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Blue Jays Trivia Night !!!


So everybody now that you're finally jumping into Jaybird watching here on our live. I ever Fellas as far as twitter goes and I am here with my co hurts. My Normal Gang Brennan panic heart and then of course there fellas fun stuff. We got going on here. Tonight drinks goofing around Baseball Trivia. And there's actually some baseball to talk about for a minute along with the BRAC. Well look to me. This doesn't sound like anything different other than it's in video form as well as audio right. So but don't you feel cool to be live for a change? You know our our unfiltered and unedited. Which is funny enough. How we always record. See I don't know my anonymity is kind of gone right like you know you're gonna like yeah video here just a second. Yeah exactly but fellas ongoing. Yeah there you go. I'M GONNA have to start this off by hand in this off to Brennan car to talk bracket we had a Weiner and You know like is this. The initial reaction was a little bit more of a wider margin than I think. Any of US could have thought right when you got trump's donaldson especially with the early returns to because when we open that up everybody was saying how all this is tossed. Because how can you vote against the guy who won? Mvp But it was just below seventy five twenty five for Jose about winning it. And I I think the majority I think all three of US Know Adam you and I said that Donaldson because of the I thought it'd be closer. Like fifty five forty five or whatever this a little closer because often the MVP but as we said last week I think close got robbed in twenty eleven so he don't write rob's quote unquote. You're talking. The guy is a pillar of this franchise going against another pillar of this ranch. It's if you're talking about rushmore. Especially for the turn of the century here guys since the new millennium those two are definitely on that. It's not absolutely anything else is its nose to Roy. Halladay and Carlos Delgado probably right. What would you say all time all time? I think Martinez on that list. I Dunno if you're Josh Donaldson Zao edges out some of the Mars and whatnot. What do you want me? You want me to be. The he'll all right. Yeah I'll go first Mars. Definitely my number one. Alamar has to be number one I would put holiday. I would put Jose and I don't think that I would put Josh Donaldson like it's either. It's a tie between Steve and bell leading on leading. Yeah I think I only difference would be. I would I would choose. Steve Holiday the pitchers and then you got jose and Roberta while Murphy. Yeah Yeah it'd be mine and Honestly I'm kind of surprised that Dzhokhar did not make either of those lists for you guys. I think he's the fifth in my opinion if I had to put somebody on there just because the gut not only does he catch the game. Winning out in ninety two to close out the world series in the second guy ever in history to a world series. Walk off home run yes. Surprisingly that was not on the Trivia question and the other world series were already well I'll be MASERATI FOR THE PIRATES. Shot heard round the world. Yes it's the first and only time. The World Series has been one on non-american soil and the year before one. Yep so now we can say that there is another Sports League. That had a champion outlet. American play with Raptors. Yeah but they WANNA. They closed off the That's true did you go. Yeah so I mean Hey. I'll take it regardless. Yeah absolutely so epic proportions on this wonderful bracket that you put together. Brennan though and I'm GonNa give you props man. That was good place. That was a lot of twitter on that. We had with everybody. Lots of feedback especially on. This Josh Donaldson read Jose Bautisa just going to say what I thought was going to be. A Mash fast turned into little side dish. But I'm happy with it. I'm not sure I'm not shocked by the result. No I don't think I am either but I don't know about you guys but it felt like that was going on for months like after I kept on going and putting up new poles a new poll Mike. Only crap like it feels like it went on for two months. I think we started it either. At the very beginning of April or maybe even end of March it will like almost fourteen months ago L. It went on for a while. It got some good responses and there is a good amount of some of them some of the ones that especially the relievers side of the bracket that didn't get as much love as the some of the other ones but I think it was pretty representative. Move Way Bluejays fans feel or at least most of them so fellas. I guess we gotTa talk for a second about the fact that baseball actually does. Apparently the the door is not just creaked open anymore. Were starting to blow it. Open a little bit. But some of these weird tweets of Arab coming out about the rules atom