Hour 3: Russini and Nolan


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We thought it was comedic. Funny to do that with Mike Leach Meena gets in there and first of all you just ruined the entire flow of all of that by being so excited to ask her questions that I couldn't then just let him go on that question. I had to let her ask her question. which was terrible? Meena is here in this segment to simply do the d. m. x. impersonation that's why she was in the studio and the way in the way that she killed the show she our show is not in the grand. Coding in honor has never been the show killed. Quite as much is meaning. Just killed the show. Rama Macgill's here too by the way. Okay on hold on for a second run because there are a number of things I wanted to get to with many times but Mike was all excited about the XFL because because they got they got X.. Oh for the love of God. It's a terrible terrible Nina. You sound like a cookie monster type challenge. That doesn't sound like does it tell you. Oh there it is so you did. I want to tell the story. Though before we get to. Ron McGill. I want to tell the story of of what happened to you at Super Bowl Media Day because it was so great. I want everyone to hear this story and I preface it with this. Check out the Kinda podcast with Lenny. I am consistently amazed that Meena knows a lot more than all of us who are talking about football on television like I'm talking about all of much. Maybe skied. But I'm talking about everybody at the company WHO's talking football. Nobody's nobody's got what has gotten in terms of football knowledge braunstone Hoban. Okay Ron you just stay there for a second. What happened to you? Because Mike's making fun of you all day and it feels a little bit cruel. Mike has been making fun of you about what happened at Media Day building me up there to immediately tear me down. What's going to happen so that Media Day walking around for the daily show? ESPN daily acting players. What I thought was a pretty fun on question? which is if you could build an entire football team out of one? NFL Player. Who would you choose tastes them? Hill Cam Newton. That kind of thing. So we're it's the end of the night. I'm very tired. Did you get disoriented at these things were about to head out and I see John Lynch the niners. GM and I'm like oh the actually someone who's is really well equipped to answer this question. So I come to say John Lynch. It's kind of a goofy question but I feel like you are a unique voice on this subject and it can be really fun Bon. I'm really big Fan of what you've done with the roster so I asked him the question and he looks at me and he goes. That would be a great question for John Lynch. I'm WES Welker. Wish I could've done a like a thirty foot hole in the floor and sunk into what is he. He doing look exactly alike taller than the other one is. They're always sitting down. He was also wearing wearing like Western. Wear which should have been giveaway. In retrospect cowboy meat is sitting there talking to offensive linemen that none of us know there. Nancy yes. She knows their names who welker pick. How does she get John Lynch I? He walked away. He hard worked out in me. Just walked off. Is it good. come to orbiting the mortification. Yeah Ron Stone Hall by the Yes we have to find that sound. Where's that sound? There is audio of it and it's brutal it's even worse whereas we need to get me know where is it. We need to play before the end of the show was Welker is five foot nine. John Lynch is six foot two okay but not that a different facial and were they were they fr ending up. Yeah the guy. Wes welker standing by himself. It's the difference between a Let's all right we've had another segment ruined by me. Leads leads and you asked for this I no. I didn't never mind Peter out of here. So Ron McGill. We don't have time to run for the love of God. God I have phone calls here for around the. Let's take a couple of phone calls and then watch video. She's ruined. Ron McGill segment. Thank you for being so patient Ron. Let's go to US thirty. Steve Steve What we all doing here. Steve Go ahead. You're on with Ron McGill superbowl week. Yeah Hi guys. Yeah question for Ron about frogs live in the Philly area and every year late June early July it gets really hot. I see this family of frogs come out at night. Two big ones like a mother and father and a baby one and they sit underneath the outdoor garage lights which is great because that's where the insects hang out and if the insects fall down they get a meal and come out every night until until late September or October when it gets cold here so the two part question number one. How do they remember to come back to the same spot every year and number two? Where do they go for the intervening nine months? When there's two feet of snow on the ground here in January we got enough God man? Let's go get Outta here. Go ahead Ron Answer. The okay take your assuming that those are the same frogs. They're probably not the same frogs you're also by the description saying you're assuming family like mommy a daddy and a little baby frogs. Don't do do that okay. Frogs were solitary and once they go into winter estimation what they do in the winter and phillies. They're going to the ground they go into the ground and go into education which is kind of like hibernation Those frogs are just just learning to come up there. Because that's where the food comes from. It's a it's a learned behavior. If you know you're going to fail I'm this is food is