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JUST LIKE WE ALL EXPECTED. Mavericks vs Bucks Game Recap, Who Will Step Up With Luka Out, Maybe the Mavs Don't Need to Make a Trade


hello everyone and welcome to Dallas hoops Fan. UNCAST A podcast from as fans. I'm your host Sydney and I'm here with my co host Martin. WHO GOES YOU'RE GONNA pull the show on twitter at Dallas hoops cast? You can follow me on twitter. Your ad underscore city Myers. Martin is at Martin. L. Myers Dallas whose cast dot com for new episodes and exclusive articles. This might went pretty pretty much the way I thought it was going to go. I I'm really not Sabean. Is it all things. Yeah I think yeah. We were pretty much just lounging on the couch watching it like yeah. We're going on just another night. This is kind of what I expected. Yes so the Mavericks Ricks beat the bucks. I mean win of the season. There were some points where they got a by. What as much as sixty thanks? Obviously the end was super duper stressful. And I feel like I need some Xanax. Now or something but They ended up getting the win. They they ended the bucks winning streak of eighteen games. This is the longest streak ended in franchise history for the Mavericks. And it's the the first time since two thousand eleven. Since two thousand eleven season they have ended to tin plus game winning streaks all it means this is that the mavericks are a good team. This year doesn't mean it's GonNa go like two thousand ten two thousand eleven. I'm just saying okay so I think we've talked about this before. They're doing things that they haven't done since they won the championship now. Correlation does not equal causation. Will know causes. It does not. I just wanted to sound. I sound it smart right. All it means is that this is probably the best maverick team. We've had since that. Ah By far so obviously because you haven't won really at all for the team. She's old ship. Everything goes back to the last good team we had. Yeah that's So yeah that's all that means now for the bucks it's like of all the game of all the lead teams to injure winning streak against the mouse and even have Luca like this kind of sucks for them but at the same time you say all the time it just ends. It can't let like you're bound to lose at some point and when you've won that many games your chances of losing just get higher and higher. It doesn't mean the Mavericks are Better Team Than The bucks folks. I would probably that most people I would say most people would agree that the bucks are probably the better team if they were in a playoff series with the mavs they would win now. It doesn't mean the mavs wouldn't win a couple of games in that series. Clearly the Mavericks can play. I mean think about some of the Games that they've won this year on the road. Did they went on the road in Houston and just smacked the rockets. They went on the road to Denver. Where really you had? The worst game of the year from from confusing is and you beat the nuggets on their home court. You go to La. You beat the Lakers on their home court you go to. Milwaukee beat the Lakers on their home. Court beat the books on their home. Court yeah so I mean it was like you said. They've won a lot on the road but I think this is probably obvious wrestling with without Wilco on the books. Yes so we're going to go into our thoughts of the game. We're GONNA talk about this ten game stretch. They've they've been onto to close out the year obviously talk about Lucas injury. When when is he going to be back and then just taking a look at at the team? Now that we've seen them without Luca There's been a lot of trade talks but I mean do they need to make a trade. So we're going to talk about that and also kristaps without Lugo. What can we expect So starting with just game recap you know. We kind of talked about how huge this win is Two things that stood out to me first of all their offense the way they played. Rick Carlisle brought it out in his post game interview. It was just a lot of ball movement and a lot of player movement and I think that contributed to when we talk about so. Who's going to step up without with Luke out tonight? It was really. I mean like seth played really well. Obviously Chris is played well. maxine made some huge shots. I mean it was just a lot. AWW Jalen Brunson played. Well I think they had an offense where everything's stayed kind a balanced and whenever they weren't playing well kind of in the I think it was close out. The first quarter was when they got away from that ball movement but once they can't move in the second quarter when they say once they started moving and again I mean their offense just they just kept it moving and I thought that randomness really helped them to cause the bugs have like one of the best defense in the league if not defense. They're they're number one in defense. Yeah efficiency so defensive rating it also helps when you have guys that are making shots true and the man had a lot of guys step up to ninety finish. Smith hit hit some. Big Three's Seth Curry obviously was just phenomenal tonight and he seemed to make a bucket whenever the mavericks needed one. Yeah it was great to see. Sorry go I was just GonNa say Curry had twenty six points on nine for fifteen jabbing at four for eight from three and like I said he he seemed to hit a three or a a floater every time the mavericks needed one and he stepped up and really made plays. They're Brunson. I thought Brunson played really well. I I know people are GonNa look at his points by