Ep 148 | Hillary Clinton WATCH: Will She Jump into the 2020 Race?


Episode of the not so Chad pray show Today to my right here we have matlock matlock show and sitting over there in the peanut the part time mom welcome to okay and over here at the control powder control panel driving the ship is that what he says the mothership we have Mr University of Tennessee I bet they may millions office shirt they did how many by about one God one coty and what did you say every time I engage in hate speech towards Steve Yes so it's going to be a drinking game and so you have to take a shot every time Steve is verbally oh that that's straight we're talking about not like the poker straight it's a sweet looking shirt it brings out your eyes does it in everything and bleep out when jade cusses and all that kind of sorry candice I'm working on it it's a table leaving and so like I'll listen to the podcast watch the podcast die of alcohol poisoning but you'll have fun while doing it yes see we don't say stay horned a lot that's not an every episode not everyone abused her fully on the screen you know the list goes on but every time it's yelled state horned so you made podcasts are funny because you watch it once you listen to it once those view after watching listening Kansas has list like four times to go through all the edits and and I don't know how you have the kid a scholarship if he stays straight in academic academics yeah yeah makes good grades that Kinda straight back just to hear what I said wrong and stuff I'm messed up y'all just to make sure your blur out the other day when you were wearing shorts the after he gets paid at Pumpkin Jade Jade pray Mr j per yeah that sounds becoming better I was on the show the at the front desk now hey I'm with candy see they're like okay you want to respond to that uh that does not bring out your eyes ooh denying did you get that on camera oh capitalism by an extra one no view just checking the yeah I think they like twenty five thousand at least suckers maybe more now issues all right well we do have candice a queen of the Theo pins sitting over there too it's not her name Herbert the dears over seeing this thing you need to watch it but just in case you might see some had grown men Hamels the family tools did you see did you see there can DC she likes candice Laura this she's like candy the deer that's not as name either when you know her name no longer holds the power that it did the first time mm-hmm is it it's in a lot much has to listen to see if you think okay if you think these again the magic mark right is that his name over there anymore you really are we're so we're starting this new game and I don't know if the camera picked it up but every time you cross your legs are uncrossed your legs I gotta I fool did you yeah so little shared stone moment if you're not watching this Jay Jay Prater shirt you're wearing today yeah anything is bright it is a bright shirt that's made for yeah it it's it's got two little ball cups right here and it runs it battery operated and tate what's up steve wait no it's something what's chat he's a spreader thank you ain't in it for the marathon no he's not he was good out of the box they've got a new product out it's about to be released the test to cousy cut the tested cousy it's Jacuzzi for your testicles a Jacuzzi sprinkles water through recirculating the water they got a gold plated this ten thousand dollars I don't think that's real walks whatever cousy dot com I wonder how well that product's been test hopefully the one that's coming a mile never been one already you better not have ordered one dumb I need pampering pampers the essential link Oh yeah that has everything gold plated yes bathtub forty you know I don't know put some sensitive parts in places I wanna make sure things going to work yeah hey who doesn't want to be fresh exactly right the thing about the day that's hard though is is you gotta squad over you don't sit on each got a squad over on wipe and then you use the day okay and always always wipe front back okay you have to at least one stroke back to front partying is I would I love going to Europe just so I can use the I now you tell me that every time we go I want to be the fire can we call them a bad name now and start drinking no but the number of people the number of people that get online and say how they could do this but day in your house little j let me have one you you can wipe your own but but do I don't know DAB at that point is why tea it's more like pat ideally ideally it does it really get there really get clean I don't think you would use the day for what it's for I don't know what you would use it for drinking already games eh eliminate having to use paper you can get your hands it's friendly it's environmentally friendly we're solving of climate change to white because you'd be wet Bob and they're liars I didn't volunteer for it there's people that you know Matt Matt Makes Linden this deal he's done radio for years and you know like if you give me a full glass or full cup of whiskey something about that just makes me want to throw up so you you don't drink your whisky need sometimes sometimes and shot per minute have you ever done that our tower one shot per minute even with regular beer it a wipe yup you're hammered I don't do shots I wanna you're deal but that new twenty eight percent alcohol by volume that Sam was filling me in from Samuel Adams Yeah how do you drink that at twenty eight or soapy is what it's called I don't mind putting some ice on that now you give glimmering eighteen year we're not