Sept. 20, 2018: Back In The Saddle


Uh-huh. Got to keep current current turn. Turn. Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one ten twenty thirty forty ten nine hundred seven six five four three two. And we're back. Thank you so much for all the tweets, the messages, the encouragement, the winner, you guys coming back messages in tweets. We appreciate all of them. Welcome to the second season of thirty one thoughts. The podcast brought to you by the all new two thousand eighteen GMC Sierra Denali Elliott's beardless one. Let's begin this year's podcast by sort of doing what we finished up with last season thirty one teams and where they are at the school division. By division. We'll start in the Pacific, whereas Anaheim outright. Now. I think they're kind of trying to figure all that out. They've they've had a really interesting summer. Patrick eases back skating, Ryan Kesslers back skating, but they don't know when these guys are going to play. I thought Kessler Eric Stevens at a really good story about how they're trying to be honest with each other. But when he can play in when he can't and Ryan beyond with us, if he can't play, don't play. They've got what I understand is a really difficult behind the scenes contract negotiation with Nick Ritchie. I understand that the dachshund, the agency there, Newport that has not been an easy negotiation, and also the Jacobs silver bird sign is a UFA, always stealth, Selke trophy. And you know, that's an interesting one and they're trying to change their culture. They're trying to become faster that trying to change the way they do things. I liked the fact that they went after that. This is one of the teams I'm sitting there and I'm saying, Jeff, I don't know what to expect from these guys this year, but I'm looking forward to seeing what that is. Be someone new on d. whether it's Larsen, whether it's Patterson, like there's gonna be some newness back there, but there is though. Great. Thank you very much. As is they're starting netminding to me. The big questions around Anaheim is who's gonna score the goals, and to your previous point, is this team fast enough and you circle one player. When you ask those questions, where's Corey? Perry ad? I think they're all wondering that same thing too. I could see a real situation where if it doesn't work, this is Corey Perry's last year with the ducks interesting. There was one player last year, the draft that I was fascinated by and even loved him as a top ten guy. He didn't have going top ten Anaheim drafted him in the first nonetheless. And that was Isaac, Linda's from from Sweden, loved them, sort of Patrice Berge around late style player and at camp. This Texas someone from Anaheim. And I said, house lend us from doing Elry ju the response. He has been excellent. I would be dying to play on his line. If I was a winger quiet confidence funding, he's going to play this. Season, but Linda's from down the line, you're going to hear plenty of Anaheim it. Was that Bob Murray? No, that was not Bob. Was there any Carlisle? I am. You know what? Speaking of Randy Carlisle's this last year deal. I think it might be. I have to check, whereas Anaheim with Randy Carlyle. Okay. From the Anaheim, ducks the Pacific. Let's go to Arizona. Welcome in Alex called Chen yak. Welcome in Vinnie, stroz and welcome all ackman Larson his captain every year. I do thing. It's if I had any guts. I'd pick this team to win the Stanley Cup final or if I had any guts, I'd pick this team to make the playoffs and errors Ona's and grew be this year. Yeah, I think they're good. They can be Colorado slash New Jersey. I think they're good. I think there are a lot better. I mean, it all depends on if ranson Kemper can hold the fort down. Goaltending is everything. I like the moves they've made. I think they're better. You know, it's a really engine division. I think they're better. I think San Jose is really good. I think Vegas is still really good. I think Calgary is better. When you say interesting, do you mean jump ball because we don't know really, who's good or whose bad in that. Florida's thing who's good, I think San Jose really good. I think they are saying, like, you know, you're I go, I waffle on all the teams that Pacific, let's say, I think San Jose is really good. I think Calgary should be good, and I think Arizona is better than we give them credit for. And I know a lot of people are expecting Vegas a drop off. I think they're still really good. They lost Neil. They picked up ready Vegas and Stazzone. Yes, but I don't know what to make valet. I don't know what to make Anaheim. I don't know what to make of Edmonton, and we think Vancouver's not very good. So I see three or four teams this year and that division. Like if you said to me, you have to bet a thousand dollars on how these teams are going to do. Man. I would have no idea not a chance, not it's no, I d ah, I think. Arizona is a playoff team by there's a lot there that I don't know how much stock do you put in what we saw from Arizona. The end of the season last year they got the goaltending they got like it looked like a different team when the starter came back, is that the real Arizona or do you say to yourself? You know what? They're so far out of it. Anything they do is fool. Scold, Craig Simpson was always a big guy in that you'd be careful of teams who do well when they're done. And you know, when I used to cover not the NBA but major league baseball, that means back. That's right. When I used to cover a major league baseball, that was one thing. Even the organizations would say, you know, you come out and say, look, we went twenty two in September, and we've got to sell tickets because the rest of the year was so bad, but he doesn't really know behind the scenes like you gotta be careful about that. I just look at their roster. They're pretty deep. I think guilt Shenyang being at a Montreal. He should be alive better. I'm a big Clayton Keller guy. I know it's still early in his career, but does it feel to you because it kind of does to me like it's make break for Dolan Strom. I do agree with that. I think he's getting to a point Rouge guys show. He's an h. l. player not necessarily as a Centerman, but even as a winger he need to stick with the team this year, the big squad just someone I think they're better. But again, that division, I have no idea what that division is going to be like the same team. I wouldn't be surprised that they got seventy points or they got a hundred and ten points. Calgary one of those teams, let's go there out. Dougie Hamilton out Michael Furlan out Adam FOX in a Hannifin and who else came in Lynn home comes in and guys. Well, James, James, Neal. But I think as important as that is, I thought their third and fourth lines last year really got caved in times they look slow, especially as the season went on, I think Czarnecki and Derek Ryan or two guys like that. First game they played in China, and I know it could have been foggy because it was the middle of the night, but I really thought they made them look faster. And I think in that division you have to be fast to be successful and Bennett look good this morning, but you know, he looks like a fourth line guy right now in terms of where they're going to play them. So I'm curious to see where he's going to be. I think Calgary's should be a better team. I mean, Lindholm is going to be a big one and also Hannifin and I'm told that he felt he was angry that Carolina felt they weren't gonna pay him. It's got a bit of a chip on his shoulder. That's never a bad thing. Not that the two are green bananas, but you know what you're getting with Dougie Hamilton, I still maintain he's one of the top fifteen defenseman in the NHL and these surrendered that for no Hannifin. Which you still not sure about then home that you're still not one hundred percent sure about. Are you sure about those to do you know who those two are? Because we know Dougie Hamilton is the up handed Moy and by that they devalued me with the best pair in the entire NHL Dougie Hamilton and Mark. Sure. Dano is there enough coming back for certain to say, this was a good. Trail dog or you can't say for certain, but they're taking a gamble right in everything is again, but in in, here's the thing is I was at the coaches site coach's clinic in Toronto last summer. It was. I really loved it. I, I learned a lot there and Glenn gallatin was one of the speakers, and he said that the two best one timing defenseman in the NHL are Brent burns and Dougie Hamilton. That's a big weapon that Calgary is losing. So I just show, Jeff, I'm reading gridiron genius. That's the Michael Lombardi book about Bill Belichick and and I did a lot of reading this summer about what makes people successful organisations successful. And you know the number one thing that a lot of people talked about was culture. And in this book, Lombardi invalid talk a lot of culture and they say you don't get everything right. Like they said, we got a lot of things right and talks about Aaron Hernandez and how they obviously completely missed, whatever was going on there. Again, I am not blaming Dougie Hamilton for this. I am not going with this whole museum things. I don't think that was the issue here, but. Whatever happened in Calgary, there was something missing. They didn't have it, and I'm a big believer in it. I think for a team to be successful, you have to have it. You have to have a culture that pushes your whole to get better. I looked at Calgary, Jeff, and I said that is a team that is less than the sum of its parts, and I'm not saying Dougie Hamilton was the reason, but I think that they looked at the Duggan Freddie thing and they said, if we want to change, this is the player we can trade that will allow us to make a sizable enough change because the return will be good enough for him. Is it just a coincidence that perhaps Calgary lost which you're talking about it when Matthew truck got hurt, I do think that Matthew could Chuck brings it, and I think James Neal brings it to, and I admit I have never really been certain what to make of James Neal for a lot of his career. You know, he's a guy that he's unbelievably confident. Thirty player, but he's good like James Neal is good, and I wrote in thirty one thoughts last week. I chance to talk to Bill Belmar about him. And I said, you know, when you got to Vegas, you know who I was questioned. Who was a guy that you didn't know? You know, man, this guy's a real jerk and and then you met them and you're like, wow, like totally different. And he laughed. He said, like, I'm not a hockey nerd like most guys. So I had to Google of these guys and he said, you know, James Neal, like he carries himself like a superstar at the beginning. I didn't know what to make of him, but as we got better, his message was important. He was important, and I think that's what Calgary when I went to get is I think Calgary looked at their issues and said, we are missing something here and it's whatever you have that makes us. They were less than some of their parts and they went out guys not only make them better on the ice, but we're trying to make them bear in the sum of their parts are eight, their provincial rivals. They are the Edmonton Oilers. Who are pretty inactive during the off season and that raise a lot of eyebrows considering they didn't qualify for the playoffs with Connor make David resentments, and. You know, I think a lot of it's going to be Cam Talbot, you know, as you the Cam Talbot of two years ago as the Cam Talbot of this past year by think they're hoping for much more of column a I thought Darnell nurse really came on the, but there's a lot of guys, Talbot, cleft Bonn was thirteen goals. Two years ago he got hurt last year. Larsen was a top defensive pair and a really good playoff run two years ago. He was not the same guy last year, and then we found out what his dad's way on dry Seidel and I know dry Saidles points were good, but for the first half of the year, he was not the same guy because of the injury and you seem to these wasn't himself. I can understand why play with condoms gave it. Everybody wants sinema gave it, but anytime I talked to anybody had been, they'd say, Leon really wants to play with, but and that's where he is most comfortable and even mcdavid last year like that flew sucked the life out of earlier in the season that game against Dallas. Even though he was really good looking like death on the bench. I liked the Toby reader gamble. I think that is a good gamble to take even like the chase on gamble. I think that's a good gamble. I don't know. You know where he is at this point his career, but I think you know a guy who comes from Washington and kinda give himself some new blood last year. I like that. I actually, I don't know what to make these guys, Jeff. I really rods in special teams. We're in issues, specifically penalty. Killing he comes in is one of the best penalty killers. I like the fact that mcdavid saw how bad their power play light was last year and says, I got you. I got to become a better shooter. I gotta shoot more. I think even they think they are still missing something. Yeah, wingers it's whether maybe even d and maybe one more day. Yeah. Is the market out there for them? Was the market out there for them in the offseason? Well, they're tied to the cat. Obviously Pearson. I said they wanted to be non Carlson for a year, but he wasn't going there next batch ready. He wasn't signing an extension there. I just look at them and I say, I don't know. Here's a team that I see. I don't know about, although I'm sort of getting warm to the, I don't think they're going to be very good. I mean, that's just the bias have about players now that are getting deep into the thirties, the Los Angeles Kings and incomes, Leah Kovalchuk at thirty five last Cup, two thousand fourteen everybody. There is just one year older. Oh, I'm with you. There team wants to get faster and goal, which is not gonna, make them faster. Tell you the biggest concern I had this week was reading Jeff Carter's quotes his ankle about his ankle. He is hugely important to