well. You know only thirteen points. But he had thirteen points eleven assists two turnovers. I thought he was an excellent game. A manager of four manager. He also hit big shots when he needed to hit one He made some beautiful passes tonight to help. You know separator later or to get a good basket on that good defence of the bucks head so I thought Brunson was phenomenal. Yeah I WANNA talk a little bit about Brunson because I feel like right now. People are sort of torn on. Is he good or is he not good and I think really the bottom line is that he's okay like he's not grades AIDS but he's not awful and I think right now he's giving you just about everything you could ask for for a guy in his position second round pick pick second-year player. I'm happy with what he's giving them. I mean you gotta ask your so. What are the expectations? What are you expecting him? And it's Nibley it reasonably expect. You're expecting him to come in and play like Luca or to make plays like Luca. Then you're going to be severely disappointed. You're going to be disappointed if you compare or anybody the way he's playing right now and so i. I don't understand the hate you'll go I know. He made some mistakes at the end of the heat game. Yeah and this became too. I mean there's a lot of times when he drives it and the defenses collapsed collapses the defense collapses and. He just doesn't see the shooter's on the three point line. And that's that is an issue. I mean I I don't know I. I would say that he does he can. He's made those plays in the past. He's just a different kind kind of player so when yes but that doesn't mean he can't see people I I think he he makes good. Plays people want to screen screen shot. This one played the end of the game. And say see look all these open shooters but really when you watch the play. Those did not open until he literally over the way up and he got him out so really Brunson on that play against the heat made the right play he drove it into the teeth of the alleged consol. He pump fate. Got The guy out of position that guy landed on his back and his bag should have been a foul called if they call that whistle or they blow that whistled. Everybody's like great play great and probably went and they win the game. Yes so I think. Bronze Brunson is a good player. I think he's a winning being player. I think he's one of those guys that steps up and big moments. I thought he did that a little bit tonight. I'm not saying he didn't make mistakes. Yeah and and I don't like I'm not saying I want him. I'm just start earning and I guess that's maybe why. I'm not as frustrated or disappointed. Him as other mass fans is that my expectations aren't very high anyways. So it's like I see all the mistakes but I kind of expect a little bit of that. He's just he's not a great player he's just he's kind of good and he holds down the fort. I think Brunson has the potential to be a starting point guard on a good team now. That's probably not going to happen with the Mavericks. Because you have luke point guard and you you gotTa have that to guard to be a really athletic bigger two guards so Brunson's just not gonNA start. But I think he has the potential to be a starting point guard. I liked tim immediately. I told you as soon as we drafted him. Carlisle's going to look for a reason to start this guy. He liked him. He liked him more than door. Then Dennis Smith said that he was going to be the starting point guard by the end of the year. And that's what happened now. He started now. Luca was technically the point guard but he started. Yeah yeah so I think Brunson is a really good player and he's a winning player and I want Brunson on the team. Yeah I I like him coming off the bench bench and he and he usually plays what like less than twenty minutes so again going back to my expectations. That's the kind of player is and in that role. I think he's can have moments where he helps you win a game. He can hugh de so. I thought he stepped up. Well you know. There's a temptation and from the way the game ended against the heat for him to just feel like he's got to insert himself and I felt like he did a good job of playing within the flow of the the game. He did not try to force anything he just made the right play every single time so that to me showed a lot of maturity from him. Yeah so yeah again going back to your over the roster like there were contributions from every guy so don yeah Jalen Brunson dhillon right. Even during an Fini's Smith his defense they and this was another thing I wanted to talk about their offense and their defense they had a lot of. They gave us a lot of different looks. They had finished Smith on him. They had kristaps on him. They had maxium. I think they started the game with Powell on him. And and some of those works to varying degrees or didn't work at all but one one defensive scheme that I thought was interesting was when Porzingis was on Jaanus. He backed off of him. I don't know two three feet which makes sense because his Janas isn't a very good shooter and dared him to take that shot. He did it and he missed it. I think every time that pausing was guarding him and like yeah. Janas is a better shooter this year but he still not good now in a couple years if he keeps working on that. He's GonNa be unstoppable but for this game it's in your favor unless he we start shooting forty percent from three. The guy is so good at driving into the lane getting away up and one you exactly you almost rather have him shoot the ball every time so yes he did. Beat