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That's pretty tremendous and we can't thank you guys for helping spread the word about our program. keep doing that and we'll keep trying to bring you great content each week. This is my first off. Welcome the military podcast but I thought I might do is go down to each of years past history and allow you the opportunity to share a little bit about what you did either through your military career. your career if that's the case or maybe it's a case of you know like you Byron. It's both you know what you're what you did in the past versus what you're doing now I and I think that also will give the audience an opportunity to learn a little bit about your voice and how it connects with you know who's speaking all that kind of stuff. I don't know who wants to go first the cooler than me. Yes all kind of gave the big on my background and then kind of how the group came together and kind of where we're red so my background did Undergrad in Texas A at Rice folks econ police I pretty much which wasn't right into defense contracting work and this was after having done the shortcake's State Department I guess before Arms Control Bureau but that was pretty minor so then and I said went right into defense. Contracting work can focus on Middle East issues affairs where are taught did that for a little bit than went to Georgetown for the Foreign Service Graduate School and got a graduate degree intelligence continue to focus John kind of counterterrorism intelligence efforts in the Middle East really kept that as a focus and then the Arab spring more or less kicked off and I'm after having spent some time over there just the I think the biggest thing that struck me will as security and kind of the being on the pointy end of things that attempts at shaping region through those measures had some you know limited success and you know they're valid efforts on but what I saw as being maybe much more effective. Let's say there was a bombing or shooting and you could treat not no injury you know injured interp- locals enter people and in personnel and let's say you treated someone's mother daughter Chitter something suddenly you got loyalty and you got a you know a real an actual following from the local population and I know everyone hates the whole hearts and minds concept's except and and whatnot but that was kind of that really action and so I remember thinking all right so that might be a way to actually shape things here in the region region and at the same time what he saw from you know international aid groups that has more or less efforts where they came in with dump supplies and leave or they would come maybe we do. EMT level care leave or maybe nursing care and leave and offense to the MTV's nurses but at the end of the day it's not it's not you know high level physician or surgeon level care and at the same time there are legitimate groups that do go out and do do some surgeries you know when examples operation smile they do cleft palate surgeries and that's val great work valid stuff by you know actual board-certified folks but even there at the end of the day all right so they did a couple surgeries and they leave and it's kind of like what is the lasting effect on the population so a big thing for me was we could do better with higher quality folks and have a longer lasting impact so that was kind of when I had to shift or I should go into medicine so I came back to the US. did some work with the Fairfax County fire. Department is a volunteer medic. I'm with them and that was Kinda. My all right do I like medicine or not. and I really did it. was you know the adrenaline rush that I was getting when I was doing work prior and I was helping people and basically my kind of kick up to the next level was really spite in through an argument so basically something dropping off at the hospital is always asking the doctors like what can yeah I do differently or what's the what's the treatment algorithm for something out in the field. What what could I do better and differently in one point? One of the doctors said Dude. You're knowing the Shit Outta me just apply to medical figured out any more I love it so I was like hustle are all right I will so I went back to Georgetown and linked to med school there there and basically once I got into med school they're ahead this network of physicians all my old security in the Middle East and I said all right. Let's let's mashed us all together and that's when the group started so back in twenty fourteen it was like conceptually bring brought together in Twenty fifteen at officially came together as a five one c three nonprofit and really what we started out doing was bringing physicians over to Iraq and to provide care and we basically filled in in a lot of clinics next where groups you know like let's say the UN or doctors borders just couldn't get staffing to go whether it's for security reasons or you know or staffing asking Georgia whatever it was they just didn't have people in these silly so we started staffing it and suddenly we saw this huge impact where like you said before most if not all groups are sending out nurses or medics suddenly the local populations realized that they were bringing doctors so we have refugee camps literally empty seen by doctors doctors and the Guy Polish. This is a huge impact so so we've continued that the at the same time I used us at this point was expanding you know they're presence pushing into Iraq and at the same time there is the need by our Kurdish militia context and guys anywhere in the picture go to get the military medical support so that's when I start reaching out to guys I knew within the special operations community to really do the you know the frontline stuff so at that point we're really bring everything from you know former eighteen delta guys and medics and whatnot sixty whiskeys Sark's what not to do frontline care and action and training all the way up to you know primary care and Cardi traffic surgery every you know full spectrum medicine and kind of like I said before the thrust from the beginning