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From the rail to your radio this is the horse racing radio network. Half alita thanked the sex tape. Bom one derby gumede the final furlong now at the sixteenth bowl. Gumming john velazquez rolling on home to win the breeders cup. Filly and bear sprints all gonna mean welcome to the equine forum dixon outside these to the derby interest. Believe their own footage. Here's whitmore striding forward for the lead pinned a final among pumped up breeders cup sprint. What a day in the career of this seven year old whip four a-rod ortiz. Junior pep won the breeders cup sprint. Now here's anthony stabile good morning and happy new year. Hr nation welcome to the equine forum. Here on the horse racing radio network the big a anthony stabile filling in for the vacationing baron of the backstretch mike panel as we kick off twenty twenty one with the show that launched the network equine form here on h. r. r. n. Hope everybody got their new year off on the right foot at plenty of racing action from across the country yesterday. Alway from academic to the great race play santa. Anita plenty of good action. We saw the first points race of the year as far as the road to the kentucky. Derby is concerned yesterday. Here at acworth with jerome capo. Cain very impressive front running effort and eighty four beyer speed figure and when the calendar turns now that we don't have plenty of re two year old racing right. Bobby newman on race. Day actually pointed out or was the weekend stakes preview. I don't remember this is a little bit of a blur between the holidays. And everything going on There've already been there. Were sixteen points races across the world. Four the one hundred forty seven kentucky derby which is just around. It's amazing you know getting through twenty twenty where just four months from the kentucky derby this year and there's already been sixteen races in twenty twenty four. This year's derby gain had the jerome yesterday here in new york today. Life is good is he. The next bob baffert horse of a lifetime. We'll find out. I guess in park today. In that sham some war kentucky derby points on the line he'll stretch out to turns for the first time and i feel like once the new year comes the attention turns to the kentucky derby which is you know obviously one of the great things about the sport how we love our kentucky derby and attention almost immediately the the christmas christmas tree still up. And there's plenty of derby talked to go around and we'll have a lot of derby talk on the show today. The return of calling all three year olds speaking about newman. We'll hear from bobbi later on the program that the forces presented by smith reform We're going to have A guy who's been a bit of a mentor to me especially in my younger days steve haskins. I mean you think three year olds in the kentucky derby trail. I think a lot of people Who love our sport. Think of steve. Haskins steve will talk to us. We had a couple of calls this week on the net dot com serving the kentucky. Derby as you would expect but more specifically how some of us at the rows of course host that show with me how we go about looking for our derby horse if you will ask. I figured who better to ask. Steve asking who's been covering the derby for the better part of four decades If not more. So we'll talk to steve about that later on the show but i think it's funny. How as soon as the calendar turns we turn to We look down. The trail had now louisville for the kentucky. Derby and i think this year more so than ever after an unusual season last year with the derby back in its first saddening. They spot will be a very special kentucky derby this year and looking forward to getting on the trail or the on the trail here in new york continuing on the trail over the next four months. We have a fun. Show you today billy badge. The executive director of south florida racing operations for the strike group is going to join us. we'll hear from my friend nausea thompson. Who was recently appointed. The executive director of the new york thoroughbred breeders and. He is a board member of new york racing association. Now be good to talk to nausea. Remember nauseous i days at nyra now nauseous over with the new york thoroughbred breeders and on the board of new york racing association Recently retired racetrack announcer. Keith jones from parks keith. Call the races pox thirty three years. You know. i was thinking about this the other day after tom. Durkin marshall cassidy and probably bullet. Bob meyer from yonkers keith. Jones is probably the guy. I've heard the call the most races in my life and i think a lot of us can say that you know i'm forty three years older than a lotta guys and gals in that age bracket keith jones was up. Stay down with. John curran from delaware recently retired and now kief They've rodman the last three musketeers down in the mid atlantic. Dave calls it amazing race. David does a great job. So we'll talk to keith about his fantastic career. We told you about steve. Mike woman from santa anita friend of the program will definitely We'll talk to him about the three year olds and leads to our first poll question of the year sent out a tweet. This warning reminding people that she was minutes. Knock up on me be Filling in for the baroness morning. Steve was nice enough to gain low. Steve dudin off member of the. He's on the nhc tour each and every year. We have We've been making annual wager. We should spend it last year because of the postponement of the kentucky derby. I'm sure we'll visit soon on the call in show But the the standard that is. Will bob baffert win the kentucky. Derby that is stephen. I made the bat. I cashed in two thousand nineteen. Amanda rosa was able to piggyback onto a beautiful meal at steve piccolo. Boost la out here in westbury on long island during belmont stakes week. And i'm sure steve will call in this week or the following week. We'll make the same wager. I present that question to you. Hr nation four months away from the kentucky derby. I didn't feel right giving you the official canton. The baron has to do that when he comes back next week. That's that's his gig. We'll bob baffert win kentucky derby one forty seven hit us up at twitter at hr an answer. The poll question will bob baffert win this year's kentucky derby now it's four months away but we'll start out with the With the steve. Do north big annual wager and Again hit us up at hr and on twitter to answer. The question will read some responses later on in the program. All right set for busy busy morning here on the equine form when we come back billy bad friends and billy badge at the executive director of south florida operations for the group kicks off twenty twenty one on the equine form on. Hr airdrie stud. Cairo prince the leaving third crop sire by number of stakes winners stakes horses graded stakes winners and graded stakes horses. He's also a top five general sire by the number of two year old winter so far in twenty twenty and his current crop of yearlings his first conceived at a twenty five thousand dollars stud fee yearlings from cairo. Prince's fourth prop sold for up to four hundred thousand dollars this year underlining. His incredible commercial appeal at fifteen thousand dollars stands and nurses for twenty twenty one cairo. Prince's extreme standing at airdrie stud thank about it. Hi this is joe. Nicholson during these difficult. Times tame nicholson insurance agency. Since best wishes to all for good health we can all look forward to better times ahead when this pandemic is behind us. But in the meantime we need to stay safe although the staff at nicholson insurance is working from home. Phone calls into the office or forwarded so that service remains intact. Customer service professionals. Continue to be ready willing and able to help you with your insurance need whether it'd be equine farm hall auto business or life. Several of nicholson insurance agencies. Companies are returning portions of auto premiums because of reduced travel during the isolation period. Which i think is the right thing to do. Please call eight five nine. Two two four seven zero eight zero nicholson insurance agency. Thank you for the national. Hp is continuously working to protect the health and welfare of horses by advocating finding research to help reduce equine injuries. Lobbying for a national testing lab to oversee and establish absolute uniform laboratory protocols advocating for every track to undergo an annual independent surfaces assessment passionately. Supporting off the track thoroughbred retirement facilities and adoption groups and so much more see additional. Hp initiatives at national hba dot com racing fans at santa anita park wishes. You and yours a happy healthy new year and although there is still no public admittance you can watch every santa anita race free of charge at santa anita dot com slash. Lied and you can watch and wager at. I bet that's i dot com slash. Bet this saturday. We'll start down the road to the kentucky. Derby as three year olds go of flat mile in the grade. Three sham stakes named for the winner of the nineteen seventy-three santa anita derby sham will provide the winner with ten kentucky derby qualifying points also on saturday older horses. Pogo a mile and one eighth on turf in the great to two hundred thousand dollars saint-gabriel. On sunday three year old fillies. We'll go seven furlongs in the great to santa ana stakes with first time over the weekend at twelve thirty tune in earliest track announcer framer ramadi and tom quigley handicap. All of the races beginning at eleven twenty. Am for additional information. Please visit santa. Anita dot com money. Frankel on i listen to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum on the horse racing radio network. California chrome not gaining. He's back and racing and v shot go splits horses for jose ortiz stretch. And it's the breeders cup it's arrogating front leading by three with an eighth of a mild ago. Showman goes is trying to get into second then neolithic back. Fourth is noble bird fuller by keen ice. But what a raise. What a sport horse game in the past he wanted by three and a half well competently handled shaman. Goes second neolithic third. Then keane ice wars story and noble bird in one forty seven three go from park racetrack announcer. pd l. on the call on the inaugural pegasus world cup invitational. It was all arrogate and hard to believe. But they don't wanna pegasus for the fifth time three weeks from today on january. Twenty third gulfstream. Welcome back to the forum here on the horse racing radio network. Nice enough to join us now. A man who was instrumental in getting that day and that place ready getting gulfstream park ready for its biggest day one of its biggest days of the year is the executive director of south florida operations. Wow that's a lot to say. T introduced billy badge billy. Welcome to bitcoin forum or you how are you doing great happy new year my man. How's everything going down there in hallandale. Beach considering colbert. We're doing really well. Actually she goes. We're doing great. It's you know it's the it's the pink elephant talk. We've talked about this a lot here on. Hr n You guys did an amazing job. Keep things going i. I wonder what would have happened. You know those handful of tracks in in march april even into may right before churchill open and we got back going here at belmont in june. You guys kept it going key track in the wintertime. I wonder what would have happened. If you had a shutdown. I wonder if the whole thing would have shut down You know a lot of people a lot of people feel like you guys and you know there are plenty of people point the right to you. they kept us than going. So we all appreciate it. Well we belinda. Stronach was actually very instrumental but the the politicians and city of holland dell and adventure. You know working with them. Diligently and showing them extreme protocols we had in place and You know realistically what would have happened if we had to close with putting virtually thousands people out of work thousand horses with really nowhere to go and try to keep the operation going so they worked with us You know at to try to. Just keep everything going. And then through that process we were talking to You know the people can talk to people in new york. You know what protocols may have put in place to try to get virtually tripe help everybody back up and running and and You know a big part of keeping the whole place up and going and we've been very lucky. I mean health departments in here