RTCD #170: Week 13 College Football Preview


Four cell phone code one strike and listen to Russ stuck in Philadelphia Eagles film junkie. Fran. Duffy breakdown the top college prospects on another tasty edition of the college draft. Yes. Daddy, soda time. And it is the college draft podcast. And this is insane. Because we are going into week thirteen the twelve game for almost every team. Not all but almost every team and it's rivalry weekend. It's really the end of the season for the most part next week. We'll have conference championship games. Army navy then we will get into both. I'm trying to get sad to be honest with you because we know how many months we have of no football hard to believe here. We are at week thirteen when I say we I mean Fran Duffy at FTSE three does such a terrific job as the film. Delfi eagles video scouting guru. Really enjoy hearing his thoughts on the best college players each and every week what he saw from the week that was who we need to watch out for in the week. That will be I'm Ross Tucker at Rostock Renna fell former NFL ofensive Lyman, you can of course, always check me out on Twitter and Instagram at Ross, Tucker NFL or on Facebook Facebook dot com slash Ross. Tucker and fell France. Let's get into it. Let's start with just some of your quick reactions to last week's games. What did you watch and what stood out here? Yeah. You know, it was kind of build as a boring weak of house football. But you and I both know Ross there's no such thing as a boring weak of college football. So there were a couple of games that I was kinda tuned into you. Gotta love what Washington state and Mike Leach have done this year. In Gardner Minhsiu the quarterback. There has got to be one of the best stories in college football. He set a school record was seven touchdowns on Saturday night. If they went on Friday night against Washington and the apple Cup. We'll move onto the Pac twelve title against Utah. I'm not sure that anybody would have predicted that championship game back in the preseason. You look in the big twelve. Yeah. Texas got a big win against Iowa State twenty four ten I've got questions about Sam etlinger as far as being a pro prospect. I haven't studied him yet. But that's just the sense watching him on TV. But those receivers for the longhorns really appear to be pretty impressive Colin Johnson's a big body kid looks pretty savvy as a rat run or watching on TV and then little Jordan Humphry. You know, he's he brings them some juice as well on the outside. And then, you know, I'm always a big fan of of upsets in college football. I got admit I was kind of pulling for Maryland there in the noon games on Saturday afternoon. I turned that game on in the fourth quarter. And after Ohio State had to fight tooth and nail. So that touchdown to open overtime Maryland comes back like score on the first play. And I got to say, I know it's easy to say this point, you know, to Heinz. Being twenty twenty but I would have kicked their forced Ohio State at try and score. Again. I don't know how you saw about it. But they end up failing on the two point conversion the play call. There was great the receiver was wide open the back of quarterback just missed him and the types fall. But with how easy the turps made. It seem overtime like I almost say like, let's make a high stake. Do it again just kind of up the stress level and there's on there. And but it was a good day college football. Yemen. I had a chance to see Miami play Virginia Tech in person. And that was watching a lot of that Ohio State Maryland game on TV before my game. And first of all it was great to be at lane stadium down in Blacksburg incredible environment when the hokies enter the field, they say, it's even more intense for a night game. But just the whole crowd jumping up and down really really something truly cool and unique, and I can see why people love being a part of it. But during the actual game, man. It was the Miami defense that stole the show. We'll say this. There's a kid I want you to keep an eye on redshirt sophomore wide receiver. I probably mentioned this after the Florida state game for Virginia. Tech name Damon Hazelton that he'll be a name to watch going into next year. But was to me from this game friend. I mean, Miami has pros everywhere. On defense everywhere. I mean, it was you know, Joe Jackson at one end. He's a junior Jonathan Garvan who they tell me they think he'll be a first round pick the sophomore D end on the other side, Gerald Willis number nine, obviously having an unbelievable year as defensive tackle the linebacker trio is very good. Was thoroughly impressed by shack quarter min his range and interception almost took back to the house. But I think what's out to me almost more than any of that friend was actually Miami's DB's. I mean, really, you know, they're very hyped up. Jakulan johnson. Michael Jackson, two of the fourteen semi finalists for the Thorpe. Award. Jackson has not had as good of a senior year as he did last year. But he's still has impressive size made a number of really nice plays in the ball to Kwan Johnson was everywhere and Frank. Between him wearing number four and Jeff Thomas on offense for the hurricanes wearing number four. They've got some explosive play