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Speed-Round Sunday: First Thing in the Morning


Welcome to speed round Sunday on the parenting roundabout podcast where we share many episode from our past for your weekend listening pleasure. We'll be back tomorrow with a brand new episode. What is the first thing that you do when you wake up? Is it something that helps you feel awake or are you dissembling around until you reach the COP? What about you? Terry person that came into my head is the first thing. I do when I wake up turnover and tried to go back to sleep. But if that's not an option I have found that if I stumble out to my computer and turn it on and start looking at stuff like my mail or facebook. That kind of transitions me from bed to working. And then at some point I stop and have breakfast and take a shower. But it's often way later when I woke up once I fall into the computer whole takes me. Yeah but I'm awake. What about you Nicole? You're you're like me getting people out the door onto our day starts at six on Seven will usually put crossing the snooze alarm or the snooze button you know special pushback As far as I can and then yeah usually. I'm checking my email before I get out of bed on sad is that you have your own life there by the betsy could check it without getting out of bed. Yeah if I did that I would never get out of bed. Grab it and have it. Look at it. See what's going on and then Yeah head downstairs than hit the ground running slow in. Yeah out the door my daddy I keep my phone downstairs because like you fight if I could just reach over and grab it than I'd be sitting there surfing for way too long before I started so I get up and the dogs and all that fun. Exciting running stuff. You'll the dogs wake you up. You don't know they. They used to when we first got them. They were up at like five Berg a while and and at that point when we first got than we had to work with them on morning potty training so we had to take them outside and stand there with them for a very very very long time so my first act would be to put on my shoes go outside but luckily we don't have to do that anymore and now the dogs would happily sleep all morning if they could vote. We can't let them so we all get up and we're going to get going with our seed round just like we get going with our mornings.

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