that teaser. And if he's worried about where his tendon is going to get to be, that's a concern for them. Like you heard Anaheim say, we have to change the way we play. And I think the kings are a team that has invested in changing the way they play hockey to over the last year. I think they have worked at that again. I, I wonder if they're going to be were Anaheim news year ago, realizing they're a step too slow. I mean, to fully has to be huge for Pearson has to be huge. I love follow. I really like him as a find in a guy that can play for them. You know, Petar has got the exact same thing, two seasons in a row. But you know, coach is going to be great. You know, Dow is going to be great. I'm just worried about, are they going to be fast enough? You know, it's gonna be great doubt. He's going to be great. You know, Jake Muslims gonna continue to be one of the more underrated defense. To a bad year, but you know, I can't imagine he didn't do everything to make sure that that wasn't going to happen again, Vegas these story of hockey last year. Maybe these story of sports last year. One hundred and nine points. Stanley Cup, final appearance, the lose Neil. They lose Peron, pick a patch ready. They pick up staff knee, whereas Vegas out and going to get to in a second. I think the thing about Vegas it's really interesting is, is that they had it last year. They had that special thing that we talked about earlier about Calgary, they had it now. Is it for them a high shooting percentage? Well, I mean, it's all part of that, but they had a special group. They played for each other ship on your show, and also you know what happened opening night the way they rallied around like they had it, they had it. They've tinkered with that this year. Like I can't imagine that what they gave patch ready was much different than they were willing to give James Neal, but James Neal was. Isn't willing to take something close to that. I do believe the difference between Vegas and Calgary was that fifth year Vegas was not willing to go to five years. So James Neal decides to go there having a contract battle with Shaef the door right now as we record this, they tinkered a little bit with it. And does that change what they had that was so special? It's tough to come back with the identical team though. Like there's two different philosophies. One, if any broke don't fix it. Come back the exact same crew. And then the other philosophy of Rosser composition is changed. Fifteen percent every season? Yep. Mandatory change, fifteen percent so it doesn't get stagnant. I don't know what the right answer is for Vegas because last year was such a freak. I just don't know. Yeah, and the top contract battle with Carlson to up that one's been going on for a while. You never know how player on a team are going to react to that. Does he understands just business? Does he take person. Really. I mean, there's all of these questions, but I think they are good. The some people say they're not gonna make the playoffs here. I find that hard to believe. I think they're going to make the playoffs this year, but I do wonder if it is still going to be there. I'll tell you something else. I think if Mark stone does hit the market, I think they're going to a big player for him. You know, long history him and Kelly mccrimon Nate Schmidt, twenty game suspension p. e. these by the way before we get into the specifics of this one, and I'm not casting aspersions on anybody, but you know, it would be refreshing and I wonder how it would go over just once and we'll just use nature as an example. Just once at, you know what? I would love for someone to say, I did it after getting caught or or part of that. But the reason for it, let's just say h mitt gets caught twenty games. PD's popped, come out, take responsibility for the, I did it because I will do whatever it takes to win a Stanley Cup. I wanna bring a Stanley Cup to Vegas so bad, and we were. So close. I will do anything to bring a Stanley Cup to this market. Would the reaction be if a player said that as their justification? I think a lot of people would imply I think, but I would think that the long answer would be in the short term. A lot of people to applaud it. I think a league would have no choice, but to ask for tougher drug testing. If a player said that. Do you find it bizarre that in a sport where there are seven hundred fifty of the best athletes in that sport, competing for millions and millions of dollars with a career difference between wearing your name on the back of your uniform and the front of your uniform. Is small is small that they've only caught a couple of players using to enhance their performance. My first thought is the best thing for drug testing for the NHL. We'd be catch twenty guys that would be the best instead of just Sean hill. I am a big believer that the cheaters are always ahead of the testers I'm with you. And you know, to be honest, if you really are a user and you know what you're doing and you probably have somebody that would, you know, you know, basically when you could be tested pretty much like you know that there's a certain amount of time that they can test you in the summer. We see the the book coming up this summer. I mean, give it to make sure you give it to the guys in the fourth innings. What's gone by the seven? Yeah, you can do that. And I believe that's one of the NHL arguments like they should make chemo instead. I was caught with trace amounts and seven parts per million, and that's nothing and absolutely it's nothing when I I said that I was like, you know, really like, that's what we're going over here. And buddy of mine to play. Devil's advocate says, he's a lawyer. He said, if I worked for the NHL I would say, well, that doesn't necessarily mean we're not coming to the end of getting out of your system. And that's probably with Nanteuil argued now, apparently nobody will confirm this, but Nate Smith argued that he ate contaminated meat. I think it was cow meat. I don't know again, nobody will confirm this, but nature mid argue that he ate contaminated meat, and that's how we got it. And I heard what the arbitrator said was, well, whatever's in your system is not natural. It's synthetic. And are there examples of where this has happened before? And I was told that whatever they provide as examples did not convince the arbitrator that that was enough to overturn the fact that this was in his system. Now the other issue and I do believe this is going to become a collective bargaining issue, Jeff? Is that in certain situations, I other testing. The amount that's in your system matters and the there are some tests that other leagues that Schmidt were to participate in where that number would not have all positive line. So I do believe you'll see the players association coming in, say, we want certain standards or thresholds that they don't have now. Now it's in or out. This was in a situation where it's an elevated level of doctrine drone, which is produced naturally in the body. This is something that is foreign to the body not naturally produced in, hey, you know, we caught you with these this toss Rome replacement therapy, and we caught you using estrogen blockers. Mcgivney on the blocker, assuming you're getting, you know to your t. injections. This is something foreign to your body that was in there. That's what I was told. And again, nobody will confirm it, but that's I was told my believe source. How does it hurt Vegas on the ice, not having h. He's a hell of a player. I mean, you know, after twenty games of rest, he's gonna come out. Like a fireball out of the chute when it comes to they're getting a free player after twenty game. Again, a free player after twenty games and his statement I thought was excellent. It was shocking to be informed that I tested positive for a microscopic amount of eighteenth substance. Not only did they not intentionally take a banned substance. I could not have received any performance enhancement benefit from the trace amount that inadvertently got into my system. This low amount was consistent with environmental contamination that I could not possibly have prevented. While I support having a strong performance enhancing substances program in place for our sports. It is difficult to accept this suspension. Adding quote, I will not accept being labeled a cheater, you know, he did everything. He can to argue it. And certainly, I believe public sentiment is on nature Smith side that he is saying that I didn't do this. I'm neither cheater, this is how it. Happened, you know, hor Cobb was another guy took all the responsibilities, so this is totally my fault. But as I said to someone, you know, why didn't you take his explanation? And they said to me for an arbitrator, it's law, it's black or it's white, and he couldn't get far enough into the white if you were an athlete. Yep. Few played in the NHL. Would you use? I would like to sit here and tell you right now that the answer is no, and I believe that if I was good enough to get there, I think the answer would be no, but I look at the concussion debate Jeff, and people say, oh, if I had a concussion, I wouldn't play and on. I am not like that. Like I looked at James Nealon evangelist year when he refused to go off the bench. And I have always said that if that was me and I really thought I could play and I was in game five of the Stanley of final we're about to lose. I'm not going anywhere. I'm saying nobody is getting me. Off that bench. You will have to take me off that bench industry jacket at gunpoint. Like if it was something that really mattered to me. Then you're not getting me out of there. So I'm not going to tell you that I will always do the right thing. Like I had a friend who was really close with a guy who was a fringe major league baseball player and he couldn't make it. This was the heyday of the steroid era, and he started using and he got in for a couple of years. And he said it was the hardest decision I ever had to make that didn't involve my family because I was going from a clean player to a cheater, and he said it got me two years of major league baseball who said to me, it was worth it. He said, the hardest thing was looking people in the eye who he knew wasn't using. And I agree with that. Like Jeff, if you and I were both fringe NHL hours and I got in because I use a new, you didn't. I would have trouble looking you in the eye, but it doesn't mean that I wouldn't do it. See I when the Nate Smith. Thing happened the Sean hell before that Sean, her cough, all of it. Anytime a an athlete gets pops. I always say to myself, what would I have done if that were me? And I'll tell you Elliott, if I were that close to making the NHL or even playing in the NHL and one of the keep my spot, I'd be a pharmacy. I know that for a fact about myself, I would probably do it and that's why don't cast aspersions on any of these guys get caught. I don't like to tell other people what to do, but I get Jeff, I totally get it at my understanding. Like, listen, I understand we trespassing top, look, I want to do anything. It takes they if that really is like, that's it. I'm working for contract after contract. I'm working for the Stanley Cup. I understand all that. And I understand that that Dr king get you to do other things to achieve that goal, which is why I never cast India's version than don't look at players. Oh, that's a black Mark on their career. I don't. I don't look at them that way at all. You know, especially Jeff, if you have a tough family situation like you have a hundred percent. First of all, if you're an athlete, there's a limited. Amount of time you're going to be able to make that money anyway. And Secondly, if you have a child or a loved one who needs extra care because of any medical situation or condition they have, I get it. I get it, but I would tell you, like again, the toughest thing for me would be to look in the eyes of someone who I know wasn't using was losing their job to me. That would be the hardest thing for me. Fair point. I would hate that. All right. We continue San Jose, Sharks, everybody. Thanks for taking the time for being here. I'll keep my comments brief because I think we'll do a name a little bit. So this is really the official welcoming of Eric and Melinda Carlson to to our organization, and we're excited to add them tour organization, but also to our community great player obviously. And it speaks for itself, but the work that both Mellon, Eric during the community and their former city is very much appreciated by us. Also, it's rare that this type of player comes available. We've talked to. Difference makers, and we're very fortunate to have a hockey team that Scott several difference makers on it. So I'm sitting here. Waiting for the q. and a. after that we'll get to. But most importantly, I officially get to do this. It's been a long week, and I know it's been probably emotional and tough with what Eric has gone through to to get to this point. But it is my pleasure now to introduce and presented jersey because I know he's gonna look great until to our newest member, Eric Carlson. I. On the west that we're really mad. They were angry Doug Wilson. He's a closer. He's a salesman. He's a great salesman. He gets them any keeps them he gets and then they stay. He knows he's got San Jose, right? He knows he's got San Jose. I can always remember, Craig reveal telling me in the story of going from San Jose to Montreal or Joe's San Jose, and he goes, okay, when does the media come in and Joe Thors that's him as thieves over there. So you go out there and you, you love it. I mean, it's a great place to live. It's expensive, but it's a great place to live screen for your family. Outdoors weather's beautiful. And to is that team like, I'm not surprised of Vander king would go out there and sign not only because they're offering forty, nine million because I mean, look at those guys that is a team that accepts people who are unafraid to be different. As long as you show up and you do the job, they will accept the. Fact that you're not a quote, unquote, typical hockey player, but Wilson's a salesman. He knows what he's got around him and he finds a way to do it. You know, the calm, the dentist when he gets you in the chair and starts talking trade with you. I've another gyms who tell me that the worst feeling in the NHL is when you've got only one team that trade with and that guy is Doug Wilson because you're not getting out of there alive. Like, you know, you're probably going to lose the deal because he can talk his players and make it sound like, boy, you're getting a hell of a prospect here, and everyone else going to say, what like, what are you doing? And that's what happened here. They're going to be outstanding. They're going to be really good. I understood when they pitched Taveras. They told him you're the piece where we are right now. We have to win because you know how much longer they're getting Thornton and pa- velvety healthy and at their best. So he told to Varas your the peace. From what I understand. And I'm sure they said the same thing to Carlson when he met with them. I think they know they're all in and they're going to go out and they're going to get somebody else at some point to maybe a center. They're all in it for this. It's their twenty fifth anniversary. They're hosting the all star game you watch. They're all in this year. I think the first team to be all in this year when you first heard who going the other way for Eric Carlson, where we initial thoughts balsers Norris and the picks and Chris Cherney. What went through your, did you make his Dallas right away? Or did you say. Downplaying. Tell me when you wanna talk about. 