putting any I just don't do it don't hurt that thing that that goes right straight in the glass and then your mouth right hope it master Martin Puppet Mass Driving The mothership that his studio twenty two I forgot clean you can't be fired queen of the block show of course is daily and you guys are doing the beer for brunch on Friday killing it on Friday yeah sexy Jesus over here who clocked three o'clock accessory and while we were watching the football game I don't remember yeah I'm doing that was my let me say he did that was my birthday bottle that in Steve Sexy Jesus liar he drinks some straight he says his shots doubles yeah don't give away all six and I was so disappointed and I said well that's not true I talked about at least one other thing I don't know I've been to your shows go girl knowledge go away from the boys not to them yeah we like to go away from our stuff they get tainted does exactly right that's the he's centre-right three central three central out fun fun fun show I we talked about this Steve Said y'all we're gonNA talk about it uh-huh mom loved you we had fun with her kid a great time she couldn't hear half of it but you know who in this room it all I'm saying is it Kansas Oh my gosh the Sir Herbert silent dear everybody else wants to everybody now had a lady who sent me a message the other day she said I came to your show and Victoria and all you talked about with sex all over the nation hundred bucks an hour ever bar under our means to me and Powell I'm taking care of your boy well that was my birthday present and I was just sharing because I'm a generous souls right like I wish y'all could have any idea how much money I've spent on this dude between food alcohol and if you stand up to white that's just weird you stand up to why now an front to back yeah that's just that's guide knowledge your liver that's really well we we've noticed probably get my liver check did you enjoy it would be good did you enjoy the Jameson doesn't WANNA get laid exactly mighty heating the Buffalo Silent Herbert the deal sex she wouldn't be at your show yeah your parents had sex that point you went to his show they were doing sex good to coat the ice put the ice into just coat the ice are that's how we get hydrated because he is so melt otherwise drinking the water clean show I mean you WanNa compare what I do to comedy that's out there and available to clean show but if you to do it like shots little little quantities winning wait percents legal in states we talked about on the show a couple of days ago you could do that game where you do it the amount to which you know my go-to brand is Jameson Irish whiskey Jameson is my deal a love their cast mates when I'm actually sit on do you need for on site it you gotTa site in the scope of the you know you're catching flack when you're over the target there I thought that that was what you talked about the entire time yeah that's a good show you heard us to me that's not that's not sex now moving they did a story they did a experts I don't know what kind of experts say horror film scenes That you know the ones that really jumped maybe hands on for a while I I don't know I mean there's all kinds of goofy titles so that's the thing she says he says she says she says I if if I had a glass rocks glass or whatever like I don't want I drink whiskey I drink whiskey straight I like sex you talk about sex sorry that we talked about sex and public whatever but you know me I don't apologize for anything so anyway if you WanNa get laid take somebody to a scary breath so this this Leo homegrown is the person in Manhattan based intimacy and relationship coach how do you get that job matlock years a study it's human instinct to want to be close to another person when you're scared from prehistoric times when we needed to bond especially dangerous L. surprise hate mail goes to Steve At watch Chad Dot com I can take it yeah situations increase the chances for survival it'd be great if we could go back those prehistoric time for you just hit somebody over the head with a club and dragged him back to the cave I like it that's fine humor is subjective you don't have to send me some long message you don't have to go back it it's comedy show it's a comedy show take the plug enforce I don't remember I enjoyed it okay thank it was really good I enjoyed a lot of it and I love how Steve Brings it up like the league the Lisa Leeson we're watching horror movies we have a state of fear and anxiety it makes us stronger feelings of sexual attraction towards other people when you're frightened there's an increase the thing that blows my mind is people WanNa send you these long messages of how disappointed they were in something that you said which again it's a it's a there's that there's that but there it's brief is just one liner stuff you're not going to you're not using vulgar okay so you don't like scary movies now I hate them I can't wait to see the new doctor sleep shining bright little Dan's all grown up the book was fantastic they'll probably ruin it in the movie I'm in just look at the previews the word penis wants one time tar show much thousand vagina hat rallies yeah that's still not sick the hormones adrenaline and cortisol the blood is pumped more forcefully the muscles and extremities just like when you're feeling randy when we're scared gradually now the woman getting hit prehistoric rookies suck I don't ask them woman is getting hit with a club it ain't right the each other NA- Nobel out it'll McQueen Biden's done they all said she was most qualified candidate to run how do you back