you're GONNA go back to the buffet line food when you're hungry so that's what they've learned but that's not necessarily the same frogs frogs filling in that niche. That has been Left open by. Maybe the death of the frogs you saw the previous year. She's coming in here again. Look for any of this. She's coming in the studio in the middle middle of what it is that we're doing. What's another call? We could take has been two minutes a jay go ahead. You're Oliver Rob MacGill go ahead. Ron ostriches. Where would they rank in terms of their overall level of toughness if you were to put them in a royal rumble type Max like we had this last on Sunday They're tough. You know. The thing is if you can get through the ostriches neck. You have a chance. But the thing is their feet are so powerful. They're like velociraptor. Had that big middle toe that they'll oh come at you they'll kick you. They can eviscerate you so the very very tough that way. They're not easy to bring down. I mean I've seen Cheetahs Get kicked pretty badly by them and be unsuccessful in trying to bring an ostrich down so don't assume assume because it's a bird it's easy it's not Barry. Go ahead you're on. ESPN RADIO WITH RAMA guilt. Hey Ron I got a fifteen year old rat terrier and when she goes outside to go the bathroom she spins around in circles about twenty times before she finally goes to the bathroom. She only does this when she pees wondering what that was about. Yeah you know. I don't know I've I've seen other dogs too. It's just kind of Cork. I guess some dogs have but I can't explain it. I really don't have an explanation for it. Sorry about that man. That is our expert. Are Animal expert without explanation. You've got a very now that you've had me holding for twenty minutes because on the corner is screwing up your show. Okay WHOA WHOA WHOA. WHOA WHOA WHOA? WHOA easy easy with your language? You're ready for the video. Yes because she has been cut short. I mean I got two questions. I'm done okay. Everybody this is an enraged. Ron McGill yes. We are ready for the video. Okay okay we got a fish. Oh Fish squirt gun to a whole there on fishing hole. I see this Tortora because yeah yeah. That's the best you got. Let me get something in my mouth and you go back and hope boom right and so he's he's sanders. I can take that. That's the best you can get some more down here. Let me go down to my whole. Get some more money in my food and I'M GONNA get my found for the rocks. I'M GONNA come back up and I suppose he's GonNa come yes. He is right in his face too. So this is just a tit for tat back and forth. Can you guys in the studio beautiful I'm sorry Ron we insulted Yushi. This is the first time I've ever seen McGill enraged. Thank you Ron. We appreciate you being on the show and I'm sorry we've upset you know need to call anybody names. Thank you transition time for some ads. What is happening okay? Hooper Bowl Week is arrived at it as it of a mess here and so I mean it just walked into the studio while we were doing the show. Oh to grab one of her bags. She is playing actively playing defense against everything. We're doing around A. She's one of the smartest people we put on television. I'm not even kidding by. Can you explain. Explain this dysfunction to me because I don't understand meaning is one of the smartest people in the history of this network. And when she comes on here she makes a mess of every really a lot. Like suge Knight's in that. She entered the industry very raw and she hasn't really improved in that yet. Her stock is skyrocketing close. Second May Can we please get at that sound of her asking. Wes welker question meant for John Lennon. And we have to do that in the next forty five minutes we have no other gold around here petard. Mommy Me Sto gots. Don't do visit the Dan Le Batard show with two guys on. ESPN radio arts. Mina kimes not only ruined like think about what just happened here the last couple of segments segments as we sink into the slop around here she not only ruined a Mike Leach conversation interview that would have been really funny by itself now. She then ruined our most popular segment as well from the penalty box and enraged Ron McGill Ron McGill went. When of any of us he's he's one of the nicest men in the world? He is modern day. Tarzan and everyone likes him in the same vein that everybody likes Tim. Kirk shinners amazed by how Nice Kenny G. is around here and she hog the segment ruin the segment and furthermore mistook. Wes Welker for John Lynch in an agreed just breaching his now defending it defending it saying how much they look alike How is that my fault? I those two segments trite there. That were really good. We're doing super bowl week. There's a lot happening around here. You're the only professional in the world. Yeah Yeah thank you and your thank thank you good night as we've established integrity. Yes my fault okay. So is your phone. Well this is. What is your fault? Actually because there is something that is your fault also got We have a bunch of people in the studio first of all. It's a zoo around here. Okay it is. There's nobody in control and I'm going to get arrested before the end of the week because of the number of people coming in through here and I'm I'm Gonna I'm GonNa harm somebody okay because everything around here is happening too fast. But now there's some people very nice. These people bearing some gifts They're they're here to lure you and this is evidently this is the last stand. We've been doing this for years years' with Stugatz