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The you're listening to comedy central. Twenty two thousand nine hundred. From comedy central's world news headquarters in New York. This is the daily show with Trevor Noah, here's the. I. Thank you. And thank you for tuning. And i'm. Guest tonight, our guest tonight, the creators of comedy central's, hit new show called the other two Chris Kelly, and Sarah Schneider. Joining us everybody. Fun show. That's getting great reviews. We got him chatting about that. Also on the show. Google is secretly listening to you the series finale of Jesse Sma lattes and ROY junior as back with another CPA time. But first, let's catch up on today's headlines. I up some breaking news about something that thank God didn't happen. The US Coast Guard Lieutenant is under arrest tonight. Investigators say he was planning a major attack on innocent civilians, and that he had a hit list of prominent names. According to the FBI has an stockpiled these weapons, including one thousand bullets handguns and assault rifles. Investigators say they found this hit list on Hassans computer containing names of prominent Democrats as well as a number of twenty twenty democratic candidates the list also containing the names of several journalists from CNN and MSNBC roughly a month before his arrest has in Google topics, including our supreme court justices protected where do most senators live in DC and civil war if Trump and peach d-, holy shits. Is one of the scariest stories of twenty nine team? And it's a reminder that this current political climate is going to drive people to do crazy things crazy people, but still gonna do crazy things. It's also a reminder that your search history will screw you over every time. Yeah. That's why. When I started something in barreling. I made sure to throw them off the trail. You know, I'll be like where can my friend by mail spanks? That's how I do it. I'll be like all weird poop not mind. Go. Honestly, I think the internet is just made killer soft. You know, Jack, the ripper didn't have Google. No. He had to go to the knife store and talk to a person, what do you recommend to cut up a prostitute size? Dea? Moving on climate change for two years Americans have been begging President Trump and his administration to take it seriously just take climate change seriously. And yesterday, the White House finally announced that it will create a special panel to do the opposites climate change skeptic will lead a White House pal to examine climate change. The Washington Post reports proposed commission will be led by this man. William hamper. He's on the national Security Council, and he believes that carbon emissions linked to climate change should be viewed as an acid rather than a pollutant. And that's not all listen to this. The demonization of carbon dioxide is just like the demonization of the poor Jews under Hitler dioxide is actually a benefit to the world and fell were the Jews. I'm sorry. What? Trump is trolling us. Right. This coffee real. How is this guy on earth much less leading her White House climate change panel? He just said that going off the climate dioxide is the same as Hitler going after the Jews, and he said it with a straight face. At least I think it was a straight face. It's to tell since. His face looks like he removed his own skin. And then try to put it back on really quickly. I don't even know what's going on there only. The Trump administration would find a guy who is pro carbon dioxide to lead a climate change panel. Like who else is on this panel fussing Cowan actual oil. Spill get outta here. Man. Moving onto something news. If you're tired of your old phone and also of having money. Some some has some good news for you Samson look into take on apple by unveiling a new line of galaxy smartphones does out grain electronics giant says the galaxy polled will sell for one thousand nine hundred eighty dollars when it's released April twenty six the device looks like a regular smartphone. But then opens to reveal a seven point three inch display. Okay. I don't know about you guys. But I am excited about this. Yeah. Because you realize now we can finally be dramatic when we're hanging up when people be like. Oh, yeah. That's how it used to be with landlines you kids. Don't remember. But that was the greatest thing about old phones. You remember that remember that you end the call with somebody you could shit on them be like, screw, yo. Oh. The person could feel it in the air. Today's foes don't have the same satisfaction. You more worried about the phone being hurts you. Oh you. Mazing? Although I do think tech companies need to decide if they want phones should be big or small because remember the first mobile phones would giant right? And then they got smaller, and then they got smaller, and they were like super thin. And then they're like no now, we need to pick up and big. And now, it's tablet and now unfolds into a big let's and now like next thing, you know, people just gonna be walking around with TV's as you. And then it's going to swing back the other way and are going to get so tiny just gonna like little tight