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Talk provoking ignorance since twenty fifteen. You do say you want to be in. You are still trying to get this thing. Keeps on going mean slack to? Cbs Left dynamic dual. All you need man need to step that Axel Haig have just the two of us just to to So we're GONNA try to put together a show. Theo Gonese play like quarantine jeopardy such quarantine about over with people. Get back to work. I'll be I think it's too early. Wants the country to open. So you you've worked for a big company more than likely you embiid with the president. He needs them numbers of look. Good for November no matter who lives in our brisk that's true that is true as he does the same to us. You is now. He's now he's got problems with his. Cdc is telling you it's too early on a rush names in but he's Russian problems with his He had problems with his intelligence criticized. Always put them down all this kind of stuff and then you know. It's a wonder how does shouldn't have happy. You know people like just China China China. Blame Him on China will okay. Maybe care blaming China but we got intelligence. United States got intelligence. We got the best in the world when you have a leader constantly you know. Couldn't you earn your own people? Yeah we probably do drop the ball on so this is all on him and no he trying to rush this thing because he needs his numbers and look good for November. And I'm GonNa tell you once once November if he do get reelected he don't give a fuck with apps because now the next person prob- The If Biden gets elected is going to be all on trump. But you know if he is. He gets reelected milk being. You don't care off. He yeah he brought he won't care shrill fucked up he's he's a straight of narcissism and some people know some people still haven't gotten unemployment yet man was stimulus checks. I should say either way ambled. You know other countries going through the same thing we're going through countries of paying out. You are called stimulus check. Payments are way more than Americans are. Americans are my dignity checks per month right and most of those countries have infected and going through this before us before on the United States. Hickel's you go old. Usa Go railway glue twelve hundred dollars and that's not to everybody to hundred dollars a little bit more per child An ESCO last you ten weeks if you will one or two persons that got a check. The first around some people haven't even gotten thirty thirty. Six million people unemployed early six fucking million people when you news angle bed too long. They are right now is. Hey what's up man? I'm good I out of a group is that I just need you. I need to do to achieve matt all to give thoughts on the on the last dance episode nine team. Yeah I got. I got a bigger question for y'all question. We were calling about say twenty minutes into it. We technically we only three minutes into it. I just started the time so I listen. Let me ask Shaw Ditch. I really like the last dance or just like reliving those moments ooh Sad. Y You doin. 'cause I pulled out ticket stubs join the words he's interested. The better question is said if we hit an NBA season and it came out in June right after the NBA finals. Would it would. It have meant much as it did now coming out when we don't we else to watch what we figure that's worth questions with their head in autosound ratings in that question. I better question. I don't think so I don't think it out. I mean because everybody because we hit nothing to watch. But I'm saying I'm asking. What part of did you enjoy? Did you enjoy the documentary? 'cause you thought it was well done joy reliving moments that you remember as a adolescents the height and hear almost it was something. But I didn't I didn't know of and remember so that'll be longer. I think they skipped out on a lot of shit that I did remember. I think Toni Kukoc thereby top. Mojo'S TONI. Kukoc got fucked. It was documented. Now this has been ninety six one thing but this is the ninety. Eight and coach you know was a big part of that ninety eighteen. Man Hell you can look at the NBA two K. ratings on the Niger. Abel's Shit No. You got the second highest rate on the team. So let's you know he fucked him because this is this is one of the one of the things that I I kinda wrestle with was. It's the last dance with a ninety eight balls but we we just everybody pretty much kept referring to it as the Jordan which is Kinda right because he had full control over it. Was this the last dance? Ninety eight bullets but one man got full control which I do understand because this is Jordan. It ain't like we talk about my Williams. I get that part but it wouldn't. It wouldn't last last dance ninety eight. Who is just said? The LAST DANCE. The last dance was at reference to the ninety four. So calm on the arms play. He could attain anything. He he could tell my land Michael Jordan's last season. So what was it? The doctor was it. The bull was he owned on a soon as it was his dock. It he but the was he he he didn't he owned auto foots. He had the final say over the foot. Not Now I remember reading in the beginning. Join Great Access to TV crew to follow them around all easy. Kobe minded the same thing when he found out he was last. Seen like like. You noticed as you noticed like auto reporters would be outside the locker room. This was the only camera