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The Walking Dead Season 9, Ep #13 Recap | Chokepoint


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So when you're ready to experience better way to sell or trade in your car. Check out truecar today to cash offer not available in all areas. The Walking Dead seas nine of the thirteen shock is over. But we're just getting started on the Walking Dead post show recap. And now here the two people who wanna know. Hey, when was the last time, you saw a movie and is going to be about Ricken Jada ceann AMC? I'm rob cicirino here with just a lease just how are you? I'm great, rob. And I think this really does make me wonder what are the best and worst movies? You could offer up as barter. And I think you just hit on the worst one. Beca v. One of the worst ones who would have thought that movie projector light ball turned out to be the ultimate game changer between the battle between the kingdom and highwayman. Oh, well, it was brilliant. I think Carol really had a lock on those guys for minimum. She's just like, okay, they could be total psychopaths. And you know, we've run across our fair share. We had the terminus guys we've had the savior 's. And we've had the governor. But. Maybe people aren't fundamentally just ready to kill you. Maybe these are just good people in a bad spot. And so let's just come at them with a little bit of humor and see how they respond, and she was absolutely right. I thought it was great. And I think it's a lot more like what you might actually run into zombie apocalypse. I think you run into Neagh in every five years or so if you're trying to rebuild humanity you've such an optimistic worldview those ambi- apocalypse. Jess, I really admire that I really do. I think it's just because I've read so much apocalyptic literature that I have to think that people survive better together than apart. We saw Zeki all telling we can't go in the these pirates that we're dealing with. And they're just like a movie pirates like bootleggers, they would just like go to any movie and just happy to watch it. Oh. Oh, I thought you movie pirates like those guys that sit in with the camcorders one talking about. Bootlegger bootlegger, Jerry. So we had all that going on. I wanted to open the show with saying that the people that will write you grammatically, correct death threats. But I don't think that I could in good conscience say that I was one of those people I would have to rely on you to check the grammar of the death threat. That's probably true, rob. And I don't want to get in trouble for saying that we might write a death threat is then people are coming after us and like dachshund us for sending death threat threats, and it just gets to be messy. Okay. All right. We won't threaten any death threats to anybody. And we have a night where Darryl ended up retreating to the high ground turns out that Connie had a safe house this whole time with Magna's group. I don't know why they didn't hang out there. That's like a pretty good place to hide out. It sure seems like Magnus group should have run into other people a lot sooner. If they're. So entrenched in the area that they've got safehouses. Yeah. So we saw Darryl set up shop. And while I don't think we had anything that was particularly impactful that went on in that whole big action sequence. They didn't think it looked cool. I think that when the Walking Dead cane do like a fight scene that you would be able to pick out of the lineup is something that you haven't seen before. I think that was probably a good job to the Walking Dead. Yeah. Yeah. It definitely it. Also, kind of cemented beta as a guy to watch. Because I don't think he was up to this point. Did you think that they cheap down on beta up being dead? Just come on. Did anybody realistically think that guy was dead? I thought he was dead. I thought okay. Well, this is sort of like his one episode of like, okay? Kill the assistant boss, and he went down the elevator shaft. I didn't even think oh, it's the Walking Dead. Did you see a body? Did you see him turn? No. Well, then he's alive. And sure enough that was the case. Now, this is like how you have to fight bows or ten times before you fight king. Yeah. What about the plausibility of how big of a fall? Would you say that was like three or four stories at least three or four stories falls on his back as a stab wound in reality? Just what is the likelihood that beta survived that fall? I'm no pathologic. But I would say it's probably unlikely that he's able to get back up and spit out some teeth and be ready to go out and kill people. Again, I wondered with beta or any of the whispers tonight. Why didn't they take their mask off at any point? I mean wouldn't have better visibility fighting, Daryl Dixon iffy. Takes his mask off. Well, if they live with those masks on twenty four seven, it's probably a bigger handicapped, take it off because they're used to the range of vision that they get and they're used to how it feels to move around in it. So I think it would be kind of akin to if you're if you're an NFL player, and then somebody tries to enlist you to play rugby and take off all your pads. You move the same. That's interesting, but we saw them in their whispers hideout and they're not wearing the masks when they're on their leisure time. Yeah. When they're off the clock. But I think. None of them is prepared to fight anybody when they're not wearing that mask. All right. Just I guess should we start with that story? The Darrell storyline fighting off the whispers. Yeah. I think that's the one that