than your swallowed by mistake. Oh, hello. Hello. Oh, Enslinn the world of technology. We're learning about technology that's coming suit. And now we're going to learn about technology that we didn't know we already had some other news hitting home tonight involved in Google nest. Secure home security system turns out it has a hidden microphone which can be used to access other Google devices, but Google never told anyone about it. The company tells business insider of Mike was never intended to be a secret and should have been disclosed tech companies have gotten really good at making sincere apologies for shit. They knew a sinister when they did it in hindsight policy of stealing your DNA to make sex. Clones for Saudi sheikhs should have been disclosed earlier. We we really should have told you. Yeah. I wish I had done this every time I got caught shoplifting as a kid. Just Mr. I recognize now that I shouldn't have had this candy in my pocket without paying and going forward. We've out to give more attention to this issue. These chips I recognize now that. Such bullshit. They know what they're doing. What's crazy about all of? This is the only reason tech companies are spying on us is just to get better at advertising. That's the only reason they've been doing it. But somehow the advertising isn't improving at all. I don't know about you. But I'm always seeing ads for stuff that I don't need. See ads on my Instagram for lawnmower and live in New York City, right? See an ad for like a baby stroller. I don't need that. I'm a big boy. The worst the worst for me. It's always get these ads for penis enlargement creams, and I don't need that. Okay. I need a Jonah shrink cream. Why am I the one of the problem? It's the most Oeser tiny. Move onto today's top story. Jussie smollet. A month ago? Few people knew who he was if you heard jussie smollet s- either talking to a huge fan of the show empire. Oh, you overheard a drunk. I trying to order omelets. What will you be having, sir? Josh I smell yet. Extra. But now the whole world knows jesse's name, and it's for all the wrong reasons empire actor Jesse smell at is in police custody after turning himself in overnight. He is accused of faking I hate crime after his story of being attacked by racists fell to pieces small that has been charged with disorderly conduct for filing a false place report, which is a felony in the state of Illinois police small plan this attack because he was allegedly upset by how much he was being paid by the show empire. Are you kidding me? This dude may have faked a hate crime just to get a race. I don't know. What's the logic? There. You get your ass beat. And then you go to your boss and be like, hey, can I get another million dollars needed by some mandates? What what was the thinking? Not a good way to get a raise people. I mean, call me old fashioned. But whatever happened to just going into your buses office and blackmailing him with nudes. Such a reason to pull off such a major crime imagine if we found out the reason to puck faked his own death was just to get out of the blockbuster late fee. That would be insane. We know that didn't happen. What really happened was to puck was murdered by blockbuster. Because he didn't return come those guys didn't mess around. So Chicago police have put together story of what they believe really happened there confidence enough to charge Smuts the reason they confident to charge them because it looks like just the end the brothers who reportedly fake the attack with him left. No shortage of incriminating evidence police say they track these two brothers down via the rideshare car service that they use. We know that the police have the cell phones of the young men there were conversations between smollet and these two Nigerian Americans an hour before the tack and our after the attack, and when they traveled to Nigeria police say small, let paid the brothers a total of thirty five hundred dollars via check and then promised a five hundred dollar follow up there saying he paid accomplices with a check. What did he also right fake hate crime in the memo? Even amateurs, no, if you commit a crime, you go all cash people no paper trail, you've noticed a movie where the bad guys are like I need you to get rid of someone for me. Now, do I make this checked out to is that knuckles K? Crap. I gotta start again, I keep reading twenty eighteen on all my murder checks. So if you did do this Sma, let's did a horrible job with this fake crime. In fact, Chicago police also claimed today that small wanted his hate crimes should be caught on camera. But it turns out that didn't go right either. Police say that went over security video from dozens of pod cameras, but the stage attack itself was never captured by rotating security camera believe that mister Smith wanted on camera. But unfortunately, that particular Cameron wasn't pointed in that way. You've gotta be shitting me. He wanted to be caught. But he didn't get caught on camera because he didn't know which way the camera was pointing you're an actor. That's your only job. Job. No now, I'm starting to think that jussie was probably on the set