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You're listening to jones. Totally tech your tech podcast. Do you get sick of those robo. Caller is calling you or have you had a loved one who has been scammed by one of these scammers today. We're going to talk about a john nra of video streaming campaigning. You may have seen this from camp foca or trilogy media on youtube or twitch. We'll talk about this. Whole john laura and about the possibilities of us getting into this to on totally tat Welcome to the. Joey's totally tech podcast. I'm joey k goal antonio garra and it's been way too long and i know i said i was going to put out an episode march. I that didn't happen. We've had all sorts of stuff going on as far as our schedules and whatnot. I've actually had some web development work i've been doing and i've got a client coming back possibly for maintenance warm so that's excited for me. Yeah i've been I mean. I've got a new job. I think i mentioned it last time. We podcast in a lone surfer one main financial. So i get to work at home. It's nice i have a nice comfy recliner like it's like a movie theater style leather recliner. It's so nice to see how the yeah so that's going well. Oh also Lisa and i went on vacation last week. We went to the outer banks north carolina for those that. Don't know ed right. Yes we went to nags head and for those that don't know what the outer banks are. There's barrier islands on the coast of north carolina that You know keep the on the northern tip like near virginia. So it's kinda like around the norfolk kitty. Hawk area right. Yeah we were Yeah we are kind of on the northern side of the Outer banks for short. It goes off from southern southern north carolina to northern north carolina. But i think a lot of people think like cape hatteras nags head kitty. Hawk that because the northern tip yes and that's like further away from the mainland like you go down to the southern part where like indian beach atlantic beach that some people don't even consider about the outer banks i do but i i've actually never would kitty hawk one time when i was That was right after. I graduated high school. So that was two thousand three. Got him old but Yeah that's the closest ever been to the outer banks so never much. There was a lot of refreshments at the beach. That you're you know what i'm saying. Oh yes so anyway tonight i. I apologized for the march. First step said not happening. I also apologize. If i sound a little tired or worn out. I don't think i do. But i had a more intense. Taekwondo class session tonight than what i have had I guess i'm a little bit higher rank now than i was before the workout is more intense and the one white belt and class was actually younger so she could handle the more intense. The older people you know But yeah i'm high yellow belt now and there were like Our engine i think a greenbelt in a red belton class so it's like workout was a bit more intense and what i've been used to in the class so far but that's a good thing you got a picture body beyond the limits exactly. I agree otherwise. I would consider the school Dow jo- and that's definitely not mc doja is a also a scam is what it would be if they did that. Workout intensity and so that is remind discount funny story saas this podcast a couple of years ago. This comedian was on there. I forget who he was but he was talking about like his whole family tocado together like when he was growing up right. Yeah and in a word to like you know black belt you had to beat someone else. Who was a black belt. And like i guess a fight or whatever you call and so what his mom with up to get her black belt. The said say like made her fight the comedian. Who was her son why he like and he liked destroyed her. She got all mad about it. Yeah it probably idea. Say what i think. He was upset with her about something at the time. I'll get outta my. Apparently she was a nice woman but now that's just one person's opinion i don't know she is or not. I just thought that was that all right. I would probably fell him though because that would probably be a misuse of taekwondo. If easy is just because he was upset with her why think the actually well. The reason i brought up is actually was. I think the doja was like a scam. Because he gave his ideas. He gave the mom with the black belt. Anyway i'll go. He paid them. I don't care who's your black belt. Having such really the reason why. I brought it up because of that art. But the dude beating up his mom was kinda just. That's crazy When i took taekwondo as a kid For black belt You had to break And i never got black belt as a kid but you had to break a cement slap a while. My mother did i. I never did i. I got intimidated and last house watched now. Actually i was watching What is it karate kid to the other day. And they're showing for being where he frigging shops. The ice blocks and half right. I would find that easier to the summit slap. I think it might be. Yeah but depends on the ice though. It's really hard. Maybe not so easy. Maybe if it's like vanilla. Ice donna is all right but you. We talked about about scams tonight. Subject is scam baiting. Particularly scam baiting on mike twitch in youtube you might have seen scam bait videos from like Boga trilogy media some others I will mentioned here in the podcast at something that i've been considering doing really want to quit the podcast. However i want to branch out and mike keep everything under the. Joey's totally tech rela. I want to maybe like tried my hand out a law Scam baiting at some point. What what do you think antonio. I think it sounds like fun. Actually i've done a little bit of scam baiting. My free time. When i was younger i usually like to You know you