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Three D. PRINTING. Today's show number three twenty eight. What would you order if you could one hundred percent dense breakaway support? He Three D. Humira. I look looking back to Three D. printing today the podcast about all aspects of Three D. Printing Hobby professional industrial doesn't matter we covered all my name's Andy Cohen. And I'm I'm here remotely with my friend Whitney Potter Andy. So there's so much news. We actually had to do a special a little while ago. But here's something interesting. Why don't you take it? Something from a company called Three D NATIVES DOT COM. Yeah this is just in the in the news The day we're recording this is just came out that a medically approved emergency three. D. Printed ventilator goes into production in Spain That's pretty exciting. Because there's a lot of people who've been working on you know different designs pretty much. As soon as they started as soon as the the idea of us. Running out of ventilators you know came out The A lot of different Groups and and you know online communities of people have been coming up with a different ways that three D. Printing can help make Make you know these ventilators work for for people So basically what? This is what in In our area we call a VM. Or a bag valve mask at sometimes called an Ambu bag and in different parts of the world. And it's if you Are you know in a car accident or something and the ambulance comes and needs to give you a ventilation needs to basically make your lungs work for you? It's a mask with a rubber bag. They put the mask or your face and then squeeze the bag and the bag forces Aaron tear into your lungs and that's done manually by the the EMT or paramedic I'm actually a trained to use one of those so as soon as they started talking about you know running out of ventilators my first thought was like. Oh you just need that squeezes a bag valve mask and you're set and now somebody's come up with with the assistant to do this. It's going to You know there's other things that are required at has to you know humidifier the water and warm and they've got a system for for doing that but basically very very simple and Probably not anywhere near as good as a real purpose built ventilator but probably a whole lot better than nothing. So that's for ventilator. There's another story here. Related to respirators. Now it's the difference respiratory respirator. Being a man is basically just a mask that From what I understand. It's either filtered or there is some Oxygen mixed with the air in a respirator. But I think when they're talking about respirators here they're referring to filtered masks and this okay they're talking about a little thing that they three d print that goes on top of a snorkeling mask Yes which is it from a snorkeling. Mask into a respirator that Healthcare workers could use thought that right. It's pretty interesting but yeah if you had Five hundred of these snorkeling mask. Kind of things Just sitting around in your in your You know warehouse somewhere then. There's one thing though. I think we should keep in mind. No they did a study. That's been published just recently. That looked at how well the virus survives on specific services and were the worst was copper and then they looked at steel and glass and then it was cardboard. And the the good news. Was You know if you leave card? Cardboard it doesn't last very long but the surface that was the most conducive the one where the virus lasted the longest was plastic. You combine that with a three D. printed surface which usually has little tiny ridges from the layer lines and you probably do not have an ideal surface to be used in a bacterial or viral infectious environment. I should keep that in mind just because we can three D. print doesn't mean that what we three D. print will be ideal or useful for this kind of an emergency. Unfortunately yeah for sure. Yeah one of the The things news stories that I have been following is It's on Thing verse as I would make it a thing of the week. This week is that but I don't think it's a good idea They describe it as the Nanno. Hack Open source and ninety five mask and it's First of all they're calling it an N. Ninety five mask one. I guarantee you. I'm an end ninety five as a rating and I guarantee this mask is nowhere. Near and ninety five in terms of the protection it would provide that that's relates to the seal as well as the filter itself the filtering mature right But the thing that's that's most interesting to me about. This is that it This sort of this design came to the world from a company called Copper Three D. Which I think is in Chile And makes a copper infused p. l. a. that was basically designed for antimicrobial properties And and so all suddenly. Hey here's the killer applications so they you know they put out this mask but the idea of making a face mask out of P. L. A. I mean you WANNA make a face mask out of TPU IF YOU WANNA make it on anything because it's got your face is not rigid and if it doesn't flex with your face it doesn't work you know so So you've got this this company that you know they've got this perfect product for the application except it's not really that good or