162: Rave retro art, Blood Orange, Britpop cinema and special guest Rhoda Special AKA Dakar


At farmers insurance we know the sound of perfect hot air balloon landing and a less than perfect one click for more are underwritten by farmer's truck fire insurance exchange and affiliates products available in every state hello and welcome back to big mouth the pub culture talk show for people who think much she bought music film tally and where they're going to store all I'm Andrew Harrison and has ever Sean Patent writer illustrator especially its graduates and pitch the arts with me hollow shot how you doing and have you had a pleasant weak very pleasant thank you. I'm delighted to hear that where you cheered by the fact that the next wchs bomb film has got to have a black female to blow seven in it. Did you see this I saw and yes I'm told steered by. I think about time to why not see Leah Walden and the Telegraph said it's the worst kind of virtue signaling because black people are apparently new and <hes> novelty and and <hes> we haven't had this before yeah. This is why we should never read the Telegraph editor. She's not right remember that he's not a party Leshan Lynch's that'd be bombed. She's going to inherit the double o seven things she gets the mantle she gets the Magic Elixir and then she goes forth. She's different character entirely or something he has to sign on him. He just found staufer appropriate conduct six. I think it's really good. It's terribly exciting. We've got special guests today. The first I is the legend that is row deductor who made a name as front woman with the body snatchers back in the glory of two-tone blazing a trail for female that music that's only now reaching fruition. You might think she's tangled. Nelson Mandela. She survived the experience of making the third specials album the CLAUSTROPHOBIC in the studio in studio the size one word and right now she considers to guest on record and onstage with Old Town madness. She's a patient of the music venue trust and she continues to Gig record with the low tech four bullets at McMaster owed. How're you doing all right? Thank you very much fantastic. We talk about your current work and play at unit a bit later. But what do you think the to sound has been so durable <hes> I think it's more to do with the <hes> partly because it was taken up in America and they did third wave as they called it so there was a reinvigoration there so basically the people who should have packed up and got jobs ended up being in bands in America and kept going which meant they could come back here and keep going because they still the hand in <hes> and then all the people who were originally following two tone had had their children and the children are growing up they had disposable income Scott Raven and so they do they go. I also wear the American pens because looked like they'll look like no doubt they'll look like punks. No you missing the point whereas the suits Guetta heckle whereas the white so to smarten up. Why have you got piercings alcee bit weird to me well in that case let allow me to point in the direction of a wonderful buying called the interrupters PTAs apart from amy the singer who's allowed to be whoever whatever she wants the the other guys in the band did very much follow that kind of you know suits braces <hes> smart a smart smart smart closed basically they followed all of that smart haircuts and <hes> they've kind of broken out of it now and they're doing their own thing a bit more but they very much followed that and they're brilliant? Is it hard to wear a nice of <hes> tonic suit when you're sweating to death in Laguna Beach. That's an aspect of it because gaps manages it when he goes to America so <hes> no I also two-tone was the the thing that kind of gave straight commission to dance. You know you'd never been allowed before and then you sort of get an echoed in a lot of this Larry Ravers like the prodigy and orbital of sampled bits of all two-tone using there's a connection there that I mean all music music and fashion I think thank hand in hand to go forward reinventing themselves as they go along but they also always <hes> take a piece from something that went before and reuse it remodeler and regurgitate it as something new so inevitably there will have been the people who were in those bands were influenced by something that went before so it's not a big surprise one sort of very sad thing that happened in the world of pizza and this was the passing of Franken Roger The beat I only met him once and he was brilliant. It was just a really friendly guy is booking as only just come out as posthumously but what chuck was A. You're covering the thick of it. He's <hes> he was everything that you saw. He does what it says on the tin he was a lovely he was awfully I and if Eddie Party believed in peace loving unity more than here my beat. I'd I'd quite like to meet them. I mean he genuine need to believe that and if fives were bit wrong if he was somewhere in the fives four bit wrong he would just go man of Gogo. It doesn't feel right here he he was he was a lovely man who i. I'm sure he did raise. His voice can't imagine him raising his voice. There was this great beat with ranking Roger Album called public confidential. We talk about on the on the show. lets out now wrote his head throat the show who else we have sharp fantasia mention also welcoming Matt Glaspie Film Right of G. Q. Total Film and the author of Britpop cinema from trainspotting two this is England look Britain's cinema most recent and probably last golden moment. It's just been published. We'll talk about the book and the pros and cons of Brit pop in the pitchers of music a bit later house the British film industry now though that's the pressing question while it's a good question I mean it's always it's always up and down isn't it. I think we've probably polarized in recent years into really big franchises like bond an umbrella tiny sort of things that aren't really going to translate internationally so the book that I've published talks about those films in the middle which I think we're missing. What was the last great which you saw who there's has a question does something really promising was f._m.? Could Gwen Nice dark sort of Gothic Welsh film with beautiful landscapes how to kind of Thomas Hardy feel to it. I'm so that was probably the last thing that really caught my attention. Okay are we back to making brilliant tally in different films could be brilliant. He's gone away but <hes> I think there was certainly a period when we start getting a lot better films in the ninety s and that's where the yeah do you think we've exported our talents much gone elsewhere uh well. I think that's what happened before. I think everyone in the eighties. There wasn't an industry so people Alan Parker Ridley Scott went to America made fantastic Hollywood films but then I think for Awhile Richard Curtis's and are tiny boils state put in the ninety s and yeah. I don't know I don't know about now to bring those people back. We've got those guys come up with some ideas later yeah on this week show as well as talking Britpop cinema with Matt will be turning the tide I t shirt of destiny to attend sweet Khomeini Rave today a it's the Saatchi Gallery's new exhibition inspired by acid house hardcore warehouse parties and all the good stuff. What does it say and are we still in the eighteenth summer of love plus? We'll be looking at Jim. Jarmusch new zone COM featuring reanimated corpses offices in small town America the dead don't die and a low key release from Devante hines. Aka Blood Orange will the laid back electronic R._&_B.. Of Angels Pulse Give You the summer vibes that you require. We're