thing. You sent me yesterday. I felt like I couldn't stop laughing. And Not GonNa lie was just so ridiculous. Why don't you lay it out so the MLB's proposal to bring back baseball? I WANNA get clear that from my understanding the players and or the players association have not said Yes to this. There is no affirmative yet. That's not to say that there will be this state that there won't be Negotiating trying to mull things out but the proposal. As far as I'm concerned Is a little impractical? You have things like no spitting The catcher is able to go out into the grass area. The infield to relate signs to the other members of the Infield Third Base Coach. First base coach has to be a safe distance. I don't even think they can approach the players. So they're going to have to do everything with with hand signs Which is not that big of a deal that they should be doing in any way they usually traditionally they do. But it's going to happen is I feel like it's GonNa be like the Walmart picture I saw earlier with people wearing really big fat inner tubes. Yes six feet from their bubble. You're not coming in this shit. Don't worry about these are creatures of habits right. These are these are professional athletes. That have been doing the same fucking thing since they were in high school or even before that literally. Great so you're gonNA tell a creature of habit that relies on routine relies on normality of day to day. Repetitions of like these habits. That baseball players have good or bad. Like spitting or whatever. And you're GONNA say you can't do it and what happens what happens if one player does it. I can see you try to police that what happens if you have eighteen players doing it at the same time. What are you GONNA do like? Are you just going to stop the game? It's GONNA pay us. It's to like one of those things where everybody walks up in center. Actually I'm the managers. Come out. I saw that Guy State will pay the for the game under protest on the field or mugging review of the guys play. What baseball player sped out was it. Was it some pharmacies or the bubble gum. A all of that. That's what they're going to have to do. They're going to say they're going to have to you not allow sunflower seeds tobacco and gum. Which again try telling that to a professional athlete Yes Marquez. The guy with like the fat chic always acid cheek. Pack when HE GONNA DO? I mean I'm sure you could get rid of it for a season and then come back with it but yeah it's It's so different than I don't know how you ape police or beat guys with gum that their entire life much it anymore looking Francona. He's always like popping double bubble in his mouth. Like and spitting out like five seconds later with new packs. It's not going to happen. It's not like I got. I got a buddy. Who's of Mac Cleveland Indian Fan and what Francona Desk? He will open up two or three double bubble. He'll chew it. Open it up. And then he'll pack it in the middle of it and just chew that. Why is that? Isn't that the thing that the idea the little big league giant Wad of shoe and he's got the gum in his mouth. He's kind of like coming out like stream like Spaghetti and he's up not just sticks it back in there anyway. So yeah so. Is there anything you two would like to get off your chest before we start doing trivia here? Now I kick anything. Let's touch on. Yeah did you WanNa touch on the Mike Trout thing that I mentioned yes? Let's touch on the Mike Trout name because as the other stuff goes this common so Mike. Trout had an interview. I obviously I want to say it was for. Espn if it was for F S One Saying you know not straight out saying that isn't WANNA play. I don't think the face of baseball would ever say that. But he's basically saying that he's in a precarious situation because his wife is pregnant and she's doing this summer and he's not going to miss the birth of his child. It's not a matter of what I have to go. No when I have to go see the birth of my child What then like in my quarantine from my team like am I risk bringing this like if if the members of the team or a symptomatic and we don't know that we have it in the day that we're not getting tested. What happens if I bring this into the hospital? What happens if I bring this into the delivery doctor or to my wife? That's having a baby or God forbid like weren't child him or herself late. These are things that are a legitimate issue and I. I think that when you have the face at baseball sort of laying this out. It's kind of like a kind of moment like Yeah you're Kinda ray rather than just like giving my fucking baseball. Yeah pause because we're hearing some of the blowback from other players speaking out on. Why the hell am I taking rescuing US and other players getting on other players and so on and so forth with it right so this is the name of all names. This is your Babe Ruth