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In Latino rebels does Radio Latino rebels radio. Who here is Sunday January? Twelve twenty twenty. And you're listening to us on audio boom apple podcasts pitcher spotify Latino rebels DOT COM or wherever. You get your podcasts guys. I just had a phone conversation with Donny. Gut Call toll of the associated Associated Press. Donny got the peas Caribbean correspondent. She is basically what the Rico she does. Fantastic work. Latino rebels is an API member so we've been publishing shing a lot of Danika stories in the last year in places like what we go. Haiti the Bahamas but I wanted to get Donna. Gone the phone to talk about the earthquakes and Puerto Origo. So here is the phone conversation that I just had with Donga on Latino rebels radio. Hey Danika. Welcome to Latino rebels radio. Thank you so much. Thanks for taking times from all your reporting to talk to us. Thank you very much for having so We're talking on Sunday age. January twelfth is in local typical and o'clock eastern. As of right. Now I think What do we know how `bout What's his situation in terms of activity and and and and also about the people that are still displaced i? There's a lot of activity in terms of you know people on self driving southeast. She's caravans trump cars. You Know Churches Neighbors Burgers individual people and government officials all of them taking water food blankets ca to help those There's one in four thousand people in shelters across southwestern else whispered Rico so there's a lot of TV in terms of the short term. The big question is what's going to happen in the midterm and the long term Giving them more than four thousand people oh well not staying in their homes either because they're badly damaged collapse or simply fear out of returning home and having their home collapsed on them. The question is what's going to happen to these people where they're going to stay in the long term The public housing officials sense to that they have out just for people and that they've also moved nearly one hundred people bull in nursing homes up to the northern part of the island. But there's still a lot of need long-term need specifically They are sensitive. They're having a supply. Apply the food and water but the big question is housing as well as school There's a lot of inspectors hauling around schools government agencies punch show for their safety. But those that are found to be unsafe question is how soon can they find structures They've already delayed classes by two weeks and started classes classes like two weeks And then some clear what will happen to those students in pools that inspectors may have onstage so in your reporting being in talking to people. What's the general mood right now? But then our mood is a lot a lot of anxiety. remember the Rico and and is not that prone to earthquakes. Most of the quakes recorded everything. Years have occurred in the north and northwest part of the island and have been slightly. NFL elsewhere across three or so. There's a lot of people not used to the seismic activity. Even though we're in a region where there's a lot of seismic activity was Makina North American and Caribbean play. And she's just say island is being squeezed together. And this is constant release of energy that is unusual for this Part of the island so a lot of people are extremely fearful. They're terrified those who can afford to do so I've gone to the. US mainland on a temporary basis others. I have sought refuge with family and friends and other parts of the island away from the coastline and yet others have just taken fleas setting themselves up in public plazas and places just like some people were they just ten days In the public plazas pricing you know city officials who are not expecting that others have set up tents outside outside their homes on streets sidewalks and right now there's just a general feeling like sightsee. A lot of these people already went through hurricane money Many of them have lost their homes or the roofs just two years later. They're seeing the same type of damage even worse Because they say you know you can't anticipate there's so. They're not sure what's going to happen next. So you've been on this. I mean I know that When the first activity happened Around around December twenty eighth. And you're you know you're going Can you explain sort of how about because I think that's one of the things that I know people focused on what happened on three king saying on the seven spot. Was this feeling exotic happening. Students at twenty eight or I know there was. I know that your first story that we There wasn't a lot of like damage report as or but how is that sort of played out since the twentieth. Sure I mean it's exploded really Ever since I twenty East ground has been shaking and then with the latest wake which was five point. Nine nine magnitude which they say wasn't aftershocks from the six point four that really set people off in terms of they were sort of expecting aftershocks shopped. Keep diminishing and when the five point nine after shop chain and all of these have occurred at a relatively shallow levels so definitely still being Are I felt very strongly in the south. And that's what caused a lot of uncertainty. People were sort of expecting aftershocks and expecting them to decrease in frequency on CNN strength and then the five point nine one his and that sort of rate fears all over again and it's just that uncertainty of what's going to happen when and Especially when people are not used to these kind of events in that region It's just reading a lot of fear. Many people I've spoken with they that they talked to psychologists You you know some of them cry and psychologists having going door to door there. They've been visiting shelters. They've been playing music. They've been entertaining children. There's sort of trying to help how people get this off of their minds And it's just something that's sort of constant you know people are sitting you know sweeping trying to determine whether it's like shaking whether it's them in their mind you know making shaking off friends so you see