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You're listening to Fox given the one with. Dinakar. Maya. Hello. Curious fuckers I'm read on dime Florence and together where come curious when we're not just fucking around on Youtube instagram. Every Thursday, we invite new guest onto Fox gibbons talk about that best box were spot clan, the Fox that made them. We also answer your sex questions read out your sex stories. So stay tuned, we divulge all the delicious details. Hello Welcome. Be here. Thank you so much for having me. Thanks for joining us. It's good to get to see that we were just talking about not being able to see each other and then you did the little like, Hey, symbo the don't even. The Tang Lou the little finger. Cooled Hung Lee this. Yeah. I never. Hang loose I feel like we're looking. Gu's hanging hanging abused testicles joining us all the way from Copenhagen today I am I have been in Copenhagen since the start of Covid, I had a a a random move from. US So. I mean especially Demarcus, well that that's such A. Choice choice of people to go to. Now. Actually have dual citizenship lives here my grandparents. So could you how curious buckets and about yourself? Yes. I am a cam girl and I. in only fans Creator and I also write and do a little bit of acting and producing and have a website where you can host a workshop like a paid workshop. Called Money Mama Club. Amazed. Usually, you founded that whole that whole company and it's all about women empowering the women right and like. So using a talent skills to teach the people and also to unload morbid income as well. Exactly I founded it during the start of covid and the pandemics go as a place for women. All women including sex workers to turn their skills or talents into a digital product and I have a it's free to join and I have a free workshop on there that helps you get started in like processing. How exactly do you turn what you know in your brain into a products that you can sell. Online at and yeah. So just doing a lot of promo for that. Now it's it's slow but. I think it has. Potential for. Donate. I think also like you don't share the perfect times is when Melissa obliged they've got a little bit more time to learn. They do courses online and everything's online at the moment the pandemic not really going anywhere anytime soon. How have you been finding coming and only fans during lockdown and all of us or pandemic locks in our houses times. It's been an interesting at ups and downs because while I can technically work from anywhere as a cam girl I have been quarantined with my dad. For the first. Three months. Or four months even so actually my entire incomes switched to fans only because then I could manage you know when he was out of the House Grocery shopping or whatever taking photos and making videos and my live streaming income pretty much went down to nothing and that kind of inspired the whole money Mama idea because the way that the business model for only fans works basically that. You make one piece of content, a photo or a video, and then it's like how many people can I get to look at this so that compared to live streaming was super fascinating to me. I was like, wow. Then it's just two minutes doing the new stuff and then like all the rest of the time marketing, which is what I went to college for it's what I used to. Working before I quit for a online sex work and. Like the pandemic, really flashed that Lightbulb for me. When was like I'm I'm just trading time for money. So that's what we've been working towards this growing my ranking on Only fans but now I have my own place again ranking. I am in the top four point five percent right now. Let's get into the juicy, stop. What number one? The last, fuck. My last fuck at my last walk was a tinder match who lives. Four hours away you lives in a different city and it was Like. Two and a half weeks ago two or three weeks ago when he was coming to visit and he's coming back. You. Doing back this weekend. So I'm excited. Ready for your next Fox. Our second. I'm really excited that you having stuck. What made it become a second? we really good i. mean it was a very like comfortable and safe feeling first time like we chatted before meeting. A couple of weeks, and then we immediately. Per My request I was straight up like I would like to make out now. Let's. We've had two glasses of wine. Let us commence. I think people build up to this idea of the Shang and that becomes like so sort of pressure and terrifying from the people I think people should faulk us and then do what the rest off towards if you willing to like give a piece of yourself like that away depending on your thoughts about sex. I wouldn't be giving a peace away people that would be. Yeah I guess it's that whole argument of don't fuck on the first day or like if you folks right away, it's GonNa work mean that they're not going to be as interested unlike it's kind of odd I I kind of like agree and disagree