Denny Hamlin and Brett Moffitt


The following production of the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Looking to big up to rock and roll today without the plug four hundred labs. I have a great day tonight. We'll have a widower we gotta deal. The motor racing network presents NASCAR law allows car. Pileup able try to walk Donald pending behind turnover to by darla the checkered flag. Denny Hamlin at one sixty position of the day tone of five hundred. You are the band. The NASCAR live is brought to you by blue Monday at outback steakhouse here is your host Mike Bagley. Hello, everybody. Welcome to another addition of nesper live here on the motor racing network Bagley and the M R N crew fresh off of speed weeks twenty nineteen the Daytona five hundred is in the books. Denny Hamlin scored his second win in the great American race. Denny's gonna join us on today's show to talk about getting that very emotional win for Joe Gibbs racing defending truck series champion and last year's winner. At Atlanta Brett Moffitt gonna join us today as well. Our very own Winston Kelly had the opportunity to sit down with Richard Childress Sunday before the Daytona five hundred of course, are CR kicking off its fiftieth anniversary this year are see we'll talk about fifty years of Richard Childress racing. We'll take you back. Let you hear some more of that interview. Part of it was played during our pre race coverage from Daytona or there's a whole lot more to enjoy. And we've. Got that for you along with many many other items as well. But first we catch up with Kim Kun in everything that went on this weekend as far as social media and other matters are concerned. Hello, kim. Hello, mike. Glad to have you back. It was a very exciting speed weeks. But he got force today. It was well, obviously on social media. A lot of people are talking about Daytona five hundred champion. Denny hamlin. I'm sure you saw where they went to stake in shake after the race to celebrate. Obviously he's doing the media rounds currently, but that actually is not my favorite thing on social media from speed weeks. My favorite social post came from Team Penske, do you have any idea? What I'm alluding to? I have no idea what you're talking about here. Well, it's really interesting because we talk about debris a lot on the race track. I know you make calls out from the turns about debris on the grill. Well, not often is debris in the form of cash money. And that's exactly what they found on Ryan blades car after the pit stop. He made when he won stage two they swipe the grill, and they found a Lincoln on the grill of these car. If you don't believe me, I know I know I know if you don't believe me go to team petits Twitter handle there is a photo of it where they say on the last for blaming the Menards crew found a five dollar Bill on the grill. And they have one of the crew members holding the Bill out. Well, how does one pick up a five spot on the race track? And quite frankly for throwing five spots around like some dilemna my term position at some points. I know I know I mean, if it's me I'm hoping it's Benjamin on my grow. But if I'd better than nothing, but I thought that was so funny. It's nothing I've ever seen before. Again. You can look at the photo at Team Penske Twitter. If you don't believe me if I do my math, right? Five dollar Bill is five hundred lucky pennies, unfortunately, they did not work in Ryan's favor because he was part of that one of those final accidents and how to def- in the Daytona five hundred. So they're gonna need every penny and that five spots. Right. Handle the damages to those rates cars after the five hundred. Absolutely. I can't. Well, thank you, very well, very exciting speed weeks, and well for some a ritual speed weeks at least as far as a five dollar bills concern. Yes. Steam Penske five dollars richer, but don't you can follow us at Marin radio in tweet us using the hashtag ask him Aren. 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What you need us to get hooked. Let's do this. On hold on. I'm going to turn it up to that's too loud. Don't talk on the that's better. Drone casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurance discounts not available to situations wall. Here the best in car. Audio from Sunday's Daytona five hundred next. This is NASCAR live on the motoracing network. The voice of NASCAR. Experience different lawyer sees check your flag experience excitement, drama and action. And he wins the s p P five hundred variance NASCAR at its best. Experience. Martinsville monster energy NASCAR Cup series returned to martinsville speedway. March twenty fourth for the SDP five hundred tickets start at just forty seven dollars and are on sale now. Call eight seven seven race picks or bitten martinsville feet. Way dot com today to start your experience wave nation with Steve post, Aaron Everett hand, and Ashley strand your destination for all things wing spring cars, heat Saturday at eight thirty and eleven thirty AM on TV live at noon on wings, nation dot com and Facebook live join us for in-depth conversations with drivers and personalities that make up the greatest dirt racing on earth. The winged nation preview podcast each Thursday reviews the upcoming weekend wing nation, Wayne sprint car talk. Covering dirt. Tracks all across. American. This is NASCAR live now. Back to Mike Bagley. Welcome back to this car. Live Sunday, kicked off that's par season with the Daytona five hundred and it did not disappoint in the drama department. Here's a backtracks from the great American race. Chase elliott. He may be the hardest working. The homework. Clean cute. Alright for gotta be at the end. Kinda day. They wanna count. Thank you one hundred one thousand or on their feet in waiting for the green fly. It is out. Trouble turn to Dave. Kurt Busch track to squeak down into the bottom line may contact with another car spun broadside in the middle of Turk wanted to they're fairly easy easy. Your main thing, I'll do it. Leper damage your liver damage damage will be rolling. I got. What tires? Has been a mole other tapers thanking you get to view the damage