a lot of a lot of fear that really wasn't person after hurricane mighty mighty out because like many other people I interviewed said we initiate that we prepare for it. We know what was going to happen. Once it was done it was done. You know I mean the aftermath was horrible but at least we knew that another storm wasn't coming and so the fact that another big earthquake could hit which is a very very small percentage that that might occur? It's still very present. People's might not know. A lot of people are also sharing a space photos. Photoshop pictures serves And that's raising here. And City officials on government. Officials are trying to battle this. They keep saying. Please show these pictures. Please follow official Information Asian and so it's the culture that sort of spread Not only thirty second right. And and what's the power situation as of that's Sunday at noon. I know I know there's report says but if I was saying about ninety seven percent But things have gone into now album with look. What have you been able to have? The power has come on pretty quickly for many people across island on thirty in the southwest. They're still being affected by these base. That you know have have said I'll outages but The fear is that even though people have power. There's there's no backup when I mean the the the plants that are operating right now are offering upper limits. They don't have a backup. It's not full capacity so so it's still remained stable and again I mean. The power grid is very much fragile from hurricane money out which destroyed much of the transmission and distribution so they haven't started strengthening the power where as a result the parking money up before the earthquake hit and now on top of that they have a lot of damage on the land. Which is the biggest against one that somebody's power plants inside of the service so severe Dimanche You know employees are not allowed back in as a result of life. I point nine aftershock So any little thing Could settle out of at this point and talk to me a little bit Because I know you've you brought up hurricane money a little bit you've covered perking. You've been on the island I mean. I think you're one of the reporters that are getting like literally leader. I know you've done work. You know covering eighty and other places in the Caribbean but talk to me about the difference. That feels to me that there is sort of a difference difference now because you know at the time was the entire island right in the mayors like communication issues Does it seem like at least the response by the government. The local government has been a little bit more of Noticeable or what. What's your take on the washed? Well I would say that. Many people agreed that the best and biggest response just Hurricane Maria and communities and nonprofit organizations. I mean these are neighbors booking for neighbors nonprofits responding and maybe the churches Going to shelters I was at one shelter in a church group right near the midnight and they brought coffee. They sandwiches long you know was ecstatic. She's like the meal finally coffee. You know so The community has responded again occurring as the first to respond You know federal officials have said that they're pleased with the way. The local government responded in contrast with her she. Yeah where he wasn't prepared didn't have enough suffice this around. They say it's been a seamless operation But again the at least in the beginning was a lot of NGOs a lot of churches Individuals Angels I have several Oneself chat groups and it's just me they were going down to one or two people where getting stuff together. Let's fight tenses by I and so it's just all these individual efforts you get you know the road when you're driving down caravans not only companies but just you know communities and churches Helping out so it's it's similar somebody in the sense that You know people helping other people at the beginning seen some there especially those in the mountainous town where there's not that much damage compared to South Rico. But they're still you know. Crossing the walls are still no power no water and places like hi Julia and doubtful. You know something so they didn't. They don't feel that the response from the local government has and what about the west side. I mean reports coming out of my yet lists and there was What what can what have you heard for? I've seen a reported on about anything from the western side of the island. There's not nearly as much in the western part of the island as a southwest Mesa nations. Like my story Gong. There's been some cracks reported but overall very little damage and a Lotta politics surrounding those animals. Normal stuff like that are saying you know she's come here. We have shelters. We have food. We have water there helping out there. Sending Emergency Rescue crews volunteers to help out shows that the most affected yeah and then The major disaster declaration was was announced by Governor Vasquez on Saturday. I believe it was what one hundred million an estimate about over a little bit around hundred ten million or in damages Have you got any word. I mean anyone talk awesome female I know you WANNA medial with him on Friday with me and others Is there any indication that that The federal government's GonNa be Declaring Lisa South. It's the decorations. Only the southbound at all but What can you share about that Sir if you come? Any indication declared natural disasters on everyone's kind of waiting some clear yet. Be Ema issued a statement saying that they receive. You know the declaration that Governor Wanted Alaska's thing And that's about it you know there's no word yet And many people people are resentful. You know that it's taking this song for her. Not only to sign up ratio but for president trump's comment You know since I reported before for what weighty about eighteen billion In federal funds for her. She might have occurred more than two years ago. So there's a whole you know these fun and even if they are going to quickly so and then I mean I have been on this like I said I mean how would you doing. I mean I hate to put the journalism there. Are you taking care of yourself. I mean because I worry about like my journalist colleagues who are out there around on the seems like you know you've if you've been you've been out putting so much in with But in terms of How do you get through this? I think she'd like why you but you know what I'm saying that I said you are even worse. If you're there you know and I just WanNa ask God sure I appreciate the question and You No it. I'm GonNa put the the answer more to the people. 