'cause I noticed some things you want to say about them. But honestly, Jeff, at the end, I was told there was nobody else as far as what San Jose had to give up to get Eric. Carl, first thing you do is you start asking people, okay. What do we got here in Norris and balsers to. The first thing I thought of is hang on. I'm looking for Tim o. Myers name here and I don't see it. I'm looking for hurdles name and I don't see it about twenty minutes before the trade broke. Somebody told me they heard Meyer was in it, and so I called around in a couple of people told me, don't go with that because he's ninety and I and that was my reaction to. I was like, whoa, there's no. Well, that's gotta be Hartl. Yeah. Like other GM's. When they hear the San Jose like it's got Myers, convenient and I'm like, it doesn't look like the hurdle. I go told it's not him either. Like what. My first reaction honestly was who are these guys in Norris and balsers and how good are they? But you know, you saw ends interview with David the other night and hockey Ville, and I thought peer door and actually explained it pretty well from the seat he was in. We all know when you get to a certain point and it's probably best for all parties to move on and for the benefit of this organization for the benefit of the rebuild for the succession of the rebuild. I think today we made the proper decision. I think Eric wanted to go to place where he was going to have a chance to win, and we acquired the. Quantity and quality pieces that will allow us to have a successful revolt. He had a player wasn't going to sign extension and he was trading a rental and I'm not surprised you're not getting team Almir or hurdle for rental. Now they sign him. Why not? Just wait until there's an injury. I really believe you don't want them in camp. I think the the owner made the call. It's just like what happened with Danny Heatley several years ago showed up a camp near like, this is the end of this. I had heard that Ottawa might have been worried about Carlson's ankle, but I was told that wasn't an issue. All right. We will get to Ottawa. Stay tuned folks. Don't worry may take us a while. Thank Hoover. Let's finish up there in the Pacific Vancouver Canucks is Patterson look, good. I know it's preseason games but well scored that goal against Winnipeg and the of the owner tweeting, hey, looks fantastic. And then he had that great move on Ryan Strom the other night a who's still spinning. I, it's interesting because they're trying them at Santa, right. And you know centers a big responsibility. But boy, you know, like this first couple of weeks is going great. For Vanco. Hoover and their fans are foaming at the mouth and their jars drubbing sir, drop the first two weeks better. Vancouver Cox Dolon looks good, but this is going to be a long season and you know he's going to have is challenges, but he can't start any bear. And you started for Vancouver. True. Okay. To the central Chicago Blackhawks. What are the big questions I guess going in is, what did they do to try to get back to the playoffs? Maybe the sidebar to that is, can they get back to the playoffs with this lineup and see, can they get back to this lineup with Corey Crawford? I think that's going to be really difficult. I think it's a victory for them that he is even on the ice now I'll be honest. I don't know what to make of it. You know, the one thing you have to do and I've learned this over the years is if he can't play and you want insurance to pick up the money and take it off your cap and shrimp. Pay the salary. You have to go through the process. You have to take your physical. You have to try to play. And in a worst case scenario, that's what's going on here that Corey Crawford has has to prove that he can't play. I'm sure he wants to give it another chance to make sure it could work. I just think that the attitude I've got kind of from Chicago is we really hope we can play. We just don't know if we can really count on it. You know, that puts you behind the ball right away. Patrick Kane looks great, taste look great. Those guys have worked at all in the summer canes malls look really good that. Yeah, they do to me. The biggest question is, you know, Duncan, Keith. I never liked to count Duncan, Keith. Get back was killing vital. Yeah, but can he get back there? I think Duncan, Keith, keeping a lot of ways their most important player isn't to be win, the Norris trophy. But if he's not at the top level, can you get there after. Crawford defensive huge issue looks like they're putting Keith back with Seabrook where there once was enormous success. You've talked about Corey, Crawford. What about up front? What about front and where the production is gonna come from? We know what Patrick Kane's gonna do have a pretty good idea of where nationals is going to be up to me on a big ones is which version of Jonathan tapes is coming up this year. Yes. Sawed to think, you know, Saud has to give them a lot. You know, this is an organization that has to restock a little bit. They've traded some of their talented young guys out. Now, I'm really curious to see it. Here's my question. What Chicago is. Is ownership getting impatient, all I was going to get to q. in Bowman, ears. Well, the thing is everybody knows their relationship isn't easy. You know, there have been questions one or the other. Both what I get the sensors from outside that this is an organization is really wrestling with what is our loyal to here, and they should have a lot of loyalty to those guys. They ended up fifty years Stanley Cup drought, and they've won three of them. But I do get the sense Jeff that they are starting to wrestle with that or are wrestling with that. How long are we going to be loyal to this? So what would be the first decision that would it be coach slash, general manager? Would it be player? Would it be fully already giants players from talking the big boys? Well, what you're gonna trade candidates's. Yeah. I know they're walkers, but I mean, if ownership looking down and saying, hey, we're not missing the playoffs again or and we need something big. The guy I wonder about is and this is why I wonder about him. The guy who whose salary you might be able to say to another team you can handle this is Keith's. Oh, for sure. You know, I don't know if he'd want to leave. I don't know if that's if they would even ask them. But I wonder if I was a decent team that needed a guy who could play d- for me and I don't even necessarily need them to be my best e. But what if he was like a second pair guy a number two, three, four d, and it really pains me gold. He's the guy who I'd be scouting this year. Victor Edsall is someone. I mean, we're talking to some players last year at the American Hockey League affiliate, and that was the player. They kept coming back to watch this guy. He's usually the next star of the Chicago Blackhawks meant acid. Deal with Nashville, just a fantastic player, and we'll see if a player like Henry cars, you ends up making the blue line Colorado. The two picks in the first round. One of them courtesy of the Ottawa Senators. They had the top line which is amongst the best in the NHL Elliott. And after that blank, I don't think you ever sit there and say, we want to take a step back, but I think they're one team that is prepared for the possibility of it because I think they really want to find out what they've got. I think they're looking at Kerr foot and they're looking at Joe's and they're saying, what do we really have in these two guys? I heard they were kind of kicking around Mark stone a little bit like them in Vegas, and I don't know if that's true, but the one thing I did here was that the kind of look at it like we really have to find out in addition in Nathan MacKinnon and the guys we've got, we've got to find out. We know we've got McCain and we know we've got Rantanen. We know we've got a bunch of guys here. We've got to find out what we got in these two guys, and I think that's what. They're going to do. And you know the other thing too is they could have a top player drop onto their lap next year from the Ottawa Senators. I think they're sitting there saying were a year away unless they suddenly go gangbusters and decide they really wanna do something. I think they're going to stand Pat and say, we really got to see what we have and one of these two guys, and I'll tell you this too. I've heard Tyson berry stuff because his name's been in and out here. It's totally quiet and Colorado's told everyone, you know, if you're come as a hockey deal because he's getting, he's got two years left and his deal maybe. But other than that, we feel no pressure to do anything like the flip grab our deal. I, that was a real. I think I agree with you. There was a real nice piece of business to, let's get the Dallas, the big one and what a way to announce it on Twitter, the taller Sagan deal what a great and the video catholicos. Fantastic. And so and safe. They are really current, could have done it with like a fortnight. I said, I'll give the old bit guys from the eighty. S? Thank you something here. Give us glaxy something over, repeat fall or whatever it was. Now on that same day, there is all sorts reports. Dallas was going to do two pieces of business and I for Carlson and do the Sagan deal. And I think there was a feeling in Dallas early that day that both those things we're going to happen. So tell me what you heard. So from what I've been able to sort of piece together is it looks like in a measure this against the San Jose package. It looked like Rupa Hinz. It look like Devin shore looked like Julius Hongda and guaranteed picks. So no contingencies on them. Now I heard the Dallas made an offer. I can't say, I heard what you heard, and I don't want anyone to think that this is me casting aspersions on what Jefferson, how dare you, because just got good sources. I heard the Dallas was in it. I heard Dallas and improve their offer. I heard Ottawa which was not at the traverse city tournament, watch Dallas games. They're pretty tight, and I. No, that hints had an unbelievable tournament there. He was really good, and somebody told me that Ottawa had noticed. So that's a lot of circumstantial evidence that I think that you are definitely onto something. I was just told the end of the day, San Jose was the last team left standing. And the only thing I would say Jeff is if that was on the table, Hong Kong hints shore and guaranteed picks. Why did not go that route? Why did not? We'll go that way on. To me, it seems like a better deal, but again, but for shirt, but hang. What does the same time you still dealing with green bananas? We suspect we know how good you know that Hongda maybe still a bit of a green banana in terms of where he is, but at least you have better knowledge you have more than Jerry. Yes, yes. But Hong is the kind of guy you're Ottawa. That's kind of you kind. You should be gambling on unless you're absolutely convinced that he can't play unless you look at it and you say, well, you know, at one hawker do we want Dylan to Mela. We'll take Damola. Do we want Devonshire or do we want Chris Cherney? We'll take Chris Cherney to me. It looks like if that was the Dallas deal does look better if that is indeed what the Dallas deal was every team values players differently? Yup. I don't know where you our Dallas this year. New coach, Tim Montgomery should add about what half a pack per game. Well, they're gonna play the bottom line. There's no question about that. I think they should be good. I'm pro Dallas. That's another team right now. Jeff, we talked about Calgary, not being the sum of their parts Dallas that's dowels to about by title. Andrea just signed today. Level deals saw that or imagine that would be one of the players if you're dealing with auto that they would have asked for, I believe there were two guys. They were told they couldn't have one was Landry and the other was highs near, and now they've got some guys. I think they really want to push the big guys like Dickinson. I just get the sense that they are not hundred percent happy with Jamie van one cents. I just think they feel that he's got more to give like back to Hart trophy Jamie van. I feel they feel that he should be there. Now, the hip thing I think is an issue in Ben has taken pains to shape his body better for Brij. I just get the sense that they're not hundred percent happy with him. What about spots? Him and hitch was a bad fit from day one? Yes. If anybody can get the most out