generally lender. Member Seventy-three Joanna gone on pit rose. All of these Sonoko kill only get up ten here pressure coming on the track hopefully outside the tent four there when he planned out the ten. Right now, we're getting word that perhaps the number eleven. Denny Hamlin is off the pace to figure it out. But we don't think we got enough in. Y hickok bra thirty six ago cheetahs trouble. He is down on the apron a couple of other cars involved as one looks like Parker clerk got a pizza that. I got no clue what the hell. He thing. Right there. And then when he pulled up I was like. I got that. Damn trouble cars begin to slide collected slamming into the inside wall across the grass. They go Ricky Stenhouse junior gap that. Path damps have. Got minimal damage right here for a great brave breaks after this forty eight by going back back back back back in and look up here. Four tires four four four four four four pack that come on come on come up to them. Comes to our. Toes off sterile to the right. Just a little. At the end of the pack will spin out of my view on the front straightaway. Brent his Laos can't Laskey is. In fact, it looks like he's cut down a left rear tyre, all the break leper. Guide started putting Bush. I need to get a record your ran over summer. What the ball on me? Around a multi car pileup has cars crashing collide. You're willing role. Got. Polio. Now. Appreciate your power employees. Having such a good one for the whip brothers. Let me know Europe. And. Four. I have to hard in the back. Now, here's one out of line. It'd be Clint Boyer to the bottom. Quote. He gets turned. Bottom out that out that okay, man. There you go right there. Right into our work on here. Finishes. I always ages look fine flag in the air here at Daytona here. They come racing back through the triable it managed ghosted. Denny Hamlin halfback if you join back white flag back to matter. What don't wanted to have one and a half behind Dinnie Hammonds trying to block all lanes. He's to the outside to the inside the checkered flag. Denny Hamlin won the sixty persecution of the day tone of five hundred. Eight. Oh, yeah. You are the band. You are the ban on John. I'm chris. Burleigh proud of. Great now, while we know the Daytona five hundred is a big deal here in America. You might forget. Or may not realize how international the great American race is here are a few calls of the big one. And Denny Hamlin winning the Daytona five hundred in different languages around. Multi-car pile-up has cars crash in collide touch base. Smith. Devotion tonight, blading true. Bernard too. Garron? He's leaving the chill. Big one living. We have them beat one only come to the Stouffer visit Cokie if you know to work with supersonic mitchum onto the Suci cyst, which announcement, she hadn't been knees. Could a kid him in this. Kindo not. Speaking polish. No eight. Dependent. His shuttle gel by the sense chips. And I meet vanass GPS nasty. AM Blaney Finney Hammonds trying to block all lanes. He's to the outside to the inside to the checkered flag. Denny hamlin. If one the sixty edition of the day tone of five hundred French. Put the to me. Condition. 'twas. Key shop in Spanish site. About Mosser heavily come to class today. Thirty in some day. Leave it up to you to pick your favorite coming up. We talked with Hamlin about his second tone of five hundred win and later we hear Richard Childress talk about some of the biggest moments in our CR history. 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Learn more at demand Detroit dot com Saturday afternoon. Motoracing network will have coverage of the Atlanta two hundred for the NASCAR gander outdoors truck series. Sure. The tune in for coverage Saturday afternoon at four PM in the east coming up next. We'll have our autozone. Driver of the week. He happens to be the twenty nineteen Daytona five hundred champion. Denny hamlin. Presented by auto zone. It's never a good feeling to see. Your check engine light. On thankfully, the autozone. Fix finder service can tell you the. Most likely fix for free. Get in his own autozone. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Hey round Shaheen here with our ins this straight line. The holidays may be over. But the drag racing world is just putting up their Christmas trees as they get ready for the start of the twenty nineteen race season two Doug Herbert and every Thursday as we talked to the celebrities of the NHRA, and we'll take you inside the pits for all the latest news headlines. It's our Inza straight line. Presented by Reilly auto parts every Thursday on MR in dot com. I tunes or wherever podcasts are hurt. The nineteen ninety three cups season was a year of triumphs is going to win. But they buy nobody was talking. It was all in my hands and tragedies I remember Peter driving that truck around the track went up the gate leaving play Alan recital. Be back here stories that you've never heard before in a ten part series called the nineteen ninety three season. Twenty five years later win. Tonight. Jamie free championship can download all the shows for free on I tunes and at our dot com. This is NASCAR live now. Back to Mike Bagley. We welcome you back to that our live. We continue post speed weeks two thousand nineteen it was Sunday. The running of the sixty first day tone of five hundred and Denny Hamlin survived. All of the late race chaos to score his second win in the great American race. Any joins us now on NASCAR live. Any? Welcome back to the show. Congratulations on winning the five hundred appreciate it. Thanks ramming. It wasn't easy by any means. Walk us through that challenging day. You had on Sunday seems like you have a little bit everything thrown your way. Yes. Certainly journals. Pretty well. We're kind of battling for first stage win and got a little bit on the last lap and physician where kind of put myself in a bad spot for didn't finish as well as thought. But in the second stage, we couldn't get the car full we end to make multiple stops. We went on lockdown at one point hundred green, and we did ninety five that was leading actually. Was kinda fun of us. And we saw