crude i. I know that part but this this whole idea for all of this was Adam. Still Michael Thompson was Klay Thompson. Klay Thompson dead now Michael Thompson. This was his name Mike Tyson. I forgot but this is uncle. And Adam silver is the one who pushed it in ninety eight. But but yo- eight remember was the second in command. He was the Commissioner Lieutenant Commission. Yeah but remember your mental. Every time we win a championship Disneyland. But but then the video cassette pat will come out relive the bullshit so she probably was thinking something along those lines but he was like. Let's make it. Let's make it for the anniversary of the twenty fifth anniversary. Shit Bitch so he was thinking down the line he gobbled any. It was a good gobble and ask you a question. I think I. I think I enjoyed the documentary. It was a really document And I'll have any children but I could imagine what it was like butch on pinterest watching what they would be sports plan children. Lula just key is not in the sports. You know we don't have. I don't have those type of doubts about The diong Jackie Robinson Journal White fans dead. This this was. This is going to be around while I presume to keep it. That law goes so Yang thirsty nickel him they should just ninety eight Joe they got bought. This shit got like a whole fucker. Well so she is out three years in two thousand one he picked up. I mean time is every he could've put it outright this hall of fame when he planned out in the summer eighteen. Anyway I mean the some US give me somewhat twenty twenty anyway just got pushed up because of the loan. If you re remember originally they said it will come out January twenty twenty and then he changed it to the summer. Twenty twenty which is to say summer twenty twenty and then they got Than I said June. They said today's Joan which corresponded with the last reason. Why could find asked reason why I believe in time travel? Bro is too much shit. Come on Man. Come on man does take about like this. This mud. Originally the original plan was for the come out and it wasn't going January twenty twenty. Imagine if it would came on January twenty twenty eight in Kobe Dayak but somehow he ended up chain they end up changing it for the commandment Samba and then all of a sudden. Come on come on man. This is absolutely I believe in time travel. I believe Senator and it wasn't going. It wasn't going to be five weeks. It was going to be five days to two episodes a day. Course a final for their take he was on. I was original dates. Were ever we go to finally start and end date and the gap in between the final over rest day or whatever traveled in was like it was set up like that they played a game. Play a game up plaguing Jilin Duck but man I. I enjoyed every time it went off man outside. Why officer dead made a match and I just. I just keep thinking about it when when applied coach like I really wonder what I got no him fifth and I like game. Seven against the paces was all coach. I remember like it was yesterday. I remember watching a game thing. They can dine over in the third quarter. Cuco came and saved the day and then he talked about the threes. I'm like Cuco fucking day and then really talk about. I'm remember Dave move. Toni Kukoc should've started lineup. And put Robin to the bench. They didn't even touch like a wonder why you know this was like during the finals. And Roy Eleven only got so much shit now man. That's why I I I know what you I feel to San with them our. That's why I really wish they would it into like this each show hour and a half one show a week hour and a half in thirty minutes after show talking about big. Wouldn't even our long because it. Oughta commercials right so they released. It should have been hour and a half. I think that's post Kamal. Abc is weaker summertime. This weekend they plan all day. Abc's on your fucking yeah they should. That's based liquid ones. The then it is said why he didn't such a mean. He went all the way back in the day why he didn't talk on Johnny Ricker. You don't saying like would you say on comedy? Moldy brought buck brought Bob Costantini. Someone who used to work for wgn today. Johnny Ray Kirk called all Jordan's nine Johnny Way Occurs Data exactly exactly mobile reasoned Jeff. Johnny recur was the Voice Behind. -joyed well what was going to be the point. Johnny Ray Curb Kostas at least lapse of talk about it. They brought up his roots or whatever reason in Wgn but most of his relevant comments was based on his NBC. Yes yeah I thought I would have thought they would've mentioned but I feel you on that. But what what would you say? That's my thing like you're going to bring that up. Would've been appoint what would have been the relic. All Jordan's greatest moments was was brought to us by John. Greg what was the other Guy Remember put the powder in their face air right right married what detail and everything else. I mean they might take your interview cost. Is He alive? Broker ain't ninety current home. You WanNa live David Stern. When he was interviewed grow about what they wanted to talk about. I I just I just WanNa know what is. That's the point of the documentary them having total control by do documentary on. Cb some you some spots. If I'm in charge certain wonder what is good Was Neil faulk was it was it. Wayne Larry now I we that sound the name sound food will. It's I gotta look at all the