No 114: Adam Sandler


You are about to embark on a show about four people who find themselves from Rutskoi into the back stories of ball culture history joy I the boss Jail Troth Laura Diaz anti-submarine end submarine up the air as poorly impersonate celebrities. Drink a lot of year an answer very hard trivia questions you do. I now listening to podcasts. Forty two gut let stood five. Grab your juice boxes and snacks from your mom. He's a take a break. The are offered adults in the fact and also take a break with whatever. Snacks Pat for yourselves as me back here fifteen jail. Can you explain what we're doing in here again. Listen I already told you three times. My producer friend needed some background extras on the new please producing can get behind that but why are really only adults here and why play about Adam Sandler and to emphasize the premise here. Why are we background extras in in a play about Adam Sandler starring middle schoolers because my producer artsy COMES THE KID plane. Adam Sandler be careful. She is method. I might tell you forth. You'll blowing you better. Straighten up and fly right. Hey how old are you kid Adam. frigging sailor Gobbly de Goblet Goo. Okay then how old are you Adam. Sandler I'm this. Many is holding up ten fingers so making an educated guess. I'm eleven you can't see the other thing I'm pointing uh-huh that's just ruling. Disturbing is by Pinky to shoes. Now let me enjoy my juice box crap. This is an apple juice box box. I Hate Apple. The kid's going places. Maybe we should study the script they gave us right. We don't even read our own scripts good point. I got the highlight irs. Why we are background care? We have no lines. I know I hated everything in this group of the words so you basically colored between the lines. No well now that I think about it. Yes look here. The first thing was about Adam being born in Brooklyn New York. Let's practice these lines. Even though they are not ours ars that might help us. Get into our background characters heads. IBM's datum Laura UB Adams Bob. I don't see how this is going to help. Hi My name Miss Stanley Sandler and I'm an electrical engineer. My name is Judy. Levine fan layer and I may nursery school teacher and we do not helping hi. My name is Christopher Dawson. I'm bored out of my skull. I'm Sabrina Pierre. Big Butts and I cannot live where the brothers cab girl walks in with an itty bitty there are children hoops similar warning and fake mustaches. Or forget this play is written really bad accurate. You know. It's Kinda like you voted six. Thanks you're you're welcome. Tell me about tell you about the next scene is how Adam Sandler used to be in high school. Who Oh cares? Didn't everyone Nah jail. It's about family being in BB. Why Oh that's a Jewish youth group? But then it goes on into Sandler's college years in New York and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Authoirty boring was an index. It is really important and not boring places. Everyone this is how Santa got into stand up comedy. This is the start of it. All that ground players. I need you to stand in the background skies. He's great with direction director. What's my motivation to be silent background? Person got it was I ever a roar because I can channel that into my performance would be just remember you talk doc right. I don't talk At I have severe. PTSD CARE machine gun around. I WanNa Carrie machine gun around to. I'm also from the war from the war. It'll be fine dude. No she goes order the war. We're in the Sandler. Household was adamant his brother now. Standard is very pivotal. Seeing the moment that will change Adams destiny forever. Now we do. Yes my I bet you should go into standup comedy. Were cute job everyone. It would have been better if we with. PTSD soldiers in the background. No no no not that see people places this is Adam Sandler's first acting job on the cosby show. Unfortunately little johnny playing this. The cosby has refused on the grounds of all all the legal trouble. Mr Cosby so we'll just have to be the scene without him until we can find a replacement. Oh I can do bill cosby. I said I can do to be a low Gelo pudding pop and sleep and flute doesn't know how to translate. Wait on stage. I can do the voice from off stage. That would be weird but at least personality can give it a try. Looses who says every Word Peo- WHO's your new friend Frunze Rinse meeting high deductible. These dementia Smitty. I'm the new friend. A friend of yours is in this the house. May I offer smitty drink. Cut A lighter Roosevelt's we may need to rework that scene We're GONNA seen when Sadler was on the MTV game show robot control laces extra. The remote control entities. I now musical program with your host. Ken over as everyone knows. This is a game the show where we ask you questions. Insult contestants in appeared welcomes like Dennis leary. Ll Cool J. M. C. Hammer instead. Boy Well I'm Stewart born but I'm really I'm seeing the and I have a question for the contestants. What actor would go on from this? Not Funny Game Show to be one of the biggest comedy movie movie stars of all time. Give up because you're very good. Let's reset for this until years. Take five take. Aw I don't know why we take five. Every five minutes. I thought being a background character would be more easy while we head over to the craft table. ooh ooh I do craft. Let's check it out. Know Laura Craft tables where they sit up snacks for the performers. ooh I D- snacks. Let's check it out. Oh It's a big craft table look at the spread. There's cheese and crackers and pizza and Corn Dogs Chicken Nuggets and Pat Tae pay in weirdly tons and tons of beer. Yeah considering we are the only ones old enough to drink it. That is weird. I'm in charge of the craft table. They told me it was a children's play not play put on by children clearly. There's a big difference. So that's the explanation. Take it or