taking a week off next week because of some holes but don't forget to support the show on patron. The crowd funding platform pledges the price of a pint. I E five pounds a month and we'll send you every show a day early. Plus the extra bit little additional big mouth for your amusement and delight pledges. I just two pints and we'll send you an exquisite big mouth Mug as well which is fine for tea coffee or acquaint Hubble bruise. You Align your Shekar on a Monday morning. Such patron big mouth to find out more or we're saying is biased pint so now we're going to talk about you'll Brit pop cinema book and here's the perfect scene setter from that opening scene in trainspotting iggy pop and lost for life what defines Brit pop cinema V._A.. What made you want to write this book? While I mean this is definition I came up with myself oversee. You've got some history into finding the pop music. I don't like to talk to you can mention there so I like to say that I I came up with Britpop Cinema Circa two thousand fifteen which is just the same sort of idea really that we'd look to groups all this disparate music together in this of upbeat ninety s group and actually there was lots of great films Britain at the time. No one had really <hes> written that much about them so instead when you look at it he start with a shallow grave trainspotting the full monty all this really great stuff and it seemed to have a lot in common with the music released the confidence and sort of the Britishness behind that music so I thought interesting to look at it as a group C what having common what what what surprised you about what you just did you dug into these fellas I mean there's commonalities escapism optimism and bright bright colors and also sort of inventive ridiculous rule breaking cinematography us you dig into that you find things that about individual movies that you hadn't previously been a world when I found out some things which I can't even repeat here too litigious assist or no. I'm talking about the text of the film themselves. I think that's a really interesting leap and if you think about our members films in the eighties and thinking that there was a self punishing factor that's kind of realism people sitting around tables everyone depressed raining raining and then suddenly it is true with Danny Boyle actually with beginning with four weddings and funerals than with Danny Boyle taking baton all of a sudden someone to put some fun to the equation which seemed like <hes> you know verboten in British cinema the eighties and all of us an even if some the film's but kind of Faux away actually there's a sense you might go and see them on a Friday night and have a good time. I think it was strangely. Revolutionary Concept that actually is a thing that's income with Brit pop music which was it was music was suddenly allowed to be an supposed to be fun reiner. We'd could we come out of the miserable lumbar puncture world of moaning grunge bands in the rainy Pacific northwest and then next next. It's <hes> you know bled in for tomorrow and that kind of thing and there is an argument of course that tries whilst he was the the worst thing because nobody terrible load of the butlers what what do you what do you think about that well. Let's I mean. Let's not look at. Let's shoot down some of the great. It's a great film it when he stands up people that came afterwards and copy that some of it's brilliant I mean. Sounds like human traffic as a massive debt trainspotting and has actually got also got voice of its own stuff like shooting fish probably not so essential to you know that whenever something original and awesome comes out there's always followers pushes people often different direction. I think what recommendations if somebody wants it lets the weather tends audibly at the weekend for themselves and for a week three or fulfills they obviously transplants transporting <hes>. I think you'd be to miss human traffic. <hes> I love sexy based offering. That's got some of the same pulse I think twenty four hour party people which is a bit later than those films but it looks back at the Foundation Manchester in Indianapolis really kind of wicked playful sense to it so those are three to start with. I'm shallow graves a great film. <hes> yeah yeah actually taking over for a while. Well I thought was remarkable in the book. Was You managed to get a whole chapter. Spice World seems to reflect the just as Brit pop producers loaded great albums a massive amount of groceries wincing just as there's loads of ridicule britpop music this terrible terrible terrible kind of cynical cash spice world is basically the fat les- of <hes> In my defense here it's a third of chapter out of spice points fans and I think while there was so other films that reflects the Britpop ethos also reflect the cool Britannia ethos which is sort of desperately Tired Union Jack flags dragging out the greatest hits of Britain and actually I think spice called a flex very well but what's interesting. It's the assigns in the book which are just absolutely fascinating. I've forgotten the All Saints in film film which is in the spice chapter on my right and things like that's when film went marsh we Melanie Blatt the other one that very Sochi ladies <hes> they'll be in a film. Can they lose. It actually have been proper nine thousand nine hundred sixty five oprah. The pope movie movie L. Living in the same house with Wilfred on everything from pop culture often gets at least part of the blame where we've got now in the in the the era of Brexit and people even told me it's your fault you Brit Pop Mallet Ugo Brexit all down to you and you actually have former loaded editors of Brexit Palsy Emmy Pay Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Daubney. Absolutely atrocious individual is brexit party. I may pay now peacocking around like Nick Moran in some kind of tax loads of loads and figure just think the kind of Michael Caine worshiped led to this idea of British exceptionalism did did Brit pop cinema player par driving Britain bonkers well. I don't have the answer to that. One I will say there is a degree of stickiness with bringing an book celebrating pop cinema at this time because he's the inference that you must think that things haven't moved on since then. There's a call to make Britain great aspect which just isn't it all. This is just the films of my teenage years. Look back at our with a fresh eye but I mean certainly there's something in common I mean there's the flipside of thinking that we've got stories to tell stories that are important is people think I think over and fighting the important stories yeah yeah binding all about the war all the time instead of what they should be which is raves and things like that. We'll thing you say the book. Is you think it's the last movie the last big. Could we have another one. Could we have is other sort of move into almost a post Britishness as as brexit chews up all the goes too fast. Could we financially I don't know but could we practically absolutely in the problem with looking back at coordinate is that you imply that there isn't going to be another one and it's just because it was great and he was seventeen well. We'll know think there's always good stuff coming out as you find out on this podcast and so we went around the corner just won't look the same I'll be too old to the extrovert laser is that we choose our favorite pop cinema movies so hold tight for that country and backers. You're doing a talk of the A._F._l.. If that's right to talks actually I'm introducing the film on Monday. The twenty second that's Monday nights and then on the twelfth of August. I'm going to talk through more generally about escapism Brit