get those calls for like your homeowner warranty your warranty. I guess what those peter a good with their whole pitch and stuff like that yes. Yeah yeah i guess. I've done a tiny bit myself a telemarketers. I don't know if they were scammers. When i was a kid but telemarketers call. And i would tell they would ask for my parents. I tell the telemarketer that My parents are abducted by aliens. And i don't know in the back and then now i get those car. Warranty calls I tell them you know. I didn't 'cause i don't have a car. I take public transit right and I tell them. I didn't even know i had a car. Can you tell me what make a model. My car is when they asked me for the baker bottle and they hang up so when you get those ones and they're like oh like if a yoshikata card number we can maybe get you another credit card with lower straight already mike. My credit card number the last digit. Yeah already began barbosa mess look at different digit time and after these like from report times to kind of get the or he was good to classic air horn. Your the air horn. You'd be like hey. Can you hear me okay. Media has done that airport. Yeah that's Let's give stop. We might have to try that time. yeah i was gonna say something else in it slipped my mind but here we go. This is joey's totally tech today. Subject as scam baiting. So this is more of a discussion type thing antonio feel free to join and if you'd like of course Make some comments. You know if you want to read the next bullet point on here Go for you know Actually you want to start us off. Yeah i mean we can just switch back and forth if you want you know. We'll make kind of natural. Yeah definitely all right. Let's do it all right. So yeah you could go for Scam baiting is actually a form of internet vigilantism though not quite as andreas as real life. Vigilantism it's more targeted towards advanced free. Sra it's more targeted towards advance. E fraud ira scams tech support scams scams. It could see we're financial fraud. Yes so basically. It's like the green era or batman. But just doing everything like just targeting scammers and not really attack them physically Necessarily well that's the thing though. So now the criminals now they're hiding behind keyboards. The vigilant is just at the follow suit. Right definitely not quite as dangerous though if you f- the scammer somehow find out where you are. There's a possibility something can happen but mostly scammers are in a different country and probably not going to go after you. That's like not worth it to them. You know yeah pressure yeah Yeah the scam baiters. At least the ones. I watch ona youtube twitch. They pose a potential victims in order to waste the time and resources of the scammers. And they'll gather information not times which is useful to authorities and a publicly exposed scammers as well The tools and methods that the scammers. He is Maybe documented and scammers can warn potential victims. You could actually watch these videos on youtube and learn how the scams work often times. You know because a lot of people are totally clueless about the scams In fact i. I know Several times that's happened in the retail store that i worked for they. You know the scams were. You've got to buy those gift cards and stuff like two five hundred dollar gift. Cards are something. And they're talking with someone on the phone at the same time and s typically an elderly person that's That's coming through my line and sewer three times In the past few months. I've been able to stop these people from getting scammed but i feel bad for these people you know because they're so prone to being tricked into doing this kind of stuff you know as as happy about it like it usually is elderly that get paid on the most just because you know they may not be as tech savvy. They may not be all they're cognitively could be any other any number reason right. Yes exactly so some scam baiters also disrupts cameras devices and systems using remote access. Trojans viruses can even take down fraudulent websites. Yeah totally i've seen I think i've seen Bogut do the some with like a tech support scammers and Yeah like just put a virus of the tech support scammers computer and raising yes like and then the scammers freaking out of course what i also commonly see as like just Scam baiters wasting the scammers. Time by like they'll set up Virtual machine and putt a lennox distribution on their or even like an older operating system like windows. Ninety five are ms dos or something. It's holi. yeahs scammer nice. Nice nice so Some scam baiters are actually motivated by sense of civic duty. Somebody owned amusement and unfortunately some are motivated by racism. Four one nine eater a scam. Baiting website doesn't allow racism on their own rooms. So i guess you can say like a to typical but a lot of times. I know you mentioned it before. Like a good tell can be if person has like a foreign accent with a lot of times that can be if you get phone call for someone like that was asking about personal information. That's could be a red flag yes That same time that that's a reason to specifically target. You know people from those parts of the country down saying yeah exactly and trilogy. Media even goes after scammers here of the west with like their luxury homes and whatnot in a that are operating Right here you know so. It's not necessarily a safe just because us based you know yeah So yeah and it's easy to judge people with accents. Unfortunately because so many of 'em from are from like india or pakistan or. I don't know how much nigerian scammers are How prevalent they are these days in the only debt kneeling that jerry and scam. I remember hearing about was the nigerian prince laying were