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Among uh game saints one two slain remains one of the best kept secret. You went flat here. Better much much lab. Did you fix it much as Kobe. Out of work I wait and see what was going on so much better now for like a fucking charm. That's new patient. Let me let me ask you the question you avoided. Is this your least favorite day of the year. Yeah I was GonNa Start Associated title holidays. boy was Mushoo. Man Oh man. He's rolling over his grave right Auburn Avenue right now only my day. I got to get them out here working out today. Oh I agree listen. The nation literally does so correct. Nobody literally nobody like a might train station. Nobody was there besides me big ass day on at a day off moisture. Data remember not a date of Newton. Love the life that shut up okay. Let's talk about pleasant things like your trash chute your laundry shoot guys like it. Pretty good shoot tyler. Did you see my appeal from the shoot. Yeah they're more videos. I saw the original. I Sook big one in. Yeah look at Abbas you call them and to suck on Luther King Junior Day. I don't think we're scoping king lineup. which is like I think? Now that Patrick Mahomes okay. Here right next to Drivers Kelsey the guy in the bag. That's Andy Reid. Why you just telling me a picture of the chiefs? What about him? No that's the Kansas City. Chief ask who does the larger with us down there Moosh your mother. I'm guessing I I imagine everybody just puts it down. Nobody knows where it goes. or She's just like these mother fuckers. Yeah usually because my mom's not home really because usually in Florida Dad so it's like it stays there for a while and now I'm really really well. I'll have to do laundry one of those things like it's just not difficult. It's not no no incorrect. TV power to wash and then forty five minutes drive. That's literally so long. Aw Yeah I can understand if you had to like stand there and watch it otherwise it would like stop but you don't you don't have. You don't like take if you had to go to like a I WANNA say laundry but I'm best not correct laundromat laundromat laundry. More boscell fossil somewhere. Yeah if you had to a Matt and you actually have to like sit there is going to steal your clothes like yeah that attic get. That's annoying but what are you have in your own home. You just toss that sucker in there and then come back later sensitive I. It was a good. I'm hoping you throw for yourself down after the phone instead of running down the steps to get it. Believe me I'd try. Yeah can't is not as wide as I had hoped. That's my only knock doc on it probably like what's the Seraglio is a three year. Old Child could fit in here. Okay knock it off four inches on each side the good shoot no shoot. It's a whole it's a whole thing. It's Nice for me when so you just you just have no closing in the bedroom. You know like when you go take shallow strain on my brothers is such a fucking lazy. Fuck there's always his closeness ahead we have shoot these never the laundry. Dan's life I find hard to believe you've ever did a laundry day alive moisture. I I so like I don't mix and match clothes well. I just throw whatever's on the floor in this while mix everything together sweat shirts. The Orange Pink Martin wouldn't approve. Mix Keller's things of this nature. Gus Gosh sick today. You're probably sick to your stomach. that it gets a day. It stood with Arizona when they voted against it and eighty seven. Oh even know what that means. I know you don't racist p the guys watch curb yes I didn't I didn't even know was already. I knew it was coming back. I didn't know it was already backed. Though man. It was unbelievable it was tyler. I bet he did. He did so he got out of every situation great uh-huh and he leave. La where yet la. That's why it's funny must went to the booth brothers neighborhood things speaking of today says lady was. They don't give you a face as a historical day. Everyone knows that I can't wait to see where this goes on the thing that lady loses owes a white lady was on the treadmill and Larry pissed because she was She was pregnant and he does she. She has no respect for the fetus. So so it talking to me go. She goes goes well. My husband is African. The American and he stops these. You like saying that. Don't you want me to know that your husband. That's so funny. Got To say about the no respect. The fetus as a so funny. A strong line in another part was the wobbly table. You're like the wobbly tables at restaurants and shit though worst and under fucking what's his name named Liam Martin Luther King. You know I know who you're talking about a Jamie's move. He's like talking. Take my uncles got shaky leg fucking can stab mcadoo as uncle. That don't tell. Yeah if he gets a shaky leg I mean he's already thin enough ice. Yeah exactly well tyler to watch the episode anymore. We just saw now you. 