that up how do you draw back from that and also Jesus People Are Idiots both idiots well told her I said well it wasn't about sex and I said you have because as long as she's wearing a memo she's not running the pantsuits come out it's time yeah yeah that's tough I would you ever by yourself I will read the book it was great I don't like Stephen King as a human but I do have read all of his books you're entertained I'm entertained his art sitter like moving to another country now now love America yeah I mean where else in America can you have the American Dream I was talking about AFC period. I would never leave here even if it were well I hope it's never in my socialist but you never know socialism leads to bad bad things and that's a privilege that's way she can stay relevant is to get in the race and it's her turn it's been stolen for Barack and now trump it's now her turn in look her her I said logical clock was ticking and my show the other day but really her political clock is ticking she's got one more chance yeah this is it believe me she's she gonna run she's going to run it's GonNa be exciting though can you they're going to have to battle it out no everybody leaves when Hillary Company Oh yeah I think they're just trying to destroy it just pulled extremities that's that's that we run faster that's what else aren't you fast when we're scared I know I'm feeling Randy just talked the race yes yeah talked about today GonNa have absolutely one hundred percent yes yeah she just can't allow another woman to be present butthole and relax go being sexual again they're they're you win that's that lady that complained if it wasn't for the endorsed Bernie Sanders she was a bartender she's now a congresswoman where else in the world could you do that yeah he only in America not only that she is not relevant unless trump is president detroit she's completely irrelevant so she had the only it you Thank you I hate those I I've never know it scares me anything make you only I mean maybe but not being scared yeah by his old art I'm not even sure to guy writes his own stuff anymore probably you know the live on the planet but Dr Sleep is of course the sequel to the I've started taking about comedies up here yeah I don't even do that really more talk about getting getting touched by billionaire maybe and we all know she's full of it well that's true I'm just wondering where she's putting it because I don't know what's up with all the members remember I've always said we're on Hashtag Mouawad Yard work or you know you know doing some kind of manual labor whatever she said Yeah now you see how the rest of the world works you know yeah and I'm like yeah well if the guys out there Lanta that you can come close to doing what we do here in America yeah I have Steve can't even get the intro right now Steve has been doing this podcast for year with this crew ought again Elizabeth Warren said that now all these billionaires they need to be taxed and they used infrastructure and everything else and they didn't build it again we got that whole deal coming back again in the mountains who's this Randy Guy Randy under repealing randy today elbows he's in a little bit more Steve You know trying to get all the cans yeah we know it wasn't about Kansas at that point we talked about this kid that did the ut shirt got picked on what other time could you make a living doing what we do right but but it is what we do is hard work and you know it's there's a lot that goes into it got the recliners in the AMC and you fill your arm you can get real close yeah yeah for that Galley Hillary Clinton's GonNa go in digging ditches if they want they making millions of dollars I mean you don't equate there's a different type of work you know there's a lot that goes into it so yeah you do work which is really weird because I work pretty hard I know you work hard nobody's making our money now an ESA thing I know that people look around in there I mean where else in the world and found a Barbie Barbie Fashion Easter number one twenty-one you know what's significant about that Barbie got a prosthetic leg there's a prosthetic leg you think he's got a colostomy bag members now that's great I don't I don't want to know about our colostomy bag maybe she it's different from that if you go with him remember what it can lead to Randy server next longer and word to do what we do but what else are you gonNa do that no-one you're GonNa do that there is nowhere on this I think it's great when when I worked trauma at Harris comes on another no it had to be on your lap I you know the blood goes to the extremities right massive heard it's what happens what happens Oh my God. He don't even know the nicknames another puppet Master Nick I know the puppet master nickname forget it I mean come I'm hurt overhear pert privilege of being here but I feel like sometimes they feel like it should automatically be that way you shouldn't really have to work hard to get to where you're at and you didn't work hard to get the Reagan. The got entangled in the trams from the amniotic sac so anyway they had to take it off but anyway she yes so she donated four hundred of the barbies to a hospital and Yeah he looks it doesn't ever get his feelings hurt astor hugging get up and go down Geez I don't know if you Barbie dirty jokes Oh keep them clean near though today Oh yeah come on now come on we know all about Barbie why she can't be pregnant because Ken comes in another he he's he's an adulterer are Barbie even married I mean do they have so she donate him got him at the local Walmart only had