like. Oh hey i'm is jerry and prince and i have all this money but i can't get into the back in deposit into an account and you're the lucky person right. That's been a loss. As i've heard a lot about that though i need to check my spam and see if there's anything like that might be able to easily get some phone numbers their scam bait them you know for sure. Yeah but yeah definitely for me. It's not racism. I think my motivation. If i were to do scam baiting myself be because i'm tired of seeing people get scammed first of all especially since i work in retail Second of all you And we'll talk about this in a bit. I'd like to get some of these people who are scammers out of scamming. Because quite frankly i mean yes. There's the entertainment side of scam baiting but i would like to see some of them Start living a better life and help them out where we could you know. Yeah for sure. get them out of that and that that's not easy. It's like trilogy media. I'll talk a little bit more about that. They've actually been helping some get out of Scamming and ed's arrest because what they do is like they'll raise money to help them out and while the person for all you know could still be scamming but they a good job of baking shore. That they're not scamming not lying about trying to get out of that you know. Yeah yeah. I think a lot of times. I mean as with most crimes. I think it's a crime socratic convenience. You know i'm I'm having a little trouble put on the table but you know walk you go out and sell drugs especially get shot computer Make a couple thousand bucks for some idiots on the internet. Yeah i get. It is but yeah yeah. A lot of these people are just trying to survive. It's their bosses. That are really the true criminals in my opinion so You have a couple of different types of scam baiters. There's the written communication. I've actually done a little bit of this as well but then share it with a one but a scam baiters while answer scam emails using Throwaway email accounts You don't see this done so much on twitter youtube but There have been some people at ted talks talking about this. A bit so If you know if anyone wants to check it out you should easily be able to find it on youtube. So and i mentioned this in the past but like august scam emails all the time to semi regular email. Box my stand folder. He'll say hey. Palace from net flicks. It's you know citibank or whatever right and they like here if you click on this link and something's wrong with your account information By time is like you know with most modern you know email servers It just give you like a the nickname doesn't give you the actual email address. So you're my email. You wanna say thome garrett eighty-five dot com and they'll say antonio garra so these scammers they choose a nickname. That's pay pal apple. Whatever but if you click on the actual nickname. We'll show does a series of random letters and numbers at g. Mail dot com. I guarantee you the fraud department at citibank does not use a g mail account. Don't exactly and a lot of those are phishing scams to and sadly i don't know if anyone's ever going to apply if you replied to ally those special scams i could be wrong. I haven't tried that when it comes to. Actually don't you remember police ago. I got hit with the phishing scam on facebook like eight. Yes so we're paying to a while. Just got message from them and i clicked on it like walking facebook and they have my info. I knew i got fifty messages. That they like. Hey you got hacked. The i got it thanks. Yeah yeah i suppose. That's kind of like a phishing scam in warm all in one. So it's like you can't easily get to the original creator of that. You know just going around you know. And fortunately i i have my own personal policy not to click on a video unless i someone can tell me what it's all about you know why mash no because at some guy. I knew from high school. That i haven't i never talked to on post comex occasionally here and there on his post you know. We're not like friends. Or i mean we were friends in high school but like i said i haven't seen that he would like twenty years so right. Well i mean i've done the same thing. I'm a tech savvy guy. But i received an email From a client. One time and i was kind of hoping than expected. Some new work from this person you know and as like some sort of documents or whatever for project i open it and apparently it was some type of a worm or something and suddenly emails all the people on my contact list on g mail and yet just went around like crazy and so i had to email everyone of my contact list and tell them what was going on not to open that if they had not yet and You know just apologize. Even a tech savvy guy like me could be folded to doing some things you know. I mean you let your guard down. Sometimes it happens to the best of us. Yeah exactly and you unleash eating you know. Give your social security number two. You know some some bozo than celia identity right yeah So y- the ones that are. We mainly want to talk about those as far scam baiters though more audio visual so we're talking about twitch and youtube Really popular one kit boga. He is a vocal transformer think. He is a role in v. T. three if i remember correctly there's also the role v t four And he changes his voice Like one of his popular characters as a grandma named edna and Zero call up all these scammers and You know just show go off gadgets. Gamers they loved on the elderly and shall go off on these tangents and stuff and then Like one of the gift cards scams are examples. They'll be like fake gift cards and stuff and Shall start redeeming them. Where ever like. Let's say google play gift cards. She'll star redeeming among google. Play