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PODCAST two thirds of it at least thousand say then which one not this one I mean I wish I was plotting to immunize if I just the AM. Because I was GONNA say for this show you were great. I know me good but you are good to stop. And I'm betting the winning those games but the colleges fucking me in because you don't know anyone on any of these teams. That's what I keep telling you I bet on. How would this morning the two did it? Hit has a page it the plan right now. They're loser down C.. One forty two stimela but the spreads twenty one. Okay you just see a big number like that you like. They've got to cover twenty one. I mean yeah all right fair enough. That's saving US DA boy. You thought they play like better because it was Martin Luther King Day. No he didn't get no worse. Boy exactly why you bet on them. I'm never going to play. This is coming out. was what a terrible thing about me. How many days are in Ronkonkoma? Most three everybody wrong took it home away. From home Jagger Mucci over here said number always John Howard who were they playing. Why don't they too bizarre schools? Take that is peculiar. I don't know how that got schedule. Who called who yelled has visit our number blocked? That's today and I know how it got needs. Nothing from Yale so I don't know who knows who knows who knows but ought to everyone. Al Qaeda is a massive NBA. They they play all day. I'm surprised it wasn't a noon game. Honestly I feel like they usually is and yeah it starts with Detroit at Washington so this this is gonNA come out probably right at. I don't think either of you guys have Detroit at Washington. No doubt about that. Gay just can't Smart Tyler. So how can I tell you that I have the l word of the day this Let's let's let's let's say maybe we don't throw throw that one around so much anymore twenty years when he three years the Honi three for my lock of the the Millennium and they broke their winning streak in San Antonio the day I bet winless streak yeah winless group well the winds zero so all they needed was Tyler GonNa Gambling podcast that I listen. This is there's never been a more surefire or fire thing he was like. Oh Wow that's a long street. I'm GonNa do something a close personal friend Kevin. Hart it was like fuck you withers. Yeah we'll we'll we'll put that one in the dirt for good start another twenty three year and right now can't wait. Oh without question. Yeah they'll never win San Antonio again till the next time you call it a lock. The Knicks game they got blasted by thirty points by the Pistons. You can't make this stuff up. Man That is very funny Martin. What's your first game by? Alert of the game is a net Smith. Half gets the sixers. Why let me tell you what who do carrier? Just compare themselves to Dr so he thinks thinks he's Dr J.. Today he has to play good. The sixers are trash on the road and the nets. This is it. Dr J. 'S GONNA win. Jay was also six though exactly so he thinks oh maybe hopefully covers. He's sixers regardless I ah even knows probably not yet. What our uniforms really man? But the day is why are the mets. Might as one half when their the trash. That's even even philly on the road without embiid. That's way too close. That's the sixers should be my three. Probably they are terrible. I'm Jay Vo true. He was a net to its confused. This is the doctor J. Memorial on the other Doctors Day so they let him go the jump ball and play with the red white and Blue Labia bar. I'd like that. What A? What a terribly bizarre quote by Kyri isn't that bizarre uh-huh is it even a bizarre for for him it is because it had like at least something to do with basketball like normally is bizarre quotes? I have nothing to do with basketball so for him to even I know who Dr J. felt desire now. He knows he's like he's a story. He knows all that stuff he's been holding it for that like he's known this for fifteen years ready to drop it at the right time. Is Friday night games at Kyrie. Irvin Magic Johnson. That's mate tall steph curry. I'm money on. No Sir are already what you I bet. In my first bit bulls at Bucks I see bucks thirteen and a half. I'm taking books on the points. And the under twenty six or twenty seven under plus two forty. They played them twice beaten about twenty one to fourteen both on the road and the total for those games to twenty five in two sixteen. The win win but they'll hit the under they won't but that's what I'm betting plus I respected respected cut out when we're still talking about very does not there. We finished Mr Podcast. We could tell you what I still haven't gone yet. The box plus Box with appoints and the under okay I read. Does he notice that he doesn't have to make excuses till