that those guys were about the pit. So I went ahead and passed them. Just in case a caution came out. Luckily costs did come out with those guys again, she's gonna put us behind quite a bit. So we're kinda got saved by caution. There, you know, in the final stage just methodically made our way back up front and had a good pitstop. Good strategy and kept it up front and in a way from all those wrecks. It went on when you have a situation early in the race win. Something happens in your case. Trouble fueling the car a mechanical issue, and you try to rally back from that is that a distraction, and how do you process that minimizes you keep focused on the task at hand to win these races? You kinda have kind of everything go right because you have to keep track initiative trust much as you can it was it was a challenge for us. Starting third stage. I think twenty second or something like that could be a challenge for you back up front. But luckily, you know, we played the right strategy the right time we came in and extra time tires when no one else did. And allow. Us that kinda take that fuel only stop there towards the end of that attack to back then we really battled our way back to the front from there. So for me, personally, I think that you know, you're going to have adversity. Sometimes you just can't figure how you can not let it affect your role. Finish. We mentioned all the chaos that broke loose late in the race. In seem to happen off the end of the back straightaway. Was it aggressive racing over all are these just slips maybe perhaps mistakes that guys were making what led to the chaos that? We saw in your opinion. Ten laps to go in your twenty second. Right. Just say, you're twenty seconds twenty. You've got to try to make a move to go the front, right? The bad part is your beds already made. You're not gonna get to the front, you know, in that position because he waited too long, and you've either way too long or you got shuffled there or what have you and everyone's trying to get to the front at the same time. And there's just not enough real estate to do that your to to your side dressy show there in momentarily vote anywhere. So what happens so sticks three? And the catch the other two off guard and usually start I know that it's it's situational. But is there a magic lap? Is there? A magic time to wear say, you are mid pack, and you say all right if gonna win this thing, I gotta go is there towards the end of this race that moment or is that fluid from race to race. It's fluid race to race. It's all situational in my opinion. I mean, there's some races where land back is been official at certain parts of the race. Where statistically, it's you know, maybe chaotic, but for the most part, I try to stay up front as much as I can. But it, you know, the situation in the strategy doesn't always play out that way. It's you know, how you overcome that. And if you have to make that extra pit stop like we did in the middle of the race. How are we going to battle from, you know, the back of the pack to the front, and we found a way what does it mean to you to get this win under your belt get it done and get back to victory lane and kind of shake off what was left of last season. Yeah. I mean, it's. Kathleen good to win the first race back. That's always a good thing. And you know, got crazy say but more down we had all of last year go into the playoffs. So we're going to keep building on it. I mean, that'll give us the hopefully a Christian that we need early in the round, you know, eliminates overly last year. It just seemed like a fair fight where so far behind in the points. So we're gonna do everything we can pretend we could to Lanta that you know, we got to win this race tune. So we're gonna stay aggressive and try to give many wins as we can by all start you joined an elite group, you're a two-time winner of the Daytona five hundred but Sunday's win obviously meant something to you for career accomplishments. It was a one two three J G R punch. And then of course, this is in the wake of losing JD. Joe son back on January eleventh what is the mood with the race team? What was the emotional nature of this win for the entire organization? Well, I know my guys were super pumped up about it. I I have really. Revamped team from top to bottom, you know. Most of the road crew, you know, let's say some of the road crew different. But the pit crew is entirely different. You know, obviously, the crew chief changes is is a major change in itself. But so those guys ultimately super super happy a lot of guys won't different team last year kind of spread out through the organization. But generally, you know, they were jacked up, and then he saw the excitement from you know, to gives family themselves. It was if it's just a great victory lane. Kind of you're part of and I know that it is just one race. But right now, you're batting thousand your second opportunity comes this weekend. At the Atlanta Motor Speedway first race with reduced horsepower in the cars, and obviously that will launch us off into the new aero dynamic package with the other facts on it as well. Do you know what to expect this weekend at Atlanta? Not really I mean, I haven't got the test this package, you know, as much as we try to quit. The all star. It is different is different. A lot of ways. I was scheduled to go in the simulator today in driving little bit. But obviously that changed with the Daytona five hundred. So for me, I'm going to be going into pretty blind. I'll know within the first couple of that's kind of what I got. But certainly, you know, I I don't know fact until actually happen. Unknowns awareness at the Atlanta Motor Speedway coming this weekend. The folds of honor quick trip five hundred our friends at the performance racing network will have that call this weekend. One more thing before we let you go. I know that when athletes perform well, they happen to hear from other, athletes and other celebrities curious to know after you won the race on Sunday night. Who did you hear from anybody of note? Yeah. I mean, you know, watches where the guys who kind of reached out and actress and