with it because I think in some circumstances and it depends who is I think it really doesn't matter if you folks straight away or whatever like it really doesn't because you're not interested in. Then, they're going to be interested in you nonstop but sometimes I think it depends on the way the past and has kind of been brought up or like the way that they interact days. And then so. Then might actually 'cause I don't know the difference. Honestly just NAR is like one of those is kind of a myth, but then is a it's it's confirmation bias. That's my opinion that we like because my thinking was that he lives for hours away. He's just visiting for a week. So I didn't care. Yeah I would like I don't care if we have sex on the first meeting because I think your fun. You know hot and I want this. So I wasn't expecting like the conversation to continue so much. And really the band turned to be good and then he'll come back and I was like what? You show. You'RE GONNA disappear that's weird. So you actually expecting him because you've talked on the first date tonight Connolly's interest more because he lives so far away not like I wasn't thinking about fucking on the first date or not because I was like he lives far away and so who cares, yeah yeah it. Could pressure unlike the acting of expecting more probably made made them. WanNa see you made you want to see him again because there was no sort of like a while we're gonNA like be boyfriend girlfriend and settle down and get married and have kids it was Oh, just like we just fucking and that's it. Yeah. All we're to hang out like three times a week and all your free time is with we. Had, of course. So many of the of the opposite experience where might. There's potential here, but the potential is totally freaking me out and so I don't WanNa, have sex and I don't WANNA and Weird and if we do have sites I'm GonNa be like. Angry that at myself if it doesn't work out Yeah. So much mental assure I think that's the thing is it can be quite talks and because people can tell right if you will. If you really stop person and it's almost like I don't WanNa have sex in case I. Ruin this situation people can pick up on and then it's not comfortable and people just don't feel comfortable and it wouldn't add to be easy and we sometimes so sabotage ourselves making it complicated because we we allow feelings to get in the way there's nothing wrong with that warning human. But it's just like an before you know it. You've already ruined something that could be the. Acceptable they've ruined even because they were too nervous or Yeah. Put too much like strain on the whole thing or I guess let just goes into like putting too much pressure onto dating an online meeting people regardless that you should never ready go into a situation like thinking it's going to go somewhere oil like putting the pressure on it it should always. Be. Just like see how it goes If you end up fucking you talk if you daren't you dire like if it moves somewhere else that moves what else like it shouldn't you should never put the pressure on the fast pace because that is when do you mess up and you've got to have that open communication from the saw I guess official is. We've all done it. We've all been hard I know. One Program to overthink a plan stuff. We just we get carried away with ourselves and we start fantasizing about this potential relationship that we might have. Just stink majority of the generally speaking men do the men just go with the flow a post the. Rule and. Some people will. fantasize an will just go the phone just trying to get inside line. Own. Just do whatever man be ready cool about it. If I saw saying someone automatically just think about what our kids look like. A wedding with be like with the proposal be like how many children will be hadn't like fuck off. We haven't even folks yet. Leave me alone. Exactly and I tell myself to fuck off like three times a day at least shot. Where even talking about, you don't even know this I. Checked bring us from. Back to. The I fuck. My first time was not good. It was at I was fifteen and it was with a like. Like the lead singer of the band that all of my friends had also hooked up way if not with as well it was like. Yeah just a really. Cliche like Super Hot Band Guy. Lead. Singer. Before I don't know I don't like anyone in a band now hold on. I want you to have. Play sports I like is place Hornets now? Yeah But we so it was at a party. Everybody was you know hanging out and I was spending the night and then we ended up just going off to a bathroom and I did it on a bathroom counter for my time. He's look it's okay Can enjoy themselves. It's mollica experience faulk in a public three people. I was lying about my age I'm sure said I was like seventeen. I was only fifteen minutes that I was like seventeen, USC. Stigma. Around people have virginity, it's supposed to be this like really horrible could and lives, and so we end up yet lying to protect