was training because I viewed that is really the way you're GonNa Create Long. Lasting effects acts on the ground is and it's essentially the special forces model. It's you know trained local host nationals and so if you look at what we do now it's everything we do is focused on training host nation nationals and local medical professionals so yeah so at this point the group is more or less scaled held up from when we started in twenty fifteen officially to being now made up of about two hundred. US licensed physicians We cover every single specialty not in about eight hundred military veterans. Who are you know like Byron guys or like Nikki specialists within their profession up the entire allied healthcare professional chain so whether it's medics nurses? PA's CR as you name it we have it's yeah and then let's see in terms of the highlights and the notables were the only non profit humanitarian group in history to have saved the US personal lives in active combat theatre with our own trauma surgery teams we can put everything up to roll three something you know even a role for capable we'll teen on the field because we can put all surgical specialties out there. we have sent fourteen teams to or we're GONNA one coming up in our fourteenth teen Iraq. We've sent teams to do smaller teams that do work within africom within Africa we have have also trained the equivalent J. Sock J. male units with European partners yeah so that's kind of like what we're up to. I mean that's kind of the real brief blast on everything and you know we got these like superstars like Nikki involved now and Byron studs like him mostly honestly for looks. I don't know what the fuck these guys are good for otherwise but going on it's close enough. He's supposed to be body double but I guess I gotta put on more weight or something workout more some of those but but yeah I mean that's that's really the gist of everything being on these guys can tell you more about what it means from the medical perspective or from the veterans standpoint. I'll let them kind of go on from here Byron. I WanNa get into your pass because I know you have a little bit of special forces so I WANNA go back into the very beginning did you come in is in eighteen eighteen x ray or did you come in the kitchen army and then roll into SAS. I actually what Ha- how that worked for me was I was in Third Ranger Battalion most of my military career forbidding Yup at Fort Benning I came in I enlisted I went to Korea. I enlisted with ranger contract but the Ra is called rip at the time it's now called they were full so one off to Korea went right out of high school and basically got into volunteered to go to a airborne school rip and the rest was history. I stayed there until about two thousand seven and then went to the army the army freefall teams for a about two years and in an I went on to cooler units in the Army and then spent time doing that got out and started defense vince contracting for a little while POWs lost. One of the didn't really WanNa do the the gunslinging thing anymore. I'm your typical veteran I if you don't leave the military with the DD two fourteen crappy credit and at least one divorce you know you're you're not a real veteran and I was definitely your I. I'm always taking things to the next level so I was like not only did I have one but I had to so you know and I was feeling pretty crappy about it. You know he's got a one up everybody else rate so you know even in my my horrible personal life but so I I really really I was actually super down. I didn't really have like the direction that I wanted. I was suffering serious depression separation anxiety from the military you go from being this guy. That's your at the tip of the spear you know involved in literally in missions that are in books looks now and like yeah. There's my pitcher in this book there's this there's that and it's it was so depressing to to be. He and I had a really bad marriage and I ended up attempting suicide and I was he's like you know is just going through all that stuff it was just terrible and my buddy I walked in to actually Aaron and his men and we went on the last trip but one of my best friends was sitting in a starbucks and he was in nursing school and and I basically was like Oh you guys studying for your paramedic you know and when the army was short on medics they sent a bunch of of you know soft guys to emt school and then went to a basically it was like a condensed version of stop them and the Special Operations Medical Course and I attended that and I really fell in love with mercy medicine but you know always settled myself off short either because of my you know getting out never really wanted to get into it didn't think are smart enough. Whatever and I ended up going to school started to go to school? Oh for a from nursing I ended up going to the. Va they had a practitioner program for nurse partitioning and I scored top ten in the nation and and they said we'll pay for all of it so I went off and started to do that that was right after my attempt and I was like you know I really this isn't again I'm still kind of. I don't like this clinical stuff. I really like the I missed. I missed the T. triple see the tactical combat casualty care and I miss teaching and all this stuff and Lo and behold I had an email pop up about GSM as g she and actually Nikki's pitcher was on it of course Jon Hagey Nikki was repelling. They had the shirts and I was like man this slicks this looks so cool the shirt either the repelling which Republicans were telling you know so and I applied and I I actually got a phone call from Aaron and he interviewed me and I was I was all on board and a couple of weeks later. We had the hurricane that hit Panama City and I started doing a ton of work with that and we you and GM's g brought in assets. I was able to acquire almost three point five million dollars worth of relief effort into Panama City and we were literally the first people to set foot in Panama City. We actually funny. We had a standoff with the COP and the COP was like no. I'm not letting you in and the cops