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Hour 1: Dirty Demon of Debate


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Love the option to personalize the details, including your lapel lining pockets buttons and writing your own monogram, so get your perfect suit and just watch as the compliments role in and November is black Friday season, meaning two thousand eighteen lowest prices up to seventy percent off on everything. Make an entrance at your holiday parties with Indochino this week. Our listeners can take advantage a black Friday pricing by using code Levin. Start at checkout that seventy percent off the regular price for a made to measure soup. Plus shipping is free. That's Indochino dot com. Promo code Levin. Talk for up to seventy percent off. It's an incredible deal for a made to measure soup. Once you go custom. You don't go rack. This is the Dan lebatardshow with Stu got spot casts. Hell am I supposed to do with the Serena Williams story? He's on the cover of Viki magazine. And it's a controversy. I don't understand how it is that this woman who is. Unending? Excellent. Always finds herself in the middle of controversy, even as she's just on the cover of a magazine. Meant to celebrate her woman of the year status. But now people are arguing about this whole idea. I I'm not even sure I understand this story because man is crossed out. And then it says woman scrawled above it and Juku just sitting here with a blind spot saying. This is just our style. This is the style of font. We use it everything else. But they've what what it looks like is. They're saying that Serena is, you know, kind of a man, which is because she's so much more physically impressive than everyone into her sport. It's it's it's the nature of the controversy here. So we have Greg Cody in place of stugatz today. Thank you, and me, we we start in a soft place. I think the controversies that woman is in quotation marks which seems a little odd. No. That's what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that Serena Williams something that she gets hit with all the time is the manliness end so man's cross out and women's above it. But women's and quotes were the controversy, probably wouldn't exist. If it was just woman without the quote, I'm guessing that what they were spying aspiring to there is to say, hey, this isn't the best female athlete. This is one of the best athletes. The same thing serene has been. Saying about do not categorize me as just an a great athlete in this division. Just make me a great athlete period. And then the arguments start about well, could she beat men and all that stuff? But that's the source of the controversy. Yeah. I mean, I'm sure G Q was well intentioned. But it's just a terrible miss play on g cues part almost to the degree where they need to apologize or explain because it's it's it's a bad. I know because it feel but it feels like a bad situation, especially in two thousand eighteen with with some of the discomfort. Everyone has with you know, what happened with Bruce Jenner is the head of our American Royal family. There's an undercurrent here of wait a minute. Are they playing with gender? What's the? But I don't think Q meant any of that. However, I may be being naive there. Because these covers are agonized over the meticulous details in the covers like they may have been going for. If there I don't think so, but they may have been going for it three hundred won't outfits where she's had words in in quotation marks like she's had the word logo on it. That's in quotation marks above the Nike logo. So that might place them into it. Oh, wait. I know what's going on here. This is a collaboration. They gave Virgil blow the artistic license to do stuff with the cover. He's worked closely with Serena and a pass. And he I think he might be behind some of those Nike designs, and he was just playing around with it. It was a year issue. And she was a woman as a part of the man of the year issue and Virgil just started taking some artistic license with it. And so what I want to say to you guys because I know when I put this in front of you that the that the reaction of the primarily white male audience listening to this show because our consumers are primarily white males that they're saying, oh, come on a lot of them are saying oh. Stop it. We have to do this with everything we have to turn every artistic celebration of an athlete into these arguments about race and gender. Yeah. But in this case Serena has put up with this her whole career and probably not gotten as much credit for greatness as she should. Because people are like, wow, it's almost unfair. She's so big she's so strong. She must do steroids. All these whispers that have dogged her. And that's in the context of this. You know, if she were you know, the the the hundred pound white eastern European tennis star. I'm not sure if if the controversy would be no, no, she just be doing ads for camera commercials and not winning any other treatments. The fact that the it's a collaboration with Virgil Abajo