we've been trying to get him to Sioux Falls. They have I well. My own elections in one on the platform of will you have a Stugatz Day in Sioux who falls South Dakota right and for several years. Now we're going on year three of stugatz telling the fine people of South Dakota that he has no interest in going to they're Vajpayee unbelievable offer despite amazing offers but he's leading them along in some weird leverage play. Get more stuff out of them so coming up in the next ex segment. Sioux falls makes its final offer and gifts I mean. Hopefully they're coming with a private jet and the gift of cash. He's turned they they were able to get an entire day proclamation. Who are at the dinner at the finest steak house? South Dakota has to offer and then the offer started really getting good. They would not only take care of his airfare they secured private planes. They try to get impaired in a in a golf tournament with John. Daly and still not an award. There wasn't there a giant cash offer. That was deducted every day STU gods didn't say yes wasn't there giant called offer of like twelve thousand dollars for him ten thousand dollars she's also also demanding an appearance fee because they're just not kind. They're kindness isn't enough he needs dollars So are we are we. Are we telling the audience and telling telling Sioux falls and telling STU gods here that this is the last negotiation that we're about to do that. God Okay so this is it though. Like we're not gonNA bobbing me any more about it and you're gonNA look like jackasses. People struggle all over America to make money. You're going to look like the Jackass so interested in being the famous court jester On on the radio in ways that are easy for you turned down some of money and and luxuries unparalleled in the business. You're going to be that guy I'm we'll we'll see because it depends if they come with different offer. Listen all I've asked for. Is You know do it at the right time of year. The right amount of cash on all your bathroom. Private Jet Sunshine John. I can't change where they are well. Let's okay okay but I'm tired of this honestly I'm a people here. I'm tired of doing this to got stugotz. Making us look really bad continuously because he he he refuses to accept any of these offers so I'd like to get these people out of my life and I'm talking about students to like I'd like them all. I WanNa do this anymore. So this is the last time we're GonNa do this chapter okay last year. Another no more negotiations either final. This joke is run. Its course I want to be done with this honest. No now I'm going to be done with. It is what I'm telling you these people everybody I want you all out of my life And you're never gonNA stop 'em what I am and I'm forty four warriors old and I ain't changed stugatz changed now. It's worked here. I am that next year healthy rich. These Lisa Donlevatar show with two guys on. ESPN radio what are you guys pulling up back there. Why do you all of you do all of you look so happy? Do they gave us a bunch of not. Unlike up bad trying to make a good impression on the kids he bought us off. Look at this. got a stick made of elk meat seals. The deal all right. So here's what we've got. We've got jeff turned from. ESPN ninety nine. One in Sioux falls and Jeff helped me out. Please just tell the People Mike told Our version of events. I'm getting increasingly upset with Stugatz because I think he's disrespecting and you guys are in the audience by continually being himself. I mean I've had jeff up at my place we've had lunch together. Spoke all right. You're done on with these negotiations. I want to be done with this either with finality. I appreciate that I mean. I've lost so much hair over the last three years. I've had two more kids since then and I probably spent about twelve thousand dollars of my stations money including about four hundred on all kinds of exotic meats that we shoot up there in South Dakota to seal. This is the also as you know. I was coming down today with gifts. They're all pumped up there on board and we're to the point now where everything's finalized right like we're to the point where you're gonNA sign this contract. He came on my show. I the contract. I saw. Well you re looking at it and Mike. I'm dead serious to God's who's looking at it and I'm like are you doing this or you're not doing this and he's like I don't like some all of this language and I'm like there's a natural contracts English language well I don't like that. He spent twelve K when he could've spent it on me. That would have sealed the deal. I mean twelve thousand dollars dollars you might as well just light it on fire. Perfect can you regular regulations on the kids. I probably won't meet him. Okay here. We Go is God's Aka Jonathan Jimmy Weiner will commit on this day January twenty eight two thousand twenty two Stugatz Day in Sioux falls falls South Dakota odd September. Two Thousand Twenty there will be no illnesses work events ads the goals uh-huh or windings or golf outings Lacrosse tournaments any familiar matter. That will hinder me from Danny help with this word. I left off me okay. I've got to put my classes on here. Yeah for me. It's September by the way Bar Mitzvah season. You're not tricking me into reading something that you didn't say go. Hey well no well. I'm struggling with his words. To God's got stay thousand twenty I would glide fank. Jt the most amazing sports radio host. JD The breakout. Talk Radio the entire ninety nine point one crew. Add Stu falls sports leader. This