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Impeachment's Thanksgiving Break


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Witnesses testified publicly in just one week take congress is now headed to. Its thanksgiving recess keeping members out of Washington for the most part until December that means that the public impeachment hearings. Four four now are on pause but that does not mean work in the impeachment. Investigation has stopped the house. Intelligence Committee along with two other panels are writing NCAA report detailing their findings informed in part by these depositions and public hearings. That report is expected to serve as the basis for Articles of impeachment. That the House Judiciary Committee will then consider what those articles of impeachment look like however are still unknown. Democrats tell CNN. They're we're still debating in size and scope of the articles which are likely to focus on abuse of power obstruction of justice obstruction of Congress in bribery. All related needed to the Ukraine issue. Was Democrats return from their Thanksgiving recess. They are anticipating a very busy December with more public hearings before the house. Judiciary Ashari Committee. There's also the added complication. That Democrats have not obtained crucial documents or spoken with several key officials because the White House State Department apartment have refused to comply with congressional subpoenas. The issue is now tied up in court slowing the entire process down and denying Democrats. There there would be smoking gun as of now. Democrats appear to be proceeding with the information. They have already collected and appear to be pretty confident about it. There will likely be vote to impeach trump on the house floor by Christmas Day. That's December twenty theft and that is according to multiple democratic sources. Who told CNN which brings us us to the point? Congress may be headed for the exits for Thanksgiving but there is a lot of work on the impeachment investigation waiting for them when they return. 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