leave it it clearly. We are taking it most because it moves the story along more for us than I have never heard of this beer jail. What event ext a Ooh the party leader brewery? It's Nice mixologist series Laura. It's their coquito Gouda. Isn't this the last one in it. I think it is So he did all four right. Yeah pretty sure you guys did. I didn't oh well then you should have been on the show quick. Thanks crafty table wits. I'm giving the label a one 'cause very plain but I'll be giving the beer much higher than that later. It's cookie the cookie though for people who do not do do not everyone's from a delicious holiday drink from like well. I think it's important Puerto Rican. I don't yeah I know. Like Columbia has their own version of it and but as a Spanish holiday drink and it's generally like a coconut with rum and they throw in then got cinnamon sometimes not paying depending and delicious. I think you'll like Coquito. Don't you Laura even though you hate coconut alike. Do you like the cookie dough very months. Haitians have one similar. This is considered a coquito cream ale. Well stay tuned to the end of the show. Oh for our ratings. We rate the beer on a scale of one through six six representing a six pack. Six being the best one being the worst this makes sense to everybody in the world except for me one lone Canadian in Kissimmee. It's not is not Laura. I'm not I'm not Canadian. Although I can tell you how candidate it came up very done that callback six times and let's get back to work around. Let's do the Saturday night. Live bond ties. We need the kids play. Dennis Miller David sparyed varied Chris Farley a Michael's to take the places in the rain. WHO's literally marginal? Don't you mean Mar Mike or Michael's wow at this guys. Good what direction you wrong direction. People clearly where his background people. Okay all right very good. Owed everyone remember to hit their marks. background PAYPAL. What are you doing Standing in background. What are you doing rookie to plays? Hey I'll do what I'm supposed to do you four. Get Out of the seed. Then why did you hire us. If we're not in the background seriously like I practice at home for three weeks standing around behind stuff all day I know. Oh your husband called me because see we have loose radu. You didn't have to agree with him. I still smell like save enough. Just want the riot okay. Soda Live Montage. Did Highly Kid Adam Sandler okay. He can Be a writer I'm going to be an awkward. Yeah I know maybe he can do a catcher or to Okay his a his is scheduled to now is the time. I'm in this show. When I like to call denise and hang up on her hello let me worry plants a Turkey for me a Turkey for you elected Jews? Jews Crazy newspaper UNICOR man and I do believe I want Candy Glenda Stiff ooh canteen boy on your Yarmulke he comes Hanukkah much Wanaka to celebrate Hanukkah at so funny. Adam you know be David spade at you. You Adam Sandler Chris. Farley are the stars of this show how this shows nothing without ass. I know I'm twenty eight and I've been under on the show for five years. I can't wait for next year. I have so many ideas read. That's my telephone. If one thousand nine hundred five so I still have a landline. Hey Adam it's your manager. Hello manager well. That's weird. I don't have a name. No other research on this piece just says does your manages so was my manager. Well it Stanley. By the way anyway. You know how excited you are for. The next season of Saturday night live gave us. Maybe you don't go back next year. Oh Man I still got a few more things. Yeah but you did it already. I do but you know. Think about it as a manager and saying he thought about it and Lauren fire you fired. I don't know what else I'm going. Undo Hello Hey Adam. It's Chris Farley. I I have to tell you who I am because we're on landlines Any anybody too young to experience a landline doesn't know that the phone doesn't show who I am. You don't actually know until you pick up the phone Chris. I was fired from Saturday night. Live on calling you for mud down by her. I was fired. Do what we either. We should pretend this is for the best year Chris. We will pretend we are not said. Oh Man Okay bye man by. I'm good at being a telephone. Hello Hey this is David spade made again Farley. Explain how landline works. I don't have to go over that again ad but I I heard you at Farley got fired yes we are pretending to be happy devoted. I actually have a huge lump in my throat just thinking about it wait a minute how do you know finally explain how lines work. He was on a private phone. Call to me out. Well I've tapped all the phones of my cast mates in case they ever say bad things about me then I could use it against them in the future orders very smart. You know you could just do movies. It's dad like make a crap tied at go movies too but Mostly bad was like Joe dirt. That's not a bad idea. I mean a movie. Once called going overboard I played checking Moskowitz. Who is struggling comedian? We're GONNA cruise ship. I get a chance to be. The ships comedian what it is thought that the regular comedian Dick Diamond had fallen overboard and drowned. Dickie actually locked himself mental at yet. Don't don't don't make me again with more king. Neptune help shaky who does bad on the stage and terrorists go abroad. I want to kill Miss Australia. ABC Am and that's Great. I catego- by book by booth by. I think he just hung up on me as pretty good Young Adam no improvising background players. Let's look a little less word next time we weren't board is how we always look. Speak for yourself Chris. ILITCH board I know I didn't mean to jump over you but you WANNA lose this Gig yes breath. What about the free crap table? There are no real crafts on table weenies and a blanket and NACHOS ooh. I didn't see the Natsios I'll be back just. FYI people we are cutting shakes. The clown code heads mixed nuts at airhead. Let's see