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Emergency Episode: Leafs Trade Breakdown


All right welcome to an emergency episode of the rain. Drake's hockey podcast. Of course we're doing this. Emergency podcasts labeled eighteen in light of the Toronto Maple leafs in the Los Angeles kings trade late Wednesday night. We first need to thank all of our great sponsors. Novus DOT COM luxury outerwear lagaras Jewelers Use Code Ray ten for ten percent off all of your Valentine's Day's purchases at LAGARAS DOT com sure health thoughts. You can call them at one. Eight four four two three five sure and cool bet dot co the free to play sports and Casino Games website early in the morning for Ray Ferraro in Vancouver. Yes it is. Eight is so appreciate you taking the time. To update our podcast. I don't think that we should be surprised by. And there was some speculation ray around Jack Campbell of the Los Angeles kings and why he might fit the eye of cal dubus maybe given their history but the needs of the Toronto. Maple leaves more specifically so Trevor Moran to draft picks a third and a conditional third going to the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for Jack Campbell. Who should be an improvement in goal in the backup position and gritty forward? Kyle Clifford. You liked the deal I do I I mean because it it it addresses to real immediate needs for for the leafs. Of course you know what they needed to do something in goal now the they lose a New York last night and I. I don't know that you can really hang that on. Michael Hutchinson I I. You know the the goals that went in on them including the two in six seconds. I you know I don. I don't know that that you could say oh. We could've made a save here. You know he he had to stop the fourth one right but every game there was at least one of those. Oh he had to stop that so it was pretty clear. I think the most people that a goal tending upgrade was needed in certainly with Freddie Anderson's absence. It was needed like now not in two weeks it also addresses a lack of size upfront in Kyle Clifford and Clifford's tough. He can skate he He kills penalties. He's not a chess piece. That just goes in stands out there. You know. He'll he'll add some rambunctious nece to their four check and he's GonNa play and be effective in his way in any type of playoff series. If Linda fits a series against Tampa Bay he can play any can be effective. If it's a series against a bigger heavier team he can be effective there too so I like the trade in what they brought in. I'm not crazy that the draft picks keep going out for Toronto. But yeah that's always probably something dragged you talk to GM's all the time that they're always balancing the tate today that today. Verse what they have to do in the future like the lease don't have a first or third in the draft coming up and you gotta find player somewhere. They got a couple of fourths. Yeah But you know now you've got to know third this year. No third next year it starts to add up for them but clearly they had to. They had to make a move in goal that that just that just couldn't go on any longer in their current state ny but at but have you seen enough in Jack Campbell yet in terms of the body of the work at the NHL level now. And if you have regardless of the status of a Freddie Anderson moving forward Jack Campbell ticks a lot of boxes in terms of that tandem. That one be scenario if he can live up to that labeling and the fact that he's under contract for the next two years which also matters given the Seattle expansion draft looming have. I seen an awful. I mean as a backup goalie. Sure he's right. I can't label him want be. He's not he's not. He doesn't have enough games to to do that. He doesn't have or for me to you. Know to label that I mean he's a he's a number two goalie A FORMER FIRST ROUND PICK BY DALLAS. Pick number eleven and twenty ten you know he. Resists athletic fast goaltender was clearly highly highly thought of in? Nhl Circles and then he just Kinda lost his way. He was overactive in the net. He's a really athletic guy. He was super hard on himself to the point where his game just fell apart and you stretch that he was in the East Coast Hockey League Eventually La Trades form. And they kind of get them back on his feet and and really. It was a very good story that even made it back to the NHL. Even though he was relatively young that he that he made it back. Last year was a nine twenty. Eight save percentage. They signed him in. La they also signed another goaltender. Who was called up immediately cal Peterson. Who is you know? A real they're really high on him in L. A. So they signed them both but they still got Jonathan quick to the end so they had they were going to have to decide so for la. They were going to have to decide on moving. Either Peterson or Campbell Peterson. Pretty obviously Toronto needed a goaltender and they needed one fast and what I think I also like about this. Even though we talked about trading the draft picks and that makes me tad uneasy as they didn't get into cabinet or Johansen yet and so further upgrades are on the table and are obviously available because both captain and maybe more likely Johansen on the board still and that that's important in asset management that the leaves have to be careful of so. Are you as eager to add a piece on that Blue Line before the trade deadline or does a deal like this made me buy