like I'm coming in and my partner and I write laughing all like no no. There's people need help and we got to get in there and he's like finally he he he bowed up. I bowed up and I said I'm coming in whether you want me or not. He's like that's so cool all right come on. You're not gonNA find anything. Everything's level. There's no oh addresses. There's no you're not gonNA find anything and the next morning there was a bunch of news crews where we had part because we couldn't we had to go in on foot at that point and had a kid. One arm had my empty rucksack eight that did have water in it and this guy's like Holy Holy Crap you found the guy you're looking for and I said Yeah and you never tell arranger. He can't do something because you'll show you that he can because we had attended grid and we found him he was actually in any Jason House that hadn't collapsed and then after that the news media really started jumping all over the place and wanted to find out what GM's G was all about shortly thereafter Aaron offered me the position as the director of forward deployed operations for GSA. MSG The and I jumped all over it in pretty much became my life after so from from a soft veteran that was Malinga through life. I guess trying to find that purchase again trying to find that that belonging in that tribe that yeah that try Dong that tribe that thing that makes you feel important again that you had you're I mean there's there's nothing greater than being in soft and your your gearing up and you're putting all the gear and you hear the rich and it's like you. You Live live in that like movie real constantly and and then it's just over. It's like move ins and you're like holy crap. What do I do now and then you kinda jump from thing to thing the thing and then you go to defense contracting and Aaron can attest to this? It's like every man for himself. The Brotherhood's not there. It's just it's cutthroat and I didn't like it and I got here in with GIS this G and we went on that trip and you. I mean these people you know want nothing more than freedom they. They want nothing nothing more to be able to live in peace. They want the same things that uh us as Americans want. They just happen to live in a part of the world that is at war right. I mean it's only by the grace of God in our our our soldiers that were not in a position ourselves and and for me to be able to be honored enough to go out and bring medical aid and training to those who would otherwise never get it is just a tremendous honor brings that purpose back into not only my life but other veterans as well like Nikki who's just retired and then other eighteen series guys that you know who were you they are eighteen delta that we have right now are just second to none I mean their professionalism and their training and their ability to to bring that aid in a known train that role too in that role three in an environment and just seamlessly transition into something and in volunteer on our trips is just outstanding. It's an honor to be able to work with those types of guys again. What is it specifically that you kind of do for GSM Sgi? I mean you know you gave the title or you know so what what specifically does that entail. Look look pretty cool cool. No I actually so I will do a lot of the we get a lot some sponsors. I worked with the sponsors I help air with preparing the Peo- I are our instruction that we're doing clean. I help basically the logistics of getting the teams to and from the training sites all that type of stuff and then and of course with my medical background I assist whether it be an a a clinics or whatever the case may be or teaching the difference prints mark March march algorithm and that's why I just I instruct with the rest of all men just like Jack of all trades if you'll may jump in here say so basically when we have actually Kinda like touch on two things so one is like GSM s yes. She is more or less kind of like a home for veterans who want to go into the global healthcare scene I mean there's plenty of you know domestic. US side ones but as far as when it comes to the international global healthcare global humanitarian aid. I'm pretty much the magnet for that and part of that is a lot of the big name groups they think of Wolf specifically reject veteran population we've put out some emails honestly because I actually believe that at first but then we got some feedback and I think the word for word response was your military background besmirches our image of impartiality conflict theater so some of these big name groups zoo. Your military background is accused attractor and I remember getting some heated arguments one of these jokers saying. Are you kidding me like who you think is more qualified to provide that humanitarian aid in Iraq do deployed there eight times some Yuppie kid who's never left the country out of you know Fuck Idaho so I mean you know in take a look at those organizations of their loss because we find huge value in the population and Byron definitely touched on that I mean you know eighteen. Eighteen dollars are really good example where you've got these guys who are extremely highly qualified. Mike employers a surgeon now like some of these eighteen delta guys are as talented as we we are I mean they could do surgery for they give back to the US and their qualifications for sometimes don't translate the crap in there left you know on like ambulance transport service moving geriatric patients between retirement homes right and it's a massively depressing thing it's clinically proven to cause PTSD in depression but then they get an our teams and you get folks like I said you know Byron these guys where you know there get a good sense of purpose. They're in a team setting again. They get to deploy overseas doing legitimate work and so it's it's. It's a huge boost. If you talk to literally anyone on our our team you know like Barnes said it's like you're almost back in the movie here. It's your back in back on scene. It's it's as much as you could possibly ask for so yeah Mel Tangent there. It's the whole reason we went understanding so