pop cinema writing the book and that's on the twelfth of August around seven o'clock introduction in full trainspotting Cowboy Iraj my skinny fit t-shirt gone. Maybe there was some accents. We'll see how the in the garden especially because Scottish people in the audience now never let it be said we're in thrall to the past. No no no no no no. Let's go back even further to nine thousand nine hundred eighty eight and all that with the SACI galleries rave inspired exhibition sweet league. Tommy Rave today clues in the title it promises an immersive retrospective exhibition devoted presenting a revolutionary survey rave culture through the voices and lenses of those who experienced it Cheryl Garrett ex editor of the faces of the people who've helped curate the exhibition but does it bring back the heady Aromas of forty thousand people dancing to homeboy hippie and funky dread off their body not in a car with no proper toilets and what's an elevated rotating upside down car got to do with anything. Let's find out after suitable suitable mood setter one chosen by our resident Billy Armfield Andrew Harrison Niche Flashbang so here's the future sign a London with expenditure the Rhoda. I just there about the car underneath the Houndstooth. We you a secret raver. Who is our secret RAVER? Well I mean I was I did a bit. I mean to be honest bit well. I'm not good with the no proper toilets so if there are no proper facilities. I'm not very good I I I did for while live in the midland so I have experienced the idea of getting flyer driving to Kelly services on the line and then get in the phone call and then driving into Birmingham in a long convoy finding finding the room and then and hearing the whole thing power up that was probably a bit late to the party in because I was a grown up but it was the time when <hes> adapts killer was right. This kid was the big choon and that's what that's what the rive open to saw off you start with this. It's going to be good. I see so yeah I I did. A bit okay drove people around because I was the call designated driver yeah it does not drive so yes designation but that's fine so designated dancer in our so what were you expecting from this and what did you think the first couple of rooms and we're not quite into to the experience when we go into a gallery is being set up what was expecting. I mean two things really fascinated. One was the beetle that was in a glass case. I think don't think it was meant to be there. I was just thinking gained muscle should not tell them it's going to eat. All the stuff is no. I'm not going. There's a live Beta. I missed a special one to explain to anyone who hasn't seen the exhibition there are lots of flyers aren't there and sort of tiny bits of paper that could be easily destroyed by this was actually a glass case this stuff that you weren't even supposed arch it was it was encased in glass and there was basically didn't tell them simply because I well I mean Tory territory territory basically in my mind cross the picket line to go into. I never do anything Salty Tori Tori because the Ravers poll stains of now gaito folks as a prompt former rave from own too so that involves you know entrepreneurialism yeah no no I appreciate and I'm not so cool and the Raves I went to are really enjoyed and I really enjoyed. I mean not just enjoyed the kind of energy itching situation and then go into this and it's like lots of pictures of people in fields and okay and that was if I'm on the car and who the hell drove a lotus then the exhibitions exhibits that you say is a Lotus upside down revolving while a new piece of music by Milo plays put it on the instagram page people if you want to see it I quite liked that I liked the all solved incongruity and mad foolishness of putting upside car next yes a pace as a piece of as a piece of moving sculpture. Yes it was absolutely fine but then I was thinking about hang on what's the point of this and I looked. It's a it's. It's not a car that anybody I knew already. I'd never saw a car like that. Arrive arrives so I'm just thinking you know that's kind of a weird make on it and then I looked a lot of Peter's okay <hes> there were there were some interesting things. Essentially you know what really really dream in music was thought all the spotify of other communities fake record shop fake real selling records in China this record brat so I was looking through them but I mean it's a mixture of newly commissioned all works on memorabilia business this kind of <hes> perspect- petrol pumps signifying the beginning of the evening a- All south okay. It's all I'm saying all Irish ready to see our wasn't really ready. Somebody's fly collection. Both those is really interesting because I was looking at things like gone to that. Now my eve yourself out to be a bit of a Brit pump guy the secret spiral tribe guy well. I'm a tiny bit too young for this. I'm also nowhere near cool enough together for the time so my recollection of of the same was by the time they're going to clubs was much more realized soon so I don't remember but this aspect of it. I did love the approach I loved the Litter Petrol Station with all the numbers on it and then you get into it completely dark room and there's a big fence and this way in quite some time to work right. You have to go through the fence. There's a really nice touches. Yeah then a lot photographs. Might you say is something to be said for those I loved it was a lady called her name. <hes> <hes> VINCA pizzas. Retiring and there was something about that sort of breathlessness goes off with seven so went to Holland all the stocks all handwritten. Isn't it my favorite after all these amazing she'd been descend but not three got pleurisy Z.. Down with the people there was a dizzying level of information and also it was weird. It was like someone's come up and talk to you in just two zero off going to do this and I felt very authentic to me Angie Angie. I'm imagining that you were having a go on the road and three Oh threes which disgusted around one of the rim which also had the spotify playlists on it spotify playlist genre by genre. There's a make your own acids playstation. Three's NATO Acheson twiddle the KNOBS. I realize hard to make decent acid houses. I made a good one. I send you the recording recordings class or even go three. I'd like I really really liked. The mixture of newly commissioned are memorabilia. I thought that there's there's a there's a kind of an installation based rounds. Seth Troxler is on the music and it's kind of you surrounded by screens with flickering images only of nature <music> only of trees and twigs and leaves and all the rest of it so when I got the sense of being losted Bush who hasn't wanted to be lost in the Bush surrounded by dry ice and lasers <hes> there's a kind of a hammock thing in which <hes> t._v. screens all in laying where human beings ought to be on the TV screens. I thought very amusingly up producing some very very retro Fratto Art man read the facto art of the magic. Is You know what they can do it on computers now they can crank on computers mind-blowing says that you your magic is when I thought that I really well with the flyers all of which contain like ikat of early computer graphics. It's a robot. You might meet a robot if you go to this motorway service station full of love features lots of two thousand eight staple features a lot of people early days of wide look. We've made a three D. Y.. Frame Banana and it costs four million quid isn't that amazing because it was amazing and it was looking into the future not peaceful optimism caller stupidity of it. I think it was really really affecting a killing US laughing. You can disagree with you. I actually I don't