from this script. It's it's way too long. It's gotta focus on the Adam Sandler produced movies. That's their Tim Hurley. He's Rhody Action. Well that's dumb. Cone heads had a lot of us in our people in it like Chris Farley David Spade Dan ackroyd Phil Oh Hartman and Jane Curtain. Yeah your major talent like me you can call the shots big boy right now. You're just a background player. And you are directing a play. We started with the topic that they can't even watch half of the subject material so fire you invited need people mealy around would we are the best meal years there's I don't think that's the word. It is now milliers cans of cognitive roll-off ton. We should do an episode on the dictionary. Oh no please know that. It's way too wordy term Tim. I'm so glad we bumped to get in college judge and you even wrote some of my stand up material for me and helped me out on. SNL Out four times four times. But I'm an accountant now now not so much fun times where. You don't have to be an accountant. I've been doing movies but I want to do my movies. I have an idea for a movie you can help we write it. It's about a screw up that wants to run his dad's business but he has to complete all twelve grades in two weeks to prove he can do. It sounds interesting fine but we need a man child actor for the lead or it will not work. Hello you're talking to him okay. I'm in an even though we don't know so what we're doing. We must have this one simple rule. We need to stay true to our writing style. Even to studio hates it or rationally lever studio hates it even try to bring on riders to tweak our script but I say Nay sir well let them change whatever they want we will just say the original lines no matter what the script says. It will give a pot to Chris Farley and let him say whatever comes to his mind perfect critics will hate it but we'll still be number over one at the box office. Let's put him at the x mansion and another thing I want to do and all my movies is have rob Schneider show up at play some ridiculous role that has little to with the plot. You should have all your friends and all your movies. There's not a bad idea but the next film we do. I wanted to win an award while we are very low brow L. comedy people so after being obtainable or D- You're right let you the best fight scene in a movie award from MTV. We could do a hockey movie. I like hockey. I like golf. Let's do golf movie instead. I don't be combined to like peanut Butter Cup that it'll make everyone happy. Sounds great ninety to go finish this episode of Gilmore Girls Before we get started. I think I have title already. You now now hate Billy Madison. But I like happy Gilmour. Oh I like both billy. Madison made late. Twenty six million at the box office and happy Gilmore made like forty one million on on a twelve million budget not too shabby. Wow guys that is a lot of crews money case you didn't know Florida's crews math. Well yeah ask Chris. Matthews's very hopeful. Well let's say you're looking to buy TV low for the price of one TV. You could probably go on a four night cruise instead and they usually have a TV in the room with movies onboard. So there's that talking to you. People will because we are cute annoy hugely annoying ignoring Lee Annoying Kilian knowingly cute agony this direct it may be another day let's practice happy Gilmore seed pod and the price is wrong bitch which she's no. Maybe you kiss take our stuff. She's too old I right. I'll see you guys there. I don't understand this scene in at all. It appears to be just a bunch of quotes from the movie and they aren't even an order. No no not at all order. I'm ready for order. Who's taking the order? I'll I have a memo. Grow people talking to you. Know they're still upset. Ground people do take issue. Forgot forgot to back World Yemen. You guys have ruined in the play and you're messing up my ball. Joe Did Baby Adam. Same Oh Hito oh. That sounds good. I'll take one of those not more Hito Mo Jo Ma Chao one one don't emphasize Mojo at my wife to the heaters are quite good. I wouldn't know I'm eleven. Three is play stinks. You ought to be fired appeared. Because that's a good way to Chris's point all you're doing is spewing lines are movie. There's no drama. No passion no story story. Do you apart so you. What the opposite of Sandler movie is that is that it mister? Big Shot podcasters. Hey my movies have a plot. How about the ridiculous things six? That's how long we're going to do this. What's the next scene? Why so you can stand in the background and ruin it no other? That is fun Why don't you just let us look at it in? See if we can highlight Definitely means specs it. Yeah that's that's what I said. Highlights the Knicks seed is mishmash. Sandler's more We should say serious films. Punchdrunk love from two thousand the tools from two thousand four rate over me from two thousand seven and forty people from two thousand nine. And what are we go leans view more strung together quotes formation we are going to perpetrate dams like interrupted. Dan All right and I have five main Baby Adam. Don't call Me Baby Adam. Hey jail. Didn't Adam record some comedy albums Aided he was nominated for best comedy album at the grammys tell me he won Sedley. No that makes it a lot harder. Sam Kenniston one. That makes it a lot easier. Hey Miss Director hand over the script free go. She doesn't mean we're GONNA use it. He handed it over quicker than and I thought all right. Here's where I shine. It's changed this and this was get rid of this year abbess. It's putting this guy has nothing to do with Adam Sandler I know I know. Just trust me all right this out. Add this this more corrections and boom dropped descrip- Sabrina. You literally drop the script. I mean the pages are everywhere. I numbered them but not. We're we're losing time. Here is gathered them of hand to me. let's see. I want us to build a party set. Yeah the concept