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Dad Won't be older than you give this. Goes kids ask a lot of questions. Am I safe when you drive when they ask about something as serious as their safety, you need the right answers. Nearly sixty percent of our children are not buckled up correctly make sure your child is and isn't the right size car seat visit save me with a seat dot org for information on correct carseat US and guidance on choosing the right seat for your child. To See. A message from Tex- dot. Update. Smoke advisory is in effect today for lung damaging air pollution in the Los Angeles area south coast. Management district says, the pollution is due to smoke and ash from twenty six, thousand Acre Bob cat fire in the Angeles national. Forest and the nearly fourteen thousand Acre Eldorado fire in the San Bernardino mountains the US Forest Service says the Bob Cat just six percent contained while firefighters have dug a containment line around the Eldorado Fire California governor. Gavin. newsom toured some of the fire ravaged areas of state yesterday. Explaining this to my four kids and my little four year old who's Moved from talking about a novel Corona Virus Actual language, a four year old uses to now talking to me about what is going on outside and why he can't play around with a soccer ball outside. That's not the world I WANNA leave to my kids not world you WANNA leave to your kids. This is not world that anyone should be experiencing a memorial to all the lives taken by corona virus is being built in Uruguay the monument called the world memorial to the pandemic is under construction and Montevideo and is expected to be done by next summer. The architectural firm working on it says construction begins early next year.

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