three doubts get we're part of the same management group, which is great. But it's catty friendly when the masters handful years ago. So got great relationships with him a bunch of guys, and obviously the basketball industry golf industry stuff like that. And it's just it's amazing. You know to have support from friends like that that, you know, keep up with you on a weekly basis, and I'm sure they'll keeping up with your points bowler and seeing if you can rack up another one this weekend. We appreciate the time. Grad. Relations on winning the Daytona five hundred and becoming a two time. Winner of the great American race on the process. All right. Thank that's Denny Hamlin. Winner of the two thousand nineteen Daytona five hundred coming up. Richard Childress relives are CR's biggest moments later, we hear what drivers are expecting and Atlanta with some of the major changes going into effect for two thousand nineteen. The greatest race a picturesque set a race track. One of best that we go to the Horsely ear. You know, when you come here, you're probably gonna see things happen that you will not see any place else. Campground full the fans are filing of their seats. And we are just about ready to get things going on here. 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The latest NASCAR news and opinion pieces race schedules, drivers standings and archives of Marin program are N race broadcasts and so much more dot com. This is NASCAR live now. Back to Mike Bagley. Welcome back to ask our live. We appreciate your joining us in spending time with us here on the motor racing network. Two thousand nineteen marks a lot of anniversaries for different tracks and organizations one of them being Richard Childress racing. MR ins Winston Kelly had a chance to sit down with our seeing Daytona and talk about some of the best moments. That are see are has ever seen Earnhardt inside on Richard children squeezes out of the outside lane. It will move up a non you always talk about only in America. Why is that? Well, you know, I'm surprised of our country and our flag, and and everything we got going on with with this great country live. I've been fortunate to travel all over the world and go to countries that aren't even close to what we are in in third world countries in socials when I touched ground here. It's great. But then I think back in the reason I say it in bad every time I speak. How come out say only in America only in America could with a key with a dream and a note twenty dollar rice car, be speaking to Winston Kelly here on imortant when you think about where it came from talk about your early days early remembrances above in grey stadium before actually racing. Yeah. I was key it, then our stepdad cares. I can't remember really hellos more. I think about us probably t n Levin years. Oh, and my brother went with me, and we. Win. Remember watching the rice when night and rice drivers came a hero's and anew after going over there and Clement offense and getting in or walking in with somebody who were selling peanuts and popcorn. And it was just a new what I wanna do from at day in. They had a ninety nine dollars claiming division and went out, boating. Oh, twenty dollar ice car. You mentioned you had a dream. What was that? During was it just a race? Or was it bigger than that? It was bigger than that. Because you can over there at MoMA grace same. They would put a sheet up over there on east play football there, and they would show the old Rice's from Daytona in different places. And I'll watch those guys rice seen how they live. How they they were just fun Levin bunch of gas. And that's that's the way I won't be in life. And and it was good to go down there and hang out with rice drivers. And and see how they really did. There are a number of bellwether days bell. Weather moments over the past fifty years. Talladega nineteen sixty nine is one of those what happened that weekend in. Why was it so important to Richfield IRS and Richard Childress racing count? It it started out we'd rice there and back in the day. Bill France or the track she go to give us a deal money in. And I think he gave us five hundred bucks to come down in a rice at rice. Plus what we won think one thousand or so dollars twelve hundred dollars for it was and then we ran Bill France senior came over that evening when the PDA pulled out at Talladega for the speeds in ISA boys, I won't run rice, mar pay another five hundred thousand orbit was he was going to pay us and in one another couple of thousand dollars of the purse I won that day, and I came home with four or five thousand dollars more money at ever had in my life. I thought I'd never have to work again. Fifty years later still worked, but but the co thing about it was I and I was only in my twenties, and I went I was smart enough to go and buy some land and start Mon business and build a business of of building working streetcars and billing wreck cars, and it was a break on the to stay in rice. You continue to have some successes driver. But then made the decision that it was time to step out of the car become an owner, but somebody else in the car. How did you learn heart get hooked up that very first time? Well, we knew each other in race against each other hundred never will forget a one to rice ever metro Atlanta one day and Dale come up to me he finished sack kale and erect on the last lap spun off still wonder rice and Dale Fain saying come over and poked me sick next time rice against I'm gonna win. And he proved that way many many. Times, but we got hooked up. Rod Austrian had soul to JD Stacy his rice team and build it won't be so and he came over he and some other guys with RJ Reynolds came over and said, hey, we won't they won't drive for you. I've heard you only get out of the car not could see change with Osterlund Stacy Warner. Hodgson, so many people coming into sport. It was a gun become a big money sport. And I didn't have the money for didn't use something do something I was going to be out of business. So I took. Junior Johnson's advice in put Dale Earnhardt car. I never will forget we were to downtown or in