pausing is a couple of times when porzingus was gardening but he ended up shooting. I think it was three times. He shot a long jump shot because three pointer and I remember in the preseason game against the bucks and he was killing. I said that was my thoughts. I just put porzingas on an porzingas standoff in like six feet. If he drives you got those long arms of Porzingas but it Kinda tempted him to shoot it and he did did any million if he makes it okay. You know. There's nothing you can do about that. But your only chance I thought the Maverick's defense really showed with the others the other guys on the team. I thought Dorian Finney Smith did a great job on Middleton will and just the whole his movement and his awareness his his rebounding he finished the game with eight rebounds. Yeah finish defense was so great. I thought other than Kyle Korver who for some reason averages for just five points a game and came in and or seventeen but they shut everybody else down and they were like you know the honest and maybe be would help was because the mavericks really have zero resistance for a lot of the game because he was killing Dwight Powell well and there were stretches ranches in the fourth quarter where suddenly the mavs there was. No one at the Rim and I think it's because they put they had put Chris tops on yawn is so there's no protection once he gets past crops and so that was kind of a problem but again. It's like what you're taking away the three at least if there's no resistance. There's no foul. How so again? It's like this game of math. You can either give up a three a two or an and one the two is chances are have him shoot a long jumper. Oh Yeah Yeah. And I think that's having porzingas on him gives you. The porzingis is the best rim. Protector said yes. I think Yanna surprises prizes. Luca as he has a what do you call. It has a counter to every defense. Yeah that you do so if you get to his spot before he does he does a euro step or the sides or the side spin. Were Phil do the sidestep spin move and then reverse it and now he has really good at countering your move and I think if you don't play him a lot you're gonna get torched because you just don't know his counter counter he's better at countering your counter and I thought porzingas if he's given more time protecting the rim he'll he'll do a better job but I like like that matchup because I like forcing Janas to shoot longshots. Now that being said he had forty eight points tonight so they didn't shut him down. No no no no but they did a good job with everybody else and I thought Dory Finished Smith did a masterful job on Christon. Yeah going back to their offense. I wanted to read a quote from Chris tops from earlier today. I think when he was asked if he feels like he needs to be more aggressive. Now that Lucas out he said no not really I want to do. What's best for the team and how we play? Were number one in offense so we want to keep playing the same way of figure out ways always how I can be effective how I can score the ball and then he said we want to keep this offensive system going. I don't want to just because I want to get my own buckets mess mess up the timing and spacing and things like that will keep doing what we're doing and so I thought that showed a lot of maturity and you saw it tonight. I mean he was aggressive aggressive. You know when he got the ball he made aggressive moves. He took those too long threes. I mean that the confidence on literally from the logo he was aggressive of and showed it. That killer instinct but he played within the offensive system. And I think that was the really. The whole team did that but to see that from Chris off. I think that helped him because his shot. It just isn't falling right now. So if he plays within the system he's more likely to get open shots. That are probably easier for him. I I love and I've said this before. I love his maturity. Yeah I love the way he approaches it. It really causes you to wonder what in the world the Knicks and they painted him out to be the villain. Yeah and it's like but all I've seen from him is a mature work hard kid. That just wants to win. Yeah and and so the Knicks you really got to wonder what in the world is the Knicks and and I I also like his answer because you see a lot of times a player will put pressure on him. So they'll say oh I definitely got to step up. I gotta come to play and Blah Blah Blah all this and that and it's unnecessary. It's unnecessary pressure. Obviously you have to play better because if you're GONNA win without Luca everybody's gotta gotTa step up. That includes the second best player. But when you go out and say it just adds that extra unnecessary pressure and then you start missing some shots shots and then it just. It just kind of spiraled out of control so it just shows a lot of maturity and besides like the guy asked him. Is it going to go back to like the Knicks Style of course not like why in the world would we do anything like the Knicks. Did well you know. Even if he got twenty two points he lost all the time there so he he's right. No I'm just GONNA do. Coach says he did talk about how he said. I'm going to go back to things things I. I did my rookie offensive rebounds crash. That was before he was the number one guy with the truth and you you saw him kind of doing that even before for this game. Yeah so I So talking about their offense just one more note on that because I think it's important yesterday Sundays. So we're watching. NFL and I think it was the Redskins game and I