next year. Now right now. He doesn't know that I feel like he should saw him for him. You could lose every game unsure. Nolan's The cat knowing everyone's to go away is it'll be all that to you right. Yeah Shit Yeah it really feel like you should sources tell them but that's the whole that's the whole reason. He left Cleveland. He's like Oh yeah. I can prove that can be the guy mile if Katie was healthy this year. Honest Guy Wonder if he would've if it would have been as easy. I think he just wants to be the guests so I think this year was like I'm going to be the guy with when he gets back he's my. I hope I've already set the table now. I think he hated being the guy in Boston so much that he was being in Boston and he still wants to beat you. Don't lose being the guy he just like. It was them not me. I'll just go get somewhere else. If he's according to him. It's still them. Yeah it's that's okay. I'll go to Detroit. Then they love me. I'm the guy in Detroit. My first pick celtics plus two and a half against the Los Angeles Lakers ones. That seven thirty. I don't really know about that one which I was defense lately last I. Hi that's why there's no way they're like there's a better chance marcus. Smart has eleven threes again. Then I defense is not fucking now. Eighties available L.. But I think he's GonNa play and if if this line balloons of it's like Celtic plus six by the time eight weeks. They said he's available. I guess he's he's not officially in yet. If this goes like plus sex I'M GONNA take plus sex. Goes the other way like Oh. He's definitely plant a Lakers plus nine Yeah Mark Lose. Like Devon Booker has the highest career we are average of anyone ever against Celtics. That's something that he always does. Marcus hidden eleven. Threes on twenty one attempts may be the most impressive thing never ever happened in. NBA Game Why. He Guard Devon Booker. That would have been more impressive. He was too busy hitting every three under the Sun Tyler. That's he hit enough of them. Could I still love shifting. Hit twelve thirteen. Well we got fucking hayward missing wide open labs and crunch time. How much more can amend do I do? Love at at the story turned into. What a great Guy Marcus? Smart instead of. Hey we're just blowing the late great. Pr Does Oh back act like that's that's where it's like if Kyrie was on the TV like what are you. How am I supposed to win with with Whitey MC buzz-cut over there like what am I supposed to do with swoop duty broken leg man Hanover? This Abbas let's hear it. He's still talking about the Celtics. Nah Now as you want to know is a slander. So I'm like anti splinter slaved. I WanNa know what's wrong with the Denver Nuggets. The I don't know what Murray's out with the folks who I think I don't know like I don't know if Maliki bees like unhappy but I don't know what's going on with that but there there are a whole all all year been like what's going on with the nuggets and they're still thurdsay terrible. They win. What's going on their shitty team? That didn't have the lost it late. They're willing to hold a uneven today. There plus tuna heavy To roll back but still tables it will be a a plus to have xactly Soul it's going to be out Murray still out and all I can think of. Is it an early league. Because they're playing the day. Okay we'll sit back to back. They played at eleven last night and play it to thirty eight. PM like play. They've got him on the Michael Boorda junior like sit for the whole year. Then we'll reassess next year. I mean he didn't play in college. We played like a smooth it. Neither he played. Mike Boorda forgot about the tools. Getting the Sure did you think Allen Crab goes off the night. I think he's out I do when you get traded. Is it just like you. Just miss ever many games you want just like. I'm still getting accustomed man. I'll play after the all star break. I'm I'm putting the rattle on. I'm taking the nuggets. All I was going to get routed rat. Say Jay word instead they just need to end by two or they don't even need to lose lose by two and nobody hit the along so I did. You aren't anybody. How about the hurtful but the day according to most so you can say it? Downright what's what's your second game. AM whiskers second game. which is paces versus? McMahon's jazz. Don't care for that Mhm I need Brogden and TJ warned score. Forty two points mush forty two points plus two hundred right now. There are thirty six game. Last time they played the jazz. They hit forty five. It's forty two points you. Do you do math now. Doing some shift is his Conley I think is back. I don't know if that's good or bad for you because he wasn't playing well before he got hurt. Now if he's back I feel much better about it right. The very least taking a couple of games get back into the rhythm of thinking. Yeah so maybe that