makers Sheldrick wed Ryan red wine made some play. He's a junior that's played. Well, and they get a little corner trade in bandy number two. Only a sophomore he made all kinds of plays in this game and really has all year. So I was impressed for sure by the Miami defense. I would imagine a good chunk of those guys are going to play on Sundays. We'll see how many get drafted. We'll see how many stick, but Virginia Tech has seven guys. Fran from last year's defense that our own fell rosters right now seven, and that's one of the reasons why they're just frankly, not as good I think Miami has the potential to a year from now us be saying that they've got five or six guys with Jackson. And Johnson and Willis and we'll see if Jackson the D N goes pro and quartered on. We'll see what happens some of these juniors. But they have a lot of future pros that I'm guessing are locked in in part because of omega six cognitive boost cognitive boost is the boost you need to get their look, it's not about ten cups of coffee. It's not about crushing coffee or five hour energy. At least give something like this try that has alpha and omega omega threes. You've heard all about them critical to brain health it. They also have alpha-gpc in him. It's all about years of clinical research, and you know, how I feel about stuff like this. The key is the two powerhouse ingredients, but the sixty day money back guarantee. So they're giving you a chance to get it for sixty percent off a one month. Supply when you go to Olmecs boost dot com slash draft today to get that sixty percent off so omega six boost dot com slash draft. That gets you the sixty percent off. And then you get to sixty day money back guarantee. O M A X B O S T dot com slash draft. So I also wanted to get into with you some of these other games. But also, we we gotta get into some of the senior bowl acceptances. We've got some guys that are starting to accept them. So again, I saw on the opener against Penn State. Jalen more from apps state is first up the running back. Yeah. He's five ten two hundred and ten pounds. And I watched him his junior season. When I watched them, I saw an explosive athlete, and he's got straight line speed the burn. He's got the ability to pick up chunks of yardage in a hurry. I think he's got solid vision overall as a runner, and I think he can be an effective one cut guy on. Outside zone scheme to the next level. He runs behind his pads, you rarely gets knocked backwards. He packs a little bit more punch than I thought when I first turn the tape on. Honestly, any of the big concerns? I do have are really I guess it would start with the ability to make that first man miss from what I saw from him as a junior. He did struggle to do that he's strong. But too often he would go down on first contact. I think he'll be that type of back Ross, honestly for people that are, you know, fancy football people right now, you know, he's going to be a product of scheme and usage and line play the next law. I think if he lands in a position where there's opportunity I think he will be an intriguing player, but I'm not sure that he's going to be. He's quite talented enough to be a primary back. I think he's not quite dynamic enough to be a satellite player. He's he's an intriguing player. I like the way that he plays keep in mind too that he just missed he missed time as a junior last year and he missed most of this season with an injury as well. I think it was a foot issue so medically. There's some concern there as well. He's got a lot that he can prove he can come back healthy for this game. It's just a matter of if that's going to happen in late January. How 'bout LSU tied in foster Moreau? Yeah. He's one of my favorite tight ends that I studied so far, you know, he's six four he's over to fifties. Got long arms. He's not going to be a certify pass catching threat. I think he's a marginal athlete, but he's got reliable hands. Each is not a mismatch guy in space, but the area where I think he really offers. The most value is as a blocker. He's really really competitive is used in a lot of different ways throughout his career as a blocker. He works hard to finish. And everything that he does if he can just get better route runner, I think there's some starting potential there at the end of the day. I do think he's probably more of a solid backup quick note on him to I talked with his former quarterback Danny at link back at the combine last year. It was just asking you who who are the guys down the road, and he really hyped up borrow to me as a guy on that LSU roster that would transition well to the NFL, and I think he was spot on without assessment. I really like Morrell I think he's definitely gonna to leak. What about? Guy. No you like you've talked about as well Kentucky. Josh allen. Yeah. Honestly, he's one of the most improved players in college football this year. I remember watching him early in the summer because remember he was getting like top half of the first round buzzing mock Trask back in like may and June watch this kid, and I came away. Just I was left wanting. Yeah, I saw skinny edge guy was kind of a jack-of-all-trades master of none. He would drop back in coverage and look pretty fluid moving a reverse. He would stretch a