'cause I mean you're listening job. You know it's really You know this is what we signed up for and our role you know is to To report on what's happening must not happening and Sh- to personally answer question. I mean what what helps me get through all of these other people. I mean it's amazing and this is a repeat of show off and but it's amazing how resilient you know what Are Not only for the reasons. But you know Reporting from natural disasters in the Bahamas and away by drink of people And and that's really I mean you know as a journalist Shorts very long hours very little free a lot of work. But you know you see people going through role. Based on their sense of humor does not appear their sense of Helping other people And just it really really amazes me. I mean it's been sort of one natural disaster disaster after another Korean for the past two years. Roughly and you know that doesn't mean I mean people's capacity for kindness You know for the ability to help others when they themselves are going through. You know the same thing or something worse That's that's really what what keeps me going and you know it may sound trite. But it's amazing to see that So many people affected so many people less you you know literally without their homes or lacking food or water worried about you know where the children going to school and and sort of. Put that aside and Gable to have that empathy with other people. They don't know and help them out. It's just It's really a fifty. You know sort of offense you know all the long hours and endlessly so my last question to you is what's wordings in terms of your coverage. What what are you gonna be looking at in the next couple of days? Obviously there's always the risk that you know. There could be another seismic event on Saturday. I'm sure you know I. It just happened right. I saw so you yesterday like in the morning. And then you're filing and you're getting more. Your birthday was yesterday is what's what's your what's in your mind as the journalists what what are you. What are you gonNA be looking in the next couple of days or even weeks out? I'm not sure we have an important story coming out on Monday Obviously I can't stay in the read read and I mean there's just so much to write about not right now You know swells all night politics. I've been doing a great job on anything man they say Jay Moyer You you know all of them and and the local reporters has won. I mean these people are not only referring the big story but their reporting you know those stories that they consider and local so Elbows paid off our Not Saying a lefty will I would look to them as well for stories but there's so many angles. I mean the the housing issue Where children going to go to school You know it's just he's GonNa set off on another based meal and what does that mean for the islands. I mean you know we're not there to your position There's still diamond I to recover from hurricane money so there's just so much to write about and report on and you know there's so many journalists locally and internationally that are doing this So it's just it's refreshing to see that you know this is still an important topic is still you know. Be viewed at the Bay Story. And they're still so again. A lot of unanswered questions. There's a lot of Discussion about whether the government will on federal whether the responses appropriate this around compared with Hurricane Mighty So a lot of stories to come in weeks and an upcoming months Danika. We're very proud to be a team member. Then we're very very proud to be publishing your work and your colleagues work I completely forgot that you cover the Bahamas as well and we we. We published short stories. I know you did a great job and Katie Eighty but also the palm is. Just thank you for doing. I mean you do such amazing work. I called you and adopted. I mean that's the bottom of my heart on sheer ESA. Ah You know what I mean. It's like it's just keep doing what you're doing because like I said there's a lot of people that respect an entire union in our circles but also in in our community two people have been Really appreciative of your reports. Especially that you've been filing and also have shut out here photo colleague juicy some ourself so does are just been just amazing so Thank you may are much. I appreciate the words I'm Carlos g gee also shoot videos well so he you know twenty four seven. Now he's amazing images guys are doing fantastic work and I would. Also we'll stay intouch. Thank you so much all right cal. I WanNa thank Donny again. For taking in time to give such a excellent summary an update. She's a pro very Accomplished journalist and I really appreciate it her time. follow her Danika Goto. Da An icy a CEO. Te'o on twitter also. We will continue to Publish her stories from Puerto Rico on Latino rebels dot com so be on the lookout for those stories guys. If you like what you heard please please rate and review US share this. We are part of Fudo Media Latino Rebels Radio Two thousand nineteen best multicultural podcasts nominee need from IHEART podcast awards It means a lot if you just share this podcast with friend. Who is not a fan who who wants to subscribe to us and subscribe to us but we really appreciate Danika again for her time and especial shoutout to Luis Luna associate producer of Latino rebels? herbals radio we will be back later this week with another episode of Latino Rebels Radio and like we always do. We always close out with La Blair and Manasseh thus Hooligan Lola. Let's rebels radio. We add to heal the take. No pleasure I love it Tom. uh-huh uh-huh Yeah Sir

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