means he's going to be good at first and then get back to stinking. He can't guard both of them. I brought to school. Forty to warn can lay an egg. I don't care I just need forty two. Plus Tommy wants to just take Indiana plus seven. I would like I had the jazz are airplane. Well but Indiana's still really good as I say you had your chance. You didn't do it so long. The next and the cavs was. I'll listen you know. I was looking at a logo time for that baby Lord took over time. What stinker the game would you see one and a half but I saw one when I I checked so I don't know where I'm seeing one and a half it literally? Every big money poured it on someone. I can't imagine that happen as RJ healthy the line dropped. It's bad news with Nick I'm just GONNA take a memphis minus two and a half is so fucking annoying to New Orleans. Yeah it's at home. I feel like Memphis always plays at home today right probably this should be this. I am debut man debut on the road they should. He's got some naps to catch on the bench. We are now you've got some gum boaty Odi one sleepy fellow ties to eighty. But did you. He said man. I like watching the king. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I liked that bit by Tim. Looking at the under him him saying like to twenty and a half to twenty one to twenty two and a half At know about knows anything but to what. What's the cabinet right behind you? What's in there this guy right here? That's the that's a lot of glasses. Glasses do lapses mugs things of that nature. You just have glasses mugs in the cab of bowls in place saliva cabinet guy okay. SMART was your garbage onto the sick for my lunatic mush as garbage in the cabinet and his bowl is just put it up. Top over the over the Margaret Brennan the microwaves and if why actually hate that out of sight out of mind yet I don't know what else you put bread. If you have a breadbox what I read adventist breadbox has to be like it's A. It's a good idea for an invention. I don't hate the idea. But no one's getting fucking breadbox ninety ninety more but I bet when they first came out billions podcast. Ninety stupid brother. Thought you put him on speaker phone. What'd you call them Nizing Eisin? That's not his name called legend. Yeah isn't that much to now. I can't imagine what's he call you. Job Okay given the names. You should've the head over to the answer we donald do you water today do laundry today. Absolutely it's much. I love it loud. The love from watch considering that's unreal. I love that movie a great brothers. They WANNA get Pizza Pizza for dinner. You don't want to block stuff cheese pizza for lunch. He's like now. I gotta cancel the delivery punk. No that's the problem. He you can't think about what you want for dinner when you're hungry now 'cause you're just going to get that now the hunger Saudi even know what I want. You get like three things for lunch. That's true so you get chick-fil-a you get five guys you get pizza. Yeah Hey was that she is too cold out outside so got cheese steaks. Okay our we we bought a short he's mandated day without. I think we have to. Oh come on to talk about his Vegas. said he's so into the do spend phase. Now you can't get now. How do you know what it was like we? We told him that on the last picks last mixed us all of us. The news being the deuce Bay he bought into a heart. Tran- Tom to keep doing that said he was that exactly. I love a heat tall is he. I thought it was like I'm not too that he just came over. The Guy Fawkes over last night. Twenty Florida the toy midsize beyond beyond. What's a while? I'd love a good Carter. What about I know? There's no reason to even say hey that we also didn't cuddle knows over. It was my aunt she caught on the phone. We have to. We have to talk to you soon. Sued he doesn't listen to us so there's almost like not even appoint we got. He listens to US wrongly. Big Time we gotta tell them what he's doing. Great dumbed down. He'll go the other way like you want. The daughter wants a daddy to hate her boyfriend. You talk about how great he is. Bad is love. what your third pick. Did you give it now last. Pick warriors at Portland. I'm going back to the player point Handicap Lillard is like the leader so whatever he scores. He's this topdog. That's plus three twenty. I liked the Angelo though he gets plus six and a half that plus four thirty just because I could see Damon Eh. Thirty thirty two but dentals average only twenty four game and neither one of these teams playing defense. I'm taking the Angelo and the seven points to be. Ah Leading score. Wanted Melo badly. But then just ain't Shakin your favorite now for melody plus eleven and a half apple plus five fifty doesn't feel worth. I'll take the low A.. Plus four thirty. I can't wait to Lillard. Scores Eighty one point Russell. Scores Seventy