set a strong edge in the run game. He used his hands while at the point of attack. He'd get after a quarterback, but he wasn't really polish with anything. He did. And he lacked the power to collapse the pocket consistently. He was like two thirty playing as a junior last year fast forward. Now, a few months he packed over twenty pounds of muscle this offseason. So he's up a little bit over to fifty. He's also little bit more refined with his hands as a pass rusher. So you're talking about a kid now who's six three six four. He's over to fifty. I like his get off you can win with speed. But he can also win with power now as well that extra weight gives them a little bit more pop on contact push the pocket. His rush skill. I think is still a little bit of a work in progress. But the tools are there. And I thought one thing that Scott's and evaluators are going to love as well, especially the old school guys are that a lot of this production. This year is coming in crunch time late and gains when his defense needs a big play. He's coming up with a sack or a sack fumble and giving the ball back to his offense for a guy who racked up last year. Six of his seven sacks in the first half of the season. And just really fell off down the stretch last year. It seems like they put more of a priority on him on finishing this off season. And that's shown up Allen has really helped himself. I would think he's right up there with guys like quitting Williams. I've really just kind of improved their stock from twenty seventeen to twenty eighteen and I think he's got the to further do that down in mobile. I'm really really excited to see him in person because he's a guy who plays as a three four outside linebacker. I think a lot of teams are going to say that. Yeah, he can do that. But also he can be. That premier pass rusher from three point stance. Actually, like a more is a pass rusher with his hand in dirt. But certainly has the ability to move in reverse a linebacker as well. So he's just a very very intriguing player that you know, if you would ask me two months ago is he going to go in the first round. I would say no, I really don't see it. Now. I think there's a pretty good chance based off what I've seen so far in two thousand eighteen what about Texas Charles Amon who? Yeah. Different kind of guy for sure I mean, this is a big bodied kid. He's over six five. He's just under two hundred and eighty pounds. He's got a freak show. Wingspan? I have to key in a little bit more on his senior film. But this is a big strong powerful kid. He does he does not win with athleticism off the edge. But he can certainly play the rod, and he could certainly collapse the pocket I like him best as defensive end to can play the run on early downs. And then I think down the road maybe offer a little bit of of pass rush value from the inside he's a high floor player to me. It doesn't have a really high ceiling. But I bet a lot of teams view him as a potential started. Because he fits. A lot of teams look for physically on the edge. I liked the way he plays. And he's he's shown up every time. I've watched Texas this year as well. What about some smaller school guys that are getting Old Dominion ocean? Say his last name is his last name because the minis za minis Charleston, West Virginia D line, John Kamensky, New Mexico state linebacker, Terrel Hanks. Yeah. Yeah. In the senior bowl is always good it on earth thing. Some of those guys. Phil savage or now, Jim Nagy. They they've got a great network of scouts around the league. And they talked to those guys and say, hey, who do you want to see on the big stage who do you wanna see down there? And so they're able to find some of these small school guys and Zimin as is really been on the radar since the spring. I think when you talk about Old Dominion quietly put guys into the league over the last couple of years. So there's been some buzz about him. And when you talk about pass rush plan. I think this kid's got a pretty good one. He uses his hands. Pretty well. He mixes in a lot of different pass rush. Moves he flashes. That ability win with power. He is a little bit stiff, and he doesn't have the greatest first step. So the upside is a bit of a question, Mark. But he's been productive. I think he's going to stick in the league. I am excited to watch them on film from this year. And then you talk about the Charleston, West Virginia, kid, John Kaminsky. I knew nothing about this kid before he was announced with a senior bowl. So I made it a point to go and watch him as soon as he was announced. And here's all you need to know he showed up on campus as a two hundred and eighteen pound option quarterback out of small town, Ohio. Five years later here today. He's six foot five two hundred and eighty five pound defensive end in their three four scheme. He lines up everywhere on that d- line. He's been crazy productive throughout his career. He plays with a really high motor. And he's got the strength to hold up pretty well at the point of attack. As is typically the case with any small school guy with Kaminski it's going to come down to how he's going to show up and make sure you kinda show that you belong. He dominated his level of competition. He stands out as soon as you turn the tape on