02/12: Penn State is red hot and chasing the best season in school history; listener mailbag!


Okay this time but hope you enjoyed that. Insurance Sunday's episode received a lot of feedback and it was appreciated. I had a lot of fun making it. You obviously was. He had a lot of fun listening to it to those of you who have requested the individual file There is a youtube link provided by one. Kyle Boone out there on the tweet machine but real quick by by the way if you are not already you know perish and I in addition to the podcast three times a week. Of course we are on. CBS Sports HQ Talking College hoops daily at this point in the season. We're heading towards March and you can watch on your phone computer tablet if you have cut the cable cord and You Watch on your smart TV via Roku Kuu Apple. TV fire stick any kind of device. CBS SPORTS APP CBS sports. H you run in the mornings afternoons nights. After Games I'm in studios goes on the weekend and our presence will continue to be even more so if you enjoy the pod just a heads up here sport coverage across the board on. CBS Sports HQ. But we're on their they are Chattan hoops frequently teams. All kinds of conferences bracket stuff seed. Stuff you name it were there so be sure to check it out and enjoy today's episode Hey there it's scary perish. It's Wednesday tip-off Twelve two thousand twenty. Welcome back to the. CBS Sports Eye on college basketball. podcast where we sometimes discuss Campbell fighting leaky Black Matt. Norlander is here with me and I. I WANNA start with the hottest power conference team in the country. And I'm not even sure if that's technically true. But I also don't care because Penn State is red hot and rolling beat purdue Tuesday night eighty eighty eight seventy six inside mackey arena so penn state is on a seven game winning streak the longest big Tim winning streak in school history. Nittany lions lines are now nine thousand nine hundred five overall nine four in the big ten alone in second the league standings I had a Kentucky Fan. Tweet me a few days ago. They tweet me all the time but this one it was just a few days ago and he said come on parish. Do you really think Penn State is better than Kentucky. Because I've had penn state ranked ahead of Kentucky in the top twenty five of one for a while and and my answer if if my ranking didn't suggest it ended up my answer is yes I think Kentucky is good but I think Penn State is better than the computers do as well norlander what. What is Pat Chambers? Have to do to get a lead item in the court report. You're not respecting this man enough. Is that right have you. Have you written anything about Pat Chambers other than maybe maybe a little top twenty five in one yet. I don't write anything other than the top twenty five. Exactly if you WANNA help out in shipping on the court report and write a patch numbers right him. I'd that'd be more than happy to let you do that and Co by attacking that up for next week GP. We are lucky that I am still able to do this. podcast three times a week with how little I sleep in. How overwhelmed I am? I WANNA kill myself right now. This is an amazing start. PODCAST shouts to the court report. We'll get some of that in just a minute here. Penn state is absolutely Liane fire. Did get a dedicated segment and I made sure it got a dedicated segment on Tuesday nights. CBS Sports HQ overnight there because the nittany lions which were the only team that I really gripe with not being in the top. Sixteen in Saturday's reveal now obviously Firmly in that mix eighteenth and the net nine hundred five overall raw got two seven quad wins with the victory last night five hundred hundred quad to and then a relatively low number of quad quad four games just seven total in general. Just a refresher here on Penn State for those because listen you and I both know that because Penn state almost never makes the tournament. It's just not the kind of program that people unless you're a Penn.. Wednesday fan are looking at the big ten. You're not in touch with them. But this is turning into a pretty pretty cool story here are their rankings right now in. KPI and these are the metrics that the committee will look Gasol Right now fifteenth and KPI eighth in strength of record which is completely resume based metric does not predict how good you are. It's just who you played how you've done against that schedule schedule. Number eight for Penn state eighteen in the net as I said. And then the predictive. BPI's got it at fourteen. Ken Palm Eleven and then Saccharin up to nine credit to Pat Chambers in Penn State for getting to this point in doing it despite you know Lamar Stevens has been good but he has not. I've been ridiculous. He's only shooting twenty eight percent from three point range. He's not a natural three point shooter. But there've been myron Jones been very very solid solid. I always loved the fact that Penn State has a dude named miles dredd on it. which sounds like some sort of video game? But I think he's been a really really really solid player at all and yes for the past. Four weeks penn state as hot as almost any power conference team in America and really a top five team. Overall they've been stricken with wins four on the road and seven in the big ten there now nine and four in the League when we talk about them on Sundays podcasts or more specifically we talked about the bracket reveal. I told you that the Sixteen Teams Incidentally Tournament Section Committee highlighted fifteen of them. Were in my top twenty five and one on Saturday morning. The only one