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Live With David Benavidez and Jose Benavidez Sr., Whats Really Going On With Plant Unification


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That's Harrys Dot com code. Five thousand enjoy ACIDS INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES. The views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way. Those are the podcast partners. Sponsors or affiliates enjoy this is Michael Buffer and you're listening to the voice of the people. Let's get ready for boxing voice. Say Stay Hungry. Stay remain home. Would be three calm spore print. This here look one that you take dot com. Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to another edition of the box. Invoice radio I'm your host nested and joined alongside my co host. Michael the Boston Indiana Mario Monje in Corpus Christi Texas. And we're here to speak on live interview. We're going to conduct with they. David Benham Vitas and Jose Ben Evita senior father trainer and son combination. We'll discuss the recent fight that took place in that division of one hundred and sixty eight pounds Keller plant and fight them butts in his call out of Ben Evita's and see where exactly they are with this particular subject see. What's on the horizon for them? So we're going to be talking hundred sixty eight pound division with live guest. David Benham Vitas and his father trainer. Jose Been Evita's senior. Let me head on out to my co-host before I do. The number to call in one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one one time voice your opinion radio on the voice. That'd be wildland. Speak it believe it. Receives speak a believer received speaker believer receive at Nova speaking window? Come to feel candidate bands. Older cohere shot missed to. Stay with bread. One on local win the building on. Let me check my instagram. I might be at a meeting Tom. Yo Yo Yo yo Yo. What a. What a big ups. Everybody Universe we back again with another one. David Bella Vida is one of my favorite guys that went sixty eight and big up to him and he gave me one of my first interviews couple years back so. I'm excited to talk to him. I think he's the best at one sixty. I'm no I probably have the detractors when I say that but he definitely looks good now he put the polls on Anthony Derailing looking forward to see him fighting some. I don't know who's going to because it was year them Dan. He pulled out with injury. Then Caleb true ex he put out injury so we all know who's going to be fighting but hopefully he can give us insight to that. Mark mcghee was going on. Man. Yes I definitely wouldn't disagree with you. That he's the best I I mean I. I don't know if I necessarily have my list but I definitely could see him as the best but That whole family is just super talented And Super Ingrained in the boxing and the boxing culture You know his brother was a blue chip. Prospect of the father was a standout amateur if I'm not mistaken Maybe he's just a fighter and now he's a really good trainer so Definitely interested to talk to him definitely interested to see what's going on. What's on the horizon? It's always fun when he fights plus man this guy he's got he knows it. You know he shows up looking like rick. Ross in two thousand and forty two in like eight gets it dude. He gets it like he knows. What kinda swagger. He's gotTa have. He knows what he wants to portray. He knows what his brand is and Fascinating who knows this father of the Sun? No The Sun The Sun. You know the interviews. He's given appearances on showtime Dressed aired I mean. Just he's got the style of the swag he's just Yeah he's he's he's a character man. I mean I definitely appreciate the way. That address reminds me of You know Onno like Cuban Gangsta something. Yeah like a fat. That's what I imagined. Everybody was wearing like when Rick. Ross just popped off in Florida. I doubt that but you know what I'm saying like it's just I don't know Cuban boss type style. Yeah exactly that should is. It's fun it's cool. I mean. I'm not saying Cuban gangsters are cool. I'm just saying like it's cool. That he's thinking about the outside aspects of boxing and he's working on his Persona. Because it's just not enough these days to just be good at boxing if you're just good at boxing and dries toast will then we'll see when you're thirty five and you've beaten anyone you can beat and you four some random person to get in the ring with you but when you are as good as Davis and you have that understanding of what it takes to entertain people. You should off like a rocket. And that's exactly what he's done. You know Mike. I didn't know the Caleb Truitt fight was off. That's news to my is. When was that announced? That kinda sucks. I've read it on Mike my Benson or not. He he got injury. Put out on what it is. But it's like the second time that he put he put out in the guy in the qualify then rematch people out and now he's pulling out again so I'm not quite sure what's going on. He had like a comeback fight in Minnesota though would probably get back to that that that BBC stage well. I'm Texan Senior. See if we're all ready. Let me double check these phone. Lines