disagree with you. I mean the fact is if we're to to sort of bring in Brit pop. I mean this whole thing. There was not futures business six in the sixties not was that was built on. I mean the jetsons you know everything in the film but You understand the iconography don't use sculptures and the Globulin of the the the kind of the artifacts rather have gone so I mean I thought was what I really enjoyed. What I find a bit difficult with the study of Rave is when it becomes racers what I wanted to Jin stroking? Thankfully it was less of that than the walls of the kind of Abia Sicilia's well. I thought was really good about it. Is it's not about celebrity so you've got yet bloody Pete Tong spotify but actually got loads of them and you're almost expecting from the they've got their own fry the SARCI that that's going to be the beloved the army bit drew me tonight and you can see the happy Mondays in a pitcher. You're not it's about power the people it's about people turning up at these things and I thought that was really good and yeah I agree with road. I just feel a bit funny about it. Being at the sake gallery I think the two things don't mix and it see maybe more of a museum piece than an art show more that as you're saying that display of memorabilia bellyache Israeli what it's about it's been shown to people who didn't really participate a lot of the people around me on that when I went to see what what was it of kings roads so the cultural exploration recycle kids when I went a different didn't understand a little bit short on you know as experiences go now used to secret cinema and punchdrunk fair to levels of various military food and just putting up a little tiny fences really bothered but I did. I wasn't used by the Bartlett gigantic against Psychedelic bouncy castle that has been taken around the world to bring some joy into the lives of underprivileged children in Wilton pulse there. I loved it. I thought it was beautiful but what I especially love to his little signs saying jump so this is a massive as they said it wasn't a massive at all it was it was somebody looking through can't it through kind of sterilized lens but I mean I have to say when they wanted to stamp my hands to go in and I did refuse. They said Oh you have to start your hand. That's why rave sorry boy Junkin on hand so I said No. They said well we. Why do you have to do that where we can and put it on a piece of paper? I said well you better do that. Then says pretty on a piece of paper I wouldn't I'll have to do have to say I I taught are desperately looking and see if there was another person of color in there because sometimes I you know those are the things that yeah. She's got all used to people coming in here at all and no is the answer because I was asked to show my ticket. When nobody else was from one part to another so yes could also yes yes you you? You came home with everything I expected. Pastas well so apart from road anyone else would recommend this to a friend. I enjoyed it. I think if you're a you're an old old raver you will be you get an awful lot of mission factor of this. I'd say for a few youths in the being amused by an kind of. Did you really do that as a family dot was showing the look but we didn't do drugs Kush. Didn't oh no it's. It's it's worth going to but I do think that this kind of the major major historical statement is about to be. Did you see anyone you knew in in because I was looking for. I was looking very hard. I look people in New England. I must say I did actually say something but yeah it went on as far far as the recent extinction rebellion exactly so I did say I mean you know there was demos the on the art she saw so so an econ think oh hang on a minute. Let's up today. I was kind of a bit weird I shot the music is the most important okay well speaking of music that was talking and we're going to talk a little about her current work with the low tech fall and unheard glorious illustrious history and in the world seater road the bottom such is now the starting from the grassy with the this is the new a strong woman pop music here. We go who the president will thirty back in the day. I really remember them being unfair to us. I mean I think there was <hes> one of our first pieces in sounds there was a they took a picture of me with fish islands and underneath put the very lovely road Nikon thing. Okay take him taking the name of it. I mean I didn't mind you know but it was kind of like that <hes> because there were seven of us because we all turned up on mass because we shouted until we got what we wanted. We didn't really you didn't really notice what how it could have been. You know so I think because it's fairly strong personalities and we did have this policy of <hes> minimum of two people pull for any interview. People couldn't be few themselves. I'll say more about that. It was it was about making sure that the message girls that people didn't get there get to grind their own axes. If as it were yeah I wanNA talk about the legendary spare interview value now so yeah we didn't. I don't know how we got on reflection how we got treated. It didn't seem that bad but then what did I have to compare it with yeah. You didn't ask the body starts ashes were going can send you to actually get around to recording a full album but you recorded the volley Sanchez album yourself. A couple of years is the last album is co taught by what what did you do that. What did you did? You did it because people ask me about about once a month to all. It's never what you do. The album I mean the things they say that the the are hated was one when you can get the girls but together so first of all is like the women I think is what you mean gene <hes> and then the second was to recall now so I did that. It was the thirty fifth anniversary of to tone. I thought what can I do because I'm out the thirtieth by during music that had influenced to influence to tone and then so the thirty fifth I thought well let's Redo the album and then maybe they'll leave me alone. I'll made so <hes> yeah I mean there are plans to relaunch with some extra tracks for the fortieth as well so famously. You're on the specials third great Boulton quite an ordeal album in the studio aren't you. The one that seemed to take forever was was associates quite quick by today's on the stone roses czyz contemporary timetable. Let's not long. It was an ordeal yes. It was a lot of an ordeal. was I mean it wasn't it wasn't fun. I'm trying desperately to remember. There must have been fun point. She put my finger on one. I've never listened to the album. It is quite good. You know I'll never know tracks are can compare accan- account listen to it's just the horror because I ended that. The last recording session was me sitting on the flo weeping saying I can't sing that line again. A taxi was cold. I left and I never been good Lord. <hes> well you know if you can still look at it and give stiff drink down yeah but it is a good record and sounds like racist Frederick quite they're very now. I mean they are. Ah You know. <hes> it's all about you know you mustn't talk to your mom. You mustn't talk to your friends or your mom and dad and I didn't write lyrics so you mustn't talk to your friends or your mom and dad and just don't ever have anything to do them again. What actually dialogue is what changes people's minds not just ignoring the more sticking them under under the stairs you D._J.? A LOT ON UTAH with the low tech four toes what low tech for all about well the low tech for is just the the current name for the band is always banned after your latest album so <hes> yeah I taw I'd much this year but <hes> yeah hopefully we'll be on the road a bit more next year. Yeah I