four the doll mom put in a call for donations on social media and that's what happened Curtis humane scape out in their Barbie with the prosthetic like that's kind of cool though in this story I mean Barbie yeah why not wind never pregnant Barbie right they have a magnet the magnetic stomach and US pop it off in the baby and my grandmother used to always say I've always made a living running my mouth in some form or fashion fantastic it's great and my grandmother my grandmother she used to sail because if she saw me doing you month or two ago about the Woke Society Yeah I'm actually amazed the woke society has gotten to Barbie Yeah because we're not supposed to you know her gender pretty every day but she's special Steve Steve Don't don't hug the woman okay that's not you always have to her and Mr advertiser got together and said let's let's come up with a doll that has everything and then just like your tall that had everything gotta have the phone gotTa have the dog gotTa have and so they grew up with this mindset of gotTa have everything we gotTa have collected more than four hundred thirty prosthetic leg barbies donated them all to shriners. Now here's the question I like kids like that did a podcast with you Chad I blame I blame what you got we get one that's on the shopping list the Sam Adams Twenty eight proof and then the gender-neutral Barbie going to the store today look at it bullied and then the universe Tennessee came out the stir and you know they log great stuff came out of that little story but here's another one there's a teenager back in the nineteen forties early fifties the baby boom happened right and so there was there was a thing where Mr Mr Dahl made imitates practice and so when you grew up with that and people think I'm crazy for thinking this but I really do think this like we we grew up playing with toys that had to be accessorized and so what everything we've got accessorize our life and that's what's wrong you because you know life imitates art or imitates play he has one leg she was she was born without a leg she and Emilio Emini Arctic Band Syndrome so it became she had both legs but then falls avid divorce Barbie comes with everything Ken used to have I thought you were going to tell a dirty joke there for where we live in because again we feel like I need to accessorize them I should be able to pick and choose the results of my life and everything that I get and that's why we have you know I love you the blame I blame Mattel for a lot of our world's problems I blame Barbie I really do because because let me tell you what happened in watch and do it but it's true I mean I I truly believe it so like there was a professor at the University of Georgia where I went to school last year we do we are is our life and we feel like victims if we don't have all the accessories Yup that's true but the mood is not a virtue people need that the new awesome has to have the kid has to have the boyfriend has to have all of this stuff and so what happened is we had this whole generation of people who grew up playing with ah sexy Jesus he was quick out of the gate list there it is put him put it on there there you go put it on cute that's cute look at Kansas Kansas pretty bizarre yeah he's he's he's yeah amorphous I don't know what the word is yeah it's probably right probably Jimmy moved down there who you he said if you don't like your grade send me an email I'll change it I saw that and I'm like that that doesn't make sense but that's the gallery we have ms j pray for and who come with her with a cowboy hat on phone and we were talking about that before everything that has to have an accessory so once you get the the one the doll now the doll has had the clothes and Dole has to have a car but yet they've left her as a female to I don't know I mean I haven't bought one to see what it looks like we need to get one candice learn something new every day C C we're not supposed to have a gender neutral gender neutral more to replace the hair and move things around they do I'm so they woke her arrangement or are they just do dolls version there's no rain no no ring finger ring and cans really gender-neutral have you seen that half took your parents thirty years to build it Yep right you think you're supposed to graduate from college in Liz with a degree in kids today who were that's why the next generation is always problematic. Young people will always be problematic because they don't have what their parents look it up really yes we're Unisex intro sex lesbian transsexual by ACE it'll make you gay they will not straighten your teeth people mark is he's not a quilt stop it not a quilt bag sure no Soga sell gb t q r s so lesbian gay Bisexual Trans opened up a chick-fil-a the Lord's Dougie's is British people do some funny things man I would okay well he will now would go out to Hollywood I stay in West Hollywood they call it the boy's town is his name Randy Willie Wpro your skin either unless you put the oil on your skin from it yeah don't they know how good the Lord's chicken tasted it gender queer that would that stands for yes but as new there's new have you heard the newest which bag Quebec Oh my the blood rushes to the extremities anyway LGBTQ I mean the dog after the I'm you know beat be okay with your sexuality and be okay are they gonNA close it down and feel sad for you Britishers no I mean did they ought to make sure everybody is tasted it I have not had the Lord's chicken and now the Sun happen doesn't happen like that you you so you know and then and then when it doesn't happen you feel victim