had Vance's things the most readily. Okay. What did you feel like with the big plot point? That was advanced tonight. I think we saw another step in the negotiation process regarding the whispers, and I think we also saw forward for Henry, and Lydia and Daryl and apparently now also Connie kind of sucks for Connie. We'll get into that. But we see that they're not going to be able to go back to any of the settlements. They don't want to bring that onto any of the settlements. And so they're going to try to move out and see the wider world. And I think that puts them on an interesting path. There was one point where Henry was saying to Lydia like like, oh, hey, let's just let's just run off together. And I was like that sounds like a great idea like go just go off Beata gather and don't take down with you Henry. Yeah. I mean, I when they said that I thought Rob's going to be super excited about that. That's a great plan. He's like Aladdin. Hey liddy. I could show you the world like, okay, go have have a blast. Yeah. That's certainly we don't need the three part movie about that one. Yeah. In Lek, Daryl and Connie go back and live their lives and not have where's my daughter. I want her back. Whereas beta. She's looking for Domus. I don't even like that little big guy. Because he's beta how. Yeah. Yeah. I get. Henry got stabbed tonight. Sure, you were excited about that too. I was about frigging dog had to come out of nowhere and bite. The the whisper. Yeah. I mean dog had one job, right? Yeah. So just that you feel that you you see a new path for you know, Darryl and Henry and Lydia and Connie it will go in set up shop somewhere. I don't think that's what's actually going to happen. But I think that the next step for them. And it's a logical step given everything we know so far I am one hundred percent certain something else happens to bring everybody back together because whenever somebody tries to strike out on their own like that pretty much always they brought back into the fold somehow Carol eleven hundred times over the course of this show. Yeah. So it would stand to reason that her son might do the same. Did you feel that this was setting up like a home alone episode of the Walking Dead? It's certainly felt a little more like home alone two. House to protect it. Yeah. So Darryl is the Kevin McAllister here. Yeah. I guess so he's stumbled upon a construction site that you then alters with traps. Yeah. Connie's pigeon lady. I guess right. That was a pigeon woman. That was like the shovel guy in home, alone two. Yeah. I gotta be honest. It's been a long time since I've seen home loan to. I just remember Kevin committing credit card fraud and also going to the gutted town house in the village and playing out the same plot as home alone one. Yeah. Pigeon lady. That's the Kevin McAllister. He always befriends a like a local transient. Yeah. It's a skill. It's a skill. I think Kevin McCallister would do greatness ambi- apocalypse. Yeah. I know he would be outstanding person any sort of like Walking Dead draft. So how instrumental was Connie in the planning tonight. Well, I think we don't have Connie. We don't have the actual Arief house. Yeah. I think that's a that's why Connie was there. A lot of other reasons for her to be there, except that she knows about this place where they stashed a bunch of protein bars. How many memo pads did Connie bring with her? I'm pretty sure that everywhere they go. They take all the memo pads find they find more middle path because I feel like that Connie is not really conserving. Like, I know she wants to write big enough. So that we can read it at home. But if I was Connie I would just write one thing per line and then cross it out and then right on the next line. It's not like that memo pads are just all over the place. Why doesn't she have a whiteboard dryer as more to those probably hard to carry? No. Yeah. Maybe but you could get a smaller run you get one that fits on a clipboard. Yeah. That would be good. But she's she's like she doesn't even on the backs of sheets of paper. She just goes right to the next page. Yeah. It's true. Like, I feel like she needs to be a little bit better at saving paper. But maybe they had they found like a case of them somewhere and the she's good for a long time. Yeah. I just don't know. How many they brought with them? She probably has a few backups in her bag and one hundred pages each that's probably all the dialogue. She needs with Daryl Dixon of all people. Yeah. He's not going to be talking a storm. All right. What did we learn new about Lydia tonight? Jess did. We learn a whole lot knew about Lydia. That she kind of likes Henry big day kiss tonight. Yep. We got we got verse base. Almost Daryl Dixon game in like. Hey. Kids get out of here. So I'm gonna get out. Yeah. He's like he's like the chaperone at the prom last night. Leave room for all the ghost. Yeah. He's not gonna off kids. Three feet on the floor at all times. That's right. That's right. Because that's when Henry is saying that he would go off with Lydia anywhere, anywhere. Yeah. Well, like, I said, it's the first girl he's ever met that doesn't wear glasses. Yeah. You're the only krill. I know like, okay. Well, I guess I guess I mean Henry this little ingrate how many times Ezekiel and Carol stick their neck out for this little effor. And he's ready to write them off like this like just lead. Mom. No. I'll be fine. They got him a job. He's supposed to be at a job right now. He's supposed to be learning. How to blacksmith the bailout the kingdom bring the blacksmith trade back to the