product for the application if it was a if it was a You know infused Flexible material than I could see making a face mask out of it but making a face mask out of a rigid material. Just because it's it's got you know this Copper NANOPARTICLE INFUSION. And of course the thing is you know. There's very low supply of this material in the world even if it were perfect for for three you printing. It's it's very expensive. So it's I mean call me a cynic but it's hard to see this as anything but you know promotion for company. Yeah I think we should all be very careful when we see a three D. Printing company touting what they've been doing to help with Cova nineteen right. We should be skeptical. And I while I I definitely would volunteer and leap at the chance to help If I was to go out and Three d print something and use up all my filament. And then take a bag of these things to my local hospital. Wouldn't be helpful at all. That would not. You're just annoying those at that point unless it's something specifically that they ask for. Because yeah this is you know I got to tell you no matter what you three D. print if your if your filter is a makeup applicator pad. It is not an end. Ninety five yeah. Now we're we're I think we can be helpful is if there's something that needs to be replicated that's absurdly simple. I mean something that should have been so easy to replace but because of the situation that we're in the can't get replacements kind of like a battlefield situation. We did talk about this a couple of weeks back where you know something. Like a a buckle a strap buckle or carribean or or some attaching device something that seemed so absurdly mundane ridiculous. That's easy to make that have a need to be a sterile doesn't have to be bulletproof. Imperfect Georgia all has to do is a simple function there. I don't see why any of us with a simple. Fdm desktop machine can help them out. So I've Gone Sheridan and threw my hat into the ring and told them that if you need me on their. Yeah now good. Good Planet if you if you've got You know some contact with with your local hospital or Health Department or somebody and they actually ask for something. Yes by all means if it's something you can produce But these These you know kind of where we're going to save the world with with Three D. Printing. I mean I could so fabric mask In about two minutes Versus probably an hour or two to print something and you know and the printed product is not going to be as good so you know think about appropriate use of your technology just because you have this superhero power doesn't mean you should use it for everything possible. Sorry for being such a Downer and but that's reality and way too often There's a lot of hype That's what three D printing is really. Well known for producing hype. And so we're here to try to minimize minimize that. Yeah and destroy. I'm TR- tried to be realistic. About what three D printing is is good for you know sanitary things we don't even recommend three. D. Printing for food contact because because of the impossibility of sanitizing it. So you really gotta look at. Is this something that's going to be used more than once for for disposables where it's you know something that goes on a ventilator for one patient in all that patients not going to be you know reinfecting themselves from it probably. The other thing is it could be you know something going in an airline. Where where it's just you know. Basically getting air and maybe oxygen blown over over a surface If it's not getting in contact with with you know fluids and stuff from the from the patient than maybe that's an okay application for it but Definitely you know It's a great learning opportunity. It's a great opportunity for us to see all these different different elements but make sure that you have some place for these things to go before you start printing. Yeah keep in mind. It's plastic and that just is going to go into the landfill one of you bet you bet. So what's coming up on the show this week with me? Let's see this is a three twenty eight. Let's see yeah yes. Yes Oh we we ask the the. If you've watched the stock market for the last couple of weeks we asked the increasingly bittersweet question. What could you order? What would you order if you could? What's your dream printer? Number GONNA discuss my experiences using the tool changer to do one hundred percents breakaway support. Something I've been dying to do for a very long time on finally doing it and I get to talk about it and we're going to do a first look of the three D. Humira. So let's go do this so if you had no issue with money right and you had a need for. Fdm machines would you order for FDM machines FDI machine What would you order? Now let me give you some qualifiers. Her okay This is a toy. Hobby machine this machine. That's there for producing parts per customer. Orders So it's got to perform. It's gotta be reliable and It's gotTa have enough of a build area to give you the flexibility of positioning in size. It's like a one foot cube. Yeah the minimum. Yeah what would you order I I would? I would go in and do the research. Lean and doing the research at this at this place. I work they discovered that I'm their name by the