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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer on a day when the US reported a big rise in the number of Kovic nineteen related deaths more than seventeen hundred today alone president. Donald Trump says he is concerned by the large number of African Americans who were dying. Trump said members of his corona virus taskforce actively looking at the disparity. We're actively engaging on the problem of increased impacts. There's a real problem and it's showing up very strongly in our data on the African American community. And we're doing everything in our power to address this challenge. It's a tremendous challenge the nation's top infectious disease expert. Dr Anthony Fauci says the medical community is known for some time. Diseases like diabetes hypertension and Obesity. Which are prevalent in minority communities tend to increase deaths from cove in nineteen the total number of us. Krona virus deaths is now approaching thirteen thousand according to the Johns Hopkins tracking site. A federal appeals court says a ban on abortions in Texas can stay in effect. The State's Republican Governor Attorney General's Sabr should be treated as an elective procedure and suspended in an effort to preserve medical supplies during the krona virus. Pandemic here's NPR's Sarah mcammond clinics in Texas have shut their doors and patients seeking abortions have been turned away in recent days. Reproductive rights groups have challenged abortion banned in several states including Texas bands issued in response to the corona virus pandemic in a two to one decision the Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal says the Texas Band can remain in effect during the pandemic given the escalating spread of Kovic nineteen and the state's critical interest in protecting public health. Meanwhile medical groups accused republican state leaders of politicizing the crisis and say abortion is an essential time-sensitive procedure Saruman. Npr news local governments across the country. Trying to figure out how to hold elections in the time of Krona virus. Npr's miles parks reports. Senator Elizabeth Warren believes her proposal today for voting reforms relating to the Pandemic Senator Warren win the next relief. Bill that Congress passes to include four billion dollars to help states run their elections. She also says there should be a requirement that every registered voter in the country receive a mail in ballot with prepaid return postage the fact that voters needed to wait in line for hours. Wisconsin only magnified the need. She said Tae off any attempt to suppress about in Wisconsin should be a wakeup call to the United States. Congress we need to act immediately. Federal voting regulations have been a non starter for Republicans for years. However so it's doubtful that any of Warren's plan actually gets implemented this year miles parks. Npr News Washington on Wall Street. The Dow closed down twenty six points. The Nasdaq was down. Twenty five points today this is NPR the venerable Williamstown Theatre Festival in western Massachusetts announced today will not produce live productions this summer because of the krona virus instead it will collaborate with audible to make audio versions of its seven shows available to the public. Jeff London has the story since nineteen fifty five. The williamstown theatre festival has brought both audiences top-flight theater artists to the Berkshires for classic plays in new works. But not this summer. The festival has teamed up with audible to produce it season as Radio Theatre Artistic Director Mandy. Greenfield said quote. This virus might get to tell us what we cannot do but it does not get to dictate what we can do. The voices of these artists will be heard among the shows recorded. We'll be a streetcar named desire with Audra McDonald and Bobby. Kinda VOLLEY AND FIVE WORLD. Premieres featuring actors such as Kate Burton Dylan Baker and Taylor Schilling for NPR news? I'm Jeff London in New York. You Embassy in Russia says a plane carrying Americans has taken off from Moscow bound for the US. Us Embassy spokeswoman Rebecca Ross and a message on twitter said the Aeroflot's commercial flight to New York City left Moscow filled with US citizens who purchased tickets to return home on. Its way back. The Aeroflot plane is expected to carry. Russians who've been waiting for days to find black home on Friday and Aeroflot flight to New York was canceled with the planes sitting on the taxi way as Russia abruptly halted all international commercial. Flights futures prices closed lower oil down two dollars and forty five cents a barrel today. I'm Jack Speer. Npr News in Washington.

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