you a little time to to see what you have internally? I mean you gotta find out officially you know what the status of Morgan Riley is Morgan Riley as another doctor's appointment middle of this month and then they'll know for certain what what his status is longer term. But would you kind of keep your powder dry or would you just keep that messaging out there? Hey if you WANNA take around and caspary caught captain or Andreas Johnson. Or maybe even Alex Kerr Foot. Here's what it's going to take to get into that conversation between now and February twenty fourth. Oh I keep I keep the keep the doors open for sure. I keep the lines of communication open. Let's assume Morgan is back Morgan? Riley's back by the middle of March early part of March somewhere in there which I think was the original timeline. Drake somewhere that you're clearly are defense gets upgraded immediately. That's what a great trade to make without making a trade I still think they need to upgrade their defense. Put it that way. Yeah yeah I I would be curious what those players would be able to bring and as it gets closer to the deadline when a team has a defenseman that people are interested in as they start playing one team off another what level of assets. They're able to dry and right and but in in Toronto. I don't look at Jack Campbell. And Kyle Clifford and say. Oh that makes them Stanley Cup contender now like this huge jump. What I see is a necessity that they had to make a deal. They plugged a couple of holes with what I think can be a. You know a good trade for them. I like it do besides history with both these guys. He he traded for Jack Campbell before in junior and when he was in the Su- and then he was called Clifford's age at which is really kind of funny comes around full circle for him so they do. It snows the Guys Right Sheldon. Keefe knows them and would know of them. I just I don't think you can get too excited that all this changes everything for Toronto but I like it because I think it's it's a positive it's a positive move for the Malda Anderson's news to me carry such great weight but the fact that they made the deal now. tells me a couple of things one tells me that you just couldn't go on with with Michael Hutchinson no matter what they were saying. Publicly and to is that You know I don't can't imagine Freddie Anderson's plan this weekend right like that. That the immediacy of the deal told him it tells me. Tell my spidey senses. Tell me that yeah and a couple of key games back to back. Right you've got you've got Friday The Anaheim ducks. You've got Saturday against the Montreal Canadians and given this week and now this week has gone against the Florida Panthers and the New York Rangers. I mean it's a grotesque understatement to say that those games are must win for the Toronto Maple leafs they. They've got it's it's something that Campbell as it stands would would likely play both games. Give Way Elo Toronto. Maple leafs Even if you don't know anybody's name on the team get back here and stop the PUCK. Would you It's a it's an interesting way to to come in for sure you know to. You know he wouldn't. He wouldn't be unaware of the weight of the of the Games. Yeah you know. I just did Anaheim on The Anaheim Ottawa. Game on Tuesday. Yeah and you know you were in the studio for it they. They don't score a lot. They work hard. They're pretty young. They're pretty inexperienced. They generally get really good goaltending so that that's kind of the scouting report on. Anaheim but nonetheless these are these are deals that That need to these are these are games that need to need to happen. They need that. They need to get points out of them. They got a drag points out of this weekend. It if if you're a young player with the Toronto Maple Leaves and Sheldon. Keefe laid this car down prior to the break where he talked about the immaturity. The make believe right and you could see that in that third period against Florida. You could see that in how the team did not respond. After a terrible fourth goal allowed by Michael Hutchinson. How much confidence boost is a deal like this and is it even possible that that the confidence of this group can grow that quickly that immediately? If you will or if Jack Campbell God forbid not trying to jinx this guy you know as a bit of a tough start in either one of those games. Are we going to see that immaturity in the Toronto? Maple leafs rear its ugly head again. I would say the guys are really excited today. And it's Kinda crappy because they're excited because they got a new goaltender and the fact is there's a reason goalies are different dregs. Part of the reason is nobody really cares. Who's back there? As long as they stopped the puck because they are not. It's kind of mean really mean like you know I. I often get this question. Why does the team play better in front of one guy or the other outside of the Goalie? Who can really handle it versa guy. That can't handle it. I never really cared. Who was a net as long as they played well for us right like they're not on your line they don't help your breakout. They're not helping your power play. You need the guy to stop the pocket and so for a team sport. Those guys are on an island by themselves all the time. Yeah so for the police. They're excited they got. It's pretty obvious that level of goaltending that Hutchinson was able to bring now. They got a chance for something more. And if if