so like for example Biron teams do like on any given team will usually have several components so one is the surgical teams one will be the primary care physician teams one's going to be the nursing is is the nursing team and the other one of our more specialized groups as the military trainer teams and so within that that's something where you know someone like Byron can lead leads that team you know he makes sure that they're where they need to be doing what they need to be doing with the supplies that they need and that way the medical folks can really a focus on training you know but barons the guy that makes it all run smoothly so so that's why leaders and people who can I work with people and you know you know be the cowboy wrangler when they need to be you know that's why people are critical so well and you and you have a built insecurity system right there as well because you've got trained guys from the soft community that are right there. You know doing the work and so these guys who better to know what they're they're dealing with and yeah exactly. I mean so you know in kind of go on that point. Just I'm going to turn out to go on some long. Changing the like that is I think I think what makes our group unique in that you look at for example the UN massive amounts of their budget good plus it just bureaucratic overhead but even when you get on the ground I think for every one medical professionals can put in the field. They have like several armed armored vehicle convoys like the outlay for most of these inner most if not all international aid organizations to put medical professionals in the field is massive when it comes to just trying to protect them but then you have our group where every single person the group suddenly shift year and be on a robust defensive posture like you're not you don't have to suddenly call in a cure for for something like we are the cure F- I mean you guys like buyers shifts the fan our team is now very strong defensive posture team so so yeah. It's a I I would say in terms of that. We are very unique when it comes to international aid groups have very smartly done to considering the theaters where you are. That's a that's a great way of doing it and trying to encapsulated both because like you said otherwise your budget would get sucked up. You wouldn't have any you wouldn't have any funds left the people that are donating who in Nikki how was it that you even found out about. GSM S G in the first place so I think it was instagram again somewhere. Yes your videos work about about it. I was for some reason I don't remember why I got really interested in that region. They're working out of and I think that bounced me into someone reposted him or I don't know what happened but it was like well what says and this is what I was active duty so I'm Erin for years now and he invited me to basically interview and can talk to him and I it was like Byron was saying I mean what attracted me was. It's a very you know a strong veteran association with their organization and and then after retiring you're you're kind of lost. You just don't really know it's just like you. You said you know you're just all of a sudden. It's it's over. I mean I literally woke up the that Monday and was like what would we do no shortage of things to do though slow but I think that's what happens. Is You find all these things he pile your played up with all this this crap you know and now I'm at this point where I'm I'm reading through that and I'm I'm really figuring out what I WANNA do and I've always known that I wanted to deploy with them and go one of these trips I just couldn't before when I was active. Active duty can get away or get that time or permission but now this is the opportunity to do it and I just I like what he's got going on and I really believe in and there's a lot of organizations out there. You have to be really careful with when it comes to the international aid and not really knowing that road or or about it you think everybody's good and everyone's doing great beings and then you you take a peek behind that curtain. It's like okay. That's not what I want to be associated with so and I've done my research and I've always liked wait wait Aaron his start aid and you know I believe in it so I'm really excited to be part of it. What is interesting interesting journey? Though in a path that you chose I mean the fact that you have all the international work prior to going into the medical field. You know you would have thought that it would have been maybe quite the opposite. I said you've gone the medical route and would have been then put in situations where you would have been involved in international relations or something of that nature that got you in this field l. but it was quite the opposite and so as you very unique story because now what you've done like you said or even with Byron says you've taken that passion that you initially had and found a way to couple that together with your medical experience and create a wonderful organization helping the world out there in a program that doesn't exist like this very commendable then I mean I appreciate it. It's a it's a nice way to put it. I just kind of look at it. As there's a huge void when it comes to global whole healthcare like Nikki said you look behind the curtain on a lot of these organizations in your mostly appalled and shocked at what author doing I mean you know there are groups out there that may or may not be well intentioned but they're running around without qualifications and a you know a Lotta Times frankly no medicine is you know better sometimes than bad medicine. I mean like an example of this. Is You have patients who may be you know terminally injured and if you're not qualified to really provide care you may be literally be prolonging some horrific traffic suffering rather than just realizing or coming to the recognition that it may be futile to do anything in which case the real ethical thing to do is let the patient go because that is nothing other get nothing good is going to come out otherwise and so you have groups where people