way my job is not three D. Printing user interface architect for these guys and I'm having the time of my life I tell you I loved three D. print but what I'm doing for them is ten times more fun ten times more. It's it's a blast in any case They discovered that. I'm you know this three D. Printing wonk and the fellow who is now responsible for three D. Printing out this company and this is very large very big manufacturing company. They came upstairs and they said. Hey we've heard about you. How'd you like to help us out and I looked at my unmanageable? Yeah sure go right ahead. I don't mind so we go over to the to the the the meaning the meeting cubicle and he starts you know basically data-mining my brain about everything he could about three d printing and we got into. What should they order and you know? We talked about their customers requirements. You know who the people that hire them to print. And what did they present? And what are the use cases and I told him that right off the Bat. You should immediately just go ahead and order. The smaller mark forged. Now we talked a lot about mark forged mark forged their major value added for. Fdm is basically. They can insert a long strand of fiber fiber fiber continuous fire into the extrusion. Into if they're the only company that I know of that sells this as a commercial product. And what was really interesting is as we discussed this. He was telling me about his experiences and talking to the company they seem to have branched way from lower cost desktop machines which renew for their medal. Three D. Printer but now they're it for their included fiber FDM printers and if you buy If you want a larger build area then the jump up is significant. We're talking big bucks industrial machine. They Ju- jump to an industrial level machine. Where they have to hold your hand and you have to use everything that they do for you just like a strategists or three D. systems machine and the costs go way up thankfully they still sell their smaller lower cost machine and I said hey right away for what you're telling me this will meet most of your clients use cases. Just go right ahead and buy it this way. You know because it's probably in stock and you'll probably get it quickly. And then the organizational understanding of how to work it will be there and I'll be there to help them move playing with it also. We'll be talking about it on the show after they get it because I've got free access to what they have. Which includes big Fordis- as well as retired Mojo so we're going to play with some strategies machines and talk about it on the show and then to make it even more fun. He shows me his list of printers of what they WANNA buy. So right away if so just go ahead the mark fortunes no issue there don't get the race three depot. I know don't get it and the reason why said don't get it is because they're jump in their increase of price does not match their increase in performance. It's still an ultimatum style Tool path methodology. They've jumped into some more automation with the dual extruder popping up and I don't have experience with it and my experience with those technologies with maker. Baden ultimate three as the crew that great because the the extruder still there may be out of the way but it could be drooling way extract retract and a lot of issues with that takes away from your build area not sure it adds complication and I'm not someone who likes having complications. So what should we by? Which will be by. The welby looked to fusion three yet and so they started looking at the the F- for ten from fusion three. So that's a great machine. It's Boden though so keep that in mind as well. The Mark Forges Boden. Yeah Printing. Tpu Yeah you're not printing and you're not going to be doing really detailed stuff and you're only doing one extruder not for going to see an issue there and then you know looking around thinking. Wait a minute by Erakor and sure. Enough philospher-writer who just became a reseller for route for the record grouped The folks who were sourcing the parts and assembling now no longer resell they just deal with the parts and the assembly and Phyllis shooter took over the resale. Okay so it is. They're actually they're selling a kid or they're selling Ashley they're selling machine. They're selling both and if you if you acted before I did the segment you've probably got one. I bet they're out of stock by now. Celje and I showed the I sent the fellow. The Earl for the recording was like. Oh Wow yeah. So they're going to be ordering the taller version with literally every upgrade that you could get the all aluminum. All aluminum siding everything in there. The all the extra sensor the cool the the added do at board to do the self leveling the whole the whole thing the whole thing. So we're going to get to play with a real core. The only negative. It's going to be reassembled. Unfortunately well they don't want they don't want to pay you what they pay their to assemble three D. Printer. Hey Man I would coming off. The clock home for the segment is years in the making. This was something that I've waited so long to get the capability for I'd hoped to have it with my duel. Extruder Flash Forge back in twenty twelve