herself the scammer freaks out. You know it's amazing so Kit boga maybe the most well known twitch and youtube scam. Baiter others include realty media. Rl rosie renault poison and scammer payback. Children media sometimes has collaborations with other barriers as well We've seen kit boga an l. Rosie make appearances entre g media. Yeah i've seen it. I don't know if you have seen it yet. But you know but eh It's really cool. I have not really watched the one with kept boga yet by seen actually I was introduced to our l. Rosie through a trilogy media Video and she does the one of the things she'll do as sound like amazon alexa. Sometimes talking to the and it's pretty freaking awesome. I love it you know. Yeah and that's what. I like about game being though it's like it's kind of like a prank call Bud dupree call causing harm to a person you're causing someone who's meaning to harm someone else harb you know You know who else Used to do a little bit of what we know scam baiting now but back then he just could set it a prank call He's attack youtuber at theo joe he s sure yeah. He is make joke videos. But you're not believe how many People actually believed his jokes like to get free wi fi or the one that he really went over. The edge with was how to get Paid for doing nothing and you had to write a letter to the president. Which at that time was president. Obama say i exist therefore I deserve to get paid however much money. I can't remember now. you'd have to look it up. I might share the video as the point behind universal income right. Yeah exactly well nigh exactly 'cause a universal basic income as a story for another time. But i'll just explain it quickly. At least the way andrew yang was thinking about a thousand a month. That's just like enough to get by but not enough to be comfortable. you know. y- efforts done the right way a But back to scam baiting Yet he he did a few prank calls on his Youtube channel and One of them was one of these. Nigeria actually i think they were both nigeria scammers. One of them he was claiming to be a guy on the international space station And the other one he was like Some nazi guy dr l. It's funny. I share those videos with you man. So yeah i guess those are earlier. Scam baited videos. That i don't think that term had co own yet you know. Oh yeah for sure. Yeah so Let's see kept. Boga is also notable for making a fake bank websites and other fake websites as well. And as i mentioned before pretending to purchase a gift cards like google play cards He'd pretend to redeem gift cards to enrage the scam earth and He started his scam baiting. Currier in mid twenty seventeen after five has grandmother was of victim of many of these types of scams And like we said They prey on the elderly particularly. I mean they'll pray on anyone they could get to believe the elry. they're like one of the most. I hate to say the word gullible because it sounds and salting probably one of the most their more gullible with fable. They're just not as aware of the dangers out. There is like hey you shouldn't give your information of people on the on. the fell on the discount randomly right. I think that's a better way to put it. They're not as aware of what's going on and Even even people who aren't elderly like said they could fall victim to this as well. Also you could also have like you know the The not so wealthy if someone. Who's especially right now. You know we'd be between covert nineteen and we just had those winter storms in texas last month in a lot of people that really in dire financial straits and you know people like that too who are like. Oh if i give this first of my information you hook me up with some money people that were also able. Yeah so i think. I'll take this next bullet point too because we're still talking about kit boga here Plane at now which. Ns probably the most popular character. He plays He also has other characters. There's a valley girl named nevada. Or that's heaven backwards An elderly man. Billy mays and He hasn't exactly he. Just that name for the oxycontin guy and i guess he's an elderly man now and then. Some of my favorites are when he's competing technical support scammer named daniels health. Hell did to characters. At one time he'll be the who's Passerby be the victim and then hell also be competed scammer who comes in after the first scammer as contacted and it's crazy at the the first game starts freaking out you know and he's like hang up the phone. Hang up the phone disconnect the call. you know. this isn't really a scam baiting. A prank call yet and it was like I guess this guy called like a chinese takeout restaurant he had long order. You notice all this different stuff is like a hundred dollar order okay. Yeah and he puts the poll right that he any calls another chinese takeout place. He puts them on hold and he brings the first off bold. He's like excuse me. European order from really quick and he he brings other gop a whole so then. The one chinese restaurants like reading the order to the chinese restaurant. He thinks the other guy's trying to make an order. Just this whole thing you. I'm just reminded of a few a couple of situations right now I get a lot of calls from someone. I assume as a scammer claiming to be from spectrum. You know the internet and cable service provider here in charlotte and yeah you know there. Someone sounds like they're from india or pakistan. If you call the number back that They saw from you. Get someone tali deferent. And it's not them like they're spoofing the call but Yeah so. I figured that scott to be a scam. They're you know it's Safer barrier right. yeah exactly Also lisa one-time got some sort of some are cau- Probably not wasn't from spectrum. I can't