level player going. What Bach they guy that we wish was promoted. More by baseball is speaking out against her all. Yes Yeah it's it's insane and if anybody should be speaking out about it and if they do if he does have an opinion on it I would love to hear it and I'm glad that he is at least sharing this inconvenience at a minimum which all reality. I'd be rather upset. I'd I'm sorry my child is GONNA end up being way more priority than me stepping on baseball field right. Yeah Yeah yes very very good stuff. As far as the never ending controversy is GonNa go until we finally have all these ducks in a row for the Blue Jays and all the other teams to get back to wherever basically baseball games are going to occur. Gentlemen but yeah either. You got a closing comment on that. No no good to go. Let's have some fun. I'M GONNA see how bad I can stump you guys. I feel like I'll be stumped. A few times be all but at least multiple choice. I was able to multiple guests. Yeah thank you. I'm walking in like fantasy football. Thinking Win Win this motherfucker and I'm gonNA come in less so I'm GONNA share my wonderful presentation screen here because yes. I have too much time and I made a powerpoint warranties the creativity that is all that matters. Are you guys seeing my screen? I am unfortunately our twitter feed is not received my terrible star wars thing. That's Nice yes sir. Now we have Jaybird watching Trivia night so fellas. I got to make some fun. A top left is Brendan. I at the Buffalo Bisons game while we still remember things all right. I think the Blue Jay on the right hand picture accurately shows what we had going on during that. I did not have an after picture so I think that was what some will all going for chicken wings. Going for a swim at the hotel. Have you can drink from my hotel room and then going down to the Labatt Brew House. An over two seven one six to the game with multiple drinks then to what's that big bar with like before levels outside. Pearl Street brewery and then walk up to tip off street Pearl Street before we got. Yeah it all went downhill Pearl. Was THAT THAT. Kinda so fellas the rules that I got here for us. All the questions must be answered. You'RE GONNA write down on a piece of paper so if you do not have a piece of paper. I need the two of you to get a piece of paper or anybody. That is listening and for anybody. That is listening. This is going to be on our podcast this week. And I'll make sure I put the pictures of the slides up to and we're going to just let everybody submit their answers to the questions until the Sunday guys and we're going to see who we can. Crown Victoria and well. This were expecting a picture of your answer. Sheet the tiebreaker. This is my fun with everybody. This bar trek from around where I happen to live here in Rochester. New York that the winner. If you are the tied up with everybody the winner of everything will be for the tiebreakers will be the best blue jays. Themed Quarantine doodling that. You can put on the back of your answer sheet. It doesn't add tonight. That's why I'm my time but I want to see what kind of stupidity we can rack up so I'm going to you. Know have fun goofing around with. I'm just going to want us. You know on who the heck is actually the winner and is suing. We have a tiebreaker. But the couple of Trivia Nights. I've done outside of the podcast here for work. There's been ties at thirteen tight. There's only fifteen questions out so it's a little less but that's optimistic. If you think there is already on my phone like that I don't have a piece of paper that's fine. Just right down them here. I swear I'm not checking anything on. Yeah I'll keep my hands up great type. Meanwhile we all know what's going to happen when I get nothing but fifteen out of fifteen from all our listeners. I'M GONNA call bullshit just San people personal put some hard ones and then worst case scenario. Let's say somebody does get off fifteen? You'd better have fucking good drawing. It's blank right so you see the number one where I'm good to go right. Am I doing it right there? Yeah there we go okay number one up there as well. So we're going to do that. And they're all multiple choice. No falls winner gets to come on the show so I know you is if you win your IRA on his show. I'm not going to count you. But you get the Brag over whoever the hell the actual winner of our guests would be going is still know more than you are. At least I can draw her whichever. It comes down to Georgia. The drawing thing man come on it could just say quarantine suck. Oj's for all hey fancying. Pnc crypto lighter at lettering or something so and then like I said snap picture your answer. She said into the Blue Jays are are bluejays twitter at bird-watching g see and that'll be having to use that as your answer sheet everybody so send us those pictures. Send