speaking of victims this I'm not woken up no but when I all my options open sexually because I might see a horror movie today and I want to be able to sleep at all of them sexual okay don it hey man that's easier to say put back Quebec will back you gotta you gotTa get woke I mean my agent is gay at we it I love right these family right you watch eight scary movies with them eighty crazy Brits do you ever think of you know whenever I think the Brits I think of Mike Myers when he when he and chips at chick fillet they might have survived middle would be called fish fillet yeah yeah so this chick Monica accident she broke she's she's she's an Olympic inlet man which would make sense if they were refusing to serve quilt bag group almost bags better coming out of your mouth and Kathy and Blah Blah Blah they just he doesn't believe in gay marriage there's a lot of people out there that don't believe in gay marriage by the way ellen degeneres right is an Arrow bags with Germany's thank you for the clarification there it's true it's it's the new term wouldn't lead you straight now I like that that would be on my social media pages they send them to me and asked me to tell you and I appreciate your dilemma and your need but I just don't do it she she's made the Olympics but she's got she doesn't have any money you gotta have she's gotTa have twenty she started a gofundme me which by the way for those of you in this makes people mad quilt bag you're always full of the latest information met law have it all that's why people need to listen to the matlock show try listen that people don't care about your sexuality like you don't have to you you know so anyway they're boycotting and putting all this pressure on chick-fil-a instead so suck it it's almost impossible and Herkus off true I mean you know she's GonNa I'm friends with George W Bush won bronze in fencing two thousand Sixteen Games in Rio Shkodra Twenty one thousand two get the twenty twenty Olympics in Tokyo like I don't understand Oh and I pray to God that never need to do that myself or or anything like that but you know God bless you but I can't do it like so she which w Bush wanted to pass an amendment that forbid gay marriage Donald Trump has done more for the Lgbtq community than any president has before British written knows that the only that was like the first I shake filet right so they've already ran it Outta town they just tore a new one so you know they eat their own way wait wait wait wait wait I have never and refused on I pray to God I never will forever have to never shared a gofundme page on my on my social media Oh who is single traded her dream of working in the medical field for Olympic glory but you know if she worked in the medical field she'd have that money will she'd have job yeah old yeah yeah see I think most Olympics they don't they don't worry training says the Jersey Yeah sure yeah you watch Chad Dot com I'm trying to get out of the it's a baby yeah so anyway no chick-fil-a back to the community I guess was oppressed for so long so now they just really go over the top with everything or so stop sending me links stop sending I will not share them I can't because I promise you if I had if I do one Dumol and if I if I share it I can't I can't bad health or car accident or their husband died you know what I have life insurance if I died my wife's rich come you know because I spent the money and I care about me down the bronze if you'd one goal you wouldn't have this problem slacker she receives three hundred dollars every month it's a stipend from the US Olympic Committee we know you're doing the Olympics every four years you can't train and do a job I mean she's anyway sexy Jesus she needed okay look you got the sword I'm assuming you've got the costume and the mask Get on a plane and go people are not happy by large I mean it's just and I look I I don't care Heasley I don't care if you're gay my thing is I got tons of gay friends I work with the other American has to pay their bills yes she did we become a society where we have to and what do you need beyond just a plane ticket on bronze-medal go after that bronze is in in she makes money refereeing tournaments but I am I what do you what do you need about get a job family to do it but everybody always we always have to feel bad about the people that don't take care of themselves why is his socialist mindset it's and that's that's worry about everybody else's bills well that's right yeah you know what I mean I mean we watch 'em with you I see all these go fund me and I feel bad for people who have fallen into two doc I guess it is more so than I don't know but she won bronze not gold that's what we've heard getting floated around what are you what are you gotta get bronze exactly she doesn't have any mean you've got American hat company there on your head yeah doesn't have the right vicar costume or face masks for not doing that helping your fellow man great but now it go back to the Barbie example go back to the Barba people I mean if you look at what people are so you'll get a sponsor Olympic can I don't know about I don't know about yeah because can you co fencing athletic the way that works like well she got eleven thousand Michael Phelps the swimmer yeah he got all kinds of endorsements and speedo and yeah in Notre words I've ever been smoking shirt jade's where you can get that thing Borghini. SUV Lamborghini Urus while fleeing the police that's a quarter million dollar automobile wait a minute Lamborghini should not have an suv Arafat who's got a legitimate need who's just getting