great opportunity from South Beach to South South Dakota I say that right it it was official Stugatz. Day is a go in two thousand twenty as long as I sign this piece of Pie all right so that's ironclad we will keep an eye on him. Don't move don't leaves leaves God's leave the key leave leave right there the piece of paper where I can see it so that we can get you to sign this if you agree to terms so jeff. What do we have here in terms news of term? Well first of all it's official. They've already created the sign. That part of it. Welcome to stay on the golf course. Waste any money. It's a very nightside been made already. They already have a picture of you on the golf course at the Sanford International Migra wear my share. By the way you look a lot like daily in that picture like you guys have both been diet cokes. Donald well done on that I mean the pictures are better than actually having to go exactly. Yeah we got this for Dan. I'm sure he'll wear this to the next Joe. Nice little hunting pheasant hat for you Dan. Okay but you're coming with very cheap item so really like where's the big stuff. Where's the big ticket? Move Right here. Dan We got these. Things are very exotic Some pheasant meat for you venison pork. We kill a lot of deer. So there's that as well okay so those are some of the things that they're giving us more importantly league through all of this. There's some other goodies. We'll give you from Sanford national. Is there a private jet in that bag or we will bring any of you guys that want to come up. We'll make sure you guys have the best accommodations on on a private jet up to Sioux Falls South Dakota number two. We will put you in at Establishment that we have. They're called the Hilton Garden Inn. Right right so we will put you in the not much better than on the water to on the big Sioux River Will it'll be watered by by September and sweet. Oh except timber date. We got a date and the mayor of Sioux Falls. Texted me the other day. And he's never been more excited about anything in his political career than to deliver on. STU GOT NOT ST. Paul Tim Higgins said. Go anything we need. Plus I think this is the kicker that'll get you guys to do anything just across the border in Iowa and the casinos willing to do anything for you man over there so if you'd like to say instead the Hilton Garden Inn. We'll pick you up for the golf tournament. We're doing Iowa because right. Sorry we'll get free plays. Can you put your name on the damn piece the paper at this point. Do you know how much I've gone through to make this happen. It's been years. He's GonNa Play Golf Tournament over there. Too no that's false. They got Gulf out at the grand falls but am am. I GonNa play in a golf tournament. Yes you'll be in the pro-am okay and so we got the private jet. WHO's my partner daily at this point? Not I the wait a minute. Hey It's John John John John Caley again always wants to go and he goes into car which I liked so you don't have to walk come. I'm on the piece all right. Hold on a second hold on hold on daily of heaters all right lock you a heater. Guess who got Tena Slim's or what is the cigarette that you're not supposed to tell people that you whenever I have all right. This is a big deal here. Big Deal because I am genuinely honestly. It's been embarrassing to me. How to God says slung you along in our shows name because originally it was going to be the whole show going? They're coming right. Well I just open if you come on Doggone I'm gonNA tell. South satisfy her bucket little story. The whole story is I mean come on Valor would love it. The reason that this is escalated to this point is because the whole show would not ever go and do this not ever and so the the negotiations. The reason they've climbed as high as they have is. Because you were saying we'll all go some time and we've been pushing you for years on this now. It's golf with John Daly and it's a private jet and it's welcome to God. Stay with the mayor telling you you're going to have carte blanche in the city sounds like a no from you. I contract is not written for me. It is right there in his revisionist history to. We've always been down. We WanNa know God's has always been the issue here you guys want my attorney to review this legal document attorneys and the country's at this point legally able to look seriously I'm not I'm not dragging this out in the Eh tomorrow. Come on man. Do we get to the cash. Let's get down to brass taxes here because the guy who put up ten one thousand dollars when I got I got ten. I got ten of your fines. I'M GONNA put this right here. I'M GONNA donate. Is that words. Here's when you're ten of your fine. Let's you WANNA get down to brax taxes. There's no state taxes in South Dakota by the way you know it's just like Florida. I mean it's cool enough for Riley. He's been there. Zo was there last week was there Zoa. was there last week for a couple of. He's got a pen in his hand. He's got a pen in his hand. Guys do it man. You haven't Mike Me. I mean what maybe I'll going Roy. Ed Royce Lorenzo Right Lorenzo Wise. Lorenzo say he's under Lorenzo out back in. Okay I'm back. I walk close to being back in fact crashed yet. Not Lorenzo's okay. He's not going back Chris yet. And billion yeah sure Roy's Mike so maybe maybe they're DJ Dancer now you can get a club date out there. Are there clubs. Oh we got all kinds of clubs. COUNTRY CLUBS ABSORB DJ clubs. You Go club tattle clubs. Whatever you need? We've got all kinds of cloth Sam's Club. Yeah Oh yeah what you need