don't know who the commentator was but he made a really good point he said As a player. Just focus this on doing your job. Don't try to be the guy that makes a big play. Just do your job. If you do your job you'll end up making a play but if you try to get out of your space and make a play then you're probably going to screw up so if you just focus on doing your job you're GonNa make play. You're going to help the team and I thought this team is a good example of having that of a team that needs to have that focus like Dorian Finney Smith is a guy. Do Your job and everything will be fine. Don't try to get outside of that. KRISTAPS Porzingis same thing. He's a unicorn he can hit threes. Shoot those don't try to do more and times. When they struggle is whenever guys stopped doing their job and try to make a big plane? I thought tonight Tim Hardaway junior kind of got into that mode mode and he's been great for them so I'm not upset about but he had a bad game and I thought it was because he stopped when he does his job and he just scores scores in plays within the system. He's really good but tonight he tried to. Just we're just making bad decisions. Taken bad shots sound like he was rushing and dash forcing it well and I think that is a result of that pressure of playing. Well he he felt that he had to have a big game. Aim in order for the maps to win. And what's great about this game. Is that hopefully going forward. Hardaway doesn't feel that way. Yeah it's not. Uh He's never been in a situation where he can play bad and they win like any other time in the past if he struggled or he he had tonight six points joints that was probably a loss and so I think he felt that he had to deliver big. And if they didn't they were going to lose and really he didn't deliver deliver big and they still won the game so but he's also the kind of guy that game before he twenty eight points against the heat and in their next game he may have. You Know I. It was great about this team right now. Is that a lot of different players and this is kind of what we've been wanting to see. Who are these other guys that they have are these guys? Is it going to step up in the playoffs or not. And you're starting to see that they really have an array of different players. That on any given night can really step up and help. HOPE HELP YOU WANNA game. Yeah and we've talked about that a lot in the past is like We felt like these guys didn't really step up in big moments and and it was disappointing and I thought or I said I don't know like that's going to affect them in the playoffs. Because you need those guys step up and so I thought these past even even before. Luca went out but it just in the past few weeks. I've seen that movie or were these guys. Step up that heat game that was inspiring. Yeah I mean they played inspired basketball and every guy stepped up. That was such a good sign the same thing tonight. They played with confidence with belief. That you know Carlisle was like you know yet. They you know they made a run at us but you know we just had to close it out. It was like we came in. We felt like we could score on them. It's like what did he said that I was like this number one. We feel like we can put points on this like okay can i. I wanted to talk more a little bit about Porzingas porzingas because I thought Porzingis was. He was great tonight. I I thought he did a great job of not forcing it. He he still L. had a couple of moments where he had a small on him in the post and amy then he got ripped basic stolen. God I think that is either something that he struggled with in the past. I don't know I didn't want to watch. I didn't watch a lot of New York Games or it's just a result of still timing still trying any figure that out but outside of that he was great and those two threes from like fifty feet out when he hesitated and any shot it in my mind I was like Ooh not a good shot and switch and then the second one from even further day what he shot it. I was like that it was cold blooded and it was just a great shot. He had twelve rebounds four assists. He does he just. He had a crucial blog ends. When again they did not get a rebound was funny? We and we'll talk about it when we get into the trade peace the maps are a really good rebounding team. They are like their top five in the. That's because Luca averages like eight re just saying they're like a top five for some reason late in games. This has happened and a lot this year. We're not getting the rebound off a missed free through. And that's you know we'll talk about that in down there will. Luke is only six seven. He's not going to get a rebound over out of bio well in Luca is as a guard. He's GonNa be at the three point line he's going to be down. You don't want little could have beer earn force or he's not. Yeah Okay anyways. Yes excellent team. I don't remember what your point was. I was just talking about porzingas. Yes we're seeing is his great. So that's a that's three games into this. Ten game stretch. We talked a few episodes ago about starting this brutal ten game stretch to close out the year to close out December There are facing the best of the east. And so they've got three of those games out of the way the Detroit Miami and Milwaukee. They're two and one which is what I thought they were going to be added. Just go yeah you know the win. I thought we would beat the heat. Lose to the bucks okay. So and we will. Initially we said five to five like if they went five hundred that would be great and then you win and said like they