Aniston, Alabama, whom we put our deal together for teen rices. You guys seem to have so many connections. You know, you both like to hunt you like to fish. But one of the other things is you both were racers. I and then became businessmen. How did that kind of mesh together for you guys and the success at translated to on the racetrack and authorize track for you guys? Dale was really a very very savvy businessman, and I was fortunate enough to have some good guidance. When I was very young to make some good decisions. I'm never had anything gave to me. I always worked to where we are today. Father died when I was about six years old his father passed away. We had a lot of things in common. We both had mothers. We love we had so many things. In common. I guess raise a lot of people didn't give a year get along because both per little hot hidden heavy. He hard headed, maybe you may call it. But we knew there was something special relationship, and we built so much trust in that relationship is what made a destroy six championships together. Checkered flag and the Winston Cup championship today. Earnhardt everybody's saying here take congratulate retro Taylor's does one of them stand out more than the other. And if so why I would say probably the first one for me would stand out more than anything his lack a load being taken off my back. Here had a championship driver driving for us. And we went nineteen eighty five. We had the worst year, I told Dale Dale. You're better driver than you need to be here. Never will forget we got back to my house. I spent tonight at my house up in Winston Salem there. And he said. We started this together, and we're gonna finish it together. In next year. We came back we one nine or ten rices and won the championship. And it was just a load off my back that we were able to give him reward him with a championship because of him sticking with us one of our darkest days, of course, two thousand one, but you can't going because of a pack the two of you guys had what was that? We were hunting out in New Mexico, and Ma horse. We all he always joked about being a great horse. Rick and flipped off the mountain and got all busted up head bar his gun to finish outcome with in gap back to camp at night. And we were hanging out around the campfire you having a though beverage in. We were having so much fun. Just talking about that reckon they and I looked over to us today. If anything ever happens to me if I hadn't made it off at mount today, you know, you head win on raced. At we were on our way to Phoenix. And he said if it ever happens to me, you gotta keep going, and I thought about that that Teves day we were stayed down here with Bill France, and my Hilton that group and after that bad day, and then I thought about it and the walk inside and the Cowboys hedging says Bobby going to Rockingham Takhar white call NASCAR. And tell them we won't the lowest number that is available that happened to be number twenty nine and I said have Kevin Hart meeting there. I'll be shocked about now clock tonight. And that's how it went. Stories bring back a lot of members. Thank you. We appreciate it coming up. Woody. Kane is going to tell us what drivers are expecting this weekend at Atlanta and later bending truck series champion Brett Moffitt joins us in studio. And we're all about giving you more ways to get more done like the autozone. Rewards program. Members get more like a twenty dollar reward to spend twenty dollars more five times got more to do. 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What he Cain has a preview of this weekend's action from Atlanta next. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Are you ready to help children forget about their serious medical conditions? So they can just be a kid the support victory junction, which is the dream of late race driver. Adam penny who wanted to build a camp? Children concentrate on fun and laughter. Not build this. Disability at Tintri junction. Kids enjoyed zip-line horseback riding swimming fishing, all in a medically safe environment. All at no cost to the camper. What do you say Richard petty lifts new this? Learn more at victory junction dot org. You hear it every week? This wanna thank the whole team. And all our guys back in Denver. Everybody supports this team kit unsung heroes of NASCAR. And then life as the pit. This is Rockaway. Simplest teen years. I've jacked up some of the biggest names in auto racing. And now, I'm Jack bring it all down street level in quench you with the guy behind the wall and back at the shop join meal Emaar in crew call convinced by money lions every Wednesday on the marine dot com. I two our whatever podcast or. Fan. This is NASCAR live now. Back to Mike Bagley weakened ten you along here on NASCAR live all season. A lot of the talk has been about the changes NASCAR is making the cars to the rules and how it's going to affect the racing on track. Nascar today's Woody. Cain walks us through. What drivers are thinking? What will happen at Atlanta this weekend? And what NASCAR is hoping? We'll happen. Now that the great American race is in the books. Nascar moves to that new twenty nineteen rules package. Insteps starting this weekend that Atlanta Motor Speedway. It's important to keep in mind that the goal is to keep cars closer together longer like the all-star race in Charlotte last year, but with some important tweaks after learning from that event and later tests, bigger spoilers splitters for more downforce will be the most visible to fans engines restricted to about five hundred fifty horsepower. Compared to a more normal seven. Fifty sounds huge. But remember that cars at Daytona ran about four hundred horsepower. And last year's all star race at about four fifty the big difference between this week and next will be aired nuts at Atlanta most Pocono races Darlington and homestead those will be used to help. Cool the brakes at Las Vegas and other intermediate size tracks they'll be used to make a bigger bubble of air around the cars to help with passing like expanding cars, use it. Indianapolis seven-time chant Jimmy Johnson tested at both Atlanta and