US those answers and we will go at it for that. As far as everything goes let's dive into it. Palace apparently advance so like I said I had to give Justin smoak something here because he was not in any of my trivia questions. Here's we'll be announced on this coming Sunday at seven o'clock and that's in case you didn't listen to us during our live broadcast here. So that's all it is. Make sure everything to at bird-watching juicy where we hope you're listening to anyway or at least keeping up with three of our terrible shenanigans. Question Number One fellas who was the first Blue Jays player to lead the American League in home runs George Bell. Jesse Barfield Lloyd Moesby or Fred mcgriff. And if you couldn't get an idea of when this was going on it happened a little while ago. Yeah that's like before I was born and his like Driver Eighty Five era when we were finally starting to get good. Yeah man alive during that everybody knew they were lives. I was born four five Goodyear Goodyear First Year. We were relevant moving right along on question number two which to bluejays were on base during Joe. Carter's walk off world series home run. You're picking two answers here. Said Roberto Alamar Ricky Henderson Devan White John Rude or Paul Molitor. Nobody's GonNa talk about my terrible stupid pictures. I take around the Rogers Centre wet wet. Was that taking out. It's pretty sparse. It was before the game and it was Ryan Baraki last actual start as a blue Jay. Oh really so. I guess it wasn't as last but it was last season. Dates are up there. I was at that last one too but this one says that must be Mitchell flight. Twenty twentieth and twenty second still upcoming home games next first off GIG Canadian Grill Down Dunedin. Hot Stuff Oh nice so question number three who is the first and only Blue Jay to throw a no hitter Jimmy key. Roger Clemens Pat Harrington Dave Steve or Ryan holiday. What if you guys in there? Who Came Close? That's Kinda trick. I'm trying to be addicted these questions. You're GonNa give me multiple choice. I make at least hard. Yeah plus this is like one of those things that even looking at these answers one after earning the millennium here first off check out the old logo that hot all wild. That was day one when Adam. I literally were doing this as a game cast hence the twitter handle for I guess that's a bonus trivia question at bird-watching c was originally the bird watching game cast their shit right. So anyways question number four before Eric. Hinchey in two thousand and three. Who was the only Blue Jay to win the rookie of the Year award was it? Al Freida Griffin Tony Fernandez Carlos Delgado Ernie Whitt or Danny Age age. I couldn't help me too my microphone all right matter. Yeah we'll get answers up down. We'll get this whole thing God. I would've thought you figure this out with all the podcast and you gotTa talk into the microphone. Not like thinking about Always here yeah. You know that little Kimble thing you have that microphone you get like a little leash. Attach it to your fast. You can move around wherever you want. That'd be awesome question number five guys. Ooh That's an shot lug nuts. It's a beautiful little ballpark guys. You get a chance. I highly recommend it. If you're in lansing or even around Michigan Anyway Michigan's only so big. They're all three hours each other. I drove two hours out of my way to go. So it's only an hour outside of Detroit if we're that far. Yeah it's not too bad so I was in wherever the heck they make Humvees where I was I forget the name of the fuck in town so is what it is but anyways. Who did Roberto his famous nineteen ninety-two Homerun off of the Steve? Kerr say Todd Van Poppel Dennis Eckersley Rick Dosage or Roger Smithburg. This was the good one I have. The bobble head of this Homerun is awesome. Legs all do you. Do you have the The player he hit off of. I'M NOT GONNA give it out his reaction bobblehead because that would make me very very happy if I had that right next to each other. Is this more or less. Kit from fricken Arrested Development Walking in the rain. I'll be really the recreate that and bobblehead version as right up there with some of the ones that the what is the If there was a minor league baseball season this year the Yankees Minor League affiliate was handing out trash can looking ones. That had an astros looking. Go ahead that's good stuff. Question number five in one thousand nine hundred eighty five the blue one their their first division for their wonder division for the first time. Who was the manager that led them to the pet with a seato? Gaston Bobby Matic gene. Tenace Bobby Cox Roy Hartsfield Adam Slam dunking that one in and I just want to make I wanNA make sure people know that I'm not cheating. Go hand up so this picture though. I gotTa tell this story because it's funny this. I went to Spring