of empire. Like what my father doesn't. Oh, sorry. Sorry. Whereas what? Don't do me about kooky. We've got this. Can I get a raise raise now? So Jesse is potentially going to prison for a while. And his wake he has screwed over everyone. Think about it. Members of the gay community are emotionally terrorized over something that turned out to be a hoax. Trump supporters are upset about being falsely accused and democrat candidates democratic candidates are tying themselves into knots. Trying to walk back their initial statements calling this a modern day lynching. Nobody wanted this thing. I mean, the only winner here really is is subway. Yeah. Because before the story, I didn't know that they were open at two AM you guys. I didn't know that. I genuinely didn't know that. The point is. Nobody one there is a silver lining. When the started out. It was a story about people who hate to Jesse smollet because he was black and gay. But now people hate him because he's an asshole. In other words, they're judging him on the contents of his character and not the color of his skin and that my friends Cobra. We'll be right back. It's February which means it's black history month, and we're celebrating all month with ROY wood junior and time. Welcome to see p time the only show, that's the culture today. We'll discuss betrayal Brutus Caesar to pockets should neck and most memorably the Verizon guy going to spread the trail is a subject. Black Americans familiar with for centuries, America's enemies have tried to recruit us against own country in times of war. It's a devious tech much like how peer turn my wife against me by telling her stories of infidelity. Plus had those lower pill Vic muscles that go right to the actions on. A never stood a chance. Turn black Americans against America is old as America itself during the revolution. The British told American slaves that if they fought for the empire, they could have freedom and land after the wall, and when you sleeve, those are the most valuable offers, you can get it goes freedom land and bid Bev and beyond. Is from nineteen eighty three. Still google. The first British official to make this offer was the governor of Virginia Lord done more his concept of free in slaves was radical. But then again done Moorhead a lot of radical ideas like wearing knee-high Argyle socks look at that man is out there in seventeen seventy five looking like under three thousand. Even have to slavery, and America's enemies kept trying to recruit black full doing war one. The Germans propaganda leads to black soldiers trying to persuade them to leave America and fight for Germany. Here's what they wrote. Do you? Enjoy the same rights as vite people doing the Mataca or out. You has cheated over says second-class heat. I. That you didn't know spoke fluent German. But the Germans couldn't convince people to go to Germany, which is probably thought this black people would not have done well in the Hitler because we couldn't have helped out sales from Rolston his as I mean, look at them look hitter third appeal. I didn't know you could get a Brazilian on your face. Like you went down on a magic marker. Boy, you should kill yourself. Even America's enemies today. Tried to recruit black people after the riots and Ferguson, Missouri. Isis offered to send over soldiers to fight for black people if we joined their caliphate. A lot of you for moment. The offer from ISIS was tipped. But then I remembered there's no pork and Islam while America has its problems of miracle makes good ass. Yes. She does damn right. She. But. That's all the time. We have for today. I'm good with junior. Mrs been CPT remember for the coach. And ribs. Spicer. What would you never want? We'll be right back. David guest, co creators and co writes of the critically acclaimed comedy central series, the other two welcome. Chris Kellyanne, Sarah Snyder. Welcome to the show. Thank you. Thanks for having an congratulations on your new show. It's got some great reviews, which is not easy to do. I think it sitting at ninety three percents on rotten tomatoes, which. Thank you know. I check every single. Thank you so much, but but rigging has reviews and the show for those who haven't seen. It is is a story of siblings who have a younger sibling who is becomes internet famous overnight and just becomes famous famous. Yes. Right. How do you? How do you begin to write the story that really feels like it's based completely on real life? Well, in terms of like, the YouTube world, we spent a lot of long days diving deep into like true YouTubers their videos, look like and what their trajectory looks like. And all the different personas they've occupied because they become stars. Right. Yeah. Totally some of them. They become like moguls. You know, what's interesting about the show. Is it touches on the idea of the disconnect between the old fame people and new fame, which is happening in real life. There's only people like on TV where like, oh, those internet kids and the kids are like I make five million dollars. That's crazy is the older characters on our show are only twenty eight and thirty which is not all right. Then compared