could lose every game and I would still be fine. What to say that you said that? Okay anyways So they're now to in one. They face the Boston Celtics at home. And then after that the Sixers Raptors Spurs Warriors Lakers and thunder. So this next game this three these three games coming up. It's really the toughest stretch. I mean. Honestly the bugs game was the hardest just once but these next three home versus the Celtics and then to on the road and I don't know I mean this game like this was surprising and then the heat game. It was the same way they almost one. That almost conveniently without Vega Austin themselves against the heat game in the heat game they may well. Oh yes I should say. The refs blew a call. They blew two of them on the last two minute report. Yeah and that's like four games. This year the Mavericks have been whatever either way they still made a Lotta mistakes but at the end of the Game Lake Lake. We send the Lakers game when the risk you're never gonNA play game perfect now but with all that being said a day put themselves in a position to win I. I'm right there with you. They they rated plays that they need to make good and it sucks. Yeah anyways So yeah but my point was like I. These two games without Luca. I thought what would be a loss. I thought they're going to lose against Miami and in this game coming in I was thinking like oh that was really good. Fight against the heat. But you now reality sets in you face as a really good team. You're on the road like this is probably when you get back to normal and your without your. MVP YOU'RE PROBABLY GONNA lose this. But then they go in and win against superbugs so now I don't really know what to expect against the Celtics. I think you should expect to win. I mean if you think about that Denver game for example basically. You're out without Luga in that game. Yeah and you went on the road and beat the Denver Nuggets on their home court without your best player. Now you've I went on the road against Milwaukee without your best player and beat the bucks. You almost beat the heat in the second half after being down twenty four points that means you literally. They destroyed them in the second half to come up and they took a four point lead so they they were out playing the heat all over the court. This teams good. This team you know is really really good. And I think They play really well without Luka. Not Saying that. I'm I'm not taking saying that there were some idiot out there. That would say that they're better without that. That's a commodity rock. He's not really an MVP but they're really good team without him. They play a different game without Luca and they have the players to to do that so and I think they built this team because they they didn't know Luca it was gonna be this good so they thought this was what they were going to be. True where everybody was kind of contributing. And then we're like oh wait. Luca's unstoppable. So there's no need to do all that so I think against Boston at home. You should expect a win. I guess so and and you know how I am. I am not really big on box. Yeah Yeah you're not. I know you're GONNA have a heart attack surprising every time we talk about this cell just not so and you're like the mavs we're going to. I think it could be a blow. I think you said yesterday. It's going to be a blow expecting MOMS win but I don't. I don't know if you understand how good the Celtic I think they. I'm not saying they're not good the I I'm not saying they're not yeah. They're a good team. I don't think they are as good as they played at the the beginning of the season I still think that they lack that dominant Go-to guy with all due respect to Kemba but but he has been that guy for them. Yes Jason Tatum to not in the playoffs. Not In games where they really need them to come up. The problem with the TATUM is. He's not really efficient. And there's a problem with Kimbe is his size. Yeah and in the playoffs. Both of those things affect affect eventually and so i. I'm not huge on Boston. I think they're going to have a good record but I don't think they're going to go anywhere in the playoffs. Because because I think they lacked that Go-to guy I think they also lacks him size. Dowell yeah a lot of people About that so you know. Obviously they can make a trade here there and I'm not thank him was not good and Jalen is not good and in table is okay. I like Chris Paul really good. I mean no one is denying that. But it's just when you get to the play. Offs size affects you. Yeah the size affects you. So it doesn't mean that he's not a great player he's just not there. Is that other level of players. He's is not there so I'm GonNa pick the Mavericks Against Boston I'm GonNa say boss is going to win. But and then we have Philadelphia. I I mean you're GonNa Pick Boston after tonight. I mean what you literally just over the road to a team that has won eighteen eighteen in A. I mean you can't win every game and how many games you really expect to win without Luca will after tonight. You should expect at least to be bossed. I I was thinking like what you said. Expect to win and like I think that makes sense. I can expect to win. I wouldn't be surprised if they lost but I think after this game I should give them a little bit. Yeah respect now. The Philadelphia Games a little bit harder because it's on the road in Toronto in Toronto on the road but that one at home against the Celtics I I think that should be a mavericks victory. Okay and then Philadelphia. I'm not really afraid of Philadelphia. Either