Training with my dad and it was right when I met my girlfriend and I now basically my stepdaughter right. I bought her that doll. There's a stuffed animal right. What I was dollar. It literally is maybe about the size of my microphone. Really tally that doesn't look like the actual blue jays mascot so she thinks I'm bringing this giant monster thing. Home Sodas my now wife I get home and go here you go. And it's like the size of a TIC TAC. She goes she's three years three years old whereas the rest of it. Good Times plus number seven. Who was the Blue Jays first? Twenty game winner Jack. Morris Jimmy key Ray Halladay Pankin or Wanda's man. I'm being honest the guest. It was one of those ones that all those guys at one twenty games. It's one of the one of them. Definitely one them yes. It is definitely one of them. I can promise that all right. You guys want to take a break to taverny terrible shenanigans. Please feel free to interrupt me. No no no. I'm good pictures. Yeah it's amazing what you can do our point these days. Yeah I know but see how you guys talk the engagement photo. That's the GEICO in Toronto. We went there to celebrate the game where Marco Estrada dominated the Yankees. That was a Sunday. That was the Sunday and that was driving. A perk of being only four. Three hours away here in Rochester. My like I said you gotta dislike fly here and then you can ride over the border with me So question number eight the trial. Bluejays walk pitchers won three consecutive cy young awards from nine hundred ninety six to nine nineteen ninety eight. Roger Clemens was to those who was the other one was at one. Guthman Pat Hentgen. Paul quantrill Chris Carpenter or album Escobar. I know who was them? Apply question and sure because I actually looked up the Rosser those three years. And they're all on it and maybe the way for it. It's a heck of a lot as Sabail there you would think we were the better from ninety six to ninety eight one. You got your names on their cruiser. A key might be as they might not have peaked when they were Blue Jays. The couple like Chris Carpenter not peaking right but was it the Chris Carpenter that was cardinal. All right in my wonderful collective tour of Minor League ballparks. This would be the wonderful ballpark Bluefield. This was my actual view from the press. Box hanging out with Zach. How so question number? Nine Manny Ramirez has the longest home run in Rogers head Rogers Center Slash Skydome of one hundred ninety one feet. Sorry I don't have that in metric by which Blue Jay has a home team home run of four hundred eighty three the Carlos Delgado Jose Canseco. Joe Carter Fred mcgriff or Jose Bautista. And Yes do not forget. Jose can SACO did have one of the longest home runs as an a and he was actually a Toronto Blue Jay as well A heck of an offensive season with him in the middle of allied. He was better than the frigates six spot by that point to skirt. Yeah that's scary very scary. That was the year we had Tony Battista so once again me hanging out in Dunedin. Because I'm cool like that all beer. Where's the beer man? That is a slightly picture. Just saying that is freely pre-marriage free this free that that is pretty much right out of college. I have some friends that live in the town eating and I got to go down there pretty regularly. So why should number ten? Who was the Blue Jays first player to win a batting title? And yes these guys are all current bluejays like top five batting averages per seasons ransom mullenix Carlos Delgado Tony Fernandez Paul Molitor Johnny Ola. Route that ball. Who ON THEIR KINDA CRAZY? It's an insane one good year. Yeah I remember when they used to rotate out. Color commentators they had ostler have rent. Mullenix from the third guy. I can't remember back in like five or six I absolutely aid and Rams Mullenix guy and now I hate Adler and funny enough. I liked them the most about them. Now the question is do you like pat toddler over Buck Martinez or pat toddler and Schulman or beard on any going on there where I wish they would just bring in some new blood best soleman as the color as sorry the commentator and buck as the color because that's a punctured. The guy the point where he's starting to go a little bit. I think yeah. I think he's got to go. See your ago okay. I almost made the trivia question of who who famously broke their leg. Tearing a double player was a triple play. I can't remember. The ball is thrown around home plate. And then you know after that the still guns guy out at third base after he got trucked breaks his Shin or something role. Zank see you stumping myself. A trivia them randomly asking in the midst of this no wrong with that question number eleven follows. Who was the first Blue Jay to steal fifty bases at a season demoss? Oh Garcia Onus Nixon Shannon Stewart Dave Collins or Raji Davis. If you like Raja Davis