each just bigger and faster than everybody else with of the two level, which is what you need to see. Now, it's going to be all about. How's it gonna look what he's taking on an offensive lineman from Alabama or Wisconsin? Or Clemson or Mississippi State that's going to be the question last year the kid from Ford. Hey state Nathan shepherd. He really stood out down at the senior bowl. And that helped him put them in day two of the draft. We'll see if Kaminsky can do the same in January. But I think that the tools are there for an intriguing player. And then you mentioned tarot Hanks from New Mexico state. I I like to skip back in the summer. We talked about him when we did our preview of the top. Spects outside of the power five because I watched his junior film. I liked him. I saw athletic kid. He can line up wherever you need a linebacker to up and he can make plays from sideline to sideline. I think he's built for today's NFL from a physical standpoint. My biggest concern, honestly, outside of the fact that he's only thirty was that. I don't think he always took great angle. So the football, and he did find himself out of position a little more than I would have liked. But overall, he's athlete. He's explosive. He's physical. There's a lot there to work with. I think he's got three potential in the NFL. Finally, what about Houston cornerback is Ahah Johnson. Yeah. Yeah. I mean this kid I watched him over the weekend for the first time. He's a pretty intriguing kid. I actually talked to his defensive coordinator over the course of the summer marked off Rio. And I talked a lot about Oliver. And you got a sense of what was off the field. And just ask them. You know, hey, who are you excited about Johnson is one of the first players? He brought up. He's got impressive size. He's six to two hundred pounds got long arms. He's got the speed to recover. Vertically? Make plays down the field. He's a former lied out there in Houston. So not only can he go up and play the ball. But I was particularly impressed with his feel for route concepts down the field and deep zone coverage as well. Now, I do think he's a little bit. Stiff has changed direction. Skills are a little bit of a question. Mark for me. I washed three games. I'm not quite sure how much of that is physical. How much of it is mental and just trusting what he's seeing says he's still adjusting to play in the corner spot. But you know, big long kids with boss skills. We say this all time whereas with corners, if you're tall and your long, and you've got boss kills and you can run typically those guys don't fall too, far even. If there really raw. So I could see a team seeing him as a day to pick even though he may not quite be ready to play right away. The traits are there to the point where if he has a really really good week. I bet he could start hearing from top fifty buzz. Like, I really I really do think that then again, he could go down there and go the other way too. So I think this is a really really big week for him. When it's all said and done, let's get to some other invites you can just rattle off. And then we'll get into some of the other news around college football. Yeah. You know, the Penn State quarterback trace McSorley, he reportedly got an invite nor wet northwestern quarterback Clayton Thorson gotten invite. I think probably got better tools McSorley, certainly has been the better college player over the course of his career. So it'll be interesting to see those two guys side by side. I'm assuming that they would both be on the north squad. Umass wide receiver. Andy Isabela got invited. Not an official acceptance yet. Do this kid is intriguing man. I just why we talked about him last week in the matchup for Georgia. He was really productive. And again, like sixteen catches against Georgia this week, but Isabelle as an intriguing guy. Oh, man. I mean, he's quick. He's explosive. He tracks the ball. Well in the air. I think he's got some savvy to them as a route runner. He's small that's going to be the big question is size is going to be a concern. And I do think, you know, his hands. There are a lot of double catches on film. So that's going to be the one interesting thing seeing him in person obvious to see the official measurements of his hands. When they do come in at the senior bowl because look hand size. We said it's all the time when it comes to measurable. It's not an issue until it's an issue. And I do think that there are some times where he can be a little bit questionable at the catch points. So something interesting to watch their with Isabelle offensive, line wise. There's a small school kid Titus Howard from Alabama state that I haven't dug into yet. But I've heard some good things there. Kansas state's Dalton Richner you. And I both watched him over the summer, we weren't as hired him as others. But he he's still being mentioned in first rounds of mock draft, which I still not quite sure that I see northern Illinois MAC Scharping as well. He had a couple of big time games this year against Florida state and some other big time schools so interesting to see that some of that matchup off the edge Michigan's. We've talked a lot about him Carl Granderson from Wyoming has a pretty good first step, and it has the