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We're going live live. This jimbo rayleigh with kelvin jones and special guest keeps commish. Commish steals steals graded us. They'll screwed it up but we're actually in the parking. Lot of germantown is go because this is where we do our thursday night encouragement ride live on in studio sit. We are good to go so we haven't been around a little bit. I travel i talk. We've talked about that a good bit that i travel john. We are scheduled to having matched up so we're going to be a little more consistent over the next couple of weeks but what's the first thing we'll talk about the day calvo. Oh man. I tell tell you what it has been an interesting time. I don't know how it is with. Everybody getting geared up to cycle around the country. I know in places like boston. It's it's a high a of like sixties and seventies right now. It's perfect weather to get out in the in get out in the <hes> in the elements and ride a california everywhere you you know just now starting to get off the trainers and everything like that and going out for real ride so kudos to you have to finish your cinders your notes and see tell us how your arise going down here. We've been writing <hes> pretty much. Since february march in it's starting to heat up today was the high today like ninety two in the the parking lot eighties eighty nine degrees five thirty central standard time eighty nine degrees and still in may. That's a veritable cool front down here in mississippi so i tell you what i've already started sweating and i hadn't even and that's just because of the humidity and do point <hes> so yeah. This is <hes> this is what we have to deal with in the south but <hes> yeah so we got a friend of ours as a writer here with us keith and he's actually a physical therapist and we're going to talk a little bit later on about some stretching team for cyclists. That's always a good thing that we want to always encourage you to be healthy and <hes> another thing we wanna talk about. Was maybe some nutrition. What about you. Well yeah keith. Tell us kind of how you got started. I think you're triathlete. Is that correct. No i'm just a cyclist. I've started cycling just a cyclist. I started cycling fling probably thirty years ago i guess just how old are you before in watching on t._v. Maybe i remember that interesting n._b._c. From one to two on saturday and it was very very rainy the <hes> color you can even tell the jersey was actually yellow guys you have to i if you can picture us. You know the quarter tone of writing fun. We've we've got like two fifty to seventy sitting in the front seat and then buck and a half black he's back here is probably a hundred pounds deliver more the new man. I'm sorry go my saddle pants way more than he did. Actually my credentials arm a physical therapist assistant <music> athletic trainer. I've been so for about twenty two years now. Okay <hes> what's the difference between a p._t._a. And all of that p._t.'s the biggest differences i cannot evaluate patient the first time in a turn your wrist and say her twenty that you just don't do that right. It's oddly enough as an athlete trainer. I do sure kind of a catch twenty two yeah to the irony there. I'm an athlete so keith. <hes> you know so you know i always did marathons back in two thousand and two thousand house and seventy thousand and eight i became very familiar with plantar fasciitis very familiar with the performance muscle in my buttocks region and even when i do long rides though still come back to haunt me not my foot so much plantar fasciitis but the performance most austere feel like i got a little tennis balls up in their there <hes> after i get off a ride and everything else and that's what i was telling you earlier that i stretch about you know. Try to stretch those out as much as i can't. <hes> why don't you tell us a little bit about what some good stretches stretches for cyclists are and what the performance is and anything else that you think you might encounter on <hes> riding a bicycle most of the time the peerformance this is a very very small muscle at very deep in the in the but <hes> so the best way to stretch it basically as almost like a figure four where if it's bothering you say on your right side and you take your right knee and bring it up toward the left shore. That's a very good way to stretch the performance. Uh basically anywhere you are <hes> especially after rioting and let me stop right there. The best time to stretch is after an activity activity when your body is good warmed up right ways like you know if you put if you wanna pour syrup bottle you don't put it in in the refrigerator straighter port after it's cold. You warm gops maria. Hey corner time we all about some go to cracker barrel hot and come on. I'm orton but other things that cyclists have lower back pain a lot of times. I'm being in that position that arab positions such a long time and you can work your way up the spine minded in the shoulders get tight the mid back at cypher the threat and all of that so the best way to stretch those types of things is basically you. You know what position you're in. We cycle. You reversed that to stretch so here in the in the aero position cycle you i want to do what's called prone. Excuse me brass up easy for me to say right is that like cobra in yogurt exactly similar cobra and like a hyperextension laid out on your stomach and push yourself up. Leave your pelvis on the floor the bad whenever you're on push up using almost like a push physician <music> but leaving your pelvis down so you're you're you're taking it back from where you're normally would be. That's a good idea. All i've been doing other do things other ways to stretch out. The cervical thoracic spine would be a good phone roller technically. I was just gonna ask what what do you recommend is like doing foam and those kind of just laying down on top of a foam roller and doing almost like a