mean I just I'm. I'm still writing. I'm still recording <hes> still WANNA put music. They'll still got something to say. <hes> it's just about finding the happy medium trying to really find the vein of of what I want to say that kind of is all you know ideas a disparate but I mean that's okay. We're fine. We're finding our way musically and that's kind of what you have to do. With a bit of of what went before of reinvention of what went before and new stuff which is some of it is like the all stuff some of it's completely different I mean at Christmas we did <hes> we did a gig where we were our own support. So the first set was all the tunes that we can't normally play in our kind of a more high energy set so it was kind of down tempo staff and the jazzy staff so we did that as all support set and then we did our more kind of high energy set as the as as the as the headliner so that was kind of weird. We're GONNA play a truck now. What is this comfort zone? What's this all about comfort? Zone is actually a tune. I wrote a long time ago and <hes> just her her redone. This is the third re reincarnation of this too and it so it kind of does lie. You know there's not too acid jazz in there and things like that <hes>. It's just about tonight comfort zone. It's about <hes> even think are no think not really remember. I know there was an intention in the first place as time goes on I suppose it's about dreaming and about funding your own space. We'll hear from <hes> rotates time with the low tech full comfort zone GEICO the sticky with Music Devante Hines Aka Blood Orange seems to work at prince like rates recording continuously and releasing only bits of what he makes as appendixes to the proper releases after the problems come. Do you see you see how it works now. He's decided to put it all anyway. In the form of a mixed tape. There isn't really an album and yet somehow is what's going on in the world of the artist formerly known as light speed champion. Now Co writes as Rocky Cholerae Jepson blondie. Am Kylie is the first truck from this mix tape. It's called. I WANNA I WANNA see you. Oh that's all I wanna see you with a C under you. From angels working like Prince Means. You'RE GONNA spell like Prince's well road or what have you been following him on top of him I wouldn't I wouldn't say I was following him but then also Sameera Reddy. Oh Oh is that always done. This is done I mean I was very impressed with all the kind of collapse in the stuff on a main I've heard of all the people which is pretty good for somebody of my advanced years <hes> yeah it was. It was kind of for me. It was like ambient music. It was the music you listen to in the chill out room at the rave in much opposed Franck Ocean world of flow teal and structured are as electronic textures. Yes it was I mean back in that respect. I love. I really really enjoyed I once I loved it but I really enjoyed it and I listened to while I was doing stuff because it wasn't the economy's demanded you full attention. I didn't fail yeah you sort of get the idea that your sort of wandering through his memory policy Joseph Dunn needs to and I really liked the fact that everything's like a minute and a half all the things like three minutes isn't the things of cuts off abruptly and you're into something else. It does feel like <hes> you know. He's right to call it a mix tape and it's not a big coherent finished thing I mean you stay on top of the world of this kind of stuff. You know the the way that kind of black American music and brought blackberries music of absorbed avant-garde electronics as well as the seventy tradition well through the medium of my some the D._J.. The D._J.. French Hamilton part one half of Sue Kesse the <hes> the House D._J.. I mean essentially through through here. I hear a lot of new stuff and have done for a long time. which is how I found myself in Shangri Laura Glastonbury this year listening to Archie Hamilton <hes> you know and being surrounded by people who were all at least twenty years younger than me and I did did fill for a moment? I thought ooh actually know who this guy is. I know that Choon that many played it shows oh yeah yeah. I know this one. You know so. It's kind of weird you can't i. It's a weird space to be our main. I I am really into continue music. I Love Music and I love New Music or love new challenges so yes two years ago Glastonbury I was I was big you know boy was the best thing for me at Glastonbury 2017 closely followed by Canine now so yeah I love growing because it feels like punk <hes> it just it has a black element in that <hes> there's the thing that matters to black people lose. You know kind of how you look a lot more <hes> so it wasn't isn't dirty. It was like very it's very clean very fashionable very stylish very cutting edge but I mean that's always been fashion. It's been always been the two you know. I just feel like you know black style and the L._G._B._T.. Community but basically gay men unbutton black men have been the forerunners of of kind of style quite often in British culture so you have a kid twenty odd years. Make sure it tends to be a D._J.. Then you'll stay on top of things what am I doing wrong. uh-huh what did you think of <hes> angels pulse by by Blood Orange. Well I mean to to to start with really really enjoying it actually walk around at some risk summary Sinti slighty sketchy fill in comedy pin it down so I thought Oh this is great. I am going to really enjoy having a few listens to this and then as it goes on she said is sketchy. They are half finished and nothing really rises above a certain tempo. What do you may not have this? Did you have an album that whenever anyone comes around you know it's safe. If anybody ever came to visit me I would never do so yeah changes throughout the back fifteen years and it's massive attack. Nobody hates it not to not who I pay. This all felt like that to me. I thought I knew anyone that I could put this on and they go what the hell is that in that way but equally I don't know anyone that would blow their mind so sort of pleasant background listening that seems damning with faint praise but but the is it's actually quite sort of strong strong political statements here about church bombings in embarrassing and some strong material here but it sort of in this kind of hazy semi distant sort of soup of stove. That's Birmingham's track five is quite a while. Oh before <hes> voiced that distinct voice had distinct voice comes through and you can actually imagine this about something. That's what I was getting anyway to me really ages to to think that there was something more going on one of the things I like about it was in a world where every record is kind of brutally driven ribbons who provide a load of single poppies now you know it was not a singly almost as well not bother with it. I liked the kind of dog did bloody minded refusal to have any songs in these songs. You know it struck me as kind of if you took it's a really short thing as well as about half an hour long talk these what are they doesn't in tracks and sprinkled them in the middle of playlist of something else that he actually would have what it what it's really for which is to be just don't mind diversion before we go back to concentrate on things Sean. What did you think I mean? I agree in some senses. The song is just getting going and you got the hook and it stops and you think what we're doing is like Sufian Sufian Stevens Kendrick Lamar together in a kind of indirect ways very polite sort of sounding <unk> sounding at first but it's got that beautiful Kendrick Lamar string bed I swear that gold teeth which I really love on the album as the same string headquarters Pacific state by the way states