that wasn't was they had Michigan State and I had pin state and I thought that should have not been that way then and even more so now. Although Michigan State did a Nice Win at Illinois on Tuesday night imbalanced back into the top twenty five and one on Wednesday morning. Keep in mind you. You know that what happened. Tuesday night at purdue was on a surface level just a a win over an unranked purdue teen gene because most people when they think of rankings they think of the people but purdue is like really good in the computers. Top Twenty at Kim Palm. Tom And this is a purdue team. By the way that smashed Michigan state by a million last last month right. They had beaten Wisconsin in that building by Nineteen had beaten Iowa in that building by thirty six. The thirty six I guess and so to go into purdue inside Macarena and get a double digit win is pretty remarkable. And it's the first time. Pin State is one at purdue since two thousand six which means by Extension First Time Pat Chambers has ever won at purdue and purdue he's now won four straight road games at purdue at Michigan State at Nebr- Nebraska. That's Pinnacle Bank. Now we go. Oh shops throw brask so flat that I don't care continue and then at Michigan so when I if I tell you you're going to be able to go beat Michigan. Does she get on the road. Michigan State on the road purdue on the road and win and then just throw in another one at Pinnacle Bank. Forget about it. That's four straight big. Ten Road Win for Pin State. Go ahead norlander Trivia. Tommy let me give you the question Wiz. The last time Penn State won four straight big ten road games. I'll say two thousand five no you're supposed to tributary. You'RE GONNA ask me that question. You just okay you just present the question. Why hold on hold on? Why am asking you the question that you already know the answer to? Why don't you just ask distribute time me? And then that's my guess. Five is oh five correct. I know it's not correct pairs. Here's a Trivia Trivia. Maybe a time trivia time. Okay let's go. When was the first edition of trivial pursuit? Put into now. Okay Penn the states. Last time the nittany lions won four consecutive games in big ten play on the road norlander. It's never never happened before this time. Well that's a record. Four straight big ten road wins for the Penn.. State nittany lions. Wow Yeah this is a hell of a season. How about this according to tour vic right now here are the seat projections? Obviously Baylor Gonzaga Sanity to stay in Kansas on on projection for one seats. And then it's Duke Seton Hall Maryland Michigan State. Somehow I don't know about that. As twos then. Louisville the best three in Penn state the second best three right now that's projected way. Things are expected to go and barring some just bad losses. And here's why why you've gotta be excited. If you're a Penn State Fan and I'm actually using the phrase. Here's why you gotta be excited if you're a Penn State Fan on college basketball podcast. Because last night's game against purdue knowing the opponent knowing produced tendencies at home that building school history. All of that. If you're a Penn Penn state and that's being honest with yourself you probably like hoping keep a competitive but I kind of think we're going to lose by seven to ten points. That's not what happened. Dominantly you continue to win in such a strong fashion so you you should have adjusted expectations. Here yeah a couple more losses are GONNA come. That's inevitable but I don't see I think Penn state at worst is going to be a five seat and if it's a five five see that's going to match its best seed in school history trivia time. Do you know the year that Penn State got a five five seed in the NC Double A. Tournament. That's the best thing that was nineteen eighty. Nine wasn't though I don't have any idea I gotcha. Good nineteen ninety six was the highest seed ever for Penn State and it lost in that tournament as a five seed to true the twelve year. So you can match you can match that you can best it. And that's an exciting thing. It doesn't feel like every single season. We have a a power conference school that we can say. In the context of that season that school's having its best season ever. But that could happen here. Arkansas by the way was was toss that beat Penn state in the ninety six first round when the lines were five seed. That's GONNA be the worst case scenario. Given how many teams Penn State's GonNa play you. They'd have to lose more games than win the rest of the regular season in order for that to come into play. And that's just simply not going to happen. I hope they're going to see that is my prediction on February. Twenty Two thousand twenty. And if you go to Kim Palm Right now and you look at the big ten projections. Penn state is projected to be a big ten champion. The regular season title with Maryland. TERRAPINS shots two miles. dredd shouts two miles dredd. Shasta Lamar Stephen. Shut the pet chambers numbers because let's pick ten in the preseason big tent pole and this has pets nights season at Penn state and he's never made the instability tournament he won the nit back in two thousand eighteen so they were by definition like on the bubble there. What nine hundred ninety nine lead? But he's never made the instantly tournament so when I had to write about coaches on the hot seat in the preseason back in October you know a a power conference coach who has gone eight straight years without making the tournament and is now entering his ninth season. That'd be picked in his league. That guy