Vegas now had an opinion going into the Las Vegas test on based on all star racing in my opinion changed on the test in cornerstone throughout high Telstar race. We are close to the as attraction with the car that I I thought we would be, but there is a huge drop from a straight. So I think I dealing you know, we're gonna have big runs on on each other the straightaways same than being able to take two and three wide ailing in the corner. Still gonna be an issue special over tires. Surface that could string things out that I wouldn't -ticipant a stain in a big pack and a lot more competitive passes. Bush says the tracks themselves will be a huge factor in determining how well the new package work. Tracks are going to be different summer kinda going to be the same. You know, we look at places like Atlanta, California where the tires were out. And you definitely have a lot of comers goers. You know, you might see guys qualify up front that are trimmed out to be able to go fast and carry speed through the short run. But typically gets into a long run you're gonna have long run races as well to that. Our cars are typically faster in a long runs, and we'll be coming through at the end, you know. So it just kind of depends. I hope that it still comes down to the guys that know how to set up the race cars, really. Well, the drivers communication degree chiefs. Chiefdom your job with cars engineers as well. As the guys back the shop building fast race cars still hope all of that comes to permission, then we can see the good guys. Good guys in and have not have not just like last week where fans were concerned that the Daytona five hundred might wind up similar to the right around the top strategy. They saw in the clash and duel races. Only to see a completely different NATO defied hundred Martin directs junior says we really don't know what to expect. I think it's a big question Mark crawl. I think it's gonna look similar some tracks different and other. I think really the track. Folks are the big key. Whether it's going to work out the way they wanted to or not it's really gonna change. What it looks like? So we'll just have to wait Z. Honestly, I think his driver's competition. We all wanna win. We're gonna do whatever we can figure it out better than everybody else. And that's our job. I don't worry about packages and rules. I just go drive and trying to figure out how to win even last year's Atlanta winner, isn't sure what we'll see. But Kevin Harvick does believe the race within a race will be who can figure it out more quickly. We've never had forty cars on the racetrack together in the close form that we have at the all star race. So there's there's really more questions than there are answers at this particular point. I think from a race team standpoint, we really have no idea of what to expect as to what's going to be better speed or handling and until you race. There's really no way to to have that answer. So we're we're going to be acquiring notes. And all the things that come with the first, you know, six weeks of the season trying to figure out what we need to do as well. And how we're going to race in what it's going to look like as we the first. Season despite the changes just like with other evolutions in competition someone or several someone's adapt faster and the rest will play up that race starts this weekend. And Atlanta, thank you. What he it's definitely going to be interesting to see how these drivers adapt. Not only this weekend at Atlanta, but points beyond in Las Vegas. I assume race way and the auto club speedway as well. Coming up Brett Moffitt talks new rides and his thoughts going into Atlanta. And later we celebrate twenty five years of trucks. He's racing. Wheel designs and manufactures reliable and powerful warning lights white illumination lighting sirens. Controllers and high powered morning systems for automotive aviation and mass notification industries worldwide every part of every in product is proudly designed and manufactured in America and is testing on site to meet the toughest industry certifications on the road in the air. And around the world Wieland is trusted to be seen trusted to be heard trusted to perform. Hey, guys, it's Dylan. Well, he's Tyler Burnett where the coast of the rip the fence podcast. Have you like traditional non wing dirt track racing? We've got the podcast for you. Christopher bell people off before and every time stuck my hand outside of the car with my finger up at BNF. We literally crack open the Mike and talk to some of the biggest stories in open wheel racing from past and present either chose to fight or now fighting Joseph I with me, it's the rip Vince podcast. Available on 'em are in dot com and your favorite podcast app. We'll preview this weekend's NASCAR gander outdoor structures race from Atlanta next with defending champion Brett Moffitt. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Hi, folks, Mike Bagley here at Marin. We rely on a quick from racing electrons. Laconic? Scanners in headphones peak listen to every uncensored conversation between driver and crew. And when we need live audio in park cameras and up to the second statistics user latest hand held unit Paul legend to learn more about these products and many others. Visit racing electron IX dot com racing. Electron IX, the official two-way communication partner of them are end. On the race track. You can only go as far as your engine can take you. 