Full Episode: Friday, May 9, 2019


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A young and beautiful woman with dreams of making it in Hollywood was last seen near her apartment a week ago and family and friends have not heard from twenty five year old a day ship body since February twenty third each a Hollywood story with a grim ending a beautiful and hopeful starlet. Seemingly vanishing without a trace twenty five year old day Chaban last seen on February twenty third twenty eighteen this was a corner coffee shop, and then she went to sell ad they're acting academy which is also nearby. So this is really is the ground zero for that kind of Hollywood. And the story of her dish appearances now with the center of a blockbuster true crime podcast to live and die in LA hosted by Rolling Stone. Reporter Neil Strauss this story unfolds in real time as he works with private investigator jaded Brandt to piece together what he says happened to Shabani just to put things in context. This is where a day Shabani lived and think about it. You're you come here from Macedonia. You always have this dream that you're going to be a star one day. They say see the last place. She was seen and see with her boyfriend Chris plots this show began back in February twenty eighteen when the aspiring actress from Macedonia. I vanished. Her friends shouted the. Alarm to the LAPD concerned. She wasn't merely on a road trip with Chris spots her boyfriend at the time just want her back desperate for answers in feeling frustrated by the LAPD, friends and family hired Brandt private investigator with experience in Los Angeles law enforcement to investigate her disappearance in stir up of listening where are very active in the case of been working since late yesterday and following all the leads as they arrive Brant run Strauss in hoping he says to continue giving the disappearance media attention. You might have seen it in the news choosen Hollywood key was last seen on Friday, which this Friday or the Friday like that before. Oh this Friday. Okay. Yeah. Wow. And since that call to have been working as a team for more than a year on the case filling in critical gaps in the mystery appeared to be the case pretty early on that there was foul play involved in this case, and that it was likely a homicide. They say that boyfriends spots became a suspect in their investigation of fellow actress seen here in his acting confessed. The police what you did they say he was engaged to another woman at the time of his relationship with Shubani a month after her disappearance. Shabani's body was found in northern California. She died a blunt force trauma and police reportedly went looking to speak to spots said he did do it. The question is what was the motive? I witnessed news as learned the man police say shot and killed himself following a pursuit that ended in corona Thursday night was Avia Shabani's boyfriend. Unfortunately, the motive may never be known spots shot and killed himself. After a chase with California Highway Patrol situation is highly unique in that both there was a homicide occurred. And that our primary suspect that time committed suicide, you know, it changes our ability to investigate because we don't have the ability to actually speak with our suspect. Now, there's two families devastated by this is in Chris's. And now sponsors family is trying to help Strauss Dc for the truth shared, his information said we just want to know what happened like, we know. He's got Chris good kid. He's never heard anyone in his life. We know this can't be him. But we also wanted to let me trust at your objective about it. Which includes they say handing-over, his digital footprint. They gave us his account information unbeknownst to most people Google is not just tracking you, but it's very easy to find it yourself or his excess account can find out your executive movements everywhere you've been down to the minute. It's insane. And it just so happened that Chris spots never turn his phone off. So we were able to see the moment he picked up a day that the day she disappeared Google data providing a map of sponsors movement with incredibly precise details something cellphone data had failed to provide during Christmas account. So this is like anybody can pull this up who has a g mail account or any Email account. Yeah. I'm almost loath to say it because I feel like if somebody goes missing something happens. They've turned this off we won't find out. What happened? If Chris we wouldn't know what happened if Chris. This is the data Strauss's began to give them a tick tock of the last day Shabani was seen alive performed Bill data's down to twelve fifty. We know he arrives in her house twelve forty eight. So can just pretty much figure out he came in around this time, then something happened with the phone between them maybe after maybe he turned off in himself. But we know that's connected team arrive in there. They say that the data also shows spots is phone in the area where her body would be found as the team leads its own parallel investigation. Strauss is outspoken about the lack of law enforcement resources for missing persons cases. If you go to the LAPD website, it says what to