and it just never worked on the dual extruders Even with the kind that pop out of the way They're they're not that easy to work with the offsets kind of tricky stuff drools even with the pop out of the way. They're still things that get in the way it's hard to to get them exactly at the right spot. And then we had the pallet. I was never able to get enough reliability out of the Pallet to get to the next three or four steps to get to the point to solve this question. The M you. I've heard people were able to get some success with it but this I don't want to go out and buy precise three and it's basically improves. I three upgrade now now with the tool changer. I'm finally there but by the way I couldn't do it with the race. Three d either race really. I couldn't get enough reliability. Get it but with the tool changer. I have the reliability for taller objects that make this worthwhile where I could really test it and not be dealing with other things. I want to deal with this issue and not all the other issues on. Finally there and this issue is how do I get one hundred percent dense support up against the overhangs of my prince and it still haven't come off and have come so many people will right away thing you get. Pva Water Soluble based and you use PD. And I tried that no. Pva has challenges challenges that got in my way for example. The moment you open it up it starts to absorb moisture out of the air and goes out of tolerance right the diameter increases. It's a total waste of money to buy a Spool of. Pla You buy a small coil of and that explains why Simplify Three D. Lets you pick a different extruder for supports and dense supports because they assume you'll use supports but the same material that you're building the object and you'll use dense supports you. Use this expensive right hard to use. Peel P A gesture. The interface lesser the part. Where now remember what we're talking about is when the overhang. If you could put a one hundred percent flat or complete surface up against the out overhang. The ideal is at that surface. Overhang surface is clean. That's what you WANNA clean underneath. Surface dip had to get their pva. No no too. Many things get in the way again Toomey things you have to juggle and I've always wondered wait a minute. We have materials law such as P. L. A. and pet G. That don't like each other. They will they will not bond Right you print one up against the other and they will not stick so why can't you use say PLA for support and print pet G. for your object. Okay now I'm finally there And I finally did it cool. And here's my results from the first experiment is here. It's a small clip. It's May PECI. This is pictures are on our our Google Group and I'm going to post them on facebook after this as posted If you pull that white piece off just pull it off. That's the P. L. A. And the blue is the Peggy in if you would look underneath you're looking at the top look on the bottom. You could see it's super clean. Yeah that's as good quality as you'd be as you'd be getting you know just printing on on a bill played right now. That's an example of something. I made infusion three sixty and an all you really need to do to get your supported part is to go to where the overhang is. Click on that. On that that overhead the under part of your overhang as a surface. Make it a surface and An extruder to the surface that you're gonNA print from and make that a a body And you've got support you got perfectly matching supports you put one of these bodies as one s t l the object is the other ST L. And you bring them into say. Simplify Three D. In line them to their origins put a sign. Your your support material to the peel. A tool and your object to the pet g tool and it worked perfectly no issues no reliability questions. It worked perfectly fine and the underneath surface. You can't tell that there is support there at all the beautiful. It looks at least as good as say the Mojo or the forests strategists sister is which you support savable support. Okay so I WANNA take this a couple steps further. Okay now I want to move away from objects that I've made myself in cad where I can control this and go to objects that I get as STL's that are mesh files. How do I do those so I needed to pick an object that I know I could? I had trouble printing flat an object that has no real flat surface and an object that if I cut it in half yom compromising some aspect of it so a friend of mine who goes by the name. T. Barney who's a fairly well known artist up in Healdsburg California. He's a sculptor. And he sculpt these rather impressive marble statues that are like Gordian knots and he has me three D print them in parts to make them in bronze and so he sent me the scandal file. Some of them. I scanned some of them he had professionally scanned by somebody with a very expensive system. So I have these scans that are. Stl's of what kind of like a Gordian Knot? There's no flat. There's no flat surface to print from up from and there's lots of overhangs and what's Nice about is that the overhangs can be held at an angle and not necessarily purpose parallel to the bed perpendicular to Z Z. Axis Okay so here's my first attempt now. The difference here is here. I don't have