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And and the truck seem like it was good overall this transition from Shige team to GM s were you pleased with with how things went in Daytona, ask very pleased. Honestly, you know from the outside looking in competing against GM all year last year. No, they really prove that their staple in the truck series. And and they've earned it three there from lap one. At Daytona was very clear to me that it was the best speedway. I've ever been in. I've had a lot of speedway success which continued on last weekend. But we. Actually had a lot of fun doing it. That was my first time enjoying speedway racing. I felt like if we got back to the front there we really could've controlled the race especially to come with my teammates with me. It was a bummer for sure. But I gotta say they made the transition super easy on me as a driver and brought a really patch sevi- Silverado the Trat. So if we keep doing that I'll be very happy me was there really a big adjustment to to deal with the with the change. Not really at say. The biggest thing is just getting another people, you know, working with a new crew chief and Jerry Baxter actually known him since the days of racing Kane for Michael Waltrip racing. He was on their program at the time. We've never had a working relationship. But we've always known each other for quite some time now. So the biggest thing is just getting in the shop getting to know the guys and girls that edge EMS and really just going forward from there gets the racetrack and start working together. I know it it obviously wasn't you in victory lane. But to see guys victory Daytona. A happy for some of them. I'll say that. I got some good friends still over there. So you know, it was good for them to get a win there and start on the right foot. I wish it could have been us. But I think we'll go to Atlanta here and try to kick mass moving forward to Atlanta. You guys were so strong last year on the on the mile and a half for rain. And obviously the GM teams to what are you most excited about going to Atlanta is I'm just getting excited to go back to a real racetrack. You know, ski Larissa luck of the draw. I think what nine Trump's finished or whatever so lane, I can control your own fate and destiny a little bit more. You can go out there. And if we have a really competitive Chevy Silverado say up front, stay out of trouble. And it is a bit of a strategy. Call there in the last stage at pens on win cautions come out. It's really going to shake the field. A little bit of someone were to hold onto a set of tires. A late caution comes out they're gonna make out. Really? Well, so I'm just excited. Go back to attract where you know. It's a little bit more like traditional race. And strong mom house last year and look forward to join up with them this year to try to repeat. Yeah. How much confidence does that give you as good as they were in as good as you were on the mile and a half as much as that makes up the schedule, and that probably makes you feel pretty good going here. Yeah. I really feel like they were strong GM s strong everywhere. We went, you know, we pretty good everywhere. We went we had a few tracks. We flat out missed it. And under thing with that is relying on teammates Sheldon credence to freezing works close under our camp. And I think that's going to help if do show up to a racetrack and miss MRs setup off the truck, we can all three work together and go in different directions and find out what works best. So hopefully that will be a minimum this year, and we work together. Well, and is huge confidence with one of the best teams in the industry's for quite some time. Now, how is it different being there than it was being I'd say, it's a lot more. You know, they're still a small team. But it's a lot more like back when I was racing. Up with those teams. But there's a lot more depth. You know, they're they have lot more quick -ment and a lot more personnel. So, you know, it's it's still not a huge team by any means. But there's a lot more to rely on in depth and strengthen that Depp. Does it feel different having to not worry about the fact if you're going to be racing the next week or not for sure? Yeah. I mean that was that was super hard last year. It was it was a survival mode kind of deal where it was just get to the racetrack. And then once we got the racetrack. Then you switch over to. Okay. How are we going to be competitive this weekend? Which fortunately Scotts valley did a great job. And the guys they're put that all aside and focus on the job at hand wants got to track, but you know, going into this season knowing that I'm going to be with one of the best teams in the series. And that we're going to go race for a championship from the get-go. It's a huge weight off my shoulders now all afternoon folks on being the best driver, I can be and being the best. I can be on and off the racetrack physically mentally and just just build on. Last year success and try to even better this in what ways does something like that way on your mind where you don't know. Rive differently. I don't think he'd drive any differently. You know once I got to the racetrack. We just completely shut it off. It was just a lot of stress during the week that I wouldn't say was necessary or not ideal. You know, it wasn't a safe situation. But obviously when you're not in the focus on that you can focus on what makes you better as a driver in. What makes you better as a team instead of how are we going to get there this year as the defending champion? How does that? Is it rusher is it? Good with that pressure. Does it motivate you what what is it feel like going back to these places? I think I've always been good my career of I put the most pressure on myself. I have the highest expectations for myself. And when I'm not successful. I'm the only one that is doubting myself. So, you know, it's it's a sport. Where all that matters is winning. But the in the past champion, I feel like a lot of the year last year with it being my first time racing fulltime again, I was still learning, and I was learning how to run for championship and learn how to be desisted and some of the tracks for the first time ever been there in a Trump. So, you know, I think it's it's pressure for sure, but it's all coming from which in in me wanting to take last year and have that BS starting stone in performing better this. Thank you Dylan. Speaking of truck series racing coming up, we'll talk twenty five years of trucks series racing and get into a little NASCAR history. It's all in our autozone. Commercial free zone. It's never a good feeling to see your check. Engine light on thankfully, the autozone. Fix finder service can tell you the most likely fix for free. Get in his own autozone. Boom. Tonight. That back. From the restrict