two or three times a week checking on what would on the very happy. If even even today with the state of florida being pretty line open protocols in place so it worked out really well and you're leading You know the proverbial handful of people in every day. You're letting you're letting a handful of people in there everyday well we're kinda catering to the horsemen up to pay their bills on a much launches run so kinda got a few areas ultimately really keep the social social distancing For what what the politicians want and show them that would keep everybody separated and we have every. Everything's pretty shutdown inside mostly outside and you know everybody has to wear a pass. We have clinton extensions. Virtually all over the place on the property and And the casinos. Only open it at park capacity. So you know. We got everything under control and You know even even as far as like the jockeys set up extra areas for them to be Guys people that came from new york we have a one check from kentucky and another section and set up pre for different areas to keep everybody safe it healthy for people that haven't been to gulfstream park. Was you just mentioned the casino. People have met the gulfstream park and have been to other respects that for seniors and again. I use ecuador because every day There there couldn't be more of a divide Physically you have to leave the building. Akron walk outside to get into the casino. If you haven't been to gulfstream. I've been to plenty of these places. I can't imagine any place where everything's more integrated you have to. You have the casino which is basically a cactus attached to the racetrack. You have all the shopping. So i have to think that gives you guys even a little bit more villages tickle nightmare in the fact that you've been able to keep the ball rolling makes that much more remarkable right. Well it's been interesting that everybody's been on the same page and You know you lead by example. We walk around. She's mask on. Put it on and the people that come here been really really good. Everybody wears with masks and It was ready whereas the mask and does the right. And they kinda unless you. You have a spouse or brother or cousin and everybody really pretty much separates themselves each other and I think people sitting in the boxer and put the on exception. He drinking show Everybody's playing their part which is really important and it really helps kind of keeping talking to billy badger from gulfstream park All right let's attention to the racing reaching been really good down there so far Of course claiming crown day always always a fun day now Really the third. You guys call him. Premium racing dates. You got the five three year old stakes today I'm very proud of the fact that i didn't call them two year old stakes a five three year old stakes today and and then three weeks from today Pegasus v. could you v pegasus already. It's amazing absolutely amazing. When we talked about the i was like well. Things get started right. The breeders cup got started so you think they get started somewhere so that was a tremendous start five years ago and to keep it going and an even during these these times have it. You know still able to could be a big part of it you know. We have tremendous Participation guys in california. Every everybody's looking forward to the racing looks like we'll have fulfilled in both races and even a couple of horses on the age which we have that pass so it should be a really fun was a fun car today to you know i think a lot of people when they talk about that championship meet we start to see when it kicks off late. November early december. You start to see some some late bloom in two year olds namely from the todd pletcher. Mon- we've talked about how he has that second wave and that second wave was almost purposely prepared for this championship meet This days have kind of come together over the past few years we have those five three year old stakes races Of to kick start the rest of the program. Because for all of these divisions the sprinters deter forces and then of course the mutual macho man lee gin to the holy bowl in the fountain of youth and of course The highlight of the of the meat is that florida derby every year This day really sets the tone as we talk about the top of the show right. We turn the calendar. Everybody starts thinking kentucky derby while this day really sets the tone down in south florida not only for the horses with darby aspirations but for all of your old absolutely. It's a big day like like you said later. Perfect point of being first snapping stone for you know down the road the holy bowl youth of course florida derby so this is start separating the men from the boys and then you know the other big part of how the industry trending too is You know as a canadian question so We're very happy to see the amount of participation with got but All the horse been having to take off lanes. That's pretty much the way the game is going right now. And you know congress stepping in ready to change all the rules and regulations that you'll be changing business future. Yeah it's it's amazing how the game has evolved. You and i go back about thirty something years at this point And of course before you went to the management side of the game you cop trainer. You know the most one of the more accomplished guys here in new york. Could you imagine being a trainer. As i've been forget about the kovac as everything else is evolving and now you know obviously you work hand in hand with the trainers the lace. Ah what's that relationship like. Was there any kind of big backlash from the lasix and the stakes in the two zero and the and the two year olds now three. Was there any kind of big backlash from from the from the training corps. Well yeah there's always backlash but you know in this business. Trainers horsing general. People people do not like change. They liked to get their their element and keep things status quo as much in the cost of the cancel. Yeah whatever there's change is always. There's always some kind of kicked back but they've been really when we first started this in in april With the two year olds got a little know. Because everybody's so you try to explain to the listening and the game's changed. We're going to have to get on board and not gonna get boards black. It's not gonna work out for you so We we virtually rian over two thousand two year olds without lays lend and while and so the participation was there and like i said before i was so happy to see the guys you know the two year old turn three and run them into snakes and not the as excel You know it's just going to be a part of the game in the future as well. You saw California yesterday all the racers with no lasix. Eytan it's gonna be it's gonna be a game changer for sure. Yeah i agree i agree. It's kinda. It's kinda something i never thought. I never thought we would see it. I remember in of course you are you here Yeah i remember the early nineties with no lakes new york and then finally ninety five. And i think the breeders cup was the big reason the lasix even came in ninety five because i think they would have had a lot of forces stay home Had they been the lakes park in nineteen ninety-five for that rediscovering october but Yeah it's it's. It's an absolute positive game changer. You guys are selling tickets for the packages And it kinda looks like things after the holidays. Hopefully i think we're all hopeful that stop pointing the right direction and we get the start opening back up not only as an industry but as a country Do you guys haven't reopening plan beyond the pegasus. Not right now. No it looks like we're gonna it'll be limited to around twenty five hundred people on today and then we're just gonna play by ear as far as numbers go in florida. Kinda hoping after After new year's the an and hopefully with this vaccine seen kind of kicking in that That thing settled down along chillers really bad day today Scenario for how. We're gonna plan things out for down the road so You know you watch california. You watch a york thanksgiving shut down and florida's a complete opposite florida's wide open Numbers are up there. They're high you know until we really got to keep an eye on that and you gotta look out for the safety at work. You're more importantly and then you know watching out for the people that are coming because then what happens is you got. You know. We have thought calls for jockeys funded tech assists. They have to take the test three days before they come They have to get to florida. Take a test when they get here at five days later. Take another test So you know we have strict strict protocols you're gonna have a holders finding something new york tested so we get a little worried about that part of it so kind of keeping a close eye on everything we have it set up with a twenty five hundred people that we can really knowing this song to this new thing where we can put people. Nobody could be close to one of other. We have all screens. Up of the tellers. Waiters and everything like that so We're gonna keep the very close eye on it after pegasus. See where we're at with the membership. What's going on in Of course you know january twentieth the president if she's going to change you really don't know what biden is gonna do. A lot of uncertainty is one thing is for sure racing will continue gulfstream park. You guys have done an amazing job. Getting through of the most unusual year Continued success into the new year. Before i let you go has been a louis delvecchio signing here. It's a very important question. If you know you know louis. Delvecchio is now at gulfstream bogged. Billy thanks for some time this morning. All the best in the new year anytime. Thanks buddy all right. Billy billy badge. It's executive director south florida operations for the strike group. I enough to give us some time this morning. And of course. Billy like all of our guests We'll get some power from embrace threes dot com and breaks your passion over. It embraced the race dot com. Of course billy trained one of the greatest phillies. I've ever seen gopher won an absolute legend in her time speaking legends. it's time now for the lexus. Legends of the turf brought to you by the lexus store of lexington. It wasn't planned that way but it turned out to be a promoter's dream. The event was the trenton handicap at garden state in new jersey. November of one thousand nine hundred fifty seven the question before the race might well have been who will wear the crown after all. The miss america contest was held in the same state and in this race. Three outstanding colts in america at the time roundtable bold ruler and gallo man or ready rents through the call to post for the own quarter test. Two of the horses were locked in the struggle for not only the two year old crown but horse of the year as well roundtable and gallant man. That third member of that troika. Although very good considered a tag along was bold ruler the cast of characters for the drama about to unfold beers. Closer verbal scrutiny. Roundtable was a small very powerful center. Prince cool out of knight's daughter by sir. Cosmo he'd done everything asked of him and more and against all comers. Those would speed those distance durability and those that were older he'd want to lebanon role on any kind of racing surface. All over the country he was slashing speedster especially middle distances. He said a track record of one. Fifty eight and three in the monitor. Quarter hollywood gold cup and was the only three year old ever. Who wouldn't he'd equaled the track record. Hawthorne for the same distance in a winning that gold cup and set a new market qinglin for one and one eighth miles owned by travis kerr trained by willie molter. The only chink in his armor was not a particular for an off track and attracted garden. State on this day was rated as good gallon. Mellon man was a small study son of majoli out of majda by mahmoud. Obviously english inbreeding quite formidable at that very versatile superb stamina acknowledges the best in the east it equal tropical six along record with a blistering one online to smash the american one and one half mile record at belmont and the nine long track market. Belmont as well he won the jockey. Club gold cup of two miles to heartbreaker in the derby through a writer error. That was the infamous shoemaker misjudgment of the finish line and he had swapped wins with dedicated the nassau county and the woodward both of the latter or weight for age owned by ralph low trained by the highly capable johnny narrowed. The possible chink in his armor