regardless of the details is going to end up on one of these lists so I was right about Penn State Pat Chambers and. Here's what I wrote quote. I'm skeptical. Anybody could do much better than PAT. Chambers is done at Penn state which is one of the toughest jobs in power conference basketball but how many power converts coach's could miss the instantly tournament in nine straight years and return for a tent. That's what chambers will be up against. If he does it March nittany lions into the big dance this season in a perfect perfect world. He'll get there and made his administration's decision to bring them back easy one because my guess is that Penn State's next coach probably won't be as successful as its current coach each and when I wrote it obviously it seems sensible otherwise I would have changed it even looking back on it a few months later. It seems like a sensible assessment like my bottom bottom line was basically a hard job and pets made it respectable and I don't know if they could find a coach who could keep it this respectable but at some some point your administration and your fan base which puts pressure on your ministration. They want you to break through and make the tournament and so if he doesn't make it in year nine is he going to really get a year ten and update on February twelve. Two Thousand Twenty. All of that is in the rear view mirror now. He's going to make it. He's going to get a contract extension and this does not mean because I know somebody will use this example as an as a as evidence that well if you just give coaches time now. This is not proof that what happens when you just give coaches time. If you give a bad coach ten years you'll just be bad for ten years. You know. All coaches don't quote deserve time coaches don't deserve anything except the money guaranteed on the contract. But when you've got a good coach and that was my larger point like I think pets done a good job. I know he hasn't broken through but I think he's done a good job. When you've got a good coach then maybe baby you can benefit from giving him time? Don't give back coach time. You'll just be bad but if you give a guy you believe in and I believed in Pat. I believed in Patas Penn.. State's if you give that guy time then maybe just maybe you'll be paid off in Penn State it's fan base and that administration is getting paid off right now pin state. You ready for. This is one of the best college basketball teams in the country. You're on fire right now. You're loving this your love and the nittany lions to the final four four. I my final four. Right now San Diego State Dayton Penn state and rutgers rutgers. It's what I wanted to be. Wanted to be something like that. I love this season. I know that we're losing casual sports fans. I got it like whatever the I love this season. And it's not it's not just a season in which we've got some unusual teams operating at the top of the sport. You're like Baylor San Diego State Dayton Penn state. It's the season in which we've got unusual teams operating at the top of the sport and Dan. It's not crazy to think they could go to a final four winner national championship. Because we've talked about before you're not going to run into Duke with five. First round draft picks you're not going to run into Kentucky Talkie with two of the top three picks in the draft like those type of Big Brand Basketball Teams with Zion and RJ and trae Joan to carry. The team doesn't exist season. There are very good teams. Very good blueblood that are very good teams Kansas Kentucky. I think both fall under that umbrella but in a different year you might think a team like Penn state would eventually get overwhelmed. A team like San Diego State would eventually get overwhelmed from a talent perspective. I don't think any of these teams that are unusual candidate for final four national championship. I don't think they're gonNA get overwhelmed by somebody else. which by definition at least I think makes them legitimate MITT options for anything to seize it which is a pretty fun thing to watch yes and we are getting what I think was inevitable but we are getting a nice fundraise in the big ten here? Even if Maryland only is the only team Maryland is the only team out of the big ten. That has a chance at a one seat. And it's going to be hard pressed to do that. It's going to have to continue to win and then have teams above. It obviously have to lose but still right now. Maryland is after getting a scare against Nebraska. And it wasn't at Nebraska. Of course. Yes it was at Maryland scaring a two point win for the turps on Tuesday night. Jalen Smith with another tremendous game. He is creeping up up into potential. First team all American status. That's another under disgust plotline. I think that is involved in the past three weeks here in college. Basketball but point is Maryland at ten three Michigan State and At nine and five and between those two teams Penn state which wasn't projected to be there and then also in the five loss column. You've got Iowa Illinois in rutgers we're not GonNa hit on Illinois and this pod for those that are probably wondering because that wound up being a big thing. We don't know what the status with iota. Sumo is so when we know more I assume on Friday. We'll get to that. But that was a great win from Michigan State a really compelling intense game and the way it ended was heartbreaking for Illinois Fans Probably Gruesome Free Illinois Fan just to see I oh carried off the court but but between all of those teams ruckers included. You've got a really Nice sixteen race