who's a good friend of Serena's who's a frequent. But Serena, no, see. But serene. I'm sure Serena's I'm guessing Serena's fine with all of it. I told you guys recently I can. Not explain to you the labyrinth that exists around the star of that magnitude. Okay. Their publicists on top of publicists on top of marketing people. She is very well protected and she since having her baby has not wanted to do any of this. None of it. She does you have not seen her very much doing a lot of interviews. She's turned down Oprah. She's turned down Letterman. I was surprised to see her on the cover of this magazine. Made me think she did it a while ago before she decided to cut this off for the holidays because she wanted all of this out of her life. This follows her everywhere if she goes on a magazine cover somehow something happens, it's polarizing in some way because because she's fascinating. And because she's a symbol. All our best. Sports symbols. We start the arguments around them. No matter what it is. It's wide you chooses her for the cover it because they want to do something that is fun and different and artistic and this. I think Mike. That you don't mind this so much Greg is sitting here saying that G Q should apologize. I'm not even sure you mind this so much if you're g Q because you can argue on behalf of artistic merit G Q is not the one that actually put that there. I'm sure they might have some fun say, but bringing in and Serena there's some sort of artistic license at these people have and that's the vision. And that's a vision that she's had with her entire Nike line. That was also a collaborates division for what her career has been with the cat. So she's always bumper carring against these boundaries. The the other issue in play here is if the so-called victim, which in this case would be Serena if the so-called victim is not upset should we know? No, no, she's not in charge. She's that you don't get to you. Don't get to Sereno doesn't get to decide whether Roy's offended by something. No. Well, but here's my point. And I'll put it in this context. You remember when when LeBron James is business staff was referred to as his posse. Okay. If he's not upset about that. If he says, oh, it doesn't matter to me that that's fine. I call them, my posse, whatever then it doesn't know. Well, but hold on a second. You're correct that the famous can always inflame these things. Furthermore, Serena Williams deserves more credit than most for rarely inflaming these things with their own words because for for damn decades, we've been going to the Williams sisters and saying is this racist. And a lot of times they say no doesn't stop us from discussing it a lot of times. They put those fires out. In fact. Serena just changed she Serena and make controversy out of that catsuit stuff. We did like recently. She they were she was told you can't wear the cats. She wants to celebrate m- womanhood her body after having a kid, they're like, no, you can't do that. Serena and complain about that. But the media did right? But in this case when I say, gee, Q should apologize. That was with the presumption that Serena was offended by this. If she's not offended. I'm not going to be offended on her behind. But you're okay. But you don't have any of these transgender issues women issues like you're an old white, man. Like, you're not the one I don't care about your opinion on whether or not a black woman or a trend. Gender should be offended by Salvin. I care about Serena's opinion on whether this was offensive to her. That's the only opinion that matters in this case, it isn't the only opinion that matters in this. It's the one that matters most. Would you not agree? Shane and charge, gene. In charge of who gets offended by what she can make matters better worse. She. Yeah. I ain't telling her that either actually. Not to her face. This is where you read, Greg. Hey, ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. He would've sat there for a minute and a half just staring silently at the microphone this year. We celebrate sex years and over six hundred cars, given a veteran do Sary's really wheelhouse. But I'm really shocked you ever see like those old slow motion videos of like this like half fish above saltwater, and then the sharks the great white sharks. Jaws. Open up in so motion is really gnarly. That's what the Ed Oliver major Applewhite story is. And you're the shark had. How do we not start? I wanna talk about the ad Oliver major Applewhite story, and we will do this in a second when cracking the domestic dust bunny. You come to find them hiding under wardrobes next to Las soaks due to sudden scurry off what's ugly fascinating about the dust bunny? Is that ov- o-? They're not actually essential creatures when they code not only saves people money, but also has a ninety seven percents customer satisfaction rating. It's obvious to them you should switch because Yesler. Switching to gyco is a no brainer. Oh, no. Is the dust on his own natural predator on the home doesn't on his run along. Donlevatar? And