was also an apparent lesson zestful liking for an off track. Bold ruler was considered the uninvited guest as it were akin to sheridan whiteside and the most entertaining men who came to dinner a will roll quite remarkably. Well played by monty woolley by the way. Bold ruler was the sometimes erratic son of nasr rula out of disco by discovery. He had proven he could carry a lot of weight. Having done so wanting to bahamas. Flamingo wood memorial a race. In which by the way he defeated gallon men in track record time the preakness the jerome the bus. Bergen the queen's county. He appeared to have lost his edge to the summer encountering difficulty going over mylan an eighth very speedy out of the gate. Indeed he was owned by. Mrs henry carnegie phipps in trained by the legendary sunny jim. Persimmons possible flaw. He had not done well at all. Previous attempts at ten furlongs and had been demolished by gallant. Mana twelve alongs bold ruler in this race as expectedly broke very quickly with hedayati are in the saddle and went on out to set the early fractions. Roundtable swerved and broken tangle gallant man away in good order into the clubhouse turn bold ruler open to three and a half point lead but that too had been expected with roundtable. Second three links in front of gallant man. Bowl ruler cut the first stop and forty-seven and run running freely and pulling off an open. Five length league at the far turn bowl had not let up one single bit. Andy had an eight length lead. The various dr. Carol now began to look back for the expected. Challenges gallon man made a bit of a run around the turn to come abreast. A round table those to match strides while slowly closing in on bowl rulership roundtable was the first to give up the chase but gallant man close to within two links to bold ruler. But they were midstretch by that time in. Our carol still had some horse left hand road. Bull ruler to the weirdo with two length with it had been bold ruler's day not the way. The experts figured it but races often turn out that way for example the nineteen thirty travers when the question had been gallon. Fox are which one which one or gallon fox. Well it turned out to be neither. It was jim dandy then at one hundred to one and had been bold ruler on this particular day a solid victory for not the man who came to dinner but the horse who came to race in november of nineteen fifty seven in the trenton handicap. And he did indeed leave wearing a crown visionary design performance and imaginary technology. That's lexus when every detail. Every moment and every emotion is crafted by lexus. It leads to amazing experience. Artistry than fires design that compels an engineering that excites this. Is mike penna. And i can tell you personally as a lexus owner the enjoyment you'll experience from driving any of the lexus. Model lines is unparalleled. Visit the lexus. Door of lexington. Today and see what i've been talking about for nearly fifteen years. The people truly make the difference. Lexus has also been a longtime supporter of the horse industry with a keeneland shop located at the lexus store of lexington and through their sponsorship of keeneland lexus raven run stakes each fall. Talk horses at experience. Amazing in your brand new. Lexus tend to equine and pet care. Products have been keeping world-class equine athletes. Happy and healthy for generations. Keep your equine athlete looking and performing well with ten next generation wound and skin care treatment along with nutritional supplements leg muscle care products. Sas healthcare poltics topical aids in grooming products visit tender horse dot com today justify a wartime great one winner eclipse champion three-year-old horse of the year. And the only undefeated triple crown winner by sire of sires scat daddy justifies first bowls sold for up to six hundred thousand dollars at the recent november sales well. His info mayors led by the three-time great one winning daughter uncle mo fast who sold for four point two million dispensary farm justify has covered over eighty grade one winners or dams grade one winners in his first. Two years in ashford called the team had asked for today to book your mayor. While there are still seasons available it oak stutz alternation rights highly among kentucky's fourth crop sires percentage of black type winners from runners with nearly five point five million dollars in earnings. Today alternation was represented by five black type. Horses in two thousand twenty is brilliant. Kentucky oaks winner. Sarah getty interest. What a great one dollar rena at saratoga. Ed was runner up in the breeders cup villian mayor sprint first or second in six grade one events seren getty empress amassed over two point one million dollars. Alternation stands at pin oak stunning pursue. This is floor andrew and you are listening to hr. You're listening to the equine forum on the horse racing radio network. Welcome back the equine forum on the big. A anthony used to be filling in for the baron of the backstretch. Mike penna vacationing mike. And he'll be back next week with the second edition of the program for twenty twenty one. All right it's been It's been a fun year. It was a fun year. We kick off a new year here on h. r. n. With the new year we liked who try to bring some new stuff a new thing so it's time now for a brand new weekly segment on the forum and it's brought to you by our friends at first back and now today's i bet i bet comes from race. Four at tampa bay downs set to go off at one. Forty two eastern time today and it's the number five one pablo who's five to one on the morning line. He's the i bet. Because he has a thirty one percent. I bet win projection reach eleven points higher than the next closest one contender top rankin twelve of i bet leading factors for this race. His trainer. 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What do you have to lose yet. Started at first dot com slash pet-. That's number one. S t dot com slash. Bet and. don't forget promo code sport of kings when you sign up and if you already have an express better count you're way ahead of the game simply log into. I met using your username and password on your off. The laura's twenty one years old and seven states to open an account better statement that legal integrated national gaming support. Line eight hundred five to two forty seven hundred all right. Welcome back to the equine forum. Thanks to our friends i will. But we'll be bringing in the what we're bringing you. The i bet better the day each and every week here on the equine forum. Lot of change throughout twenty twenty four Our next guest who started out in the naira pressed department and actually being told now that little bit of a phone issue so We'll hold off on the miss the nausea thompson in case. We don't get now. John now just done. A great job started at nyra A little less than a decade ago and worked his way through the ranks. I guess the best thing that you could say about nausea was is. You can't find any way to say a bad word about him. And that's a rarity in this world Nausea is always the Knives was like the greeter now. If there was there was something that needed to be done. If there was something needed to be smooth over. I guess it makes sense that he wound up in. Hr over it at night but nausea always did a great job at at swimming's over in doing his job and just get along with everybody and i think he's gonna he is going to be a great great asset to the new york. Liberty us for those of you don't know He's following jefferson izzo as the executive director over at the nypd over. You're never be breeders. There's also just named to the board here at the new york racing association and Yeah he just does a great job he's going to do a phenomenal job in his In his new role as we effort efforting right. That's not even really a word. I don't think We to use it around here so Efforting to get knowledge on the air And looking forward to seeing what he did you know jefferson izzo predecessor. Did in a major an amazing job and i. I don't think anybody thinks she's gonna do anything. Less than a spectacular job. Nausea thompson joins us now. The executive director of the new york thoroughbred breeders not board member as well congratulations. Welcome to the forum. Thank you anthony. Good morning to you. Happy to be on board and join you here this morning on. hr yes. Let's let's talk about let's talk about. Don't think a lot of people have seen first of all. There's nobody better dressed the nausea. Nobody dresses better than nauseous. So you've seen four million pictures of nausea. But i don't know if everybody knows the full. How'd you get involved in racing talk about start at naira. Sure you know Got into the game as much. Any medical took me to the races. Ot number of turpin field club at on senator presiding every weekend. We'd go to. The park and looker moved to florida on my family. When i was a teenager i spent my days. I called her golf's pretty under get back into the industry so always pursued a pass to get back in and follow college. Working in marketing. Probably joined julia looking ahead. Recruited aaron she was able to get in the door and ever since then just working by way meet individuals such as top and they get to end today. Yeah and then during during covid connor switch positions you. You left us in the press office. headed down to hr. And then i guess this opportunity presented itself wants Jeff cannizzo took the position at nine. Yeah that's right. You know with everything. They have to deal with on every industry including horse racing and opportunities joy. Hr naira to help shape company. And we're not really twenty four at the time and was so we're really doing some to work and continue to do good work in. Hr bring the right people on board to steal the company forward but as you mentioned the opportunity with echinacea so leaving it open then. He's joining iran. A senior director of governor fears role. So that intrigued me and peaked my interest to get that for every everyday racing being able to get on the breeding side supporting breeders in the new york by dr graham and i was thinking pulling up the board of directors. Gave me this opportunity to join them. You are as people a people person. As i've ever met and i like to think i'm a pretty outgoing guy i you are. You're all over. The place can't find anybody to say a bad word about you. Accept any serving Just kidding and the dodging india. Very good friends now. Anything's world of knowledge. Is we all do I can't think of a person better for a role and maybe even more importantly all role better for a person. Then this position for you. I really appreciate that. didn't go. it's early always about building expanding relationships and we're about an is and we had in your first stellion owners breeders and the project. is that recent new york every day. and you're cold. The year is laughter. Banking jolly care to promote the to have. I'm here to make sure that we this year by year. And let's talk about that so we got a few things going on right. Now there's a new york There's an nypd stallion season auction. Going on right now It's actually gone from january twelfth to the fourteenth. You wanna talk about that turn annually in. Td return to raise money through this action which individuals at star dot com can bid on. Stallions offered some of those opera. This year excuse me include cross traffic really chance for breeders to get a chance and get a sees the name while also benefiting dan white tb january twelfth to january fourteenth. That stark wine dot com. And we have a membership drive as well From january through april correct. Yes you know. We're a membership driven organization and members annually. Pay their dues which we use as being the voice of the thoroughbred industry in new york to support our lobbyists in albany as you know. It's a very crucial time with the pandemic with everything going on in the state and potential budget cuts that breeders end. Your industry does have a voice at albany so we use our membership fees which can find out the benefits of becoming a member including receiving our new york breeder monthly magazine. The new york stallion register at our website. Nypd breeder is dot org. I have my hard copy of the register in my hand right now is looking through before we went on the air this morning One leave and i will do in the mic. Check the in the back of the in the back of the actual hard copy. There's a farm directory and obviously farm directory includes racing stables and stuff like a hundred and forty registered here. That's that's pretty. That's a pretty