do if someone goes missing the you love her a loved one. And the thing to do is. It says we get better know, tens of thousands thousands and thousands of these cases year and most likely they'll come back if they don't come back contact us. We'll take a report. However, we can't really give our put our full investigatory power behind it. Because. There's no proof as a homicide of just miss it. If you want to find that person hire private investigator. It's they're basically telling people we don't have a capacity deal with it. And you can't just only rely on the police. At the time of spots is death. The LAPD said he was responsible for Shabani's murder. We also believe that mister spots Christopher spots, which somehow involved in her death. And we believe this to be a homicide be LAPD. Now considers the case closed saying it fully investigated the case and is confident it found the killer. Nobody else was charged as being involved, and they now consider the case closed off road. But with what they say is spots is Google occasion data in hand Strauss and his team aren't satisfied with that conclusion and have been retracing the days leading up to his road trip with Giovanni convinced that he may have had help in her death. They brought us to a hardware store and an apartment building in north Hollywood, which they believed to be two of sponsors last stops for picking up Shabani. She told her friends that she was going to funeral of Chris spots Funchal and really. Early. We're suspicion started to get raised was when he called Chris Botha's family. And they said he doesn't have an uncle who passed away. We know that Chris spots stopped you're on his way to see a day. And if we can find the person who we stopped to visit you can find out what he was doing there. So we're checking to see the current tenants to see if it's someone who's come up. Yeah. Christmas phone Bill, or is this to friends or whatever it may be what really trying to nail down or similar last pieces of information. This is the latest hit in the booming industry of true crime multi media following the likes of cereal. It's cereal. One story till we by weak. Netflix is making a murderer HBO's the jinx in about one million listeners or downloading this podcast episodes every week. What is the secret sauce that to me? I think it's like curiosity and obsession it's all in folding in real time before maybe the police do things before someone's the families. Do I think is a part of it that really is just a documentary. A tragic truth that deterrent, Strauss and bread who still hoped to uncover the truth behind a heartbreaking loss. And you can listen to all the episodes of to live and die in LA for free on apple podcasts. Tune in on may seventeenth for the finale and up next the unorthodox rise to stardom for the mentor of American idol. Better. Help offers licensed professional counselors specialized in a wide array of issues like depression, anxiety and grief connect with your professional counselor in a safe private online environment. It's a truly affordable option and listeners can get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash Nightline. Fill out a questionnaire to help them assess your needs and get matched with a counselor. You'll love simply safe is award winning home security that knows it feels good to feel secure in your home lizards blackout burglars. 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But his was an unlikely shot to fame from humble beginnings to now mentoring the next generation vying to be America's next idol. Here's ABC's Maggie Rulli. Oh, awesome movie to call it. Good news. Right. Yeah. How awesome would it be? It'd be really really cool to cold did news when it comes to idol. Bobby bones is the go-to guy for advice. I think he's I think he's truly awesome radio. VJ is the show's in house mentor. Helping guide these young hopefuls on their journey to become the next American idol. American idol even filling in for Ryan as host. I look most like him. So they asked me to fill issues tonight. Do people ever you and Ryan confused? Are they were just too white, dude? You know, it's sometimes you wear glasses. Do that does every Tuesday. Why guys with glasses? You don't know the difference, but Ryan's a lot richer than I am. Yeah. So I don't know that they get that confused. There's so many different kinds of wonderful artists here. And I think that's what America loves your integral part of the show. Was it intimidating renew to walk out on the stage? When those big American idol letters on like about a couple of moments where I go. Oh, man, if I could just tell the kid was watching this show. This was going to happen that I don't think I would have believed me it's a legacy, and I don't want to be the one to screw it up. Really? I don't. Thirty nine year old buildings is having a moment. But it was a long road to get here. I come from a really small town of seven hundred people in mountain pine Arkansas, I grew up without a dad, and my mom was an addict to ended up dying or forties. And so for me I needed to break the cycle somehow from a really early age. I knew that I had to get an education and get out. I was I kid to graduate high school, and