finally the Carolina Panthers have a Somalia on staff. Wine expert, small EA, try one more time. No stugatz. Tried again, a little can I hear it. Again, the ARA silent. It's French trench. And finally the Carolina Panthers have a Somalian staff. Not a Somali. The army's island is not a Somali is not a Somali, Mike. Let me here to go small EA. Finally, the Carolina Panthers have a small lay on staff. Perfect live at our show with as two guys on ESPN radio. Greg Cody of the Miami Herald is in with us today playing the role of stugatz. You can save your comments the show is never the same without Stu gods here. So we will do the best that we can in his absence. There is a lot of tension. Interoffice tension going on around here. I do want to get to this Assan Whiteside story because I don't think that the the Miami Heat have ever had a bigger airhead. In their entire history. And this this story on on what he went and bought and how he treated we'll get to that. In a second. We'll get to that Oliver story in a second as well. But what I want to talk about is the conflict that we have in here on two fronts on one front me. And Cody are arguing a lot because I am going to release his drunken video. I just haven't figured out how I'm going to do it yet. But I'm going to do this to him because he betrayed me. And a report in the Miami Herald biggest scoop of his life. He got scoop of the year trophy from from ESPN that he was very proud of he released the news of my marital engagement before. I was ready to announce to anybody who betrayed me and doing so he continues to defend it even though Jason Taylor came up to me on the sideline of a dolphin game hall of Famer. And he's like what the hell's the matter with Greg Cody which wrong with him because he releases and I will get my vengeance. And the way. Right now, my initial plan on this is to buy his son and use it against him for maximum hurt. That's that's now Cody objects to all of this. There's a video of him ridiculous. I should sue you. Seriously, Cody objects because there's a video of him falling into the bushes in front of his house that his son took and wanted to release the night that he came out drinking with I'm for sale. Okay. This is good. All right. So that's one tension. We got that over here the other tension. We got is that we got some Marlins gear here sent to us in the form of a bribe. We well there is a plural. There is a we there is it's me and Billy Gill got sent some stuff. That's rich ridiculous. Offensive. Okay. I I am confused by how this arrived here in Wyatt arrived, but it's a cool shirt. Now, Billy is wearing a cool Marlin shirt and on the back. It says Billy Gill Billy Gill has been very critical of the Marlins as have I, but they have sent us Marlins gear that's cool in the name of bribery. So Greg, Cody is jealous that they didn't give him anything and mine actually says laboratories on the back which ensures I will never wear it. It's, you know, they revealed new uniforms, and they thought, hey, you know, what who really would treasure these uniforms. So they send it to me. And you. I don't think it's crazy crazy. I do think they should have sent it to either everybody or nobody at the truth. But it is funny. It is funny that they did send it to us. I told you this story before the former president of the company John skipper one time. I was in New York, and it was just meeting. John skipper is a very kind, man. And I was in New York doing something at the ESPN, the magazine offices, and some people were wearing some ESPN softball jerseys that were pinstriped and looked really cool, and I just commented I'm like, man. Those look really nice that's something that I would wear and then I got one mailed to me like two weeks later, and it said Lebanon on the back like I loved it. When I got it. And then I turned it around. And I'm like, I can never wear this anywhere. I mean, can you guys? Imagine me, I want you guys to imagine me. I want you to look at think about me and all the things that I am all of the repressions all of the insecurities all of the bloated nece. Can you envision me bringing that kind of attention to myself in public by wearing a shirt that says Levitan? You in a jersey by itself is a funny even without the name. But with the name is even more addictive. It's like it would it might as well say look at me on the back of the that should be a grid of death punishment that I have to wear something with my name on it. So can you explain the nature of the tension here, though, there's some so you guys all love the jerseys, and you all want what Billy Gill has. You can't even take it from it. Because it's got his name. I'm angry because the guy that boycotted the Marlins and said that Derek jeeter doesn't know what he's doing after he'd been in the job for like a month. You know, that guy got a jersey and the guy that was sitting here saying give the guy time, you know. I don't have anything fair point. I believe that there is a rejoin in which you say, why do you want to hurt jeeter? And you were talking to