remarkable number. Yeah yeah you know. The new york program breeding very robust growing year by year we contribute as industry nineteen thousand jobs over three billion in economic impact so to the new york economy. We do have a voice in new york racing is here to see and surest you know championed by you and others in the better who are putting their money every day you wanna see the awards and the breed of near program and you get to see die sources such as the recently retired. Tis the law the track. And there's a there's a there are a couple of of new stallions that are gonna stand in new york The they're standing for the first time in the new york times. I'll look for a couple of former chad. brown runners. Fog of war was a huge fan of an honest mischief. We get a little judd mont Get a little judd blood on the empire state now this of course of course A son of honest lady So he should be. I took a horse like him in a son of into mischief. Now here in the empire state i. I'm looking forward to seeing the impact. He has In a few years when babies at the grand gasoline you know year-by-year style owners breeders and farmers. They're just making the deal Last year we saw what lau band-aid and the new york bred stallion program. it's just continued to flourish. With as you mentioned baga war coming in the only son of or front to standing outside of kentucky new york so it's gonna be you know a great couple years ahead. We're we're going to see new york bradshaw as like i said the people person the cova. I'm sure that this did not do well for it. Didn't it did not sit well with guys like you and i As far as our personalities go as far as this goes Does does it make things a little more difficult having to do more of the work on the phone maybe using skype and zoom As opposed to just doing because we're just quite frankly not do it as much stuff in person as we used to right now. As i mentioned earlier you know one of the big you know dealings of having to have this job is having the interpersonal relationships and you know i want to go out and make the farm tours. Invite people out to the races. That's how we get people involved to this sport into our game bringing friends of friends to the track and who become owners later potentially become breeders. That's how it all start. Then we've had the transition as you mentioned the zoom and doing other things where we can't be face to face in person. We're still trying to get the word out there. What nyerere is done with the television shows and bar casting the coverage of races. That's still able to make an impact and getting the word on how well the new york mets program is overall. Well now the new york. Because over breeders made a fantastic Higher be sorry to see you go from From nyerere but i'm sure we'll see around plenty especially when the Some of these restrictions lifted. It was great seeing you the other day when they made the announcement and we wish you the best and will. We'll talk to you soon. Definitely thanks anthony. Thanks to you and all the hr and listeners just continue to support our program in our sport overall the bread program or stallion series. Great things happening here in the empire state. Is there tomorrow. We got the lava dodd for the state bred. Filly shop star certainly on the rise and those ranks tax. We'll talk to you soon. Thank you to nausea thompson. New york executive director of the new york thurber. Breeders gonna do a great job as jefferson is did before him over the new york racing association in that executive role all right. We'll take a break when we come back. It is time for the industry star of the week presented by stewart mars. We have a special one for you. This week is the equine forum on the horse racing radio network. Your home for racing's big events i tony. Hey matthew there's a reason why tony. Steaks and seafood is my favorite restaurants. It's because i want to feel part of the family. Isn't that right tony. That's right there's a saying on the wall that i truly believe in. There's always room for one more at our table. We just wanted to be part of our family and believe me you will be. It's tony steaks and seafood right across from triangle park visit them at tony steaks and seafood dot com gains ways down tablet a one point two million dollar yearly at saratoga tappers victories include the great one belmont stakes and thus dredge irish war cry turned for home with tapper. Time to run him down in the last furlong. Two of them are now a half length apart. They are clear of glumly and patch and his irish war. Cry and on the outside temperate. Temperate has taken the lead temperate. An irish war bright. Come down to the line together. Temperate and hozeal stanks. In his first two years at stud tapper it has bred over two hundred forty mares. Now his first weaned links have arrived selling for up to one hundred thousand dollars one of the best bread sons of cyrus. Eire's tap it to ever enter stud winner and stakes record center tap risk standing at gateway. I may never have mac you. We don't go back. Maybe we wouldn't be be friends if we did. 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Hr n presented by twin-spired lean on serious nineteen xm to a one or stream. It live at horse racing. Radio dot net. Hi this is penelope miller. And you're listening to horse racing radio network you're listening to the equine forum on the horse racing radio network well within striking range. They had the turn. Go up to engage the afrin sofia sophia with behind. So the big free right together with a quarterback figaro song birds had ride beginning to be written events and catherine sophia behind but song got off at aba champion picking big as hall song bird big into cried away arena second laboring back in just a back plan to grace and power as they come to the finished song. Bird a picture. Perfect keep gerald on the call of the twenty sixteen billion. It was all songbird. One of what he approximated seventy thousand race calls in his career. People join us at the top of the hour. Look back on a remarkable career mostly at parks down in bensalem pennsylvania. Welcome back to the form here on the horse racing radio network. We asked you earlier today. Talked about my friend. Steve dude off from the tour and how we make the annual. Will bob baffert win the kentucky. Derby this year i have course meant with a runner But a good job Rob burnell With the wiseguy answer of the year so far not unless he can run really fast plus. He looks a bit older than three. Yes rob fantastic work. I deserve that one Speaking of do steve off. He was the first one in i vote. He didn't tell you which way he voted. I can imagine which way he voted though. So thanks steve He just wanted to know was the first vote asked. Anderson weighed in with nope. Brad cox will with the central quality. And i would imagine that the central quality was. I shouldn't say is anymore. What life is good especially later on. We'll see how it runs in. The camp was the winter favourite. Coming into twenty coming into the day life is good brokers made. Life is good now. I would have to imagine his the winter favourite but we will We'll find out we've gotten hundred and two votes. So far fifty. Eight point eight percent say no forty one point two percent say. Excuse me yes had over to at hr and on twitter to vote in. Today's poll question of the day. We'll bob baffert or will bob baffert trained runner. Rob penau win the twenty twenty one kentucky derby alright Each and every week before the top of the hour we present our industry star of the week presented by stuart morris No guests that. I don't have a guest today because the star of the week is you. Hr nation or more specifically the fan We've talked ad nauseam at this point about the unusual year that was twenty twenty and wile horsemen and women racing executives trainers owners jockeys media while we were all asked to do things a bit differently. it's our job in a sense to do that. You guys are not beholden to anyone. You guys are not required to do things you did and what you did was you adapted like the rest of us did thanks to some additional programming. Some nationwide programming. I think everybody did a great job. naira and churchill partnering with fox. Tv g partnering with nbc sports. I think everybody did what they could to get. Our great sport in front of more is than it has been in many many years. But you guys who have been. Who were there with us. Each and every day who tune into serious to nineteen tax them to a one who stream it live at horse racing radio dot net who watch nbc sports who watch tv watch fox sports one and to who turned on. Msg you watch talking horses. Every day you watch franken and quickly. Franklin tom quickly at santa anita and joe and brandon and the whole crew at churchill downs. You guys who when you were told you couldn't go to the racetrack anymore. You kept betting and you kept watching and kept listening. We say it all the time. We couldn't do any of this without you we wouldn't have. Hr aren we wouldn't have horse races. We wouldn't have any of it if you guys worn out there watching listening and unfortunately most important most importantly benefit and the numbers. Don't lie you did it all in droves you allowed us here at hr n. To do some different things this year. One of the funniest things. I've ever got to do in my time here. At the horse racing radio network and in the game in all was the hr fantasy derby presented by claiborne farm. And if you have a chance go back and take a listen if you had listened to it already Something we're very proud of here. The horse racing radio now. We essentially brought you a derby on derby day. That you guys voted on you. Pick the winner of the. Hr fancied every so when we say your part of the team here when we call you hr nation. It's not an exaggeration. You helped us with the fancy derby. We have fifteen fourteen hours of programming every week. You're part of one of them. Each and every week on that version dot com paulin show so when we say. We can't do it without you at least a part of the week we literally cannot do it without you And the participation in the poll questions here every week. You guys all deserve it. So this week's industry star of the week presented by stewart morris. You the fan. Thank you for all you've done. Thank you for all you continue to do. And we look forward to keeping entertain here on. Hr and into twenty twenty one and beyond fun first half of the equine forum. Second-half kicks off with legendary racetrack announcer from parks keith jones but first station identification. We're back with our number two right after we pause ten seconds for station identification. This is the horse racing radio network from the rail to your radio. Fierce is the horse racing radio network and probable than global campaign tacitus tests the law behind ofek coup strides away and the keeneland sunset john velazquez authentic has won the long gene. Breeders cup classic. Gotta leave dr pumped had booked up on the outside. And the second pneumatic is served as york herald. Chance don't went up bell stanks. Welcome to the equine. For of hard nawa is running fast down the center of the course tarred not what past magical has caught channel maker tar. Nah moves on by tar. Nah and colin keen to win the long gene turf order about australia looking for a huge upset here order of australia. Gets that upset at seventy three zero one four pierre charlotte puto who's having white of readers cuff. Now here's anti steel our over two of the equine forum upon us. Welcome back thanks for joining me on the big anthony wheel filling in for the barron of the backstretch. Mike panic here on the show that launched the network the equine forum as we kick off twenty twenty one. When a fun saturday morning program. Still come in this hour number. Two steve passing and we'll talk about three year old calling all your old friends at the by spent reform our own. Bobby newman gives you his top. Three year olds with four months to go till kentucky derby one forty seven. Mike wellman will join us from the great race place. Talk about all the exciting things going on at santa anita first things first though earlier in twenty twenty one in the fall on twenty twenty in the fall of twenty twenty jon carin from delaware. Park announced his retirement as the track announcer for thirty. He was thirty seven years down at delaware park. Dave rodman's been there for three decades down in maryland and our next guest was the voice of parx racing for thirty three years early in december. He announced his retirement and the end of the