial ES class, but the less classy thing he ever did was daycare Michelle, but hot men all he did was hit it from behind allegedly. I don't know. But anyway, and that that really is just a pun a little joke there. But no, no, they wouldn't have to change anything. And you're absolutely. And I did I know what you think about it bond from the hood does what you think. You know what? Yeah. I I am thinking about I am one of those from. I think what you're gonna have to change much would have to change much because like you said has the he already has the accent. And I did a dive into east Elba. Just is you know, he and his his career. He's he's been in a lot of a lot of movies. And and shows like the wire Mandela, he has a has the TV show Luther Americans on that flick. Yeah, he's been. He's been the Thor the vendor. So man, he is a very distinct actor in apps, and I totally agree with you. I think it would be great as JAMES BOND. But I think there were probably you think there'd be some backlash though from the bond fans who say, you know, what? Seriously, the bond, I don't. I'm gonna be honest lat, this is where I am on this volume. Fox we make we make Egypt a new bar. Fuck it. This is a new bottle. Nobody got to say death are nigga. He is a new bomb period. That's that. Okay. Okay. So listen, I'm move on. I wanna talk about. So you've been watching a coldest balls little Kevin Hart. Here we go. First of all before I get into cold of small. Let me tell you. What really cracks me up? I know you've seen Kevin Hart's commercial with a mountain dew commercial. Yes. Oh my God. To kill me. First of all a little that tricycle have to beat and make him. Look like really we're on on some big as Harley that kills me. Tell you that he's like. I'm ready to go. Then ain't nothing but a pig wheel. While we accused me sorry, but anyway, moving on coldest balls here. So I've been following. So it's a web series that he's doing okay. And he started I think in February. Then now he just came out in August with his season to cold his balls in a so he's had a lavar ball. But it was supposed to be Lonzo ball on the shell dream on rain has been on the show lamotta. He's on the show. Oh, yeah. That's it wasn't isn't that kind of a recent show, which one on the wanna Lamar Odom. No, that's that's I think that's from season one really no thinking on the bomb. Sorry lay. Lamar a best from August. That was that was only about. And like, I'm actually happy that I was able to watch that episode because as we mentioned Lamar Odom on our last podcast, and we'd all shit. He was wondering where he was. And he's writing a book, right, right? He wrote he wrote a book. Well, the books not out yet. I don't believe the books out. I look for it. You look for it. It's not out and it's not out yet. So anyway, so they feature so he featured Lamar Odom on this. This one episode of code is balls, and it was really cool to just here. You know? I didn't I didn't really know. You know, the show was kind of it's kind of serious kind of kind of funny. You know, you know, what I think is is funny. The only thing that that particular show had got a little serious because you know, when he brought up his issues about you know, what Lamar was going through. But here's something this is a scientist. They're both Tim United. You know that? You know, Jim Nuys, we are very creative people. So I thought okay big up on the Jim nights. But anyway, go ahead. Just just you didn't know that JJ will say quarriers and gymnasts get along in another j. Yeah. Well, you know, what I should twenty years of friendship. I did not know that JJ. Yeah. I'm Jim twin? But you know, but it was good just to hear Lamar Odom talk about his why didn't know he suffered from. Diety? And he said while he was he was going through his situation. He had he said he had a twelve strokes heart attacks like, oh, that's a man. That's a my did not now he shouldn't be alive. Right, right. He might not be alive. So, you know, that's really crazy. But while you know, I'm glad that it sounds like he basically was saying that he's he's come out of it. He's come to a place where he could write a book. He's friends what his ex wife, even when she was showing up at the hospital after he had his tour at the muster in rant, right? And yet his bench tour in the wonder that the doctor said he was living miracle yet it which is good to see Lamar Odom just looking healthy looking like, he's he's no he's gone through his situation. He's you know, he's back to normal combat. Well, we don't know how normal is new said you'll go to a near fatal drug overdose. I mean how much? Back. Are you going to be? We don't know the details of that. I'm sure that some long term impact twelve heart attacks, what are six heart attacks, twelve strokes strokes heart attacks, I mean near death. There's gotta be some some fallback of that. That's just the damage is done. But at least he's up. He's move around. He ain't gonna be playing for not seen. What guarantee of course now? And I and I use the word normal of. But he would just good to see Lamar Oldham again looking healthy. And just being able to speak about coming out. You know, his enemy being the conversation. 