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I'm earl woods. I'm Nigel poor and our beloved network. Radio Topa has just launched annual fundraiser. The one time of the year when we ask our loyal listeners owners to support your hustle by supporting the network that makes everything that we do on the show and this year our goal is to reach thirty. Five Thousand Radio Topi donor and if we do everybody Dicker Dicker pay. You'll get sick joke now right you gotTa Hustle Sticker We have some bomb ass listening as you know we definitely support our show through donations. Be It straight up. Money buying t shirts mugs or sticker packs to help us navigate through the challenges we face producing this podcast ear hustle. Yeah and radio. Topa is a network that gives producers the resources to dream big and we know how big dream can be. Oh definitely because when radio topiary held their first podcast competition against all odds we were able to enter we dream beak. Ah We one big. The Radio Tokyo network came together and launched us into outer space. Got and remember at the end of season. One what we said to each other and I'm GonNa to cry again. The reality is bigger than a jury and it still is. Thank you Radio Topa so my a question to you now. If you can make your dream podcast show for ear hustle listeners. What would it be OK? Well first let me say this. We are already doing it because your house is my dream but if I could make another dream podcast we definitely involve this Hoda. The what is this shit can call on my beautiful treasures here. Shit okay. You know I love things that are left behind and this is my collection of stuff that I've found in the San Parking lot so let me just say what's here. So one. Is this huge collection of Bra under wires. Here's a little drying That a kid made We've got a notebook that probably belonged to a CEO. That's been all weathered and it. Looks like a little nest Here's a baby spoon. You know there's gotTa be a story behind bright red lipstick right And here is a ruler. It says Tuberculin Queue Line Skin test ruler. All I know is that everything found in the parking lot has to have something to do with San Quentin so for example. I would take this. WHO's tuberculosis skin test ruler and I would go talk to one of the nurses about? When was the last time they saw someone with TB looking at you like he's supposed to have gloves on hold and then I would take up this old glove? That's been run over a thousand times completely flat and I've tried to put my hand into that and I know you're interested in the BRA under wires different sizes. Yes they go from. I think they go from a to a triple asked half. Maybe women literally be mad because they you know they go through the metal detector and they're told they've got a take metal out they brush so. I assume they go back to the the parking lot in frustration. They rip it out of their Bra and throw it on the ground. Well my mother used to always complain about this to tear my expensive as bro to come in here you see you see right there. That's right start my story with your Mama. Okay what about you. What would you do? Well my dream would be. I was got a graveyard not too long ago and I saw people that were there and they had like cheers out there. Just sit there with people right and it just made me think like what's the story about the person as a grant. That's what I would like to hear so you'd go up to those people and ask him axiom for gang of people that new person interview interview everybody about the person that idea indie there would definitely be hundreds of stories to tell definitely hundreds says. Oh my gosh you are right. There are so many many stories out there and so many ways to tell the stories radio. Tokyo supports creators. Who Keep Dreaming Up new ways to tell stories so listeners? Are you Radio Talpiot forever notch. Why don't you tell them why they should be with radio tovia forever? Well Radio Topi bring stories that you just can't stop thinking about and doesn't your hustle. We'll bring you stories that just stick with you. Don't they make a lasting impression. Well now we're asking you to make a lasting impression on US using twenty dollars. Houston seven one dollars thirty dollars and you in two thousand dollars. Your monthly donations help us produce stories. That make you do the ugly cry for uh-huh contemplate on deep profound real life shit. Exactly what I've seen comments on instagram. Say That we should are stories by Kleenex. DISAPPEARED SBA disclaimer. You Need Kleenex but are awesome. Make people laugh definitely definitely we some funny cats so if you want to support that work that makes you cry. Ugly Laugh hard. What can you do tune into ear hustle? And guess what if you make a rea- current donation today in amount of seven dollars or more your name will be entered to win a ticket to Topaz where you can find yourself sitting at a dinner table with all your favorite radio Tokyo producers. Like me and Oldboy Bruce Willis and now it's time for you to make your mark head to Radio Topi Adot. FM to learn more and to donate. Now that's Radio Topi dot. FM You can donate at any level to help us reach our goal of thirty five. Thousand donors just go to Radio Tokyo Dot. FM to learn more and donate right now. That's Radio Toby Dot. FM Radio Tovia for everyone everywhere forever. Thanks so much radio

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