year. And he's nice enough to give us some time this morning on the equine forum. Of course it is keith jones. How keith jones joins us this morning. Thanks for some time. Congratulations on a great career. Anthony thank you Appreciate you have me on and Thanks for the kind words. There was nothing better as a gambler. then hearing hello when you had the hello horse at forty two one People ask me plenty of times. What what was the hello and you know it went. It went in horse. Get a hello. And i let them know that there was a cutoff point. You had to be twenty two. Want her to get. Hello so that that's where That's that's what it was. You had to be twenty two water. Better didn't get a ho. that's fantastic. I did not know that there was a there was a border. But that's that's about right. If you find the twenty to one shot. i think he deserves some kind of recognition Thirty three years didn't feel like that when you when you wrap things up for last week i was about thirty four. Give me give me one more year. There was thirty four years and You know now. I don't think i can say it felt like that. I guess i enjoyed what i did so much. It it. it wasn't You know wasn't a grind or any of that kind of stuff. Even though i was at a circuit where we race pretty much all year round. I didn't have breaks in between me. that kind of thing i pretty much was Was added the whole time We did back off on the racing schedule later on in my career at the beginning. We're doing five and six day weeks but that didn't that didn't go all the way to the end But now it. It didn't I i can't say it felt like that at all. No i guess. That's you know what i was thinking. Back about the unite. When when we said since thursday you probably don't remember. This was unsure trap in two thousand times. My dad brought me up to the booth. it was either eighty nine ninety As a kid and my my dad always had horses of parks and gardens date in atlantic city in monmouth. You know so. I was a herash larry letterman all the time and tom and dave over at the meadowlands You know you were talking about the soundtrack. Ah after durkan and marshall cassidy probably your voice more than anybody else and i think a lot of east coast horse players and fans and horsemen and women could probably say the same thing i mean you were a continent like you said i think the thing about your career is you've seen the evolution of this game probably better than anyone from the five and six day week at a place where the purses and warren always the biggest but from that five and six day week through the casino money and the purchase exploding and the racing kind of you know talking about the brakes. Talk about that. How it started out. Just you know you work in literally every day because we all know there's no day off even if you have a day off it's not a day off to where it's gotten to now down there. Well you know it's interesting. You bring that up anthony because in in the course of Since i Announced my retirement. That i had some people send me some old memorabilia and a couple of those things were really old programs right right after i got started when it was back at philadelphia park in the late eighties. And you look at the program at. I'm sure you remember what those old programs look like those little little things that basically just had the jockey and the trainer and you know there was no. Pp's are there any of that other kind of stuff but the thing that really stood out to me was. Oh my gosh. Look at the purse money. They're running for next to nothing Compared to what we see today as you mentioned with the slot machine slot money gets kicked into our purse. Money in pennsylvania It's just been a huge boom to the The people that have had a chance to you know keep their stables here and run regularly In the state of pennsylvania. Of course we have the great Breeders bonus to for the pennsylvania. Brad specht When you look back at those those purses it was just astounding. How small were funny. New year's eve in eighty nine. My dad ran my favorite horse. He ever train the name. Pleased the pallet. I wanna say the pot was sixty six hundred and of course you supposed to send your twelve year old son to acqueduct on new year's day the put a pick six in for you My dad pick six year at aqueduct. In a paid sixteen thousand. I was twelve years old and i walked around with that ticket all day. And the only thing that couldn't get out of my head was i didn't know how pleased the palate a done i. Should i take it in my pocket for this guy for sixteen thousand right now and he drove two hours on new year's day to go run award for where the winner's share of the purse would have been less than like four thousand dollars and to get to where it is now. I think the last time. I looked seventy five hundred dollar now is to lifetime. Plumbers run for nineteen thousand dollars. Chess remarkable any. You you talk about the evolution of the game. We watched the way that the the horsemen. What is the word manipulate. But the way they strategize how they claim horses and how they run horses back and and and the way that they're able to make money And make good money By doing that in a very intelligent and smart way in the being in that booth for as long as you were. I don't i. You probably have the best perspective of any wanting to game because again it went from being. You know really. I mean as light purse money is you're going to get two. They're probably you probably have programs. They had a frenchaccent. You like you said where the full card is three races now in purse money maybe on some days like like castilian in pennsylvania day. I'm sure there are cards in there where there's one racist worth the entirety of a card from twenty eight thirty years ago. Now no question about it. Absolutely no question about it. It's it you now your the way you used to work perspective. I wanted to put a just a little bit of a different spin on that in terms of my perspective where my booth was. I was lucky. you know i've called it at different tracks Your mom if i did get a chance to call race up at belmont. When they had that free breeders cup they had something called by time for the british government. Five i was there at that. Yeah but it i had. I was lucky enough to have one of the best Situations for seeing the race. That that of any of the places i was at i was almost directly not quite but almost directly on the finish line. I know the booth at monmouth park. You're actually to the left. Is the finish line and and by a little bit so When when you're tried to call a tight finish at monmouth park it. It's very difficult because you have terrible angle For the finish line at belmont. I couldn't the first thing that happened was the it's so big. My fifty binoculars weren't strong. I had to borrow somebody else's binoculars to call my one race. And then i was astounded at how steep the horses were almost directly below me as they came down to the finish line. I found that to be that. A little bit You know very unusual. Feeling from what i was used to but i had a great perspective in terms of being able to call the races on a day to day basis at at parks. Yeah you got a great booth and you know of course the i would. I would imagine you get asked most about smarty jones and how things started for him You know with a with the local you mentioned guys and gals that had stayed the whole time. I mean john services as as much as much a part of philippe park in parks as as you are quite frankly But there were plenty of other good horses there. And we'll talk about smarting minute but plenty of other good horses that role through there even you know even at the beginning of your career. No question about it They're made it. They go back to back to smarter though Anthony the it was made to say when you look back at the videos of of the racist. Here's a horse that Ended up. I say he almost wanna triple crown almost. It's almost but I two race especially the first race. You look at the winter circle and there's almost nobody around know nobody around the outside of that circle Here's a horse that went onto to serious national prominence and the first race of his career and almost. Nobody's there to Winter circle degree of. They had no idea what what he was or who he was at that point. At what point did you kind of know that you know what maybe this pennsylvania nursery was was a sparkling performance. But you get to see him on almost a weekly bay when when you. When does you know like i. I might be calling a real a real resources here. A real contender. I i can point there. There were two things Anthony the the The nursery and i know you know as a as an answering exactly what. I'm talking about The way that a horse moves when he's running When you're looking at a really good horse you can tell. And he the way he He went down. The seven furlongs for us is a straight run to the far turn so of the first half mile was basically a straight run and he was just he was on the front end and he was just didn't even seem like he was exerting himself it was effortless for him and i look up at the telecom or anywh. He went forty four and one and i. I was just astounded. There was no way it seemed like he could possibly be going that fast and yet he hits it and forty four one and a two year old in the second race of his career okay. He's going he's going way too fast. He's been a backup into the field. And instead he just continued to widen. Draw way so that that that was number one. The second thing that i'll never forget is we were down in the winter circle Early in the morning for one of his workout session. And you're down the track. And i know you again. You know exactly what. I'm talking about the horses that'll come by. You can hear that. Boom as they're as they're going by will he ran by in his workout and it was almost like there was no sound he was it was as if he was just gliding over the track. And that again just astounded me. The found there was almost no sound. Yeah those are those are the great. They're not even good ones. Those that are great. Now you just kinda know you tell you why we had a nice little ship or come up and win the jerome yesterday. That that that capo cane. He ran really really well yesterday. Eighty four beyer speed figure. He He did everything on the front end he ran. He ran really really well. I'm not saying smarty jones but he ran really well. Yes they were talking with Track announcer keith. Jones spent thirty four years now at park. Was he your favorite horse to call smarter fanfare. I i mean. I'm sure there are horses there. I'm sure there are horses. You call fifty or sixty times in your career spread. That's another thing that's funny that you ask me that because as as the last couple of days where we're counting down Anthony i wondered to myself what horace of i announced more than any other horse in my career and really honestly have no idea But there's gotta be somebody who who i asked more than anybody You're talking about fine horses. I think more than anything The horses that come from off the pace and make those huge late runs the. It's just so dramatic. Says they run down everybody in the stretch and I remember one of my favorite late runners. That just had a just kind of a cool a funny name. His name was whistled a pennsylvania. Brad that Is owned by a friend of mine. You get horses. That have cool. Names like that and again give you that exciting run back and that kind of stuff a lot of fun but some of the how about some of the friends you've made Over the years some of the not just the obviously equine. And you know you're a racetrack guy. You're not just an out your restrict. Hear you're out in the morning telling stories about watching the workouts and stuff. Do you remember the first friend you made when you walk into parks thirty five years ago. Thirty four years ago The the first job i had was guard stayed in eighty five and the there was a this is kinda weird there was She became a clips award winning photographer. her name was kim pratt and she was sitting in the in the publicity office waiting for an interview and You know we met each other and later came to. She got a job the same day that idea we came to find out we share the same birthday and We basically spent the Her office upstairs. Where i am in parts is right next to mine. Just kind of amazing that the two of us Shared all of that stuff to ask course of the basically in the entirety of my career. That's fantastic those are those. Are the little tidbits. You only get here on the quiet room. That's fantastic great year things like that. What will you miss the most I think i'm going