in yoga. I would <hes> what position called. I'm not a baby yoga person <hes> and your hand over your your son dolled or something like saying moore your favorite position as the dead pos. That's all after it's over chevy fatal. Take your all your yoga instructor. Exactly <hes> <hes> you wanna take your hands up over your head so down on top of the roller and just take your hands up over your head just time to mobilize your your rask's mind as much as possible and so those rollers are really good too for your legs to i've seen people sitting now sitting down just kind of rolling their legs over them exactly sitting on them actually enrolling back and forth. That's work when i try. It's hard. It's really hard foam roller but i've got one of these things with handles that you cannot muster roller a stick stick. Yeah i've done that. The foam roller works really well. You want to do a lot of rotational type stuff just to aid in when you're trying to look back checking your for your shoulder for traffic in touch. I wanna keep you cervical spine neck also yeah. That's what i find too. Sometimes it's when i turn around and look or whatever i find that little founded little grinding or or stiffness my because i've kept it in the same position the whole time okay well good hamstring stretch bend over grabbing your ankles oddly enough every night when after tron ridden or every time after i read when i get home take a shower i do a little hamstring straightened shower to replace him and the two yeah i mean you kill two birds with one stone yeah so keith. I know that <hes> you know a lot of people listening to is they. They may have a hard time picturing these things what would be a good resource like an internet site or something with pictures or videos where they could. Maybe find something about about these stretches for beginners you want to. I'm trying to think of what one would be off the top of my head. There's a couple of guys that you want to edit this out. We can edit this out recording. Our podcast does lead you. There's just started. This is a good resource for that'd be a good resource to find either videos or website that would teach some of our listeners about good stretching for psychol- yeah some good reputable websites are mayoclinic has good website out there <hes> <hes> another one is web. M._d. has good website. <hes> that has good information especially. If you have any other medical questions buzzer those are very good <hes> as our stretching the apa <hes> american physical therapists association and the im- the impeded me that mississippi or the national athletic trainers association have to bid website out there and they they could have some good information networks. Okay say those <hes> say those again abt apple paul tom tom apple p._t._a. Dot com american physical therapists association and is it dot com dot org. I think it's either way the death and the innate ta all right so nancy. Tom apple okay for the national national athletic trainers association and they all have links to different stretching or websites very good. We're not combine on something else. Okay i've been i've been writing for i mean i guess you have thirty years. I was on b._m._x. Bikes now road mountain biking college you ride with us and we've we've been together for several for years for some of the new people. What are some of the common mistakes that you've witnessed because we've talked about other kinds of mistakes about not being vocal. Let people know you're on the aside. That's sort of what are some of the the just common mistake. She see with some new riders. One big thing is as far boris body position in such is a lot of people locked their elbows other writing and it's really really bad because your elbow in a psych for cyclists. That's a shockabsorber so you should leave a little bendon and the death grip of the hand relax the more you become inefficient if you're if you're grabbing having onto the handlebars too much especially a lot in when when they're climbing a hill for the first time what down on the handlebars that you're not relaxing axeing what patani the italian cyclist big climber very very good climber. He's always always are. He referred to as playing a piano. That's how he wrote. When he was climbing mount he would just kind of drape his hands over the handlebars. That's a very good illustration yeah. I'll play piano or dancing with the bike. You know you don't want to be too forceful at all. <hes> uh-huh it's like dancing with a woman or or if you just don't wanna step on their toes pedals. Yes you do that but you don't want to be too forceful. You wanna relax as much more open toddy just a side note. There is a wonderful for those. Have you have netflix. There's a wonderful documentary on mario fontana. It's kind of <hes> his life and how he died that sort of thing but if you're if you're an avid cyclist and you kinda i want to see the good bad and the ugly about pro cycling. That is a cautionary tale but it's it's. It's worth the watch just pick. The thing thing is mario tiny ways but as much as my left calf. He's a little i tell people all the time. We're like offensive linemen trying to play in a wide receivers world. We're often lyman in your wide receiver. You know that's why. I keep that's why he's always. The only time i see keith on a bike is when he's passing the in drafting into the wind. I just here's his rear wheel spending on. We're just pulling it. All we create on atmosphere. We have our own orbit good deal. Thanks keith appreciate it was is gonna polls okay keith. Thanks so much for those tips. We're gonna take a really short break and then we'll be right back back and we just wanted to <hes> talk just a very brief amount about nutrition. I know a lot of people that wanted to get their body tight. <hes> they're they're. They're they're beach bodies. He's on and all this other stuff so <hes> one thing that i found and you know we're as you know that we're both very