ability to bend. The you talked about Miami, D tackle, Gerald Willis earlier. He got invited to the game. I'm sure he'll be down there. That'll be a big opportunity for him both on and off the field and then the two corners. We just talked about a couple of weeks ago temples Rocky's in the transfer from Presbyterian, and then Penn State's Amani or awas the first year starter there for the line. So we're seeing a lot of invites role in I heard about the Delaware safety, nausea, Adderley that a he just accepted, actually just recently. So I watched that kid late in the summer early in the fall and based off his junior fill. This is a Philly kid. I was pretty intrigued with what? So I've gotten word that some scouts were really high on him. This is a kid who's built like a corner. He started his career at the blue hands as a corner. So he's got that skill set. He's still young only be a twenty year old rookie, but he's athletic. He reads routes well from the secondary's a four year starter. I can't wait to watch them this year and get a better sense of how he saw things from the safety spot. And how he ran the alley. I thought that they were starting traits there with that kid so zero from Delaware as well as a guy to watch he's going to be down there in mobile. So there's a couple other topics. We need to bring up for in an I thought one of the most interesting things that happen in college football from draft perspective last week was Thursday night. When Ed Oliver and major Applewhite got into a little tiff on the sideline over him wearing a jacket that suppose the only for guys that are playing in the game. Major Applewhite kind of try to tug it off of them and Oliver supposed left the stadium at halftime curious to get your thoughts friend. Well, you know, it's it's funny because I mentioned earlier that I talked with Mark dantonio the defense coordinator that I was an interview we did over on the journey of the draft podcast back in the summer and everything I've read and everything from talking with the with coach about him is that you know, he's a blue collar kitties kitties, a really hard worker. So this this occurrence. Honestly, kind of caught me off guard. I wasn't really expecting something like this, and I caught up on on Friday morning and just kind of took all that it. I don't I don't know what your overall thoughts are looks like he's obviously competitive, and I there's there's a lot of details that we're not going to know because we don't know how healthy at Oliver is. Or isn't. We know Houston hasn't had quite the season that they expected it's late in the year. Does he want to go out and risk of self is if he's not one hundred percent healthy? Then again, it was also like fifty degrees. Like, do you need the big jacket? Like, I don't know. It's. It's an interesting situation. I get what mitt where it major Applewhite's coming from. Because you don't want to try and say that this kid's above everybody else. If you're telling everybody else on the sideline not to wear that jacket. Why should never be able to wear the jacket? It's it's a tough situation. I I don't know what your overall what was the first thing that went through your mind when you first saw it thought it was a real bad look for both of them. That should not be handled on the sideline like that. Thought may drop a white trying to tug it off was a really bad. Look them. Them going at each other is a bad. Look, I don't know how that helps major Applewhite with recruiting when the best player may be like in school history. You're kind of embarrassing on national television. That's very smart. I mean handle it at halftime. I thought would have been much better way to go about it, you know, behind closed doors, and Fred Oliver, you know, I don't know enough to know about what the rules are what he was told. But here what anybody says, it's a lot more in my guests about the fact that he wasn't playing then the jacket. I don't care what major Applewhite says, my guess is. It was a lot about the fact that Ed Oliver's now playing, and I think the fact that he left the stadium is probably not a good look now. I also think you know, he's handling it a little differently. I don't know if he'll play again this year. I tend to doubt it, and it almost feels like it'd be better cleaner. Whatever if you. Did the Nick Bosa and just made it known? You know, it's like where he's seen on the field before the game. Throwing around the football jumping around having fun. He's got the knee injury. Just not it's not a great look for him right now. We know that was Mike MacIntyre fired. Or just report that he's going to be. I think it might be reports I have to look at. I know I saw the news go across the ticker like a million times on Sunday. So. It seems like that's what's going to happen. And if that's the case the one guy to keep an eye on would be the quarterback, Stephen Montesquieu's, a junior talented kid. I haven't studied them yet. But I've heard a lot of good things. I know our buddy Greg Cosell was really intrigued by Montas studying over the summer. So he's a name to watch. They've got a couple of guys on defense that are younger as well to keep an eye on the potential guys declare but Montas will be the big name. Any other guys got