I ended up single over the top in my kitchen like light road or I did lots of things while listening to you can almost forget it's going on same thing one of my points though is that the problem is going on in the background as the mind wanders and there's a point and especially in a song called happiness where his range is so similar similar to Jermaine Stewart's of we don't have to take our clothes off fame. I could not get Janine Stewart out my head and thinking he doesn't own this dimension Nath eighties and this is someone who's deeply cool but yes the mind is going all sorts of places but I love the fact is mix type. I love the fact that it's not an album album and it's it's thoughts in its notes and things and I thought that was absolutely bloody. Incredible more people maybe should go down. That route. Just sounds refreshing yeah I would. I think mobile should be made to do this. I would like to hear you you know the notebooks of interesting artistes yeah. I'd like a Demo e way where you hear the intro being done again yeah special edition cd all of a sudden. She likes stream aim of consciousness way of working. I I yeah I really like the style of it. Well listen popstars do more of this often cello on as well you hear all the stuff in bed shallow okay. If you like big mouth under the podcast you might like be there with Dali loudspeakers. It's all about the minds behind the music and we produce it in calibration with Dolly who make absolutely amazing speakers that look and sound beyond description this new episode out this week and Sean is on as well big mouth regular sophie the Harris we're talking about our favorite few nanoseconds of pop those tiny little moments that absolutely blow your mind plus a studio heroes and here's a snippet of Sophie talking about hearing have favorite album of all time properly for the first time through those fantastic all these speakers the record is the white album by upcoming Liverpool set who gets on the White House search be there was Dolly on your favorite podcast APP to get the full show and don't forget to subscribe I mean I wasn't surprised surprised because I knew the speakers we're going to be amazing and it's a mind blowing album but yeah it was wonderful to hear it that way and actually what was interesting from a kind of geeky point of view is the I've listened to it on really lovely headphones but it's it's it. It's just not headphones album in that way and listening to the speakers because the speakers worked with the space. That's in the room you there's a degree of isolation of of each of the elements that I loved. I think we all really. We noticed as well <hes> the way that the drums came out and that they're kind of quite crispy and mentally in a really interesting way one wall up do they don't do well in my fantasy. World will love listening to that on purpose because is i. I felt a bit like I was in the control room like as close as you're going to get to being in the control and we're going. Oh Yeah a little bit. Higher in the mix pool is a friend of show Sophie Harris their search be they with Dolly on your APP or on the old-fashioned Internet. If you'd like to get the full show don't forget to subscribe ascribe right moving on we always ask our guest to bring in tune to inspire and since I was terrified the listeners clasby what have you got flora's picks surface which is the opening track from Anju beds new album. My finest were yet. We've other show before somebody else does does this tell us about Andrew Bird and why is interesting as a Detroit multi instrumentalist but much more fun than that sounds a fan for probably since about the turn of the millennium when he used to come over and play concerts and the thing is he writes great songs so that's all there you see him live and back in the day before he had a band he would play the violin he whistle who played blocking Spiro Play Guitar and sing beautiful voice need loop himself said hey this amazing band life or five instrument play by the same guy and anyone who sees them live is a fan for life even if they don't have the albums but actually the album's a great he's literates as well as this is not the only truck that alludes to myth memory literature and stuff so he's been accused of being precious switchover thank you could you could argue that case but also it's quite nice to have something with wordplay cryptic crossword fail to it's not all about you know boy meets girl and emotions this you know he's talking about sece's whenever you ever heard the word more and May W in a pop song I mean all of this stuff so yeah. Let's listen. This assistance by Andrea bed stone's tone stole from the precipice. Did he visited finally the movies. Jim Jarmusch is the godfather of American indie cinema. A Proper Ota who's down by law mystery train on coffee and cigarettes cemented did an entire genre of oddballs American misfits monitoring to themselves about the small details of their lives. So what the hell is he doing making Zombie movie in the dead. Don't Die Jarmusch Lights out for Jorge Romero territory with close of a Neat Bill Murray and Adam driver a small town cops Tilda Swinton as a Samurai funeral director because why not and a parade of Cameos. It's any good his a taste is planned to inform people about the Zombie danger before it gets I guess so because we passed farmer Miller's plays a little while ago. We need to inform inform him. Fuck farmer Miller okay my us together. How the fuck you kills me? Slow down a second clue. You gotTa Kill the head. Kill ahead decapitate. The only way to Jesus get prepared. That's unfortunately only shit. I got this. Mike lost meet. Our film chop. Wood is what does SHAMU FIT in. He sees I subside suspected director more admired than watched. Yes I mean he's here. He's very much and the people that love really love him. It's fair to say probably hasn't troubled the mainstream too much as possible to get your entire film life without seeing his films but has lost released only lovers left alive was absolutely beautiful and about vampires but Tilda swinton and at that thing that aims cool normally mrs by so many miles and actually felt ready coal if felt really really wanted to live through the night with them. Tell US sets up that don't die forest. Tell us what's happening on what he thought. It's as a cinematic achievement smalltown America we've got Bill Murray and Adam driver and clarisse avenues Cox which is in Dream Team is completely peopled by famous indiactors Steve Shemi IGGY pop turns up you can sort of fill then the rest of your favorite. The reser is the U._P._S. U._P._S.. which this Danny Glover's in their selena Gomez it's a hell of a cost say anywhere this Zombie outbreak as we've seen many times before and and the cops have to deal with as we've seen many times before and I've got to say I wasn't a massive fan fair like so it was going for cookie Kinda funny and it was going for a little bit of horror which before Shaun of the dead mice seems like an original combination but I was fifteen years ago and there was don't be land ten years ago and there was the entire flood of Oh? It's Olympic cookie accommodate this Gore all these terrible films that came out after Sean boy eats girl. That's a title island film a great title but not to members act so we've seen this film many many hundred so. I don't know what Jim was thinking. Thinking all bring some sparkle of Indus- to it and also there was a very half-hearted from the thing I don't WanNa give any spoiler away but at one point I'm driver and Bill Murray turned to each other and go was that supposed to happen and the other one says it wasn't in the script that I it was maybe the whole script and then we're back