to ask the people more than anything again. You mentioned the friendships It's the relationships and the friendships. That i've had a chance to Garner overall the course at that time but looking forward to it. I mean where we're going. I'm sure i'm gonna make a lot of new friends and Do a lot of other kind of fun stuff but yeah. I'm i'm big with golf. I can't wait to get out to the golf course and start playing a little bit more golf than i have been able to over the past years but it's the people johnny that the The you know the the gray strack people are kind of a little breed into itself and And i've had a chance to work in and meet and be friends with a lot of really really nice people and they've been so good to me over the course of all time. I'm gonna miss them. I'm sure they're going to miss you too And i could speak for fellow horsemen and women. Racetrack announcers and more importantly guys are not be that net. Two dollars four dollars desperately waiting for the helo Personally thank you for letting me in their thirty years ago to watch a call one and we look forward to talking to you down the line. Never say never right. You said if some part time stuff comes open you certainly willing to To think about it absolutely. I don't want to Yeah i absolutely like to keep myself busy. Especially mentally like that. And i'll be able to get out and keep myself busy physically but i want to keep myself busy mel. Hbo all right well. Hopefully something comes along. If not hit him straight enjoy retirement my friend you deserve. I appreciate you having me on. It affects everything. Anthony all right. Thank you keith keith. Jones recently retired track announcer from parks. Again if you grew up in the east coast in the northeast part of the soundtrack of your racetrack. Life the one and only keith jones. I like all of our guests. Keith will see some apparel from embrace the race dot com embrace your horse racing passion over it. Embrace the race dot com. We'll take a break and come back. Talk to my main man. Steve asking about the three year old picture this equal forum on hr broken vow and now a top fifteen lifetime sire with over one hundred seventy block type horses ninety black type winners and approaching. Eighty million dollars in progeny earnings in twenty twenty broken vow produced saratoga springs winners. Stand the man and the speedy imprimis winter the seven hundred thousand dollar turf sprint juvenile stakes horses include the grass is blue and chasing kara. Give your mirror great. Start with a proven sire. Broken vow standing at pin oak stein. Deep in the heart of country from these kentucky hills has sprung a legacy rivalled by few from the all time. Greats said yesterday to the breed shaping bloodlines of today. Our roots hold strong with the promise of tomorrow for a century. 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The daughter of darley's stallion street boss proved to be anything but a fair fight for her competition as she rolled to a two and a quarter length win in the grade. One la brea at santa. Anita making her your charlie taking the reins performer of the week. Darley's stallion street. Boss is the fastest son of the great streak cried now. Would seven career. Great one winners. Courtesy of fair maiden victory in the grade one la brea fair maiden was also a stakes winner and great one placed at two in two thousand and nineteen in twenty twenty street boss produced seven juvenile stakes horses only intimacy jeff. Carlin and constitution had more this past year. Learn more about street boston. All the darley's dalliance by visiting darlie america dot com. Hi this is jockey. Rajiv mirage and i love listening to my friends on the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum on the horse. Racing radio network. Bay turned into the short stretch and hot rod charlie heaps moving up on the outside hot rod. Charlie boobs up to challenge jackie's voyeur. Has the field moves off the turn. Central qualities is still third. Can still moving at the leaders from the outside final furlong of the juvenile sensual quality. Coming forward for the lead late rod from million biden hot rod to the inside company and science has has won the tv g breeders cup juvenile. What minute forty. Two point zero nine seconds our own kurt becker. On the call of this past year's breeder's cup juvenile until quality stayed perfect and will likely be the champion two year old for twenty twenty when those clips awards get talented. Cat get tabulated couple of weeks. Welcome back one. Four here on h. r. n. l. about you but when you say three year olds and you say derby i think of our next guest store. Only steve haskins joins us. Now course the author of the derby dozen. For as long as i can remember steve happy new year. Welcome to the coin forum. Thank you anthony. Saint keo what's happening. How how are you doing. I'm doing well doing very well. Everything's going great other. You realize they're gonna love trivia question for you before we started. You realize that people know you was the big a okay but you realize that there have been other sports personalities that have the same kind of name. The big something. That's happened longtime ago really. Who's that bet. You can bet you can't name any of them. I don't think i know anyone that's where that started from. I know the big ragu from From happy days well the new york post. The honda originally called me the big a over at the new york post. That's where i kind of took it and ran with it way back in one thousand nine hundred nine it went. It was quiet for a while. Just because i was i was as i would like to say for about four or five years. I was a stay at home son. So it's a good name for just kiss to show you delete company in which you in which you reside there was a horse in nineteen sixty five named gross dark. Who's who is known as the big g so that that's that's one in horse racing. That's pretty good. People say that these the best source they've ever seen debate the big. Oh who was oscar robertson. Sure and in hockey we had the big m who is frank mahovlich. Toronto maple leafs so. That's the company that you're keeping right now with the big. Hey that's pretty good. That's pretty good What do we call you in this country. If you think kentucky derby is call me for dinner that's all nova King umberto yes. Oh well steve stricker booster Man So part of the reason i called yesterday to have you on the air thursday night. We had a couple of interesting calls on at dot com paul and show. You can listen to the rosen. I each and every thursday from six to seven. Pm eastern we take your calls Had a couple of callers talking derby of course. That's what we do right in this country. When we turn the calendar where on the derby trail we have the drone yesterday we got the sham today. And i haven't picked the derby winner in a very long time. You have and you know more about the derby than anyone. I know so. I will pose the question to you and i told i told these guys i would ask a better authority than myself and the rosa When you start to look and obviously we're four months out. I don't expect you to have a and maybe you do. I don't expect you to have a derby goes. What do you look for at this stage when these horses are still either maidens or taken the first steps onto the stakes trail. What do you look for In these three year olds at disappoint of their career. I have to be honest with you. I don't look for the same things now that i did in the past because the derby has completely changed. It's not that i was gonna. That was my next question. The the evolution if again. We just keep jones on not interrupt you. We just keep jones on from parks about how he saw the game. Change down there in front of his. Is this this kentucky derby evolved so maybe incorporate that into your answer Like you were going to do. That was my follow up question okay. Well in the past the first thing. I mean you always look pedigree. Okay you always look you say okay. Here's the voice who's by sprinter out of a dam by sprinter You know it's not gonna go a mile and a quarter. He's a speed horse. He needs to lead In the past speed horses did not win the derby. I mean once in a while you get to spend a buck who went out there and blew everybody away and you got to winning colors and all those horses at wonder derby opened up big length. Big link leads early Even like whoa emblem. He was out there by three lengths horses. They would just faster and they went out there. Winning colors just barely lasted. Spend a buck one off by himself. you just look at these horses and War emblem was completely ignored. Nobody thought he'd go a mile and a quarter on the lead. Okay so that's the way it was. Those were three examples of what not to look for. What you want to look for was a horse would pedigree. What's to come from anywhere from mid pack to the back of the pack and a horse that had a quick turn of foot. You wanted to see a horse that could really make a move because the derby is one but usually won by the quarter pole. You're not gonna find more in the past. You're not gonna find his. That are five six seven eight lengths off the pace of the quarter pole. Getting up to win the derby. It rarely really happened you. Could you voice that comes from eighteenth or nineteenth was like kenya narrow Lot of horses that come from back but they are there at the quarter pole gotta had that big burst onto turn you see him flying by horses. That was the derby up. Until i'm gonna say maybe seven eight six seven eight years ago or so. Now you take pedigree throw it out because in the past we wouldn't even look at it into mischief out of mr. Greeley mayor intimacy was totally unproven. He was a sprinter and he was siren courses that basically were sprinters and milers. Okay so dispel that last year. Obviously so forget about pedigree now because you start looking at these courses and it's not a question of a pedigree anymore because none of these courses have mount quarter pedigrees anymore very few of them do so it's just a question of which from carries his speed the farthest the stamina is is is gone horses coming from eleven twelve sixteen eighteenth. They get a second a lot but they don't win. You look at the several. You know less few derby winters. There were horses on the lead. You look at justify you look at always dreaming and every single year. You're looking horses. That are right up there on the lead and now only up here on the lead. But they're going in very fast fractions and you figure they're gonna come back and they don't you look authentic last year. You know another speed horse who had never proven he could win from off the pace ever and they let him go so. I'm totally throwing all that out now. Basically what you have to look for. Now if i'm looking for a derby horse right now i'm looking for any horse trained by bob baffert okay. I don't care if he's had one start. I don't get one six four along race. Listen at this time last year. Nobody heard justify he he had never run. Nobody heard of always dreaming nobody. Nobody ever heard of sources because in the past you had the so-called apollo curse what you had to run as a two year old. That's that's gone you have lightly racehorses now again i'm going to go back into passes an old fogy that i am and i'm going to go back and i'm gonna look at horses. That ran is three they ran. You know five six times as a three year old before they before they got to the derby and every single horse and you can go look this up. Every classic winner every derby winner every champion. Three year old in the sixties seventies and eighties started the year off in a sprint. Okay and john root always told me that also he said you want to sharpen a horse up and these are words that have been running in the campaign and the garden state in remington. put them in a sprint. Shopping them up trainers do not do anymore. Because of the point system churchill downs refuses to give any sprints points so trainers avoid them so now all these horses that have stamina horses that have that do have forced that. Wanna come from off the pace get running in the kentucky jockey club. They're running in the remnants of the modern as then they go in the holy bowling mile and sixteen anyways to turn to turn to turns to. They get to the derby and it because they've never had that shopping. But you look at every horse you wanna look at all the triple crown winners in the seventies. You wanna look at all the champions of the sixties all derby winners. They all had at seven for a long or six and a half for a long prep to start off the year. Okay so that's out of