a surface to create a sketch from and generate generate. Another part here. I have to use simplify three. D support structure And I set the tool for regular support and dense support to p. l. a. and the objects printed in PECI. The dense support is set to one hundred percent and the off sets for both the dense and regular supports are set to zero and this allows the the print to put the the support right on the surface hundred percent surface of the object. Here's my first one. This is the bottom of the way things look now it worked. Your bottom line is worked however little crunch either it's not ideal and I found is that you get the P. L. A. The the the the hundred percent dense the way the way simplified threes painting the layers of the one hundred percent dense puts a pattern into the hardened plastic and that pattern unfortunately translates into the petchey above You you can't see it really easily. And also the the P. L. A. It gets into the the lines mechanically And you have to pop it off. You take a knife and kind of rock and underneath the P. L. A. And kind of pop it off. But in the process it takes the shine the surface shine off the pet g ragged. So it doesn't look as fine as clean as the areas of the object which did not have support material on it. This was a clear Peggy now. This print was done in t- glaze last night. I've yet to complete cleaning it up and you can get a better view and what I did on that one is i. I took it into a different angle so there were no flats. There were no. There was no surfaces that were perpendicular to the bed. Or excuse me parallel to the bed. everything was at an angle which should have made it easier and it actually made it a little harder Seemed like there more plastic. Getting stuck inside the steps of the layers. Yeah Yeah Have you considered doing this in Printing it an A. B. S. and then vapor polishing and. That's a possibility because that could get you. You know smooth it out probably now. This particular object can get away with that because there's no real extreme detail there you know sloth but my ideal was to make it as translucent as I could off bickel. The idea was make this larger with a different translucent color inside and then kind of make it light from its split a light in it on the bottom and make it glow. I'm sure the artists will get a real kick out of that. Would but it works but it's not perfect. I'd say we're about ninety percent there at least with this object but I can tell you that I'm so pleased with the results. That from now on all objects I print. I'm going to consider first printing in this way Because it just it just solve so many issues senators pops right off pops right off crisis. Yeah WELL FOR FOR FLAT. Overhangs that that was A. That's a perfect solution. I know it's the the curves curves are always going to be tricky because evolved. You're always gonNA have stepping on the stair steps on the on the curved. But when I'm in CAD and I'm drawing myself an object like last time I drew a I designed a bracket for the tool changer to hold a brush on the right side of the tool changer and I need to. I need to do a whole bunch of changes modifications to ether originally designed. I had to think well. How am I going to print? This House is going to print so that it makes sense and it'll have it marred from from the the supports and I have to worry about that anymore now. I'm going to design thinking I got. I got smooth. Breakaway supports a not marring supports. That's going to operate from now on. Kuku waited a long time for this. Yeah because it does work. Works on. The tool changer. Works now the next thing. I'm going to be exploring is different materials together. Which materials bond in which materials don't Peel A and PECI? They don't bomb. They don't like each other. The HECK'S WILL BE NYLON. Peci AND NYLON BE LA and et cetera appeal as good as support material. Kaz PLA is a prince super smooth. And you get really good surface quality with it to me to be using as your as your supporters and it's cheap and you can still dissolve it with lemon so we got our three D. Humira extruder in like ordered it right before Christmas and it. It finally came through and My Buddy Whitney here is rolling it around in his hand trying to break it now. So it's basically a mid sized NIMA seventeen on both by my initial kneejerk reaction is both. I'm impressed and I'm disappointed both at the same time. It's heavier should it is heavy. It's a name seventeen. Come on man. It's it's a mid sized motor and to Frankly I might i. I'm a little bit disappointed because I think they could have gotten a product without the motor. I think they could have done this without the motor at all. And let us put the motor on In instead they felt it was a good idea to integrate the whole thing into the motor right. I think as a bad idea it what that does from a system standpoint. It couples all that functionality together into one part right which in turn. Let's say something happens to apart that needs to be replaced in it's attached to the motor. Well the whole thing could be try. Something happens to one of those. Little pins on the connector exactly. And you'll note another thing. That really kind of disappoints me is