are unqualified if I'd be providing care literally essentially torturing patients into death in it's it's horrific war or just in terms of you know fraud and funding issues shoes I mean we as an organization strive and we are all volunteer organization so there is no personal profit motives what we do whereas if I was almost say for all international groups there is a business reason for the people to be out there and also for them to not do training actually had a discussion with the AH again. One of the guys I knew were on the big name groups and he asked why on Earth. Are you guys training. Anybody like why why the hell would you do that. and I was trying to tell him it's like well. That's how you create lasting impact your fucking idiot so the reason he said this is again. This is a buddy of mine but he was saying that the reason is if you look at a group much say big name organizations nations are getting paid hundreds of millions of dollars to provide. Let's say basic. EMT LEVEL CARE in Africa for example. If you go there and you train the locals how to provide the entry level care then you don't have a job. Your organization has no reason to be. That's what am I supposed to do. Those work out of right exactly exactly clean well for these major innovations who's lying have thousands of staff and their livelihood depend on is completely against business interests to train anybody to do anything so yeah there. There's a big reason why no one else is really doing much in terms of training but I agree like I think I put out I think one of the first newsletters I put out with our group years ago as Our whole point is self obsolescence like we sh- the ideal outcome is that we are no longer needed in that location where we are so and then we'll move onto somewhere else because I unfortunately it can show you. There's going to be no shortage of conflict or you know people injured so like what what are we really worried about. If we make ourselves obsolete in one area so yes bottom line with this rant was that I agree completely with what Nikki was saying that you get behind the curtain on a lot of groups and you realize it's not what you really want to be the apart of whereas with our group we try and be as transparent as possible to people. Who are you know I guess in the no yeah I mean we're not going to broadcast you know general public like where we are what we're doing when but you know I think the people that are involved? you know they can see the real effects effects of overdoing and you know we you know as if I want see three our budgets are open public record so that you know anyone that wants to see where funding goes more than welcome to see it so there are a lot of people that are going to be listening who are from the south community. I mean a lot of our hosts that are on our podcast here are from that same community so of course their friends and the extensions and all that list and so they may go okay. Hey this sounds like something I wouldn't get involved if so if they said that what are the steps how do they do is it's just reaching out is just as simple simple as that to start the initiation process or are their positions and assignments out there or is there more. I know I'm asking a lot of questions here but is there more than one assignment going on at one time frame and deployment to a specific region of the world or how does that work in terms of people getting involved. It's a a lot of word of mouth kind of through the military communities essay also I guess social media apparently works these two knuckleheads on baller too so that the reason but yeah you know if people reach out to the organization we have people that can more or less screen for the qualified folks folks so again like word of mouth and personal connections is huge because you know if it's someone I known someone I trust and I'll trust their judgments who this person is but worst case scenario just reach out through a website we definitely have people that screen all that very closely so someone applies with legitimate qualifications we will then then reach back out to them. we do have pretty large numbers though when it comes to applications I'd say for any let's say for a team or fifty person team that goes sometimes and those are just kind of like you know ballpark numbers we've had up to two thousand applications. Wow how but again I would say. I got caveat that with most of those people are not qualified in anything other than probably to play call duty at home or something right so I'd say do exactly so we do screen for the highly qualified folks and if yes if you're in the special operations community you know likely there are people that are in your Special Forces group in your unit or something that are have some affiliation one way or another or if not just reach out to Nikki or Byron number other other votes will put you in touch with us if you if they think that you are a qualified individual so what about as far as like multi multi multi theater or the locations and staff are you guys focused on per quarter going to particular area per year. How does that work yeah so so we have opportunities in almost every theatre where every say come back man for when you giving up one way or another so they're opportunities in South America license before we have opportunities to train European partners Middle East obviously we kind of go fairly frequently too we also have positions or locations within Africa that are available for us to go to it's just a matter of when and where we go at this point we're sending teams really at a rate of probably three or four year but as a as an all volunteer nonprofit we rely on donations support our Iran enough because we have primarily active duty military law enforcement fire rescue following a lot of those donations nations comes through the Combined Federal Campaign which I'm sure your audiences familiar with really it depen- our our growth growth depends on the level of support that we get that's really I mean the more support we get from the community? The more teams can put in the field so that's what