the question. So that's why one of the reasons why the speed horses are winning because the company hindmarsh are are adult by the time they get to the derby and they just don't have the speed to match with them. So i'm looking like bob baffert. The favorite in less future wager is of course that ran wants going. Six furlongs bob baffert. He's the favorite in derby. Already you know life is good. I'm talking about any iran outrageous third graph number. So he's the big. That's the that's the worst as we're looking at now so to answer your question. Which i don't know if i've done it or not. You have to look at at speed now. Wearing the past you looked at stamina and that's how much that's how much change. Yeah i listen and and getting to that. But that's That's okay listen. It's a long winded question. Because it's not an easy answer and i didn't really have a great answer from you. Wanna ask me about the belmont. Where i've had some success. The key belmont stakes is usually in the kentucky. Derby you watch the derby replay twenty times before i make a decision about the belmont and but i know the belmont. I'm not. I haven't been negligent every you not like the so part of the thing in this game is when you're not when you don't know don't try to fake that you do go to the experts. You're the expert. So i went to you and i don't disagree with you. I don't think it tells you about the belmont and a lot of people realize if you take all the triple crown winners. I think every single triple crown winner except to won the belmont wire-to-wire and i don't i don't care if they come from behind horses or not. Yup you look at rollaway. Who was a stone close. Who came from almost dead last win the derby. He he wanted to belmont virtue. Virtually wire and the last two are. The only two didn't have a race at belmont park. The other eleven all wanted belmont park before the kentucky derby action life. The derbyshire's changed everything. Life in horseracing has changed and a million ways and so his so has the derby. And so has the whole triple crown really. Yeah save money which has changed the entire world. Save the money. I don't think anything has been more affected by the change in the evolution of this game in the kentucky derby for all of those region just said you know it used to be. You'd look at the speed you'd pitch this. They were the first rollouts all right. Here's the speed. Forget about the speed. They're going go. They're going to set the pace and the clothes are gonna come running. The mid packhorses is gonna come run. That just doesn't really happen anymore. I got about a minute left in this segment. Do you have a derby horse right now. I i certainly don't to tell you the truth. The derby horses have not excited me so far. There was a that really impressed. Me and i'm going to look very closely and so what you wouldn't think source of course that one. The springboard mile remington park. Let's go you're boosts guitar. I remember when this war. I remember when the mayor was was with due to fall because they had a horse of several years ago in the at the same damn runway magic. And if you watch this this he's like an old fashioned derby horse to me. I mean he. He's legs he legs back and he just makes monstrous move onto turn. It did less came. He came from it. Came from fifteen links out of it. He wanted to that race by six. And a half lengths. He can blow away in the stretch and he's got the pedigree so just remember the name. Send you a boost it or when all the He's gonna probably end up he's going to go with fairgrounds now probably look for him and racial like the lecomte or something like that. But he's some i'm looking for. I'm i'm not thrill by central quality. Looks solid I'm not gonna go at any. The bob baffert horses. Only they still. They should show to me You know i still got a latch onto something from the past. But those are the horses Chat brown has reinvestment risk. We ran terribly in the breeders cup. But i think he's still a distant source and i'm still looking for him to To run a big race and we'll find out more today because like you know life is good runs today against a really nice horse named parnelli. John sheriff says and he could be a really nice source so we'll see how he does suit. Steve always love right now. Caddo river looks good. It's just wide so wide open right now. All right well as as we get closer to their everyone. Forty-seven can show your phone will ring for me Thanks as always. We'll talk to you soon. Take care anthony. Big right steve. The one and only steve haskins like all of our guests both keith. Jones and steve hoskins will receive power from embrace embrace. You're passionate over and embrace the race dot com. We'll take a break. We'll come back. We'll talk more three year old. In fact we calling all three presented by spendthrift. Bobby newman Has his spot. And then we'll talk for mike woman from the great race place. We'll talk about. Life is good with mike when we return. This is the forum on. Hr adena springs stallion. Muccio macho man tough sound durable a stakes winner at three four five and six who competed in all three triple crown races before turning three years old and capita stellar career with a determined victory in the breeders cup. Classic over champions will take charge and declaration of war. Bad data muccio macho man is produced to first crop grade. One winners one on dirt jo stone. Pegasus world cup. You want to buy five lakes in one and the california bred macho unusual all the way in the rodeo drive. The number one north american sire by twenty twenty average per runner is lucho macho man standing at adena springs championship meet is back at gulfstream park now through march twenty eighth with live racing wednesday through sunday thoroughbred stakes action continues with the grade. One three million dollar pegasus world cup on january twenty third grade three holy bull january thirtieth and much more. Stay in the action from your mobile phone with the i bet. The official app of gulfstream park on site viewing is still close to the public. But you can watch the racing action and get more information at gulfstream park dot com broken vow a top fifteen lifetime. I have sire with over one hundred. Seventy black type horses ninety black type winners and approaching eighty million dollars in earnings in twenty twenty broken bow produced saratoga springs winners. Stand the man and a speedy imprimis winner of the seven hundred thousand dollars. Herb sprint juvenile stakes. Horses include the grass is blue and jason cara. Give your mira great. Start with proven sire. Broken bow standing at pin oak style justify a four-time grade. One winner eclipse champion three-year-old horse of the year and the only undefeated triple crown winner. By cyrus sire scat daddy justifies first bowls sold for up to six hundred thousand dollars at the recent november sales. Well his info mayors led by the three-time great one. Winning daughter of uncle. Mo bast who sold for four point. Two million to spendthrift farm justify has covered over eighty grade one winners or dams grade one winners in his first two years at ashford called. The team had asked for today to book your hair while there are still seasons available. This is chris landeros. You're listening the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum on the horse racing radio network come charlotte and charlotte dan with a powerpoint. Move on the outside of nashville and he has run right by charlotte back and he turns it on with eight miles. Express train moved to nashville dropping out of collusion illusion. What a spectacular return for charlatan. Who will rob in the run. Happy malibu stakes by four and a half emphatically express train with sucking collusion illusion. Finished the running time one. Twenty one point five zero targets the voice of the great race. Play frank mira mati. I'm a call. The run happy malibu was all charlatan. Matchup with natural did not materialize charlatan rolled. And he's back. Maybe we see him in this world cup invitational in three weeks down at gulfstream park. We'll talk to mike woman from the race place just a few minutes. Welcome back to the equine forum on the big. A anthony stabile fill in for the vacationing mike pence. He'll be back next week. We just got done talking with one. Only steve haskins and now with the calendar. Turn to twenty twenty one. It's time for the return of a very popular segment from last year. We're calling all three year old. It's presented viessmann thrift farm. Here's bobby newman online. All spendthrift farm presents calling. All three year. Olds with bobby newman. Today is the first saturday of two thousand twenty one and our first of an eighteen. Th straight weeks taking a closer look at three year olds on the kentucky derby trail but the road to the roses doesn't start today there have already been sixteen racist with kentucky derby qualifying points in the offering starting with the great three iroquois stakes at churchill downs last september. The brad cox trainee essential quality. Is the division leader right now. He's undefeated in three lifetime starts including decisive winds in the great one breeders fraternity and great one breeders cup juvenile at keeneland last fall. He earned ten and twenty derby points respectively for those wins and his total of thirty puts him on top of division for. Now keep me in mind sit. Second with eighteen points followed closely by jackie's warrior and spielberg with twelve. A piece last year. The impressive into mischief colt came off a maiden win. At del mar to romp in the sham stakes at santa anita on his way to eventually winning the kentucky derby can history repeat itself. While it's too early to know but trainer bob baffert has another son of intimacy of named life is good. And he's very talented like authentic. Life is good was impressive in his maiden win at. Delmar should be heavily favored to remain unbeaten when he faces four other rivals in today's renewal of the grade three sham. His stablemate medina spirit is also coming off an impressive maiden win and may be the main threat to the favorite wasp. Berendt parnelli uncle boogie round out the field. And although they don't seem as flashy as the baffert trainees they all have previous route or stakes experience. I'll be back with this week's top five list right after this word from spendthrift malibu moon the sire of seventeen. Great one winners on dirt. Second in the world. only to tap it. Among active sires malibu moons progeny have won as many or more of america's most celebrated dirt races as any active sire especially for three year old colts including the kentucky derby florida derby santa anita derby and saw derby among others a living legend malibu moon. Ap best sire standing at spendthrift farm. This week's top five list of derby contenders looks like this number. One is essential quality. He's undefeated the breeders cup juvenile champion current points leader and wintering fairgrounds. No idea yet where he's going to make three year old debut number. Two life is good and impressive. Maiden winner at delmar in his lone star. He should be the heavy favorite. Today's rate three sham at santa anita number three. Send your boosts cadore undefeated in two starts coming off. An eye catching whispers. He may run in the lecompte. at fairgrounds. next on january sixteenth number four is manned lunar another one whose undefeated used to for to a son of into mischief and he's also pointing toward the lecomte. On january sixteenth number five jackie's warriors super impressive before disappointing in the breeders cup. Juvenile last cure possibly taking the oaklawn path will see if jackie's warrior really wants to go the mile and a quarter. That's you're calling all three year old segment presented by spendthrift the breeders. Far all right. Thanks to bobby newman for calling. All three or else was presented by spendthrift farm. Be curious to see how that evolves four weeks away for months away for weeks. Getting ahead of yourself. Piggyback four months away to kentucky derby one forty seven and they will run the sham today. First step in twenty twenty one on the road to the kentucky derby and louisville out in southern california the great race place and mike woman from santa anita joins us now. Good morning mike. Thanks for waking up super early on the equine forum. Pleasure to be here. It's not that early and happy new year to everybody. Yeah happy new year to you as well. You're a better man than me nine Six forty fives a little too It's time i woke up this morning. And i only do that for the equine forum or saratoga