kingdom. Goody internships are hard to get McGrew. It was like a whole diplomatic thing to get him over there in the first place in the first night. He gets drunk and runs away gets thrown in jail. He hasn't even picked up a blacksmith. Woo choose. She was in the next. So what do you want me to? Yeah. The worst. He doesn't get an episode off either. Jess every five we are five for five on Henry storylines in this no other character in the entire show. I think we've seen shown like three three of the five episodes in. You know, we we had episodes without Rick Grimes. We Henry does not get a week off. And that that's depressing now now, I'm sad. You'll be next week to it's it's the same thing. Yeah. I mean, there's a there's a particular fate that I could hope for him. But I don't know that we're getting that. What did you think about Daryl terms of his hand to hand combat with beta the move where he he'd underneath the floorboards? You know, I am a sucker for a good fight scene. And that was really a lot of fun to watch. Like every piece of that. Like beta throw in Darrell around and Darryl coming at him with knives. And then he's like oh knives, okay knives, and then they'll hiding under the floorboards was in great capper on that was just like from start to finish. I was just like why is this not fifteen minutes longer? We can replace everything with Henry. There was a lot of white sheets hanging up with some sort of the big like light right behind them. So you could see a lot of like silhouette shots of people where then if they were sneaking up on you hit them with an axe. Yeah. That was great. And I liked the camera was doing this thing. Where would like they had this funny editing trick that I mostly associate with lesser programs where they would like PANA cross, and then they'd pan like slow pan into one of those sheets, and then they pan back, and it would be like a different scene on the other side of the sheet. And that's so it's so cheesy and so much fun. Did you question Henry's loyalty as he was decidedly not killing any of the whispers? Well, he's got to impress the girl. Yeah. He definitely maimed a couple of them. Right. Like, how do you know? They're knocked out. Yeah. But also who taught Henry everything he knows about hurting people Morgan certainly wasn't his mom just she would not leave those people a second chance Carol sheets to kill. She does anything else on the Darrell side of things that you wanna touch on. No, I think this is very Daryl's very consistently written this season. Which appreciate and I wish we saw more of Connie's role within this whole thing because I'm still not sure why exactly she's there other than that. She knew that this building was here. But I I'm liking liking the way Darryl is pushing forward this particular piece of plot. Because of course, there is no Darryl in the comics. But there is a lot of this in the comics. I like the way that he's been woven into this plot. I mean, she does seem to be very invested in Libya, not going back to the whispers. I don't know why. But that's a seem to be like her consistent point of view on this. And there may be back story in there somewhere that someday we get to know where she was part of a group that was not so good for her. But we've told that story before so it's okay. If we don't get that. I think I just wish she would have more upfront involvement in what we're seeing right now. Okay. Then let's talk about the hilltop part of this story where we see early on in the episode that we're getting ready for the big trade fair. It's gonna happen. You know, fire up the lights, but. Jerry got beat up Jerry got beat up because sword. Yep. And that all happened off camera. Right. We didn't see we didn't. We didn't. We didn't see that. And so just then we heard about how they got no an note from the highway man, and if you remember a couple of weeks ago when they stole the movie projector bulb we saw that glimpse? We saw that sign and it's very mysterious. What are the highway mayor? What is this going to be another group? They're coming. And we finally the highway men are here, and they won't let anybody into the fair from what I understand just did the highwayman over here. Jerry talking about the fair is that how they came to know about the fair. Yeah. This is kind of a big question, Mark. It's like there's they don't publish a newspaper. Like how they've been living out there undetected for so long and long enough to declare ownership of roads around place with a name and nobody's run into them before that seems a little weird I'm going to guess, and I don't know this. I'm going to the highway men are TV show invention. They are one hundred percent TV show invention. Yeah. Really on the nose the highway men of taking over a road and demanding tolls. Yep. And also big fans of nineteen seventies outlaw country. I would guess just from the way that one guy was dressed. Yeah. So they're called the highway. Yeah, they have a compound, and we're going to send the party out to it. And they have a lot of weaponry the highway men, and it's Zeki oil, and Carol and Geri who else they take Diane Diane, and it was just them. They have they've backup red shirts. Yeah. Some richards. They brought them red shirts. And so there's a lot of talk from Zeki oil, and Jerry like we needed just kill them. We just kill everybody. Take them all out. That's an but Carol thinks there is another way. I thought this was this was just so interesting. And so well crafted there's some weird things about this group of people, certainly they don't make a lot of sense in terms