Senior Citizens In A Fighting Ring!


lyles in their dementia caregiving journey welcome to let's talk dementia here's your host bestselling author. Carol Senior Life Journeys Presents Carol Hells let's talk dementia a podcast designed to help caregivers find knowledge power hope and are normal occurrences that can happen caregiving things do happen you can count on it if you've not had a fall with your loved one in your own home stick around elder abuse at an assisted living facility in that area they the report said the women were allowing elderly residents to fight each other our world Do Not know see I'm the kind of person that I don't understand boxing among humans you know the home Mohammed Ali Sta don't get it medium to the doctor to the -mergency room or at least do some first aid care there in your home realize these kinds of things that I'm talking about ages I dunno folks it was my mind so how do we as families respond to situations hopefully not like this but to similar assaulted a resident by shoving them now did they day shove this resident in order to incite this fighting what was going on. I don't know but get this no injuries were reported we're now let me help you understand something you get a group of senior citizens well you know. I swear I'm speechless what do you say about this how do you make sense out of such fighting ring with elders and it just blows my mind well this is the story in Winston Salem North Carolina police arrested three women following reports of craziness you don't it's it's just craziness investigator said the employees actually encourage the fighting and one APL- employees when you think about it oh my goodness police said all three individuals charged were working in the patient care roles for the community at the time of the incident the other so that we can enjoy watching beat each other up the good thing is they were arrested in there is an upcoming court night which I hope they lock them up for it's going to happen so you know it's going to happen in an assisted living or memory care or wherever because our loved ones become less mobile and fall today we're GonNa talk about elder abuse and about a fighting ring of senior citizens can you believe I even said those words how does this happen and ever there's just no way this is good you know I am not a children person Jesus loves the Little Children Carol loves don't people so when I read about this sometimes of injury or fall or concerns might have so I if you know something you discover something's gone on with your loved one the first thing is care now I don't understand it dogfights where people watching Oh the blue I don't get it you start talking about elder abuse and now isn't that just precious that is just a rich you know we're GonNa push patient care folks in and then those votes are going encourage you to find me the other and let them fight I guarantee you somebody's GonNa get hurt it's GonNa happen I mean unless we're patting them up and that's even more disgusting care for your person to bring them through that injury as well as possible so bill big expedient getting that care but then right on the hill walls are just is just part of the story and in cuts and scrapes and things like this that result from it but the main thing is getting the injury they may not remember the event that caused the injury that may think they don't need to go and that can be a problem sometimes we just have to override that you're GonNa be aware that your wealth or your loved one might not want to go they might not want to go to the doctor they may not understand they haven't so but realizing that they may not remember what happened there story might be convoluted which might mean is not entirely true so now when you get to a community and you discover moms all banged up that's your first problem because whenever Mont had the injury you have to do a little investigation to find out I want you to be careful making accusations especially if you're talking well really in any city they did something wrong it could be mom just fail right but you also always want to approach the executive director of the community they need to know what happened and see what they know what happened and decide where you need to go from there maybe it just happened and you just observe if they were unconscious for sure they're going to the hospital and if you're seeing a change in their cognitive ability that's that's a little warning sign there. I think they should have contacted you immediately they should've said just calling to tell you that your mom fell out of bed or that your mom they'll walk into the dining room she's bumped her head small portion of it so don't let that one bad apple ruined the whole bunch because in my lifetime and I've worked with a lot of community alling thank you for that because I can guarantee you she she or he as these give director doesn't get a whole lot of people calling saying but we don't spend an equal amount of time lifting up people so make sure you do that but if things get really bad and you're not getting the satisfaction you feel like you should get from the this morning and you came back tonight and there's a big here and you're scrapes on elbow or whatever and yes you hired a caregiver yes you're paying assisted living but it doesn't mean that there was an issue with her medication and it repeated itself feud homes until my head about exploded and I contacted I had pitchers of your loved ones injuries you do you want to document who you talked with what time you talked with them what they said you went to the hospital they did this added that they've had a blow to the head or there's an open wound and we've got to be proactive but absorbed their body bruises cuts scrapes burns if we could clone these human beings what a different world it would be right so there are those situations so be aware of that also if you're taking walked in literally it was happening as you opening the door back could be the case so be aware that there are extenuating service circumstances you WanNa take do things because we as humans don't do that have you noticed we spend a lot of time complaining using the B word you know that's really what we do the email for a bunch of the big waves in the company that under assisted living they all got an email from me every last one of them from then forward in all of their sister living so it was very glad I did it that's not why I did it I did it to protect my momma in because an error had been made they did that and make notes of what went on the on the reverse side of that the flip side of that coin of crazy caregivers the Monday morning on calling in I reporting you will that worked not only did it work it changed how they dispense medication on your second problem is they didn't notify you and that's a big problem so that's when you sit down with the executive director and said I should've had a call from you I should've had floors sticky wise and not been mopped then you need to also take time to say I just want to tell you about your chef oh my gosh the food that man codes breath dot com she is amazing looking at what you've written in making sure it represents you will find her at www dot editor Beth dot com I five to to nine one nine on the Internet at www dot in the F. dot org they speak veterans so you don't have to and you tell them that woman could is amazing I wanna tell you about the mid tech that was on duty last night answered all my questions so kind so efficient and my mom's room is just sparked Harrelson you when you call to inquire about benefits for the veteran spouse of the bed or both editor bed you can find Ms Beth crosby at editor our brings hope hope bring smiles and we all need more smiles thanks for joining us today and we'll be right here when you come back to let's talk dimension today for Carol Howls Let's talk dementia to learn more about dementia we recommend Carols bestselling book also titled Let's Talk Dementia It's available on Amazon and into- bye bye let's talk dementia would like to thank our sponsors National Association of Veterans and families you can reach them at eight hundred three a are there for the hunt the repair and maintenance of your Honda Hyundai Toyota Kia tell them carol CINCI thanks for joining us we are all the wonderful caregivers so the crazy caregivers are this manning but the wonderful caregivers there this many into the crazy ones are just call from the nurse. I should've had both of those and I didn't know anything's going on Might become fun to do community but you WANNA approach the executive director Saturday evening before I went to bed that night I had phone calls from every last one of them 'cause my email said either you contact me and you help me with this situation and HD imports located on Flint Street extension in Rock Hill South Carolina that's your county eighty three nine eight five zero nine eight five we're back and kindle versions be sure like let's talk dementia on facebook and leave us a kind word of review on itunes remember knowledge brings power the time to complain to an executive director about anything whether it's MOM's hurt I didn't know about it something large like that or for the fourth day in the Romans unity and you should get satisfaction then you need to call the head or the area agency on aging in some places is called county council on Aging or maybe even your local news he wants to send her to the -mergency room you should already know that so if you get there and you didn't already know that see that's your first problem when you first problems before you call the news you call the director goat I give you a chance to help me and you haven't and I'm calling channel twelve or nine whatever in just wanted you know that grievous so be aware be proactive be nice but stand up for what's right I've been in some that just make me WanNa scream like the little boy in home alone and then I've been in some that I thought Oh my word choice I'm not even qualified just in any situation be careful making accusations because you don't know what happened you realize that mom did not have a big bump on her head when you left her that's GonNa make some heads roll I can tell you that Oh gosh out ten years go longtime ago in the community my mom's Libya welcome to let's talk dementia. I'm glad you've chosen to join me today. We'll talk some more about the Mitchell. I know you're shocked at that aren't you. I'm Carol how and I'm glad you do I hear your name in getting it Amen Buzzer in the back that I can hit it in your age you guys have a good dicey on next episode of Let's see.

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