is one of those players that had like a tremendous amount of earned success after leaving like home. Run Game Seven. And we're GONNA win Razi crazy crazy clutch about. I'm just jumping around the room because I was just like. Oh my God. What is going on right here. I know period racy so but yeah as far as that. Kinda fun goes one of these guys stole fifty bases many times as career and one of them was many times is a blue Jay. Dick move she. I think I got it but I honestly a lot of these have been gases all these flat of all right like I said I couldn't make it too easy. I know. Well it's good some of these I. I'M NOT GONNA lie a lot of these. I didn't know I had educated guesses like I'm sure you guys are going toward and you know I. That's the per per being the hostess week or Trivia to me the Horner of all the information. Hey look guys oh. I love that hat. Voices has of those in I guess we're going to have the hook atom up. It's so nice. We're still seldom. I think they're actually discounted right now on the. Oh then I must buy there. You go absolutely. Here's discount it on all the minor leagues sites right. Now I've almost went abroad. Go nuts blue are not sites Shirts on their site really awesome aright which Blue Jays pitcher owns the single season record for wins at twenty two roger. Clemens Jack Morris Pat Hankins right holiday or days. The trend with these pitcher question. A lot of guys couldn't make it too easy. Go basically look at our career war for pitchers for single season even collectively right. Those five guys that are on every list and that was on vladi night. I think it was up to Sarah and met my someone's rocking a raptor. Sure right behind you Brennan. Oh Yeah Right. They may have been playing that night. Or maybe the very beginning of the here with Yeah it's a moral conundrum about the game with me. But you're like a and you can come up and I just remember. We went to bar in goofed around afterwards and Saas highlights released. I think that's what I remember. Yes a trend with our terrible slowdowns but apart that logo. Yeah I figured I'd rocked some of the old stuff there in this show off where we came from. That was my to start a public cash or anything. Yes I'd hand doodle this so to give you an idea if I can do this shit. You guys should be able to do a little something. I'm a terrible drawer. So no no no drawings no badge jewelry during well. That's what maybe just stick the sick. The marker in your kids you know indicted around a little bit. What happens so question number thirteen? This player has the highest single season war in Blue Jays history. Who is it Josh Donaldson Jose Bautista Roger Clemens Gianola rude or Devan White? I think it's Kinda crazy. That Josh Donaldson Accumulated Enough War. And the two three years that he actually was on. This list was pretty damn dominant. Was that mind you? This is single season to not collective right. We're almost there feeling hung over shock last by a it was a fun night. That was when I actually brought. My family. Had A bunch of Yankee fans and mets fans. Oddly enough with me during one random holiday weekend and that was me and my after the fact after you know the the inevitable sweep that happened because it was unfortunately guys. It was twenty seven when that happened. All I wouldn't God give me everything. Good Adler for free down at like three seconds. I am kind of upset that you can't see the shock on all in the back of it because that's what I did. Do it shot and I kept drinking. I just saw speaking I. This is the picture I sent to my wife that night and I was like this is my feeling so anyway. I won the gold glove every year from nineteen ninety one through nineteen ninety five and made one of the greatest catches in Blue Jays history. Who Am I Roberto? Alamar Tony Fernandez Divan white or Joe Carter. You don't have quite the beard to be doing that much. You know. Love the best beard right now. It's short guys. I trimmed up the lines this morning. The office morning. I had the straight razor. The the lineup maestro. Yeah I didn't even go that far. I literally just take the beard trimmer in his from the lines. It's Lucas double there. I'd do it once a week and by Friday. I'm like I don't even care. I really think that I just need to go. Full Adam Lind and get the just to go into the Monsour Fu Manchu looking thing. Laurie Johnson. Just do I was GONNA go full Koby Rashness with nothing the beer. Yeah WITH HOUSTON. Awfully Nice. I still think it's funny because he hasn't technically retired. You've been on this year and I'll be show as a free agent and that's still picture to some standing giant grin and a frigging emiss- looking great tires that will be a picture of Kobe. Rouse and all the it'll be the showed up so ready fellas. The dash off a great night now. Couldn't get any better especially the weird series of