I I think they're also a really good team but I don't know if they're going to do anything in the playoffs Okay so speaking about playing without Luca. I WanNa talk about that for just a little bit. Most people have probably we'll be heard the report and the prognosis or the diagnosis prognosis. Spend thirty minutes to figure that out. Yeah it's a moderate sprain. They said he'll be out for two to four weeks but I think all at least I've heard that they're kind of leaning towards the lighter side of that so maybe only two weeks. I've heard that he might be back after Christmas. which would be? That's not that far away so are are no yeah about two weeks. Yeah so I mean if they can get through this stretch and then we'll get him back but during this stretch all I really wanna see he is like we were talking about these guys. How are they going to play? Because I think that's going to be a good indication of what we can expect in the playoffs. which is really important? And I I don't understand like after this game. I am completely optimistic because only two games. That's why I'm still like I WANNA see more J. so the Denver game yes. You're talking about three game against the top three of the top teams in the League Milwaukee on the road yeah eighteen game winning streak literally blowing teams out or not even close Janas playing thirty two minutes. A game hasn't hasn't played the fourth quarter in six months. So you think like so this game to me Roland you win. Yeah wasn't well. This wasn't like how you say they've won eighteen games. They're bound to lose a game. Yes that is true. But that doesn't mean takes anything away. What Dallas did okay You know they. They dropped a hundred in twenty points on the Milwaukee Number one defense without their best player. Yeah that's trained. Yes a lot of guys had to step up but they did. They did step up on the road in a hostile environment against the best team in the League to me. I think you saw a why not only that you saw that that Porzingis. He's still got it still making his way back but he's still got A. He's still a potential superstar in this league So yeah I I I think the real yeah. I think they're for real. Okay so let's Let's go go more on that because my next topic was we've all been talking about trades. Aides yesterday I think it was when like ninety percent of the League became available trade. So obviously everybody's talking about potential trades. We talked talked about guys. That you like Andre Drummond. We talked about Kevin. Love Jae crowder. Is I think maybe available and then on Andre Andre Iguodala. Obviously so we've talked about in mass panic about trade all the time but after this game do the mavs need yes okay. What did they not get again? The rebounded rebound. Yeah Yeah and that is now three games. where a crucial rebound off a miss free? Throw the other two cost to the game. Yeah this one porzingis thankfully was there to block the shot. Yeah but they need wake doc would Woes reported the Mavericks need a physical presence next to Luca much wyche the dirk and chandler combination who had Tyson Chandler Chandler down there so I do whether they are going to make a move. I don't think so because one they don't have any asses people say well. Why can't we just go out and get Drummond and the Pistons are going to want assets in return and we don't have that? My personal favorite would be Stephen Adams. Yeah and what you meant mentioned a guy like Stephen Adams or onto a job. And he didn't say that they were linked to to them or that they were also mentioned monitors. Yeah or heroine and hero. I think think is a either. I think he's a free. Agent is restricted. Yes which is good because the clippers have so much money now with Paul George yes. The market will demand. I also like that. I like Harrell because Herald can switch so it helps you to you. Essentially you're playing small and big at the same time. Yeah in show I I liked the Herald Maxi. Yes same. What you do is great as a mavericks? Offense is with two White Powell out there. We're on the court. You can see tonight without Luca. He's not really effective as so. It's like okay. One of the non not hayden onto white. Sorry sorry I I WanNa talk about Dwight because when we talk about any sort of weaknesses Dwi Powell's name usually comes up and surprise again like twitter twitter or just mass fans are really torn on this whole thing. And it's like I understand that. Dwight Powell is really great on offense because because of whatever it is he's a great pick and roll guy and whether it's chemistry whether it's the athleticism he's just very good at that I I understand that and I'm not taking anything away however you've said this before you cannot convince me that a guy. Averaging eight points points and five rebounds untouched is the best guy we can get at that peninsula. And it's look that position is the player is made by Carlisle's offense. We have seen other guys come in and play this exact role and do it very well brandon right not brain right brain right brandon right. The helicopter is what human highlights. Yeah that's what Derek Harper was trying going to get a hold so he did the same examining the human exclamation or yeah. He did the same thing and I know another team was like. Hey this guy's really do jack exactly because this offense makes that player now he happens to fill that need of the roller a good screen center and a roller but he's terribly deficient on rebounding diese rebounding and even that offensive role. I think there are