is it's after the grammy's Adam doesn't win but he goes over to Sam Kennison's after Grammy Party. We don't have time for -bility let's just read through this monstrosity here. Ever take a script put it order ready places. There's one on one pupil Sammer debut comedy album had so many people on it even with Rob Schneider David Spade too meadows CONAN. O'Brien routed Roddick's Jesus snuff worse. Written by your body still could be. It could win. Sammy I guess the Grammy People Preferred Subs Parade Porno. Trench coach short man screaming into a microphone for our over at highly produce albums comedy skis and live music. You got me damn. In in her feelings. Mail cloud turbo trust cuts ritual reduced triscuit. Clegg's selection is quite impressive. Impressive as your double platinum two. The million. I hope that was before. Were fired from us now. Wasn't it wait. I'm going to get buy in from. SNL Home Jack Horsemen from Netflix. It hasn't been invented yet. I'm a talking horse with a Sitcom worry. Run Day you'll get big movie deal with the company. Sounds good what's net flicks. He'll turn by the way anyone by noon. White nineteen eighty nine Pontiac. Our AAA traffic. You'll see the world. We'll talk later anyway. And I signed a deal with Netflix. To Produce and star in four films in two thousand fourteen and then we up the deal for another four films in two thousand seventeen. Removing murder. Mystery will be the most popular film in Two thousand nine hundred and you stand up. Special weren't fresh critically acclaimed. Oh I do stand up again. I don't mean to just feel pretty good right now. Maybe I'll put you're one of my movies semi permanent now housing triscuits. There's a fishbowl keys over there to Geez. That's my favorite fish. Cheese took our. It's hot car. Why the Hell is their keys? This ball because we got nachos we love not alcohol. Some shows those are good. I don't know I don't remember writing that me neither neither day L. or myself added it guys. It's the Fish Ashcroft facts facts sitting amongst cheese cubes pieces of paper. This fall back. It's random facts. You read. Read out of a fishbowl. About whoever talking about at the time here Baby Adam reach in grab one and read it. It's kind of fun. Stop Calling Me Baby Adam. The let me finish eating this boundary cheese. I okay would have preferred Pepe Jack. But I'll take the monetary fishbowl fact number. One the ridiculous six got a shocking zero zero percent rating on rotten tomatoes. I hate rotten tomatoes. They don't like my movies fishbowl fact number two. That's my the Laura Science is eating not still waiting for my Mo- hito though duck. Akito Do Co. keep though Adam Sandler's character and Saturday tonight lives the Hurley. Her La- he he. He's my friend. Did Not you're exactly why he's your friend. Adam Sandler's character in Saturday night live. The herlihy boy wasn't honor of Tim. Herlihy fishbowl fact number. Three Adam sandlers chemistry withdrew very more is one hundred percent real fact number four in real life. Adam Sandler has admitted to having anger issues. FISHBOWL fact number five. Jackie Sandler is okay. Okay With Adam Kissing other women on screen and even gives him advice fishbowl fact number six Adam families and kicked him has the eleventh most F words words and in in movie history. I don't like that one. I'm glad you picked that one. I thought it was gonNA come to me. You're welcome. I saved him. Fishbowl fact act number. Seven Sandler confirmed that if people were starting to think that he picked his movies based on where he wanted to go on vacation. They were absolutely right. That is how I would pick my movies to the actually really smart. It is fishbowl. Fact number. Eight the dodgeball scene in Billy Madison was real. Adam Sandler even admitted that not only any word. Those real dodge balls in real kids getting hit very very hard with them but he also made at least one of them crack. Ah Good Fan. Goal in life fishbowl fact number nine. There is a theory that all of Adam Sandler's movies are related due to each other. Which is why the same cast keep reappearing in each one actors? Such drew Barrymore Jennifer Aniston Harry Winkler Note. No not here. He went clear. Henry Winkler the fines. Rob Schneider's Bosomy David Spade Norm McDonald and Kevin James. Keep showing up fishbowl fact. It's number ten. Adam Sandler doesn't do many interviews due to being misquoted. A lot so he swore off talking to the media fishbowl fact number eleven. Robert Deniro says says that Billy Madison is his favourite film fishbowl fact number twelve the elderly man happy Madison. Productions logo is Stanley. Sandler Adams late father that was gotten full of dairy. It's GonNa be really fun for me later and me me to me. WHO's going to be pulling for you on the car? Ride home grows. ooh Semester Director. What did you think is it a little more meaty than just doing random movie quote? Yes whatever good good here. We wrote another scene. We just need you guys to build. Howard Stern's radio program said not happening? Let's see how this one plays out here. Everyone thinks these napkins. Oh Yeah we ran out of paper and now I have no more Napkins for the craft table either a not on a which is sloppy. Joe Day oh wait. This is on toilet paper years. You don't use the toilets number two or I never ran for ladies either tale. Okay so don't use the toilets period we are wasting time Ryan. Let's just roll the seed Albert. You play Howard Stern's just because I have a big nose isn't it. Yes action so you lost at the Gotham awesome awards to Adam driver and you will have nothing to do a Batman. Either go Vega independent film awards. We Dow band right without Batman regardless. You're getting incredible reviews for your work in uncut gems that shocking right almost as silly as me put a movie and getting good reviews right lay. That would happen happen actually did happen. It was called