ourselves and protect that like the shame that we're still a virgin, which is just so damaging. You know just be open just about young virgin like that's just the way it is. I'm cool without you should be cool with that too. I feel like people should know. So they can have sex in a different way potentially yeah and we grow up and it's like, Oh, now all of a sudden, it's a great thing that your number low. Pollution. I ha what you're. You're a so proclaimed slot you've had sex with this many people what whoa no, no pays. Bridging that so complicated is sorry. His. Stupid. But I guess like. That must have been quite awkward in a bathroom as well like with. Did it hot? Was it like? Does her thus game. Wasn't pleasurable, but it's her. Ask. Wasn't pleasureable. Kissing was good. He was a good Kisser I. Remember you know the sex itself was not good. How did you feel like? Like no enjoying your time. I stayed the night and they ended up sleeping together again on the cow. I felt a little bit better that one was actually I thought good and pleasurable. But yeah, in in hindsight I'm always kind of like I. Guess it's just become more of like a funny story about Reifer signed by Yeah have like love sex for like four years after losing my virginity I was. Not Have boyfriends though the contrast that must have been exponential like, Oh, my goodness what why not been having sex with love being in love the how Exactly. Yeah and it just changed it completely now I like. Once, in a while a casual, this fine. Yeah I mean the connect like having sex having connection is a completely different game. Oh God I mean, even a little bit of chemistry like. When I was first starting to have sex, I didn't need anything didn't need anything except. Heh. Yeah. I think I. Also just like those. Are like guess casual sex can be really fun but it can just be just like Oh. Why? Like? Why did I do that? Especially when you're doing in ready random places like bathrooms I remember once when I had I had sex in a ball from our hostile once and he bent over the twitter and I was just like this is like. Awesome visit thousand feel-good I'm literally looking into twitter that's. How I love that Shit. So noisy you like a while I can still see skid marks in the Toyota unfought. I think, maybe the toilet seat was down sway didn't like White C.. K. Are. Boss still was just like garate little hostile room and ought to it's I felt like. Radio. And then I crawled into bed with left this guy's hostile over and went back to my old one and crew into bed with a guy that was in my hostile room and I was just like. Can you cuddle me? please. Thirty Kadhamy cuddle the stent. Joe. I know I didn't like worser anything. Just trading need to cut right anything to get out here Santana. Yeah. But I guess Osteo toilet experience you. Did you just like go on and like go bought the house policy? Yeah and that was the thing to we did the walk of shame out of the bathroom gladly. The new. Nee. New Yeah and then I mean, yeah and then we partied and then when everybody fell asleep I dislike crawled on top of him. On the couch and then I. Had My second I. I feel like the second best time is just a little bit better because you're feeling like. Like Niko little bit of confidence and you've just like, okay. Now now I can have sex I've had six nine now I know how it goes I know what to do. I got on talk. I? Really. Body the second time around. I had my second time was shower setbacks as well as like what we really agree i. I did want to mention I did recently have sex, but without a connection and it was really good sex. So I think that you can possibly do it. You can't have good sex wet you just you meet someone I mean we talked within two hours of me. Each other bellied spoken word hadn't followed each other social media would try to each other and yeah, we we just ended up having really really great sex it was a key in my. Own. Said communicative on his eyes yeah. Wow away those on. Just transaction. Yeah. I definitely that you can have good sex without a connection as well. But like it's just a different, it's just a different thing is like it's a different type of sucks. Mustard when you when you're not only. Yeah they all things sometimes, you can literally just be set off by the tiniest movement and other times it takes fucking. Our is to be able to reach orgasm like I'm just as well. Give up fuck this. I'm David Rudolph and I'm Sonya pfeiffer and we are the hosts of abuse of power. We have dedicated our careers to writing wrongs by the justice system, but here's a company that is doing things right Adam and Eve Adam and eve has thousands of sex toy products to make you glad you're staying at home shop online at Adam and Eve dot com or almost any one item at fifty percent off and get ten free gifts gifts for him for her and ones you'll both enjoy plus six free movies and free shipping use code a free at checkout that's code eighty free at Adam and Eve dot com. Fuck