to move initiative flip But yeah man. I I really like David Been Vida. As man to me. The way he fights the purchasing and coordination and the the walk four kind of nature no saying being terminated. That's really what did it to Anthony. the really just couldn't take the pressure. No I'm saying it was. It was too much in being that. It's like six three six four. He's pretty big. Do for the way class so I definitely wouldn't mind. I say when mine but I definitely want to see him and kill the plant getting on and I want to see all the champions getting on at once like it's not like a a big clear cut a guy at once even though he had a champion yet I'm saying from Kayla plaque to To David to a catalyst mill. Who's the other guy with other champion and won sixty eight is Kevin Billy Joe Saunders Billy Joe Saunders Man I wanna see all those guys get into it and within Joe move up to the limit faulk somebody from from Africa and one is so we'll see how that plays out Billie Joe Fight? I mean Billie Joe is nice but you know what all depends on what Billie Joe going show up that night. I think that's what it is like. I've seen Joe go to Canada against David Look flawless. Not even though they were made for Billy Joel Style. But I've seen them on the David Hanney were. They made impala as I card and not look able to get Nagano. He wouldn't look like over the impressive until they came. So it depends. On what Billie Joe GonNA show up? Well I look right now. I would say that the weight that the that the class is still. I don't WanNa say new or young or anything like that. Mccallum Smith is still developing his brand and David Ben Evita's as developing his and Kayla. Plan like none of them have came full circle into promotional powerhouses. That said it as the months go on in the years. Go on like you know. These guys can't be keeping their records. You know spotless. So you got the top. Three guys at the at the way class all undefeated. And that's a beautiful thing and that has the recipe for Some really great cross Pattern fighting year benefited as Smith. Benefit is plant plant Smith. You know what I mean. These guys fighting each other to see you know who indeed is the best and I would love that to happen before one of them moved up or even move down for a highly doubt. Anyone can make that But if before any of them moved up so hopefully we get that you know just like win. The super Super Middleweight Tournament started with showtime. You know we were going to get answers and It would. It would be amazing if we could. Just get these guys in one of those but You know regardless the these fights are GonNa Start to happen at some point and Who knows plant Ben? Evita's that sounds good right now to me every plants. Ed Davey said that he wanted us to just a matter of time at the David Price. I'm sure in the fall or winter months will be to see those guys get on. I don't think either cow is avoiding each other. So what you think. The timeline is on a unification. I mean it seems to me like they made earl unify with the PBC. Well to it's quicker than they're letting the hundred sixty pound. Pbc fighters unify like you pointed out. They building up the plan. I really do a nice job building them on Fox in efforts once maybe they don't want to Got Still Bitter Plant in. They'd been there ain't really been in the spotlight since that url fighting last April when Mike Garcia you know what I'm saying so it's like he ain't really been in the spotlight you still kind of want to build them up and get that buzz around on Fox and then you can face those guys also. I really do expected those guys that fight on. I don't see why not the only reason and no never mind. I was the only reason why not is. I was GONNA say that. Dirty dirty word marinating but No no no listen. This right could happen. It's ready. I don't know I wouldn't say that it's the perfect time. I do think that both of them could easily Put up another performance or even to that would raise their profile and make it a bigger fight but I just I don't know I think it's also one of those things where this is a big fight. No matter how you slice it might not be the pay per view. Fight that of you know these guys are trying to get to that level would want it to be but it is that type of fight that propels you into that next one that propels you into that next one and that's ultimately how you get there unless you win a lottery you know the packet lottery mayweather lottery but there's nobody like that in his division of other than Kamilo and I just don't see them getting it on any time soon. Dave David is way too big right now. In my opinion he's a big boy. Marriage scare you. I mean Gary but just the fact that he's like six three men. He comes forward with in Aggression Man. I really liked to like inspire style. I think in spite sal. Against Kevin Plan fighter style is going to be a very intriguing clash of styles I think. Get a planet probably One of the best boxers technique wise at one sixty eight. If you want to build Sundays in there too you can. But I think the other bit more consistent than B. Joey at at this point in time and man. I don't really know like why are why is the