'cause I wasn't sure if he was with even if Kevin Hart even asked him about, you know, about the air about the credentials ins dating Kim khloe clearly one they say OJ's, doctor allegedly. Okay. Well, but I I didn't know I didn't even know if if Kevin hold even take a short dive into his personal situation any did. And again, it's. Light-hearted? It was like. That deep because I him when that book comes out, he'll get his chance on for Lada interviews won't be Kevin Hart. But on some, you know, some really good interviews to talk about you know, that book. I'm sure right in there for the mall to say, he would he was watching teams everyday to see if he's name would come up on teams E, I thought that was big and so kudos to the more Odem promptly. Brought hope you're doing well. But again just to see him in that in that in that on on cold is ball's, right? As featured guest, I thought that was cool. Right. And I just want to say, you know, that's a good point to actually wind down on a on a positive note by sending out, you know, some 'cause I agree with you just James that is is good to see the brother coming back. You know, and being able to be on the show, even though who's achieved it didn't matter. But to come out. He's he must be feeling well enough healed enough to go through his coaching counseling. You know to do this book to you know? Kick it with cabinet in tub ice was Kevin Little asked never never keeps us. He never, you know, he cheats. But then it didn't go all the way in. He did not he goes in. I'll go all the way in. He's following Kevin Hart. You full of it. A big shot to the guy was a guy on the side would be straight face. Right. Wherever you just have. He's a straight hair. Puts more ice into the into the tail freeze them tiny ball ever whenever we care system on the line you more ice. In fact, start calling Kevin Kevin Kevin tiny ball, art. Kevin Dina ball kimberlite kimberlite Durham thorough with straight face this poor wise. Anyway, it's a good show. We appreciate it. So anyway, this is a that's a good note Winedown on I think, okay? I think why. Anyway, I will just want to say that is is been good. He has been good. It's been good. I can show and the talking about, you know, I think all the things that we touched on this so much more. But we'll we'll be there for the upcoming shows. And I definitely got tune into LeBron's show the shop the shop got us. Go fund me fund for like. H B O. Okay. Because my I'm already I'm already paying like I'm already I'm already taught my listeners out there already paying like one hundred and I think my cable was like a hundred and forty dollars a month off serious. Here's what she must have everything premium. That's would no premium channels. Okay. That's readily this directly is that wrapped into it. No. I know Negus is ridiculous. For how many boxes you got our guy. I got one downstairs in the living room to steer has what you paid for two years and the two bedrooms, but the thing is though, I don't know be so me, I don't know. I just don't notice two hundred forty one hundred forty dollars and HBO, oh, I had HBO for a minute. But then Manila, Toby know abo too much are right HBO was like fifteen dollars extra on top of that long. Maybe you need to downgrade. But and then I tried to go down to like a cheaper package of one hundred bucks lists. And then I can watch the warrior game. The first of all you don't have no kids over there. I've got many me. Okay. Well, that's what I'm saying. That's she ain't watching warrior games. This is my vice to you go directly to you dream, you'll you'll cable direct TV. You ain't gonna pay motives TV. I have TV no stream direct TV. Now. Don't do the cable stuff. Get rid of all that stuff because you pay off all the boxes in honestly dog at three hundred three hundred channels lane was three hundred channels. I only watch maybe ten. Telling you direct TV. And then when you wanna. At a premium. It'll be benign ninety nine a month. Instead of what you paying forget all that a lot of people that live might play. In the meantime, just James on the vibe us needs a go fund me account. Anyway. Do that on your own Twitter? Okay. All right, please. That's it. What I today is been good and good y'all keep the Jews five and keep going keep it flowing y'all keep him flowing and keeping five we'll catch our next time out keeping your head above what? Dizzy drama point. You. -ality pop. Good corporation rip off. Digital occasion. Good. A lucky we got. Good. It s it. Yeah.

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