audibles moments was brought to us by you know but I thought it was address that I hate talking about. I just really wanted to why he fucked Sony Cuco. That's really want it's mark is on the media's bringing shit up I mean they really fucked him made seem like Jordan at the beginning to seek head Nobod- Toni Kukoc now cost. Still coming off the bench bro. leaving got he was injured. Tony was in the star. Lana only one dollars Tony. I don't think people really w watch game seven Komo now you talk in one game one game a singular stats of what he did in the ninety. Scotty been what Games Avenue. I'll talk about in the ninety eight playoffs. Tony was like the second leading score. That's why Scott Berea was such a big deal. Picking one putting up no score number two. He was faciliates. Pursue Scott was bad. His come on more point on talking about Scott Real. Toni Kukoc was the one score was was one scorn for Jordan and Jordan joined with. Didn't handle great shooting seasonal at all. Here's a better question. Bill Nichols better quest. Everybody thinks that they would. They would have for Peter. I think the booze would afford pete it but I don't think it would have been the ninety nine season. I mean it could but I you know what season I noted for sure they would have forbidden and probably a better season in the seventy two T in ninety three ninety four season Jordan would came back to that theme Jordan didn't Bj Horace Grant Antonio Coach Azarov. That team would load it. Or the Ron Harper. Come when when the Second? I think he came the. Yeah 'cause Pete Myers was the first to guard okay but still the team was load ahead. John Paxson. Vj An Steve Kerr flow of saying that team. I think they would`ve. They would've beat the fuck out of the rockets like Oh yeah. The Knicks took him to game. Seven bull was damn near. Begin Knicks without Jorde really. Did you house think they would be out? I think they. I think that season that ninety three ninety four season everybody would can't team would have been the same plus Jordan Sh. I don't know about the ninety nine seats because Tim Duncan and David Robinson List Jerry. Krause guy real creative on how you stopped it in hindsight you can say what you say. All right. Y'All know mad. They only got to play fifty games and starting in February. What you would do with Tim? Duncan Day rumps this clean against their and they about Air Robin with on bulletin right. They're not used to having that much. Rest need your who. That would have been a bad thing. Rob True so to Bell Rob. If he would've came he would have been a woman novel right. That's today lobster lobster cooking is needed to really a gray different court. Ec How tight faulkner. Today were documentary say chassis billups. They shot as it join. Lotto Hall of famers from e Brock. Lebron said Join Cup a lot of people from hall of fame. But you didn't get reign why not to meet with ghouls. Oh never mind people fast when they were they when nobody getting past what nobody kidding past. He couples people from eating. And you know what I WanNa know in this going on. Do the Bulls Dope. Everybody talks about Lebron James Dry. What he went to the finals nine years straight or some shit at eight years straight Finals eight years straight of whatever he wants by all the as big give. I WanNa know why talk about the fact that Kobe Bryant went to the finals. Seven out of ten years in one I know by talking about the whole thousand man went to the finals seven times in one five. They WanNa talk about this man to the finals. Eight Times winning three nine times he went eight. He went eight straight losing record. Doing y'all multiple carry most percents carries. Yeah he fucking the but Jordan Aman Jordan a goal. We know that me ask you this. So final question on this is scant beats slack. Was it a Jordan? Donohoe boils down. Join Donald Wars clearly Jordan documental. Jeffrey Jordan Duck Fisa Jordan. They told stories on his best friend. Is White do that? The old man from the from the is. He helped out gus or whatever. His name is Ex-police Dame ain't talk to his wife we doin' Geordie Dong not bullish stock Moser. Yup Lebron's kid there but you know the kids his kids to the last episode Hamas can say about Johnny turning his job. We want a documentary documentary on life. You've gotTa Talk Jay so so so hurt on hold on initiative of jealous. I WANNA do this. We talking about going to talk about his prime years his life Joel. A to four hundred million dollars from me talk and there we go there. We sail we go now. I would listen. It's an interview on another show and our head to keep head joins three older song children on and top came up. Said and we'll we'll sail was out as while you right. I could do a timeless documentary with just her. What was really going on? 