Making IT Work During a Pandemic


Hey, it's John, Lee Dumas of e Oh fire, and it's the entrepreneurial you. The chauffeur dedicated and passionate care be an entrepreneur seeking daily inspiration brought to you by Speaker Award Winning Entrepreneur Hanukkah watkiss reporter. You must be prepared to ignite. Ren Folks are working in their organizations in their offices there almost clue with by the. Organization eighty security protection. And so there's a comfort in knowing that. You are within or Schema protection however know that your work remotely. We are not not comfortable in the more so here are all these other things that has to happen with respect. The suffer that air using so for us. One of the big recommendations that we make tolerable customers is switching on multi factor authentication. On the force, strengthening passwords on of course, ensuring that the connectivity between you on the officer, you're on the Internet to secure, so that's VPN's encryption, says a whole host of things that no. Some, folks used to have it as additional. Software addition at somebody somebody else had to do. A lot of technology no have to bill that in to ensure that their applications are chosen over another applications because they can prove that it is not safe. Hi, this is Hannibal. I'm so glad you took the time to stop by today. Eight Jamaican parlance walk. Guan McGLADE Say Dale. This episode is sponsored by Hanukkah. Walkie sports dot com as well as the. Stock Exchange now on Hanukkah, walkies, worship, dot, com, you can visit us to blogs, resources, books, online podcast, courses, podcasts and more, if you are new to the entrepreneur new podcast, be sure to check out past episodes with guests such as Johnny, Zuma's but trees, Washington Seth Godin Richard. Branson Amy Porterfield and a host of other game changes. We needed to risk capital, but our experience with local financial institutions was that they were cautious and slow to act an interest rates for far too high. We had real concerns about financing our business outside equity investors on the possibility of interference. Could we get a fair valuation for business. We had our own ideas about the business and its value. Should I go the traditional route of bank financing or should I? Try the Jamaica Stock, exchange, so we made a call an experience transformation of our business through conversations. John Mahfoud seal of Jamaican teas, and we're listed on the Jamaica stock. Exchange give us a call today at eight, seven, six, nine, six, seven, three, two, seven, one to begin your transformation through conversation. We want to see your company listed on the Jamaica Stock. Exchange And now, Harris today's episode. The first rule of any technology used in business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient. Will Magnify Inefficiency Bill. Gates greetings greetings my peak performer. I chose that you're doing okay, even in the make. I want to welcome you to episode one hundred and Sixty Nine of the entrepreneur podcast. I'm your host of course handing Komaki, sports. Today's episode is with Christopher. Chris is the seal for the leading Information Technology Support Organization. T takes limited. Jamaica's only pure play it outsourcing and managed services provider Chris has thirty three years of experience in delivery and implementation of information, technology solutions and irregular speaker on technology in the IT industry in Jamaica for fun, Chris writes a column in the Jamaica Observer and host wind related events in Jamaica and the USC, so I'm really looking forward to our conversation on making it work during pandemic. Welcome Chris Thank you so much for having. It's my absolute pleasure, and before we get into our conversation. What favorite thing about being Jamaica on my favorite thing would be Jamaican. Is that there's a creative juice that seems to just flow through our denny in this in the this geographic space that seems to allow a lot of entrepreneurs to just be able to think and create anything. I absolutely agree with you. That couldn't agree with you more, and if dive into our topic for today making it work during a pandemic. No, you run a very successful it company in Jamaica first of all. Tell me a little about your your organization. What it is that you're doing for Jimmy Johns or economy. What is it that you you focus on? So when the phone the company current Chairman Teddy, Alexander had the idea. He was the CIO for one of the risk limited. On the opportunity presented itself after Greece was going through some Rogan Ization, looking at Houghton lower costs in the central offices on. You know, start to introduce maximize use of innovation, but important was it was a cost reduction measure? teddy spent some time in north. America interest me I worked for the company in Florida to provide outsourcing services to him dime. Co Brisk in USA. Also it. Also was the CEO of company. He saw an opportunity when the grace organization thought that. There was there was some some way to leverage the use of centralized services, especially technology to share among the organization on. He came into the propaganda. To take over. The outsourcing took over the management. Of all the entire infrastructure. I needed it, and when they brought in external consultants, measure it. He actually was able to the cost of of of delivering those services by twenty percent, so it was successful for him unsuccessfully for the opposition, and that's one of oldest contracts, not illness. I said that experience on that for sites by all phone today, executive created what is not. A number of folks not take a pot of Greece, not tickets a separate entity. It started by four experience Kennedy Team members and we have grown since we're now at forty five persons We're not listed company on or whole. Is, to deliver. Information Technology Services on talk customers and deliver it in unseen. The gooden Mina who we turn to the talking comparable delivering it services. And delivering seeing the IT services. So that's his quick not. A very high level what specifically we do in these outsourcing services there are. Six areas. We begun. We've begun business by by by managing monitoring the infant. The infrastructure me and