Campbell struggles early man it's it'll it'll puncture a little bit of confidence again. Because it's such a critical critical. Part of of their team will will let you go. This and I'm not here to anoint Kyle. Bouba says the general manager of the year just yet. I mean. There's a lot of work that needs to get done. And with all due respect to those around the league there's some other managers that have had a lot more success this season than dubious in the Toronto Maple leafs however and we talked about this on on radio yesterday at length if Kyle hadn't done what he's done in in swooping in and make an ideal I mean he's trying he gets a couple of really key pieces here but let's just say that he continues to ride Michael Hutchinson or doesn't want to pay the price for Jack Campbell. Or whatever the goalie price would have been on the on the market on the trade market and the Toronto Maple Leaves Miss the playoffs. How much of a bullet does he take for that? Is that strike number one. How much would we be talking about? Maybe even going back to his decision to waive mcelhinney and CAL Packard. A long time ago I mean this goalie. Narrative has been dog and Dubus in the Toronto Maple leaves essentially since that point it really it takes away an another another strike from him because he's already made a coaching change right. So there's wide Yup. The goalie thing has been you know has been an ongoing conversation. You know since the mcelhinney sparks decision This roster is built in a way that is not traditional so you often hear you know well this better work for for him meaning any GM when GM makes a trade when they build a team in their image or in their view do booths. Because it's a different view I think is under is under greater scrutiny. And of course because he's in Toronto like there's great scrutiny and everything that he does and what what I kind of like about him is that he does. He doesn't deviate really has not deviated from what he feels. Is the right way to do it. I don't I don't think he's stubborn. I don't think he's obstinate. I think he believes it should be done. I have to respect that just like Lou. Lamoriello builds a team in his way. I might not always agree with it. But I'm not sitting in that chair and you can accept new ideas except different ideas you can't deviate from. What your core value is or else you're building something that's got no foundation so we'll see if it all works. I liked the trade. I don't think he's done no. I know Los Angeles isn't done. I mean Alex Martinez is going somewhere. He's got too many teams too. Many teams that are sniffing around there no question and We'll also find out later on about Marcher. Dano and whether the news is good or as anticipated not-so-good I think Calgary's a team that would be interested in Martinez for sure. Now maybe Winnipeg. I mean there's at least four was serious interests. I don't see there's any way drake and there's no way that. La's is done alright. Rate LOOK SPECIAL SHADOW TO I. Don't know what the opposite of the throat punches. Maybe it's Shot in the arm. But you get the award because I know he had a real fun night with Gammy last night you went to the candidate. Us Game You know you're not one of those guys that likes to lay around and sleep in any way but you're up at six A. M. Pacific for emergency podcast eighteen B. It's not the Toronto. Maple leafs or a Canadian team if it's buffalo if it's Anaheim if it's Arizona. Are we doing this or are we just kinda fallen to? Click Bait. No No. We're we're not doing well you might. You might be however at this at this hour. This was not anticipated for last night when when the trade went down. Of course we start texting back and forth. And I'm like Oh Man. We're going to have to do something here. I know it and and then of course you're on like a dog on a bone so yup here we are Britain early and But there's going to be deals between now and February twenty fourth and my phone will be in the the no access basket on the kitchen table. All right buddy will enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for doing this. You Bet and I I mean this is just the first the first ball up in the air. Isn't it before the twenty four? Yup We've got insider trading almost on a daily basis and our phones are dialed in. No question about that Thanks to Ray Ferraro for joining us here for emergency episode Eighteen B of the raindrops hockey podcasts. we're leaving episode eighteen as published up so you can catch that on all podcast platforms and. I really strongly encourage you. Listen to that. Dale Howard Chuck was our guest in episode eighteen and man. What an inspirational conversation. We had with Dale Howard Chuck in his fight with stomach cancer but also looking back in his great career in the acknowledgement according to Dale. He wants to and he expects to be back on the bench of the Barrie Colts so tune into episode eighteen with Dale Howard. Chuck Throat Punching all the goodies that we provide on the ranger eggs hockey podcast again. Thanks to Novus. Dot Com for luxury outerwear lagaras jewelers use code rate ten for ten percent off at LAGARAS DOT com. Sure how thoughts he ate. Call them at one. Eight four four two three five sure and or friends it cool bet dot. Co The free to play sports and Casino Games website. This is emergency episode eighteen. Ray Ferraro on Darren drink.

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