events that led to that crazy crazy funds stuff. I'll never forget watching that. I remember doing a flip and running around the neighborhood. Oh Yeah it was It was Thanksgiving here in Canada on Sunday. Or at least I get some Monday technically holiday but Hyundai weekend and I remember the communist feeling happy Canadian giving everybody. I'm like wow way to go because actually said happy. Canadian thanksgiving Harold Reynolds. Earn points back with that so anyways fellows to wrap up the fun with Trivia Question Number Fifteen Kelly. Gruber was the first blue. Jay hit the cycle. Kevin Busia was the latest to accomplish the WHO was the third an only other Blue Jay to the cycle. If you haven't noticed a trend with my answers as Frank Men Akito D'Amato Garcia Jeff. Brian Darren Fletcher. It wasn't a huge name. You don't say Frank Makino. I almost threw Kawasaki in there because I have no joke yet so hey I only put the letters I didn't like I didn't put the the name of the person all right cool. I did say a man for all the Blue Jay fans out there and Blue Jay land listening. I kept the answers for not only the lettering. I also cut the name. So however you want to submit your answers in your picture for him to our twitter account. I will make it happen. Good Trivia Greg O. Ally because this is the second time I've done this decent people give you going to be day. I fix stuff for a living so I guess that's how I have to make it work. So how do you want us to screen shot this and send it to you? Is that yeah? That's what I was thinking. Shot or you know. Take a seeing you guys take a picture of you know a piece of paper like I was assuming people would. I need some sort of answer sheet from everybody and if you want to. You're doodling in the next week or your you know tiebreaker piece. That is the piece that I'm assuming a few people with You know similar answers and if I get you know ten people that win with thirteen or something I gotTa have a way to divide it up or I'm going to have a lot of guests for the next few weeks guys. Well I I just sent my answer. She is the group chat that we have the two of us that works all right. We'll talk about it for a few seconds next week. I guess that's fine. All right cool I will do the same. Just don't forget like to send him to you. You have now put it all on me. I see absolutely and there. You go subtly texted it to me. Subtly passing the buck here. That's awesome Brendan only wants to share it with the text message room and you want to share with the teams. I said that both of you guys. I don't care so I'm GonNa put this suffer a minute just to let everybody sinking is we have had a few people in and out and honestly we had had a good amount of listeners. Sixty three people in and out so far this live show so all that a win up fined sixty four somebody else. I don't know how many people are live at the moment but it's been a pleasure having everybody here and I hope that you're all having a good time with Jay Trivia with us. Make sure you get us those pictures in the next week here or not from week. I guess five days you know make sure you get them in by seven o'clock five twenty four. Which is this coming Sunday Sorry I'M GONNA be drunk ship Monday for Memorial Day. Even if I'm in my house I'm going to do any work and happy. Everybody up in Canada too is that is the main listening ship to us. You would think but oddly enough as we've shared on the show there's somehow fifty percent of our listeners are Americans and it's skewed funny you would think. Hey we're a trouble days podcast. We'd have like this whole country. Be You know dealing with. Please share the wealth. Let us know what's going on so we can get more people. We don't have a chat with each and every one of you which is why we really do. More live shows worked pretty well. I like the Like the camera aspect of it. All three of us get to see each other. Yeah Number One. Yeah Hey I got to figure out how can be equal part of this whole conversation though. What do you mean Michel Species during the conversation here as the person that's sharing their screen from their computer? I get here on the bottom. Oh Yeah I know I know that's why you can probably see me looking down the imperative because I'm looking at how it look in the camera. Yeah I'll cool that I was able to put that window of US talking while we were doing the whatnot here and having a good time but apparently it's not as easy as I thought you know. Zoom does this whole wonderful thing where it does the same thing. So I'm not guessing at teams that shoe but anyway JAS fans. I hope you enjoyed your who Mr Panic car in you. Mr Corsair had a good time as well. No no no not at all geared to see what my answer would be but whatever power so we got a nice little forty five minute. Episode here follows Or anything you would like to Chit Chat about