of the narrative, they really feel to me like we have shoehorn to these guys in because once we get to the fair that's kind of it for the season. Like the fair is going to be the culmination of every single thing we've seen so far this season. I have a pretty good idea from reading the comics how that is all going to end up once that happens. There's not a whole lot of falling action. So you have to make that kind of your set piece to cap off season. And if we're already having people roll up to the fair at the end of this episode, we got a lot of space to fill. So we've got to have some other side quests. And so we're going to inject these other random dudes and make that aside quest. We're going to see them in their hideout in their natural habitat. When Carol says, we should go and talk to them like an interesting, like red herring of discussion of like. Well, do you think they're an off shoot of the savior's? They jets group. Why are we talking about jed? Well, we ran into jed earlier in the season. I think yet in Carol killed him. Yeah. Like Carol didn't tell everybody. That's what happ- it's like, she didn't really tell hand think it was jed screw wasn't him for reasons. Okay. So just I thought that this was so bizarre this scene where they're in the room where I where they're like mannequins around. It looks like ENA Wayne Westworld like the room where they like keep the robots that are off line. Sure. My thought was it reminded me a lot of I am legend. Yeah. And they're trying to like talk to the group and we end up seeing the head of the highway man, what is his name? I don't know if he has aunt. His name anywhere is just highway man, I'm gonna call him highway, Hank. And I don't know I feel like that our heroes come at this from a very weird related throwing out like really like low ball offers to highway Hank. Well, I think we've learned a lot about negotiations in the past few months, rob. I think everybody knows that the first offer you put on the table is going to be a low ball off. Yeah. I dearly. Ideally. Ideally, beef highway Hank is a Scoffing at most of the things that they're talking about. Yeah. Well, he feels like he's coming at it from a position of power, and he can certainly take or leave any offer. Yeah. Why don't you? Let us go. And then you can come to the fair, and he's like no deal. What do you got? What do you got at the fair weather? Just take all their stuff. You're going to sell it the fair, and then I have all that stuff. And I don't have to buy it would have to get a ticket to get in the it, right? And they try to come at him with backwards. Logic of what good is stealing all the stuff that if you can't trade for what you need. It's a fair point. When you think about like, for example, the Volkers using that's the point of affair. Yes. The point of it's like, I have this stuff. That's not useful to me. You have a thing that is useful to me. But highway Hank says, can I just steal? What what you have? But then you don't get to choose. You just get what you steal. You. Don't get to decide what you need, and then steal that thing. Just have to steal stuff. And hope you get the thing you want or buy it. And then you definitely get the thing you want. I guess that's how commerce works. Yeah. So highway does not see this coming. Hey, highway, Hank. When was the last time you saw a movie? Great. I'll steal your projector to awesome. Yeah. He'll the whole auditory. And what did you do? Then I mean was highway Hanka film student. A why does this particular tact? Just completely win him over because highway Hank at his core is a good, man. He is put in a bad position where he has to steal to get by. But he really secretly wants the world to be the way it was. And you really have to kind of mindsets in the Walking Dead universe. You have the people who want the world to go back to the way it was and who would fight to make the world the kind of place that they remember from prior to the apocalypse. And then you have the people that thrive on the anarchy and want to use the bleakness of the world to further their own gains. Whether that means killing people in slaving them or exploiting labor. And highway Hank is not a Neagh. He's not a governor. He wants some small part of him clings to the world that he wants new and when he hears movie like that shows everybody, that's the guy he is. And everybody else that he's with like, they're just surviving. And when they are offered something more they that appeals to them. That's the thing that kind of pushes that negotiation over the edge. There's think it's crazy that these guys were like hijackers who were demanding toll. And they say, no how about this. Instead, you are going to protect people on the roads. And make sure there's stuff doesn't get stolen. Oh, we never thought of doing it that way it. So I feel like there's bigger threats out there. I mean, you might be kind of signing up the I women a bad job in. They don't know about the whispers. But if they've been there long enough to have set up camp and decided it's their territory, they gotta know about the whispers, right? You would think so you think they know about them? But do they know about them? I don't think they do. I mean, it kind of shocked me that anybody in this area. Didn't know about the whispers because whispers seem to think it's their territory, and they have to have been there long and seems to be a lot of them. Yeah. I mean, I know it takes they don't have the internet. They can't just like look people up Google maps. But I feel like e leave some kind of footprint. Yeah. Okay. So