look at this Amino we know hasn't has volunteered to fly coach though ain't GonNa pick it up it's just about this lining news man Ed Ladies and Gentlemen Yes are you actually signed yours. I'm putting my John Hancock. John Henshaw Right John in Hancock. Judge Me Weiner on there let's go. It's sign a signed. He wrote John Hancock Hero. Johnny correctly incorrectly. Pretty exciting adding days in my life three kids and a wife. But this ranks right up there. Jonathan Jimmy Weiner and look I don't now I make money moves I gotTA CHECK WITH MY Wife Jeff turn from ESPN ninety nine one in Sioux falls. It's deals going up there. In September we will have future dates and details where you start a football season. Are they better postponed. That's it we got signed contract. It's done it's over your contractually obligated draft kings one more game on the NFL docket. You can win money still with Dr King's tell them Gotz I mean meanwhile the lawn John You gotta come you gotTa show them how you get. You can use a driver at sticks three inches from the hole from a hundred and eighteen yard pin hunting with the lion very exciting. Whoever goes not Dano have a great day? Shutout Beckham my son his lodger about tarred texture write-in. Oh Wow dan you don't argue and you don't yell you're so perfect except you have the face of a six hundred honor pound man Stugatz conduct these libertad show with this stu gods on ESPN radio today on ESPN daily 49ers. Not As that coach Kyle Shanahan is still haunted by his last super bowl. Peers with the falcons. How could he shake the ghost of the twenty eight two three loss to the Patriots creates? That's Today on. ESPN daily with Meena cons. Who wreck the show earlier presented by Dell small business download subscribe or review? ESPN DON Dailey available. Wherever you enjoy your podcast Diana receding but the smile on my face? She is given the straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart. Oh Israel Erez super bowl week. It's avenue it is happening. I was like you could dance studio dress like a raider fan from the blackhall and the next segment it is Diana Rossini and Israel Erez and we kick Dan we Dan. We're GONNA the Sioux falls eighties back there. Just net Dan for the first time in my life. That goes good this last hour stu this last hour has the Lazy River Field to ask. Ah does a Lazy River feel to it no doubt but first we must wish a happy thirty thirty third birthday doc. When you're more than young you put it out there? Katie Nolan everybody a to her. I don't care good luck. Thirty three producing show. I just I WANNA dedicate this this year to Larry Bird third year. That's telling everybody to be listening. You should be proud of that. Yeah now young young absolutely right. Would you ever say her age. What do you mean who cares? I can't all look so good at forty Diana Star Thousand Kitty. Who gave you a birthday message around seven thirty this morning You did yes. A video put another way. Who Woke you up at seven thirty this morning? Real friends do it. The midnight wake up because mine was at six thirty this morning. I know what is interesting and I would be forty forty eight. If it were my birthday was well. He's good eras is here as well also forty plus howdy. I'm not forty Sosa. The three kids like I don't have children because you lie to me. I met Katie once for the first time and I showed her pictures of children. I was like Oh these are my daughter's just trying to I don't know why path exactly. ESPN PINCH AWKWARD. Everyone was grabbing at her. Like oh my the big star from Fox's here youth pulling away supposed to do say those aren't your kids like there's nothing you can do in that situation. Said they're beautiful and she's like eighty eight on a three kids and I was like I smoked to your mom recently. Think having accidentally announced that I was pregnant. I do that I. I can't wait for more of twenty twenty baby and forgot the comma so it sounded like I can't wait for twenty two thousand a year okay. There's still words you didn't put in there. That would that. That was the way you announced it. I can't wait for twenty twenty baby. It's very strange nobody. I believe that you actually have a kid if you have one unless they actually see it. I don't know exiting the personality. Well is he. What welcome welcome Whitewater rafting? Whatever the dam by the way? He's been up. That's why we can't be. This is what we look about it because in New York. Whenever I'm in the makeup jared Stephen a Smith walks into that up and let them in in the middle of makeup? Is that that just happened within. Yeah really yeah. He did it to me personal personal. He didn't say hello and I said and he said Oh. Do you work for deport days. I said no and Eh Diana work for the company and also filling in tomorrow. He met Amino hasn't here he thought amine was a waiter at the. We've wondering. Has Anyone had anything I encounter. We can anyone anyone is he. I don't remember my first encounter every day. I'm pretty sure he didn't know who I was. But he's got to stop guessing it. Just say nothing. I was on the phone and he thought I was speaking Spanish. I said No. I'm just talking. Talk Fast Fast. I do weight. Have you guys heard that Diana has zero accents has been discovered on the show yet. Give them your Australian real quick. I'm hot did he to be here. Do you WANNA play black and watch us now. Doing now do British. Do you guys won't go arable. We'll talk to you tomorrow with out sorry.

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