developing and if things break the right way to help the big ten is so you'll have those teams maybe can get to the two line Penn state on the three of the four Michigan State on the three or four Iowa on the four of the five Illinois on the four of the five who knows rutgers on the five or six and chances of dipping into the second week in the sweet sixteen you told me over under four and a half big ten teams in the sweet sixteen. I'd go under but I'd go under definitely at four. I think that twenty five percent of that second weekend is going to be occupied by by the big ten conference because of how many teams are going to be in and how many teams we're going to have a fairly solid seats. We played overreaction or reality Late Tuesday night on inside college basketball. That's where our brilliant producer amy settlements Ahmanson comes up with a statement and we have to say amy. That's an overreaction. Or we have to say amy that's a that's a reality. I think that's a real thing that's going to happen. One of the statements was this the big ten we'll we'll have twelve teams in the incidentally tournament. norlander over the action overreaction. I said overreacts. Come on. NOT GETTING THEIR MINNESOTA's not getting to the tournament. That's not gonNA GONNA happen. Minnesota Twelve and eleven right. Now I'd say eleven too many. I think the big time will stanton. I just think the way that it's going to break. That's that's what will end up with. We'll end up ten and the ten the eleven team that doesn't get in you know there's probably going to be some great case for it but then we're going on this podcast and say listen. We know the big ten's great but you you can't if you're with this record Yada Yada Yada so eleven would tie the all time mark but I- mark me down for ten out of the G. I said it would be ten or eleven so you and I. We're on the same page there. Let's move on another interesting result from Tuesday night. Wake forest seventy four North Carolina fifty seven. It's a Seems to suggest that Cole Anthony is not going to save North Carolina season and it's a reminder about just how much of a factor the class of two thousand nineteen is making on this two thousand Nineteen Two Thousand Twenty College basketball season. We're going to get into that next. I check this this up asked profanities so scary Chaman you watch it on. CBS Sport because each week you can watch some of the top games available for free on CBS sports dot com or in the CBS. Sports Mobile APP this weekend. We got a couple of ones I on Saturday at one. PM Eastern it's Texas Tech. Ah Oklahoma state this is the type of crispier really needs to avoid if you've got to get back to the NCAA tournament and then on Sunday at one PM. Eastern it's Indiana at Michigan that's a big ten showdown between two likely. NCAA tournament teams again. You can watch both games on. CBS sports cough or in the CBS sports mobile APP. And don't forget free and I don't mean it's a free preview of fancy sports package. It's completely free for everybody. So check out Texas Tech Oklahoma State and Indiana Michigan again this weekend at CBS sport dot com or in the CBS sports mobile APP. So it's a little bit off the radar because it was just unranked eighteen against unranked team. But it's still notable because North Carolina played another game first game since losing that heartbreaker the duke over the weekend and they got smashed by wake forest. Orest seventy four fifty seven so the tar heels are now oh and four. Since Coal Anthony's return he was five and nineteen from the field against wake. Missed all all six of the three pointers that he attempted and now North Carolina is ten and fourteen overawe three and ten in the ACC. We don't need to spend any time on what it means for North Carolina. It doesn't mean anything for North Carolina other than it's just more proof that they're not good and they're not going to be good and they're not gonNA make a run even with coal anthony back the more interesting wresting thing I think is that I went through the class of two thousand nineteen final rankings. Four Twenty seven sports in terms of player. Rankings I I haven't I didn't have time to look it up. I can't imagine we've ever seen anything anything like this. Were the best high school years from from last year are having this little of an impact on the sport in enroll this season. Let me run you through it real quick make you throw up the number one player in the anthony kind of you are. We're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA vomit dead-leg you're going to bomb it when you hear this number one player that class Anthony Edwards at Georgia probably go into the number two player in the class. James Wiseman he quit. QUIT THE MEMPHIS team. The week before Christmas number three player in the Country Coal Anthony. His team is tied for last in the ACC four player in the country Isaiah Stuart. His team is dead last in the PAC twelve the number five player in the in the class RJ Hampton he played professionally in New Zealand. The six best player in the class Vernon Carrie. He's on a possible number. One seed earned Kerry number seven ranked player in the class. Scottie Lewis probably on eighteen number eight nickel nickel manion safely in the tournament. I think number nine precious a chula because his teammate quit on him and his all coaches and all the memphis players the week before Christmas. He's he's probably going to be on in. It team it team Memphis. I would say probably on the lead there all right all right I would say maybe I would say probably