it's a good thing that highway man are in the mix because they are going to need to bail out some of the people from that are coming down from hilltop, including what does that Tammy and Carl Tammy and Earl Earl Earl. Recipes recipes. Okay. Tammy. And Earl are they've got that baby. That boy that baby is a jinx. But it's such a cute baby. I e why they see why they wanna keep it wasn't the same baby. Every time they showed it tonight tonight. It was the same baby every time, but that was a wake your baby than we got before that baby is really the wherever it goes walkers come baby, smell good. Just like I want to touch the navy. Wanna see the baby? So. They are all set up and the walkers come out of nowhere, and they surround the wagon. It looks like Earl is going to potentially of fall victim to the walkers. Tammy has some quick thinking put the baby in a treasure chest. Yeah. I love that. They have this. This is this is maybe my favorite thing about the entire episode is that they have had the baby long enough that they've built it a steamer trunk to stow it in if bad things happen. I also like that they seem to be on their way to the fair trade the baby for something. That was the original thing. They're like, they're just the foster parents they're looking for a good home for eighty because they're not spring chickens a little bit like a farmer's market where you can get a kitten. I don't know what you can trade that baby for. Yeah. That's got to be. It's going to be a pretty hot ticket item. You would think that? Unlimited movies. What's the what's the going rate for a baby at the kingdom trade fair? I can't even imagine. Like, I get to pick the movie becomes jars of pickles. How many potato chips? Yeah. I probably I think the trade off is got to be like some kind of livestock where don't tell big Wendy. But I think you've gotta get like at least like three chickens and a hand. Right. I think, sir. Sir. I think you'd get a couple of goats goats. So I think that that's I it doesn't make sense to trade a baby for like produce. I think it's got to be a baby for livestock. It has to be what the structure of the deal. Yeah. Definitely definitely mammals for mammals. Chickens would cut it. How do you feel about Earl and Tammy as new parents, I'm well, they raised another kid to adulthood, and he turned out mostly all right until he got eaten. So that's probably going to be okay. And Earl has fought some demons and ease come out the other side of better, man. He has a stable job. Tammy seems like she's competent parents by a stable job. You mean making shoes for the horses? Yes. Yes. Exactly. Just can you remind me of the circumstances of the death of Tammy and Earls sun on it was something to do with Gregory wasn't it. No he was out in the field and he got killed and then Gregory tried to blame that on MAG. Yes. Off to Earl into trying to kill Maggie Earl was in jail. And that was the whole thing like they're giving him clemency because it was really Gregory's things. So let's publicly execute Gregory in front of a bunch of children and let Earl go. That's what happened. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. So at the end of the episode, we see you're saying this is not the trade fair yet. We're still setting up for the trade fair. We're on the road to the trade fair. And it looks like the very end looks like maybe they're opening the doors and the first like stragglers coming in. Okay. What how many days is the trade fair gonna last? I don't know. I feel like I feel like your typical county. Fair lasted a week. But I don't know. Like are we gonna be at the fair for every episode or we still on the road to the fair mostly how I wonder if we'll just get away from the fair for an episode or two because we'll have Michaud Centric episode this week shown kind of doesn't want to go to the fair. And I see that she's in the previews a lot. So probably not gonna talk about the whole lot next week. Okay. That sounds about right. We see that after bringing the baby to the fair looks like Earl and Cami you're going to hold onto that baby. After all nobody offer. Hope they brought something else to trade. Okay. Just anything else from this episode tonight. So these scroll through my notes, but I think those are kind of the high points, but some with some fun Daryl fighting people good good fight scenes met the highwayman they like movies trade fairs happening and not too much else going on. Now. This was really this was an episode because they need to deliver a certain number of episodes this episode that they stuck into the overarching narrative well after they decided what that narrative would be for the season the Walking Dead. They for the most part. No how to start the season they know where they're going to the end of the season. And a lot of times of Walking Dead is yada yada in the middle. That is some shade about the end of the season, Ron. Well, they usually have like two or three part of the Nellie to any half season. But they usually have like a two part opening to the season. But episodes three four five can be sort of just like just trying to play out schedule yet move the chess pieces around the board. And then every so often just like throw random flashback for him. And give him a whole episode when it's like nobody asked for that. Nobody cares. Right. I will say I think that episode five of the first half of season nine was where they we thought they killed off. Rick Grimes, that's true. And they are deliberately doing things like that where they stick major events in the middle of the season. Just because