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So again while I am also chief of police in Buffalo Grove Illinois outside of Chicago, I'm the current president of the guys EP and the ICP's the oldest and largest law enforcement executive leadership organization in the world was formed in eighteen, ninety, three in Chicago. We currently have over thirty, one, thousand, five, hundred members of law enforcement leaders in one hundred and sixty five countries. a lot of the problems going on in I guess specific cities or specific states how many of those cities or states are you involved when with those problems about? Our law enforcement people don't feel that politicians have their back. Well it. It's a difficult situation to watch across the country and in even speaking with some of our law enforcement partners and other countries that are experiencing. Similar protests and riots, but certainly, not to the extent that we are in some cities in the US. I really I feel for some of the law enforcement leaders in some of the cities around our country like Seattle I've known chief Carmen Best for quite some time I think it was an incredibly difficult situation that she was placed in Seattle, and as you know, she recently announced her retirement. And I really think that she's an incredibly professional chief and I really feel for the situation that she was put in but she wasn't going to put up with some of the things are putting up with including the defunding police and putting police officers in a position where really they're making it very difficult for police officers to do their job to make arrests as we normally would long before this this stuff all begin. Is. There any particular cities Oh states that you feel that? The. Police. Are Demoralized. Because This kid that big lose their jobs if they don't follow the politicians instructions while I, think what you can see the the strongest indicator and some of these major cities are the number of officers that are quitting or retiring, and you've seen that New York, you've seen that in in Chicago record numbers of police officers have just said I'm done either I have enough to retire and I'm going to or many of them that don't just say I'm done and I'm moving on to a different department and this isn't just New York and. Chicago and Portland and Seattle, it's several large cities in California too and officers just say I'd I'd rather go work for a another city where where I have better support and a lot of officers just feel that they don't have the support of their elected officials and it's very disheartening, I. I was the President about ten days ago and I recommend it to him that the attorney general should start a civilian review board or Lawyers Review Board. To Review Local D. as local trade general's local politicians that go after our our leaders in blue. And maybe they're not getting a fair trial and he liked the idea how do what do you think of that? Well. I. Think what's the that some of our leaders are being placed in very difficult positions where they've had decades of experience in law enforcement and they know how to lead an organization but sometimes they are held back or Hamstrung by either local or state of officials that won't allow them to take the action that they think think need to be taken, and of course, that goes then that reverberates all the way down through the ranks of the law enforcement agency and I mean you know as well as I do as a police officer if you feel, you don't have the support from your city that's the biggest thing that will demoralize you. The other thing that's what's going on is attorney Channel Bar I. Think he sent the feds into was nine ten eleven. Cities to make federal risk when the local people were not able to do it you seen expansion of that well, I don't know if I seen expansion of it but I think it. It certainly set a tone in some cities when you have federal officers coming in as you said, making arrests for federal crimes specifically when they're protecting federal courthouses the he has every right in my mind to send those officers in there to protect those federal properties and we've seen too many times and some of these larger cities where these alleged protesters who? Are actually antagonised posing as protesters are burning down buildings and trying to destroy courthouses and destroy police stations. This isn't peaceful protesting. This isn't accomplishing anything. This is organized crime those people getting paid or at least some of them. Well, it depends on who you believe I saw a a post recently on facebook that somebody was circulating. That it was in some city in Arizona that was advertising on the Internet that they were looking for five hundred quote unquote actors to be hired to show up at the scene of a protest, and they were going to be paid to be protest actors so and I've seen too many of these things. So it's for anybody to say that. people aren't being hired or recruited to take part in these protests and riots they're dreaming it's happening. Chief we have a minute left. Tell us. What do you want to tell the American people? Well, I think my biggest messages Let's think back to what you thought of law enforcement a year ago or five years ago or ten years ago when law enforcement had a much more deal of respect by the public and I think for the most part, the majority of the public still respects the police and want the police in their community. I think what we're hearing from is a fraction of our population that are claiming that police need to. Be funded and they need powers taken away and they should take away qualified immunity and things of that nature i. think that's an incredibly small facet of our population but I think we need that larger facet of the population that does support law enforcement to step forward and say so because those are the people were not hearing from I agree with you one hundred percent chief cash Stevens. Thank you so much everything you do for all America and. Please, keep doing it and we'll catch up with you again real soon. Thank you very honored to be on pack you this is the catch roundtable we'll be right back.

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