of Jason spicy thing, it'd be like, Jim Montgomery, let them play out. I got a lot of time for Jason spats just as a person. I have an awful lot of time for him, and I hope it goes well for him. One of the players beginning of you who's going to be that breakthrough player who's gonna be that surprise players sort of flown into the radar a little bit. We just waiting to pop. I wonder, product facts that can be that guy loved him. Last year is a sneaky, celery candidate. I real good player. I guess it just depends like there's a lot of guys on that team when you offensive opportunity, right? Yeah, he just might not be in that spot yet. Minnesota where we have a lot of players with a lot of term on their contracts. I think you know if Bruce Boudreaux's never missed the playoffs, he might do the coaching job is career to get there this year. That was a lopsided first round series last year. Like they wanna game guy who made me a big fan was mad Ombu like I thought he was not heh. Healthy. I thought he played really hard. I liked that they're trying some interesting stuff, Greenway, but I know internally they were really disappointed with Nita rider with coil and with protein. You know, they tried to make trades this year package with some of those guys. It didn't work. I think that the the, the concern in Minnesota is that they looked at some guys. They thought we're going to be the big time core of their team for years to come. And now they're not sure that those guys are going to be guys, and that's a tough spot to be in very tough spot. Like I mentioned, the LA kings might be the most average team in the NHL unsure. If I said that about an hour ago when we started this part gas, I put Minnesota right there too. I going to think of teams that are just always curious about who the most average team is in any league and the to the jump out at me in the NHL has been the most average team right now l. a. in Minnesota, like throw k. the good you like. Tumba Alex burgeon, Jason Zuckerberg, their players that I like on them, they'll be like Devon, Dube Nick, but I have a hard time getting them up into that next level or taking him down that significant here and they play in the division of death that's hard and Saint Louis has got a ton better. Yup, that's hard Nashville. LS steel by the way, would you think of that one. Catholic. I remember I was a bit surprised that he's signed because I think he wanted to sign. I really thought the the no trade was going to be an issue there and they got it done. Look, they're phenomenal. They are a really, really good team there. A Stanley Cup contender. The biggest storyline this year is the sorrows become a number one goalie and buck. The trend of you have to be over six foot two to be a starting goaltender nature or his Rene, keep the job or the go and get someone else and can LA Tolkien and help score more goals. I mean, I'm not worried about them scoring goals. They can score legit, Stanley Cup contender. One of the best they have. I think they're all looking at their goaltending and saying, how is this going to sort itself out it the best team in the central Denver Winnipeg. It's the two of them. What about the Saint Louis blues? Let's get there and they were frisky in the off season on rhino Riley, comes in the app, some really outstanding young prospects as well. We talked a lot about the last season certainly towards the end where you out with Saint Louis right now, and it doesn't look good for the goaltending situation. Let's start there. You know, all the talk is about going out and getting O'Reilly and all the things they did like that to me when I watched them. I'm curious about all their kids. You know, we had Thomas last year on the podcast Thomasson Cairo fabric come out the fabric. I'm rooting for that guy. You know, I, I'm rooting for him. I want him to do well guys at the fight to get back. So when I when I see the excitement around the blues, I'd honestly think about in terms of what they traded for. It's what they've got Cummings. I think those guys are really talented guys, like I got the sense talking to people who dealt with the blues that they felt they just got stale and they had to try something different. And they. Sure are. But to me when I look at it as much as O'Reilly is going to excite them for the player, he is. I think that the true excitement is gonna come from the guys who are coming surprised. They've been able to hang onto them. I mean, what everyone comes looking for a trade from the Saint Louis Louis, what he always here while Robert Thomas who endured and Cairo. Well, I think that's just good management. Like, what are you going to give us? That's gonna make you get one of those guys? And is there a magic number for rookies for you for Saint Louis? No, I can't. Can you play both? Jordan Chiron Robert Thomason this line. Okay. L. flip it on your, why can't you? I mean, if you make the team, you make the team, but if you have Stanley Cup aspirations, both. Yeah, but I'm we're coming back from a year with Vegas where we had twenty guys and a team like that. None of them were, but these aren't first year players though. No, I understand that. But like again, I'm going to refer to this Bella check book. I'm reading and one of the things he talks about his Lombardi talks about is he can't fully addressing room, right? Like guys know who deserves to be on the team guys know who don't. Like in Seattle in the NFL. One of the things they talked about. The reason that Richard Sherman had to be traded in that that defense broke up is because they felt that they are protecting Russell Wilson that they weren't being honest with him about the mistakes he was making. You can't fool your dressing room. If Thomas and kyron all those guys deserve to be on the team, then you have to put them on the team. And if after eight ten games, it doesn't work, then you make your change. But I really believe you don't win as an organization, unless you say your players, the best players are going to be here. Playoff him? Yeah, I think so. Like I look at that division. I think Winnipeg in Nashville there in, let's get their Winnipeg Jets. They lose Paul staff need, Josh Morrissey comes in with a new deal. Blake Wheeler comes in on the new deal and still more is that the kids Cal Connor really good season last year quietly and Jack raw Slavic looks to have a position with somebody's asshole going Andrew cop. Yeah, came in looking, really good to look. I know everybody else in candidate. There's live in Toronto is sick of the Toronto Maple Leafs already. They've played one or two as we one is we do this too, is it's posted, and I know all of you are sick of the Maple. Leafs can't is best teams the jets. Again, they're legit. Like how many teams do you look at right now and say, they could win the Stanley Cup. One, two. Re. For five. Okay. So you five team and the jets are one like, yeah, they're on every like that's a Stanley Cup team. Yes. The jets in Nashville, they are Stanley Cup teams. I think they're going to be phenomenal. I think they are so good and they seem to be a team that's like, no matter what distractions are there. They play troupe has got that contract situation hanging over them. It hasn't stopped, and it's a lot of is own choice to hasn't stopped them from playing. You know, line is going to be gone for ten million. It's not stopping them from playing like Wheeler. Knew he wanted a new contract. Didn't stop him from playing. Buffalo didn't stop him from playing. I think those guys have a good approach to things with a quick. Now that Dougie Hamilton Berkshire down was the longer a pair, the best pair in the NHL Jones in Renske in Columbus or Trueba Morrissey in Winnipeg. This is not going to make me very popular in Canada, but I'll take Jones Princeton. All right. So that. The Western Conference, we'll take a pause. This is the thirty one thoughts podcast brought to you by the all new two thousand eighteen GMC Sierra. The Nollie east is next. Would a cough point burger the corner with Madan low fat cows accelerates this. Sweet. Us. Where the Shanahan we'll give him. And back. And can't tell bring his home for the Stanley Cup with ten seconds jerk with, let's players that the center seconds ago got over the line. That. To today. Hedrick, federal Henrik center is thirty six years old. For the second consecutive season. He's going to play in eighty two games. This will be his eighty. Second of this season and one thousand of milestone. Here's Eric frightening with a pocket straps. Here tonight Henrik will be standing his one thousand career, National Hockey League game. Oh, while wearing a wing wheel become just a seven player in franchise history by one thousand games that are every sweater joining Gordie Howe. Stephen, Alex Vecchio they. Kris, Draper, and Thomas home Trump will. The other big news of the day. The captain is calling it a career after one thousand eighty two h. l. games all wearing the winged wheel and exotic made the announcement today he is retiring. About the podcast, Geoff Merrick, Elliott Friedman before we get to the Eastern Conference, someone that we're all gonna miss around hockey, both on the ice and off it, whether he's holding stick or other as a a microphone in his face. Henrik Zetterberg joins thirty one thoughts podcast, Eric, thank you so much for doing this. And I think we'd all heard the whispers over the summer and but until can haul and came out and said, he's not gonna play in the NHL anymore. His NHL career is over. I think we are all sort of surprised and saddened. What was it like hearing that discussed publicly that you wouldn't be coming back to the h. l.. It was kind of surreal when it all came public should probably figure out, you know, I lived in for a little bit in all started in January last year when it kinda went south and you know, we took the decision just to play games and let me rest, no practice. And hopefully this summer would would make it better, but it kinda dented. But when it all came out there Friday all this -ly it kinda hit me and stored a sinking. I'm curious. You know when you were going through this in the summer and you add to make your file decision, who did you ask for advice who'd you talk to who went through the process with you to make the final decision. Well, last couple of years, all these spin up and down and you, you have people that that helps you your body that knows more about your body than than you do. And and so this Lee, you have discussions with them, you talk to to your family because they probably being they wanna stuff in cmih. Close to most? No one I'm gone through so, but also eventually when I went to see dog to commit any organ and and we kinda got it black or white again that that nothing really going to right way that's on the stood. Finally, that this was probably the only way to go. You mentioned all sort of sort of Ravel free back in January, whether any games Henrik that at the end, you got back to the dressing room and you sat down, you said yourself. I'm not sure I should have played that game. I think once you're you're in the game or right after game, you have stuff in you that that kinda makes you the better feeling better. So it's more so in the mornings when when you wake up or you know, going into came base, that's when you yourself that you're if you wanna play, not Henrik Daniel and Henrik sitting last year. They started telling guys during the season that their friends that it was going to be there last year. So some guys new and they kept it a secret. Did you tell anyone or anyone on the ice, say anything to you like Henrik? Is this going to be it. You know, I think the one that was closest to me the team and you know that I played play written laws, Nick Carmo and and we have a lot of discussions last year. You know, he is going through some struggles himself with his body. So I don't think it was that big a surprise for him. He knew it before Friday too. So. Even though last year when I went through that, I had a feeling this could be it. So there was if you place, I went through the year and kind of, you know, thanking they said it was on in play with him and they probably looked up me and one where I was doing. Who'd you tell curious like who are the guys you went to. I think it was always there's a few guys that he wanted to stick off and there was a few players to wanna stick in return, and you know some of those notes that, right. I think those guys probably knew that it could be Henrik not giving up here. I wanna know, did you want who wanted yourself? I'm not quitting. There. There's a, there's if you guys over for these play a lot of throughout the year and say this one of them all had a balance throughout the years and and let's play about I respect a lot and and one thing it's another one that obviously is outlasting me, but we replayed some some some good fights. You have to. I always thought that the greatest compliment that was ever given to you was so you guys win the Stanley Cup in two thousand eight. You beat Pittsburgh. Hackles Sydney Sanchez, the I. I don't know, condemn, I think is frustrated. So all of emotion and the game. So. Their frustration from along five, three that you were such a key component of shutting down? Yeah, it was. It was you'd for us, you know, they had a real opportunity tied up by rebel and that summer Sidney Crosby in his gym at home, puts up a picture of Henrik Zetterberg holding the Stanley Cup and uses that as motivation all summer. Like to me, that is the most awesome compliment. Yeah, sure if that's true, but. It is all these Lii and is pretty cool and something that you know probably will tell my my son when his old and my my kicks the future. You keep anything from that from that final game keepsake apart something from the game, think something from the from the Redwings pressing him anything. Not really. I I had a stick from that game. Actually, my dad has, but there's a few stuff that you you say throughout the years, but most in in safe and sound with my with my dad's. So keeps everything Mariko back to your first couple of years in