BBC way? I know you WANNA be a plan up and things like that but same time and this is a good fight. It's a fight. I know both guys from when Kayla plant in a hotel ran ran down on Caleb in GM and they add to straighten straighten it their stuff out so it's bad blood there notice and those guys is going to what they gotta do to to rectify. That and I'm I'm all for beef. I'm all for bad blood. I think he's good for the sport and your bills. The fights up. I honestly feel like they couldn't. They could let it marinate longer. I just saying like not because I think they should but because that's the type of move that PBC would do it. Those two guys. I don't know that they would throw them in right away. Until they're ready to fully cash them out That's just been their Mo Maybe not as of late And I hope that doesn't happen. I hope we don't have to wait too long for this fight. Well we might have a fail not getting any answer back from the Ben. Evita's is I know they told me twelve. Pm which is three PM but maybe the sparring session that they were going to have when over but still no word back. I mean it's early on his sixteen minutes in. We could kind of weight or we could chalk it up as a show business Found momentum nasty would never know. Yeah we can give him that time and if you know and then maybe we can if we stop we can give them like a fifteen minute grace period and we can all hop on give it fifty minutes. Don't go too far. Maybe I wanted to ask you again because I had a little while ago. The I think David Videos is the best one sixty eight pound right now. Like just based off that we'll be seeing. I personally do. I don't know why I I do so for me man. I mean if anything I. I think that Caleb is Campaign for that in the main. He's he hasn't showed any flaws or or any hiccups along the road where other people have in an a main Durell has shown vulnerabilities hiccups along the road. And and and so has been Evita's you know what I mean whether that'd be in out the ring and and buy in the ring. I mean the Ronald Greville fight like no one expected a rematch. No inspected that so you know. Plant has a imagine. It's totally outclassed. Guide to the fighting stopped. I mean it's all good man but You wasn't supposed to have that fight like just like Coburg wasn't supposed to have a trilogy with Carson Jones. Like some things just ain't supposed to happen in enemy like you have them cool but we you know we gotta give credit to the guy that isn't going down the rematch route or doesn't need to. The public is in demanding that he does so that I think that says something about plant. Plus plant was in a fight where we expected him to believe. I'm not I don't know if I picked him to lose but I know Jose was target was a favourite going into that fight implant turned it around has been Evita's ever been underdog no so I think You know the one. That's you know. Shown Detroit metal. His Ben is plant. Look I I think the answer is is he could be but right now at this moment gun to my head. Kalem Smith Best Sixty eight pounder in the world He passes the test for me of the three in a way that I could say that he has the better skills but in no way shape or form am I saying that kills. Ms Beats David Benham leaders. If they match up or Kim Smith Beats Plant Those three guys in my opinion because the best guy. The number one doesn't always win the fight. Sometimes they're in fights and you can look great look like a decorated amateur and get blown away so No I I think Alex Smith is the best one sixty eight pounder but I absolutely believe David benefit has has has what it takes to gain to take that spot. See Right now kill. Smith has that spot David. This is the key. Well Okay in my opinion David going to be. This is the kind of guy that would take that spot. What I'm saying. You Know Me. Maybe not because he is ranked pretty high most people's categories or two or three. But I fully believe that Kalem Smith Right now is the better of the three better than Billie Joe Win Kelham isn't a Ben Evita situation right now because calumnies y'all have a rematch Terada. In absolutely right I was I was. I wasn't going to make that point but I'm glad you did according to like the The resumes I can them the better victory widow George Groves George road going to champion before it'd be James Because eubanks that that's pretty good but I'm just doing it off hottest man. What I've seen from that. They've been vide asthma and the guy is just too big terminator style and he is going to try to destroy everything in his path. And I'll just leave him. Even though I like the plan took a slick kind of box. Did that knows how to how you use the rain and knows how to keep their jabbing. You face an income behind with knives combinations shaking Guzman. I don't like being stood up shelby every every once in a while once a blue moon so so far we've been getting getting everybody. Did we said you know what I'm saying? It ain't it ain't like we've been Struggling a like you said they then the GM there was born who knows aren't gonNA can get heated name. I might need a couple more rounds which I've never ever ever been and I'M NOT SAYING YOU'RE WRONG. Mike. You're