to the movie as if a hang on the whole ninety minutes you're saying it doesn't matter they just access and that such dangerous ground to be and you have to announce the you're GONNA bright this fourth wall. It's going to be fun. You can't just how people talk about the script because why are we bothering believing in if you do that then you really need to go balls out with it. Don't you make it's central to the movie capitals in confusing the pace is incredibly slow and you can do that. You know on the focus on oddball characters. That's totally you know my my limited experience. That's totally clean him. You know I understand the fascination of of small town America but it's so slow and seem so lacking in a reason to make this movie anything all looking for anything to sign up from well America's bit way it isn't it I just found it so incredibly frustrating and ultimately <hes> a little bit annoying actually have you kept me here for an hour and a half two hours to say what we're one of the things that zombies dues went once they're in full flood is that they mutter the thing that thereafter like coffee was Xanax a why why funny to think okay I get your point him but George a Romero is saying this exact same thing in the mid seventies saying we come back come back to the mall because that's what they know and that seemed like a revolutionary sort of critique then but in how is that really the best. You've got for this film well. The kind of the position of the George Romero's Zombie is that they are like. I'm an analogy to society L.. Holding up a mirror to what we are our own sickness our own decay our own obsessions with things in front of it. He seems to be completely stock Thir- anything to do with the Zombie that was unusual new different all in any way revelatory that just eluded special effects on the opportunity for for Gaga it something else that really annoys big horror film Fan. It was a period of the nineties before the Internet when horror films they pass the names of famous director through the film to Oh that's Clive Barker. You know the postman and people that neither genre would watch it and get like a little eastern but a bit late for that now because of the Internet. There's one moment that someone turns to another character says oh I love your car. That's Very Jorge Romero and you're like why are you called attention to the guy that made these films sometimes forty nine hundred sixty nine is at night of the living dead at age ago and you're calling attention. That's funny if you've called attention so much better than what you really desperate road. Are we have a different opinion. Did you have anything like a different opinion. The united actually swallow my pride once again cross the picket line down to the ritzy and <hes> climate. I Riley just genuinely thought I'll never get that time back again and the only interesting thing one thing made me laugh which is when the kids said eat me. No I mean that's just because I like kids playing a lot kids swearing beim rude. Maybe laugh. It's the only time aloft I have to say and and then the this oh terrorists and character are made like that because it was mad because it was mad but it was kind of Saab any any author of Blonde Woman with <hes> Samurai swords remind you of anything it was transplanted from any one of a dozen kind of cult movies and I was I was perfectly happy with that because I thought it was going so my but without spoilers you know the of movies like this rest on. How are we going to explain all the stuff? That's happened before an apart from a a good gag about poll all the fracking bringing the dead back to life. The film just ends Sean will do you think well have seen a couple of Jim Jarmusch films. I'm not an Aficionado but I know to expect not an amazing plot. Not Lots of jump cuts. Lots not lots of course processing. It's GONNA be quite slow if you're seen deadman thinks that they're very very slow and the start of the credits is just it keeps coming up obviously but the cost is just a list of some cool people don't think that you know more and more I think you've got another person a just and so I actually enjoyed it far more because I thought from the Credit God another call Costa Vinnie all these people. It's a bit like bill and Ted's excellent adventure without him Dr being indeed yeah. He's he's. The comedy isn't he and Adam driver is the thing that is driving it. He's got the funnier lines I went to Mexico. I really like Mexico. I've been there twice so every says he's always it's going to end badly. I thought that was quite funny. I thought he was the one that was magnetic their points about it which are good. It's funny but it's difficult when everything happens in films nowadays every other film has lots and lots of plot and you've got something that is using these old tropes and trying to say something different than we're really not sure that is what I found find interesting and weird and possibly unintentional was the fact that close of any as the female cop is the only one who's genuine yet mindy. She's the only genuinely genuinely touched by the horror of what's going around. She's cheating. which is reacting to the fact that there are yes cannibalistic living dead Zombie reverence wandering around in Centerville and everybody else is just completely blank on it? They might as well these themselves that I thought that was something that could have been away but something in that because this this is sort of autism in the body movie is between Bill Murray and Adam driver the something interesting there but yes he doesn't Jim Dummies. Just doesn't explore things he just shows you and you don't ever get maybe this is what we need is the depth behind that. Can we have the second engrossed. Can someone else please write a strong suspicion that the driving impulse behind this Bill Murray and drive a really cool Zombie killing scene and it's just a great big sort of celebrity dead Pun and deadpan. There's two elite both it. Just looks like nobody can very flat also not enough zombies. Do you think the final scene where he's the final battle we know the final twenty or something that that is none coming in the horizon. I thought the couldn't employees me you run out of money. Is that in the script. I thought well this just not that. It's small town America. They don't have many dead. There's every navy over by that. I think first of for for a change of strongly recommend people not going so completely. I'm still of the ilk of at least he's up there having a movie go. Hey Lazy Lazy Yeah have you have you have seen it though I've got to say I thought the resolution of the Tilda Swinton Ninja hotline was one of the most insultingly stupid things really anyway. That's the end of the show on a massive downer. Let's finish it on a happy with closing time Schatzer. What will I guess be discussing over Lucas Eight on a couple of Dennis? It's the Nazis in a disused carpet factory someone Colville in Leicester Road. What's your closing time shelter for the show is actually not Colville anyway mark later time charter is about the fact that we had the cricket World Cup? I mean the the men one creek well cut. We've won it five times. Now Women's won it four times just want once you know that's just not not concentrate on that now. It's the notion of having big <music> a big sport and sporting events mostly on pay per view TV and I just think that disconnects people from the whole experience are just. I'm really not a fan of <hes> big sporting events. It's being behind pay walls. I think it's a real shame because you have to go and search you have to be in search of them because when they actually put it on terrestrial TV for the final so many so many