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Jay Farner here CEO of rocket mortgage, making the right financial decisions has never been more important. When you turn to rocket mortgage, we can help guide you to those right decisions now when they matter most mortgage rates are near historic lows, so now is a great time to call eight three three eight rocket, and if you need some extra money, a cash out, refinance could give you that financial boost. You're looking for call today at eight, three, three eight rocket or go to rocketmortgage. ROCKETMORTGAGE DOT COM to learn more call for cost information and conditions equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and MLS number thirty thirty good morning new. York this is the cats round contacts between here Sunday morning. We all love New York. What's going on? When is our city opening up? I have one of the most important people in our city on with us this morning. You're saying is James and he's president and real. Estate Board of New York or otherwise known as. And he's quite concerned and good morning Mr Whalen. How are you? John Good morning to speak with you. Thanks for having me on the show. New York we we. We all love it. And, we all wanted to get. Opened up again and we wanted to go back to normal. Give us your view from the real estate industry, but something in terms of the reopening, some things have gone well. The reopening process has been in place in New York City now for about seven weeks. for those portions that have reopened reopening has gone smoothly, so you know construction sites are up and running would very few problems outdoor dining you know I has been well received by the public and yet life's about. About priorities and we gotta keep in mind that it's critical that we reopened safely from a health perspective because we don't want to replicate what's been experience in other parts of the country in half to close up the economy that restarted. We've been able to keep the spread of the virus down for seven weeks now since reopening starting and we just gotTa keep that going as more and more parts of the economy reopen. New Yorkers waiting. For a virus vaccine. What's what make them feel? More comfortable I. Know You're on the phone with the governor. A week to go, and he was very much concerned about getting the city back again, what do you? What do you think the next steps are going to have to be to reopen? New York the right way. But I I think there's a few steps to it I mean first off so we gotta keep taking the approach we're taking in governor shown a lot of leadership on this, but you know folks have the practice the basics about where mass practicing social distance washing hands, the state and health officials right now are trying to figure out what's the safest way to get indoor uses reopen like restaurants gyms, folks are would love for indoor dining the return to the city in gyms and we just gotTa make sure we can do it in a safe way that makes sure we control the virus you know next. There's an issue of public confidence. Confidence in public confidence in a few respects, one is building public confidence in the mass transit. System had foy Sarah Feinberg in their team. They've done a superb job under incredibly difficult circumstances and is places around the world like France. Hong Kong and Japan that have been able to successfully reopen their mass transit system without problems without spikes and a virus, so it much more attention needs to be paid to building public confidence in our own mass transit system. Because you know again. They've done a terrific job over the last few weeks preparing it for more and more people to use it then you know the other thing is building. In the city's quality life I I mean let's admit it's been a pretty few rough weeks. In New York, shootings are up dramatically. The homeless population is not being well served in there was looting and midtown. We really need our local leaders to send a message that things are gonNA. Get better that they have control of these issues 'cause. It's going to impact a variety of situations. We need city residents. Come back to their homes. The New York Times. Times reported in May. That five percent of the city's population is left. We need these folks to come back, but you know one of Barry's them coming back. IS THEY WANNA? Be Coming back to a city. They feel is well run. You know also we need employers and employees stock coming back to the office buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn Queens That's GONNA start helping retailers. It's going to start generating more economic activity. It's going to generate more tax revenue. Revenue like sales tax revenue to help pay for government services, but part of that is our local leaders, really stepping up and sending a message that you know they have quality life under control that they want folks back you know the city's been through tough times four we've come through each situation better and stronger. We're going to get through these tough times, and we really need our local leaders to start sending a message in with their daily. Daily actions show. They have the situation under control and new. York has better days at We find I I. I know that we were a breakfast together at one time and and the statement was made sixty two percents of all monies contributed to politicians comes from the real estate and state related industries. What do we do about our local politicians and our local state politicians that they worry more about common sense and worry more about our. Our citizens then we worry about a criminals. It seems like the criminals are are being more respected than our politics, then our citizens and more so than our police department by two things come to mind I is education I think of a a a statistic to put out there, which is about the numbers, fifty two percent and fifty two percent represents the amount of real estate taxes. Share of real estate taxes of all. All the taxes the city collects on an annual basis. Fifty two percent of it is real estate taxes, and it just goes to show that elected officials need to appreciate that the better the real estate industry does New York City the better off. The city's going to do in terms of having the resources available to pay for basic government services, and then the second thing is a matter of building coalitions and you know an example of that is. Is If you. Remember one of the controversies when Amazon, you know was a essentially driven out of Queens driven out of new. York City had to deal with the economic development incentives you know like one in particular cold reap which encourages the location of jobs that boroughs outside Manhattan. Well, that was up for renewal this year in Albany and you know organizations from throughout the five boroughs teamed up and work together and made sure that those. Those incentives got renewed for another five years, so part of it sort of a new way of doing business real estate, working with others really to put pressure on to try to get elected officials to focus more on more on job creation, the creation of housing and generating new tax revenue to pay for basic government services I'm not saying it's going to be easy. We have a lot of challenging days ahead and some very tough conversations, but it's doable. we've got a minute left MR whaling What would you say to all New York City or One time or another that have temporarily hopefully temporarily escaped. You, know New York has had tough times before you know most recently nine eleven and I remember back in nine eleven I was dealing with redevelopment downtown Brooklyn and and the day after nine eleven, folks were saying that was the end of basically the end of the commercial market in new. York City companies are gonNA hurt their businesses throughout the the country and throughout the world, and the fact that a matter is a New York never had a stronger commercial market than in the years after nine eleven so If all work together we're GONNA get through this crisis and when to come out of it. Stronger and better than we've ever been before. That's what I tell people. New York has always done back in new. York is the greatest city in the world from your mouth to God's ears and I'm behind you and thank you for coming on Sunday morning and God bless God, bless America John. It's a pleasure. You're the best thanks for everything. You're doing thinking. We'll be right back.

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