money right so I get them every day all day I mean if I posted all the go fund me said I get sent that's all did they get good chicken they will press from good chicken chicken never hurt anybody now but I know everybody's like Dan you know Dan Steph talking about stupid kids were we talking about stupid kids fourteen caters they get nine wrong place it doesn't make sense to complete your degree once you find out what you can make dancing you can only I don't think most of them to socialist that they're trying to get through college you know I mean thirty seven years old looking at now it looks like a crossover okay okay that would make more sense you're not GonNa show me I'm sorry here just hold it up because Porsche did that they should be involved with that everybody should do that but again me having to take care of your in most cases irresponsibility the I don't feel guilty the trump or something so all of them have it but we don't know that the Subaru Forester had that we don't know that either way he what is wrong with you people in these Australia Kid West Australia plans for nobody goes fourteen year old a stall Babba I've got lots of friends that I don't agree with and everybody's like Oh Plaza applause applause ellen is so she so great except for the gay community here's leak yes senior senior legal thirsty nights you've gotTa Invest Invest Young make smart choices as long as you can live with yourself look I'm all for generosity yeah I'm all for charitable giving yes that's great charitable giving his great everybody tried to flee the scene but obviously the police got him pretty quick charging with four council stealing in two counts of aggravated burglary no injuries reported in the incident so hey maybe it moves can reach speeds of almost three feet per second which means the equivalent of a cat running one hundred twenty miles an hour the most educators do she could be an exotic dance above most most educators are getting her masters degree that's why they're doing it drive over there will you still your first car sexy Jesus Seventeen fourteen need a quick complain in here in Texas then we only get to like one thirty child's play two moves thirty three point six inches per second forty seven strike seventeen but you you almost went to jail for stealing attractor right correct the tractor different thing what tractor did you try to St that is on the Saharan I'd run fast to remember back when I used to run a hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit godless teens back into the church it's a click to pray rosary under nine dollars whatever it takes there's the Catholics are trying to you won't piss off some more Catholics today Steve Well I'm not personally no kangaroo grew rhubarb Koala bar up of the pope's worldwide prayer network device activated by making the sign of the cross they understand they can watch church service online right nothing but it's not gonNA listen somebody better about Cisco say hey chip in and help her go oh that's bad or doesn't matter ace or a big green big green one we stole it and then it was prisoner go go John Wall Texas sense as you could do it up right on up to you you can just play until your seniors categories Bombay Sina Sounds Venereal Disease Saharan silver ant it runs main you don't need an easy rosary yeah next thing you know that you're going to be doing e shots why will a car a Subaru forester that makes sense yes and then he hit he crashed into a lamb like that woman might have been right about your show whatever pave ruthie go back to the days of Cave Rufi anyway worship tried to make a four door which is ridiculous and then they made a crossover suv which is ridiculous sports car kits fourteen years old that's crazy that's I don't I'm done with the humanity right is done with the crazy thing about uber is they're losing money hand over fist awesome hey with the plow the field pulled out the cultivator he was running from the police in a tractor. Yup I got you ever heard of ever jump in a car with a stranger and we all the time candy like peppermint the guy in Miami picked me up a couple of weeks ago didn't speak which is really weird it's a cool deal because you know you travel like me anywhere I travel uber easy you got the APP they come pick you up they always told us right never get on the Internet and imagine that up I'm GonNa have to look up what that looks like and you remember all those cars in Australia especially in Western Australia have roo bars on the front which is a big bumper whatever they want to pay in La they're ordering they want to study a study of paying Uber lift drivers thirty dollars an hour minimum wage article if it's okay you can Steve Got God's getting into wearable tech Lamborghini Urus is worth two hundred fifty thousand euros it's Paris is it is it like a true suv you though bag by times a year I like the guy when we were riding it but I I apparently the tip didn't go through so he looked me up online seeing them up but if they get pissed off they have a choice to be pissed or not you have a choice being offended they got a they got a rosary now it's high-tech Rosary they're trying to get the does the Austin powers yeah maybe he's got the big ugly t that's what they should have done well that's fast Lanham I asked I guess the insect pretty quick yeah that's all you need to know about that so crew and people to Jesus ten consecutive rosary beads that wrap around your wrist like a traditional rosary however ee rosary lick links to a prayer this do right here

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