remember who it was She asked him not call again. And guess what they did they call the guy they caught again and he's like could you please stop calling. First time. they said they'd stop calling and the guy was like i'm sorry i cannot stop calling ma'am i'm like. Oh that's creepy. Well that's also a good side that it's a scam just because like most you know most organizations that you know a call people call people. There is an sec regulations. A place. like like. I told you our from home now as a loan servicer but the way it is like i'm only allowed to contact. You know a person a certain amount of times a day and then you can make contact with them. That one day then. I'm not allowed to contact him for the rest of the day. But then you know certain things happen over contact with for five days but and the biggest thing is though it's like if someone tells you do not contact me again. Legally we're not allowed to me. It's like a violation of its alvin. Now the fcc but it's like you know F. e. c. I a. whatever One yeah as are saying alive these scammers okay so when a normal professional 'cause year yet did not expect them. I mean what happens if they say f. A normal professional person who's on the up up says he is sir if they say fudgy you sir Probably you know what mariah told you about what i was doing. The credit grouping numbers athlete the third or fourth. Time to me out like a f f. f your mom like okay buddy but in a normal professional environment. What's going to happen to that person does that. They probably get fired most likely. Yeah you know what these scammers often to say when they're irritated by these scam. Baiters you sir or you know whatever you know. It's just that they just are willing to act totally unprofessional you now yeah i mean i guess they don't have quite the level of professionalism on in the scam opposite. Is that you the places. So yeah tell us a little bit about some Channels like trilogy media. Actually helping people get out of The hall screaming business. Yeah so one of the interesting things i thought was that Children media has videos where they have actually helped scammers out of their call centers and move into a better or a legitimate way of living below. Syllable are there videos about samer. They name r e nyse zeal name for privacy and safety reasons but they helped him move to another town by work and helped me start at ultimately started his own. Printing business started or key smokin. Leave his village so he bought chickens. Chicken coop is rain vegetables in his garden which he can sell for. Some income is also considered doing scam. Baiting videos yeah so we'll thing. I think that's the thing people a lot of people don't Keep in mind as far as like you know the criminal element then the day. They're just people like me and you like is mary lee. Will you find like true. Evil in this world most Most criminals like this is an excuse. You know we have it. We live in a society and as such you know people are expected to behave a certain way. But you know when you're back is against the wall and sometimes people do things that they're not proud of And they crossed lines that they wouldn't cross given different situation. You know what i'm saying and you know it's tough to say like. Oh well you know. I got three kids at home. And i was single parent and you know. My two jobs are barely cuban roof of my head. now there's a fricken pandemic. i'm rusin hours. Like what are you gonna do. Yeah i mean do what you gotta do sometimes and like. I said that's not an excuse. But that's just the mentality of people have it's just like i have no other choice like i'm trying to do the right thing. I go to work every day. You know i bust my hop by come home and it's not enough you know and get government assistance and not and you know i want to be able to you know. Do nice things with my kids. I don't want them to have to sit at home all day looking at youtube. I wanna take them out to do this. And that s that's them. That's what drives people to you. Commit crimes to the people out there and it's the just get off on. It's just like oh man i just trick this person to give me a thousand dollars in the social security number. I'm so cool so yeah so As far as scam baiting goes so three questions that i'd like to ask you know we can discuss it here First of all as this a good or smart idea and let's take to I waste go about the first one. Never really personally confronting them and then number two trilogy. Medicine has done videos where they have personally confronted scammers in real life. Yeah i mean. I guess because the internet you never know out there You might think just some you know. Dweeby guy in his mom's basement but it could be some dangerous individual. You don't know you know what i'm saying. Yeah that's the thing about the criminal element you don't really know what's going on like you know just because if you go to the park and buy a little bit of we from somebody you don't know what else to sell them to give. You saw anything. He could be involved with anything you know or his you know he could be involved with. That are about anything. Yeah that's one thing. You do have a mind when you're doing videos like this where you're going to be very very careful right. That's probably going to be a good idea to use a vpn you And it has your tattoo keep a buying a via a vpn as not one hundred percent fall. Perf in a note is that. Yeah so you've gotta be pretty hair. I know i'm the i know very few things in this world. That are one. Hundred percent foolproof right. There's no. There's no process or mechanism that i've ever heard of that. Does not you know malfunction at some point in time. so yeah exactly How much good does