the networking and server infrastructure is also included, and then eventually once network on server infrastructure managed monitored one house to start to figure out how to secure it. Securing that infrastructure with another set of services that was was rolling. And then several. Years after the questions of our own well okay guys, you guys are monitoring and managing all that infrastructure. Can you help us with or service? This needs ords responding to the actual decide needs of folks having ID challenges that handle internally, and then that was handed over to us as another service. That was Ford Service started. Delivering. On the time went on. Cloak came about well been around, but the concept of moving some of the services cloud so startling. Some clothes Meg Ryan Services on. An exchange online. Office three sixty five right? On the last month at least when you are the. It information technology. Provider Advisor in an organization are connected to the organization. You're going to start to get a lot of requests for assistance our own. Decisions with suffer selection with a project management, so one of the latest divisions are the A set of services was consulting consultation had to make decisions on the implement intimate software, so those that are injured services that we all fought in general, and we have up to about sixty five seventy Costa's know that we offer those those starting from the first year, but we don't into Amazon. They have a full scale operation as it were so let's no move into getting some of your opinion. Like what is the role of Information Systems in? A pandemic in preparing for pandemic will. Luke couldn't have prepared for this because we did know, but like it's happening now. So what's the role of Information Systems in your? Were? Terrible, not knowing The. Fact is that there are organizations out there that prepared for something like this. We were not sure. Exactly, something that this would look like. But Anyone who does enterprise risk management on any sort of risk assessments and create registers if you work with any of the large consulting organizations What determines a Black Swan. Events will be part of the discussion. On the Black Swan event that came from the whole story of hundreds of years ago. In Europe, no one has ever seen something like a Black Swan, and so they believe it didn't exist onto the explorer explore. Australia saw Black Swan. There's a book that is is our own that. Idea and concept of you know seeing on preparing for things that you've never seen before, so they are folks that have a Black Swan events on their register unto. Some folks in inbound were prepared for something like this, but as I said the details specific Pelletan maybe not so where technology for technology helps in that whole risk assessment on the risk assessment registration on muddling data that you have our own. What if you know what's also pledging is hampered. What if we can't physical deliver talk customers? What if we can get payment for customers so inflammation to plays a part on the customer side, but information also plays a part on the side of governments and administration, whereas we're seeing tremendous. Discourse specifically right in our own contact tracing on hold the automate something. Very recently we saw. And heard the announcements of two of the major reiver's in mobile and operating systems worth. Of Apple and Google coming together to actually creates this framework. On software infrastructure that allows for If you know it automated contact Theresa and Preparation for for for a pandemic are are black swan event. I'm using the risk restores. Information Technology. Spans into in the dissemination of information. Allowing teams to be able to collaborate our own. Preparedness. Here in Jamaica. Let's let's look at a specific situation our own. BPL industry you know because not sports has been topical. It has been in news. I'm, so we're. A huge percentage of contact, snow and positive cases emanated of of one specific cluster using guitarist. and. If we had certain types of. Technology applied on in place one that I've that spread it would have been drastically reduced if the right collaboration on the right information, a dissemination was carried out on of course is discipline of the folks. Actually he'd he'd advice right so. The role of Information Systems in general is I think globally spun spun so many areas of pandemic preparedness those are the few Batman. And so what is very clear? Is that proper? What if scenarios needs to be done? Those analyses needs to be done in while you cannot ever prepare for specific situation to what see, but having you know those those scenarios in place doing those what if scenarios can help us to mitigates against effects. Correct correct on. Also depending. On which end of the spectrum you are as a constituent in all of this, so are you looking at it from a? Governance standpoint. Are you part of policy making our own? Risk reduction looking at funding. Are you part of the healthcare system, are you? Are you just a customer? Are you just end user wear Unin ecosystem? Are you with respectable funding preparation are in of disaster preparation. On so you know the the the the car touch points a spot at ecosystem information to. A tremendous amount, but the KIKI, thing is, is communication an instant verification of information, because one of the big things that's as we all seen unheard over. The US for five years is a new term. That new fake news on. Being able to figure out what is real, what is fake on ensuring that? Awa- constituents. Everyone. WHO's ecosystem is connected to? Accurate sources we are getting information from accurate sources. In your mind hoed. Do you think technology will will change after this whole covid? Nineteen pandemic is over I mean we've seen his old can help us to prepare an and so on, and we're going to look at what has obtained. No hope people have been drastically changing the way they do business, but. I guess with that mind. We can also look at how technology to change, and we can start to talk about some of the changes that we've already seen that. We're already seeing right now. Let's look at one specific application. Let's got zone. Last