big guys but we do lose weight <hes> through the year recycling cycling is a great way to help you lose weight but i can tell you firsthand that you can cycle all you want and you won't lose a pound. If you don't change what goes in your mouth that's eighty. Eighty percent of your body is what goes through your mouth. Twenty percent is exercise. One of the things and there's a lot of fad diets going on i'm not going to i'm not going to go against against or for any diet. I know a lot of people have success with car a low carb diet. I know people who have success with tito diet. Paleo diet all kinds of diet. I mean there's there's a diet known demand in every alphabet but what i will tell you what a lot of people don't realize. Is you have to count your calories or your macro now. What's a macro makro is is a short for macro nutrient in macro nutrient are divided into three categories. Your proteins carbohydrates and you have your fats. All of them are re- central so if you're on a low carb diet. You're not getting your cards if you're on akito diet. You're getting too much fat so there's all kinds of different things but the bottom line is you need to count how how many grams of protein in everything that you eat come and how many carbs <hes> grams of carbohydrates that you everything you eat and how many grams of fat <hes> that did you eat now. There's two good website to good apps. That will help you with that number. One is my fitness pal. You can go on youtube and type in you know macronutrients counting on my fitness pal and they will. There's a lot of different videos that are show you how to do it. It's kind of tricky. It's not as easy as the other. The other app is called avatar nutrition avatar like the movie avatar nutrition. It's a ten dollar a month thing. This is what i did. Last year i subscribed to it and it puts it puts in all of your high way b._m._i. All of that and it determines how many <hes> how many grams of protein you need per day ed how many grams of carbohydrates you need per day and how many grams of fat that you need per day and when i did that <hes> consistently and stayed with it i was able to lose almost thirty pounds last year guy so that is in so basically it all boils down to proteins carbs and fats fats and scott to be the right amount each day and they add additional carbs fats and proteins. If you are doing extra work like cycling so you can put certain days at say yes yes. I'm gonna be exerting myself today and they gave you like another twenty five grams of protein fifty grams of cars so it's kinda like weight watchers where you gotta be tedious and counted which which i don't care for but it does help you if you can. If you eat the same things you don't get burnt out on. You can find what you like and you can eat in it. Frees you up to eat anything like i said on example in their website a salad with chicken and all kinds of stuff all on alex really healthy and it was a pitcher in pitcher right right next to it was a double cheeseburger and they think you think the salad is healthier but when it came down to it with all the salad dressings and croutons and everything it had like fifteen or twenty grams grams of more of carbohydrates than the actual cheeseburger it had less protein than what you needed for the cheeseburger it had more fat in which you got into cheeseburger so but it so the counting your macro will free you up to eat what you want. You just have to make sure that you don't over go over your limit each day in your proteins your carbohydrates fats so check it out avatar nutrition dot com. Maybe we can get one of those people to come talk to one of our future podcast or go to my fitness powell look up youtube videos and how to do it that way which is a little bit more difficult but <hes> check it out and see and let us know if you've had success with it because i know i have personally all right also well. I'm on the seafood diet and the diet. I see what i want to eat and everything with an a. In it like a pizza in a steak and a casserole official forklift operator on my this is awesome. Well look thank you for the the health tip and i just add one thing to it when you first start cycling. You may not lose pounds but you'll lose inches. That's right that's right. I knew to women who didn't lose a pound but they dropped two dress. Is there you go what i'm trying to. I'm trying to drop two dress sizes myself. Okay now. We're gonna finish up with kelvin's encouraging word okay today for all you football lovers <hes>. Today's encouraging word comes from a former coach lou holtz and <hes>. I can't talk like he does with a little. Listen his voice but i will tell you that haven't evans yeah. Thank you <hes> but lula once said motivation determines what you do. The ability is what you're capable of doing. An attitude attitude determines how well you'll do it so think about that again. I'll read it again. Motivation determines what you do. Ability is what you're capable of doing and attitude determines armaments how well you do it so all of you that are getting out on the road for the first time with this good weather around the country. <hes> you know be motivated to get out there. Don't worry about your ability right now. It's your attitude determines. How well you do and so happy. Trails and <hes> have a great day folks. Go out and enjoy this beautiful weather. We're having in if you wait too late. You're going to get yourself in trouble with some heat so get out in the afternoons. Get out ride. Find a group join our join our group and that way we can encourage you through seeing your accomplishments in twitter and facebook and twitter and facebook and we do have a new email address arrest saying courage might ride at g mail so if you'd like to send us something give us a drop us a line the twitter address the twitter address these at in courage ride beautiful beautiful thank you. Let's go for roger.

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