chance to study recently? Yeah. The one guy that I really feel like I need to bring up before we get into matchups this week is Washington state's left tackle, Andre Dillard. Look, I did it a couple of weeks ago where I went through his film. I was really really impressed. He's a three year starter on the blindside athletically. I was just so impressed with how under control he was. I like his feet I like balance he's a natural need bender. He's never on the ground. He's used to playing on an island there as well. Because of those wide splits in that air raid offense with Mike Leach up front. He sees things. Really quickly impasse, bro. I love the how uses his hands in the passing game. He's got a heavy punch. When he gets his hands on defenders usually the battles over the questions with him. I think or that he can play a little bit straight legged at times a little bit high part of that is that they never have him. Just put his hand in flag football. So some people are going to questionably to play out of a three point stance, which whatever it is. You know, some guys that turns some people off, but depending on the scheme they on the coach that could be an issue in the run game. I think he can be. A little bit slot with his hands as well. He's not really like a true glassy eater kind of Mahler in the run game. So that may rub people the wrong way. But I really really liked the kid. I he I think he's going to be a good starter at the left tackle or guard. I could see some people like him inside. But this is this is a good player. I think he's a first second round type of town. Well, there's going to be a lot of first second round type of talent on display Thursday Friday Saturday, it'll be a veritable Schwarz's board of college football rivalry games. Having a chance to play in a bunch of ivory games in my life. Man. There really is nothing. Like, let's go head to head. And by the way, you can bet on all of these rivalry games over at bed online dot AG using the promo code podcast one. So I've told you guys about it before if you haven't done it yet. Now's a good time. You get a fifty percent. Welcome bonus. When you use that code podcast one over at bed, online dot AG. Huge college football weekend fell NBA NHL, whatever it is that tickles your fancy and that way, you get at least an account number. So if in when a win the podcast one sports that challenge again, you can be one of the people that get one hundred dollars credited in your bed online Dutt AG account. So what do we got friend? I mean, we got Thursday night. Ole miss Mississippi State in the bowl. We got the civil war Friday night. Oregon Oregon state the apple Cup, Washington Washington. Stay iron bowl, Alabama, Auburn Michigan. Ohio State, Clemson, South Carolina, Notre Dame, USC Florida. Florida state Stanford UCLA unbelievable. Three days of college football. What are the specific individual matchups? You look in it. He L let's just start with a couple of quarterbacks. I think you look at the iron bowl certainly jarred stood him. This is John enormous test for him against his Alabama defense. We know how that group is just chock full of talent. So if stood them does declare I guarantee you one of the first games that evaluators will be watching. We'll be this game. And just seeing how he reacts to that pro style defense with just so much blue chip talent at all three levels. You look down at the bowl with ole miss Mississippi State on Thursday night. Jordan, Tom who was a senior quarterback. We haven't spent a lot of time talking about really wasn't a full time starter and told this did start a handful. Games over the course of his career when shape Patterson was out of the lineup. But Jordan, Tom was been very very productive this year. Obviously a talented receiving corps their four ole miss so take on Mississippi State, and that defense, you know, we talked about all those guys at all three levels, sweat and Simmons and Peters Jonathan Abram. And all those guys, you know, Leo Lewis, and it's a good defense. Orissa state. So big test Africa Orden, Tom. What about what else do we have in terms of quarterbacks versus tub defenses? Yeah. I think you you look around the of Michigan quarterback shape passionate. He's got a big test here against us Ohio State defense that seems down but certainly could still get after defensive line chase young Draymond Jones. And all those guys up front will be a big test. Then you look at running backs against linebackers Damian Harris who I think was out with a concussion on Monday. Monday's practice. We'll see if he's able to go Saturday against the Auburn, you know, that that second level that Auburn defense that defensive line is very good. But they've got to seniors at the second level of Daryl Williams and desha Davis. Davis a little bit of a throwback. Dr Williams more built for today's game. And that he can kind of play space a little bit better. But both those guys are good against the run. So keep an eye out for those guys against Damien Harrison the Alabama run game out in space with these receivers and tight ends. He looked a little Egbo AJ Brown DeMarcus. You know, that's one of the best receiving course. In college football going up against that secondary. Mississippi State, you know, Jamal