the in the NHL thing with Detroit Redwings you walk into a Redwings dressing room and you sit down and you look around and it's your job must drop its Shanahan its hall. It's Larry on off. I mean Lidstrom. I mean, you go up and down that lineup and you're looking, you're saying, okay, hall of Famer hall of Famer hall of Famer hall of him. Who are the guys that. No, you looked up to who are the guys that helped you? Who are the ones that you pointed to in said, you know what? I became a better player because of this guy. Well, first of all, tell me in and lead and coming into that kind of team. Help me in a while. I don't think I could put it in words because there's so many guys and that were world class players and and. And the and the old the the older, so kind to me and something maybe to do with nNcholas and Thomas home semester, they were fell sweets, but there's so many guys there that got help me out. You know either whether you want to set next to him my my first year, obviously, Stevie nicks Christopher breath hall. Playing with him and Paulo. My my first couple of years for sure made it easier for me, but I learned a lot of things from most to circuit federal comes to mind for me right away. I remember talking with someone about Detroit Red Wings back in the heyday when you guys were top of the league every year, and we're talking about you and Pavel Datsyuk. This person made the point. He said, hey, listen, when your top offensive players are also your top defensive players. You don't lose a line matchup it's impossible. I think to myself, you know what? That's kind of Sergei Federov as well. Like how much did you look at a player like Federov and say, I wanna be like that guy. Well, I mean in the league and being European, and you know, having Sergei teammates is is pretty awesome. And things should just pick up where by sitting on the bench wants them or playing with them, I think play my first jelly game in him and Santa hansell. So, but when you're in that moment, you don't think about it. You're just, but looking back to, that's when you're realized how blessed I was with the team and say, have you know Henrik now when you look back and talk to you about, you know, the beginning and we actually little bit about last year. I always wonder you've seen everything. What was the thing that you look back at your career that may be surprised you the most or the thing that gave you the most lasting impression that when you think about your time in the NHL. So that's the big question. But I think that think that kinda stand out when you look back to everything to the people you met like the teammates that you've got the player she played against but still became your friend and and I think that's pretty special in, you know, lead even though you're playing against them, it's still your teammate and in some way, and just the last three or four days here. Amount of text messages or phone calls? I got this reminds me of that again. It it's especially in and you know, I'm so grateful to being a part of who made you a better player to play against. Who is that guy? He said, I hate playing against this guy, but he makes me a better player. Doctor, I think you know, like me impove came in. He came in one year before me thought we were kinda young guys, you know team and we clicked right away and watching him in gains. But also in practices how he played, how he still plays by the way. Just that two way. The two way play and I don't know how many hours we've been taking the puck from a charter plane to keep away after practice and stuff like that. So Thomas part of of my career, but he's so many hours to Draper, you know, faceoff stuff and how to play a, we'll say, dirty a nice way. It stuff that you're when you look back and you got it from someone because you told me how to play or or you learn from them by this, watching them play, who won more, keep away you or that Sukh follow by for. No, I have to go outside the box and play to win against. If we played, fair mentioned, I admire your honesty, you know, so is Roman, although stepped away, here's a GM Shanahan president Draper, assistant GM will be GM someday Cleary's. Now in the front office in Detroit, are you going to be to think GM someday. I don't know. I honestly, I don't know all this kind of fresh for me and the one thing that you miss out on playing professional hockey, it's your family and your friends. And that's my first one. I gotta focus on our and kinda step step away and enjoy my family, join my friends and, but I wouldn't be shocked if I'm if I'm backing hawking some kind of way eventually and you know, hockey dot me so much throughout my life. So I wouldn't be surprised if I'm backing hawking, some kind of is that a North America that being Sweden, who knows? It depends who wants me, I guess, but. You gotta start somewhere and and and see how it is and and then we'll go from there. It's your thoughts on Swedish Schalke in general right now, it's it's a different place than it was when you joined the NHL back in two thousand and two Rasma style lean just selected first overall, start with the Buffalo Sabres. He's been as advertised a phenomenal hockey player. What are your thoughts on where Swedish hockey is that right now? Two thousand eighteen. Well, it's in a good spot somehow would developing players that are that come over here and become a big part of teams. And and lately we got a lot of the fence men that that are that are playing really well or and it's gonna be good players here, and I think that I lost. You would like Nicholson, you know, when I was growing up, I looked force good in some being now could send, and I'm pretty sure a lot of the players. Young players looked up to two Lindstrom and and and kinda tried to mimic his game. And but I think we have a good system over there development, young kids on all different citizen and club. So it's a good outcome right now and hopefully will continue that Henry his last one for me, one of the things I really enjoyed the most about you is I knew if I walked up to your stall and I had a question I was gonna get an honest answer. It was going to be blunt, and it was going to be honest. Number one. Did anyone ever say to you Henrik shouldn't have said that or Wien. I think more hockey players need to be that way. Don't be afraid to say, what's on your mind? Do you think we'll get there? I think so. But. I think it also depending where you're in your career, but also in the end, I think you know the more on their side, the more correct pants and and even though we're in tough spot last couple of years, I I felt the more honest I could be the more will people understand and and maybe there's a few out there. I I regret will. But but, but in the heat of moment to you, say stuff sometimes that may be wrong, but most of the time I, you know, I, I don't regret much. What do you want people to say about you when they look back at your career but would make you the proudest what he wants them to say. Good team make. I think that's what I've Allieu a lot. You know, be there for the guys and I, I hope I've been looking for my teammates and hockey whites. I, I'm not sure. I said this before couple of days score probably wasn't the flashes player, but I was pretty decent all alone so that the way I got brought up in Sweden and play a two way game and you try your hardest and you were like to watch so much fun. Congratulations on a wonderful career. Congratulations on all the successes. Anything speak for everybody when we say, certainly respect, you know, go back and enjoy your family, but we love to see Henrik Zetterberg back in some capacity around hockey. We are poorer for your absence. Thank you so much for wonderful career, and thanks so much for doing the podcast today. Okay, thank you. Appreciate it. GMC Sierra Denali sets higher standard in a full-size pickup for purposeful technology and performance features like apple carplay keeps you connected to what matters most and an available. Four hundred twenty horsepower six point. Two liter engine gives you the power to take on any challenge lead the way like a pro with the GMC Sierra Denali GMC we are professional grade. All right. Welcome back to the podcast. Just put a final thought. We will still talk funny, but Henrik Zetterberg camin you just don't not talk about Henrik Zetterberg just because he's not around this season. Me's influence will be felt certainly within that Red Wings, locker room thoughts on hundreds. Edinburgh, remember forty me. Thirteen is gone. Five is gone. Now. Forty is not in the in the number of Hugh for Detroit's. All that Crosby thing is true. He did put up number even though I really did feel that way. You know what a great honor that somebody says, this is the guy. I've got a train all summer to beat, and then he did well the next year I think that's phenomenal. I mean, I remember years ago at hockey nights, we did a piece on hockey town and whether or not you know Detroit struggles and you know what was going on and stuff like that. And I remember Babcock was coaching them, and I said, do you your stars at avert in in that sue? Can is it. I Carol exactly what it says. Is it possible that fans just don't identify with them because they're not North American. And he said, I think that is such a crock fans identify with great players. And you know there was a time between two thousand two and two thousand eight. When people questioned whether or not the you could win was that are Bergen dads who kind of present and they prove you could do it no problem. And I love that story to told about chasing down sticks and trading sticks and pressure. We had to at the pull it out of, but I like the fact they talked about the guys who was hard to play against like foreign. I gotta assume one of them was chara to know. Another big one would have been as well in for it to come out of his mouth was Yevgeny Malkin Malkin. Good. Yeah, I liked how inland of his career I knew I could go to Massimo question was going to get a good answer. Yeah, he's a hall of Famer for sure. You know some guys in retirement, you know, live off the grid and that's it. You never see him again, boom, Kaiser associates gone. I just hope set a Briggs. Not that guy, and I get this suspicion that based on the comments that he made young and it takes some time in new family, but hockey's hockey and I can see myself which is interesting because this is a wide brush thought here. But generally when Swedish hockey players go, they don't really come back. Alfredsson came back, we'll Samson, but generally Swedish hockey players go back home in the state. You know, I can't see him being a guy all seek it out, put it that way. Like if it comes to come to him. Okay, let's get back to our. Where are they at conversation? We've moved the Eastern Conference. We were in the metropolitan we are in Carolina, or they now find themselves with Dougie Hamilton, Michael Furlan Adam, FOX courtesy of your Calgary Flames. Elliott's. The interesting thing here is I- Brindamour is really going to change the makeup. You know, he's a tough in your face challenge, you guy, you know, one of the reasons they targeted Furland in that Calgary trade is that they felt they were soft and they have to change attitude. You know, Brindamour certainly isn't that guy. Furlan certainly isn't that guy. But I do think there's still a little bit of a question that you know players agents everywhere on the league has you know what exactly is going on here and when you're a player, all you can do or should do is focused on what's in front of your face and how do you improve and how do you win games. But I do think they look at what happened with Skinner and what may happen with Falk in. I think they're still a little bit unsure of where they're going as an organization on youth, big on getting a little bit tougher as well. Also strong analytics pants, and you look at the game play, and this is true under Bill Peters. I don't see any reason why wouldn't be true under rod Brindamour number one. Shots on goal last season, and there was always the all look at Carolina. First period warm up the core sieges, you know, throw pucks, throw throw box, but that's Carolina's game. And I, I can't really see that changing much. No, I wouldn't do that changing much either Neil, their stats Tulsky Airtel ski smart. He's one of the best ones is one of the best. One of these I've really kinda knows also on social media is a lot of the stats guys really tear into each other quite a bit. Like there's a bit of a territorial battle over who stuff for the works in who stuff is complete. Hocus pocus snore. You saw that this summer where war debate? Yes. Yes. A real ugly vied that community. Curious about that? Like I've started knows it more like it starts thinly veiled shot and it becomes a not very thinly veiled shot. Now you can say all that is maybe aggressive, peer review, though, Elliott? Yes. Okay. Yes, just like universities, but the there's a lot of respect for Tulsky in. I would think that Carolina figure something out. I could see him being a guy who would figure out what might really matter from Carolina. Let's go to Columbus where a lot of ways this is about bread and this is about Bob. They could be the kingmaker bread Bob sandwich, bread, Bob sandwich trade there. Panara Nebraska. They could be kingmakers. They just as you mentioned the last cast we did and million years ago, they might just push all the chips in and say, we're going for it. There were guys who before training camp said to me, they don't think your mo- Carolina n- will wanna hold this. He'll just say we're getting rid of these guys. I haven't spoken to him. There's a sense that's changing. I think they're gonna go for it and see where they are. And that's what I would do if I was in their shoes, Iran, that team, I would go for it, and I would see where we are because I think they're good enough to win like they're on my list of five teams. Insincerity could win Stanley Cup, but I look at as being the next here is if like, why can't they be Washington? Why can't they be the team finally