before or is there. Anything on our live tweets going on here. I have not seen. Oddly any questions coming back or any terrible feedback. I figured somebody will at least throw tomato or something at us through. No news is good news right. I mean like no complaints. That means everyone's happy. I hope everybody enjoyed themselves million people joining as we did. We did some really last minute advertising for this between last minute show prep on the Friday night and whatnot. I think this worked out really well fellas next thing and I guess we're GonNa have to figure out what we're doing next week job on me. I got to think of it. I was thinking something like I dunno like. I'm Su- between three of us. We've been to quite a few stadiums whether it's been major league discount rate your experience there. They'd be talk about the town of the city. Had been to just maybe recommend future road trips or fancy. Go on but we're not the. Mlb Guy did not going down any Annabi Parks. Yeah I think of something though because I'm kind of at a law for right now but I'll come up with something here by Thursday or Friday. What the potential topic or to five hundred Korea looks like your brother rather perplexed. What's going on? No I'm just like checking out the twitter feed dre and I'm it's kind of eerie to see all of US Bonnet while we're talking on this window is just kind of freaking me the fuck out. It's all so don't dislodge doing dumb mind jokes or anything where you're all of a sudden gone back. I'm here I'm with you guys. Just kind of freaking me out but now this is what I think we should do Video casts more often if people are into it and people are interacting. It's a good thing. Yeah and I think this is going to be fun. I hope we really start seeing a lot of As everybody listens to this podcast or we watch this live thing that we did like. I said I'm going to put out pictures of all the slides so everybody can chime in on the fricken twitter feed but like I said I need to see your answer. He's I don't WanNa see. I'm not filtering through all fifteen slides on. I put up looking for your specific answers. May Sheet. Whether is a screen capture like you guys did or an actual piece of paper. And he's hat some kind of a list fans and I think this is going to be a fun thing announced who did it and who won and have you on a new episode coming soon. We'll figure that out once we know your schedule with our schedule and all that kind of good stuff and sit and sending those said. I'm really curious to see how everybody's quarantine madness goes through a blue jay drying in what kind of weird John Sense. We'RE GONNA get out of that like I just. I feel like we're GonNa see pictures of ace fairly really drunk. pictures of East junior like stuck in a tire swing and stuff like that. Do you guys remember the the name of the female Mascot Bluejays Yussef now? I do not know all right here. So here's your head I know this because I bought it for my daughter If Ace is the guy think of cards Queen Diamond There you go see now. Here's my own. The only thing I kept thinking was because you know it's bluejays. Guy Is named Ace being a rock and roll enthusiasts part time too. I was thinking of freely really. We'll kiss so and just for the record not a huge kiss fan. I just think it's funny. Neither am I so no no stay there all right. Well we And this blue jays like we usually do that do you. I'm good let's GO J. Let's go blue Jay too many buttons to collect Blue Fans? If you have not heard Brennan Panic car I myself Craig Barnes John Jaybird watching and you WanNa start something on your own. You can join us right here on the anchor dot. Fm Family and jump right in with whatever podcasting pleasures you want with a wonderfully free platform and Brennan does get any better than that. It doesn't get any better than that Craig. What's explain a little bit more? You have creation tools the light record and edit your pockets right from your phone or computer. That's pretty damn good isn't it? Yeah now the the fact that it just goes right out to the Internet. All the wonderful podcasting pleasure places as far as spotify apple itunes and all that kind of good stuff. One Stop Shopping and then they're even helping us get wonderful. Podcasts sponsors Brandon how one-stop shopping right. It is and you know what you can make money from your podcast to by being able to go through and there is no minimum listenership. All you have to do is sign up for dot us and you can make money. We've made money. Why don't you want to make money too? Yeah so far as it goes. You're only call to action here folks if you want your own podcast makes you download the free anchor dot. Fm APP or go to Anchor Dot F. M. on your web browser and get started right today until then keep listening to Jaybird watching.

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