that three D decides on their own where the connector is going to be in relation to everything else on this machine. Well you know not all not all mounts are going to have the actor on the top you can probably take those four bolts off and turn it around because most of those are are rarely symmetrical. I'd be worried about this. Oh Yeah you're the you're taking apart a motor that point but I would imagine that would work one right away though. There's one thing I confused as they had to me I probably should email e three d. about it. It's now it's called him era yet all of the box and on the motorist Herbie's uh-huh which is questionable. Why did they change? Is Guys Pick a God already? The Greek God Greek God or I think so So they're the big claim on the big. The big thing about the Hermes is that it's a a dual hob gear feeder kind of job. Not kind of but just like the original strategist design which bond tech has taken up now. We get unbelievably high quality results. From all of the bond. Tech's that we've had we've had about three or four different bond decks and I think this is the approach to the same idea. Another thing that I'm finding very disappointing. Is The idler arm. The either arm that has the spring and the adjustment. Do that. That's plastic. That's not metal. That's plastic own so it is. It's an injection molded. Looks like at the very least. I'd have that nylon not not plastic. That's could be a BS could be could be polycarbonate. I don't know but it's you put your finger on it. You know right away. Plastic yeah definitely can see. Yeah may I mean look? I mean this is all nicely made but yeah I'm not. I guess they assumed that was not going to be an issue in it but yeah I mean otherwise. It's an all all metal bill. That looks like everything. I can see So it is it is there is a fine adjustment is a a neural knob on top of the arm and unlike the Titan Thumb. They seem to have considered. Oh No it's only in one direction in one direction you feel tension in the other direction it. It moves right away. I worry about that. I need to feel tension in both directions. So I know it's not gonNA loosen up on me right. This feels like it could loosen up on. It's possible the other aspect of their design which they like to tout is the heat sink. They design their own heat sink. It's pretty it's pretty and they've kind of made it there. Hermes logo her Merrill Logo. That heat sink design is intended to blow the air away from your nozzle where you don't want it to be remember this airs cooling the area of the tool path before the hot end side. So it has like a a forty Mil cooling fan or something that you bolt onto the front yes. It's got to ports for that seed only put bolts in in two places diagonally. The Motor Mount they use slots sides of the motor that had to be machined into the sides of the motor. And you slide nuts in there and attached the motor. That way I I'm looking at this guy and quite frankly i. it looks like mounting. It would be problematic it really well. I know. I don't think I can put it into Replacing a market her really don't think again. I've tried I've looked at it. It would have to sit where the market motor sits. You remove the coal block and have this hot blocked. The cold block was and I don't think the Naza will go down far enough. Could be so. I don't see it going into a market without it's a new carriage. I are severely reduced a reduce that put the motor underneath the carriage. Which really eats all your height. I I've seen mounts for them. I've seen mounts for them on the tool change. I've seen mounts for them on CR tens and On endor threes and they look kind of tricky and kind of strange. I think in my in my opinion I think they should've just designed the separate from the motor Yeah I I don't I don't really understand what they what they were saving by by doing this but am I guess it would be heavier if it were if it were not integrated motor but it's all seems rather heavy already so there's a little you have access to one of the years too. Yep See consistently move it. Although there's not enough there for your finger to really not Husky will maybe that that's so that the The scraps from the Filmon have someplace to go on the other thing. That really really worries me about this is there's no easy way to take part in clear Well you have to take the bolt frontier completely apart whereas when you buy Montek The bond tech you just take the screw off and the arm falls. All the way outing right. Access to the entire internal body. Yep Yeah I like that because I is. Sometimes you get stuff broken off in there or a piece of film and it goes sideways in there or something and and there's always gotta be able to see what's going on inside your extruder because there's always something's GonNa be going wrong in there so the heat sink. The heat sink is the same part as the part. Well there's a looks like is that machine. Yeah that's machine so it's the same part where the thermal barrier tube gets screwed into and so that the thermal Beria tube goes in there. So that's the path of the filament. That starts in behind that heat sink. And you're hot block. Which can be volcano or the six or anything? He Three D. sells goes to that thermal