'cause I found out you choose was from the south side of Chicago kidding. Want to know She wanted us to our roots and everything so we will. We will be going to the south side constantly. Hang out what I could chew. Put Us we ride to the south side Nigga sample and all the time she was from the low but now we we would be out south a lot. They said we will be on the south side a lot but the the keys agreed on being the life. Juanita jewel. Thank you said. A whole nother documentary at a Shinto was going on just with them Dylan. Being wife joy being mother of his children. Why because a lot of me? If you WANNA dig real deep into this. What kind of like. What kind of father was my husband was like he was pretty competitive? And when you when you decorative you got tired of raisin so about mass Britain it wanted onto. The kids told the story. They said they played. It will play football. What they did was huge so they'd be an available plan. Football he on his knees and nuclear for blockhouse augury children against you man so competitive jeon tackle Marcus into his arm. Nice thing table at aw gave him stitches practice. He I shoot like blows everywhere told story said Jillian was just that competitive eating. What is key is now playing fast. He didn't want someone score. Touchdowns will be tackled. Roman across. See BEFORE YOU GO. I gotta ask you this about this about these battles. Read these verses battles okay. Who Realistically who could do we could do. Versus Against Jay Z. Living right realistically I will say honestly. It's a twenty Johnson tests on the feast. We intend songs a peace. Dan Mix might kick now then the not. I'm GonNa tell you why I'm GonNa tell you what we'll tell you. Why twenty he can't do it. We keep it tight. He he will eat the beat them for beat them by one and this is the only reason. I it's because I'm Jaeger. But this only reason got AmCham's white people love songs by people light rough riders aunt. Michele like that might white folks bucket. What Hell is he? Got a someone Maryland. Massive even got a song with Emma. Nil asked was on consolidate. That's thought you make but yeah but Eminem Eminem it is the pennzoil how people rate in the songs 'cause Eminem the songs. Obviously he wanted the biggest seven but do he got like certified hits. The chew would WanNa hear again. You know what I'm saying. Okay I think we song you brought up a point with mixed that I wouldn't even take out the last person I got. You say I was thinking you might say snoop just because there's that's Jay z's level as far as like a mega superstar as far as Hinson longevity and catalog yes catalogue if Catalog Battle. Snoop this probably going to beat anybody even J. It's chains like think about. Because they couldn't they doing songs that people just have featured all why Nigga put on deep cover got J. Janet he got Jerry. Higa a number of g thing he got. You know what I'm saying. See I think that'd be the better battles new person? Yeah because they jay incredible song incredible catalogs but let me say to a mass audience. If he could he play off. How many did he playoff five three? We fuck logging three. But how many certified banks went on before you go get stuff or who could knows. We'll I don't know I don't know broke. He could hit non-stars his damn to be pretty nice. That would be nice ready right. You rigged the mixture us but another at school Kisco. I don't pick nobody else from the east coast Our say at our Q. Is Is is you see. Dasell ship then is not says said. He wanted to see ice. Cube verse Ila. That's good afternoon a going to arm beside I've been trying to think I was an astronaut. Were you thinking nobody? I WANNA see Toni. Braxton somebody but I just can't think Ooh it's hard. It's hard to find people with twenty good songs. This like in the middle even saying I'm trying to think we can totally tiny toni. Braxton versus a lear. What the Lebron from someone who released installing brex goal against Tony Brax. Let me ask me ask you this now. This I'm picking to people with a hit catalog mariah carey versus miss two different two different thousand. Two women with a lot of hits. Actually I think unless I'm really see record versus Toni. Braxton Harry White Ma'am Man. Toni Braxton log also on set some monk Mariah got too many mariah history with hits. Go back too far. That's what about Tony? Brexit versus to me. Now that she can not to me and got no music. I Schengen Online. Twenty Braxton Toni Braxton got just enough hits the be considered but not enough against other. Big Hippos isn't that Middle Ground Hotel. Anyone Laurie Hill versus how I don't know only got solo album in the Fujitsu about Laura Huber's knows at any bad. I say this that ain't bad. Because when Nour's length of his catalog he got enough songs to compete wit Lawrence Small Catalog would he? You gotta you gotTa think we'll use saying shit like this. You got to think I was these individuals. The biggest hits a how many big history and after that. How many album cut it? We really liked BAGEL. They gotta get be a Toni. Braxton versus my team who team have to write team redid anyway I got somebody from her era and I who nobody. I can't think Jay was out. You know what that's that's not. The scientist Janika careers is too long janitor for the I. Think the Handy Person Mariah Jan riot agenda Bruce beyond say you can go down epilepsy. Jennifer Ellison hang on his hill. Go beyond said we gotta go Mariah or or Janet Reno viansa Burson. Mary J I will pay to see that. That's that's hang on. That would be a good one. I think the onset will be scared what Mary J. got the lose and beyond say plan that pop shit or whatever and hitting with their souls. I only beyonce's but that but the problem is is the crown was the crowd on instagram. Social Media. Decide without see media drop the. Here's the thing here's the thing would say if you ain't got the crowd to dance. You just got monthly listening Mary. J. Gone qe ankle. This dance a million creek. We'll see but I mean I'm more joyless it. So Do you do a Toni? Braxton Brandy Brandy Verse Monica Source. When now he'll Brandy Brandy Brandy or Courses Toni? Braxton eight bad brady anyway. Better Randy will her? That's the perfect just amount of hit. O.