three. The Best Faulk It was when I was twenty two. When it first started dating my most serious. Boyfriend Mike. The longest I dated someone for five years and we broke up in two thousand seventeen. So this was like one of the very first time we had. Slept together, and we were like having a movie night where we were on his bed and then I had a friend. Over, and he had a friend over and they like everybody was in the room and it was dark and we were watching a movie and we had just been fooling around the whole time but might not having sex, but just fooling around the entire movie finally, the movie ended and everybody got up to go to the bathroom or get a snack or whatever, and we just fucked so quickly. But so like explosively, we both came at the same time. You know just like minutes like as soon as everybody left the room, it was like instant both just came within minutes, which I love like the sooner. I can get a really don't like marathon bangs I'm lazy. Without. Fine. I. going. By. Time shouldn't be. Short. fucking. Was this the first time that you had slept together as well. Now, it wasn't our first time, but it was in like it was maybe you know second or third in that really likes I I you can't keep your hands off era. fucking hilarious as well. The five you in a room for the people and they probably need that you fooling around Spurs league by the movies over like Faulk of leaving of getting out. Having sex. Thanks to me. They they didn't know. They know they know that was happening. With that I mean my mind girlfriend who who was over I'm still friends with her. We've never ever ever spoken about it. Maybe I. The. Thought this was like eight years ago I. Seven or eight years ago and and I just saw her yet the other day. The day went out should wait they went out to the in the room when you sex now they were they left the room. Making out the whole movie and like I was GonNa say you can tell when people are like like. Sloping hands going everywhere in wrestling of covers even if you're under the covers people. Slur cute. What made thought fuck the best fog. So like the secret for playing like I definitely have a thing for like you know we're not supposed to be hooking up right now and. And be quiet and like that whole vibe is really sexy to me so. Already like my my fantasy. In real life kind of and then also like. The nostalgia of it being you know the person that I ended up spending most of my adult. Romantic experiences. And it's Yeah and just I mean he just had really take. Half. Was Puffing. Fit Your Lock. Yeah. Exactly. What about the size when? I've at the size now who really really really isn't I have fallen in love with all sizes expand China's so it's really not about the Dick size at all. It does it actually doesn't know because it is. It's just about the fit with you and like everyone has completely different genitals and different shapes just what for different people? I. Guess People will always all seem that question does size matter and I. It's quite hard. I guess it's probably quite hard for. People with penises to think that it doesn't because it does quite ultimately it does come up in conversation quite a lot about like we are pressured. By. A large Pena. But it is just the person using it ready. We it really is. Yeah. I think if the pain is I had the day was pig out I wouldn't I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it so much. You're going to be Venus lab the other day just. Every section I'm trying to think about it relatively aid is in from experience. It's hard because obviously I've had Thomas's penis for so long and if I think that's like the politics Pena's but it's not always sometimes it hurts sometimes it like doesn't hit the sides but then sometimes it's too big. It's also depends on like we are cycle ism what your vagina saying. Buck number four. The worst. The worst time I think it was also around the beginning. The Dawn of sex. In the dawn of sex in my life, am there was a guy from a different high school. We didn't go to the same high school, but we went to the same parties and it was like at a House party on trampolines. Praise. As sex on a trampoline is really difficult and uncomfortable and it was dark and we didn't know we were doing and. Yeah, it was so bad and people were like kind of noticing that we. Rolling around on the trampoline. Oh Fog I feel like people might think that would be a good idea because you'd get more like momentum shot. Spring. You can't. There's no way because when it goes. Down like bounces back all my God. Shit. So never have sex trumpeting guy is a lesson we hit. Quite hard surfaces as well. So it's not. About the soft comfort. The knees go into the bed and you kind of meet each other more in the middle website eaten Siphon. I'd love to focus. On your like a worm. Lena like. My friend used to have a trampoline younger, and also once you get on a trampoline you just you can't really stay where you are like it's