absolutely right. Those guys are monsters and they're great athletes. I'm just trying to talk about how I'm such a Shitty athlete because all I could think when you were saying that I've never been in a boxing gym and sparred and at the very end said I want another two or three rounds ever like I was to get back at the rally off. No I got knocked out by sixteen year old when I was twenty four years old. I didn't want to ever get in that ring with that kid again. Adver but I'm not David and I'm not a honestly I'm not you you were. You know top high caliber athlete. So I'm just a really strong dude with short arms. It's about that's about as much as I'll give myself in athletic prowess yet. Man Sucks so What do you think I just seen a name and my phone Was WHO I think. We should try to get his sixty eight. Who's a wholesome killers and wants to tap unanimous champs. Our No that that is that division even like middle heavy. I don't think so once eight going out. I don't notice it. I've top good number one. Kevin Smith say that's who they got number one. Yeah Man Zack. Parkas he's in the mix. I seen our gas impressed with Lenox Allen is number one for the WB. He bought the conflict in Alabel Lennox. Allen says that guy year them is to get bombed down. 'cause he injured how Islam you ranked sixty eight. What in the world benefit is by the d about the murder he by the murder of the meal. You Got Daniel to fetter to number three but a judge before planning Jacobs number two number two ranking on sixty eight boxer. Oh Moreau Joan your. They've embetterment can. That's my Guy Vladimir. Shift be on the lookout for him either. Dmitry SALITA fighter and. He's pretty good he. He went the distance last by both leaders say that he had a broken hand. He's still went broke his hand in the second round so he definitely has power. I I'm GONNA give him the benefit of the doubt. Keller better go to. Ib is vacant. Vacant number. One and two Vincent just loss at three and number four he and their like swimwear man and the wbz man. David Ben. Evita's has really nothing to look forward to is. He needs like I mean. Obviously in the in the immediate you could look forward to like David Lemieux and Daniel Jacobs but then you know we got a bit of a drop off. You know he's going to have to fight the rocky fielding's Anthony derails of the world things like that but I don't know I guess that's Barman overlooks we're gonNA have to reschedule. Really Hey this type of show but his show business may do. Yeah of course so yeah man I guess catch on the next one. Don't forget to subscribe to Youtube. Channel and You'll get those notifications every time we go live and hopefully next time we go lab will be able to get these two guests back on and make up for this kind of you know we never did the dillion white but I mean I don't know if y'all WanNa save it for tomorrow in the morning yeah I mean you know Definitely definitely how respectful. I didn't even say skains name. I mean this oh I don't know who though I don't know who excited you know I think white I think? Wow this said it best. You know you call Luis Ortiz old in the he doesn't know English and you turn around and fight guy the same age. That doesn't know English so it's like at least at least Louis. Ortiz has done pay per view in America where counts not pay per view in the UK? Where you know a couple of people see see but that's the beauty of of of a fight fan like meat issue. What I'm saying the beauty of a fight fan like me is. I don't have any legion allegiances to people reno. What I'm saying is like in my mind. I'm thinking wipe a vacuum man. I can't wait. I'll I'll I just WANNA see. Only white is not a bad you know I'm not thinking. Oh Man Joshua for our wilder fought you know so Ortiz and ask late. You know what I'm saying like no hate anybody that does feel that way. Because you're you know if you're wilder fan or dealing white van wilder is more about. What's the better fight in an a main like? That's the better fight peculiar PEVEC in like I mean his biggest win in the recent is David price so I guess that means something you know because don't know who else would have been able to be fit in that position Around you know people like to try and act as if pay per view in the UK and America's the same thing. It's not Lewis. Did a pay per view like there's some sort of cachet there you know pevec again. I mean what is he done you know lately but I get it. He's more established a division. I'll say that he's been around longer. You know so. I guess he gets that credit and that's what I would say he is. He's the fall off from the Wladimir Klitschko era you know. He's he's been around long enough to have meant at least something in that era and he's stuck around long enough to still be relevant name relevant enough name to be mentioned as a wilder opponent. Joshua opponent Dillian white opponent. You know what I mean so That's definitely what he's got going for him which might not translate to a great fight. But we'll see more gear on twitter. Come fight growth nineteen eleven and gross two three one two twitter Nez. Gto Do say who's.

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