`Neil name name beer. You named Five Brandy. Soft sitting up in my role. I WANNA be down remix Let me see I wanna be now. She got the on by his. The boy is mine with Monica Brandy. Gut Five he's proud of me. It's once you get past. The hits is the length of quality music. Once you get past the whole thing got five something. Nothing pacified songs. A Muslim you don't think so brandon. Do now Monica do like can think about it. Could you can Japan got baby? Baby baby shipping gossip healthy. No no no. No not that baby baby baby. That upper soft senior brandy got civil rights. Avoid Day I wanNA be down missing you have. Have you ever been out from under soundtracks right sitting up in Maroon use name? That's what I'm saying. That's the closest one. I'm trying I'm trying. Not Top of the world did though John May sit on top of where will may the Fernie friendly with is a woman escape for Steel Ninety S got waterfalls countless? What you gotTa do escape is w the Yup Yup. That's what I was thinking. He was from the diesel s escape. Be Escape As being about them. Germain artists though. They might only put out two three albums with them. Albums loaded muggy loaded. Snoop Snoop Person. I don't don't know the beats newest West. There's going to be real. Jay will come close it. It'll be neck and neck. I AIN'T GONNA lie. It'll be neck and neck but it's GONNA BE J. Somebody like Kayak I think. Jay Versus chi-yang probably view bill. Go that'd baby a mix. That was a good thing whole day trying to get his dog. My bad I think excluding could adjust. May maybe snow May. Maybe maybe that's a good one but I also think some ours just accept it just fucking exempt. Just don't know what the end versus Us Versus Chris. Brown will be will be coalition of be like a British Chris Brown versus Jason Drake with Lou. Wayne Genetic let's the get the versus battle drank versus you either. One of those words drake dominating the decade as you said and did decade before you know having avenue getting they kinda shared brow. What about what about Cameron Stop? Is it about these camera and fifty it? What about Vick Senate Jada? Now don't do that. Didn't kiss playing wouldn't for over. Who could go against etiquette? Who LEVERS CAN'T J seeking delegate man credits? They mastic about satellite. I wanted a nice voice. It he went using the full hook on his new album voices to singing on a new APP fifty it had be like Jada versus who who march April Agata would be sent. GotTa be like against like Cam something like that you you the different type boot like I would think it had to be Jada kids who could take us as another name. Scoffing worst Jaded Kiss Gauguin's graphic as worsens. Who right some people are just outgrow. Just they need will be the person who will be the run for face who out with face whether it'd be like face versus masterpiece. Assumption baby versus Mass Birmingham versus masterpiece. Everybody that would be that over now. Berman the versus like we not as much notice limit versus sure about all and we got who could face school again as goofy as Just had to be like on osage she intake Phase and on the keeps us after the aim and nobody year a a mill. Bios guts The history off on the and the way of no new brain stories on history at age. Let me go. Let me read Ebay you reading books recruiting Does less NECE- that is inside. K. Cast listens feedback. Hold ON ACTUALLY. Go to dust off west. Did you read the story? I sent you the lady Nada. You people thought we had like four hundred people assessment student review as you think forty five five hydroxy clerk. On as he doesn't know the day we were talking about me degrees man he saying like a little kid lines taking it on piece of each other people take dope man. Come on if you will man like you'll you'll take as a preventative moment. Taken about two weeks we can hire hitman then is mad talk reckless Need double down on that are not I read that. They look a fall off support. Forty-five excuse so they can go on. Tv through the maple since Ram got to the white friends. I know that like this guy's do yourself a favor. Do not listen to this man. Fuck around kill you so fuck around on folk rock this this should superbowl great said that the tables I take a by of a winner. People what analysts that on the analyzed people were telling the truth online wouldn't people that are people you got around you. What he's people that sitting in front of you and you tell you tell when they lie. Remember what I told you we. We use your voice often. Do I've heard from maybe last week. Maybe we can have. When were you take me about the? We get a lot of feedback because people warranty. They boost right here about you. Layers this issue also win over to be clearly to talk about so steep. Last time she respod For that so nokia hit more big than got three. We got three. Oh also got looks woman. Florida amid named Whale Skied Wall. They doing virtual visits for penitentiaries and Face time zone. Whatever laude do shape at all? She was on masturbation. Washy was video chatting with her wanting in prison Why redoing this her. Their child came into the background Out of a virtual. She ended up getting arrested