Private Parts. It's the story of my life. Got Ya little. Nicky was the story of my life. Out of. You should really push for for the Oscar nod I am. I have already done more promotion than they usually do. I did a rare profile in the New York Times the Safti brothers and everybody works so hot in that movie that I didn't do what I usually do and just go. I can't help you out. There could be a funny big thing if you score first Oscar nomination. I'm there to win. I'd even ditch my famous casual. Look for Nike Tuxedo. If I don't get it I'm going to come back and do want again. That is so bad on purpose. That just to make you all pay. That's that's how I get them. So what are you thinking Jack and Jill to watch real funny this just in the National Board of Review. His name do best. Dr Patrick Hope you and the Oscar race we will see we will see. I Have Rob Schneider and David Spade on standby to make that bad movie. If I don't win okay okay So that was the end of the C.. Did he win. Oh we don't know we are recording this before the Oscars you know you guys always have such great time a recorded. The Chili peppers before Josh Klinghoffer got fired and gave a throws for the worst season ever was aired. You know it is all about timing. Well I gotta say say this. I did learn a little more about Adam Sandler than I did before. Thank you you all learn more Christo Chris do. Oh it's a do because it's it's quiz time. Lady go spring quiz. This pop quizzes called. Aw Get outta panic Kaz and your this is the Quiz Ika. It's not easy questions can get kind of Harda score points if you WANNA. It's the pop quiz. Quiz Ika SMELLY eraser. Eras are the most fun Ika Pie Quiz Ika Five general knowledge facts on Adam Sandler order the easiest to the hardest to test your knowledge score one point for each correct correct answer jail done question number one that went on for so long last week it was like the stairway conversion to get the quiz. It was really just shorter than my way road. Once you're talking about we could have a pop quiz last week. The Red Hot Chili peppers birth. Oh by the way. I thought. That was my favorite pop quizzes. Question Number One. What football opposition did Sandler's character play in the water boy? What football physician lawyer you should know? This is your favorites. Yeah Burt Reynolds was in it. No waterboy waterboy. Oh where he plays. The waterboy position is the one he played on the football field. How gotTa Right Water Water break through? He was never mind. I was going longest yard. Yeah that was quarterback. Yes I know I just had to research the use it or whatever I know what he does on the team. He gives them water no after when he was playing. Why gated have have all those by their so angry? I actually do know I. It's my my mom I'm GonNa tell you what a brain ready go ahead could've sanders. Yeah it's because of them do album gotta no no no. My Mama said because he's got all those teeth that's what makes them so order. We well now that I know to trust uh-huh and no to push. Yes now. They're my Duda. Oblong gotTA move it on question number two. How many times has Adam Sandler's character after died in Little Nicky? It's a number hint. It's a number between one and fifteen. Well then change that Pat. You're just make it up number. Oh those are real numbers. I never made up a number range wise. Oh No it didn't between one and fifteen nine fifteen or fifty fifteen one five one five million between one and fifteen original numbers back on question number three in Billy Madison. Who did Billy Fall in love with? I'll take the actor's actor's name I'll take the character I'll take the profession any one of those. That was a big hint. Oh Heart Listen Baby Adam. Can you stay out of her pop quiz lease seriously. Walk to touch the Hymie Question number four in the wedding singer. which musician saved Robbie from a fight on on airplane hint? It's a real life musician. I'm not totally. I'm not it hit for everyone in this room but not the audience. I have a pump of this person. They're just trying to find mindless. You can try looking around. But there's four million pops here. Yeah I should really stop buying them from question. Should number five. What is the name of the studio company that Happy Madison uses for? It's more serious films jail. Still looking around for POPs Eh. Did you find him. Only what was the question. I was looking mathematics the serious. What isn't a studio company? Happy Madison uses for. Its serious films as me. I for that one ever really funny Anneli pins down and confused faces off or they always have a confused face so question number one. What football position did sanders character? Play in the water boy. Laura I don't now now tighten. Sabrina tackle jail linebacker. ooh Yeah I think that's what he was correct answers. Oh yeah that's what he was. Ah linebacker question number two. How many times says Adam Sandler's character die in Little Nicky? Sabrina seven Laura Eight for you. The correct answer is not fifty seven throat seven because because it was directly in between one and fifteen except for seven and a half I hit on pretty much take seven. My guest forever defeated this time by the golden makes number. Yeah I haven't seen that one. It's really bad so kind of want to say about. It's amazing. I've heard that too. There seems to be two sides. Sit a little nicky. There's always two sides right rotten tomatoes and everybody else. Not If you're trying to question number three and Billy Madison Madison. Who did Billy Fall in love with Sabrina? The teacher look great did she. Didn't say that you just said profession. Russian third grade Laura Teacher jail since he gave the answer over on the cover and wrote Veronica. Originally three scratched out. That would be a wrong answer then around his third Grade Teacher Veronica. Von Played by Bridgette Wilson. I knew it was Veronica Pete Sampras question number