hard to zip amply it's hard to like wool trampoline alone actually fuck on it because you just have kind of no control of your own gravity. See I guess. You'll be I don't know because it's such a flat thin surface, which is bending every time. You put like a little bit of weight and you also have like frost like I. Don't know the balance is completely off I can imagine getting like sick almost from functions. that. It, it really wasn't good. Just. momentum of it was it the past as well like was lack of communication or was it just not fun? As would I mean? Lack of communication awkward positioning. Or? Circumstances because it wasn't. It wasn't private and like walking around kind of questioning what was happening. Yeah not not a total random like a somewhat boyfriend, but still not not a love not a love for Sharon God like having sex in awkward places is just the one said now I feel sorry for fifteen year. Old Me I'm like Oh my God, why do that? I bet just so comfortable that's what I wanNA fuck modest this where I in base it is. It is just comfortability and of course, if you'll couch I really like. Cow. Is a lot to lean over. The SOFA. Is My like second favorite I also kind of like. Counter Fox. Like when you also of like your sitting on the edge of the county on this fucking you your legs like wide open and like thoughts. Quiet. It sounds hard but then you have to make sure the kitchen high is the same height as their legs. Otherwise they're up on their tippy toes or the to show. That is true. Maybe only works if you're the perfect height for. Me Talk About Shower Fox when we think that the really hot and CPA poor could in one person's like on the the other person's like crouching and it's just really hard on your legs. I. Think I've ever had a good shower, fuck. That weighs like it's kind of like a cool having excite. This is nice like, but it's never like this is the best faulk or now never like crazy pleasurable. Not Show like how often I've ever all Gaza? MD. In shower but for some reason. I don't stop trying to do it. Affect is the puppet pace. If you're both in the shower together, 'cause you're with these other naked and you end up old semantically like going to sex even though you know it's GonNa. Be. Shit. Why do I keep doing gay? Next. On things at the time and you let. The optima read have you ever fucked anywhere like Super Super Awkward you'll get a show me bring up again but the laws fought that I had. This is amazing. position our. Position So we talked three times in a row in in the in the in the session and we went to go get my alcohol and we ended up I was like you WanNa fuck outdoors like I haven't had the opportunity. So we went into some bushes and I was like it's still not covid up enough we conduct a wool. Fuck between these two trees outside. This is like not last night the night before was it's like super fresh. It was so uncomfortable on the pitch black floor, the twigs and stones everywhere how Big. Like. I was constantly thinking about will the spy knows Wolf Spider Season House by the season. So I just kept imagining I was crushingly poll fucking spiders and insects and because it's on the floor as well you don't have that like a position you can't meet each other. So his hit was riding to my high so badly We're GONNA have to stop because I'm not enjoying this. This isn't pleasurable from it's an exciting experience and I enjoyed the experiences fun I was at like China was like Nah Nah the same comfortable. As we walked out, we realized we were at the firefighters station in the Garden House, like we go and see TV. Shows. You See. Not fucking just walking out together. Shit. Though if you outside and retrieves about like you adjust. Ike. A standing fuck, which is didn't even think to do. We just went on the floor assigned. Number five. The fuck. That made me. I was thinking about this before I got on and I guess it was a so the same guy that I lost my virginity to I think maybe a year later I think I was like sixteen or something. We. We slept together again and he had gotten like a motel room because he I don't remember if he i. Didn't like his roommates or he got kicked out or he was homeless I get on you WanNa know guys. Like I don't know he got a motel whatever. Went over and. I we had sex, and I came for the first time I like I discovered the competence to actually just like take rubbing into my own hands for the first time her like, yeah I had been having sex for about a year. And we were in we're doing it Doggie and I just decided I was like this doesn't. SEX IS NOT IT SEX SAVE IT I. To do what I do at home when I. How I know how to come and then I came in I was like, oh. My God. I. Ended the crush on the guy like. Idiot like I barely need you. You know like Oh, my. Fascinated with it. Yeah. Yeah. Soon as I came out like. You're a moron like I don't. Need. I could be anyone I have the choice like. Like we have to. Sympathize with him. He probably just didn't have the