Let Go of Negative Thoughts


This is episode one thousand six hundred and thirty. Welcome to the day the meditation podcast. I'm Mary medically aunt. Can't I congratulate you forgiving yourself permission to slow down to connect to the best part of who do you are. In today's episode. You will be guided using a meditation technique. Take to help you feel grounded. And this is part of a series of meditations this week the following the theme of a recipe for gratitude a recipe to live your life with gratitude and a mood or is away you stimulate nerve endings on your hands and end fingers that corresponds with the region of your brain mood. Reser often referred to as yoga in your hands and the mood I'm sharing with you. Today is very easy over. You can see a photo of it. How it's done on the Sydenham facebook page? I always share a photo there and this is called the pretty Mudra. It's simple to do as rest. Your hands on your lap with your palms upward. You attach your thump tip to the tip of your ring finger. And that's it when you do. This modra helps you to feel more grounded. Did you often see statues in Asia doing this. Pretty Modra touching the thumb into the ring finger that thumb tip to the tip of the ring finger and win. You feel grounded. You naturally open up to those higher aspiring emotions such as gratitude. Oh love joy compassion forgiveness and these are emotions that are lider feeling. And it's difficult to feel these emotions when you feel heavy with remorse or regret or fear or self doubt and so an ingredient. I WANNA share with you today. Day For your recipe for gratitude to live your Li- is exactly what you were doing. It's to meditate. You already likely know the benefits of meditation. If you are here you may be new to meditation. Trying to figure it all out or you may be a longtime meditators looking for inspiration each day. Either way what you are doing for yourself is profound you are creating new neural pathways in your brain and you are activating. When you meditate your prefrontal Cortex and what this means is that you still will experience stress? But you're able to process it in a much better way When stress trauma those powerful emotions come your way you Reach more towards the lighter emotions of compassion of gratitude of love in handling your emotions when you don't meditate or you don't have a reflective type of ritual in your life. You're more likely to respond to stress US even everyday stress with worry and fear South doubt and and as a result you are activating and strengthening the part of your brain at harbours. You're McDonnell so you manage stress with fear anger her self doubt so you can reach for the light and a much better way when you meditate so I should get ready to settle yourself down to do your meditation today. You may do the Pretty Mutiara to help you feel grounded as you meditate eight okay. Sign White Year grateful for in your life. Those people those places that inspire you the activities that make you feel ally. Goals uh-huh keep you reaching for more fulfillment in your life and for connections with the world around you meditate to the point. Were you could go a little further. Always end your meditation on a high note. You are so worth slowing down and four Hello Aw Zero

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