The Morning Briefing: Tuesday, June 23


Halloween Danny Boyle with the briefing from the Telegraph. It's Tuesday June, the twenty third and Boris Johnson setting out plans to ease the lockdown. So, you can circle the data super. Saturday, cinemas, museums art galleries can open from the end of next week. The prime minister's announcing the push to save the Leisure and tourism industries. You'll also confirm the two meter rule will be cut to one. That's something restaurants and pubs have been calling for and will allow tens of thousands of venues to reopen. It's the biggest return of freedoms since lockdown began. How political editor Golden Rain explains more of what we're expecting. The PSG details in the Commons at about half past twelve you can follow life updates as well as the latest reaction and analysis in our life blog. Now the latest on the reading park stabbings it's emerged that the suspect accused of killing three people had been assessed as Paul to prevent. That's the government's de Radicalization program, but High Research Darla was deemed to be not a terror threats. Detectives are continuing to question him over Saturday's attack. We have the latest. and. It's getting hot really Halsey. In some places, temperatures impacts of Britain to hit thirty four degrees this week. It means anyone blessed with a garden workout probably set up camp for awhile. But have you got the right kit for outdoor living from Golden Office to cool down bar? We've rounded up some clever last minute buys. I can also recommend some other articles to including Camilla Tomini on how Charles and William became closer than ever and Josie Merinos produced statistics to defend his management style I'll send you those links now. If you're listening on WHATSAPP, you'll find them in the show notes. If you're listening on spotify apple law wherever you get you podcasts, that's it you're up to date Chris. We'll have your second briefing of the day the evening.

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