right sex education like he probably just had no idea. No idea what he was doing it wasn't given. I nor like it's always, the thing isn't oversee. We all need the sex education, but we all need to like. Also just Like we all need to be like perceptive and like enjoy other people's pleasure 'cause I think when it comes down to when I think of the time, it comes down to people literally not Brady giving a shit about other people's pleasure in just being selfish. But it depends on the age I feel like really does feel at once you'll pass the agency's Zebedee then it's like you need to start doing your research not just looking at porn and thinking that that's like the sex education you're GONNA get like look good informational sites look like actual reputable sources just can google. You know you can see what's bullshit and what will actually make sense Reebok WanNa. Look at Lee. Is Not to you know, yeah, I, think also going back to the actual fuck I think it's so important to arm actually get confidence to be able to pass yourself during as well. Like stall rubbing that clip because what why wouldn't you when it's GonNa. Make the sex like ten times better and his in doggy like position. That's like. I find the perfect position to at least get my hands or a sex toy involved and like going really just pushes it like over the edge. For This week's let's question is I'm seventeen on female and I have just ended a one plus year relationship my boyfriend as I'm going away next year and I don't want a serious relationship right now ended on great times we still talk regularly. We were just we were talking about how the other day we both just wanted sex and he suggested that we should meet up on Faulk I really want to. But is it a good idea as Ernie Berkoff a couple of weeks ago I feel like I'm completely over him but I don't know if it's the same for him. However, he's the one who suggested we fought and he said that be no feelings involved. Is it west trying but risking all friendship? He's help. So tricky I mean I i. think if you're getting the vibe from him thought it might be more than a fox to him. It's probably better to play it safe. We can get so caught up with our axes and bit especially because like Ooh, especially if the sexist good I feel like you might just need to. I. Mean of course you can risk in a he needs to learn himself because maybe in his mind he does think it's going to be okay and then when you fuck, he might actually realize like he doesn't want to. But I will also need to take that responsibility in go like this actually might be an issue for them even though I'm cool with her and it might turn into something more market complicated or someone's speeding's cricket her yeah, and also she doesn't know if she's completely over him either. The state territory thing it's just. I think fucking exits is always just GonNa be complicated yeah. If you communique everything that you said to offer to him then maybe like maybe you could do it because I mean our friend Alani, she's being fucking her ex like sin? Saber. aqap night they still have great sets Thank. Goodness you're. Not Friends with any of my exes definitely not backing them. I don't do I. Don't do friends with my ex Nicole you. Some cases in some instances, you can do it, but I think it's so rare and I think it's New Dead to me. How Does this anymore. I think I think the fucking bit is dangerous. I think being friends with X is definitely durable and possibly you have great friendships but You get Sykes back involved. It does complicate things suggests have radio thing in two about it beforehand if you gonna go ahead with it. So it's time for us to off now done again. Thank you so much show. It was not good sorry about all the technical issues, this episode, obsolete nightmare of mice in your idea better about my it makes me feel better about my fuck ups. I'm so. Curious focus find you. You can follow me on Instagram at Danika with a K., Maya with an I at Danika Maya, and you should join money Mama and it's Dot Money Mama Club Dot com. On so the people that live. and. The in my only fans is that the same Danika my as my instagram only fans dot com slash Dan Maya and I have a link tree in my instagram profile that has all of the All of the links. INSTAGRAM is so hot. I love that. Awesome. Thank you. I put a lot of work it. I have some fire coming out right now so We have an amazing shy. God. AND WITH TIME In his cross? No Joy. Out It. would be just eh offline. And hopefully things on communicate communicate everything, and thank you so much for listening to this wonderful episode. Of Fox given. Of course, you can find social media come curious which is on instagram twitter and youtube baby as well as our personal accounts read on the x and Florence Bark and if you have a sex story or question, please email the main. Given pocus at G. Mail Dot Com and you will hear us next week. Baby.

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