breaks through and goes, I think the two biggest questions I have about them is number one Pinera looks like, hey, I notice the big year for me. A gonna have a big year. I'll go get my money somewhere. I didn't like with LeBron's ski said. So you've told them what your plans are. They they know exactly what into what is a philos- them. Good. So you've told them what your plans are even beyond this current contract is going to fully well, they know my plus. Be any talked with them during the season? I don't like I won't talk. I don't like to play any games in mind games or stuff like that. So as I say, I feel to be fair to say early enough them what they wanted to do, how I going to do things and and just tell them. Tell them my point of view. You know, to me, it struck me as an always worry about a guy whose English is second language because you don't know. But he just struck me as a guy who was mad at them. He didn't show up for at least one meeting in the summer. He said in his opening scrum, he was mad that they suggested he maybe a sports psychologist. It just struck me as this guy is not coming here in the right frame of mind. So that would worry me a little bit. The second thing I would be concerned about an only they know this not us is what is the effect at all this has on their dressing room? Are there guys there who are signed or aren't in good position in saying like, seriously, what is going on here? I could sending Flaine ABI in that guy. I could see Felina San, hey, what's this? I could see a lot of guys. They're being like that. And my call is we go for. For it. And I'm saying all these guys, you might have different philosophies on where you're going. But right now the right path for all of you to get there is to win and we're good enough. We have a good team here. You know, markets Winberg said to me a couple of weeks ago at the at the league players, media tour in Sweden. It's not that bad. We keep losing to really good teams go and then sorted out later ever thought on the extensions office on John Twitter Ella at the way they did last time they extended everybody with a year to go. What I thought was most and I do agree with that. Generally those guys do a good job. I think that what's interesting is last time they gave us a term this this time I didn't. I thought that was fascinating. New Jersey Devils. Is this the same conversation. We just had about the Colorado Avalanche in them coming back down to earth little bit. They didn't do a lot this year they lost. John Moore was good player for them last year to me that says. Says they're looking at Taylor hall. They can sign him next July and they're saying, we're taking care of that business. I wanna worrying about everything else after that. You know, I agree. I think yet a great year last year there's nothing that says you can't have a great year this year, but I think it's still trying to find out. Okay. What are we really just for brats come in with about ten pounds a month. Lovey seen brat. No looks good, but I believe good. I mean, the guy who makes it the way he made it last years ago takes things very seriously up, but to me, it looks like we're doing with Taylor hall. I and everything else gonna fall into place every year. There's one player who comes in as a rookie recently drafted, and you say, well, he's taken to go back to junior or wherever and ends up staying for the nine or maybe plus I wonder if Thais myth can be that guy this year, the way skates given that blue line, I have a strong suspicion that ties myth starts year with the New Jersey Devils. I've only question does it as you get past nine? Well, you know? Yes. S. guy because I had heard that if Edmondson hadn't gotten chard ties was Smith was probably going to be there pick. So I'm curious about him. I'm curious to see it. The miles would thing to their doesn't. I mean record this at doesn't sound like gap is there. That's a weird one like ratio made it sound like they actually agree on some things, but not others, I get it. He's a big spark plug for them. Sure. As I just wonder, New York Islanders in eras. Okay, that conversation. But there is still a Matthew Barzel there. However, the entire hockey world is affecting the complete the Florida fallout from underneath the Allender this season. Do you see it or do you say they're not as bad as people say? I don't think there's bad as people say, but I think it's going to be tough for them because I think Lambeau I understand while Morello saying what he's saying, because everybody there is shell shocked and he's telling their. Fans were devastated. They lost them. What are we going to do that? He's trying to sell that. This isn't that bad. We only one round with them so I don't get offended that stuff. I, I know what he's doing accident of ours. Interesting is basically said the same tack. I haven't won anything. So none of that stuff bothers me. I just think that whole organization is so shell shocked. So stunned about what happened that it might be tough to get them going in the same direction, you know, to cover up for a lot of other people. He made a lot of other people look good. You know, other people, rich and made a lot of other people rich, and now he's not there. He's not the safety playing look in Montreal. They didn't realize the unintended consequences of trading peaky, sue ban that the guy who took all the heat for everybody else, silently gone too far Dennis to heat. But he did so much to make everybody better and it'll be as hell. Barzel handles that. I think he's really talented things are to be really good, but now the sudden he's going to be thrust into being. The guy, the number one guy new. I think, Robin, Leonard is now one of the more interesting stories in the NHL this year because he put himself out there. I do think that if I was to put money on it now and I'm not saying I'm gonna be right, but if I had to place in early season wager, I think that's the team that's all in for LeBron's. Sqi. The Allender? Yes. What do you think Leonard piece? I think it takes a lot of balls to put yourself out there. We've all heard about Leonard. I remember last year after someone called me after the the Detroit game and interesting we can't find him. Yes, he's, he's gone. Yes, we don't. We don't know, and there's always a who is guy, what's you all about? And now kind of all finally make sense. I think Leonard also had to know that you know he was coming to the end that his number of chances were over. I think one of the things are we like that piece was Jason Botterill following up with them throughout the summer to see doing okay, even. After buffalo made the decision they were gonna move on, I think Robin Lanner in some ways. He was saving his own career by saying, everybody's sitting here, wondering what's wrong with me, we'll now I can tell you and look, we all wanna play in the NHL. It's more important than your good husband and father, and you can't be a good husband and father, unless you're honest with yourself about what is causing all these problems. And I think if he finds peace at home, which it sounds like from that article getting towards the play will come Rangers even Quinn behind the bench, and it is rebuild time in the Big Apple, something that we haven't heard in quite some time. You know, I like they require, you know, one of the reasons I heard they went out in the guy mcquaid was because he thought they were really soft play against last year, especially in front of their net new. I betcha. Henry Lundquist like hearing that you remember what he was like at the end of the after they got the. Every last year, not case, but I give them credit because he was playing heart. He was trying to set a good example for the young kids getting fifty shots every night, and he played unreal. People hear me say that they're going to be tough. It's data mcquaid like you're a caveman. I still think there is room for intimidation and toughness in sports. Like I think a lot of sports being successful is can you gain a mental edge on someone else? Intimidation is a big part of that. I think when you're a rebuilding team, you have to establish that. You're not coming in here downtown Manhattan. Getting a good steak, two blocks away and kicking our butts the next night. Taking two points on, yes, like you got it set a tone that we are sending away. We're gonna play and we're gonna get better and you're gonna hate playing against us. I like that. Like, you know the Rangers made it so that he couldn't say no. But I like what he started with earlier this year now, can he reach the boots knavish is take them to the next level. That's the question, but I like what I'm hearing from so far. You know what I like a lot of the college coaches that have been hired. I alike. I spent some time with Jim Montgomery at the draft will like him. I'll like what I'm hearing about David Quinn as well. And although I was sort of skeptical about it, I I like Dave acts doll. Like long on the days of, okay. We try with Ned Harkness. College coaches don't work at the NHL level. Let's just stop. We talked with his last year little bit. Is that the next wave for a while it was higher the age, all guy. I think the NextWave is. Can you communicate? Can you get your milk together? The thing I liked what hack all Dave has the most last year is he had that city screaming for his head and he just never changed right through it. That's hard to do speaking of the Philadelphia Flyers. Yeah, let's get their look real good. There is a question about Wayne Simmons where he fits. Yup. In John Themis dyke last year comes front guy like Simmons's, right for years and years. They've looked for the goaltender they have it. We just don't know when he's going to be ready. And that's Carter heart. Yup. And then there's the question of the back end is well whereabout with with somebody told me also to that before they signed van rooms day, Philly. Tried to take a run it paren-. Sara yet and when that would have cost. Yeah. But obviously it didn't happen, right? Yeah, they were looking at it. I got a better chance of finding the nuclear codes than finding that from actual. But I'd heard that like that was one of the rumors going around that they looked at that him. I think this team is fascinating. I mean, I, I think they're doing it the right way. They're building up. You know, he's very patient, obviously, Hextall is that game six against Pittsburgh. Last year was wild. I mean, I really liked Correa. I love pro ver- of like water player. That guy is enormous when day. I mean, Goss spare didn't have as great a year last year, but I love Jrue like hacks challenge removed them drew at an MVP level year. He was third on my ballot, could sure you had a fantastic year. He agreed in Patrick looking real good, Noah. Patrick came on. On. I don't know if the put it altogether yet, but I think they're coming Philip Myers looks real good. Maybe crack the lineup this year. The goaltending could completely undo them. They may have the best one, but incarcerate it's always ready. Regulations, get a rush, anything. He'll start. It's hard. It's hard not to rush there, but I like their process. I don't know. Are they ready to win yet? I dunno fister penguins. They're bringing Jack Johnson. The one thing is I saw, you know, Crosby Malkin at the end in Chicago, the league players meeting in guys, look refreshed. I heard the story. We talked about this. This should have brought Pittsburgh end for this. The Cup banner, raising all I agree, you kidding? And I and I know what have been great now, I don't know that Washington asked for it or what. I don't know that I don't even like new frigging aggregate. Don't kill me on this, but the one thing I do know is that the league at least internally asked the question, should it be Pittsburgh? And they say it's not the right thing to do, and they put Boston there, but I will tell you this. They won't say it, but seeing Washington win the Cup last year. I think those guys were happy for Vatican they understand climbing the mountain and how great it feels, and but I think those guys were like. Yeah, it was washing. Listen. You talked about Sidney Crosby. Putting a fixture of entered set of in the wallet, is Jim how the Pittsburgh Penguins stand there on the blue line will the banner gets raised in Washington that I do think that the league kind of said, we're not doing that, but it's big tacky. I'll tell you this, you know, I think is a lot to prove their this year's perservered. I think Derek had a year where it didn't go well for them. I think Pittsburgh might have looked at, can we move this guy? But they didn't. And I think he's going to have a big year thought on castle. Lot of speculation, but him moving same old man. Like what great line. I rather for its kinda guy. He'll do anything. He'll do anything if you think it makes them better, he'll do anything mentioned the Washington Capitals. Get to them a couple of big Todd Weerden ends up taking over berry trots exits we, we talked about that on the last podcast, Tom Wilson, six contract thirty one million dollars. John Carlson eight times eight sixty four million dollars zero in bonus. By the way on that deal, the same Nashville didn't give a bonus. He can't jalopy questions. Are they going to be hung over literally like still on over? You know, I just think the thing is like that team. They went through so much to get there and it's rare. You see, everybody happened team won. I think, you know, that's probably what is happy as you can get in a competitive league to see a team win. I mean to me, the biggest question have is, are they going to be hungry. When they finally beat Pittsburgh last year with Backstrom out, they could smell it. Yeah, they knew it. They're like, were we could win. They shut out Tampa Bay back to back in game six and seven, you know, like I look at this is, do they have it like, are they still? Are they still going to be there satisfied? It's the rule of rocky staying there is harder than getting up. Can you do it again today? Lanta. Finish up in that division? The Boston Bruins in on Taveras on