so. You're saying I'm saying maybe I'm saying I'm saying maybe memphis goes to the MIT. I'm not saying that this is probably going to the nit. I'm not. I'm not going that far. You think they might not even make the it we know no. I'm saying they I would say if you're saying we'll we'll meant this. Make the incidentally tournament maybe or probably not I will side on maybe more than probably not. I was surprised is that you didn't put Memphis in the maybe column there. I would say probably not. I mean they were on the bubble with DJ Jeffries now. Dj Jeffries is probably out for the season. I don't know how you're going to improve yourself self without Dj Jeffries. If you're bubble team with him you're probably not going to be as good without him and the point. I tried to make to the Memphis fans that are flipping epping out over the way. The season as it's unfolded is go. Give me an example of a team that lost two of its top. Three players midseason before February. I stayed good like they don't exist I I'm not going to go through it here. You can go pull the radio PODCAST. If you want but Like Kansas last season lost two of its best three players not before February first but eventually did it with doke coke and legit vic and they went with with you win healthy. Kansas was literally undefeated and ranked number one in the country. Then they lost eventually lost two of their top three players players. They went six and four in their final. Ten Games lost by double digits in the second round of the tournament. You cannot hold it together when you lose two of your top three players. Hey by the way another example this Arkansas aw role in then Isaiah. Joe Suffers injury hey joe best. NBA Prospect out. Now guess what they've done since he's been how they've been losing on boss three games. Oh in three without Isaiah Joe. You can't recover from this stuff. So that's why I would memphis on the probably not making the tournament. They're not in now. They're going to have to play the rest of the season without two of their top three players that they started with. That's just not a recipe for Success Tint player in the class tyreek Maxi on a good team at Kentucky. Okay that's fine eleventh best player in the class. Khalil Whitney Quiz Team mid season at Kentucky Twelfth Best Player in the class trae man probably going to Florida thirteenth best player in the country in that class of two thousand nineteen jade mcdaniels dead last at Washington in the PAC twelve. Yuck Yuck I'm getting a little bit an up check feeling right now all I told you also so a couple of notes on this coincidentally enough. Ah We did the core the core for And also did frosh watch this week and made mention of this. You know the top ten freshmen in America and a lot of the guys you mentioned there have overlap with with the top players obviously in the in the previous class. That's that's sometimes how this goes but what we're also seeing is that these freshmen don't have. They don't have the ability to lift their teams up the way that that might have been expected. Zeke nausea is is is number two carries number one. I'll get to this in a second. You mentioned Stewart Anita Ikano USA. Mike Mike it there But his team's slumping escalate trace Jackson Davis Indiana's been bumpy as Lee Kofi Coburn. He's always been good. He's been slumping a little bit. Landers Nali as the Ninth Best Freshman in College Basketball Virginia Tech Nowhere near the incidentally tournament so this has been an issue that's been ongoing to down class and the guys that are even at the top of it that are performing top. Five top ten freshman you know more than half of them are on teams either not making the instantly tournament or they've lost two three Games in Rio four out of their past five now. Carey is the exception exception to that and Wednesdays Court report. I've got a couple of items one I've got I've got a good little Split video with the Flying Mascot Dunk thing. It's a it's a cool cool side story. Check that out. I also got something. Northern Iowa twenty one and three and most under-discussed really really good major. The season their top thirty five and Ken Palm spoke with Ben Jacobson. He talked with Toronto Raptors coach. Nick nursing that has actually helped their season. You can read both of that stuff but it leads with Vernon Carey junior to me is interesting in this respect. GP Do Duke has definitively the best freshman in America. It's not close. It's carry one. I would say it's nausea to maybe is as sewer too but it's a close race there but Kerry to me is very far out ahead of the pack and yet he is not the talk of that teen talk of that conference one of the most discussed players in college basketball. Ask of all. He's just not he's his number actually compare extremely well to everyone. That was a duke big dating back to local for with the exception of Williamson who of course outshines. Everyone now trae Jones and Mike Francesa said this week that in part it's because that he's playing a year after John and maybe that's the case but I found it actually a bit interesting thing that Kerry who is on a per forty minute basis as good or better than everyone accepts I on and maybe Bagley isn't receiving more accolades now. He's fourth in the Ken Player of the Year Algorithm. I'm not convinced though. If we ended the season today he'd be a first team all American. I would put him there i. I wouldn't have him as the player of the year right now. Because I think trae Jones's recent performances have certainly made an impact on that but from the start of season. Two