they are playing the expectations that we already have. I mean, they're definitely not as by the numbers as like a game of thrones. For instance. No, no, okay. Just are you ready to talk about anything in the comic book zone? I'm I certainly try. Are we can certainly try sounds like not a lot of stuff to trade at the comic book zone fair. Right. Not. I don't have any babies for you. Okay. All right. So if you are going to tune out we will be back with you next week to talk about episode number fourteen of season nine of the Walking Dead. But for everybody else who's going to hang with us. Let's go into our comic book zone com. On what you want to know avoid hearing points about the lash to turn off to ring. The intro Dom. Nick. Okay. What we're Tammy Earl doing in the comics right now, I'm well. They weren't married to each other. They were characters in the comics like they are both certainly they look a lot like their common counterparts. I think it's great casting on both counts. But they weren't a couple and their son wasn't the sun. As I recall, the Tammy rose had a son. But I think and I think he did die, and she was kind of a bereft mother. No. That's not right. She had a son who was friends with Carl or like frenemies with Carl. That was. Yeah. But that whole thing where they're married, and that was a different bunch of people in a different guy that will happen to. So they assume they know each other because they both live at the hilltop. But they were not a couple. And they certainly had pivotal roles especially with with some of the stuff coming up that I really don't wanna tell you too much about because I want you to be surprised they are certainly going to figure into that both separately in the comics. They may of course, play totally different roles here, but they're involved. Okay. Just were tonight's festivities based at all in the comics. I'm not really, no. This was there's a bit about Blidia kind of integrating with the group, but there's never a plan for them to run away together. And like see the wide world that seems to be an invention of the show. Okay. Well, it was a fun one. Yeah. I guess so. Nobody nobody ever tries to trade a baby in the comics. But in fairness flake, the comics if there is a baby that baby would have gotten eaten. Right. 'cause they will let a baby get eaten in the comics. But the show has standards the show doesn't the tough south, the advertisers of what's happening in this episode. Well, a baby is going to get eaten. And then when does my commercial run right after that? Yeah. And outback steakhouse was like, Nope. Route on that. Yes. And what are you? Well, I represent a Gerber food. We're going to go with different show. So all right. Tell us about the ramifications for the fair anything, you could tell us just I think the fair is a big deal in the comics because it really is the first chance that everybody gets to come together as one, and that's the importance of that can't be overstated. There's never any movie screenings in the comics, the comics are a lot less screen intensive. But the kingdom is doing a lot better. Eight seems like they are pretty well thriving in the comic world. That's good. Yeah. And there's lots of I feel like we didn't really get into on the show what people would bring trade in how much they'd have. And the really go into that. In the comics in an interesting way where everybody has their own kind of specialty and they have traded separately. And independently, but this is the first time everybody's coming together. And they're really excited to be like, oh, well, the blacksmith the hilltop have all these cool knives, and we could really use a knife. And we've got all this other stuff. And it's it's a lot more fun. It's a lot more fun world building. And it's interesting that a medium like the comics gives you twenty four pages every month got into it. Like that. Do they watch a movie in the comics and not that I know of I don't believe they've ever watched a TV show adventure? Yeah. That was a TV June. Okay. All right. Just anything else. You wanna touch on tonight? I think that pretty much everything from the comics. Okay. All right. Look sometimes when they have an episode where it's a TV show invention. Not as much going on with comic book says Connie have as many memo pads in the comics Connie has infinite memo pads in the comics been really explained that either. All right. Just what great work once again. Thank you very much. Rub. Of course, you could hear Jessica lease and Mike bloom on our Star Trek discovery recap. How many episodes are they going to have with Star Trek discovery? Did they announce it? I can't remember if they announced it, I think you're asking the wrong one of us the one that actually knows facts about the show. Yes. Okay. Does it seem like it's ending soon? I'm no, it seems like we've got quite a bit of ground to cover before we end things. But we did finally get Spock. So that's something. Okay. Yeah. Because it was a good year in between seasons. Yeah. I wanna say. Hey, we got sixteen episodes this season. But so we're about at the halfway point. But I don't quote me on that. Okay. All right. And of course, Josh Wigley, and I will be back with another game of thrones rewatch as we tackle season. Seven episode five this week on our game of thrones rewatch on post show. Recaps just anything else you want to say tonight. This has been a lot of fun. Rob. I looking forward to next week. Yes. It always is hope you guys enjoyed it to take care of really good one by.

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