four which musician saved Robbie from a fight on an airplane in the wedding singer. Laura Billy idol. Uh Sabrina Billy idol. Jail Billy idol. Billy idol is not the only musician up there. Well Yeah I don't Elsa Prince saving them from a fight. Britney Spears definitely wasn't going to and nobody wants Peter Chris to do anything anymore. The correct answer was Britney. Spears was billy idol and question of what is the name of the Studio Company. Happy Madison uses for its serious films. Laura Serious Gilmore. You Kinda Kinda kick yourself when you hear the answer probably do in. This serious film is brought to you by new theories Gilmore. Some better no yeah. Sabrina Pouring Madison Actually Madison. twenty-three Eh we're all better twenty three. I don't have any films he made before they finally told you got one wrong. He made it to Jack and jail. Sources for this script. What are you doing the Roller Lori will now be played by Serena who had been ordered started? tae-ji you'll be fine. She lost nineteen twenty. You dropped descriptors like Sabrina did in the script did they did written on toilet paper it slightly us. Well I had to work with what I head back to the sources is good housekeeping dot COM biography dot com the quiz dot com. That's behind the music featuring do and rotten tomatoes dot com. Oh that's so nice. They did a great behind the music. You know why because there is too shy shy. I agreed song. Well well I would just like to thank you for holding up to production as you quiz. Each Other on Adam Sandler nutshell at the port of that was to get us to about an our what. Oh don't worry about okay. Well let's do the sailor family thing next. Oh I like the same family thing. What is that now? I don't know I I like probably something to do with thing from Adam's family and Sandler love cousin says it's not even close. Okay give the man a hand stay around. Remember your background okay. Action Alright people. We're about to shoot the next scene. A Big Daddy. Did you see where a waitress who takes my order over Wu. While I'm into Sports Bob with one of this Bros brothers playing the kid I adopt south. You have this way. said US don't understand me because I'm Adam Sandler and you're just in the background. So Y la La either either way. I don't know which one I can't tell the PA identical by the way WHO's playing Beatrice Jockey okay. I don't know who it is. But she is hot. Yeah She's a model. And she played sally and Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo a movie your Production Company produced for Rob Schneider. I don't blame. Yeah I'm going to date hood and Mary are put in my movies. I fifty first dates and grown-ups one and two and she's going would you change your religion for me. I'll do that on one condition. We have kids really dammit. Okay Oh you know. We were married at six o'clock or she. Malibu state we will invite Jennifer Aniston Rodney Dangerfield Rob Schneider and dress my bulldog meatball ball up in the Black Tux and me and the dog to. Oh you oughta perfect woman for me. What should we name our kids? I suggest billion happy. PF diabetes well. In that case I will have my ovaries produce girls and their names will be sadie and sunny. I love those names i. We'll put them in my movies as well. Like Hotel Transylvania and Jack and Jill. How do you now at movies? You're going to be making in the future. I had them all written already every year so I put one hour Polish it up and make it. Let's ride off into Hollywood's sunset together own. Oh cut cut cut okay. Well thanks to the pop quiz in the background players. Were pretty much out of time for today. I'd like to thank everyone for her. So except the podcast. Forty two you blow really like security to show them out why we need your play better. You also distracted. All the kids drank all the beer ear. A all the TS. And what have you took a four hour nap. It was actually five avenue up. Okay doesn't matter out out out out out. I think that went well better than last time. Who wants to go to ihop pancake? Hey can I come. Share sure Europe or these direct to buyers pancakes. I love with Japan cakes or pancakes Weeks see how long Sir all right well that that was Adam sandlers nudity. Story Uncut new jumped around a bit at jump to bet even even went back and then four and then back then went four and then fourth and fourth and fourth and then we went back and then we went to I have and then I'm upset because the only reference French law debray was stupid pop quiz. Just because that's the only Adam Sandler movie you've ever wash does not mean that we talk about an hour hour. I've watched others. I then like them damn well. Here's the Harold. He's made a billion movies. So pixels was amazing. We we mentioned a bunch of them. Were was awesome in that I liked pixels. See I would've gone waterboy over Billy Madison. No that's his first movie. I don't care billy. Madison's amazing his first real real movie. Yeah all right. Let's see what you have to say paying win. You know what today is Beauty Magazine Day. Yeah you could wrote the kids play. Random quotes just random quotes out of nowhere all right. Let's see what you have to say on facebook. Monica says love his movies especially GROWNUPS and the wedding singer heart heart heart heart heart marked heart heart. Laura not liking the movies. Well Oh now she's just pulled up landscaping duty. Got a quote from the movie happy. Your name's Chris says says it's a different Chris. There's more than one. There's like millions of Chris's I love his reign. She makes the best movies and the worst movies. There is some range that is true about. I like about a fourth of his movies. I WANNA see uncut gems though I know. I know it's It's going to be coming to Netflix. They announced it. Yeah that's part of the part of his deal with Netflix. Says they're getting that movie. gosawx I don't know if I knew anything about it it. It's