Billy. I don't remember that we played it never say that about lady don't make national rejoin. I mean, you got placards that were from Derek jeeter Dan, getting a gift from Derek jeeter. What does it say as part of our family? I mean, this is ridiculous. Of our family. I'd like a distant cousin. How did we become a part of the family and how awkward is it? When Manford shows up for thanksgiving. Let's let's be real they signed that once and make copies of it. And you're not that special. There were only one hundred of them, and nobody signed someone had to sign off on us. I imagined Derek Jeter is there stamping every single one with a literal seal of approval while there's no one who is going to be more upset by this than Greg. Cody who just wants to grab it power at every turn. Well, first of all, Cody is a much shorter name than lebatardshow. They could save a buck in that regard. I mean, you know, jeeter is personally sowing the names on the back of all the jerseys. So it would take him not much time at all to make one for me. And sewing it either. He didn't have a machine. These has gone on Londono funny. Visit to make some money. It is a funny visual, Derek. What is he doing? How you have him. Knitting knitting on like on the couch old woman watching murder. She wrote. Knitting needle going to taking samples of red. No, I need. Something. More Kellyanne Tae read. Oh, you think lebatardshow would prefer Smalley with the you got it. You got it. They got the little it's a pretty cool. Pretty cool pretty cool attention. That's you're part of the family, then it just absurd. Read to me Billy pick up off the floor. The placard that Mike Ryan discarded in disgust because it began with family and read to me the rest of that placard. Introducing the new era of Miami Marlins baseball as part of our family, we're excited to share our new brand identity with you Miami. And the world these new colors and logos. Speak. Miami's language in are reflective of the lifestyle, representing our vibrant city and a diverse south Florida community. We look forward to you wearing the new colors of Miami with this personalized limited number set. And you got number sixty to one hundred I just realized I just realized and this is not I'm not proud of this. But we we just got outsmart outsmarted by the Marlins that wasn't a bribery gift. They were announcing their uniforms. They wanted him out in front of the public, and they just put them in front of the public by raping Billy Gillan. Oh, they got Billy. He's. Yeah. He was making us feel. Bad about talking bad about the Marlins in the local hour. Yeah. Should hurt? How they were talking about the captain. It was disgraceful things that they were saying about Derek Jeter. Can you believe it donlevatar? Why do we still do this on? Why don't we? Through. Why did we work with castles, and we should stop working with him? We have offers. Do you have offers? I don't have offers. Stugatz. Oh, hey did. We were just talking about how much of a delight your we pivoted. I think we're in place. It's going to be so good this year. Ready? You guys. I'm had. This is going to be an utter disaster. Working with him for twelve years. And I still go home upset with myself. Clinically depressed. Byways. Wednesday night. They hate him. These live at our show with this two guys on ESPN radio. Happy fifty fourth birthday to Dwight Gooden and happy birthday to him. I don't care. Good luck. Do I couldn't over a stretch was as good as anyone to ever throw a baseball? I'm curious, Mike. Do you have that sound yesterday from Mike wilpon I'd like to revisit this because I think Greg Cody is probably firmly in the Mike wilpon camp. So I feel like without giving it too much context. Mike wilbon was talking to Frank guy Sola about Jacob degrom. And the idea of Jacob degrom winning the Cy Young for a terrible team in the Mets. And I think Greg Cody is going to agree here with everything we'll bond sets when the gang Frank win the game. I don't care what the ER is. When you. Adam up at the end, you know, the cubs probably had some Cy Young award winning ERA champions in that hundred year plus year, period. And if somebody said I'll trade that for the wins that get me a World Series. What would you do if the answer is anything other than I'll take the wins? Then it's fraudulent that. I did I resign from following sports. Win the damn Mike, Mike he doesn't get any run support. It's at three point six runs again. You've gotta hey seventies. Only hang tough only started in baseball. Allowing hang his ERA is one point. We are eighty five strikeouts. One hundred ninety four innings, right? Frankly, never known. This is a tyranny of statistics. Now, there's some this Frank there some nights when you've got to do a better job when you gotta give up nothing or one because your guys aren't hitting the mother nights where you get a break, and you can win a six five game where you didn't particularly pitch that will ask guys like Bob gives in Ferguson Jenkins who used to pitch complete games about that. And they didn't