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The. Hi, I'm calling your host for the good news podcast. I'm neil. The other host the good news podcast is your source for good news, fun stories auditory, delight and sonic. Joy. We're bringing you all of this goodness from beautiful downtown Chicago. So Neil if I asked you to describe a black hole like outer space. I don't know. I don't know. How would you describe it? Wow. Okay. I I read a lot of science fiction we've discussed so I do feel like I'm a magic thing. Interstellar phenomena, pretty often. Okay. In my in my mind's eye. Yeah. I think black holes are super interesting because I think in reality. They are nothing nece the you wouldn't see anything. You would literally be unable to see anything because it's sucking all the light around it. So it'd be the darkest darkness. You've ever seen. Sounds so scary terrifying. Kind of existential here, the the lack of all things, and I think in in a lot of science fiction, and in a lot of popular media, which I'm a huge fan of it would probably be like this warping to that swallowing a star suction ING type mechanism. Right. Yeah. I think in reality. It's probably just a totally unnoticeable because it would be impossible the notice unless you could see into like the infra red scare. No, I know you could just accidents go by. But then you're yeah. You would be you would be light years away as you get sucked in just be like, I can't you're making my head explode. Like, this is what nightmares are made up the interstellar. Void is now not a place. You wanna spend a ton of time. But I think Colleen you've got some good news for me about. I know that calls you told me about this. And I was like how is there? Possibly good news. There's good news. So let's start with a quote from the Lawrence, Berkeley, National Laboratory black holes are known for their voracious appetite s- bringing on matter with such ferocity, the not even light can escape once it swallowed up. So the good news is there are scientists out there. Air that are working to figure out ways to excape from black hole. So a bunch of researchers at Berkeley lab and UC Berkeley are smush Shing together a bunch of there is to help shed new light on a way to escape from a black hole. Listen, folks, we are not scientists, and I don't want to mess up explaining how this works. But here's what I understand. So scientists are getting a better grasp on the driving mechanisms in the plasma jets that allows them to steal energy from the black hole. The jets than us that energy pull from the mouth of the buckle. Wow. It is very complicated. I read the report a few times it went over my head. So there's a black hole. Let's imagine the Blackhall is a like a bucket full of water. Right. And then you're telling me from the top of bucket. There's like a squirt gun shooting out of it. Well, what they're able to do is. There's a bunch of energy that the black hole has and it stealing all the light. And everything swallowing everything. Is there were versing that they're taking all that negative energy and making themselves and making themselves propel. Thanks for listening. Do you have good news incredible? Or maybe wanna tell us a joke. Right dea. Excellent Email us at Hello. At the good news, podcasts dot FM or leaves the voicemail at seven seven three two one seven zero one five six you can also tweet us at the good news pot and follow us on Instagram too. And if you love the good news podcasts think about supporting us on our patriot page must our music is by putting bear.

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