two. He's closed but I still miss speaking of eighty-one did you see how horned horned up Jalen rose was. Why are people trying to fuck Lamar Jackson? You want a wild weekend. Jessie the lady was like who decided bestiality was bay. That was absurd tweets absurd. Sometimes you're a block a day. Just it finds you. Are you have to do much work. You come right to the basket man. He's just play in my part. Oklahoma City is getting a lot of points at Houston. I fully understand that Oklahoma City. Maybe kids is good as Houston. I think they just one of these like just played. Now we go home and home series There's so many games it real like I thought it was. I remember like in having a slate but I did always think it was like twelve to thirty five eight like now. It's like twelve up to to a one. St like Christmas. You know is muggy. Sit Down Eleven. No Bait her down twelve. I took them live mid thirty five to them. Live close fourteen hats and plus twenty one. Good luck you can do it most Boy Now that was last week. They play the Rut but they beat them by twenty hours remember shy Charlotte plus four and a half at home a lot going on eh about to go to France man. I don't know I was thinking about getting into that game was like I wonder if they just play one good for the states. No one we're about to go overseas Tang it all. They're gonNa Fried and realize going to distracted Perry the books too. So it's like oh boy. Yeah I'M GONNA take a I'm going to take the under two twenty twenty one because I see this number of between two twenty two twenty two and I also say to twenty one celtic under to twenty one at Sacramento at Miami good bit. I hate it now. One hundred ninety eight. Ah Jerry. Bali got sixty in the first quarter up. I'm like why didn't I bet it. Oh my God I want it on the record. I didn't know anything about how would before I met them. Shit I feel like you know much about about yellow teeth like I didn't know much about the school of Halid historically black no had no So it's tweet als day. I had no idea how many how many Hvac US either. I mean that is yeah Black Haji University Stanford. It's not a lot looking at say. Twelve hundred seven. You just hear about this one hundred and seven. Yeah you hear about the same twelve but yeah I feel like there's a there's a decent amount of like a and I don't know if I said twelve nuts because like Graham black. There's like the twelve that you only hear about Tyler recite or zero that wait till you tell them what they let. Women go to college to College for only women too much. Did you know that ooh my over my dead body college. I went to was just all women that I then what I applied it was seventy eight set limits. The school when I went to Seles was the most northern Pennsylvania with them and I will say Pennsylvania Ohio Howard's DC DC's Washington DC. Delaware doesn't WANNA in Delaware. I'm guessing this guy to be four for this. New Elevators not more north and Pennsylvania. It is in my book in Delaware and Vermont is like a twenty minute walk. It's got to be like I just have never heard of you hear the same Tim but yeah. There's plenty of them and women's Schools Mush. Say what you're thinking shows what you hear me yes. He's back like alcorn state I didn't owes. HPC till we talked about it very recently. Yeah Steve McNair. That's why that's why we talked about it. I had no idea Pretty good used to be a lot more boy. What's happened happened motion frozen again? All right. We'll we'll it was great. This screen shot at on this out mush when he finds out today is Martin Luther King Junior Day uh-huh and the girls in schools. I got disconnected. I'd cheese Martin's issues. Yeah here's enough will have will hold on. I think I've close at this tweet. There was just sent to the group. Oh boy hi has a quote On Martin Luther King. Oh no when I was out for those separate weeks and not saying anything still saying things about me. It's inevitable. Will it crucified Martin. Luther came speaking about peace and social integration Kyrie Irving yes network. This is from yet not even twenty minutes ago so this is hot off the press. This is why Jalen hates this guy. I know he's just he's just got a tweet like a frog sipping tea. At least don't keep up on current means that every time Kyrie says stupid so constantly just listen. I gave twenty seven to the Knicks. Okay didn't real hero. It's the Yes network dear Lord. Thanks Kyri data remember Evan. Turner said they hated on. Oh Jesus too and that would be like Kyrie's like four hundred most notable quote hated in Jesus but they never saw him with the double team on me. He couldn't yet no less. It holds an anti-gun and Jesus Christ all right. Well we'll see you guys later. Probably probably the new batch of Kyri quotes. I can't wait.

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