this do for the scammer. In most cases at waste their time but sometimes the person wants out as we mentioned already. I mentioned to like i said it's You know when you have people that are committing crimes such as these like. I said a lot of these people there. They feel they feel like this is the only shop they have to. You know. change their personal situation. And a lotta times. That's not true but you know there's different factors play as to why people think those things only to get into that here but i feel like if you if you can nudge someone in the right direction. That's all good you know. Yeah you may just be wasting this person's time. Hey maybe you like the seven person. That did that to him today. He's you know what i'm doing this. I'm afraid in. Go ma fours mcdonald's than then you know whatever happens happens at that point. I know we wrong sure. Mopping floors mcdonald is a super glamorous job but hey at least honest work right. Yeah exactly and you know. How many times You know kept boga in one of the biggest scams out there you know. How many times Someone else a dead scam baiting and the scammer thought it was Kept boga are seen several times like Youtube what i've watched these scams videos as like the scammer thinks. It's kid boga when someone else. I guess that means you're doing something right. And then the final question is how much good does this do for potential victims I mean honestly. I think the good for the victims is i mean as far as raising awareness as to what these different ams are and different tact. Except he's amer's are using. I think that's awesome saying now as far as like stopping scamming. You're never gonna be able to stop crimes. They're always talking about tonight idea because we have a war on crime the criminals. They have a war on the law. Like you know. They're trying to do their thing. And we're trying to do our thing kind of like or these two things Smashed together. But i said no matter what you do you never going to get rid of crime. No crime at all. Never get rid of people. Robbing you tally. That get rid of drug dealers. And i can get rid of prostitution rid of cell phones. Cameras is not going to happen. You know liberty. You can't put that genie back in the bottle the the information and the processes to do these are two elliott bailable. And there's just enough people out there with just loose morals. That are willing to you know like i said cross those lines that you and i you know potentially are willing to cross. Yeah some feet. Some people will just to be really easy money and quick anna and if they can hire people for their call centers. Get to scam people. You know they don't care if Someone's getting her in. Ah a someone's getting paid. Nfl support. Yeah the the boss just wants to get that money in you know. Never worry about it again. All they have a lot of very important steak dinners to buy her. I'm sure yup It's of course vary illegal now so yes yes yes So if you're thinking about scamming people out there don't do it please. After this message wellbeing going to our current events for the week stay tuned own. Do you like the music and sound effects. were using on the. Joey's totally tech podcast. Well we get the licensing for this music through epidemic sound if you're a content creator created video on youtube or other social media platforms or fellow podcast or visit bit dot l. y. slash jt epidemic. That's bit dot l. y. slash. Jt epidemic and you can sign up for a subscription for as little as fifteen dollars per month. They have a wide variety of genres of music. As well as sound effects. You can incorporate into your content. You don't have to pay royalties you. Just pay the monthly subscription fee or you can also buy lifetime licenses to particular tunes and effects too so if you want to use some fresh music and help support this podcast to checkout bit dot l. y. slash of jt epidemic and sign up for epidemic. Sounds day. welcome back to the. Joey's totally tech. Podcast it's time to talk about the current events of first of all a wild experiment and just us closer to exploring extra dimensions. Ooh that sounds crazy. Doesn't it already while stuff yes. Scientists in austria managed to measure the smallest gravitational field on record. This team demonstrated gravitational coupling between two gold spheres which measured around two millimeters across this required high precision to conduct the test. The results may lead to the development of a sensor which can protect these small forces. And i'm now thinking we're looking at a subatomic realm or micro slyke watson marvel comics or marvel Studios movies. you know word of time. Hugh age rapidly but sometimes not know. I was thinking more like ant man but i mean i guess yeah yeah. The loss like ant man. Mike ant man went into the subatomic realm and then and Endgame at felt like five minutes But he came out of it. Yes i guess he didn't really age any Was it yeah. Light her name. Yeah he was stuck in the air for twenty thirty years. Yes but no. It should have been twenty thirty hours but became a whole over right. Yeah yeah i guess subatomic realm at least and Marvel movies weird things you know. I mean you can travel back in time. Yes exactly yeah. We don't know if it works that way in real life but it. It probably does the if. I had to guess but i know nothing about subatomic particle like that. I mean that's a does work that way in real life. That would be pretty amazing. Yeah i guess all right as well as long as all theories about time traveler truth right as far as paradoxes and like. Hey you can't go back in time. As long as it's not like back to the future where you can be. Like oh i got an almanac of the future and i go back go