coal truck, true or false. True. Both. I think national Winnipeg are the two best teams in anyone division. I think this is probably the three, maybe four best teams than anyone division Boston, Tampa, Toronto. I liked Florida a lot. I think those four are the best four top four. Last three cups come from the metro. I can hear the screams right now. How can you say that guys last week ups come to metropolitan. I just think that you have Washington. You have pitched. Bergen. I do like Columbus as you heard me say, I think that fourth, it's here as you mentioned quite he goes the Rangers John More comes in. What are you questions about the Boston Bruins? I just think the biggest thing about them is health. You know, Burs Ron's, not starting the season, healthy chara Carlo got hurt last year mcevoy's a really talented guy gets them freak things that happened to him Rask being in his level Marsh, Aon, like, you know, control yourself, your an MVP level player, more lex. I just think that would damn. It always seems to be like stuff that you wouldn't normally predict freak injuries, health, stuff like that. But no, they've done a good job of filling from within. They've got a lot of good young players. Buffalo Sabres are fascinating squad check. Glenn was free season, but he looks fantastic so far, don't judge anything by the first one I get that, but I'll say the same thing of our asthma stallions looks fantastic. So far, some questions perhaps about production from Casey, middle stat, previous to turning pro, but. We'll see what happens there. Yeah, this is see. This is the term Murray. Buffalo Sabres almost seem as if they were built from that last generation of hockey generations too strong. That last, I don't know, fifteen years of hockey. It was a trying to build a big tough team, but one that was didn't have the premium on speed or quickness. It seems as if Buffalo's going the exact opposite direction under Jason Botterill that it is speed. You saw that with the Skinner deal. You saw them drafting Casey, middle stat ankle was of course already there. Rasma selling win the lottery. You get a, you get razzmatazz, but it seems as if they are going for speed speed speed as buffalo once and I can't argue with that speed causes problems and they've also been kind of a bit of applauding team. I think also it's it's a change in attitude and those guys that they got Skinner and the two guys from the two veterans civil and Berlin from Saint Louis. Those guys. Needed changes, and you'll Skinner's year wave of free agency a big year. He cashes in place a Jack tummy's not going to be signed the, I don't know. I mean, I don't know, and he's close to home, which will help him Markham. His dad who's Andrew was always at the games in Toronto. That'll be easy. Gets more games can close to. I do believe that they'll be better. I don't think they're a playoff team yet, but I do think they took a big step this summer. It was kinda Sheree theft. Well, it was to take on contracts, but I think Conor series a perfect complementary wing, absolutely like like him a lot, upper body injury there. So he's a question to start the season. I wonder if it's one of those, you know, I don't feel like playing in training, you know, you know, I'm not gonna sign my contract until physicals or diner like that. I my personal favorite move living on bell. They have. Two teams with multiple first-round PEX Colorado was one auto center back buffaloes are three got three firsts. So they still have some San Jose, San Jose, an Saint Louis own right Rozo and they have their own pack like their Buffalo's looking good with three from building up your Sam, Reinhart, Utah on Twitter earlier on today, breaking two years, three point, six av on that one on the on that latest one contracting. A lot of the buffalo guys fans thought it was gonna come in around four and another GM said they thought that was a little bit high that he was probably three point two, five. So that's probably good. That means everybody's happy and unhappy. You'll what. Know what you know, Sam Reinhart. That's buffalo zingy him. Yeah, we don't know. Going back to Edmonton is at Edmonton saying, we don't know about all new all. I don't think it was. We don't know about Darnell nurse, I wouldn't be surprised of nurse was happy to bridge deal too. I think in Edmonds in one of the things is they didn't wanna put secure on t. TI so they had to squeeze in pretty tight to Detroit's have challenges, and a lot of their challenges are on the blue line. I only the blue and we talked to Henry said a second ago and he referenced Nickless Krahn wall. This has got to be the last the last lap for Nicklaus crying walls. Well, starting over and bowsman comes on as an assistant, which should we read anything into that. I think that's gonna be there all the time, but I don't know. I think that Blache Bosma get along pretty well. And you hope that that's not. I remember last year one of my real tough moments last year was I had heard Blache was in trouble in if he was out, you know, who might go in there for them. And you'll Ken hall, and he was not thrilled at me for that one. He was like, no, Nope. I defend this guy and Ken hall and has been very loyal to Jeff Blasio. And I mean, I understand why every says it makes a lot of sense, but I kind of look at can homes a guy who's the way he talked about Blache hole there and not sure that he would do it with that much intent. By the way Detroit as tough, its ban that draft worked out really nicely for them. Are you kidding? I mean, the islanders DNA just draw. They're, they're liable. They were the two teams, the Allender Detroit Redwings didn't have the draft players just fell into their lap and then volcano later on Valente. I know they are really ecstatic, and that's the way to start. You know, I wanna say something about can all, because you know all the talk is coming again with is going home and where he's going to be in a year. I couple conversations with Holland in in one was about the blast was another one later in the year. And you know, I think it bothers him a lot about how some fans, wine amount. I think it means a lot to him to get a chance to restart. You know, Detroit was always hanging on hanging on affected their decisions. I think can't haul in feels that Detroit's been really good for him. He owes a lot to them. He's done a lot for them, but he really wants this chance to start this rebuild. And I think that it meant a lot. Him last year that that draft worked out as well as it did was great for the trend. You can say it was his it was his doing or wasn't his doing whatever it was. The thing is dropped in his lap, and he could have gone said, you know, we're taking a Senator d. because that was our plan. That's what we told. People know this guy. The door. We're, we're deviating from the plan. We're going with Florida Panthers. If there's a team that when I'm asked, who do you think could be stealth candidate to surprise? Vision, I go Florida Panthers because now you've out at my Kaufman to that mix and all of a sudden that tops six looks deadly. Yeah, they're really. They're really good team. There could approach to I, I'm a big tro check guy, just don't start badly. Stay healthy e. especially the guy in goal, the two guys goal, two guys and Jonathan Hubert. Oh, who's one of the sneaky? Yes, off lingers in the NHL. Absolutely. Love just stay healthy. One of the stories I was actually about Toronto was that you'll before they got virus in their internal meetings, they were people who were saying every time are d- if we don't get a Santer, we're not going to beat Florida next year. And then like Vars dropped on their lap and fall that problem. But I heard that that's one of the things they are really worried about was that. Before they got divorced when they when they knew that they were probably losing Bosak and whatever else was gonna happen. They were worried that their centered out was going to hurt them with the panther. I think they're good man. You look top three in the Atlantic and it's, you know, Tampa in Boston and Toronto. I mean, don't don't hesitate to throw Tampa into that mix. I think. Well, we haven't. We haven't gotten there elva bargain there. We're getting Montreal. I and you know the big story this, of course off season max patch, ready off the f. the Vegas Golden Knights. Yeah. Oh, it's a rebuild. And I mean, we'll go as far as price contain them and that will ever and price signed up. It's it's a huge superhuman task. You know, I think the one thing obviously is that you know, prices come determined and he's kinda got this weird way about him where if he has a bad year usually comes back with a great one. I think the biggest thing is, you know, we've talked about Ottawa and in the crisis of consumer confidence, they have their in their owner, Montreal, unfortunately, for them has that to a lesser degree and the owner about the general both GM. And I really don't like hitting people when they're down. I think everybody knows that right now. That fan base is just not buying into what they're selling is the same problem. That was what you make it a gold chain Domi deal from Montreal's point of view. Look, the toughest thing about playing in Montreal's. There's so many stories about what's going on around the player off the ice. You don't know what's true, right, right. You get sucked into that world like all you hear player this about player a and this about player beans here where they were last night or there with last night there. There's problems in the marriage or whatever, like you don't know what's true. The one thing I do believe is that by the end of last year, Chennai just looks spent. He needed a change the old max Domi needed to change too. I think you're looking at two guys. They're organizations weren't happy with them and they weren't happy in their organization. So you try your chance. I think max got the kind of personna handle playing in Montreal hell God, you and I think the gal chain you the chance. I just don't. The tough things are gonna find a center, and now they're talking about Domi being a center. That's a tough one for him. Looking just trade for put him at center in where I made a tough on drew. Now you're gonna take Domi. Their played centers can be tough on him to end people screaming at the podcast right now saying, well, they traded a center to AirAsia. I mean, part of the problem there was he was false started so many different Galchenko center in Arizona will give them the chance and they believe it is, but we're gonna find out. That's I see there's a lottery areas when the more fascinating teams for me to watch this year towards the end, I loved watching coyotes. And this year I'm gonna love watching cody's to Segal. China. I think they're gonna make the playoffs pick that could flop. But I, I like them. I think they're good team, Ottawa Senators and the video. I didn't know which video we're talking about the Melnyk wine of the Dory on one. We'll get the Dory in one with with you and David in a couple of seconds, the video with poor Viet ski, who I think by the way is an as an outstanding guy. You know, he's such a nice guy and I'm saying to myself and I'm watching craft hockey Ville and how many guys are giving it to him on the ice about the video. You know what? I didn't see a lot of it. You know, he ran over Cracknell right away to announce. You know, first of all, here's a guy who's a total long show. Just got himself a multi million dollar multi year deal. So it's hard not to respect that. Apparently they asked if he would do it and he said, fine to help the team guy. And I'm sure that there's a lot of that. The hometown pride and raises, I mean, they bring energy. I know. For a guy like meeting with hockey world a little bit older. You know, it gives me so much energy, and I'm excited to come to the ring when those guys are excited Kazaric, say, one hundred percent. I'm excited to hang out with them to play with them, and it goes one way. So you get excited because they're excited, gets me say, it's all our fans excited sponsors. So it's going to work out. I think we're looking forward to a great great coming year. I really think that the fans are going to be supportive. We got some great vans. These are great, great honky fans, great sponsors, and we just gotta give them the hope that we that they know that we know what we're doing, and that translates into the team knowing what they're doing and putting some wins together. I agree shooting for the Stanley Cup mill, les Dawson. All right, thanks very much. It goes to what we were talking about, Montreal. There's nothing Eugene Melnyk can do to make people believe in nothing. They just aren't going to buy what he's selling. So if you're working in the marketing department, despite the fact the owner saying, I have this great idea. I'm gonna throw in an Ottawa Senators jersey from ten years ago and sitting next to local boy Mark VIP and try to sell the rebuild to fans. There's nothing anyone that organization can do to stop him from doing. Gene, we'll do. I think that generally happens. I know that happened with Santer this and cherry on the ploughs a few years ago. I heard that someone had said to him, this is not gonna work, and he said, I don't care. I want to do it. I said that in a couple of places, I think it said on primetime with against on Tim and said, I did have people push back and say like, this was not one that you gene Melnik forced down our throats. There are people there who said that we had to do something. We knew the Carlson trade was coming, and we just figured that this was the thing to try and it didn't work. And you know, like now we have the Dory on interview from the other night here. What's the number one in your optimism about in terms of the Ottawa Senators? Eighteen you're out of point where. Nothing you can do will work. You can try whatever you want comes on and that pause because it's peer Dory on at this point in time it's viral. What did you think? So. The question and there is that I'm watching this. I'm like, whoa, uncomfortable started