and charged Matt. But you gotTa Guard Way to Trinity before. They arrested her off. Could both Yala will be one of their seats? Those another dish of a major in quarantine lady the lady caught fire department. Put Five five department. A girl print triggers with crotch in between my legs. See that she waiting to try to hear a lot of Fox. Five Fire Foot. She Kit can put out the fire. My KRATZ COURTNEY. Jaipur said people call me. You'll which while you looking for white you finish looking. Let me slide slider to the so till ladies fellas Taylor true during this team time. Al-anon quarantine shows again if you receive a have you received a text message communication from one of Your Excellency. Any said hey but some some some type of dialogue within the says I Mitch. How do you respond to that during these time is it? Is it friendly where you know? You're not win any isn't it. Is it a friendly? Hey I miss you miss you too is one of those like You need to be missing your wife or husband cut point were. Oh my parker. Come back out of takes listeners for one exit issued and Enduring Quarantine cool may we kick it on type? Shit when auditions okay. Good encourage positive. Worst a woman on hanging at one we get a text message from a guy who she had no attention would bumping into regardless pointing nine said Austin Creepy. One night said I mission your wife. Did you lay next to reunite experts coordination truth overhead as did a true What was your response? What does what is your smart. Everybody going go with some people out of work. No money no sex too much six to too much too many keys. Too much noise not It'll be they'll be like. I like no response punishment for Sunday. I think my would be somebody hat. Giovane you'll can somebody act shit. Check your phone back when we got ten minutes left town still on. I guess which one would do. We read a feeble really Ernst King. Not Part of that was that was the womb from my segment. I was GonNa do the much the NBA initial APP. I think My Person Anybody WanNA shoot lineup. We don't we just don't know should schools go back my from to school. Gomo back the already got thirty kids graduate. Some have two kids already each day outside grain and one trip and fall and scraped his elbow they got a Paris about now. What was the protocol was electoral? Call somebody that to keep as positive right not like this coming up next. August three sensual. I Send Me Nice for rich. Glad to hit a cave all little boy. Troy glad my favorite podcast back. But why did you guys in anyway? Then Nina also was for okay. That was more than the Nina's nice to see you. All back to doing podcasts again. Especially without a crazy going on. What about the Friday show? Is that coming back to to get the Friday. Show Bagman Friday. Shall I love Friday? Show Nano Mus which I do not have mercy. It is at the DAM HARDWARE STORE. Last question questions would try to get back on Answers cats going to questions got got anything I looked again. I see jets boomer's question. Should that we might have missed summer. Cats corners questions some in inside Kate. Podcasts inside K. podcast at G. DOT COM or Komo advice white wanderers quarantine sleeping next to that person. Call Your spouse and you just you just find getting Norman Or her water right into lists. You're writing into good give you a God's honest truthful asked ignorant maiden actual but you will let you decide. We'll give you options. Abcd it does depends on how many people on the show today Sin Questions concerns feedbacks inside Kate. Podcast JIMMY DOT com like us on facebook. Social Media's ESTA ground twitter if you want rested include of feedback on get back in here. 'cause ain't Murshid trying to collect on the coin should have Persson are a real quick event. I mean almost a thousand dollars for that work. You like just don't on Friday. The monkey with on Friday to Monday. I may six hundred ads feedback with some Some marijuana stop it was on fire on five. Did it to Shepherd Ball. Balsam cash up on on Monday on Monday. Shot Up to the Mike Damn coin. Diva's a show but when I bought it it was a six eight range right on a dollar five hundred dollars and shallow to to the thousand nine hundred five some twenty right now so I did it again on another Saipa paid a little bit more for and today just shot up after I was shot up on the hours mark and I didn't let it go along with that good. I'm thinking it was going to make it back up to nineteen it got to weigh on. I got to eight almost eighteen but I popped them all and I made three off a day so Friday Friday the Monday will seeks fiftyish and today was three forty seven that US extra so I paid five hundred on Friday. I paid five hundred bought my shade so I I made my five hundred plus extra moss so I I was able to get him off. Five hundred soup six fifty new month. Luma did the same thing and today. I got my money back and then I made so now like you know casino terms days times last night based terms diversifier. Michael Silvio gun thing more saying forty five. We'll talk fame them. I twelve ups. All it's got a funky job dirty stories. Joe Back in type she'd spiracy. It's okay so eight. Thank everybody listening to inside. K Next. Zoos thought provoking her with special guests. Crusher rush inside. They came inside the three films. You do say you wanted to be an right.

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