guys. They can do it better than than him I know he does it. Well I'm just saying again. You can't convince me that guy's averaging eight points and five rebounds is the best we can get at that position and you saw like people's will who get Tyson. Chandler was the prototype. He was the rim roller. And he was your defensive anchor and you're rebounder so a guy like that and so do i. Powell is good as he is when the maverick when he's on the court and Lucas on the court and their offense of radio throw it alleyoop the result of Powell that as a result of having a good ram roller doesn't mean that Powell is this God out there and has the the high efficiency of all time. I think there's a lot of players you can put in that position. That can do what he does. Rolling to the rim but also much better mantras hair one are those guys yeah and the defense and rebounding is killing me what bothers me and and this is another thing like people ask You're the mavs have have like one of the greatest offense of all time and their wits eighteen and saying retaining it. Yeah they have a third in the western conference like you really WANNA and try to make improvements to the same and it's like well. Yeah if it makes me better I mean. Obviously I'm not saying I want to add you know name some random player that's available. I'm not saying I WANNA do a tray just for the sake of Mayo saying if there was a guy available that makes them better or if you see a deficiency then you try to fill that and I think Powell's defense and rebounding is a problem in again going back to the play against the heat eight which was like super super controversial. I don't know why because it porzingas boxes out his side of the lane and auto bio it came around porzingas and he went for the ball on the left side which is where the ball came down on which was Powell's silent that was Powell's rebound to get now porzingis. PERSINGER got beat. But he like. He held up his end of the bargain. Like he boxed out the right side auto bio happened to go around him. But at that point shouldn't have mattered How will jason? How dare and my thing? Is You when you watch it. Powell is just standing there looking at the ball and to me. If if you're rebounder if you're in that situation standing and watching the ball is the cardinal sin like you do not do that and that's what what frustrated me is that he didn't even go for it like maybe outer bio would have gone anyway because he was aggressive. Who knew that would help you to get a rebound? But like maybe he wouldn't have gone on any way but just the fact that he didn't even go for it he just stood there and looked at it. It's things like that his defense and rebounding to me. I just think it's a problem problem like again. He's averaging five rebounds. You can't tell me that this is the best that we can get no and you can throw around all these advanced CNET ratings for all you want that to me is not an indication of how good do I Powell is. It's an indication of how important the the roller is to the offense. And even so like yes he is good in that role. Does some good on offense but I think you could get someone that's even better than a guy that just eight points and that guy would also be a good defender and rebounder and I know I'm asking for that's a really good player but again that's my point. If that guy is available you have better. I want to wipe Powell on the team. I like him and and Max and Max here on the corner of the same time. Unlike having his minutes with Luca at the same time I think having a good fifteen minutes of pick and roll with Luca and Powell is really good for this team. I'm not saying we need to cut him or anything like that. But if the thunder by some miracle were like hey we like you guys down there will want to give you a hefty. Yes you have to take Stephen Adams because he is if you want some Stephen Adams highlights the guys skywalker for a seven foot dude. He gets up there he can all you with the best of them he just just you know outside a Westbrook who you know debatable. On how good of a point guard he really is a lot of people. Don't really know So yeah I do. I think the Mavericks will make you trade. No an even know if there was like I available now that matches what I'm talking about. It says Drummond is there. Stephen Adams Herald is there. There's Rudy go bears there. There's guys available but they don't play for the mavs. Yeah so it's like I know in in some ways I'm being unreasonable. Like I fully acknowledged that my point is not that the mavs should just go out and get this guy and if they don't they're not trying trying hard enough that's that's not my point. My point is that I think do I POW has deficiencies and I get like I said they eventually will. Who needs a little hide from him for the time being? He's here he does good at some things I get it. I like him off the bench before it's like so I'm not saying we make a traders making trade but like eventually they will have to upgrade from him yes and again. It's not a shot at him. I want to keep him on the team. I love having his minutes with Luca or Brunson fine now. I think this team team without having that defensive physical presence in the middle is still in elite team. Obvious don't WanNa best but imagine exactly imagine that and then also you can see where not having that guy is going to hurt you. It's already hurt the Mavericks. Yeah many times as year on a such a simple play a missed free throw getting the rebound and that has cost the maverick's games like the has