it comes down to Byron. I'm curious in your you know since you transition doubt and you had some of the struggles that you were talking about now looking back on it in hindsight what are some of the advice that you give and maybe nicky you as well since you're very recent to those who are separating that come from that same community. What are the lessons learned that you can pass on because there's so many people bowl that we all know part of the problem is not necessarily the regret or whatever is the sense of loss of tribe is that tough and transition you know you go from focusing on single things now all of a sudden having to focus on a multitude of things a crying baby or having to find work or possibly losing a loved one or or whatever the case may be? It's very difficult challenging at times. Oh yeah absolutely well you know when there's an old saying in the military you're your plan is only as good until the first round is fired. I got out the military I had a solid plan and Bam. Am I was in the middle of a divorce all of a sudden and everything that I had plan for everything that I thought was going to happen didn't happen and it you know being honestly the best advice I can tell you. There's there's nothing wrong with the veterans seeking help it doesn't make you less of a man. It doesn't make you less of a woman soldier airman. Whatever sailor does not it does not make make you any less if you are having issues with? PTSD which can be anything from flashbacks bad dreams night terrors. You know you know. Reach out your veterans. Your brothers your sisters to your left into you're right. They're still there here for you. you can pick up that phone and call them talk to them. Don't suffer in silence as we say in the Special Operations Community when you leave. There's there's no reason for that. you know a ninety nine percent of the time actually probably one hundred percent of the time you pick up a phone to call your fellow veteran whether it would be Nikki was never in the army and nor was Erin but if I picked up the phone and called album I can almost one hundred percent guarantee that they have suffered or gone through the same things that I've gone through or am going through if I in that moment you know and and be active you've got to be involved in something something thing that you like something that keeps you fit and something that puts money in your pocket and and you know those three things things and if you can do one thing that does all of them more power to you pinpoint yeah. You've hit the holy grail but you've got to be involved you know sitting at home moping around and thinking about you know you know looking at all the things that you did look cool out you you once were doesn't doesn't do anything for anybody except create worse find that thing again and join an organization like Jess. MSG is is going to give you back some of those things. I would think that you're missing that you just described and and not only that but you're working alongside to your left and right in this case soft members number who've been there done that you're going back. Perhaps even to an area that you serve than that. Where a lot of came back at you know and some of that some people? I know they've gone back. They've actually found that very cathartic. You know they're able to solve some issues that they may have had when they came away from that. I've definitely had like a number of veterans. Let's say that exact thing where let's say they were in Mosel or you know someone Iraq or Syria some and they lost a buddy over there for them to get back over there. on one in one regard for them was the ability to carry on the legacy other brother. You know like they were carrying on the mission so for them. That was that was massive massive. I mean you can tell night and Davies guys were like sad before they get on the team with us and it's like a different person it's amazing and then similarly to we've had other guys who were part of like civil affairs or something and they you know they work with these communities and then they come out of the military and they that community they worked with in Iraq or Syria. Were Africa. You know this is a chance for them to re-engage with these populations that they almost made a second home with you know so so yeah. It's exactly what you're saying there. Sorry sorry to kill you off there. No I literally was just talking to Nikki about this today and I live like when we landed in the area that we were operating in the last trip and I we got off the aircraft in my stomach literally sunk because I looked over and I literally and I took them now thinking about it because it was so emotional for me because I was sitting on a corner launching Ching rounds from that exact corner and I'm like holy crap and then I remember like exam area yet L. Yeah and I remember driving to one of our locations for training and what has a police station was another a different facility and it was where we would we would get attacked and I'm like coal. My Gosh like that weird. It's just like the surreal but it was. It was exactly what Aaron said Holy Moley like. I'm coming back like CDs. You feel like the Old World War veteran on d day like you know yeah I was right here and I I saw this and I went here and I mean obviously still zoned but you know you're like holy. where I once brought so much destruction action and death I'm now bringing peace and prosperity and health and wellness to the very people that not not that I was fighting these individuals I was fighting the people that were oppressing them and and it was it was surreal it was I have to tell? Do you absolutely wild I. I think that's really cool really amazing too. I mean because again so many guys especially within the soft community the come back and that's that's part of this struggle as they feel like they're not with their buddies. They're not still in the fight and they're buddies are still in the fight and so it may read that they're they're discharged for medical reasons. It could be if something of that nature. They're still from the military standpoint. They