super. It's yeah i know right all right so Onto my story scientists linked brainwaves a certain processes so reasons study has shown that patterns of electrical activity in the brain trek. Different types of thoughts here near a scientists are just starting to league brain activity to internal experiences such as slots as been found these that there are specific signatures associated with different types of internal processes. Busy finding is bringing neuroscientists closer to identify an an understanding how the brain be behaves. During the thought processes such neuroscientists named julia cam was interested in learning whether certain patterns of activity in the brain might be linked to those different types of thoughts while she was working for uc. Berkeley cam conducted. The study were thirty. Nine individuals were made to donna cap with brainwave sensors attached. She had each participant. Look at a computer screen into the mysteries of either right or left winning arrows and had the press. Aquarius bonding key on the keyboard at the enemies flock air matching series. Researchers asked participants with thoughts. Were as they completed the test. They look for patterns in the brain activity that matched with reported thought type when the researchers matched up specific thought types to specific walks brain activity. They found a clear connection. The team had picked up a clear signal for brand. Timmy that links. To how thoughts flow this study also showed how the brain reacts when our thoughts joked for months subject to another freely moving thoughts such as these may be the key to create a problem solving camps team looked at whether or not the thoughts of the participants had been related to the era mashing activity. They also research whether thoughts were free full or more focused study found sometimes participants for on the task during some blocks but not others. They also learned that people stops wandered freely about as often as they were focused. So i guess. According to this one study you know On average most people will burris. That's super large sample size thirty nine people but this study was suggests that people have free flowing thoughts about as much as they have focused thoughts. Yeah as least when they're hitting buttons on a computer while looking so right so this article was interesting to me. Just because i've always had an interest in just kind of like how the brain works you know right and i think that one of the most interesting things about the sula. We live in today and always. It's scary because you know the information can be used for you know a quote unquote unscrupulous purposes. But i think it's really interesting. How we kind of figured out like what makes us tick as far as like you know how to how to influence people to do certain things and you know. Obviously that's The you see like the media and things like that you know obviously generate money but even that just like there's just so much information out there about like social engineering and you know you know how to talk to certain people with certain personality types orange elicit certain responses right. And i just think that whole area of study you just really interesting. The yeah definitely. I'd like to see what they would find like in regards to like people with autism versus Newark tip goals as far this study. Goes 'cause people with autism often times tend to be like hyper focused on certain subjects. You know Sometimes i mean they can just come up with something randomly like just random the change of subject to me being on the spectrum myself and another friend of mine as well as like we can totally change the subject to something totally different and people are like what the heck man you know My life like. I never been you know diagnosed. I'm pretty sure all summer on the on the spectrum. Yeah i'm kinda lead like app orders kinda right. Yeah the lifelike. Avi havoc hours asia. Someone in my motto does go somewhere else like to cut you off. There might be something really interesting. He is a film. It's completely ori a right in the middle of what they're talking about. Then you know this. Yeah yeah i mean that'd be really interested to have that in Like future studies to see what those thought patterns are like I have to say it's like proudly like more extreme. Oh yeah yeah. I mean this just probably different year with you. Know atypical neurological functions. It would stand to reason that their brain waves potentially be atypical as well. Right right yeah. That's very fascinating though That's really cool story there. So this is bad. Joey k goal and antonio garra. Thank you for listening to the podcast Hopefully the swap out monday. And don't worry we're not going away. We're talking about possibly dude scam baiting Ourselves but i haven't decided for shore on anything but in tonio and i have talked about little bit Let us know your thoughts. Call nine zero josh. I'm sorry it's been a while since i've Mentioned number go. Well river the tech. I know and I just haven't repeated at lately. Because i've been vacation and everything and i don't repeat it. Nine eight nine nine nine zero eight three five nine eight zero nine nine. Nine zero t e k. Thanks for listening. We'll catch you next time later later. Thank you to our exclusive subscribers. Laura lassiter ed beth warhead as exclusive subscribers. You are considered executive producers of this podcast. Thank you for your support. If you're interested in supporting this podcast check out. Joey's totally tech dot com slash exclusive. You'll get free episodes. Four interviews bonus content and more that's joey's totally tech dot com slash exclusive.

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