now to me Carey has been the best is player on Duke's roster and he is the one guy as you run down all those players to me. That's the combination of was really good as a prospect Not the best in his class but I obviously highly thought of and has continued to be a extremely important and productive on irrelevant team. I'm just surprised. He has not received more the bus to this point. Maybe that changes as we get into March but to now I actually think he's under hyped under-discussed. I think the reason is because he's not thought about as a top tint traffic as a lottery. Pick discussing the court report. Yeah I get into that too. Yeah continue You know like ob top and getting a lot of attention right and so you go okay. Why what a great team be? He's projected lottery pick and see it's just one dunk after another after another after another. He's great for highlights like I did date nights last and I don't incite college basketball. You know what are were an ob top and dunk and OBI topping corner three and an ob topping dunk and Dayton winds again. Jalen crutcher man. What's what's the guy gotta do gotTa dunk or hit a corner? Three or changes named OBI OBI crusher he needs to be. Ob crutcher so imagine. By by the way Jacob top or Jake Thompson like how would you be brother got named Ob. And then you've got named Jacob. I'd be like mom. You named Dia so I think they're both they're both biblical names. So that's that's sad. I would rather be open. I wouldn't you yes I'd rather be Oba. Yes a hundred percent rather be over dia. You put two names on a table. Tell me I can only have one. I'm picking every time without a doubt. Yeah and you got dunked on by the way Oh be dunked on his younger bro. That also happened. Walk the shot. Yeah just just. That's awesome by the way I love. It seems like such a nice kid like he's not gonNA maybe I hope he's really giving it to them like overtaxed over the phone when they see each other next but I think that stuff is awesome man. Good brotherly rivalry. Ob Jacobs mom was in the crowd on Tuesday night. Because this was Dayton against a Rhode Island for people who don't know OBIS- younger brother plays at Rhode Island and he's not obi top and but he is like six seven freshman averaging twenty minutes per game for likely in simply tournament game like that's not nothing so we were in studio and and their mother was in the crowd and she had one of those half Dayton half Rhode Island shirts split down the middle and somebody was was like who do you think she's rooting for is like I was her. I'd be rooting for the lottery pig. I'd be rooting battery. Pick so obi back the Vernon Carey I think some of it really is. He's not considered this amazing NBA prospect. And whatever it's right or wrong and I think you could reasonably argue. It's wrong in college basketball. We tend to focus most on the great players who are also great. Prospects prospects Vernon Carey is probably a great player. WHO's a good prospect and that that hurts him a little bit but if you're looking for freshmen who have actually had an impact? Uh on a on a on a winning team he probably number one on that list. I agree all right. You got some. You've got some cues for us. You got a good listener mailbag. We wanted to up some questions on our usual Wednesday episode. I don't know if it's good but I got it. I will take whatever we got here. Go get good because you have no choice question number one and we get these questions. Mostly from apple podcasts review over there leave a five star review type. Whatever you want to type but if you also want to ask a question you could ask a question? I'll go through them. And if interest me on some level I'll pull it over here to the file that where I keep all my notes and then if I get bored with those I'll look on twitter but either way I got three questions we do them. Every mid week. podcast questionable one comes from somebody who identifies as bracket Hollis three and they'd ask a very simple question. Why are you not talking about Marcus? Our give this man some love. Shasta Devender Shostak Abu. That's incorrect. We've talked about Marcus Howard on the podcast multiple times including last Friday. I want to say now. I know that you spoke on inside college basketball on Tuesday night about Marcus Howard and and your stance is right now. Here on February twelfth in advance of Marquette's game against Villanova. Marcus our national player of the year right now trivia every time Greg. Let's go okay. Marcus Howard you might know this. You might know this might heard you might have heard this. I've done a lot of markets Howard would research over the past twenty four so I think you might. You might know this one. Marcus Howard is currently third among all big east players in Intra League scoring scoring most points in biggies competition. He needs twenty two points in Ville Against Villanova on Wednesday night to become number one. All time a biggie scoring what to players to see trail he very clearly trails all time points in the Big East Yup do. Do you want to give you a hint. Both players played at schools. That are no longer members of the conference. Well that's that's a damn shame I didn't think you can get one. The thinking is gettable. If I lead you down the right path number one. He was a very good player. I just don't know if he would be someone that would immediately spring to mind as the all time leader and biggies points. Okay here's going with I K Lawrence moten. Wow being number one you did you pull that hold on. I'll tell you exactly what I did and you can if you