whine about not Galvao deport win. How about a game? Right on wilpon right on. He's right. He's right. You know, the nature of sports is when you talk to football defensive football player after his team was just lost fourteen to ten you know, what he's gonna say. He's going to say we gave up any points. He's not going to say I played great. We should have one because I played. We did our job on defense dam. Often known the nature sports is that you you played a win. And if you're a pitcher, and you lose two to one you don't say, I didn't get the run support. You say I gave up one run too many. You shouldn't have a hall of fame boat. I cherish my hall of fame shouldn't have it. You don't deserve it. In fact, I just got my ballot in the mail. I'll be perusing it and asking. But my baseball loving sons for advice, they may not say publicly, but you don't think that players on defense are like under the like when they're off the record complaining about a team like their offense not among themselves in the locker room. Yeah. They do of heard it. But but the point is for public consumption. The award should put a paramount on on winning. I will always elect the Cy Young award winner from a team that did something that season. I know there are exceptions the great Andre Dawson once one the NL MVP for a last place team. There are exceptions. But unless that season of degrom is one of them. I don't know about one. Allowed fewer runs than any pitcher. Okay. Yeah. That didn't that didn't set a record. I don't believe there have been is better than one point seven. Oh, we can. We've been said at one point one to Mike Mike, he doesn't get any run support. It's at three point six runs on you. Gotta hay only hang tough. I hadn't noticed this, Mike. I hadn't noticed this. Can you elongate that a little bit from hang tough yesterday? We were remiss not mentoring mentioning because we obsessed over this hang tough yesterday. It's a funny thing to say that is not helpful in any way hanging. Tough is not analysis. It's not criticism. It's useless. It's fundamentally useless, and Frank guy Sola heard that it was useless and objected to it. But Frank guy Sola was going to his stat sheet. The reason I want you to play it on a little a little bit further because we had hang tough Donnie Wahlberg on yesterday. It was the day to have him on because we've never obsessed with the phrase hang tough this much. But I want you to listen closely. There's a second time Frank is so incredulous that will bond advice is simply hang tough that he almost says a second time an incredulous. Hang tough. Listen to him. Go hang tough. And then he was going to go back to it later about three seconds later win the damn game. Mike, Mike, he doesn't get any run support. It's at three point six runs on. You. Gotta his only hang tough only started base don't allow hang his room. He wanted to go back again Tang tough because he's like, wait. What does that mean? He said the Graham allows fury it's one of the most dominant seasons we've ever seen who had a greater impact on the baseball season. The star pitcher for a playoff team or degrom from a bad team. Wilbon double down on this. He doubled down by ripping Stu gods. Who's on Waddle and Silvy? I don't know if this is the ripping guts clip, but he is loud wrong. We'll bone is loud wrong on this. And he's doubling down on loud wrong. He took a lot of flack today for the young stuff. I don't care. He's saying that he he should get PTI. Now, get PTI for what? Because the take. I'm Jacob degrom. He should get PTO thinks he should replace. You is that what you say him in golick junior. That's good. Go right ahead. You haven't heard about this today wingo. No way. No. I don't give a you know, what about any of their crap. I mean, really really trade careers with anybody. You just named the answer's no. How's that for airgun moment? Now having said that that's reality against Stu guts, really. Got the he he wants to be. He wants to be in your chair. Now wants to be in your chair. You don't think he likes? Ron's will last poll. Rhymes? He knows. But you guys are on good terms. Right. When you're not going there. There are no terms is there. No relationship. No. It's not a bad relationship. It's not a good relationship. Relationship. Expect any of it. Daniels that Libertad knows that love you again. Our good friends. Right. Dating those how feel about that. So sorry. I'm just hearing that for the first time now I hadn't heard any of that. I can't believe that people keep coming to God's with bona fides with their resumes, which trading careers, the amount of arrogance in this business is amazing. Well, what was he talking about donlevatar the one John Fogerty song? Do you call it centerfield or put me in coach when he died. This is the only thing I knew that. He did. I was sad. I was like I'll never see him seeing it live. Stugatz. It's not Fogarty was just on the show. I don't think he died. Billy just like killed him. He's alive. That's fine. So two weeks ago. Wait a minute. He was on who show to show. Show