year. The information coming from zoom indicates that their average daily in the December timeframe us as was in the region of ten million. In the middle of March the data that they sent out to the public indicates that day within that three month period it daily usage went up to two hundred million. So. That one application alone. The use cases that they've had to prepare for so many things that. Maybe a month and a half of it two months ago. In my role at the advice customers at what technologies us to make communication, so of course in my deep research are on zoom. To the all. zoom bombing issue on issues with security with respect to zoom on softwares item make recommendations to all my costumers use Microsoft teams with as I was doing all of the that research. I saw the changes that zoom. Made from the beginning of win grow has decision deemed the covid nineteen pandemic on March eleventh. All the protocols that. Night that global government started putting this. Of course. People were working remotely in droves. Of Zuma's wanted to his that had to be. Adopted on, get used on very quickly by everybody. So the changes that that one that one application alone made mainly in the era of privacy unsecurity. So, one area of change is our own privacy unsecurity. When folks are working in their organizations and in their offices. Are almost clothe by the organization's it. Security protection. And, so there's a comfort in knowing that. You are within A. Schema protection however know that you're working remotely. We are not that comfortable in the more so here. All these other things that has to happen with respect to. The software that they're using so for us. One of the recommendations that we make daughter will costumers is switched on multi two factor authentication on the strengthening passwords on of course, ensuring that the connectivity between you officer you on the Internet is secure, so that's VPN's and corruption says a whole host of things that no. Some folks used to have it as additional. Software additional work that somebody somebody s how to do. A lot of technology no have to build that in to ensure that their applications are chosen over another applications because they can prove that it is not safe if you look at. All. The changes that go back to the first example zoom has made over the last two months. It is I. Mean they're thrown? Throwing resources on an People time money to ensure that they've built about the confidence that was lost in their platform because all the big. Government allegiances. Jumped off the platform as soon as A lot of these security loopholes were discovered on privacy. Leakages were discovered, so they've been working on a seriously to ensure that it You know call those holes and tried to be about that confidence, so that's up a big era of change. I disagree on Privacy. OUGHTA airs of change are who will. Not Technology, but Does that you know your question? Withhold with technology to change to change change in. My wife and I had this discussion just this week about. The readiness of oil. Senior folks were talking about over family members who are not seen. On the whole, there had to try to adopt. And adapt until this hyper use of technology to everything. So. Some of Oh folks. Have you know gotten you still pampering that? Some, supermarkets give them so for example folks who turn up the supermarket to have their resident packers already have half of their supermarket supplies already packed. Up One, Percent Underway. and. You? Know, it's not being unloaded anymore. Because the supermarket, no hostile prophesized that system systemized that soda. All your customers get that same treatment. So what's been happening? No, if I know setup an APP or set up. A fall. Mets emailed in Unsa folks who divide the. CEELO identify fall on email are sending knitting latte. They just call up their your favorite. Or favourite, yeah, whatever role the person's and have them set the perfect thing for them because they know the brands. No, no, we have to win Hunan Hunan! More people asking for service know. How do we know? Use Technology to ensure that more people can have access to that service so change there. and. These are very simplicity into basic changes. Music examples because. Today. Today la date is going to be but. There was a pathan that was. Organized by. Large Commercial Bank and Innovation Organization here recently and one of the things that had to happen as part of the. Deal. Preparing for this huckaphony his some problem statements from all the sponsors and I wear had several organizations that response responses I sat on the call with you know. The technology mini started Oliveros, Expenses and there are lots of use case problem statements by everyone from the Jamaica Constabulary Force all the way to private ticked organization, of Jamaica so bank National Commercial Bank that. That outlines needs that people have knowing that all of a sudden. No more than certain. Does supermarkets anymore. No more than the people in Ghana Banking Hall no more than a certain amount of people can. Can. Folks over sixty five, not a lot of places anymore so hard. They're going to get your services is a firm of that problem statements that were opposed to these hackers to cope with solutions indication massive. Right I want to say. We're mature either in Jamaica Limited. Onboard several years on. Thirty. Overseas nuts you. Learning Organization provides provide solutions to the government of Jamaica mended a minister of Education, our own digitizing in the delivery of indications to its students and provide the tools for the teach us to deliver that education, so we are the inbetween partner. We are the customer of the Ministry of Education we are the the ones that help to come up with the concepts and ideas of. What knobs are going to go into the schools, what? Technologies that were recommended. Teach us to use what. Labs we are installing and implementing. Our team goes on and on work. It's a rabbi Jewish in right now where? I've had years of labs in schools are more recent project with it was. A top in school. Initiative where we had. Relied on a pilot, a number of elected run going to fool delivery of that solution right now and. There is a big