to the road. Home. Phillip would soon open the official new-look NASCAR Sonoko mixed. High quality performance bills for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track. Whether you're pulling up to the pump or experiencing the excitement being track. I'm rich day. This will be a top it up with Sonoko service complete secondhand Fano fuel and he's down away from trust to be the fuel that keeps you capture. The essence of racing and Philip with the official fuel of mass car cinema. This is NASCAR live now. Back to Mike Bagley. Thanks for hanging out with us on. This speaks NASCAR live time. You're on your computer. Check out our website, M R N dot com. It's loaded with NASCAR new stories and original programs. Well, so have lots of podcasts that you can check out including a brand new one called M R N presents the tough trucks of NASCAR twenty-five years and still truckin this week show is about how it all began back in nineteen Ninety-four position on the back straightaway from out the Loma California. Dan, Hubbard I remember when Bill French junior said he had a major announcement to make during the Cup weekend at sonoma's and many of us in the press corps wondering what's this going to be all about and they set up a huge white tent up on a hill at the track. In Sonoma, we all up there and filled. This large tent because it was rare when Bill June. He made an announcement. And he proceeds tell us that NASCAR is gonna launch a third national series turn to it is Terry Labonte truck life stretch my head on one about this. You know, I'm not sure the fans are gonna really embrace this. But on the other hand sure that manufacturers would because all the trucks that you see going down the highway Bethlehem moved up to the second. Initially, your first reaction is as that's gonna be kind of. We are are this that we're all about airline AmEx bodywork looking cool. But then you start looking at you know, one of the statler sixty some percent of Americans drive trucks flag in the air. Skinner winds so much high. And we started filling grandstands everywhere we went. And we started getting big turnout for we're actually have to turn Trump's away. And after about the first third the year. I there was no question. Question that Trump series than be there for well? That's all from this week's podcast series. M R N presents the tough trucks of NASCAR twenty-five years and still truck it. You can download the entire show for free on I tunes and at more dot com before we wrap up this week show Suzy Armstrong has this week in NASCAR history accessing science fiction, no practical application, my questions. Why can't change the past? Because one cannot travel into the past. Glenn? We begin a romp through time in the year. Nineteen seventy-two on CBS television. Sammy Davis junior made a guest appearance on all in the family in the news. Richard Nixon became the first US president to visit China the Volkswagen beetles surpassed, the Ford model T as the most produced automobile in history and NASCAR AJ Floyd was on his way to victory in the fourteenth Daytona five hundred nearly two laps ahead of second-place charging, Charlie Glutz. Base considerably in that beautiful. White Andrew Joan and silver. Mercury News down the trial and to the start finish line. Ladies and gentlemen. The fourteenth annual Daytona five hundred AJ point four to nineteen Eighty-nine. Paula Abdul is number one on the radio with straight up. Roseanne Garner's top rated TV show honors and NASCAR cranked it up again at the world center of racing for the thirty first Daytona five hundred the world watched as Darrell Waltrip stretched the fuel declaim the biggest win of his career. Power Bill is heard of three I think he's gonna make it a wall college laughing ticket probably coasted from here. He's following lamantia line. Darrell Waltrip rings, the type Chevrolet across any goes from left one forty four till app. Two hundred would out of you'll stop. And we end this week in two thousand five rascal Flatts was number one on the country charts with bless the broken road. At the box office hitch starring Will Smith and Kevin James was the top grossing movie a new site on the internet called YouTube launched and NASCAR was hosting the forty seventh Daytona five hundred Jeff Gordon held off Kurt Busch to win his third and funnel. Great American race. For the final time and turn number three. Jeff Gordon Kurt Busch. Everybody from their back is to Jeff Gordon. Checkered flag fort leads the way off turn four looking for his six date. Total win Kurt Busch. Much one time and five can't make the move. Jeff, Gordon is two thousand five Daytona five hundred champion, and those are just some of the dramatic moments this week in NASCAR history. Make you Susie. This has been the autozone. Commercial free zone. It's never a good feeling to see. Your check engine light. On thankfully, the autozone. Fix finder service can tell you the most likely fix for free. Get in his own autozone. That's gonna put a wrap on this week show. Remember motoracing network has live coverage of the NASCAR gander outdoors struck series from Atlanta this Saturday starting at four PM eastern time we like to thank twenty nineteen Daytona five hundred champion. Denny Hamlin for joining us. Also, Richard Childress and Brent Muffin. Joining us on. Today's show for the rest of the Marin crew on Mike badly. Thank you so much for being here as well. Talking next week here on NASCAR live until then so long you NASCAR live production of the motor racing network with studios in concord, North Carolina and Daytona Beach, Florida head was brought to you by bloom and Monday at outback stakeout. Today's broadcast was produced by Alexa, Henry Tyler Vernet and rich Cobra the executive producer for M R N is Ryan horn remembered, visit M R N dot com to get all of the latest NASCAR news and information NASCAR lie. This produced under an exclusive license with NASCAR any use of the accounts. Descriptions contained in this broadcast must be with the express written permission of NASCAR. And the motor racing network.

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