to thirteen year old who's like, I may billionaire out of nowhere. Yeah. One hundred. So that was sort of that was interesting to us that you can feel very old and washed up, even if that's not true. Right. I you know, what I what I liked about the show is the story of how you guys put this thing together because the two of you wrote together on SNL, and you wrote many of the sketches that people love. And obviously the ones Donald Trump hates as well. You actually the first openly gay head writer of SNL. Oh, yes. Like, I just did you. Panic and your eyes. Tell people that I'm sorry. My wife is back. No, yes. Yes. About this story. Fun about this story is true man's fan. Is you have this character in the show, and it is like writing offensively for game? It's like zero typical. It's as funny as he would be it's funny as the story would be it was that something that you enjoy doing like, do you infuse yourself into the character, logistics dances? Yeah. We talked a lot about that in the writer's room because we had a lot of gay and queer writers in the writer's room. Bright, basically, the premise is that these older siblings are going to seem like they're just jealous their little brother, but we more like that it really stirred up shit for them. And so they have to deal with real grounded things, even though it's a comedy. Yes. And carried the main character dealing with his sexuality in a very real way being forced to deal with it and being forced to be comfortable in his own skin. When he maybe isn't because of his little brother was. Yeah. Yeah. Like, how this is a story that focuses less on how somebody changes how life changes because of fame and more about how their fame affects everybody in their lives. You is an interesting angle that you don't really get see because people forget like you might become famous. But then people around you are affected by that fame total we set out to write a family show at its core. That's those are the stories we wanted to tell and the fame is kind of just the catalyst for like critising all the stuff that they deal with. But we've think the premise definitely makes it feel like it could just be like only talking about the fame and only like a pop culture is tired. But that's just kind of like the umbrella. We like to play with putting up this family up. Again. Why did you make the show? Nice. No, no. Because this is something I genuinely enjoy it. I thought oh this is going to be like one of those cynical shows where like the oldest siblings shitting on him and his YouTube will. But it's actually a great show where it's like, no, it's a family when they love the little brother, but the Genesis of his fame, but not him. You know, they they go we still love you. It's just weird that you became famous before us. They're also actors they're also trying to become famous like why did you choose to create it in that way? It's not a cynical show. We did talk about that. Because we thought that would have been easier way or the way you would expect in. So we'd like that they genuinely loved their little brother, and they were jealous of him. But they're also worried about him, and they're terrified of what the industry is going to do to him. So we like that the kid isn't the villain, but the like entertainment industry the machine around him is sort of the villain. Right. I don't know. And in some ways, it's tougher to be lapped by someone you love. Yeah. If you didn't ready to mom write them off. And you're like, well, they were an asshole to me something really care. But if it's someone that you love and respect on our happening happy, it's like tougher in. One of my one of my favorites lines that you guys found a way to put it in the show was the mine where the younger brother says this has been such a tough journey for me as such a long journey. I've been doing this for eight months. And you realize how relative time is depending on what you're doing. But but you got a lot of those lines and those feelings from real life. Yeah. Well case Walker who plays the kid chase his their names are very close which accident. It was case walkers first odd in ever, and he booked it. And when we met him, I mean, he's so great. And when we met him he was talking about how he'd been working at this for a while. And he was excited to the show. And he was like, yeah. When I started doing music stuff like six months ago, and we both were like six months ago. And he's like a lifetime. Surely, it's a lifetime. The shows during ready while you've already got picked up for second season. So on that. I'm excited to see where it goes. Thank you so much for being on the show. The all the two as Thursdays at ten thirty pm on comedy central. You really gonna love it. Chris Kelly Sarah night, everybody. Daily show cover Noah. Here's a digital watch the show, weeknights at eleven ten central on comedy, central and the comedy central watchable episodes and videos at the daily show dot com. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to the show on YouTube, exclusive, content and move. This has been a comedy central podcast.

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