want want. Here's what I do take list. You said you said school no longer. In the Big East I thought of Syracuse. And then I Google Syracuse. All Time Leading Score Gordon Lawrence from us a half sheet. Okay no more research. What's the other guy? And if you take one or two guesses and I'll give it up to you. The other guy is going to be and it's not the Yukon player just to be clear that's what I was about to be going there but it's not a Yukon player. The other guy. I'm going to say it's it's Mustafa Mustafa Heron. He's currently in the Big East and now no longer playing done for the season but his name popped into my head so I just wanted to save. Mustafa Heron Troy Bell at Boston. College troy bail. That's a former grizzlies. Drafting yeah well. You didn't know that he's number. Two and biggie scoring Marcus our. It's going to pass them on Wednesday night so there we go but anyway away. We don't know he's not number two in grizzlies all time. He's definitely not by the way. This was a marcus our question. We've talked about Lawrence Mona Bell us. We we don't talk about Marcus. Howard in fact I did a three minute thirty second video? It's on facebook watch proclaiming norlander. Said Marcus Howard. Is the national player. The one of the things I explained this I didn't seriously considering for in the preseason because what history shows us is you've got to be on the top twenty five team to a national player of the year. I don't care how good you are if you're not on a top up twenty five team. You'RE NOT GONNA win it. I think Mark Marquette will be a top twenty five team. They lost to top three scores to transfer. And it happened at a time in the calendar. Where you can't find find comparable replacements so I thought market would be fine? I thought Marcus Howard would be amazing but not. I didn't think the team would be good enough for him to to to win that award. Will they want six of their past seven. They're in the top twenty five. Eight people coaches both top. Twenty five and one top twenty five Kim Bob Marcus Howard's on top twenty five team but if he's on the top twenty five team lead the country and scoring twenty seven point four points. He should be the national player of the year. He's making thirty nine point. Four percent of the ten point three three pointers he attempts per game which is just incredible to shoot threes like heart difficult threes and make nearly forty percent of and he takes when he's on the court forty-two percent market shots which ranks number nationally. So listen nobody. Nobody's doing more at least so the offensive in for a nationally relevant college basketball team than Marcus Howard. If the season ended today I would hundred percent making my national player of the year. which which means he's going to go? Four of twenty seven against Villanova on Wednesday night. I know how this stuff works. That is a very quality now. That's that's the game that I think I have the most entry on solid solid Winston. I can't say West Virginia's right behind it but five biggies teams are currently ranked in the AP top twenty five. It's the first first time since the League reformed at ten teams that we've had five in the AP top twenty five last time was back in twenty thirteen. All five of those teams are playing on Wednesday night including Creighton. Eight net Seton Hall. It's actually a fairly solid Wednesday night's sleep rutgers at Ohio state. You know all that good stuff but market at Villanova can Howard go off on the road against the wildcats. Oh cats who need the win. Keep an eye on that. Don't say we don't talk about Marcus Howard because we do and if you want to see that video that did onset here in New York of our facebook watch you can find it on the twitter question number two from somebody who identifies as scared twenty four and. He says he's excited about the upcoming thirty. For Thirty on Pinnacle Bank thank arena and wants to know if we can do some politic behind closed doors to get a North Carolina at Nebraska. CBI matchup in the postseason. And if we got it done who would you pick. He says Kim Palm Carly Projects North Carolina as a one point favorite odd inside pinnacle big arena. I need to know if you think. That line is disrespectful respectful so I can pick the opposite side. I I do think that's disrespectful to work. Okay so I got Carolina by fifteen got Nebraska being competitive petted. Right now they just. They just played Maryland to a one possession game and that was at Maryland. So you take that game. Put It in Pinnacle Bank. What do you think that looks like? I think Maryland wins by twenty six. Are you out of your mind. Freddie Hoiberg Inside Pinnacle Bank are you have you. Have you lost your mind. Have you looked at the record. I don't look at records I think that's I think that's all you do. I think you spend thirty seven to seventy four minutes. It's daily looking at records and right now. This year we got Nebraska opened up at season back to back home losses. Home Austin North Dakota home loss to rutgers home loss to Indiana in a home loss to penn state home loss to Michigan next. Step Wisconsin Saturday going to be a home loss for Freddie Hoiberg Nebraska Carolina Pinnacle Bank in the. CBI is something that I I don't even think the CBI would take this season. But I tell you what I'd love to see it I would I would take Nebraska. I'd take the brass and the point you give Me Nebraska Inside Pinnacle Bank as an underdog against a team that never wins. I'm taking out take Oscars question number. Three comes from there was somebody named Bryan. Should