may be broken. They can't service young man's game. I get it but in this kind of world like you guys are doing here you giving giving them a sense of purpose back that that element or that reason that separated them from the military doesn't mean that they are skill set is not still applicable within MSG doing doing the thing. I'd say we're doing yeah so it's it's. It's really good for everybody involved and I gotta believe it's it can help a lot with post traumatic stress as well on yeah absolutely one of two you know going back to the thing I mentioned well back where you know we're the only group that's actually saved active duty active if US personnel lives in theater another way or reason or whatever you want to phrase it as for the guys to get involved with our group is that this is actually an opportunity still save duty lives. I mean like let's say you came out of the seventh group or something we made deploy one of our med surge teams to you. An area where seventh group is currently deployed and there's a real world chance that you may end up saving the lives of Nice in seventh group. It's just it's just an example. I mean like so so you know it's not even just helping all the people locally it's literally a possible chance to re-engage with what's going on on the ground. Also I mean I think. GSM MSG is unique in fact fat and having come from that rule to world in the military. it really mirrors that I don't think any of the other organizations are doing things like the damage control surgery resuscitation like like they are so once once again you know being a veteran and coming from that world. This is why you know this is something that you're looking for and then again we don't see each every day or you know Byron night which each other off the the instagram and just talking on the phone but I can guarantee that you know when you're when you're a veteran or when you're you've been in in the military I already know how he's going to be like. He knows he probably already knows what my work. Ethic is going to be like. I know this is going to be like I you know I I already know what I'm getting into. Thank you know worked with these guys before because we all kind of have seen mind frame so you're in the navy the better hey Erin where air can people learn more about yes. MSG I mean we've talked about it and I'm sure there's a lot of brain that goes along with those initials but when somebody's looking for you out on social media like we already talked about about or when he get involved or even donate house the way they can go about doing that yeah so I would say just good at GS MSG DOT org. That's you you know our main website if they wanna get a sense of kind of what goes on with our teams and whatnot the photos honestly on instagram or a good kind of window into to what these teams have done will be doing doing beyond that reaching out the through our website the site will let us connect them to someone that has the same background so for example with the eighteen delta's who were we're on our upcoming team. We had them get in touch with all the rest of the eighteen delta's that are already on a group some of the like physical therapists out of the coming out of the military three we put them in contact with the physical therapist in our team who were from the military from the army so it's a reach out to us if we if we see your qualifications allegations and we'll reach back out to you in put you in touch with you know folks with your background can really relate to you and kind of really in in terms of donating waiting they can do that through the website you can do it through our facebook page which frankly is better because facebook doesn't have these like premium charges on donations or like I said if you're in the military or you're in the federal government it's right now is the combined federal campaign season so the best thing you can do in terms of that is mobilized your unit mobilized office and just you know Johnny that way. It's it's something that's going to happen anyway. So why not have go towards an organization that you believe in have you know something Commonwealth and then beyond that you know our needs needs because we are you know we're a human capital organization. We rely on the expertise of people like Nikki and Byron you know our needs aren't giant Komo twenty foot containers of supplies. You know what we would need. Are you know logistical stuff like vehicles or given where we're going. It's as you know body armor night optical devices stuff like that. It's essentially the same gear you used while you were in the same stuff. We use now defend fan. We're putting a team so if you have that year even if it's a single set and you want to donate it and get a tax write off because we're five months three. We can give you a tax. Write off for you know the full market evaluator. It's your old us. SUV's functions or if you've got some nods laying around or if it's equipment that that's that's where that's where our needs are beyond you know the expert bodies that come with us but yeah I mean name. That's that's really like I said you know the experts in our community or the same experts from your community and we will put you in touch but if you're still elect duty or federal government the Combined Federal Campaign which is right now is probably the most effective way for your channel donations and funding baron. I really appreciate you guys coming on. Share you guys back story about how this all started and of course Byron sharing the transition and the struggle is because I think it's real and I I think it's also real for people to find a way like an organization as yours. GS MSG to try to get connected connected back with their veteran brothers and sisters and find some way to connect with the tribe or something of that nature where they can still use their passion to do something good in in the world and I appreciate you guys in applaud you for what you guys are doing. Thanks for coming on. Thank you. Thank you for your time. Appreciate it yeah

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