with Greg Cody. Telling you, this is a Hispanic song. Feel it. I have a direct and pointed question for you. Why did you kill John Fogerty libertas show with Stu gods on ESPN radio? So stugatz. Isn't here today that that sound that we just played from Mike wilbon was much meaner than it was funny. Many of you are writing in complaining to me saying Libertad, you're really gonna sit there and not defend Stu gods over that bleep Michael wilbon. I don't care. What relationship I have. I wouldn't let one friend disrespect openly another friend without trying to say something Gary put it on the poll, do all your friends like each other put that on the poll because these dudes don't like each other. And what do you want me to do? I don't like the way we'll bond sounded there. I thought it was not a flattering look for wilpon. I don't think there was anything there that reflected poorly on Stu gods, and I would tell we'll. On that. But what the hell do you want me to say, my friends, don't get along with my friends? Don't like each other. They come from totally different places and Mike wilpon takes himself. Seriously. Gots doesn't. Very personal by wilpon. I it was thinking back by it. But what do you want me to do is what I'm asking you? What am I supposed to do? All of you criticizing me because there were a couple of people in the studio said, Dan, your friend is a jerk and I'm like, which one. Which one do you know, how many things to God's it's done over? The course of time this disrespected my friends. Do all your friends like each other? Is that thing? No, sometimes sometimes you friends, don't even coexist different orbits. Large copper out you charge ducks. One son. Doc. Turn up. Are you? Sure hold on hold on. I've never argued with you before. Because I'm afraid you're arguing still hold on a second. Why do you think that stugotz is the most evil one in this circumstance? She's torn. We have simple business meetings. Cross bars. He's your combined through Thoenes real stern the card real rule. Thakur, north your turf, both art. Troughs rude. All right. Thank you. He's right. You should totally take to side. What are you? Angel new onto sit this out. What is this? You're getting aggressive angel of nuance. It's like seeing Tim Kirch. Put it on the poll, Guillermo lebatardshow? What's an otter thing to see furious the angel of nuance? Tim Kirk we got some new research here. New reporting from Yahoo sports on the Draymond green. Kevin Durant thing. And they did a silly silly thing yesterday. Did everyone see how they went out of their way to show off that they are friends they walked into the arena together, they shot during shoot around together during the game dream on made a mistake and Durant hit him on the chest. And said, it's okay. But here's what happened in the meeting. According to Yahoo sports. And here's what God Draymond green suspended, and it's delightful, and it's delightful because you're going to hear the exact words that became conduct detrimental to the team in a way that cost Draymond green money. Now Cording to the reporting from Yahoo sports green called Durant ABI word multiple times. So sore. Said. Sources said the green kept shouting the b word your b word, and you know, you're a b word and sources said that it continued even when Kerr attempted to direct the team's attention to the whiteboard. So you say okay, there it is conduct detrimental. No, they were good with that. They were fine with it. That's Draymond green dream on greens emotional. This is where Draymond green got suspended. And this is conduct detrimental to the team. Green blurted to Durant. Something along the lines of we don't need you leave conduct detrimental. Do not tell him to leave should have suspended him for more games doing nuts. Tell him to leave. We won with how we don't need. You not that is the con that. It's funny though, when you think about innate the b word that got him suspended trust trust. It ain't that it ain't drain on saying that all the time to everybody people meant dream on the the homeless guy pushing the cart barefoot arguing with himself. Don't listen to don't listen to them. Just follow follow his emotionally. But don't listen to his words. He calls everybody. The b word what got him suspended was that he dared Durant to Bolton free agency. I'm telling you, I give them ten games. You know, man, like ten games Draymond on. What the hell's the matter? And then two days later, they're making public. Nice nice. But you wonder how much? That's gonna linger with Durant. How great is that as a story though, man, I think one of the the untold stories in sports fans would be. Greg Cody on ESPN radio. I can't believe it. That Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit. How long until we get there alone. Get there until we get there. Now, I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with Geico what's best button. Do what's this button do button, Dale? This. Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.

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