literally cost you games defense defense. He's he's not even it's like he's not even there when they played the Pistons. Derrick rose drove it on him in freaking pushed him out of the way like so yeah he but having him coming off your bench would be awesome against. It's I guess exactly so but yeah I think that's really the the biggest upgrade the mavericks need to make but I don't know if they just don't have anything to give other than Courtney Lee the which I I honestly in West it's four a top notch. Guy You might as well. Just keep him chemistry the team. Yeah they're not going to make a trade used to make. I know. I know I don't think they should. But yeah I mean it's like yeah I would like to have Stephen Adams or these guys don't grow on trees and even Andre Drummond is impervious. He has efficiencies to honestly. I WANNA look more into Andre Drummond to see if that's something that I even have an opinion on because right now I don't you know I mean. He's an upgrade over Powell. Obviously yeah I mean I mean. That's obvious there's advanced research that needs to be done on that Now is he an elite center. I mean you can have an elite position or player each position. You could just go with the best. Now you do need that physical presence next porzingis. I think he fits that. He's a great rebe. Nobody's getting the rebound on a free throw as like Derek Harper said the other night when we were playing the Pistons instance when Drummond wants the rebound. He's getting the rebound. Yeah and you know have a lack guy. Ironically that plague. I'm sorry I keep it in that play against the heat. You look at it from Web Powell didn't do but on the flip side you see what I'm talking about. What auto bio did in like he went after the rebound and even though he was boxed out even though it was on the other side of the rim he went after it was he in going going back to that? Play if you had drummond. That's not porzingis in front of Adebayo it's Andre Drummond and this is on the other underside. Yeah so your chances of getting that re- well you're getting that rebound and so you know it's you clearly need that even though they're a really good rebounding team when you need that critical rebound. They're not getting it again. I I don't think they're gonNA make any tree. Yeah and and also I want to say too. I don't don't WanNA trade for a guy at the expense of the offense because I think what Powell does in the offense is important and I I I angry with you that it's more about carlisle system that as long as you have a guy that can do that. He's going to be successful but again like I. I don't want to trade for a guy that can't do that but as good defensively I think you're just swapping roles at that point so like again. I know I'm asking for a lot but that's kind of my point is like yes. Yes there is a guy where you can or if there is a guy where you can upgrade from Powell. Wish there's gotta be an upgrade from a guy that averages eight points and five rebounds if like is available you have to go for and it's it's sad you know that We have to talk about this team. Eighteen in. But it's like every is well like I just with the mavs. What trades can we? I bet you Milwaukee Bucks what trades. How can we get rid of Wesley Math? Yea Bad math so much tonight that lasts second foul. The what did he like air balled Alab or some of the shot. Yeah I was like demand West and West but yet no trades are fun and in like I was saying on twitter today like the reason I like talking about trades is because I I always want to. I always want the team to improve. I'm not saying I WANNA do Ridge rages for the sake of it now like I like talking about it just for the sake of talking about it because it's fun but as far as actual serious business only do it if it makes you better but yeah if it makes you better than definitely do and I know that's a delicate thing of you could have a trade where you get a super good guy could have a trade we get Rajon Rondo like I know it's kind of a tricky situation but anyways those are my my thoughts on On trade and Dwight Powell. Okay so yeah. Those are our thoughts on on the game on the team. So far. You know I'm constantly asking myself. Is this a championship team. Because I think that I don't WanNa be irrational and crazy but at the same time I I keep seeing things like tonight where it's like. This team is like really good and and when I say like championship team I know the awesome awesome winning a ring even the of the bugs winning her ring like only one team wins it. It's it's remote but my point is just. Are they that that kind of team. Where you're you're talking about and you're talking about? You know bugs mass finals who would win like you can have those kinds of conversations and I think they're close or maybe there. We're almost thirty season. We're we're still third in the West. Yeah I mean this issue as teams in the league. Yeah I don't think you're gonNA see like a vastly different team going forward. This is who you are. And they're like you said their third in the West so it's really exciting Boston coming up and we'll see how they they do get against them will see whenever Luca comes. Bag tweet us your thoughts on on the team on this win against the bugs again. I'm at underscore discourse Sidney Meyers Martinez at Martin Myers And I think that's pretty much it. Thank you guys so much for listening. If you're listening on apple podcasts. Feel free to leave a rating or review. We really appreciate that. 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