tweeting like nice. Look Friedman, like you're not buying what he's selling. You know what I was thinking was I was thinking that, okay, I better be ready to say something in case he can't say anything like David night talked about that later started going like we're both thinking, are we going to have to jump in here because of whatever reason. That's what I was thinking. I didn't like sitting there live. I didn't think anything of it, but be ready in case, you know, for whatever you say anything. But the moment it was over. I started getting tax about it and I was like, all right. And then in the first intermission people started sending me some of the stuff that was going on Twitter. And like I say, I don't like kicking people when they're down and they're at a point right now, the Ottawa Senators where nothing they can sell works. They just have to. Go through the process. You know what I think part of that is, I don't think you can start a rebuild until the draft is over. I, that story continues and we'll all season long. You could talk about the future. You don't have your first pick and it might be first overall, and I really felt that they should have done it and the story for that reason to like, if you're gonna treat Carlson, you know it, and also the story isn't a hangover you. We asked the question last night and there's no regrets at all it when you you're rebuilding a new, get it to build with a cornerstone piece like Grady Chuck, and we don't wanna put too much pressure on Amies only thanking years old. Yet two days ago, there's no hesitation Brady brings the whole package. There's no doubt that this organization keeping the pick and pick and Grady was an old, bring the trucks are are special. There's no question about that. Like, you know, they have raised a couple of pretty incredible kids in Matt and Brady. I just. Wish this had gone away for their sakes. It's every time they lose a game. It's gonna hang over them the whole organization? Yep. Nick normal rebuilds fans can be kind of okay with extended losing periods because there's a reward at the end, there's no reward at the end this year? No, there's more pain. Well, and that's why think like, I, I know they're going to try to sign stone and they're gonna try to sign Shane. I just wonder if it doesn't work to those become the players who get you first round picks. Now, the guys were trading for them this year going to be guys who probably won't have high first-round picks, but you try to accumulate as many as you can. You do need to probably have something seeking get up on the stage in Vancouver on the Friday night. I know they're looking the Trump's in London, but he can stay the year in auto. I asked during on that last night and you know, people were text me right away. They're like no chance. He's going back to Midland. A good question. Ask for the broadcast. I thought because we were right there, no chance Tampa. They tried for Eric, Carlson? Yup. Many were surprised that he didn't end up there, but you know, the big story was kind of a shocker that cropped. We knew that now that the price for the east was higher up, why should it be? I don't understand that now at all. I think you take your best deal with you. Okay. So not Eric Carlson, the Big Sur, those visor men stepping down, general manager, Angela breeze takes over. You know, I understand position if he took a five year deal be what fourteen years in Tampa away from his family fulltime like I get that. That's a lot to ask because daughters are getting older, I totally college. I, yeah, I think the youngest is nineteen the Owl's. Okay. Twenty four, I think so. I get that like because then it comes to a point where you know kids are like, you know, I don't wanna come to Tampa to you on the weekend, just rather hang out here and do my own thing. So I. I do understand is position. I gotta think the Jeff Vinik was soon there and saying sooner or later on somebody's coming for for Julian Bruce about whether it's Montreal or someone else, and all of a sudden you lose is when you lose Brazil on, you're like, what? So I think you said we can't lose both. I do think that was a factor. I'll tell you some. Now's since that all happened. You know, someone said to me, you do not understand how much losing game six in game. Seven. You'll rip through that organization to Washington last year in the eastern final. And I think there were a lot. I mean, you you, you keep going because you're, you're a heck of a team and you're built to give yourself chances. But I do think that there were a lot of disappointed people in the way they lost last year. I think it made. I don't know if it made them question who they were, how good they were, anything like that, but they didn't do anything about it though. I tried for Carlson, but it's not coming back with the same squad. It's fine as a good team. It's tough because you're sitting there and you're saying, we've got great players. What are you gonna do you're not getting rid of some of those guys, but they got shut. Out back to back to they lost one game three, nothing. They lost the other game for nothing. I think internally they were like, what? Just what just happened happen here. Jake Gotcha situation is interesting. One, twenty five pounds. The I mentioned this on Vancouver radio last night, and you know, I would just like to say that the other thing I said in that show is that. Sports, six fifty. The guy because I'm way too fat myself like I should be in much better shape. So I don't want anyone to think I'm thinking addict option. But from what I heard, it was extreme like it wasn't that he was just out of shape that he was extremely shake. When you got report, he was on waivers, I had two teams, Jeff, who texted me right away and said, what's going on here like we'd be interested in this guy what's happening. And so we reported that they were unhappy with his conditioning and then you know, Tampa wasn't calming. Man, harder is the day went on. Things started trickling in, and one team told me that was exactly what they had heard that. You know, he came in twenty five percent body fat, and other team told me they heard like he was forty, five pounds overweight. He's a big guy to begin with. So like forty five, forty five was a number of us to me. So what that says to me is even if that's not true, it's. In that direction like it was egregious thing, and I don't know if they're gonna win this. I think if you're the players those Asian, you have to grieve it you out, allow it. But I do think that we are dealing with something that is extremely out of the ordinary. It winks the philosophical question. Do you have to be in quote, unquote, good shape to play this game? Yeah. I mean, you can play if you can suit up, and if you can keep up and you can still maintain that level of in do it the way they played now Jeff, like I get it. But what if you can, I think there's always going to be outliers. Okay. There's always going to be people who can show up smoke two packs of cigarettes and go up there and score five goals. There's always gonna be that guy, but Jake Dodgson I think he's a player. I know he played sometimes on the first pairing, but he's not a top pairing guy. I get that. There's you're gonna take that from, hey, Victor, Hedman. The kind of guy shows up with, you know, twenty percent, body fat. Not that he ever would smoking cigarettes wants to go on the is say, okay, that's our north winner. We're gonna put up with that. But if I would've like kucherov shows up with a barrel or stamkos you're not doing that. And now the other thing too, is there something else that happened in the past and we don't know what that is, but I think the thing. We're all wondering here is, is this a cumulative thing? I don't know. I don't have the answers. I was just told it was a really agree GIS fail. And like some team said, they heard that they were talking about things up twenty five percent body, fat, navy, forty, five pounds overweight. I mean, God only knows what is true. And again, I wanna make fun of the guy 'cause I'm way too fat, but there's something here finish up with Ronnie police. Well, I mean Jonah virus and tax last night from body. At the end of the broadcast, I am sick of the Maple Leafs already like we've left them to laugh. People have dropped off the viscount team, but they are a target. They are the target this year. Everybody is sick of hearing about the Maple. Leafs isn't a mabley. Final season hasn't even started. This season hasn't even started hanging thought Pittsburgh in Washington. We're vicious. Like teams come after these guys. Like, you know, I asked as in Cain about what it's like to be the targets and antiques a good line. He says, like, you know, when when this happens like it's not about potentially more about what you do. I like to ours has been good about. He's saying, like, you know, hey, I wanna thing, but it's gonna be interesting. I think they're really good. I think they do have a chance. I think they wanna see what happens internally defensively before they go out and do anything. They're gonna get everyone's best this year. Do you because Tronto sports radio is all over the topic. You have a feeling on William Lander one way or another. I think the Maple Leafs to prepare that goes into the season that goes into the. I think they are preparing for it to go into the season. There's camp Neil enter. You know, I'll tell you this Louis gross. He's no shrinking violet and Michael Neale Lander is no string violent, I think the maple, he's preparing for the possibility that goes into the season. Maybe it doesn't by think they're prepared for finish up on this one next week. We'll do some more. Do some ask thirty one. We're long today hate to ended on the Downer topic, but all season long, how much you think will be hearing about reopening the there? I said it's going to happen. I do believe negotiations are going to start. Before the new year, and you have a feeling one way or another, whether it gets. That's it. I don't think the owners are gonna open it. Why would they. You know what I believe is the players are going to be with all the players. I do think that they're gonna ask them. What do you wanna win here? I was gonna say, do they have a, let's go home topic. I understand the girl upsets them in. I get it believe me if I didn't know what I was going to be making for the four quarters of the year one quarter of making. There's one quarter of making this one quarter that would bother me too. But in the grand scheme of things you're doing. Okay. I think what the players in the owner should both be saying we other is, are we doing the most possible girl the game? Hey, dogged about that last time. And I believe the question they should be asking each other's are we doing the most girl the game because the the only way it's going to get more successful as that. But I do believe we will see some negotiations. I would like to see it before the new year. Now I think about it, maybe not by, I do think it's going to happen sooner rather than later. They're one big story. You're most interested in like to me, I'm fascinated with the Columbus story in which. Way they go up and if it's well, you know what we have to get rid of these guys, what they end up getting preserve one for you around the NHL everywhere. Story. This is going to make everybody sick, but the biggest story in the to me is Vars in Toronto. I was born in Toronto, raising Toronto, live my life and try not the, you know, I'm not hugely fan, rebel Black Hawk fan to me. This is a huge story. Like it's your biggest market. It's a great player leaving in the prime of his career. It's a city starved for success. It's a huge story. Was it like in Lucan last night? I mean, even ask you that all they were. They were girls. People were great, and the I two is the before. The first game to virus likes the spot in the power play spun up to ours is the guy that moves like to me that says a lot. I loved it. You know, as to being the broadcast. All the people who listeners who live in smaller cities. Like, like I said, I've lived most of my life in Toronto. Thing I learned when I was working to hockey night is the farther you move out of the big city. Those are hockey's biggest fans and our most hardcore viewers. And it's important to take the game to them. The those games in Lucan. They're important because those people are appreciative and other fans and small town, say Sunday, that could be us that's a reward for them. I remember when Rinaldo came to North America, an exhibition tour, and he was playing like twenty minutes of games and looking at this going, you know, what's the big deal and soccer fans to me. He's here right. Like we don't get that. It's funny della mentioned this on teller Delo from ethic mentioned this on Twitter today. Said they considering what Elliot's just talking about here, considering how big it is and what it means to those communities. Why doesn't every single Canadian team do this every year? And they craft hockey Ville week in Calgary's playing somewhere just being should be in inch, be everywhere. Every NHL team. Every gel team should be as much as you possibly can. You should be going to a small town somewhere in your state or your province. All rights plenty. Where ideas to come in season. To thirty one thoughts. The podcast one I think are pretty a mill Delic. Thank hemming cetera bird for stopping by. Congratulations, that a wonderful career. It's going to suck not having him in the NHL is one of my favorite players to watch Elliot. I suspect you are the same. Yup. And we've got some big things coming up this year which we sort of wink app and not really talk about which involves video and perhaps YouTube as well. We might have to like drag racers across faces and. All right, thanks. Everyone who downloaded things. Everyone who listen, Evan, who is so patient while we enjoyed our season. But we are back like vertebrae thirty one thoughts. The podcast continue season to thank you so much for listening. We're back next week.

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