at this point i have my Priorities my priorities are in order Fantastic fantastic mike opening weekend. You guys gotta be thrilled out there at the great race place. Yeah we really are It's it's just been very very gratifying. Specimen you of everything has gone down the last couple of years We've had good field size. And whether people have really responded We've sent an all time opening day record for handle You know on friday with over twenty three million on eleven races and yesterday we handled eleven million on nine races. Which was i mean. Year to year we were just seven hundred thousand off one race a year ago so The weather's good Everything shut as you said. We've got We've got a derby. Prep here today. On january second the sham and You know it just looks like Baffert it's going to be extremely tough with with. Life is good. Who was so so impressive up. First time out but you know personalities interesting. John sheriff's he hasn't done anything wrong either. He's got benefit of Three consecutive miles under his belt and You know you just aired last time out so going to be interesting. I gotta believe life is good is the speed and you know this this guy baffert we know how incredibly tough years in in any situation you know i would imagine And you all do this namely yourself do an amazing job promoting the product at the great race place and now things are a little different without the fans But in an ordinary year. When you know the fans are out in about at santa anita having i mean having a cornerstone like like bob baffert bond there knowing you know. I mean. he's going to have a horse in every one of these preparations I don't want to say gotta make your job easier. But it's almost got to be a pleasure to know that you know the the name when it comes to trainers the name that's synonymous with the world's most famous race. You know what calls your backyard home. Well there's no question It's a big a big plus. I will say at times. It can be a bit of a double edged sword over the years We've seen baffert You know just shipping out of here left and right. And i've gotten tired of writing santa anita based this and anita bastogne so when they're winning at oaklawn park when they're winning At keeneland and so on but you know he's keeping his big gun separated in many cases and he's had a lot of luck as you know Going through that oakland program. They're on. The road is the first saturday in may and this year of course. It was the first saturday in september and another thing. A bit of a caveat was effort. is that It tends to His presence ten to kinda you know serve as a mitigating factor in terms of other people thinking about shipping out a witness Steve asmussen with nashville on opening day. In the malibu or was the talk of the racing world Set a track record in an ungraded steak. You know on breeders cup classic days or a keeneland came out. Here went favored and just got thrills. You know i mean charlatan Tracked him to the far turn. I'm off topic a little bit right now as far as i go. But the point is baffled is so strong that you know we. We'd like to see more outfit shipping in for we think are very very good opportunities. But i think some guys look at The baffert factor. And say you know. I think all fast. Yeah i mean you see that a lot. you know a different I think you see it with different trainers in different places you know. I think you hear it a lot with cat brown on the turf here in new york and a lot of guys. Don't like to win against todd. Pletcher at gulfstream in the winter. I think it's i think it's a bunch of hullabaloo. That's just me. I have you got your horseshoe run them and you guys have a great program out there With that said you know. He keeps them barracks unveiling these horses of a lifetime and they come around every two years. It seems like This horse you know. And i'm not one. I've gotten fat literally and figuratively oakland. Man steve do not bet not against baffling. Somebody's derby's of late This horse has just a little bit of a different look to him like a that maiden race. He looked like he could really be any kind. Life is good. I mean no doubt about it. Mike smith indicated as much after the race and The film doesn't lie. Anybody wants to look at it and november twenty two second race at del mar and i mean it was over real early. You know just marched and did it. It appeared to be well within himself so Yeah we'll We'll we'll wait and see but he's he's two to five on the morning line and i would say that's probably about right you know and Gonna be interesting to see. How parnelli fares I think he's a nice horse. And sheriff has got another one in there as well in spirit sounded a union rags who You know he's no slouch broke made in second time out then was well beaten here Going a mile and a sixteenth and a grade one american feral but Parnelli be shorter. Price Among those to self i anyway. There's not much else to say other than you know. Let's face it anthony it's. It's really not a good batting race. I mean you're going to single life is going to a lot of people are in in the tricks and but it's a race it I is compelling from a you. want to see it and you want to see what it means. In terms of moving down the road to to churchill For onto the roses. You might kinda guy. I've been through one of the time but so far you've been quite you've been upfront about not being a good betting race and then you call the gimmicks tricks love it. That's that's his old school. That's as old school as you. Get the san gabriel Came up a pretty good race right before the Right before the sham looking forward to that and you guys got a lot of good stuff going. I know you mentioned this when we started the interview after everything. That's gone on in the last two years provided all as well you guys gotta be really looking forward to trying to have a a quote unquote normal year out there and twenty twenty one. Wow on so many levels resounding. Yes that's right and another thing that that smile on his right. Now is the weatherman. I mean i'm looking at the extended forecast. We did have the prospect of some wetter late next week and now that appears to begun. I noticed they do. Have it up north Prospect of weather Things are seen to be aligned along with that. I mentioned north golden gate's misfortune. Right now is is working to our benefit although not as much as it was with los alameda And the dome or for me golden gates in a very awkward position they are On hold due to this situation there at the mercy of the berkeley department of public health and I have to be careful what i say but when you say berkeley anything you know what we're talking about and leave it at that. Some people call us the people's republic. So i went too far. But we're hoping that they can get back up because you've got horses in training and there's a condition book out but there's no dates. It's just day one day to day. Three everything is in limbo. You've got turf. Paradise opening up on monday over here in phoenix And and golden gate is th they. They've got to get an okay to get back running. We're seeing a lot of horses. Come down here. But the people can't come with them in other words you can't even send a groom with a horse. The horses come in and and they just go to a bar and they're they're handled by different people. That's tough stuff they ask. It's tough. They ask owners and trainers to to do that Mike thanks for Thanks for the time this morning Keep it going out there. Everything's been great so far in Look forward to talking to you down the road. Yeah i like by the way. I like count again with juan hernandez in the san gabriel. Big big scoop theories the two to one morning line favorite. He's one of four horses coming out of the great seabiscuit. He wanted from off the pace and juan hernandez serving notice that He he might be in the running for leading rider on it here. He's really really good just so you know before he has. The windows has got another four hundred pounds on his back. Because i like them to Happy new year. Good luck you to mike. Next time. mike woman from the great race place. We'll take one more break. We'll come back and wrap this first edition of twenty twenty one of the coin forum here on hr and gains stallion. Cara county is off to a strong. Start at stud. A leading sire amongst this crop by percentage of stakes boris's top runners by cara conti include graded stakes winners. Ken zai warrior but cancelled. Warrior is sticky is getting up. Kids warrior was horace zil solely volante on the outside. So tight runs by the neater. It's so about hunt in going away. Two year old stakes winner. Spanish love affair sixteenth. Spanish love affair almost tom. Spanish love affair lives up to the hype and wins at one to two and dual surface. Duo princess grace sixteenth to go princess. Grace still in front past players trying hard but she's second to princess grace streaking under the wire. The three lanes winner a rising star greatest stakes winners on both dirt and turf karen conti standing at gains way. Woodford fee or tradition merges with technology family owned since nineteen forty and providing exceptional customer. Service would feed specializes in the highest quality fee using only the finest ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition for your horses in addition woodford. Beat can help with all your armies including field seed fertilizer and we control to whether your horses spreading around the race or has a full buyer side kind on woodford feet to provide the quality nutrition necessary to perform at the highest level. Woodford feed for sales kentucky racing fans at santa anita park wishes you and yours a happy healthy new year and although there is still no public. Admittance you can watch every santa anita race free of charge at santa anita dot com slash. Lied and you can watch and wager at. I bet that's i dot com slash. Bet this saturday. We'll start down the road to the kentucky. Derby as three year olds go flat mile in the grade three sham stakes name for the winner of the nineteen seventy-three santa anita derby the sham will provide the winner with ten kentucky derby qualifying points. Also on saturday. Older horses go a mile and one eighth on turf in the grade. Two hundred thousand dollars. Gabriel on sunday three year old fillies will go seven furlongs in the great to santa and s steaks. With first. ball's time over the weekend at twelve thirty tune in earliest track announcer. Frank mir. Ahmadi tom quigley handicap. All of the races beginning at eleven twenty. Am for additional information. Please visit santa. anita dot com. I'm robert wilkie secretary of the department of veterans affairs one hundred and fifty five years ago president. Lincoln called upon us to care for america's veterans. Today you can help answer that call. We are looking for physicians nurses and other medical professionals to help protect veterans from the corona virus goto. Va dot gov slash join us or text via physician or via a nurse to nine seven two one one. This is bob baffert. You're listening to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum on the horse racing radio network. Amac remind you if you need to read up on any and all thoroughbred racing information head over the blood horse dot com especially best of twenty twenty digital issue feature fifteen stories and incredible photographs and it is the blood horses. Free gift to you. Special issues available to everyone free of charge at magazine dot com or through the blood horse magazine tablet app. Two hundred and twenty page digital issue. You can read it now at magazine. Dablo dot com while you're there download a copy of the january second issue from that. Don't miss their special going on right now and includes a free twenty twenty one blood horse calendar go to blow or dot com backslash winter special. Thanks to all of our guests this morning billy. Bajic nasha thomson keith. Jones steve haskins and mike willman. They'll all receiver powell from brezler dot. Com breaks your passion over embrace dot com quick check on the poll question this morning. We'll bob baffert or one of his trainees to be exact when the kentucky derby on may first fifty six and a half percent say forty three and half percent say yes so find out today if life is good as goods in the shan at the great race place that wraps it up for the first edition of the equine form of twenty twenty one for louisville keenum. The big a at least. We hope you have lucky weekend. I hope you went all your photo. Finishes we'll talk to your wednesday honor extent.

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