up until one of the big gaps right now is not enough. People have doublets because the project wasn't fully rolled out, the despondent appeared. And then for the few that have technology access. Not all the teachers have the ability on understanding of hall to. Use, the technology to deliver their curriculum so this massive gap between the teaching and learning, and we have to figure out ways so talkable a change. The era of education is going to be. Massively, change on of course last, but not least is is is a use of real estate, because of number of us have had to work from home recently, so we do have a situation where all of a sudden realizing that do we really need all of his real estate that will have been paying for or been clamoring because. Some of US including migrants we know realize that the use of technology. Especially Technology that we deliver the services. NOT DOES IT technology that we're using to use or turn productivity in office, but the technologies that ray was to deliver or services all them. All of a sudden we are realizing that we have increased productivity. Headedness can increase productivity with a problem resolution, so those are some of the changes that we are experiencing. The inauguration took on a number of folks that I've spoken to so. I will we have enough discourse discussion our own technology with change. Your son wholesome diagnosed with change. We certainly have and at this time Chris I'm going to ask you just to wrap up with your final thoughts about You know this whole it information technology services systems pandemic, and after you've done that, please feel free to share your contact information hole. Might my community members get in touch with you saw? The future digital future been talking about I've been talking about fault. Wild that digital future is now on the quotation you're rate at the top of the of the discussion. Was Ever a time interesting? Enough I have in front of me a book that dug up book. That is nine hundred years ago by the person that made a quotation book Avin. Front Amis be uh a business at the speed of thought. Is. One of the things I went through is that I winced chapter on government talking about government to the people. In some re I'm saying is that digital future is right now on a number of organizations that have been talking to digital transformation projects that have been languishing over the last two to three years have a fair amount of them. They have all happened in the last three months. So you know as they always. Saying was where there's a will. There's a way right. Right on, so a massive will has come across everyone. not country by them. Because for the first time in our entire history, we've had one situation affecting the entire peoples of the earth in the same way, the very same dime on, we have all the communication in front of us that we're seeing unexperienced in what's going on at the same time and so. The beauty is that we get. Anything that this beauty, but what can look to folks who, for example, a one China which has grown zero? What are they doing? No, so we can make decisions are on what lessons learning from that, and not to waste those lessons, and so that digital future is not. For anyone, who adult has to still hold information technology can help with that doesn't general. It are the broader of the broader umbrella of information communication technology of ICT. We definitely see that without that. We would not have been able to maintain some semblance of chronic connectivity of communication that our team was of continuous collaboration. I'm helping customers right now. run multiple. Board me everything using up applications that Microsoft teams got us what that's. That's that's. That's a preferred up for also Microsoft representative here Jamaica, and so yes, not the high level that digital futures. And Weekend the phone at all China's online, so of t-tech level website level of wwl DOT COM Jim on we are on instagram. facebook linked in on. Twitter although I'm not a big to the person. that. Yeah. It's again what being working in digital for. Over thirty years. You look at these methods of communication common. Go on, choose what you're going to work with going to work with on I'm not up big to the person I am on dial glimpse. No wonder what hey. Enough I no more for me. All right, thank you so much. Chris the record. Christopher record it has been a pleasure. You've shared a mouthful with us. I'm sure Mike. Community is more informed and they look forward to even connecting with you. Learn more about what he's doing on what you're doing as well 'cause. You're doing amazing stuff as well. Playing a great role in the Jamaican Society, so thank you for the work that you do. Thank you very much for the work that you do and I've Listen to a number of your of your gus on very very informative Congratulate you on your global reach a number of the speakers. Have be able to have a guest as while you know. Annika reached somebody's guys. I mean some of my favorites. That cassette on said Gordon. These guys amazing of so keep doing what you're doing and keep lifting the level and keep using all of your digital transformation tools to communicate unless. Jamaican to the next level. Thank you so much, Hamad. And thank you. Might people formal, but tuning into this episode with risk record I really look forward to connecting with next week and I. Want to remind you that my latest book podcast. The quickstart guide to launching and labeling of your brand is available on Amazon. Available in friend in. Print copy as as kindle, so if you just want to get the Iraqi person. Are you wanted to, can you? Whatever Amazon and find it or you can go to. His DOT com. Is it you? Know this. Guy Teaches. Why you need to start a podcast, no. One finding guests we. Took plenty. To Brian just so. We'll get your copy known. And I want to close the point of. This particular season. Before so here's my. God. All joint. Charleston him so that you overflow cope the co-op. The Holy Spirit Room in. Verse Thirteen. Thank you tuning in share this episode. If it means something, you find value in it, share it and forthcoming with you again. What good!

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