Peterson a big corner. He's a senior he's draft eligible guy who some people feel that could be a press guy. Some people feel could be a safety and the Jonathan Abram is one of my favorite safeties in the country. I mean, the guy has got a really explosive mover. He's physical. He's a dog out there in terms of playing against the run and also playing in space. He's a guy. I would absolutely keep your eye on in this Thursday night game. And then Louisville taken on Kentucky and other one. Look Louisville's obviously doubt between trio's out. But they do have some talent there. Jalen smith. Probably the best senior on the roster in terms of NFL potential big bodied receiver playing out in space against this Kentucky secondary. Where you've got Derek Beatty. You've got Lonnie Johnson. Mike Edwards in the slots or wherever Jalen Smith lines up. He's going to face a next level defensive back. So big test there for Jalen Smith and then down in the trenches. I know how much you love these guys up front Thursday night. You've got ole miss left tackle, Greg little some people feel is a I. Round pick in this draft. Technumn Montessori wet another guy. Some people feel is a first round pick. So you got a great matchup their sweat does lineup on both defensive defensive end spots. So sometimes we'll get matched up against little. Sometimes he won't when those to do go at it. That'll be a really fun match up to watch South Carolina. Clemson, South Carolina line. You know, having watched them closely. It's a pretty impressive group for especially for a college offensive line. Dennis daily is a guy at the left tackle spot. Second year star big bodied kid when he gets his hands on you. I think he could be really he can be really tough to get by question. Whether or not his feet are quite good enough to last at left tackle, the NFL. But we'll see I do what I've seen from him. Zach Bailey just a tough physical guard. He does have some tackle experiences while I do like him better on the inside going up against this Clemson defensive line, Christian Wilkins, and Dexter Larence and Cleland feral in Austin, Bryan, Albert Huggins and all those guys up front for Clemson. And it's going to be a really good match up there something to keep an eye on as well. And then I'll have state Michigan. Chase winner. We'll see if he's able to go in this game. He's been out of the lineup. So far this week. We'll see if he's able to go for Sean Gary did make his return this past week or I think he actually came back online a couple of weeks ago but had a few big plays in this Maryland game. So he certainly will be in their Ohio state's got a right tackle Isaiah prince that some scouts are really really high on. I think he had gotten some top fifty type of grades over. The course of the summer. I'm not quite sure I see him there. But he is a big bodied kid. He's got some length to him has been three or start a four your started there for the buckeyes. So keep an eye on that matchup Isaiah prince against Michigan deans in that Florida. Florida state game Martinez Ivy another big bodied left tackle guy. Who's got the ability to play inside at guard as well. But just great size. Rare linked for the position going up against Florida state Brian burns, who is one of the more explosive pass rushers when the more flexible pass rushers in the country. So another interesting match up to watch their in that rivalry. Game. Yup. Looking forward to that one for sure it's interesting to me that I've Ian Mitch Hiatt Clemson were the top two ranked offense of tackles in the in high school when they played in the army bowl, and they both are going to end up playing for years. They both have now won red-shirted. But now the one left score the either which usually when the guys, you know, the top two tackles one of them ends up leaving squirrelly so set something that's interesting to note, you can always catch friend all of his stuff at f- defeat three on Twitter. That's the key or Google friend all kinds of stuff for you over at Philadelphia Eagles that come. Of course, tomorrow is a huge day at RT media with even money podcast with our beds fantasy feasts podcasts. I got a big win last night. Thanks to Brandin cooks. Put me over the edge on my fantasy league. Evan civil always hooks me up from road a world on the Fancy Feast pod. Cast. Of course, the Ross Tucker football podcast, we will have power rankings two day. So there's a lot of movement some surprising movement for some teams. And yes, I will be all over that. Rams chiefs game from last night, which was incredible next week. We will be all over the conference championship games, especially the SEC championship game. Because I will be there on sideline Alabama Georgia. There may be a prospect or two in that game. Starting to think that there might be appropriate or two in that game. But right now, though, the keg is kicked, and we are all tapped out. Enjoying your rusty one listening to the college draft. Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, make sure you're also subscribing to the rust Tucker football, just fantasy fees and even money podcasts available on itunes and Rostock. Dot com or wherever broadcasts can be found.

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