look it up just to make sure I get now just roll with Bryan Bryan Brad. I don't care what Brady who cares. It's Brian could. He says rage against the machine. Run the jewels or play a Madison Square Garden on eight. Ten and eight eleven. This is You something you pointed out on twitter and then Brian if his name as he jumps on twitter and he has. Is this the ticket that settles the final. Foreign one. Bet is the loser of the final four in one going to have to buy rage. Rt Jay tickets to Madison Square Garden. What you think I like this but how about this so ah for me that works first of all? I'm seeing one of the shows no matter what the on sale is on Thursday and if ticketmaster ticketmaster and that's a dreadful experience and I don't get it then and I'm willing to pay like five hundred dollars to go see that show because I had a chance to see rage against between two decades ago didn't happen have to make this happen now. Plus love run the jewels podcast nugget. GPA and I have actually seen run the jewels together. So I am going to be going to one of those shows no matter what no matter when no matter how but I need we know if you want this show to be the thing. That's fine but have you look at the dates. And what's the closest venue that rage and run the jewels play respective perspective to where you live Saint Louis. How close is that Ford half hours? That's good I well. That's the thing you you. Oh you northeasterners. Don't understand everything like ninety minutes away from you guys like you can foul. Everything's five hours away. It's not good then a uh all right. Well how about this. I'm willing so we have. We have not settled. This is this is not the final four and one is not the concert but the bet was and and I know we have a couple listeners. Who documented this? I have it somewhere in my file. The ticket bet wasn't preseason. We went over under on win totals and whoever got closest overall has to buy the other the concert tickets. So that's what the bad is on. I will say that if I win. Yes the rage tickets are what What you're going to get me so I? Yeah I have seen Reagan's machine of course you have nineteen ninety seven at Liberty Bowmore stadium opening up for you to wow okay at like. Did you go for you too or did you go for raged even remember why you went. I went because I was a fan of both but it was a weird place to see rage because it's a football stadium there on youtube stage and they look just look tiny on the side like somehow somehow Bano somehow you to is able to fill up that stage and it looks they just fill it up and but you rage and put him on the exact same stage and they just they look tiny and then there's Zakharov just a rate show but in front of fifty five thousand people who were there to see you you too so it was a weird place to see them but we enjoyed it was a good time rages is good stuff man like say what you will about Zac. Schroeck on in the in the awesome way back when there's actually a very funny tweet that was sent out some years ago. That goes viral. And it's I don't remember the wording of it exactly but it's something along the lines of rage against the machine when you're fourteen eighteen you listen it for one reason then rage against machine when you're twenty four you don't think it's great at all and then rage against the machine like your late thirties. You're like no this actually all makes a whole ton of sense. Love me Some some rage evil empire is my favorite album of theirs But really this good good good stuff. I'm super for that and And for run the jewels. So yeah we can we. We can rest the The preseason over-under on that and then if you can't get to that S- you gotta find out what show you want that to be But we'll wait and see on. Who Wins that talk about three weeks or so? I don't even remember who what I'll dig it out with about a week to go in the season so looking ahead. I'll be back in studio tonight. CBS Sports Network got a doubleheader doubleheader on tap six thirty eastern Xavier at number Nineteen Butler and then eight thirty eastern providence at Saint John's so that's a big East doubleheader on CBS. Sports Network. And then I'll get a studio around two and then wake up around six and fly home in hate myself call. Yeah you'll be calm like a bomb. My man calm like a bomb. Chester Deva Daddy Shasta Chester South Carolina Fatigue. Legend Chester Larne. Now please go scribe to the I own college basketball. podcast do it over at Apple podcasts. While you're there leave a review five stars leave a nice comment and we will talk to get on Friday. That's what we'll get ready for the weekend until then take care in itself. This is Gary Chemin you watch it on. CBS sports because each week you can watch the game available for free on CBS. Sports DOT DOT COM four in the CBS mobile APP this weekend. We've got a couple of good ones. I on Saturday at one. PM Eastern it's Texas Tech and Oklahoma state. This is the type of loss. crispier really really needs to avoid. If you're going to get the raiders back to the NCAA tournament and then on Sunday at one PM Eastern Indiana at Michigan that's big ten showdown between two likely in. Cw Tournament Tournament teams again. You can watch on. CBS SPORTS DOT COM or in the CBS sports mobile APP. And don't forget free and I don't mean it's a free preview buys fancy A._N._C.. Sports package is completely free for everybody so up checkout Texas Tech Oklahoma State and Indiana Michigan this weekend at C._B._S.. Sports DOT COM or in the C._B._S.. Sports Mobile APP.

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