Serious Adam Sam. Yeah super serious. Adam Sandler Amy. I like every other movie he does. It's either awesome or the stupidest thing that's ever been the Laura not this. Laura says absolutely love him Noah. Well there's the odd movie that's meant for twelve year old boys at. I'm pretty mad about fifty first. Dates is an all time favorite for me. GROWNUPS was great. I didn't WanNa China. I didn't see grownups either. Good yeah I like it better. Yeah and everybody gets chocolate wasted stupid. I WANNA get chocolate wasted. I WANNA get chocolate wasted two more than they do so weird that had. I'm not quoting the movies link normally what we did an episode on rat race of quote unquote Oliver Good Movie Now. It's a great movie. Eljay Eljay says always loved happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. The rest are Kinda stupid but I still always check them out. Usually good to watch once pacman screening recording quoting rat race the other day after we went to the theater and we were we lay. But now we're discussing Adam Sandler now you brought up. Yes and the moment has passed now. I was still in it. No it has passed laws. Guess OJ cares about your comment. I say behavorial cares about. LBJ has comment. I think it was actually believe jails comments. Were moving onto twitter. Dooby Doo Bee Doo. WHO SAYS I don't care what people say Sandler makes me laugh? I watch all his movies. They are pure fun. Oh was that. What a quote from Adam Sandler himself I I think that was Adam? Sandler maybe alias. Dooby Doo Bee Doo. Man Seems about right. Ro Ro snakes on a crane says the twitter hate Sandler. All his movies are the same with just different locations where he wants to vacation where you wants to vacate. Yeah we we just explain that snakes astronauts says. I think it's great that he employs his buddies. It's like films of the past the featured all the same studio actors it makes the film's better and shows a real bond better. Everyone it's just like this podcast. If I wasn't friends with Chris I wouldn't be here Sabrina. How'd you hear jail Laura's here through marriage but she wanted Mitt sleeper the producers She Carrie Fisher? It still doesn't want to be on the show we are holding. They said this. She sleeps with the producer to get off. Hasn't worked yet can trouble getting off. Yeah everybody Ashley. Oh we record on Mondays every Monday. She's like well. I got to do this on my podcast. PODCAST and I we know so I have this cut on yet and finally Donkey Punch says. There's nothing like like putting on a brainless sandler movie grabbing the P. Cord at escaping reality for the day popcorn today take off the movie. I doubt that's weird. Thank Patricia arquette Jennifer Eh Aniston. They're definitely Salma Hayek. Soma Hi oh definitely drew carey more back to Selma Hayek very more. So he watches like four. Adam Adam Sandler with me every single one they are and I'd also like to thank Rob Schneider. Then they pull in the Rob Snyder we. He is my inspiration hours under the movie by the end of the movie. I look like St Bosomy. Hey Hey crazy is pup automous. I would love rush niners career because he only has to memorize one line and he still gets all the royalties. He made a career off of decrease man. Chris Sereno spies I saw him do stand up. I actually actually went to see Adam. Sandler do stand up. I had a friend that went to and he really liked it and Rob Schneider sucked. Oh so you really. I did not like Schneider. Everything turned into something political but it wasn't like fun political where you pick on both sides now he chose us. I just was like bashing the other and I go And political humor is funny when you pick on both sides see. He was opposite. He liked that he was surprised about how good he was. Rob Snyder or yeah. I wasn't impressed with Schneider Peter. David Sade was agreed with Washington was also you sold tour. Yeah okay probably different. You're then no had McDonald. I am the McDowell on this one. Oh he was on one of them. That's who I would like to see the most normal Donald. They kept saying there was like a special surprise comedian so I kept waiting for somebody to show up. Nobody showed showed up and I was like. where's norm McDonald? Because that's who I was pulling for. He was supposed to tour with them. They did a big press. Thing was rob Schneider McDonald Schwartz. Sandler David David Spade. Neider is to Schneider's Sandler Sandler was great. He was awesome. Nick sports was. It was really good. spayed let me down because it was pretty much him doing his bit from everything. It's just him so whenever you if you'd watch him on just shoot me emperor's new groove however he is that's just him up there yeah. It didn't translate that well. Everything's done as David Spade. Yeah there's no surprise there now I was. I don't know I thought he would be a little funnier well as that's revisit. This beer cooler the N.. No no good way. Think narrowly perfect. All right it's been six hours since we've started drinking. What is so hot? It's from Funky Buddha brewery their mixologist series. It's their coquito cream ale with a nice ab of eleven point. Four percent all right. Sabrina I ask. Ed sounded reassuring. There she loves the outdoors on. I want to go first I didn't like it they. I didn't like this. I know I'd rather just be drinking the real cookie dough true for you finish resume or will okay. Okay done Yeah no for me. It's a one I didn't like it. I don't know if it was just the pseudo coconut taste for the pseudo rump. Taste or though it says on the bottle is brewed in rum barrels. Or maybe that's getting that But I I can't can't surprisingly enough. I can't drink a whole lot of rum and lessen cynical kito so I was hoping to be able to get through this but I couldn't interesting interesting claw. Go next five. I really like this. The first sip hit me hard. I'm like oh no. This is not going to work at it. All the