my family, I graduated college since the days when I was five six years old seven years old sleeping on the couch. I never had a real bedroom till I went to college. It was the first time ever had literally my own I bed. But I think I got out because I really wanted to show others. They could do it for me. That's really what all of this is it's by can do it. I think anyone out there. It can do it should come in. Today. He's one of the most influential voices Gumbo radio whichever ones on over there. Most intimidating melt Nashville nationally, syndicated morning show, Bobby bones, show pleased to an audience of millions over me. None of us are over you Bobby now, that's not sure no one's over Bobby bones. But he's also a stand up comedian as you may know. Person and has authored not one but two New York Times bestsellers. Last year. He waltz his way into America's heart's on dancing with the stars. The British show. Be an shorter than picking him coming need near bowl trophy. Was that experience like is? Okay. I mean, it was just like being dropped in a foreign country and going survive week one I fell down and hurt my wiped out pretty hard on on the show, but I got through. And I kept getting through, you know, like, I tell them on American idol. You don't have to be the best thing. If you're trying to be the best thing you're not going to win, but you can be America's favorite singer and radio show. And I did that when I was dancing. I wasn't good. But I think I was their favorite, and I won with you know, what I use every day. And that is just be who you are. Who who am I I'm someone who I love what I do. I talked to a lot of people in a lot of different ways. But I think that I'm able to be successful. Because I think they see me and then we'll use the one save of the season tonight. Yes. Sunday's episode ended the shocking thing, you're also great. I love him so much lacy with the credits rolling. The judges used their power to spare Lisi cable sending home of fan. Favourite? Jeremiah, Lloyd hermit? Inset ahead of that surprise upset catching up with bones and the contestants just hours before Showtime there. So. We can get all into one room. Now remembered proud of all you guys because we've we've been like six months that's longer than other religion pad. This is fantastic goals. Never to look at the end. The goals. Always just do your best right now. And you know, let the income. How would you describe what bobby's meant well? Bobby has of now a is since I've been on the show, and when I'm having a bad day or something you've talked to me. And then I'll use those words and tips and advice, and he gives me and it'll make me happier. One thing that I appreciate about bobby's that he's approachable and whether you're in front of the camera in front of the cameras like, hey, like, you can talk to me, and I feel like I've been able to confide with Bobby in Hollywood week when I was going to do an original song. And he was like that's a really big risk. You probably should do like dole song. And then it was like one of my most favorite performances ever was the they'll sauce. So what does that process been like being here as a mentor and really getting to know these young people this rayvey moment of their life. Whenever I come into the show. It's when there are a thousand people with them through all the cuts you won't make out. You're seeing not only them grow a singers. But then get to experience new things and for some of them grow as people and some of them are so young like, I'll at Madison. And I go holy crap. But you're seventeen years old, and she has such poise. I really just want to be someone who helps them grow. Just do. Not adjust your TV sets. I'm Bobby bone. Standing in for a sick Ryan Seacrest. Booms taking the stage on American idol and living out his very own American dream. I mean, when you're starting off was this even part of your wildest dreams that, you know, lose kind of opportunities or even possible in life, I hoped I mean, listen, I think if you don't set your goals super high. No one else will I don't know that it was American idol specifically. And I have much bigger goals. I mean, if I don't who's going to so, and I don't know if that's a cocky thing to say, I'm not saying, I'm good. I just have bigger goals. You know, I think I can be the governor of Arkansas they can only talk show. I think it'd be president United States if I won. And I do feel like I'm representing a lot of people out. There aren't being hurt. For nightline. I'm Maggie Rulli in Los Angeles. Finally tonight, showing gratitude with the heartfelt happy dance. This is off Rahman dancing to the beat in a clinic in the capital of Afghanistan. Celebrating the gift of a new prophetic leg in a now. Viral video losing his limit. Just eight months old wounded in crossfire between the Taliban and Afghan security forces doctors with the international committee of the Red Cross fitting him with new percents as the out grows the old ones giving off med plenty of reason to smile and danced for joy. That's sheer poetry in motion. That's not line. You can always catch. Our full episodes on Hulu Conine America.

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