tube. So your your distance from your feeder to your your melt zone is minimal and that I applaud. I think that that was the goal. I think they could have achieved that goal without integrating it into the motor. They could have pulled that off anyway. The motor itself generates heat. Unless you've matched your voltage really well. You're motors going to get hot anyway. so you do want to separate the motor from the thermal tube in the heat zone. I don't think this was a great idea. We're going to try to figure out what we can mount this too. We've got a bunch of printers one possibility as I could put this in a tool and tool changer. I'm hesitant to do so. Because the way they've set it up on their tools this gets offset in X. By like a lot which means a lot of my Makarova's that do wiped and purge you're going to have to be specialized just for this tool at adds a lot of complication and tweaking in tune to do that. I like to keep it simple. I'm not sure what I'm going to put this on. Bicker see how well it does with flexible filaments because that's sort of one of the big issues with having just baudoin's on the on the tool changers. You got no possibility of flexible film. Well you go see a possibility. It's just impracticably unreliable so harm whereas some direct drive film an an I. I can't tell from just looking at it. How well it would perform some of them do better than others. But I'm hearing good. I'm hearing very good results. Yeah and people who I know in the forum have replaced all four extruders all our of the Titan Boden with The cameras and they're getting very very good results in terms of Overcoming the issues with the tiny tool paths however now they've got nine hundred sixty grams on their on their tool change whereas disaster an extra five hundred bucks and their printer. These are each cost. Us About one hundred thirty one hundred twenty plus shipping one hundred hundred. Twenty free shipping. Also still this for the same price you can get zesty nibbles. Which I'm still awaiting right But they weigh about ninety three ninety four grams and so it's it's inconsequential And I'm getting excellent results from the Nimble. We've got this. We've got on one of our tools so I don't know I I don't know what I'm GonNa do at this guy. I think about it last. Boy Whitney another show is written Dr Waiting for encoding uploading commitment on our feed to all of our listeners. Who are stuck at home. We do it for you. We do it for fun and we hope you appreciate it I hear you gotta think of the week. Yeah I do. This is thing number. Four two three zero eight eight one. This is the twenty twenty. Never Forget Cova. Nineteen Corona virus trophy. Now I should point out that. We're not trying to make light of the current. Oh virus crisis. This is very real very serious. There's a reason why Andy and I are fifteen miles apart as we were recording this because of my bad breath but but still you know it's important to keep a sense of humor at all times particularly in in the worst situation gets the more important it is to keep your sense of humor and this is a little something that I thought was funny. I comes to us from a Maker who identifies themselves as hostage? Potato chips I just love the name. Otherwise knows I even bliss from Canada And this is a A little trophy that you can print for yourself. That's a a little roll of toilet paper to memorialize the twenty twenty experience. I gotTa tell you. My opinion is don't print the toilet paper roll print the stand and put a real toilet paper roll in it once. This is all over. Yeah you you you could. It's It's quite miniature. If you look at some of the pictures my first thought was actually. It was a stand four toilet paper roll. Which would be cool. You you could print it Significantly larger and then put an actual role toilet paper once. You actually had one in your house. Let's see if you've got a tip a question or you WanNa make a comment or suggestion for a thing of the week. Don't hesitate send us in the email Santa Two info at Three D. Printing today DOT com. It's T. H. R. e. e. The letter D printing today DOT com. You can also still on one of our forums. We have our form on facebook just search three D. printing today number three three and three separate words. There's nothing to join. It's an open forum or if you WANNA more a threaded and administered experience. We highly recommend going to Google Groups. Go to Google and search three D. printing tips and tricks. It's a group you go in there and if you WANNA post a question or if you WanNa make a comment you have to hit that little joined button and provide the information to Google to join the group. I'm usually on that group all the time and it's pretty active these days because folks are all Home Three D. printing. We hope you are too. Let's see we do have a show next time shown number three twenty nine. Do you have those Those titles Yes yes I on three twenty nine. We have the Simplify Three D. And the tool. Change your revisited. We'll be reviewing our standards for quality in Three D. Printing and then we will revisit. Mesh compensation sounds great. I think that's it right. Thanks for listening.

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