more drank at the more smoothed out. I am one of those people who is a big fan of coconut coconut. A Lot I think I am in the lower percentage of people that like coconut. But yeah I this is really good. This is a good way to end their series I think it it was a gamble on this taste. It definitely finishes bury it starts coconut and finishes as straight up beer but overall really good definitely would do this again if they ever released it. This is one of those limited series. So you gotta get it now. If you still find it. Laura had to travel to like South America to finding South Florida. Yeah also vein pretty much the same so five for me. Laura I I really I really do love cookie dough. I remember the first time hi cookie dough I was fourteen years old. Yes pictures. Nineteen Ninety Five Puerto Rican. That's a really old to start. It really is. That's when my eight Puerto Rican friends parents introduced to it. Thank you guys We say that with love do I do. I'm actually yes growing growing up. In South Florida drinking age was suggestive. So I've got many stories anyways. I do. Do you like cokie though. It does have a resemblance to cook. He would not say it's haste like a real fresh made coquito drink So beer right it does have I see where like Serena's coming from with that fake it has like almost fake cokie tastes like they pumped it with cokie does Syrup and that's all you really have But with that being sad I'm gonNA actually agree more with you Chris. I could have multiple bottles of it. The more more you drink the easier it gets to drink I don't know is eleven percent. Ab that is like yeah. This is great But I'm going to give it a five. Wow Yeah yeah. I'm I'm happy found it. I did find the last case I believe in south Florida when I picked it up I fought off for other people. Yeah I was buying it. They were like wearing that and I was like lower came back with this and some stitches. But I'm no I'm I'm no SNITCH. Guys probably blame to Yo because he introduced this series on air and now it's harder to get than ever you're welcome Funky Buddha. It was really like we couldn't find. I've looked in multiple stores in our area and could not find it so when I was in south Florida this weekend I I said I will go out and hunt because it is brewed in south Florida so I figured the Latin capital of the world would have cookie Theo. Since it's proof there is a love that brute behind like your house yes. The brewery is behind where my grandma lived when I was growing up so split. A lot of ultra grandma and I started drinking at the age of nine fourteen show. That's when I see it though. Oh I feel like this is like a golden girl story oriented declaim in Saint Olaf rose. That's saying alright beer master. I think it's good. I like the flavor good coconut taste. The aftertaste hits you right off the bat though so. That's a little overwhelming after the first SIP. Yes I did it for me but but really if you get past that first SIP. It's well worth it as a beer. not nice smooth criminal that hits you with a little bit at the. He added all that with that full arm. Coconut taste at the end. I love it I would drink. Six of these shouldn't drink six of them because the ABC. I would because it's back good so that's six six awesome and if it could be I haven't really let down in this mix all. Don't think there's been a single mythology beer that none of us really lights except you know. I think I think each episode. There's always been one of us. That just goes. It's not my thing. What was it that goes away Sangria singer that was probably the toughest one for all of them? I think that one went well. And the Manhattan. Ri- was amazing. That was one Manhattan. Rice think is still the best that they did all all of them. You know this is number two. Yeah see for me it just the more I drank of it. The more like the less I wanted I was just like they don't finish it all right well Sabrina. Where can you find us? You can find us on facebook and the official cast forty-two facebook group page. You can find us on speaker and iheartradio and I tunes and tuna and stitcher and Google podcast. Anyway you can find podcast. We're there you can check out our a website podcast. forty-two show dot wordpress DOT COM and has a listing of beer ratings has a show listing. You can go check out all the information's there you can email us at podcast. Yes forty to show at podcast four to show at G MAIL DOT COM. Go ahead and send us any questions and comments you can send them mall there or you can call or text us at three two one. Two eight five fifty five twelve once again. That is three two one two eight five fifty five twelve We like to have those text ex- messages or phone calls. And then of course were part of the pod fixed network. You can find us on there with a lot of other great pod casts And then our artwork is done by cute panda. You can find cute panda on facebook and then our theme song is done by cream. Oh you and find Kramer on facebook or you can find more music on Kramer Dot net. Excellent well I am. Christopher Devos and Sabrina Pierre Jail truce came unless we stay fresh cheese bags. Can't yeah the flippity flop jury dinners. Here's why I still don't have a catchphrase twenty twenty. Everyone has a catchphrase. That Atra Catchphrase now. Conversations are events or one hundred percent accurate. has this figure that out already things are Added or deleted for the sake of attempted comedy. All horses are never verified and all information lightly and then other word. We're having fun. Thank you for with nate. This has been a transmission of the pod fix network for more about this show and other great PODVIG programs go to fix network DOT COM. UH-HUH I like Adam Sandler movies. I always make me. Sometimes I think statler movies in my head I just start Oh no thinking about boy. He knew Dan Right now he doc her.

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