more people tuned in and if you're actually trying to do you know of <hes> pedal sport as a way out of <hes> the nation's obsession with sugar and not getting any exercise. You have to make those available so I think all sports I would rather the say big sporting occasions all be available on terrestrial TV but I mean I suppose sky have helped fund football and things I don't really care about football so that's fine but <hes> because football will be fine anyway and it's not because they don't care about football is because I care about the notion of <hes> football can football will be fine. It's all the out the spoils that just don't get look and it was interesting that that's <hes> they. The paper started saying England men when the World Cup previously what does that England won the Welt another showed say England men yeah well they have to because women have already wanted four times. This is their first league football as well <hes> Glaspie. What's your clothes while it's about a true Karm offer called Paul Harrison who this week his <hes> part of his his mistake is that he's a kettering detective spoke to Ted Bundy and he spoke to Peter Sutcliffe and he was there reggie craze deathbed anyway? He's made a career for himself out of out of this true crime and this week and I don't want to impugn his good name. Some of this has been cast doubt upon about whether effectively amounts risen from kettering police dog handler to sort of behavioral profiler. Would I have met the most famous irrecusable time would have received a deathbed confession from Reggie Kray wasn't famously into policemen any worse but that people are just questioning actioning worth of this whole thing is exactly as it's been punished. His book has been withdrawn from sale while the public show sort of gets the head around exactly what's happening. It's been a lot of hyperbole live up to a moving out of the limelight for now and who complainant so they're gonNA get in touch with Reggie Kray for this thing deathbed confession. It's really great way to get an exclusive because it was so it's a deathbed confession that someone you can't liable because there were lifelong criminal and the dead thanks so that was off the record so what doesn't make the leap from police handler and kettering two trusted F._B._i.. And that's what this achieved in his career and that should be the point of the story rather than what was trim what was not because that's a hell of a rise absolutely sure what's your closing South Africa's well. Would you believe it. There is a statue has been put up to Melania trump in her hometown of spending cotton Slovenia and looks like to all intents and purposes of Balsa Wood statue made by three year old. Maybe it is focused or outside their husband did it. I don't think it would have been so flattering in a wonderful blue dress. She does like she's almost is made out of plasticine as well an isolated. I think it's wonderful. It looks amazing. She is holding her left hand. She doesn't even go to hand this is the blue bit above some sort of field full of potatoes or something like that out into the Wilderness and it is the most wonderful thing I'm maybe we have more statues like this. It would sort of take that it would be no take people down. A pack really may need it. It's very very naive. I'll isn't it's little kid by a total turner surprise three time winner. I think it's the latter is facing. This is we're looking at essence of Malania drilling stripping away everything the very core of <hes> yeah very central European you know a creature of the woods creatures awesome well relation of Yes. It looks like it looks like a toy. A kid was given in about eighteen. We've played with a daily basis to it. You know and yet evil. The thing that is key is you make a curse on somebody but so imagine if every country decided to do donald trump statue in this kind of feel and if we had some of the Tory party maybe Nigel farage might work the these these these powerful people house listeners now sean has around. What do you make a House of Commons in kind of Wickham and style? You make little effigies of each M._p.. That you can then you the cursor the last twenty twenty now she's GonNa go on retreats on Sabbatical in my closing some chapters the rehabilitation of Florida man really long piece in the Washington in Post. This is a brilliant brilliant piece about the Florida man phenomenon not just really because it's interesting. I can't believe they was so bloody long you I mean you if you're not familiar with the Florida Florida Man <hes> thing it is the idea that every day there is another insane story which begins Florida man from Florida and tries to pickled prostitute while driving special needs school bus to Florida man tries to reclaim his crock from by wrestling and actual crock all this kind of stuff. It's like the idea that Florida is a uniquely uniquely insane repository of American witness. This great story does is it's points out that if you had to substitute the words homeless person with serious substance abuse problems you'd see these stories at tragedies comical you know the the in the cruelty the of the Internet the story the stories of Florida shed all over the place where I wasn't it funny what these these deprived and unhappy people are up too so the story kind of looks at people who are trying to reclaim the best Florida man about his refusal to conform his ability to <hes> sees the Diane. Do the crazy thing you may have seen the famous picture of a guy in no shirt no shoes and just a big pair of shorts head banging at holding an American flag in the middle of Hurricane Matthew while slayers rating blood plays that is the best of Florida onto start out. It'll hurricane initiates the American flag playing sleigh and refuses to be defeated by an actual hurricane so we'll put this on the facebook page for the show is really interesting on not just the madness of Florida but also how people sort of accentuate and pick pick it out because it's a proxy naturally for their feelings about poor people and minority people and people with drug issues surrealism as well so there's a game you play where you put your birth Dayton and then you put Florida Mine and I got my quite light Florida awarded order the settlement after police mistake doughnut glaze for math in this story because as the guy for the Washington Post says many increasingly Florida man stories attorney it got to be tales of miscarriages so this guy getting the math when he's money for so it's a positive Florida man stories so let's for Florida Man Show Florida woman is just this is all right too. I'm uh I'm GonNa Start Giving in Florida want to see what she's been to anyway. That brings us all to the end of the show road maps. Thanks for coming in rory play next coming up of they'll stuff coming out. Where am I planning some teaching at Broadcasting Glasgow on the twenty seventh of this this month and then I think next month I'm <hes> not stir much till the end of the month when I'm in <hes> in Germany and I'm forgotten the name of the place because it's like really tiny place in the East which I've Indiana a lump sum sure German listeners will be able to themselves Kuban Matt's reminders? What's happening with that talk about trains passing? I'm playing the B._F._i.. Are With without Scottish accent distinct trainspotting on the big screens so I mean if you haven't seen in a big way this is your chance and only ten minutes beforehand so enjoy the film basically fantastic listeners. Thanks for listening to run but where off next week because it's hauls back in two weeks time so in the meantime for me and Sean producer Sobek thanks.

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